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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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today 104 degrees. so bottom line, it is hot and i'm here to tell you it will be staying hot especially away from the water. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's head to the soh bay. mark sayre is live in gilroy. i think you have the garlic festival this weekend, folks are going to be sweating as they enjoy the garlic, right? >> reporter: oh, it is already happening. the high here 102 peaking between 2:30 and 3:00 on the first day of the three-day garlic festival. if you think you are hot, just talk to scott. when he flames up the calamari at the gilroy garlic festival, he is working right next to flames of about 800 degrees. you probably have the hottest job here. >> it can be. we got the coverage here so it's not too bad. >> reporter: with thousands of people descending on gilroy for the annual three-day celebration of all things garlic, the temperatures are already soaring. and people are finding just as many ways to cope. diandra evans is using a
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donated bag as a makeshift fan. >> this is not makeshift. this is real, people. this is real. this is the bottom of the bag this they donated. so it is. >> reporter: is it helping? >> yeah, but we're on the way home. >> reporter: her sister is visiting from colorado. >> they said it was going to be hot. it said online bring your misters but i wasn't expecting -- it's a piercing hot. piercing heat. >> reporter: santa clara county health officials say the heat is no joking matter. while heat waves that are long lasting can be the most harmful, even a day of high temperatures can be harmful for many of the most vulnerable residents. >> those are certainly infants and young children, people who are older generally older than 65, and people with chronic medical conditions, particularly hypertension and heart disease. >> reporter: back at the festival one sure way to beat the heat is to visit the rain tent. cool you down? >> oh, yes, yes. just fantastic. we are going from one rain room to the next. >> reporter: the gilroy garlic
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festival runs through sunday. if you plan to come here, bring your water and sunscreen and your patience. that's because some of the parking lots are quite a distance away. you have to take a bus to get there. reporting live in gilroy, i'm mark say, kpix 5. new at 5:00 there are close calls and then there's what happened in san francisco's south of market neighborhood this morning. an suv misses a baby in a stroller by inches! veronica de la cruz is in the newsroom with the dramatic video. veronica. >> reporter: yeah, liz. scary moments. you can be sure that the mother you're about to see is counting her blessings today. take a look at this. watch closely. this is security video from a building on 3rd street near harrison. keep a close eye on the upper right-hand corner. you see that woman pushing that stroller and an suv came right at her. she backed up just in time. wow! we're going to slow it down so you can see it again. f the way be barreled into her and the b by the time we all that was l >> she has enough time to
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barely get out of the way with the baby. when we got there all there was was damage to the building and tire marks. police say the suv collided with a car in the intersection and caused it to nearly hit the stroller. both drivers went to the hospital complaining of pain. as for who is to blame for this crash, that is still under investigation. but there is one lucky mother and child tonight. liz? >> that video is unbelievable! all right, veronica, thank you. a dramatic scene in vallejo when a limousine catches fire. black smoke that turns white poured into the air. there were no passengers on board when flames erupted on fairgrounds drive at 10:30 this morning. the driver got out safely e says it started out as an engine fire, he said it spread to the entire car in a matter of seconds. >> i felt oil and like raised the hood and all of a sudden it just -- the flames were just coming out from the back of the engine. i tried my little fire extinguisher but it didn't
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work. >> the driver was getting the limo ready for a job tomorrow. scenes like this one bring back scary memories of the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge. five women were killed when their limo burst into flames on the way to a bridal party. it prompted the governor to pass legislation requiring limos to have two extra emergency exits. new at 5:00 a man with his hands up surrenders to police after a wild scene and long standoff in west oakland. apparently he was upset that his car was being repossessed. he fired shots it the repo man. the incident shut down the area of chester and 7th streets in west oakland just after 9 a.m. this morning. kpix 5's da lin shows us how it all went down. reporter: police aimed their rifles at an apartment where they believed a shooting suspect barricaded himself. the cops on high alert because they say the gunman had earlier this morning fired at least four shots at an auto repossession agent. the agent was driving off with
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the suspect as car in tow. the suspect reportedly ran up and started shooting. the agent was not shot. but bullets shattered the windows of a nearby parked car and the tow truck. >> i was sleeping. i hear the shots. and, you know, i just figured it's another day. >> reporter: police say the gunman then barricaded himself at a friend's apartment. the suspect's godmother says the young man is mentally unstable. >> he should be 5150, he can be suicidal, you know, i'm a little stayed for that. >> reporter: the family was -- i'm a little scared for that. the family was helping police to convince the suspect to surrendered. >> i want him to be okay and come out the house. >> reporter: the 3.5-hour standoff ended when the suspect walked out with hands in the air. his family are relieved. it's also a happy outcome for these teens and staff at a free summer lunch program. the shooting took place half a block away. the kids were placed on lockdown after they called 911 to report the shooting. >> the kids are fine. they are resilient. they have learned to deal with
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the same situations at their school. >> reporter: it's the second time that summer youth program went into lockdown. a tough, tough neighborhood as you can imagine. police say given the number of kids around that shooting scene, they are very, very fortunate no one was hurt. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the fact the kids are used to it is a sad statement. oakland police haven't released the suspect's name. he is facing one count of attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm. there is a new round of charges against state senator leland yee tonight in that corruption scandal. he is now accused by the feds of racketeering. one legal expert tells us this paints leland yee as a mob boss running a criminal enterprise. the racketeering charge is on top of the other charges leland yee was already facing. co-defendant raymond "shrimp boy" chow was also hit with a racketeering charge. tonight a temporary halt to the explosion of violence in the middle east.
