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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 22, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday august 22nd 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the pentagon warns the threat from isis is beyond anything that we've seen. the military considers all options to respond. a romney/ryan reunion. they ran for the white house in 2012. now they're talking 2016. >> plus why some leaders are pouring water on the ice bucket challenge. >> but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> they're beyond just a terrorist group. this is beyond anything that we've seen. >> a chilling warning from the pentagon. >> secretary hagel described isis as barbaric saying they are a threat to every american
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interest. >> sobering new warning comes as an international manhunt is under way for the militants who murdered journalist james foley. >> the second night of calm there in ferguson missouri. >> governor jay nixon orderin national guard troops to withdraw from the town. >> we're here to secure a sense of peace for our community. >> chicago dealing with serious flooding issues right now. this after thunderstorms and heavy rain. more is expected there. >> a patient in sacramento has tested negative for ebola. this news comes as two americans who contracted the virus in west africa have beaten the odds. >> i am thrilled to be alive. >> game over! chicago to the united states championship game. >> jackie robinson west wins it 6-5 to spell the end to mo'ne davis and philadelphia. >> i'm speechless i'm just overjoyed right now. >> the united airlines jet reported smoke in the cockpit and made an emergency landing in indianapolis. no one was injured. australian fire crews gave a koala hit by a car
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mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. >> bless them. >> all that -- >> let me finish -- >> i want to finish my point. >> do you think you can break it? >> throw the big one. >> and all that matters. >> mitt romney and paul ryan make their first public appearance together since 2012. >> so if you get the chance to run for president, do it. it's a great thing. >> the third time's a charm. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i challenge my beautiful wife julie chen to do it live on "big brother." >> good night. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are
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taking some vacation so jeff glor is with us. and the obama administration says the islamist terror group isis is a bigger threat now than al qaeda was before 9/11. president obama's top military advisers say the u.s. can only contain isis not eliminate it. >> isis threatens to kill more american hostages after executing journalist james foley. eyewitnesses in iraq say isis militants stoned a man to death in the city of mosul. margaret brennan is at the pentagon where officials say all options against isis are now on the table. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. senior pentagon officials say isis is an imminent threat and defeating it requires air strikes in both iraq and syria, but they gave no indication that president obama is about to approve them. isis combines violent ideology with sophisticated military strategy and enough money to carry out its agenda which puts it a caliber above any terror
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group that the u.s. has faced. defense secretary chuck hagel. >> oh this is beyond anything that we've seen. so we must prepare for everything. the only way you do that is you take a cold steely hard look at it and get ready. >> reporter: so far the u.s. military strategy has been limited to defending personnel and u.s. facilities. not hunting isis leaders. which may change. that includes going after terrorist safe havens across the iraqi border inside neighboring syria, where isis controls territory. on thursday, the highest ranking officer in the u.s. military general martin dempsey, said defeating isis requires hitting its fighters inside of syria. >> isis will only truly be defeated when it's rejected by the 20 million disenfranchised sunni that happen to reside between damascus and baghdad. >> and that requires air strikes? >> it requires a variety of
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instruments, only one small part of which is air strikes. >> reporter: long-term success, he said, requires an international coalition to fight isis and convincing locals to reject it. but in an e-mail sent to james foley's family just days before the video of his beheading surfaced, isis threatened to strike back at any attempts to stop it. it read "you and your citizens will pay the price of your bombings." the first of which being the blood of the american citizen, james foley. the hunt is still on for those hostages and their captor. foley's executioner has not been in u.s. custody, but he does have known links to other terror groups. and intel has a good idea of who he is. >> margaret brennan, thank you very much. the pentagon broke the law in getting army sergeant bowe bergdahl back, according to a new report this morning. the government accountability office says defense officials didn't give congress enough
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notice of the swap of taliban members for the u.s. prisoner of war. it also says the dod used nearly a million dollars of unapproved money to make the transfer. republicans say it's proof president obama knowingly violated the law. severe storms are moving through the midwest. the streets are submerged just west of chicago. cars and homes are sitting in pools of water. overnight at least 3 inches of rain fell in three hours. some drivers were caught off guard by the fast-moving system and had to be rescued. other storms triggered flash flooding in pennsylvania's pocono mountains. water overran the woodlock resort. danielle niles from our boston station wbz is tracking the severe weather and heat. danielle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. and good morning to our viewers in the west. we're talking about big-time heat today. heat index values well into the triple values across much of the east coast. the heat advisories are in effect for all the areas shaded in orange and excessive heat warnings for st. louis down
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through the florida panhandle. a lot of water today, taking it easy, seek the air conditioning if you can. threat for severe storms and flash flooding the biggest rich for northern missouri stretching through indiana and illinois. west coast typical shower activity and pop-up thunderstorms. high temperatures mainly top out in the 70s to low 80s. for seattle down to portland 82 in l.a. today, 90s vegas to phoenix and a high of 74 in denver. this morning the national guard is leaving ferguson missouri. protests last night over the police shooting of michael brown were peaceful but officers did make seven arrests. vladimir duthiers is in ferguson where a sense of calm is starting to set in now. vladimir, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the big development on thursday governor jay nixon announced that the national guard, you can see them right behind me here they have carried out their mission. they're going to be pulling out of ferguson. that is good news for a city that's been racked with racial tension since the august 9th shooting.
