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tv   Mosaic  CBS  August 24, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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her dog was barking this morning as is something that a lot of pets react to. roberta also says i reported on the loma prietta quake in 1989. her son warns her nothing of this magnitude has been experienced by her generation. >> we have a developing story this morning, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck california at about 3:30 this morning. the u.s. geological survey says the was centered near the town of american canyon, 35 miles northwest of san francisco. it's the largest tremor to hit the bay area since 1989 when a 6.9 quake hit. about 15,000 homes are said to be without electricity right now. there are no immediate reports of injuries or major damage, just small reports of damage and one bridge is closed being inspected by the california highway patrol. there will be more on this earthquake in california on cbs
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news sunday morning and always at once again a 6.0 earthquake hit the bay area of california. no reports of major damage or injuries. cbs news, new york. we are live right now in the kpix5 news room where we have just experienced a 6.1 earthquake. now this was centered near american canyon in the north bay. it was on the west napa fault and i just heard that we experienced a 5.2 on that same quake back in the year 2000 so it has been 14 years since we have heard much from that
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fault. you can see there on your map exactly where the epicenter was, four miles northwest of american canyon. it was also within a mile of the napa county airport and we have got crews right now surveying the damage and in solano county west 80 connector to west 37 is right now closed. west 37 closed from west 80 to state route 29, sonoma boulevard due to possible earthquake damage, so expect delays if you are out on the road. they do not know when they are going to be able to reopen that again that is in solanox county the west 80 connector to west 37 is closed. we are getting more reports like this as the damage comes in, we've got road crews right now checking all of our bridges, bart is out checking the tracks to make sure that everything is safe. the list of the damage reports that we have so far we're hearing reports of damage in
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and around the sonoma and napa areas. those are some of the cities very close to american canyon as well as places like valejo and that's where the making was pronounced. it hit with a very large jolt that probably woke you up at about 3:20 this morning and a lot of people reporting feeling a rolling sensation after that and this just in. we got a tweet from the chp santa rosa that says we have checked all overpasses and bridges in our area and there is no visible damage. now responding to downed power poles. power is an issue this morning. we have heard of several power outages as well as sprinklers going off in buildings and alarms going off. also is some of the elevators in high rises have stopped working. that's something i experienced this morning in downtown san francisco and ended up walking down 12 flights of stares to get to work this morning and of course after being woken up by
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that quake at 3:20 this morning. these are some of the first pictures we're getting in while a lot of items being knocked off of grocery store shelves, you can see a lot of things broken right now and this is near the epicenter right now in the american canyon area. this is new damage from a safeway inn, actually american canyon proper so this is the community closest to the epicenter this morning and this is the safeway store and you can see a lot of things knocked off of store shelves, a lot of glass jars broken and i expect we are going to see a lot of pictures similar to this coming in from the north bay, first several mile radius because this was such a strong quake. we have not felt something like this here in the bay area since the loma priettaxe earthquake back in 1989.
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if you felt it if you had any damage at your homes please give us a call in the kpix5 news room. we have crews right now headed to the north bay and beyond to check on some of the damage and again, hearing from emergency crews as well about what they're dealing with because this is something that our infrastructure has not been tested in many years so they are making sure that things like our bridges and our bart tracks are good to go this morning. you're looking at pictures from a safeway store in american canyon after this earthquake that occurred at 3:20 this morning and within a mile of the napa county airport. the west napa fault, the last time that we felt an earthquake on that west napa fault was a 5.2 earthquake in the year 2000. again we want to let you know about the first road closure that we've heard about and we'll probably be hearing more
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after this. look at this, the first time we saw that picture from the safeway store in american canyon. wine spilled all over the store. wow, yeah glass bottles in the liquor department broken. you could see this was a significant quake. the jolt and then rolling felt afterward, very strong. i'm sure that it was pretty scary for the folks there in napa and sonoma county. again the road closure i just mentioned got distracted by these pictures pretty dramatic this morning. solano county west 37th closed from west 80 to highway 29 in sonoma, highway 29 is also called sonoma boulevard because of possible earthquake damage so expect delays if you're heading out on to the roadway solano county roadway west 37 closed from west 80 to state route 29. no estimated time of reopening
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this morning. you can see there on your map the epicenter this morning of this 6.1 quake on the west napa fault, but the shaking felt all around the bay area, enough to wake people up out of a dead sleep at 3:20 this morning. that is something that as lit up social media this morning, we're following reports from all around the bay area. first came in about people saying "earthquake" and now we're having more details when it comes to exactly what the repercussions of that earth quake are which at this point include some damage to a roadway right now, highway 37 near west 80 and sprinklers going off, fire alarms going off and people checking for damage to their homes. we have heard some minor damage
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to homes. in the grand scheme of things at 6.1 we don't expect any major damage here in the bay area but it was nothing that lasted long enough for there to be damage to structures that were perhaps weakened and you can see on your map there what we're looking at. it was very close to highway 29 and that is where we've seen at least one road closure this morning and we are continuing to gather information here coming in directly to our news room from officials like the chp telling us they are out right now checking the roadways, checking the bridges. the department of public safety right now reporting multiple power outages and that is something that we are experiencing from the north to the west to the south right
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now. we are having reports of minor damage. we haven't heard anything about major injuries or damage. another look at this video coming in from earlier this morning at a safeway store in american canyon, very close to the epicenter and you can see all of these things knocked off the shelves this morning, a very scary scene for anybody in that score. it was open at the time from what i understand, 24 hour safeway store employees rushed outside and then came back into see that they have quite the mess to clean up this morning, perhaps you're dealing with a mess where you live this morning so we are waiting to hear more information about where the most damage was experienced this morning. it was the west napa fault. this is a fault we haven't heard from in some time.
