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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 29, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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there. >> can't wait. thanks for watching, everyone. remember your next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our skrooers skrooers -- vi in the st. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama admits we don't have a strategy yet to fight the terror group isis. >> a life-threatening health crisis for joan rivers. roger goodell says he didn't get it right on domestic violence in the nfl. the new action to correct course. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world is 90 seconds. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> the white house says no to immediate military action against isis. >> isis militants claim to have carried out a mass execution of
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syrian soldiers. >> the president is taking heat from his critics, who say he doesn't understand the isis threat. >> this is a pitiful foreign policy and barney fivefe is in charge. >> satellite images showing what appears to be russian military crossing the border. >> comedienne joan rivers rushed to a new york hospital when she went into cardiac arrest during a throat procedure. >> her daughter says the 81-year-old is resting comfortably, surrounded by family. >> the nfl imposing tough new penalties for players accused of domestic violence. >> roger goodell is admitting his two-game suspension of ray rice was too soft. >> it's not a league that backs down from its decisions so for roger goodell to do that in that case it does say quite a bit. >> a volcano is erupting causing concerns on both sides of the atlantic. >> american teen is out of the u.s. open. >> it doesn't turn out as i wanted it to but still a great tournament. >> during a council meeting, rob
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ford is at it again. >> he seems to be having fun. >> a woman tells her son she's pregnant. his response is going viral. >> what are you enthusiasticing? why do you have to just get another baby! you just have two! >> and all that matters -- >> look at it. >> it's a tan suit! >> and that is why twitter went nuts yesterday. >> i don't know about that tie with that suit. >> i just want to say i don't know if you're in a position to cast that stone in your glass house, yellow tie, all right? have a great holiday. >> on "cbs this morning." >> by god, here's good news. arby's, the roast beef people has a brand new sandwich called the meat mountain. michelle obama said oh i give up. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs ning funded by cbs welcome to "krptcbs this
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morning." anthony mason is here. >> hello again. >> hello again. didn't the week fly by? >> flew. >> we begin with president obama who says he's considering military action against isis in syria, but he says there will be no attacks right away. this morning many republicans accuse the president of having no plan to deal with the terror group. >> secretary of state john kerry will go to the middle east next week. his job is to build a regional coalition willing to back military force in iraq and possible attacks in syria. bill plante is at the white house where the president met last night with his top security aides. bill, good morning. >> good morning. and good morning to our viewers in the west. well, expectation was building that the president was on the verge of ordering air strikes against the islamic militants inside syria. so he made an unscheduled appearance yesterday to declare that the time is not yet right to strike isis or as he calls it, isil. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: after more than 100 air strikes aimed at stopping
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the isis charge in northern iraq, president obama conceded that defeating militants there is not enough. >> the violence that's been taking place in syria has obviously given isil a safe haven there. >> reporter: before a two-hour meeting with national security staff to consider options in syria, the president told reporters that any u.s. response will require the u.s. of force. but just as important, the support of both other nations in the middle east and congress. >> in order for us to degrade isil over the long term we're going to have to build a regional strategy. now, we're not going to do that alone. there will be a military aspect to that, and it's going to be important for congress to know what that is in part because it may cost some money. >> reporter: but he denied reports that any decision to carry the fight against isil into syria was imminent. >> the suggestion seems to have been that we're about to go full scale on an elaborate strategy