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on a ride-along through the city of ferguson we asked missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson what he thought was contributing to the change of attitude here. >> the partnership between law enforcement and the leaders of this community continue to come together to not allow the agitators and that criminal element to define this community. >> reporter: johnson has been leading security in ferguson since violent protests broke out on august 10th resulting in more than 200 arrests. though law enforcement has come under fire for the use of tear gas, smoke bombs and rubber bullets, johnson has been commendinged by attorney general eric holder and missouri governor jay nixon for the work he's done to subdue the violence. the protests have grown outside the court house where a grand jury will hear evidence in the coming weeks to determine whether officer darren wilson should be indicted. many are calling for prosecutor bob mcculloch to step down
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believing that he cannot be unbiased as the son of a when i say police officer shot and kill by a black suspect. calls for a special prosecutor and an indictment are also coming from the parents of michael brown. >> i feel that because this is a repeated pattern that has been going on here in missouri not just st. louis, you can't call the police on the police. >> leslie mcspadden and michael brown sr. spent thursday planning their son's funeral. >> the hardest part is he took my son away. for nothing. >> my son had his hands up. so that -- that lets the world know that he's been taught to understand and do the proper thing when he's talked to by a police officer who he's supposed to trust to protect and serve him and obey and not to be treated like a dog or a rag on the street like he was doing. >> reporter: what promises to be just an incredibly sat day,
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michael brown's funeral is scheduled for monday. >> all right, thank you so much. it's been called a miracle. doctors say two american missionary workers stricken with ebola are cured. both are out of isolation and with their families this morning, having survived the worst ebola outbreak on record. dr. jon la book ispook is with us. >> the infectious disease specialist says both are expected to recover completely. a key factor may have been the level of care and resources available here in the united states. >> i'm thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> after nearly three weeks in an isolation unit at emory university hospital dr. kent brantly was discharged and declared ebola-free by his team of doctors and nurses. >> you treated me with expertise, yet with such tenderness and compassion. for the last three weeks you
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have been my friends and my family. >> brantly and aid worker nancy writebol were flown to the u.s. for emergency treatment after becoming infected with ebola while doing missionary work in liberia. writebol left the hospital earlier this week and doctors say that neither one of them is contagious. >> the medical staff here at emory is confident that the discharge from the hospital of both of these patients poses no public health threat. >> reporter: that was made clear by the warm embraces brantly received from his team a stark contrast to his arrival in the u.s. earlier this month when he became the first ebola patient ever treated on american soil. while there was cause for celebration here halfway around the world in western africa the ebola epidemic is raging. the current outbreak has sickened nearly 2500 people and killed more than 1300. >> we are hopeful that what we've learned here will assist our colleagues in africa in caring for these critically ill
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patients. >> please do not stop praying for the people of liberia and west africa and for a quick end to this ebola epidemic. >> emory's medical team says there's no way of knowing whether the zmapp treatment made any difference but the doctors learned valuable lessons about how to treat ebola, how to manage electrolyte and clotting problems and that may help health care workers in africa. >> very interesting. thanks jon. russian trucks are on the move this morning heading into ukraine. a ukrainian official calls the supposed relief mission a direct invasion, saying the aid is an excuse by russians to get into the country. ukraine says more than 100 trucks cleared the border without inspections. they're carrying water, generators and sleeping bags. for now ukraine says it won't use force against that convoy. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell continues on what some call the most important campaign of his life this morning.
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he and his wife press on with their bribery trial a day after he gave an emotional account of his unraveling marriage. chip reid shows us how that testimony is key to providing a defense theory. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in almost six hours of testimony, a somber bob mcdonnell explained how his marriage slowly collapsed. through it all his wife sat at the defense table and listened on the outside showing almost no emotion at all. leaving the court house with his arm around his daughter -- >> have a nice day. >> reporter: -- bob mcdonnell had nothing to his to his testimony that pointed the finger of blame directly at his wife, maureen. he told the jury about an emotional e-mail he sent her in september, 2011. "you are my soul mate" he said but he continued "you tell me all the time how bad your life has been with me and how unhappy you are. i am so spiritually and mentally exhausted from being yelled at." the mcdonnells are charged with accepting $165,000 in gifts from businessman jonnie williams in
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exchange for promoting his diet supplement company. bob mcdonnell is trying to convince the jury that their marriage was so dysfunctional they barely spoke and his wife didn't tell him about many of the gifts. for example, he said he had no idea williams spent $20,000 on her during a shopping spree in new york. she told me she had gotten a couple of dresses, he testified. or that she borrowed $50,000 from williams. mcdonnell said he didn't ask her to return the money because he didn't want to have another fight. legal analyst bob holsworth was in the courtroom. >> time and again today bob mcdonnell said he simply didn't know what jonnie williams and his wife were up to. >> reporter: in 2011 maureen mcdonnell and williams exchanged nearly a thousand texts and phone calls. i was actually hurt mcdonnell testified. his lawyer asked, do you think your wife had a physical affair with jonnie williams? i don't believe so. do you think your wife had a strong emotional attachment to jonnie williams? yes.
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was she getting that kind of emotional support from you? mcdonnell whispered, no. day 20 of the trial began minutes ago. so far mcdonnell has had it pretty easy because his own lawyer is asking the questions. later today or next week prosecutors will get their turn and it will become a good deal more contentious. >> chip reid thank you very much. 18 suspected israeli informants were killed along the gaza strip this morning. a gaza security official says two palestinians were killed 11 of the suspected informants allegedly died by firing squad at the gaza city police station. seven others were killed near a mosque. the two republicans who lost the 2012 presidential race are giving each other advice for 2016. >> so if you get the chance to run for president, do it. it's a great thing. >> the third time's a charm. >> mitt romney and paul ryan shared a stage last night in
7:16 am
chicago for the first time since their campaign. the house budget committee chairman, who's thinking about a presidential bid, says his old running mate is welcome to join. >> i would love to see mitt romney run for president again. he's pretty clear in saying that he won't but i hope he will reconsider that because as i write in my book he would have made a fantastic president. as far as 2016 is concerned, that decision and even the timeline around that decision is something i've pushed off until after this election because i believe we have important things to do right now. that's my priority and i'll focus on 2016 in 2015. >> the former massachusetts governor insists he will not run again. romney and his wife made that clear when they visited us in studio 57 last november. >> governor romney -- >> you know it was a fabulous experience, i loved it. but we're not doing that again. >> there you see, they're not running, even though people want him to. we're going to talk more with paul ryan. he's going to be with bob
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schieffer on "face the nation" this sunday morning right on cbs. a young baseball team from chicago's south side is one win away from making history at the little league world series. chicago beat philadelphia last night to advance to the u.s. championship game, but that does mean the end of an amazing run for a 13-year-old girl. elaine quijano is there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. mo'ne davis' story book march to the little league world series came to a close here last night, but her team fought all the way to the final out. >> buckle up because this young man on the mound can throw some heat. >> reporter: it was a battle from the beginning. between the two breakout stories of this year's tournament. >> 0-1, ground ball through. 2-0 philadelphia. >> reporter: philadelphia's dragons and chicago's jackie robinson west all stars. >> to left field, though and the game is tied at 2. >> reporter: early on chicago
7:18 am
took advantage of star pitcher mo'ne davis' absence from the mound. >> back up the middle. he fields and goes to first and it's wild off the glove of mo'ne davis. >> reporter: by the top of the fifth -- >> this one to center field, it's a one-run game. >> reporter: philadelphia had clawed their way back to within one run. but it wasn't enough. >> playable right field. pierce jones, game over! chicago to the united states championship game. >> reporter: and with that mo'ne davis and the dragons world series run came to an end. >> the kids had an incredible run. i'm so proud of them. they played their hearts out for most of the whole summer. and to come this far is really incredible. >> reporter: for the jackie robinson west all stars from the south side of chicago, it was recognition of all their hard work. >> it's been 31 years and some people thought we weren't even going to make it and now we're at the u.s. championship. >> reporter: in chicago, fans of jackie robinson west's home
7:19 am
field savored the victory, including mayor rahm emanuel. >> these kids are champs. i said that on day one. they're champions. they're showing incredible maturity. they're showing their true character and what their potential is. >> reporter: the jackie robinson west al stars have a well deserved day off today before taking on las vegas tomorrow. and what do they do before the biggest game of their lives? they'll be taking the ice bucket challenge. >> of course they will be. elaine, thank you so much. an while the chicago team gets ready for the ice bucket others are being ordered to stay high and dry. we'll explai a little less fog around the bay area but very cloudy near the coastline early on. it looks like it's going to stay cloudy toward the beaches today. out to ocean beach right now, you have those clouds rolling on in. and that cool sea breeze is blowing probably going to bring down the temperatures slightly for today but not by much. we'll have a whole lot of sunshine inside the bay and the valleys. so temperatures up in the 70s, some low 80s inside the bay. couple of 80s in the valleys,
7:20 am
60s along the coastline with patchy fog. slightly warmer for the weekend. this national weather report sp by panera bread. introducing new flat bread sandwiches in three bold flavors. uber is driving a new political conversation. >> ahead, could it steer the course of the next election? >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned 4 local news.