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israel has agreed to a 12-hour cease-fire that will begin tomorrow morning. the country rejected a week- long truce proposed by the u.s. israel's defense minister also warned there may be a significant expansion of the ground invasion in gaza. the death toll is rising. massive protests erupted in the west bank today. 6 palestinians were killed in clashes with israeli soldiers. palestinian leaders called for "a day of rage" in response to the shelling of a united nations shelter that killed 16 people. meantime, israel refused to let up on its attacks on hamas. air strikes hit more than 80 sites in gaza while militants fired 50 rockets at israel. a leader and two sons were killed. after talks in cairo, secretary of state john kerry failed to hammer out deal but still has hope. [ inaudible ] >> israel rejected the proposal
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because it would interfere with its efforts to destroy hamas tunnels along the gaza israel border. nearly 900 people have been killed in the conflict. one black box from the air algerie plane that crashed in mali is recovered. new aerial video released today showed how the plane disintegrated on impact. none of the people on board survived. the airline says the plane disappeared from radar yesterday after changing its flight path because of bad weather. this is the third international airline disaster in recent days. a burglar shot dead after pleading for her life. the elderly homeowner defends his decision to open fire. now it's sparking a debate: was this murder or self- defense? >> a drone strike on the space needle? not exactly. but an amazon employee has some explaining to do after the stunt freaked out some tourists. >> orbit mars, we'll land on mars. >> buzz aldrin takes us to the
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moon and back. his lunar landing memories and his next big leap, plus how you can see the famous astronaut in the bay area. ,,,,,,
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dewalk. the terrible tragedy in philadelphia left three young siblings dead after a carjacked suv plowed into a crowded sidewalk. two brothers ages 7 and 10 and their 15-year-old sister were selling fruit at the street corner when the crash happened. they were raising money apparently for their church. the two men who had carjacked the suv also ran into their mother. she remains in critical condition. police say the suspects ran off and haven't been found. a southern california district attorney will decide whether an elderly man should be charged for shooting and killing a burglar. the break-in happened in long beach earlier this week. investigators say the 80-year- old man caught two burglars in the act. he got his gun as they fled. the woman yelled not to shoot because she said she was pregnant. but he fired. turns out she was not pregnant.
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legal analysts say it's a tough call as to whether the homeowner should be charged. >> what if she were going out to retrieve a weapon of her own and come back and kill him? is he supposed to wait until he sees a gun in her hand to prevent hm and his family from being killed? no. she already demonstrated her intent and willingness to hurt him. >> the other suspected burglar was arrested and could face murder charges. that's because he is accused of being involved in a crime that led to a death. san leandro police say that a woman accused of being drunk when she plowed into a liquor store stole the truck from her mother. 40-year-old rosa figueroa faces dui charges for tuesday night's crash. she also faces elder abuse and auto theft charges. we'll show you the aftermath of the crash at manor house of liquors. the clerk says the figueroa came in, bought something and left. next thing he knew, he heard the engine revving and she had barreled into the store. when police arrived, she was standing outside of the truck holding the keys. figueroa was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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the second man on the moon sits down with kpix 5. buzz aldrin relives his historic lunar landing. why he is still dreaming big for the future of space travel. >> he is about as flexible as gumby! how this 6-year-old roller skater just became a limbo legend. ,,,,,,
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money stolen outside a san francisco convenience store. you may remember that 8- year-old girl who got her candy money stolen outside a san francisco convenience store. today she got to meet the two san francisco police officers who helped crack the case. she even got to try on a police hat and sunglasses. looks good. the woman in this surveillance video, 46-year-old ladonna christian, has pleaded not guilty to strong-arming the girl and taking her money. the woman's own family turned her in after police released the video. one of the first astronauts to walk on the moon is in the bay area this weekend. yeah. there are some rare moments in history we we can say, i know exactly where i was when. fill in the blank. landing on the moon is one of those moments. we sat down with buzz aldrin as he celebrates the 45th anniversary of the lunar landing. >> rocket tranquility, we cop which you on the ground. >> reporter: buzz aldrin was amazed by lunar surface especially the moon dust and the imprint he left in it.