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for defeating isil. and the suggestion i guess, has been that we'll start moving forward imminently and somehow congress still out of town is going to be left in the dark. that's not what's going to happen. >> reporter: congressional republicans were quick to criticize the president's remarks. >> to have a press conference to say we don't have a strategy was really shocking given the severity of the threat. >> reporter: white house officials scrambled then after that to explain that what the president meant wasn't that he didn't have an overall strategy only that he was waiting for the military to develop a strategy for striking inside syria. >> bill plante thanks bill. minutes ago britain raised its terror threat level to severe because of concern over syria and iraq. britain's top security official says the change means a terror attack is highly likely but there's no sign of an imminent
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threat. meanwhile, ukraine's government says this morning it wants to join nato because of the threat from russia. nato says there are now at least 1,000 russian troops in eastern ukraine. elizabeth pal mer is monitoring the newest fighting from london. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning already president vladimir putin has addressed a youth group at home in russia where he said the ukrainians and the russians are practically one people. well, whatever he said proof is mounting that in a bold escalation, the russian military has sent both troops and heavy fighting equipment into ukraine. the goal seems to be to help pro-russian rebels who were losing ground to the ukrainian army. this, says the ukrainian government, is a russian tank caught on cell phone camera inside the ukrainian city of novoazovsk. from the air nato satellites have been capturing even more
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evidence of russian military presence, including field artillery, trucks and troop carriers. earlier this week the ukrainians actually captured ten russian paratroopers and paraded them for the cameras, but even that wasn't enough to force the russians to come clean about their operation. this morning, foreign minister sergey lavrov called the evidence conjecture. not once he said has any facts been presented to us. the ukrainians who want the russians to get out of their country, don't believe him. and neither did the western diplomats and paul ligsoliticians at an emergency meeting of the security council yesterday. samantha power is america's u.n. ambassador. >> at every step russia has come before this council to say everything except the truth. it has manipulated, it has obfuscated, it has outright lied. >> reporter: meanwhile, the fighting with moscow backing
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local rebel groups against a ukrainian army is ferocious. so far according to the united nations, more than 2,500 people have been killed in a conflict that appears to be escalating. western military analysts think that the end game here may be for russia to actually take a narrow strip of ukraine to join up russia with crimea which it seized earlier this spring. gayle. >> thank you elizabeth. joan rivers' family is asking fans this morning to keep her in their prayers. she was rushed to the hospital yesterday after her heart stopped in a doctor's office. her daughter melissa rivers released a statement saying her mother is resting comfort bleechltably. nancy o'dell is with us from los angeles. it sounds like a very good thing that she was in a doctor's office at the time. >> yeah, definitely. gayle, melissa is now with her mother in new york city. she flew there yesterday after hearing the news. you know, joan rivers is known as a legend. she is known as a
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ground-breaker. now she ihaving to deal with a life-threatening health crisis. legendary comedienne joan rivers is in a medically-induced coma at a new york hospital this morning. the 81-year-old queen of comedy stopped breathing on thursday while having a throat procedure at a clinic on new york's upper east side. according to the dispatch call rivers went into cardiac arrest. she's being treated at mt. sinai hospital. >> this is not a comeback business, and i've seen too many people try to come back. the people have moved on. you must always stay current. >> reporter: rivers appeared on wednesday night at this event promoting her book in new york city and was booked for a friday night stand-up show in new jersey, which has now been postponed. >> she's a trail blazer. she's everything that we want to bring to red bank and bring to our stage. we were close to being sold out. >> would you welcome miss joan rivers. >> reporter: rivers broke the glass ceiling of late night. she got her start in 1966 as a guest on "the tonight show" and served as permanent guest host for years.