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the last earthquake felton the west napa fault was a 5.2 in the year 2000 so it has been 14 years since we felt something significant on that particular fault. we are going to head over right now to kcbs radio because they have been fielding a lot of calls from listeners this morning who have been feeling, who felt the shaking and are surveying their own damage. we will continue our coverage here live on kpix5. we have crews fanning out right now across the area. let's go live to kcbs radio. >> absolutely no power anywhere i've seen. i smell a little smoke and i see some water main break. >> that's rob downy, a local business owner in napa, just giving us an initial report of what he's calling widespread damage in downtown old napa. a lot of brick buildings and a lot of bricks are down.
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many reports of damaged buildings and several anecdotal reports of perhaps buildings that have been destroyed. we have a couple of unconfirmed reports of fires that are burning in napa. the city of napa activating its emergency assistance, what am i trying to say here? it's calling outside agencies in. >> mutual aid is what you're looking for. >> thanks for that so a lot of reports of valejo to napa of structural problems, fires damaged if not destroyed buildings, a major bay area earthquake this morning at 3:20. >> one of the concerns we heard about from the listeners in the american canyon area i believe was chimneys that they are now unstable in some of those old buildings that are always always a hazard and again a lot of people won't know until daylight. >> stay away from your chimney. it could kill you. i'm going to go back to the
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phone. there are a lot of phones ringing. i hope they are still there. let's give it a try. good morning. you're on the air at kcbs. where are you? >> good morning, this is sonomaxe county sheriffs office. >> oh, yes, what do you have for us? >> well what we've been experiencing here in sonoma county is power outages in the city of sonoma and a lot of alarm calls our deputies responding as need be. we don't have any reports of any significant damage or injuries and so far we were grateful that people are remaining calm and kind of assessing what's going on in their own homes whether they've lost pictures off the wall or the wine storage is now on the floor but we're not expecting anything, any significant damage or property damage at this point. >> how about the roads in that
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area? have they been checked out much yet? >> i understand the highway patrol is calling in several road closures right now so i suggest people keep up-to-date with the highway patrol on their website. they will keep the most current information on roadways. we anecdotally get information occasionally from deputies if they are driving through an area and find damage somewhere. >> it's good to hear sonoma county apparently came through this pretty well. are you hearing on your radio or any other way of some of the damage and the destruction in napa because it sounds as though napa county did not fare as well? >> i haven't heard anything come across the radio there. i know some anecdotal stuff, a couple of deputies have family members that had things falling down that weren't secured to walls like book shelves and those sorts of things so i think we'll see some of that. we only have one water break in
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sonomaxe county and a vineyard in glen ellyn but that was referred to the fire department but no significant loss. i suspect napa will fare a little harder and we certainly have our thoughts towards them as they deal with the aftermath from this. >> sargent are your power outages significant or do you know at this point? >> right now we're reporting only sporadic ones, certain neighborhoods. others didn't experience anything and then you know you could be driving and you'll go through block after block that it's out so i don't know if those are back up in service yet. i know the county center itself the sheriffs office, the main jail, courthouse we've all fared it well and have no power outages and just getting all the calls and people asking the typical questions like when is the next one? >> and have you felt any aftershocks in your area? >> i haven't felt any. i've been up since it happen and been here local in santa
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rosa proper and i haven't felt any aftershocks. >> thank you so much for calling this morning from sonoma county and we move here. good morning you're on the air. where are you calling from? >> i'm calling from american canyon. >> right in the middle of it. >> right. it was-- >> did we lose him? >> i guess i lost him somewhere along here. >> no i'm here. >> oh, okay keep going. >> it was a lot of violent shaking and rumbling. the noise was loud for at least 15 seconds. we live right next to the wetmans here so i think we got the brunt of it. >> it went on for a good long time ha? >> yeah, at least 15 seconds. it was pretty heavy rumbling and shaking. the bed was up and down a good two or three inches it felt like. >> have you been out and about to see whether there's any damage to american canyon?