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says she plans to appeal the federal ruling that the state's death good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. california's attorney general plans to appeal the federal ruling that the state's death penalty is unconstitutional. u.s. district judge ruled last month that the death penalty takes too long to carry out. attorney general harris argues that the time it takes to execute an inmate ensures due process. the 49ers promising to have the field ready for sunday's preseason game against the chargers. poor turf conditions prompted the 9ers head coach jim harbaugh to end practice early at levi's stadium yesterday. he pulled the team off the turf. crews are now ripping up the bad turf and laying down new sod hopefully in time for the game on sunday. traffic and weather coming up. stay with us. it makes me happy to go on the computer. i like feeling smart.
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good morning. checking conditions at the bay bridge, it is stacked up for about a 15- or 20-minute wait to get you on the span. but it is better than a normal weekday. so the approaches are clearer including the eastshore freeway. only about 23 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. we are seeing the slowdowns now beginning to build across the san mateo bridge in those westbound lanes of 92 trying to get out of hayward heading over the high-rise. 880 still looks great in oakland. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. some patchy fog out there right now not as extensive today, looks like it will burn off nicely in most spots except toward the coastline the mount vaca showing some clouds. temperatures this afternoon cooler, plan on 80s in the valleys, 70s and low 80s inside the bay. 60s at the coastline. warming up a couple more degrees over the weekend.
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>> you if you're looking for a reason to hate the nfl, this is it right here. and they're very sensitive about this. here is an announcement about their new policy regarding the super bowl halftime extravaganza. watch. >> because of the unparalleled exposure musical acts must now pay to perform during the super bowl. we're pleased to announce this year highest bidder super bowl halftime show time act is billionaire warren buffett. ♪ i've been working on the railroad all the live-long day ♪ >> see you at the big game. ♪ i've been working on the railroad ♪ >> i love warren buffett. i love warren buffett. >> not bad on a you canukelele too. charlie and gayle are off,
7:31 am
vinita, i and jeff glor are with you. it's raising tens of millions of dollars for a charity. we've been talking about it every day, the ice bucket challenge. get this it's now catching some heat. we're going to show you why some diplomats and soldiers are among those being told to pass on it. plus it's anything but icy in the west. the drought is so bad it's causing the earth's crust to rise. professor michio kaku is here to look at the alarming new revelations about the impact. first, ben tracy is here with your friday papers. >> good morning and happy friday, guys. let's start with the "wall street journal." federal investigators are investigating the legal department of gm motors. they want to know if the lawyers hid evidence about the faulty ignition switch thinked to 13 deaths. gm is cooperating with the investigation. "the boston globe" said pope francis made a personal phone call to the parents of murder american journalist james foley.
7:32 am
the pope contacted diane and john foley on thursday. as you know, their son was killed by isis militants this week in a video posted online. james foley once said that he often prayed the rosary when he was first captured in libya. the "washington post" reports scientists have reversed autism in mice. there are more connections or sin sin appears than in a normal brain. scientists caution drugs that work on lab animals often don't work on people. >> that would have a huge effect on a lot of things if it does work. >> a lot of kids suffering from autism for sure. california lawmakers voted to prohibit the state from displaying or selling merchandise with images of the confederate flag. this ban does not apply to individuals and the flag can still be used for educational purposes. a state assemblyman introduced the bill after his mom saw a replica of confederate money sold in the state capitol gift
7:33 am
shop. the governor now heads to governor jerry brown for his signature. an als ice bucket challenge injured four firefighters. they were on a fire truck dousing the campbellsville university marching band but an electric shot hit the firefighters when the ladder got too close to a power line. one of the firefighters is in critical condition this morning. he has severe burns. the good news is that the ice bucket challenge has now raised almost $42 million since late last month. that's compared with just $2 million during the same period last year. most of the money is coming from nearly 740,000 new donors. but while some find the ice challenge refreshing others have reasons why they can't join the cause. >> let's do it! all right! whoa! wow, that was cold! >> reporter: it's the most painful feel-good event of the summer. everyone from george w. bush to kermit the frog is getting
7:34 am
bathed by the bucket. but some are turning a cold shoulder to the cold shower. the state department pentagon and u.s. house have now banned diplomats, soldiers and lawmakers from taking the challenge. the state department said there are firmly established rules preventing the use of public office for private gain no matter how worthy the cause. >> let her rip. >> reporter: catholic school leaders in cincinnati got doused but gave their dollars to a catholic medical charity. the als association supports research using embryonic stem cells which the catholic church opposes. in a letter the superintendent told catholic schools there planning bucket challenges to immediately cease such planning or give the money to an organization whose practices are consistent with the church. >> as you'll notice my bucket has no ice water in it. >> reporter: in drought-ravaged california wasting water is rubbing some the wrong way or forcing them to downsize.