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johnny carson adored her and she flourished on the stage. >> please, are we going to go back to that? are you kidding? >> sure. it's a brain, a caring person. >> no man has ever put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card. >> reporter: rivers continued to reinvent herself through a five-decade long career of ups and downs. >> well i know you didn't like what i wore last year. >> no. i'm not crazy about this year either. tell us what you picked to wear tonight. >> i just want to know what you have to say this year. i want to hear it now because last year you said i looked like a swash buckler. >> reporter: her sharp tongue has kept pop culture on its toes many in hollywood finding themselves the target of her jokes on "fashion police." >> her face has taken more shots on it than mike tyson. >> reporter: through it all, rivers has retained the ability to laugh at herself. >> i have been pulled so tight i put earrings on my [ bleep ] now. >> reporter: we also heard that they were planning on bringing joan out of her medically
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induced coma this weekend to assess any damage. that was before her cardaughter arrived. they are also consulting melissa on medical decisions made. everyone here is rallying around joan. larry king tweeted today, go get 'em, girl. i think that's how we all feel here. i've interviewed joan so many different times and she is a fighter, she is resilient, she is active. she is not your typical 81-year-old, so certainly all of our thoughts and prayers are out for her. >> she is not your typical 81-year-old, thank you very much. we wish her the best. this morning those giant pacific waves in southern california are starting to calm down, but lifeguards say there's still danger out there. one man nearly drowned thursday at l.a.'s venice beach. he was revived after his pulse stopped. teri okita is on the coast in newport beach, california south of los angeles. teri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to viewers here in the west. 435,000 people have hit the beaches up and down the southern california coast over the last
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three days. many were unprepared for the big powerful waves. those waves are now dying down but lifeguards are still bracing for the long holiday weekend and more rescues. it's been almost 20 years since southern californians have seen waves like these. the once in a lifetime chance to ride these big waves can turn into a near death experience even for the best swimmers. >> they're fighting rip currents instead of swimming sideways. there's a lifeguard going out. >> reporter: we were with lifeguard captain brian o'rourke. our cameras captured this rescue. >> this current, you can see the rip current. it's that big, foamy water. they're going to swim out of that because right there the current, they would just be fighting it. >> reporter: a rescue boat raced to the scene as waves crashed over the lifeguard and struggling swimmer. >> this is not going to be good if they get caught inside on this. this is dangerous for a rescuer
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too. >> reporter: after several minutes, 23-year-old body surfer luke busey was brought safely to shore. >> i wasn't in the right spot and i just got caught under the water. when it breaks like that, all the foam and the backwash on the white caps it just keeps you under, pulls you under, so it's hard to swim up. i couldn't breathe. >> couldn't breathe? >> couldn't breathe. >> we're all about prevention. we'd rather prevent -- >> reporter: despite the danger there are no plans to close the beach. lifeguards patrolling the waters here say they have talked to more than 8,000 people warning them of the dangerous conditions. >> this is what we have. we have red flag surf. if you don't have fins we would appreciate it if you didn't go in the water. >> reporter: but for surfers who can hold their own against the swell, it's one wild ride. even though the waves are smaller, it's the strong riptides that lifeguards are most concerned about. one lifeguard told me that 90% of the rescues that they do here are caused by people being pulled in by those strong currents. >> teri okita, thank you, teri.
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the nfl's commissioner admits this morning that he fumbled the ray rice investigation. roger goodell unveiled a tough, new domestic violence policy on thursday. >> the league faced a very public backlash for giving the baltimore ravens running back a short suspension only two games. he's accused of beating his fiancee, now she is his wife, at a new jersey casino in february. amy trask joins us from los angeles this morning. amy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. thanks for having me. >> we're glad you're here. the commissioner admits he didn't get it right, so now what changes? >> reporter: well, the policy set forth a very strong disciplinary system. a first offense may result in a six-game suspension. a second offense may result in a lifetime ban. but in addition to the disciplinary system articulated in the policy it includes a very strong educational program and also a program of support and assistance for players and their families. >> amy, is goodell's about-face
7:15 am
here a response to the public backlash here do you think? >> reporter: i've known roger, i've had the pleasure of working with roger with the commissioner for over a kwrquarter of a century and i know him to be deeply concerned with the issue of domestic violence so i don't believe that the response the new policy articulated yesterday was solely a response to the public outcry and the image issues that arose in the wake of the ray rice issue. certainly image is very very important to the national football league. certainly the public outrage over the rice suspension had a part. look, the suspension was inappropriate. the commissioner has acknowledged that. but i believe there's more to it than public relations and image. as i said i've worked with the commissioner for over a quarter of a century and i know he cares deeply about issues like domestic violence. >> and many people say he should be applauded for even admitting,
7:16 am
listen, i got it wrong and i want to change it. >> absolutely. that's how businesses improve. they look at what they have done poorly. they fix it and they get better. >> all right, amy, we thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. nascar champ tony stewart is about to break his silence this morning. he'll return to racing this weekend at georgia's atlanta motor speedway. for the first time since he struck and killed a fellow driver three weeks ago. as vicente arenas reports, stewart may have a lot to say to reporters and to his fans. >> reporter: tony stewart, set to race again after sitting out the past three events following the death of kevin ward earlier this month in upstate new york. >> people are still waiting to hear from him. they're still waiting to hear whether he saw kevin ward jr. on the track. >> reporter: the two drivers had been fighting for position in a sprint car race when they collided and ward hit the wall. he got out of his car and appeared to be pointing at stewart. several drivers passed but when
7:17 am
stewart came around he struck ward tossing him 50 feet. the 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> except for a statement that said that he is very upset about what happened that night, we haven't heard anything from tony stewart. >> reporter: investigators have said there's no evidence of criminal intent but declined to share details about the investigation which could still result in charges. earlier this month, ward's father told the syracuse post standard there's no reason for the crash that killed his son. apparently tony stewart was the only one driving out there who didn't see him, he said. the one person that knows what happened that night is possibly facing ten years in prison. is he going to say what he done? >> this is still a very sensitive issue for the ward family. i think they're like a lot of people anxious to hear what tony is going to say when he comes back. a two-day search for a missing national guard pilot is over this morning.
