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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to 90 firefighters. half the city's on duty staff. firefighters say the flames coupled with the 90-degree day helped the fire easily jump from one roof to the other. >> you're dealing with a home with a shake roof. so it's been baking all summer with the high temperatures. and with the fire in the attic, it just already with the heat load it had, it was able to spread pretty quickly. >> reporter: because of the size of this fire and the short staffing levels that have hit san jose fire departments in recent years, this did do a lot to stretch out whatever staff the san jose fire department has. in fact, fire units from neighboring cities had to come out and help san jose not only here fighting the fire but also to staff and back-staff those firehouses throughout the rest of the city. we'll have more on that part of the story tonight at 6 p.m. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the fire was determined to be accidental. it started in the backyard.
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the investigation has since been turned over to the insurance company to determine the exact cause. and check this out. an suv sheared off a fire hydrant in fremont sending up a geyser. the driver hit it while swerving to avoid a stalled car on mission boulevard. firefighters had to duck for cover as they worked. no one was injured. but the road is still a bit of a mess. developing news tonight. crews are attempting to clean up and begin repairs caused by this massive water main break in west los angeles. almost 20 million gallons of water spewed from a broken pipe and that is twice the original estimate. several buildings on ucla's campus including pauley pavilion have been extensively damaged. these are live chopper pictures showing where that water main broke. it is just one big sinkhole in the middle of sunset boulevard. cbs reporter danielle nottingham joins us from los angeles with a very complicated
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clean-up. >> reporter: allen, the water still isn't completely shut off. water department officials say they hope to have everything repaired and this main road back open by friday at the earliest. the ruptured water main lies exposed in the middle of sunset boulevard near ucla. workers say they have a complicated yet delicate operation ahead of them. >> we have a 1921 pipe steel riveted that feeds into a 1956 pipe. it's what we call a y connection. and it turns out that the pipe ripped open right at the y connection. >> reporter: crews are scrambling to drain the pipes and secure surrounding valves to prevent other breaks before they can begin repairs. the 93-year-old water main typically transports 75,000 gallons of water a minute from the upper stone canyon reservoir about 6 miles north of ucla. most of the campus is now dry. but water poured into parking garage stairwells like this one, which is still under more than a foot of water.
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the deluge submerged or damaged more than 700 cars in ucla's underground garages including this person's. >> i tried to rescue -- you know, tried to be superman but it was way too late. way too much water. >> reporter: ucla administrators say six facilities were damaged, including the university's sports pavilion and field. and a ucla spokesman says they still aren't sure what they are going to do about the court. they are not sure if they have to replace the whole floor or part of the floor. it was just renovated about two years ago. so that's what they are assessing now. live in los angeles, danielle nottingham. allen, back to you. >> so expensive. danielle, i heard you say they haven't got the water completely shut off yet. why is that?! >> reporter: yeah. the problem that they are having right now is with the valves that stop the water from leaking. water officials say the valves are just as old as the pipes. so if they are not able to stop the valves from leaking, they do have a plan b and that's to
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bring in an inflatable plug to stop the water flow. but still, they have water leaking from two sources. they say it's spilling about 1,000 gallons a minute still so this is still a very big mess. >> can't afford to waste the water, either. danielle nottingham, thank you so much. cars and more cars completely submerged. they are trapped in parking structures on ucla's campus. more than 700 vehicles are estimated to be damaged in this. today crews were working to pump out the water but that is going to be a very long process. three to four feet of water in the upper level of the parking structure down below in the lower levels, they are filled to the top. students, they are not holding out too much hope. >> i have never seen anything like it before. it was so much water and dirt. and i just pictured my car just totally floating away. >> i have a honda civic and i'm really hoping it's, you know, okay but i really doubt it. >> ucla administrators say that they have asked people to contact their own insurance companies but it's really still unclear who is going to foot
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the bill for the disaster. crews fighting wildfires in yosemite national park raced to build containment lines around a grove of treasured giant sequoias. fires have spread within 10 miles of the merced grove one of the park's major attractions. the trees are among the oldest living things on earth. some over 3,000 years old. fire officials say the fire is aggressive but the grove is not in any imminent danger yet. skies in the area are smoky but the park remains open. and look for raymond "shrimp boy" chow to take the stand and testify in his upcoming trial. chow was back in court today to answer to new corruption charges. kpix 5's anne makovec on the aggressive legal strategy by his lawyer. >> if you throw enough mud against the wall, maybe some of it will stick. >> reporter: that's the lawyer for raymond "shrimp boy" chow. our cameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom, but 54- year-old chow pleaded not