7:35 am
and then there's politics. representative john dingle a democrat from michigan accuses some republicans of defunding als research while taking the ice bucket challenge. he tweeted, since 2011 house republicans have cut national institutes of health funding by billions, and you thought dumping ice water on your head was cold. but for most of us there is no escape from a good cause. >> check this out. plastic ice. that water was a balmy 92 degrees. i felt nothing in your face! oh! oh that was real! >> that was a great video on my facebook feed of a guy in california who said because of the drought i'm just going to write the check. then he says i have a better use for ice and has a bottle of wine. >> a bunch of people on twitter
7:36 am
said thanks for dumping the water on top of grass. >> it's interesting to see members of congress also deleting tweets where they accepted the challenge, so a lot of people changing gears on this also. >> thanks. on the subject of that doubt drought, california's drought continues. a stunning new report shows just how damaging it is across the west. 63 trillion gallons of water gone. that's enough to cover land from the rockies to the pacific with 4 inches of water. cbs news contributor michio kaku is a professor at the university of new york. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the 1,000-day mark we're now closing in is this the new normal? >> this is historic. looking at tree rings and lake sediments you have to go back centuries, centuries to find a drought of this magnitude. historically there have been droughts that have lasted decades, even centuries in the history of california. so, yes, some people are saying
7:37 am
this could be a mega drought. this could be a new normal. >> what does this mega drought mean for the rest of our earth? it's causing rising levels right? >> yeah, believe it or not california is rising physically rising. the mountains of california have risen about a half an inch just in the last two years because of all the loss of water. we have all these gps sensors and can measure the fact that the loss of water is causing the earth to spring back about a half an inch under the mountains of california. that's how punishing this drought is. >> what i thought was so interesting about this research is that it was 11 years, but you also didn't set out to look at this. you were looking at gps monitoring of basically earthquakes, how the earth was shifting and you realized this drought was happening. but how does what's happening in the west affect the rest of us? >> about 34% of the country is experiencing some form of drought, which is ironic because in the northeast we've had flooding. and so we've had this wacky weather. we've had this wacky summer where we had unusual cold
7:38 am
weather in the northeast. just go outside and you can see that. and drought and blistering temperatures in the west. now, the good news is el nino is setting in which means that california could get some rainfall, could get some relief from el nino. but the bad news is this could be a new normal. >> professor i thought, though after this punishing winter with all the snow that we had, i'm talking about in the northeast, everyone said it's going to be a super, super hot summer and it's actually been cool. what happened? >> well el nino happened. and it's unpredictable. el nino comes and goes every four to five years. it's rather unpredictable. it really changes the entire global climate. and so it's one thing that is like a wild card. plus we've had the fact that there have been periodic droughts that hit california. when you start to go back decades now, decades into the past, you see that at one point in the history of california droughts were normal. in fact some people say that what is abnormal is the recent
7:39 am
plentiful amount of water in the last several centuries, that we are benefitting from an abnormal situation. >> it sounds like this could make up a whole class. >> we have the perfect professor for it. professor, thank you so much. ahead, uber is getting a lift from politicians. now the ground-breaking car service is picking up speed on the campaign trail. that is next on "cbs this morning." at kfc, we make the world's best chicken. we dip it and shake it seven times.
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...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. one of the most notable political issues right now doesn't have legs it has wheels. uber, the online car-sharing service competing with taxis is sparking an intense debate. jeff pegues shows us how it could roll all the way into the fall of 2016. he's in washington this morning. jeff, hi. >> reporter: good morning. every time someone uses the uber smartphone app to summon a ride instead of hailing a taxi it adds to the 5-year-old company's multi billion dollar bottom line. but some prominent politicians have found that there's another reason why the company is
7:44 am
valuable this election yeemplt as uber hits the road in more cities, prominent democrats and republicans are hitching a ride on the message its explosive expansion and the opposition to it sends. some republicans believe it's business versus big government. >> it's a perfect example of how big companies and big corporations and established industries use government regulations to drive out and prevent competition. >> reporter: in cities across the country and all over the world, uber is facing resistance. traditional taxis and some unions accuse the company of thriving without facing the same rules and regulations. with uber now becoming a campaign issue in this country, robert werth, the president of the taxicab limousine and paratransit association believes some politicians are traveling down the wrong road. >> i don't really think that this issue is an issue that is
7:45 am
at the top of the pyramid when we're looking at the whole issues that face our society today. i think that this is basically a simple political ploy. >> reporter: the republican national committee has launched an online petition in support of uber. a spokesman told us companies like uber are the embodiment of the free market. it's not the government's job to protect the old way of doing things, and it's not just the rnc. one of president obama's former top political strategists, david plouffe, is now working for uer. while bipartisan support for the company this election year could help its move to expand it may also back fire turning some customers and supporters off. frank luntz is the cbs news political analyst and gop strategist. >> republicans may have put it on their website, but uber isn't a republican or democratic issue, it's a quality of life issue. and at a time when so few
7:46 am
americans trust what washington is doing and they're struggling to get by you want to be on the side of a company that actually improves quality of life and is a company focused on the future. so it may make political sense, but most importantly, it's beneficial to the average american who desperately needs transportation. >> reporter: uber told us that it welcomes support from both sides of the aisle and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, a spokesperson added come election day remember uber is the most reliable way to get to the polls. >> jeff pegues in washington thank you very much. 11 weeks after a devastating accident, olympic star amy van dyken rouen is rising. how she cleared a major hurdle a little less fog around the bay area but very cloudy near the coastline early on. it looks like it's going to stay cloudy toward the beaches today. out to ocean beach right now, you have those clouds rolling on in. and that cool sea breeze is blowing probably going to bring down the temperatures slightly for today but not by much. we'll have a whole lot of
7:47 am
sunshine inside the bay and the valleys. so temperatures up in the 70s, some low 80s inside the bay. couple of 80s in the valleys, 60s along the coastline with patchy fog. slightly warmer for the weekend. this portion of this portion of "thbs this morning" sponsored by the buy power card. "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great. learn more at mom usually throws a gogurt in there. well mom's not here today so we're doing things dad's way. which means i get...