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>> just an identifiable boot print. and it was really fascinating. so i took a before and after picture. >> reporter: one of the rare times aldrin said he got to use the camera. aldrin says that neil armstrong, in addition to being the first man to walk on the moon, also took most of the pictures. but it also meant that buzz aldrin was in them. for iconic shots like this. and while armstrong may have worried about the lunar landing, aldrin says re-entry into the earth's atmosphere brought something unexpected. >> and we smelled the pacific ocean. [ laughter ] >> it was -- it was just a wonderful reminder that, yeah, indeed, we're home and everything is working the way it should. >> reporter: at 84, buzz aldrin hasn't stop dreaming of more missions to space. >> the next thing we'll put people on the moon of mars. >> 10, 9 -- >> reporter: while that might seem a bit farfetched now, think about how the world viewed apollo 11's mission to
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the moon 45 years ago. so mars, the moon of mars, asteroids, buzz aldrin makes it seem so possible. >> we'll orbit mars. we'll land on mars specifically. we'll send a crew to an asteroid in 2025. >> and i do remember, we were celebrating my sister's tenth birthday and my dad actually turned the television around so we could watch during dinner which never happened. clearly it's a big memory. tomorrow's splashdown 45 aboard the uss hornet in alameda, buzz aldrin is going to help celebrate the ship's role in the recovering of the astronauts once they hit the ocean. also, there's the extended interview with buzz and details all about tomorrow's event. >> amazing man. well, seattle's most iconic landmark is still standing tall after a man reportedly crashed his drone into it. witnesses tell police the drone was buzzing around the top of the space needing when it crashed on to an observation deck window. police tracked the unmanned aircraft to an amazon employee
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who was visiting out of state. although no damage was found at the space needle, the man agreed not to fly his drone again during his visit. >> hopefully that's not how amazon is going to deliver via drone. some changes being made to unwith of the big perks for the bart board. they will still be able to ride the rails for free for life but there's a catch. they have to serve 8 years on the board in order to qualify for that. bart is the only transit system in the bay area that allows free rides for life for board members and their families. preparations are under way for the san francisco marathon sunday. signs warning the embarcadero is going to be closed. those are up now. fencing to keep spectators back is also in place. the race from the embarcadero through golden gate park is back is a qualifier for the boston marathon. a record 25,000 runners are expected to beat the heat in the city and run this year. >> crowded on the street. >> a little different. well, it's going to be a hot day for those marathon runners. paul deanno, triple digits in
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antioc paul, staying cool? >> trying to stay cool. the mobile weather has a very nice air-conditioning unit and i thank our engineers for that. air-conditioning in full effect, or head to the lagoon where a -- [ signal breakup ] came here for two reasons. one antioch is a hot spot. two, they have a great way to cool off here and the 15-minute get out of the pool period is over and the kids are back in having a good time for good reason. it's 104 for a high today in antioch. but the kids are cooling off in the water which i have to admit looks very inviting outside. we are still 100 degrees in concord and livermore. it is 92 in san jose. still 96 in santa rosa. oakland 82. off that record high in san francisco of 85, you have now cooled down to 74. not good sleeping weather tonight. it is going to be warm. 70s until about 2 or 3 a.m. overnight lows only in the mid- 60s. vallejo 64. concord 65. this is for you if you live away from the water. that big ridge of high pressure that got us hot today isn't moving much. so that strong ridge of high
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pressure stays in place. so inland areas will stay hot. but near the water, that's you in fremont, that's even you in san jose, and, of course, san francisco, the sea breeze will move in earlier and that means you'll be somewhat cooler tomorrow with significant cooling coming up next week. what to expect? a clear warm night with minimal fog at the coast. it's sunny everywhere this weekend both saturday and sunday. we will stay hot inland with a little bit milder weather, a little less hot near the bay and also along the coast. highs tomorrow you can see the difference, san francisco 10 degrees cooler a high of 75. oakland almost 10 degrees cooler with a high of 82. but still kind of warm. concord will hit 95. livermore 97. napa tomorrow 93. and san jose your high 90 degrees. triple digits in our hottest inland spots through sunday and monday. we're down to the 90s everywhere inland tuesday through thursday. and we're kind of back to normal by this time next week. near the bay the warmest day will be tomorrow in the 80s. cooling off sunday and monday. the coast is the last day