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guilty to a new charge of racketeering. that means committing a series of crimes to promote a corrupt enterprise. >> racketeering is like super- conspiracy. you are allowed to prove predicate acts which means sometimes you can go into a person's background. we have never denied his background. >> reporter: chow's background? a chinatown gangster who spent time in prison and wore an ankle bracelet from the feds. another big name in this case, state senator leland yee, also facing a new charge of racketeering in addition to public corruption and gun running, also caught up in the fbi's five-year undercover sting former san francisco school board president keith jackson, accused of trying to orchestrate some of the dirty deals. he and yee are out on bond, but so far chow has not been granted bail. he has been in the santa rita jail and his lawyer says he is eager for a trial to begin. >> he is going to testify! we're not going to hide behind any fifth amendment. >> reporter: chow's lawyer vows
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he will never become a government witness, never turn on his co-defendants no matter how long this case goes on. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the u.n. secretary-general is calling the latest bombing of a school in gaza outrageous and unjustifiable. ban ki-moon says evidence indicates israeli artillery is to blame. but israel says its troops were targeted by hamas mortar rounds launched from the area of the school and they returned fire. the school was being used as a shelter for refugees. 17 were killed and 90 others wounded many of them children. >> children killed in their sleep. this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. >> the u.n. says israel's military was given coordinates for the school 17 times. it's not the only major incident today. a busy shopping area in gaza was also bombed killing 16 people. the fed is trimming its bond buying program again because it says the improving
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economy needs less help. the bond purchases are intended to keep long-term borrowing rates low. meanwhile the central bank is offering no hint about when it might start raising the short- term rate. bond prices fell on the news. stocks ended the day mixed. the dow down about two-tenths of a percent. the nasdaq and s&p 500 had slight gains. he turned the streets of san francisco into his own demolition derby plowing into cars in a stolen construction truck. hear from the firefighter who brought a carjacker's wild ride to an end. >> there is no way to come back, you know, to move forward, it's impossible. we're stuck. >> babies coming and these parents-to-be are going nowhere fast. dad stepped up when they got stuck in traffic. >> most of us in the bay area are hoping the a's or the giants bring the world series to the bay area later on this year but we have a world series going on right now in livermore. i'll explain what it is and have your forecast coming up. >> it started with a speeding
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ticket, then this happened. the bad luck that made the mustang owner want to cry. ,, ,,,,,,
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francisco neighborhood as he tr a suspected car thief blazed a path of destruction through a san francisco neighborhood as he tried to out run police. but kpix 5 reporter don ford shows us he apparently forgot to look out for firefighters. >> reporter: early this morning, this red truck was stolen from a construction site here in san francisco's haight neighborhood. the thief went on a rampage hitting several parked cars until he got to city hall. that's when this red truck and its crew got involved. >> definitely out of control. he wasn't stopping for anything, traffic, lights, none of that. >> reporter: police tried to stop him, but he jumped out of the truck and ran straight into trouble. >> he came right to me. and, you know, i made a good jab. >> reporter: the fire crew held him down until police took over. tackling may not be in the
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firefighter's job description. but today, it worked out. >> a little football. i was more of a baseball player, you know. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured. but a lot of cars were damaged. >> he is under arrest and, uhm, we are still determining exactly what charges he will be booked on. >> reporter: in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> now, police say those charges could include hit-and- run, reckless driving and driving a stolen vehicle. i said oh, my god, we're not going to make it. >> oh, it's bumper to bumper traffic and this bay area mom is about to give birth. how her husband stepped to the plate. the highway off-ramp. >> small electric cars are more popular than ever. but several just got slammed in a tough crash test. the safety results that will make you think twice. ,, ,,,,
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take a listen. "i was driving my wife to t hospital... shes about to deliver right now and we are stuck stuck in bay area traffic and a baby on the way. >> oh, yeah. put yourself in that position! a panicked husband calls 911. take a listen. >> i'm taking my wife to the hospital. she is about to deliver right now and we're stuck in traffic and there's no way we're going to make it to the hospital. >> emphasis on the no way! kpix 5's john ramos with what happened next. reporter: jesse lugo of novato is only four days old but his life has already been a wild ride.