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7:51 am
ready two. cue norah. >> you should never underestimate six time medalist amy van dyken. she scored another victory in her battle back from an accident that nearly killed her. look at the video she posted on thursday, it shows her walking for the first time since the crash that left her paralyzed from the waist down back in june. along with this walker she's wearing a specially fitted bionic device called an exoskeleton and posted the the #onestepatatime. amy, we're pulling for you. you look great. awesome. >> attitude is so much of it. she always had a great one. it took two years of negotiating with china but a documentary crew got amazing access to pandas. >> cutest stage is when they're, like, 3 or 4 weeks. they're like little football sized things. and they just can barely kind of walk and they're really --
7:52 am
>> they're side looking. >> oh! >> it ♪ ♪ ♪ [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven
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7:56 am
charged with switching the odometers of used cars with junked lower mileage cars. good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the owners of an antioch car dealership have charged with switching odometers of used cars with junk lower mileage cars. police say the owners of jorge's california car sales scammed customers for years. the california legislature passed a bill to allow two-year colleges to grant bachelor's degrees. community colleges would be able to offer programs that are not provided at nearby universities. the bill still needs governor brown's signature. crews are racing to get the field at levi's stadium ready for sunday's game between the 49ers and chargers. the 49ers ended practice yesterday early due to poor turf conditions. crews are laying down new sod
7:57 am
this morning. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:58 am
good morning, we have a bit of a backup now trying to get on to the richmond/san rafael bridge from the east bay. you can see it live in our traffic cameras just at one of the cash tollbooths, it's closed and you can see also on your screen the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic." looks like it's backed up west of harbor way. and there's a look at the sensors, what we're talking about. from end to end between richmond and marin counties pretty slow. san mateo bridge improving a little bit on the flat section. still sluggish though on wednesday bound 92. that's "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. patchy fog around the bay area this morning not as thick as it's been. still it will keep temperatures cooler near the coastline and around the rest of the bay today. high pressure weakening slightly. we'll see lots of sunshine toward the afternoon 80s in the valley, 70s and 80s and nice inside the bay. 60s toward the coastline. a little warmer for the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday august 22nd 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more news ahead, including a rare diamond worth millions. it is here in studio 57. first, a look at today's eye-opener at 8:00. >> officials say isis is an imminent threat and defeating it requires air strikes in iraq and syria. >> threat for severe storms flash flooding the biggest risk for northern missouri, stretching east through indiana and illinois. governor jay nixon announces the national guard carried out their mission. good news for a city that's been wracked with racial tension. two americans expected to recover completely. a key factor may have been the level of care available here in the united states.
8:01 am
bob mcdonnell explain how his marriage slowly collapsed. his wife showing almost no emotion. is this the new normal? >> this is historic. you have to go back perhaps centuries, centuries to find a drought of this kind of magnitude. two republicans who lost the 2012 presidential race are giving each other advice for 2016. >> third time's the charm. >> mo'ne davis' storybook march to the little league world series came to a close last night. >> the winner of the little league world series goes on to play the mets. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by panera bread. i'm norah o'donnell, jeff glor and vinita nair. defense secretary chuck hagel says the united states has never seen a threat like isis and says
8:02 am
the united states cannot defeat the islamist terror group without striking syria as well as iraq. >> u.s. war planes attacked six targets thursday around the mosul dam, bringing the total to 90 since president obama reauthorized military action there. police report no trouble in ferguson, missouri for the second night in a row. thursday's demonstrations drew about 100 people. police made seven arrests. ferguson is still under a state of emergency after an officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown nearly two weeks ago. the national guard is leaving this morning. five and a half years is a long time to be president. well this morning a new time lapse video shows how president obama's look is changing under the demands of the job. look you can see his hair turning gray from the start of his presidency in 2009 until now. he is hardly the first commander in chief to go through some changes. presidents bush and lincoln showed signs of stress that come with leading our country. generally the hair gets a little
8:03 am
whiter. i remember talking to a doctor at cleveland clinic during the bush presidency. presidents age about two years for every one year that the rest of us age because of the stresses of the job. >> makes sense. >> the obamas come back from vacation on sunday. the president was criticized by some for taking time off while domestic and international issues heat up. he is not the first chief executive to face the challenge of juggling work and rest. major garrett is traveling with the president in edgartown, massachusetts. major, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. no modern american president ever enjoys a care-free vacation. global hot spots, domestic problems, frequently intrude. that has certainly been the case here on martha's vineyard. president obama as all presidents must, has found time to unwind. president obama played his eighth round of vacation golf yesterday, swinging freely and shaking hands leisurely along the fairway. across the world, the battle for iraq intensified. israel and hamas exchanged rocket fire.
8:04 am
ferguson, missouri remained tense and the nation pondered the gruesome murder of american james foley. midway through his vacation president obama returned to washington for deliberations on iraq and ferguson capped by a briefing room statement on both. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: in addition to golf, the president's vacation score card includes three dinners out, two beach days one bike ride a jazz concert and a fund-raiser for senate democrats. not to mention a five-hour bachelor party monday in the washington home of former white house chef, sam cass. but mr. obama was hardly invisible, addressing the nation on iraq three times, ferguson twice and on the implications of foley's beheading. >> we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what's necessary to see that justice is done. >> reporter: every presidential vacation is a contradiction. nancy reagan once quipped presidents don't get vacations,
8:05 am
they just get a change of scenery. george washington of course took the first presidential vacation and reviewed designs for the new capitol in washington, d.c. woodrow wilson combined a vacation and a honeymoon. franklin roosevelt fished in the caribbean during the nazi blitz of london. president george h.w. busch spent 12 days in maine after deploying u.s. forces and war planes to confront iraq's invasion of kuwait telling reporters en route aboard air force one -- >> what you don't want to do is appear to be held hostage in the white house to events. >> reporter: lawrence knutson chronicles presidential vacations in a new book observing every president needs time away. >> all of them have found something like golf takes their mind off the troubles of the world and they report leaves them fresher and better able to deal with the job ahead. >> reporter: for those of us covering the president, it hasn't been a vacation either. that comes with the territory. but this summer this assignment
8:06 am
would not be complete without -- >> yes! he did it! >> i hope you don't get electrocuted there. can you still hear us, major? >> reporter: i can. >> oh, you can? >> sounds like he's under water. >> we can barely hear you. >> tremendous. say good-bye to that microphone. >> three buckets. you should still make your donation. we encourage everyone to do. nicely done. it's an interesting piece that major did about presidents and vacations, because the president obama took a lot of flack for playing golf immediately after talking about the death of james foley, and president bush george w. bush, got in a lot of hot water when he after denouncing a suicide bombing, then went and played golf and said now watch my drive and he didn't play golf for the rest of his presidency after
8:07 am
that because of the optics of it. >> the first president bush made that point too. you can't appear to be held hostage to events. >> debate will continue on that. ahead, you have probably never seen a diamond like the one sitting in our toyota green room. it's a lot bigger than it looks right there. we will show you. it's actually 12 -- >> put it on my hand you can see it. >> a lot of security around here this morning. we will show you why the billion-year-old gem started
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" sponsored by panera bread. introducing new flat bread sandwiches in three bold flavors. flatbread sand sandwiches in three bold flavors. we often tell you about breakthroughs in the many battles against cancer. this morning we get a reality check on the bigger picture. one of the world's leading cancer experts, dr. david agus looks at whether we can really a
8:09 am
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8:13 am
in our morning rounds chasing a cure for cancer. in 1971 president nixon signed the national cancer act declaring war on the disease. since then the national cancer institute has spent $90 billion on research and treatments. >> more than 40 years later, there is increasing evidence that we may never wipe it out. dr. david agus leads the west side cancer center at the university of southern california and joins us from los angeles. doctor, good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you saw the study out this summer that concluded that cancer quote, will probably never be completely eradicated. you're on the cutting edge of cancer research. do we need to change our focus? >> i think so. we have spent billions of dollars since nixon declared the war on cancer 40 years ago, and the death rate has not fallen dramatically. to me cancer isn't a noun it's
8:14 am
a verb. you are cancering. it isn't something the body gets. it's something the body does. we keep trying to target that one cell. i think in the future we need to change that system. >> and what focus more on prevention? >> yeah. you have three billion letters in your dna code. when cells divide mistakes happen. but think of it this way. when you walk into a forest right after it rains and you light a match and drop it, nothing happens. you drop a match in southern california, it goes up in flames. so what we need to do is change that environment so cancer doesn't want to happen. that's what prevention is. we have remarkable tools for prevention. we just don't use them that often. >> are there any promising treatments on the horizon? >> i think there are treatments that exist today. we know there's good data on things like aspirin and statins, both of which change the environment so cancer doesn't want to happen. we have to change some of our behaviors. obviously smoking. and some of or behaviors with diet and exercise can dramatically reduce, not eliminate, but reduce cancer.