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>> yeah, we have. we went right after around the house with a flashlight and looking a everybody. everybody has power. i didn't smell any gas lines or anything like that. everything seems to be okay in our neighborhood but inside the house was pretty trashed. >> when you say you feel like you got the brunt of it explain a little more about that. >> well wetlands edge rights right along the marsh there and right out of our window we get to see beautiful sunsets every night so we're as the crow flies we may be a mile or two from where the epicenter was. >> what about that sound again? another listener mentioned that, she described it as really really frightening. what did you experience? >> it was frightening. it sounded like a bomb went off. it was just loud and hard to think of anything else but the horrific noise in your head. >> well thanks for the ring. good luck to you and to all of our friends there in american canyon and in napa for folks
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just joining us it was 3:20 this morning. you probably felt it because seems as though everyone did. >> oh, yeah. >> we have reports that this was a 6.0 earthquake, struck in southern napa county. this was american canyon and the damage reports that we're getting now are out of napa. the city of napa, a number of buildings damaged. several reports of buildings destroyed. now we can't confirm that when although in this electronic age we are looking at twitter feeds and significant damage to buildings in downtown napa. a couple of reports and janice i just don't know whether we can give much more information about reports of several fires burning in napa. >> yeah, we're certainly one of our very alert listeners said that there did appear to be some fires. that is unconfirmed officially at this point for us but there's certainly a lot of
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damage and just from pictures you can see in stores and piles of brick and power outages. also, our big concern of course, the highways and bridge and roadways so let's go to dan dibley now standing by. dan from the traffic ankle what are you seeing? >> well the biggest situation janice is this problem in valejo, it's westbound 37 just at highway 29. we talked to the napa chp awhile ago and they said highway 37 itself is open and unaffected. it's just highway 29 off ramp there, the extended off ramp has you travel westbound on 37 obviously a big artery this weekend with the racing action going up near sears point but better news because highway 37 itself is open and just the 29 ramp that has shutdown. additionally we've got some situations with no traffic signals working at the intersection of highway 12 and 121 treat that as a four way stop. there's also reports the george
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f. butler bridge in south napa county will be inspected further to make sure that is functioning and also old sonoma road reports of buckeling in that way as much as one o two feet of roadway separation so you may encounter some delays in that area and westbound 12 near cuttings wharf, in about the same area, road buckeling as well. first for traffic all day and all night. >> dan, old sonoma road could you pinpoint that a little bit more for us? >> it's toward the southern part of napa county. it's down where highway 12 starts to make its way east just about by highway, actually north of american canyon road highway 12 just a little bit east of interstate 80 so about four miles north of where the epicenter would be. >> dan this is tim ryan. good morning. you tell us that highway 37 itself, the bridge that we were unclear about potential damage you're saying that highway 37 bridge appears to be okay but
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it's the ramp to highway 29? no insignificant part of the roadway. now that's closed right now. do we have confirmed damage or is this just a precautionary or do you have anymore? >> i'm just referring to curtis kim's initial report when he spoke with the chp, that they were concerned about the understructure of that portion of the freeway. we're looking at the road sensors here and the sensors are indicating that highway 37 itself is open and traffic is moving a little bit slower than normal and we've got a couple of calls from people in the area saying they were able to drive on highway 37 but clot sure was right there at sonoma boulevard which is the transition as you come off 37 on to highway 29. >> thank you, dan. >> speaking of curtis kim, curtis kim is standing by. curtis thanks for checking in again. where are you? okay we don't seem to have curtis. are you there? >> hello. i'm actually on the bridge if
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you can hear me right now? >> yeah, curtis we hear you just fine. what's the situation there with the roadways? >> i'm on a delay. >> okay, i don't have an air signal here so i'm kind of going off the radio but i'm going to play a little interview here with officer matthew christ of the california highway patrol. now the officer will detail exactly what's going on on highway 37, what's going on with the sonoma off ramp from highway 37 and the current situation with cal trans. >> right now [inaudible] closed due to structurally over crossing, we're checking all of the bridges and overcrosses to make sure they are safe more the public and they are working with cal trans getting them out here for a hard closure on the sonoma off ramp but right now
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37 eastbound and westbound is opened. >> but you did say there was one section of interstate 80 that might be suspect right now? >> not interstate 80, no. >> everything is moving? >> everything is moving right now. >> maybe give an idea what you were doing up on the bridge. what are we looking for up there? >> well there's parts of the bridge that is moved approximately six inches on the bridge. some of the piping that is over the overcross has fallen off. >> how much of the problem does that pose to the motorists? >> well right now caltrans says that it is inadequate, that it's on for that movement, that much movement. they are bringing out a lot of personnel to check all of the bridges especially the napa river bridge. >> for now, people traveling and around this area, are they okay to maybe aware of anything