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when his mother lucy went into labor saturday she told her husband luis to get her to the birthing center in santa rosa quick. >> i put everything in the car. >> reporter: but jesse welcome bay area. construction on 101 meant the notorious traffic there was as usual moving at a snail's pace. >> so there's no way to come back, you know, to move forward. it's impossible. we're stuck. >> i said, oh, my god. we're not going to make it. >> reporter: so the frantic couple tried to turn around at the exit to the county landfill. but that off-ramp was closed. so they drove right through the middle of the construction site. >> we're going up the ramp and she tells me, stop! stop! stop the car! >> reporter: lucy knew her pregnancy had come to the end of the road. >> i told him, call 911. and he did. >> and i start seeing the head coming out, oh, my god. oh, -- oh, my god! >> reporter: with a 911 operator on the phone, dad took matters into his own hands pulling his new son into the
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world and delivering him into the arms of his mother. >> he did a great job. he did a wonderful job delivering his own son. [ laughter ] >> it was amazing the feeling of -- of -- of the power of life because just -- just happening right before your eyes. >> reporter: his parents cannot know what road jesse will travel in life. but they will always remember that it began on and off ramp. in marin county, john ramos, kpix 5. >> that's unbelievable. [ laughter ] >> i can't believe it. when mom says stop the car, pregnant moms get the car stopped. baby jesse was born just five minutes after dad stopped the car on the off-ramp. >> unreal. more video. a guy in texas got pulled over for speeding and then his day got really bad. an out-of-control truck plowed into his mustang on the side of the road. the officer's dashcam caught the driver apparently looking to the heavens as if to say, really? >> i knew that it had some
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pretty good amount of damage. >> did you want to cry? >> oh, i did. i absolutely did. i ain't gonna lie. >> i don't blame him. turns out the other driver was uninsured. he told police he lost control after spilling a drink. the one bright spot, though, jacobs got out of his speeding ticket. small electric and hybrid cars didn't fare too well in the most recent crash safety tests. the mini cooper countryman was the only small car to receive a good rating by the insurance institute for highway safety. 12 cars were put to the test in 40 miles per hour. it was the first time it performed the test on the electric and hybrid cars. the chevy volt was the only car to earn the highest award of top safety pick plus. >> the top safety pick plus also rewards vehicles that have forward collision warning systems and systems with
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autonomous braking which is available on the volt. >> the nissan leaf and the nissan juke, the fiat 500l and mazda 5 wagon fared the worst in the tests. the safety agency says the passenger spaces came apart. other bay area headlines a raging fire in oakland engulfed two homes. it started on 47th and melrose avenue at around 3:30 this morning. flames quickly spread to another house next door. the firefight was complicated by a downed power line. no one was injured. sonoma county sheriffs looking for the 41-year-old inmate who escaped from their jail. authorities say carter was part of a work crew when he ran off. carter described as having tatoos of a dragon and an angel on each arm. he also has ties to oakland and hayward. he was in jail for theft and fraud. if you eat, sleep and breathe giants baseball, then this is the party for you! fans are about to set up camp for the team's 12 annual slumber party at at&t park.
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this is video from a few years ago. campers will sleep under the stars after enjoying dinner and a movie. then tomorrow they will wake up to breakfast on the field. the event no surprise here is sold out. >> once in a lifetime deal. a bunch of very excited 12- and 13-year-olds gathered in livermore now. intermediate little league world series and paul deanno is live from the field there. paul. >> reporter: tell you what, this is big stuff. this is a group of teens from around the entire world playing right now. we have the czech republic in orange versus puerto rico in purple. the score is puerto rico 9, czech republic 2. we have an international bracket. we have a united states bracket. we'll have an intermediate little league world series champion next monday. right now we have west virginia playing arizona. this is world series baseball right here in livermore. we are live tonight from max baer park. it is hot out here.
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100 in livermore. scoring a few more runs for puerto rico. good baseball being played here 13-year-olds having a good time. 94 in livermore the current temperature. san jose 79. it is markedly cooler near the water. san francisco 66. san bruno 68. santa rosa sitting at 84. overnight tonight pretty comfortable. the humidity is decreasing. so overnight down to the upper 50s, low 60s. vallejo 60. santa rosa 57. and san rafael 59 degrees. want to show you kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. no rain here. once again bubbling up over the sierra numerous thunderstorms. we have been doing this for the past couple of weeks. it's not the rainfall and snowfall in the winter that will fill the reservoirs but we'll take any rain in california and it is raining once again in the higher elevations of the sierra. strong ridge of high pressure is in place keeping all of that subtropical moisture just off to our east. so we had a mainly sunny day today but with that ridge bringing in an onshore flow, we will have fog anywhere near the water just like we had this morning again tomorrow morning. so what to expect? clear inland with fog near the
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water. hot in the valleys approaching 100 for the sixth day. this is a prolonged heat wave away from the water. we'll see some cooling this weekend but it will be gradual. most inland spots in the 90s, the lower 90s as compared to the upper 90s. high temperatures tomorrow, upper 60s for san francisco. a comfortable afternoon. foggy start sunny finish. 69 degrees. san jose you will hit 87. mountain view 84. 98 for more intermediate little league baseball out here in livermore another 4 games coming up tomorrow. another hot one of the santa rosa 88. oakland 78 degrees. your extended forecast calling for temperatures close to 100 degrees tomorrow and friday inland with highs in the mid- to upper 70s near the bay. and if you want to cool off head to the coast with highs in the mid-60s there. we'll see a stronger onshore flow over the weekend, lower 90s inland. lower 70s near the bay. and then we'll level off with temperatures running a few degrees above average for the first half of next week. the top of the 5th inning just wrapped up. puerto rico 10, czech republic
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2. kind of cool out here. they are expecting 10,000 fans for the championship game coming up on monday. and i'm not sure if you guys can hear they play '70s music between innings. so that makes me happy. >> impressive. very nice. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you have to keep everybody happy. we are having a good time out here in livermore. reporting live from the intermediate little league world series where we're getting our jam on, paul deanno, back to you. >> i like it. >> all right. >> you're off to the snack shaq. see you. uber takes action after consumerwatch exposes a secret drivers hacking phones to steal fares. no riders could be getting a refund -- now riders could be getting a refund.