8:15 am
this study that just came out shows that cancer existed in the most primitive of organisms so cancer has always been there and will continue to be there. we need to focus on the prevention aspect. >> you mentioned aspirin there. you think aspirin can make a big difference? >> it's not me. it's what the data showed. in studies in several hundred thousand people randomized the placebo and aspirin, there was a reduction in the incidence of cancer. don't take it without talking to your doctor but there really is data that the blocking of inflammation with cancer can have a benefit. with aspirin can have a benefit. >> we also hope there can be the same strides as there have been in heart attack and stroke reduction. doctor, thank you so much. coming up the extraordinary ways we are learning about pandas even if it means dressing like one. that's next. dressing like one. that is next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs morning rounds brought to you by k9 advantix 2.
8:16 am
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8:19 am
washington celebrates one of its biggest celebrities tomorrow, bow bow, the panda cub turns 1 year old. she is a success story for the zoo's conservation efforts and jane crawford is at the zoo to show us why pandas are so fascinating and why they're being protected around the world. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so bow bow is one of only three
8:20 am
pandas here at the national zoo and they're all part of a breeding program in china. that's where bow bow's parents were born and it is now the subject of an amazing documentary. the setting is breathtaking. >> in these mountains rose one of the rarest species on our planet. >> reporter: but the show stopper is that rare and unique species, the giant panda. >> this has become the focal point of panda conservation in china. >> reporter: highlighted in a national geographic documentary, a breeding center in china that has become a panda paradise. >> every newborn is treated with equal care. >> reporter: there are tiny newborns weighing only ounces nurtured by their mothers and keepers. at 4 weeks, their trademark colors begin to reveal. by 7 months the cute factor is off the charts. they even play in panda
8:21 am
kindergarten. >> some retiring others are bold. >> reporter: the team behind the camera is led by nicholas brunn and caroline hawkins. >> the cutest stage is when they're three or four weeks and they're little football sized things. and they just can only just barely walk and they're really -- >> they're cross eyed looking. >> reporter: getting access was not easy in communist china. negotiations took two years. but the payoff was immediate. no place better understands panda reproduction and survival than the walong national nature reserve. >> each new generation born here is a cause for are celebration. >> reporter: they hit their target of 300 captive pandas. their next goal, releasing them into the wild a milestone documented in the film. >> now the humans must take a step back, a panda that is reliant on humans will never be able to cope in the wild. >> reporter: at this stage, pandas can have no interactions with humans for the keepers and
8:22 am
film crew that meant coming to work in a panda suit. which. >> which made is very interesting for our cameraman who is trying to operate a massive 3-d camera with a panda head that was about 2 foot wide some massive -- >> can't see out of the thing. >> reporter: another challenge is training the pandas to live on their own. the first panda returned to the wild did not make it. scientists think he was attacked by other pandas. that's why 2-year-old tao tao is being taught to fear predators. he's tested with a stuffed leopard. >> the keepers have brought a recording of the leopard. the experiment is a success. >> reporter: soon after, he is released, and emotional moment broadcast on chinese television. >> this is the culmination of
8:23 am
years of work hope wrapped up in one tiny panda. >> it is wonderful to make a film about panda. this is such a human story as well, this is about a human struggle to get them back out into the wild. >> tao tao was a pioneer, like first man on the moon the first panda from the captive world to make this incredible journey back to the wild. >> you know it has been nearly two years now since tao tao was released. he survived two winters and that is a big deal. and since then another panda also has been released, a female, and reportedly she also is doing well. norah? >> all right, jann thanks so much. that was a documentary. >> did you know valentine's day was less than a month away. apparently this is priceless. you'll need a lot of money, though, to buy this.
8:24 am
this diamond in studio 57 it is what, 12 carats? >> 12 carats. >> was how many? >> 29.6. >> why did you make it smaller? >> do we have any leftovers? >> bigger is better. >> the rest is just diamond dust. >> you want the perfect part of the diamond, is that why? >> it is one stone. you can see of the model, you keep cutting until you find the perfect model. >> we'll talk more are about this and how i'm going to set it, in a ring or a necklace. >> lovely. >> more coming up on "cbs this morning." >> security guards swarming the building.
8:25 am
attorney general says she plans to appeal the federal ruling that nalty good morning, everyone. it's 8:25. time for news headlines. california's attorney general says she plans to appeal the federal ruling that the state's death penalty is unconstitutional. a u.s. district judge ruled last month that the death penalty takes too long to carry out. attorney general kamala harris argues that the time it takes to execute an inmate ensures due process. the 49ers are promising to have the field ready for sunday's preseason game against the chargers. poor turf conditions prompted 9ers coach jim harbaugh to end practice early at levi's stadium yesterday. crews are laying down new sod. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
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good morning. checking road conditions out the door, 880 is slow. there is an accident approaching 23rd and this is what it looks like near the oakland coliseum. the northbound lanes of 880 at least one lane is blocked approaching 23rd. backups past the coliseum. southbound okay once you hit hayward. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge approach. as we mentioned in our last traffic report about half-hour ago, one of the cash tollbooths is closed so we are seeing bigger-than-usual backups behind the pay gates.