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or what's the driver? >> as of right now 37 is okay to drive on. caalmosttrans has checked the bridges and right now just the sonoma boulevard off ramp is the one that is most concerning. >> so let me repeat that. that is the sonoma boulevard off ramp from westbound highway 37 in valejo, the only suspected problem that they are dealing with right now. other why they say highway 37 itself is okay. crews are out. crews are inspecting the upper structure and going underneath and looking underneath where the bridges are into the ground so inspections are going on but right now the only problem seems to be the sonoma avenue off ramp from westbound 37 in the napa valejo area. >> kcbs curtis kim, stay with that story for us and janice? >> now we're going to where it
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appears some of the really significant damage of this earthquake was centered and that is in-- >> good morning again, live in the kpix5 news room. you're taking a look right now, the map on your screen where this 6.1 magnitude earthquake was centered at 3:20 this morning. about four miles northwest of american canyon. it is about a mile away from the napa county airport, four miles west of american canyon. the most significant damage from what we understand right now is in downtown napa. we're hearing several reports of buildings damaged and the pont we have not been able to confirm this but several homes on fire in the napa county area, so we're continuing to gather those reports and we've got crews right now fanning across the bay area, also chp right now has crews that are checking some of the roadways
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right now, some of the bridges for damage. the only roadway closure that we've heard of is westbound 37 at 29 and off ramp closed. we have this new video coming in right now from valejo. you can see several bricks knocked off of buildings so this is some of the preliminary damage that we are dealing with, a lot of people jolted out of their bed at 3:20 this morning feeling a very powerful jolt. some people very close to the epicenter reporting hearing a rumbling noise and this sort of rolling sensation that lasted from about 15 seconds to 30 seconds, pictures right now coming in from within the last hour valejo. you can see bricks being knocked off of buildings and we've also seen plenty of damage to some grocery stores in the area, things being
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knocked off of shelves and that's something that we are continuing to follow right now. that was one that we saw in american canyon and i believe we have that video for you as well some of the damage from the safeway store. windows broken as you can see there as well and power outages to report all across the north bay this morning as crews from pg& ex, the chp, bart, everybody trying to figure out exactly how much damage was done by the 6.1. this is the type of earthquake that we haven't seen in many years in the bay area as far back as 1989 loma prietta earthquake but in the way of damage we aren't seeing anything that significant but we're still trying to gather that information. downtown napa appears to be feeling the brunt of the damage from what we understand right now but these pictures that you're looking at are from
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valejo. we have broken windows, bricks falling down. the interior buildings felt plenty of just items being knocked off of shelves and a lot of people reporting simply being woken up and freaked out by this 6.1 and we're joined right now good morning, paul. >> how are you? >> did you get a jolt this morning? >> yes, felt it in the eastbay absolutely and just one of those things that what's going on and then it registers after a couple of seconds it is an earthquake and the one thing i've heard a lot of people mention so far is the duration of this earthquake. the smaller earthquakes are a jolt and you're finished. this was the jolt but then it roll and it rolled and it rolled and this one lasted for just about the entire bay area in excess of 20 or 30 seconds. >> we're getting reports of people feeling it as far east as carson city, nevada.
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>> kings canyon, felt fell all throughout the sacramento valley and from the usgs, which is a wonderful resource, any time they have an earthquake like this they have a did you feel it map and people send it saying yes i felt it and from the top "bay area all the way down to morgan hill this is an earthquake that was felt by every person in the bay area from top to bottom. >> especially if they are in the north bay and you're looking at pictures right now from valejo and actually looking at our map right now. this is where it was centered. what do you know about this fault paul, the west napa fault, one we really don't hear from very often? >> you've got the big faults and then you've got the smaller, the bay area is literred with faults. this is one of the ones i would consider a very small fault. >> is it connected to any of the big ones? >> they all run in essence parallel to each other.
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most run north or south. this is a smaller fault with a very small history of earthquakes but if you've been in the napa area back in september of 2000 there was another moderate earthquake, a little bit smaller than this one today, today was a 6.1 magnitude this is a 5.2 magnitude earthquake and we're talking about moderate damage done in the year 2000 and that was early september, first week of september in 2000. this one on the same fault, the west napa fault. >> 5.2 but 6.1 this is something we have not felt in a long time so it is certainly a time for everybody to think about earthquake preparedness when it comes to we haven't heard of any injuries, so this is the time right now to think about that. of course a lot of people thinking about aftershock and the possibility of aftershocks
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which is significant right now. what are we looking at as far as what can we expect over the next week? (wfts.ecl) we can expect dozens of aftershocks likely lasting days after this, but none should be as significant as the shake we had this morning. >> the concern is the buildings, the structures, the bridges that were perhaps weakened by this initial 6.1 jolt would then be in more danger with


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