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hitting the 70s. 60s for the weekend. in antioch, 104 degrees, the pool is very inviting. and i think even some of the -- the parents may be more so than normal say i'm going to hang out with you in the water today. just so we can hang out and be close. >> right. >> i'll tell you what, it is -- yeah, got to supervise and supervise in 70-degree water as opposed to 104-degree air. we told everybody it was coming but when you get outside it's still kind of stifling especially away from the water. >> careful of the dolphin in the water. [ laughter ] >> see you, paul. how low can you go? it took some amazing flexibility for a 6-year-old boy from india to set a limbo skating world record wearing roller skates and collapse need a split he glided inches from the ground under 39 suvs and he did it in less than 30 seconds! he says his next goal is to
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make it underneath 100 cars. >> how does he do that? he must be double jointed. >> doesn't it hurt to do that? i could never do that. sounds like a gem of a deal. you get free jewelry. >> i was just curious. all the ads seem to be too good to be true. >> oh, what you're really getting when you sign up. as a free lunch. but what ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that free "jewelry" that's often advertised i they say there's no such thing as a free lunch but what about that free jewelry that's often advertised in local newspapers? kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us what you get when you order. >> reporter: the ads promise beautiful gems in stylish settings for an incredible price, free! and like a lot of people, consumerwatch volunteer audra was intrigued by this necklace that's not for sale. >> i was just curious.
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all the ads seem to be too good to be true. >> reporter: but under california law, if they advertise it, they have to deliver. so audra ordered this amethyst necklace. a few days later the purple beads arrived. >> we'll weigh this piece. >> reporter: and this jeweler says sure enough this is 200 carats of genuine amethyst. >> amethyst is inexpensive. >> reporter: but the company's appraisal of $295 isn't even close. >> retail, about 90, $100. >> reporter: still that's about 5 times what she paid for shipping. a steal? maybe, but audra says what she didn't pay in cash she did pay in time. when she called to order the necklace, she says they repeatedly tried to get her buy the company's platinum membership a deal that would entitle her to future discounts. >> finally after the 7th time, i said please, please, all i want to do is buy the necklace! and by law, they had to let her. but since placing the order,
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audra has been receiving emails at least every other day pitching more products. >> in the last week, i would say, i got 10 emails. >> reporter: she now plans to opt out of those emails and hopes that's the end of the time she will spend on this free $100 necklace that wasn't for sale. now, the company did send us a copy of a written appraisal that puts the value of this necklace at $295. but it's basically an estimate of what it can sell for. retail varies greatly. if you have a consumer question or problem, email us. head to >> $100 for free isn't bad. >> looks expensive. >> but be prepared for the emails and the pitch and nothing is for free. >> nothing sever free. >> there is a reason they are offering the necklace for free. >> nothing is ever free. >> nice bag it comes in. >> it does come with a nice
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bag. >> thank you. have a good weekend. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." we have scott pelley in new york. scott? >> reporter: hi, liz and allen. great to be with you in the bay area. the u.s. says russia has opened fire on ukraine! david martin will have the evidence and will report on some new discoveries from the jetliner attack. plus, if it's friday, it must be time to go "on the road." tonight, steve hartman meets a couple who was lost after their daughter was killed, then they discovered the road map she secretly left behind. we'll have those stories just ahead on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price.
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where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. more h i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, more high risk inmates are heading to jails in the south bay. we take a look at the pressure that's putting on the people who work there. and it looks tasty. levi's stadium offering all sorts of food and drink for fans. today we found out just how much you will spend on it all. take your wallet, guys. >> i was going to say. more than a hot dog and garlic fries. >> those stories when you join veronica de la cruz and me coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. remember kcbs when you hit the remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, remember the latest news and weather are always on our
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website, enjoy the weather but don't get overheated. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, russia opens the u.s. says the war in ukraine has now expanded. david martin has the evidence. mark phillips on new discoveries from the jetliner attack. >> hands up! heads down! >> pelley: police storm an airline liner. israel makes an ominous announcement as palestinians bury their children. >> reporter: they were buried so hurriedly that families can only mark the grave with a piece of card board attached to a stick. >> pelley: barry petersen and don dahler report. did an nfl star get a slap on the wrist for domestic abuse? we'll ask james brown. and steve hartman "on the road." the chestermans were lost after their daughter was killed. then they discovered the road map she secre


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