8:28 am
and traffic is cleared out now across the san mateo bridge. for a while it was slow. we had a minor fender-bender midspan. anyway, that's gone. now traffic is great out in the hayward area. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. here's lawrence. that fog is only patchy around the bay area. but the temperatures may be just a couple of degrees cooler. out the door clouds broken over russian hill looking toward the golden gate right now. looks like we are going to see a strong enough sea breeze to keep the temperatures cooler around the bay area. but just by a couple of degrees and we'll see that fog out toward the coastline. otherwise, this afternoon, plenty of sunshine inside the bay and the valleys. in fact, we're back into the 80s inland. 70s maybe couple low 80s inside the bay. about 80 even in san jose. 73 in oakland. breezy in san francisco at 68. next couple of days, warming back up a few degrees on saturday and sunday. getting hot maybe mid-90s next week.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, it might be the most valuable item we have ever had in studio 57. no it's not jeff glor. you are looking at a blue diamond. that thing is worth tens of millions of dollars. it could also unlock clues to the universe that are priceless. diamonds might be a girl's best friends but bruce weber's best friends are his dogs. the photographer that captured some of the most amazing images of people in the '80s and '90s is now turning his eye toward animals. aw. that looks great. first, i'm talking about you. not the pictures. >> that's quite an introduction. >> all the way around. >> i was looking at you, not the
8:31 am
stupid pictures. let's begin with "usa today" and the need for speed. in the last two decades, two-thirds of u.s. states have increased their highway speed limits to 70 miles an hour or higher. so which state is the fastest? any guess, guys? you have seen this. texas. you can get away with doing 85 miles an hour on some highways in the lone star state. but don't even think of that in alaska or washington, d.c. they keep you crawling at a mere 55 miles an hour. >> we know how to do it. >> been in that gridlock. the "new york post" covered the deal between the nypd and the folks who swapped the flags on top of the brooklyn bridge this summer. the original flags are back on american soil this morning. last month two german artists said they took the american flags off the bridge. they were replaced with two white flags in what they called an art project. the artists turned the flags over yesterday and yes, the two could still face charges for what they did. the "los angeles times"
8:32 am
updates a story we reported on yesterday. you may remember this selfie. it was released by the l.a. county sheriff's department. the couple you see here were called persons of interest in a home burglary because their selfie showed up on a stolen iphone. but we now know they are innocent. the man's aunt bought the used phone but did not know it had been stolen. the "tampa bay times" say people paid it forward at a starbucks starting 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning when a woman at the drive-through said i want to pay for the person behind me. that woman did the same and so did everyone else until customer 379 at 6:00 p.m. she said she just wanted to pay for her own tea, thank you very much. >> that's awesome it went through 379 people. but was that debbie downer who said she wasn't going to pay -- >> that's the big question did she take the free drink or actually pay and just not -- >> if i had been the cashier, i would have been no you have to pay for the person behind you.
8:33 am
it's been going on all day. finally, the "wall street journal" says grab your kleenex, get ready for a good cry. hollywood is working overtime trying to turn out tear-jerkers such as "if i stay." over the summer tears were brought to our eyes but film makers say it's getting harder to make movie goers cry because we have seen it all. if you really want to cry, cue up "beaches." >> speaking of debbie downer. ♪ you are the wind beneath my wings ♪ >> lovely. >> great movie. in january, miners found something rare in south africa a nearly 30 carat blue diamond. diamond manufacturer bought the gem and it transformed the stone into a flawless 12 carat piece called the blue moon diamond. that's not a good shot of it. you will see the beauty of it. >> the security guys are looking at you now.
8:34 am
>> it's gorgeous. the color is incredible. flawless 12 carat piece called the blue moon diamond. next month in california it goes on display for a limited time at the natural history museum of los angeles county. first, as you can see, blue moon is here and suzette gomes is the ceo of kor international. are blue diamonds rare? >> they are very rare. blue diamonds 0.1% come from this mine. they are the leading source of blue diamonds so that gives you an idea of how rare it is. >> what makes this diamond blue? >> it's boron content in the diamond. geologists love studying this because it tells you the history of our earth. that's a billion years old. >> a billion years old? >> diamonds are billions of years old. that's why we had the scientific research done. this diamond is a type 2b which says it's got boron in it which creates the blue and it pho
8:35 am
phosphers a reddish orange. this, when subbed tojected to ultraviolet and all the lights are off, it's orange-red for 20 seconds. it's so rare. we know where it comes from so it's truly, truly, truly unique. >> a lot of people have heard of the hope diamond which is a 45 carat diamond. how does this compare in quality to that one? >> the hope diamond is a deeper darker color. to me, our diamond is a much nicer of a blue. i'm sorry to say that but it is. >> but not quite as big. >> not as big, but it's not always about the largest. the color here is the significance. it's not just the size. it's vivid but it's a phenomenal vivid blue. >> that looks tremendous on you. >> i would like to take it out for you to have a look. >> i want to ask it's been about seven months since you found this. first, why did you cut it? i think that pains norah and i.
8:36 am
>> now you can see the color. look at that. >> much better. >> what happens in the seven-month period since it was actually found? >> that's why i want to demonstrate this. when the rough comes to our premises, we make a model out of plastic. >> can we touch it? >> you can. >> after i have done it. >> so this was the original rock. we made about 30 models and these models are marked by our master cutter. he takes the pen and marks the rough because in this original rough, there was some inclusions in the stone which all rough has. >> inclusions are imperfections? >> imperfections in the stone. why we mark it we mark away the inclusions and cut on the model. on the diamond wheel. and we see the result. so we got to this stage and realized, we always wanted to do a cushion cut because it's a very charming cut. we had to stop working on it for
8:37 am
two weeks, made more models and finally got to the end result which is this. then we put the real diamond on the wheel. because if anything happened to the real one, you can't put the diamond back. >> it started off like this and you made models all the way. >> who cuts this? are they worried if they make a mistake, is this done? >> our master cutter has done this for 35 years. he's cut some of the biggest stones in the world. he's an expert and obviously during the stages gia is also involved. every time you get to a certain level, you take it to them because they create a monograph for the stone which is the story of the stone from rough to finish. anyone who one day is fortunate enough to own it they will have the story of this diamond. >> okay how much? >> for the moment it's priceless. we haven't even -- >> nothing is priceless. everything has a price. you paid 29?
8:38 am
>> 25.6. that's what we paid for the rock. >> you are thinking $100 million for that? >> i don't know. i really don't know. it's going into the natural history museum so the public can view it because it's really historic and unique stone. then we will see from there what we are going to do. if you want me to call your husband, we can get him on the phone. >> unfortunately, we don't sell that many hamburgers. thank you. coming up a legendary photographer is giving the world a different view. he sits down with jamie. >> do you believe never work with animals or children? seemed to have worked out well for you. >> i like the reverse. seems to have worked out well for you. >> i like the >> bruce weber takes us inside his new pet project, next. look at this. really cool. love it.