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whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at uber drivers were hacking t phones in order to steal fas from each ride-sharing com 24 hours after we reported that uber drivers were hacking their phones in order to steal fares from each other, the "ridesharing" company is taking action. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on what uber is doing to fix it. >> reporter: if you recently got an uber ride from the airport, you may actually be getting a refund. the company announced today or
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at least it told us it's fixing the hacking issue we exposed and even though it primarily affected uber drivers, uber passengers are getting money back. >> four, five, six, seven, eight. >> reporter: this driver is counting the number of uber black cars and suvs parked just feet from the airport. at least according to the uber app. >> as you can see there's no cars parked on the side of the road, no black cars. >> reporter: but this is where they are supposedly parked hovering in space over the airport off-ramp. 2.5 miles away, this is the cell phone parking lot where uber drivers with proper airport permits are supposed to park and wait for fares. so what's going on? >> they hacked into the app and fooling their uber phones into thinking they are first in like every line at the airport when they're not. >> reporter: he explains the app assigns the fare to the closer uber driver automatically so drivers across the country have been reportedly hacking their uber- issued phones to make it appear they are closest to the most
5:25 pm
lucrative fares in this case the airport. >> if you want to get an airport ride you have to cheat. >> reporter: meanwhile, for months, honest drivers like chris have been losing money waiting for if uber to take action. >> if it affected customers it would be done tomorrow. but cheating between drivers is it not their top priority apparently. >> reporter: it seems it is now. 24 hours after we reached out to the company uber announced it's disabling the hacked phones and refunding consumers who got rides from those drivers simply because their drivers broke the rules. in a statement, uber says, any partner who manipulated the platform to their own advantage will be deactivated from the uber network. and while chris certainly doesn't want his fellow drivers punished, he will be glad to finally have access to airport fares again. >> double my income. >> reporter: now, uber told us it was working on disabling those hacked phones this afternoon and riders should automatically get a refund if they got a ride from one of those drivers.
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this only impacts drivers who have the proper permits to pick up at the airport. uber x drivers don't even show up on the apps near the airport. >> thank you. more a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," james brown reports from new york. >> reporter: hello, allen and liz. as you reported, the peace corps is pulling hundreds of volunteers out of africa after two workers were exposed to ebola. plus the death toll in gaza rose as israel hit a street market and school. we have reporters to bring you those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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repeat water wasters... call ging i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, repeat water wasters called out. we did some digging and we found out who ignored the warnings and now have to pay up. and they always seemed to be packed but experts say those big box stores could be in danger. who is shopping elsewhere and how the stores are trying to keep up. plus, what the mayor had to say about the possibility of the raiders moving out of oakland. we'll have that coming up, me and veronica de la cruz at 6:00. >> thank you. see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is coming up next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> brown: tonight, more americans exposed to ebola. this time, peace corps workers. dr. jon lapook reports agency is pulling hundreds of volu of africa. the death toll in gaza rises sharply as israel hits a street market and another school. reports from barry petersen and don dahler. chip reid with peter lerner's e- mails. the former i.r.s. fors calls republicans crazies and worse. nancy cordes on house republicans suing the president. >> no president of either party should ever abuse their power. >> brown: and his rebuke. >> stop being mad all the time. >> brown: and bill plante on america's forgotten heroes. >> it needs to be a beautiful place for people to understand the sacrifices made and the impacts on families. captioning sponsored by cbs


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