8:39 am
>> in all your life you've never -- >> we have to give it back to you. >> tha
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
he's one of the most famous fashion photographers of the last 30 years but now bruce weber is focusing on some new kinds of models. jamie wax sat down with weber to get the picture on his new campaign.
8:43 am
>> reporter: from the sensual calvin klein ad of the '80s to the abercrombie & fitch ads -- >> people would say that's wild. it seems so normal to me. >> reporter: bruce weber transformed normal for an entire industry with his images. >> there was a time when a lot of men weren't in photographs, especially in magazines. and if they were they had a tie on and were all buttoned up you know. and i have always felt that men, just like women, really need an appreciation of themselves and the way they look physically. >> reporter: the steamy photos we're now accustomed to seeing on the glossy pages of magazines like "vanity fair" and "vogue" actually originated from an innocent desire. >> i was really geeky as a kid. i didn't play sports i was always hiding in the library behind the fashion magazine or art book or something like that. so maybe i took a lot of pictures like that of men and
8:44 am
women who i thought oh, wouldn't it be nice to look like that. >> reporter: but some of these early images were reflections of a way you wished you were. >> definitely. isn't it beautiful? i love the music. >> reporter: over the past three decades, the soft-spoken and still modest weber has become one of the best-known masters of his art. his work with celebrities and models is now rivaled by his photographs of everyday people. his latest exhibit centers around those he met while working in detroit on a 2006 assignment with model kate moss. there seems to be a grittier feel to this than much of your work which seems beautifully polished and sunny many times. is that what you found, a sort of beauty in the decay or rebirth of that city? >> i never felt the beauty in the decay. i found a beauty in the soul of the people. >> reporter: weber's new project incorporates his love for the people of motor city with man's best friend.
8:45 am
bruce has partnered with tom kartsatis to create a line of pet products which is manufactured in the u.s. >> i have met tom and i really liked him, i liked what he was about and he really believed in businesses throughout america, small businesses in small towns should get started again and get back to work. >> reporter: bruce used his own golden retrievers as models for the line. >> my dogs are not film dogs. they are not perfectly trained. in fact we are not the alpha dog here. >> reporter: he and his wife nan bush who has also been his producer and manager since 1974 have always traveled to shoots with their dogs. and though the pooches may not be professionals, they are definitely not camera-shy. weber's dogs have been featured in many of his fashion photos. do you believe the adage never work with animals and children? seems to have worked out pretty
8:46 am
well for you. >> i like the reverse. always work with animals and children. >> reporter: at this point in your life are you able to be very selective about the commercial partnerships you formed? >> i really hope not. because i really like to go out and challenge myself. i wake up in the morning and if i have a sitting that day, i really take a moment to feel how blessed i am that i could get up, that i still have my sight at my age and i can still take pictures. that means a lot to me. >> very, very cool. >> he's an inspiration. that gratitude just drives him to incredible points of creativity. >> want a diamond or a puppy? >> a puppy. the most unforgettable moments of the week coming up next. s of the week coming up next.
8:47 am
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thanks jeff and vinita for a great week. we hope everybody has a great weekend. as we leave you, let's look back at the week that was. >> we were on the streets as the area became engulfed with rubber bullets, tear gas, smoke bombs. >> we feel like everyone is throwing tear gas at us. >> my heart goes out to you. i wear this uniform and i should stand up here and say i'm sorry. >> isis beheaded an american reporter. >> the entire world is appalled. >> we should mark this date down because this is isis' first terrorist attack against the united states. >> on top of the mosul dam, we're finding shells. >> the outbreak is spiraling out of control. >> the actions that i took were not only lawful and legal, but
8:51 am
right. >> the governor fights the charges. >> incomes here in china rise so does drug use. chen is accused of accommodating drug users is. >> sports illustrated putting mo'ne davis on its cover. >> i never thought i would be a role model at this age. >> it is okay to cry. we get down to the nitty-gritty. we're one of the best teams in the world. >> do we have any clipper fans here? i can't hear you! ♪ let me take a selfie ♪ >> quick pic. ready and we're trending. >> is the selfie a new phenomenon? >> people have been making self-portrait photographs since almost the day that photography is invented. >> i was geeky as a kid. i didn't play sports. maybe i took a lot of pictures like that. i thought, wouldn't it be nice to look like that? >> what does this do that cameras couldn't do before? >> designed around having three
8:52 am
cameras which take a full 360 degree shot every two seconds. >> the workers are wearing earplugs to protect them from the mighty clanging. >> you think women are afraid of guns? think again. >> blow up clays. >> i love the fact that our president is a left-handed golfer. awesome. i'm very flattered that i was able to help. >> phil mikell son is giving advice to the president of the united states, another lefty. >> only in golf. only in golf. >> yes! he did it! >> stop. stop it! >> let's do it!
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
an antioch car deale charged with switchi s of used cars with good morning, everyone. it's 8:55. time for some news headlines. the owners of an antioch car dealership are charged with switching the odometers of used cars with junked lower mileage cars. police say the owners of jorge's california car sales scans customers for years -- scammed customers for years. the california legislature passed a bill to allow two-year colleges to grand bachelor's degrees. community colleges would be able to offer programs that are not provided at nearby universities. the bill still need's governor brown's signature. crews are racing to get the field at levi's stadium ready for sunday's game between the 9ers and chargers. the 9ers ended practice early yesterday due to poor turf conditions. crews are laying down new sod this morning. football is back, lawrence. >> yes, it is. we have the raiders and, of course, tonight in green bay
8:56 am
and that's going to be right here on channel 5. hey, you know what? we have some patchy fog around the bay area today. looks like that is going to start to break up. and well, kind of broken out there right now. we're going to see a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. high pressure kind of weakening a little bit so the temperatures may come off a couple of degrees but not my much. we'll see more fog along the coastline, 60s toward the beaches. inside the bay, it will be mostly sunny and 70s a couple low 80s and you will see some mid- to upper 80s in some of the valleys. next couple of days we'll warm up the temperatures a little bit. but next week, we could see some numbers heading to the mid- 90s on tuesday and wednesday. we're going to check out your "kcbs traffic" when we come back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. we have a new accident coming into san bruno. southbound lanes of 280, we are seeing a traffic jam just behind it. southbound 280 at least one lane is blocked multi-car crash. you can see the slowdowns there, 27 miles an hour. things are slowly but surely improving now in oakland. northbound lanes 880 we have that crash approaching 23rd. for a while it was blocking three lanes. everything is cleared. tow crews came and went cleared everything to the right-hand shoulder. we are seeing an improvement past the coliseum. still some slowdowns, the drive time still in the red so taking a little while for things to recover. and at the richmond/san rafael bridge, one of the tollbooths closed so we are seeing big backups behind the pay gates.
8:59 am
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