7:18 am
officials say that pilot died when his f-15 fighter jet went down in virginia on wednesday. the pilot from massachusetts did not eject from the plane, as many believed. the f-15 crashed in the mountains of western virginia after the pilot reported an in-flight emergency. this morning another airline reports -- unscheduled landing after passengers squabbled over a reclined seat. a woman put her seat back the man behind her got upset. he started arguing a crew member and grabbed his arm. the flight diverted to boston where the male passenger was arrested. a similar incident happened
7:19 am
businesses were closed in that region north of australia. residents were advised to stay indoors. >> you don't have to ask me twice. aisle stay inside. it's 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," private jets 1% are grounded on a holiday weekend. oh no. find out why even ric skies are mostly cloudy around the bay area this morning overlooking san jose. we have cloudy skies too, a little drizzle out toward the coastline. a little damp along the beaches. we have also got some mid- to high-level clouds and muggy conditions coming our way as a former hurricane is falling apart. no rain but muggy. 70s and 80s inside the bay, 60s
7:20 am
at the coastline, 80s low 90s inland. >> announceris this national weather report sponsored by the buy power card from capital one. your card is the key. the terror group isis is invading our social media. >> ahead, insurgents waging war and winning support using facebook and twitter. >> the news is back in the
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the battle for customers turns ugly between two
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ride-sharing accident on interstate 80 near the bay bridge in oakland. pened just before i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. /motorcyclist was killed on the bay bridge before 11 p.m. last night. chp says the motorcycle was hitting westbound when it crashed just before the toll plaza there. the roadway now cleared out but investigators still working though to determine exactly what happened last night. a wildfire down in southern santa clara county causing big problems now for holiday travelers. an 80-acre wildfire burning on both sides of highway 152 near casa de fruta. one lane is closed in each direction in that area causing a massive backup. got your traffic and weather coming up.
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning. "holiday light" across the bay bridge. no metering lights at all since early this morning. and you can see, no delay right now approaching the pay gates. clear in the cash and the fastrak lanes. 101 is busier than normal northbound and it's a little slow approaching the 280 closure on northbound 280 as well closed from 101 to king street all weekend long. that's traffic, here's lawrence. >> lots of clouds out there now all around the bay area both high and low. we have subtropical moisture up ahead. from a former hurricane. it spreads across our skies making things muggy for today. mixture of sun and clouds 70s and 80s in the bay. 80s and 90s inland. 70s along the coastline. cooling slightly toward tomorrow.
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♪ one love let's get together and feel all right ♪ >> toronto mayor rob ford danced to reggae music in the city council chamber just hours earlier. he admitted that he embarrassed the council this term as he's done before. ford danced in the center of the council chamber and sang along with songs including "hallelujah" and "one love." ford hopes to win re-election in november. >> it's going to be interesting to see what happens. he is the gift that keeps on giving. >> he really is. he's not shy at all. >> come out of your shell, mr. mayor. welcome back to "cbs this morning." charlie and norah are off. it is not saturday it really is
7:31 am
friday. >> you can join us tomorrow if you'd like. >> okay. yes, i'd love to come back tomorrow, thanks. coming up in this half hour a race for ride-sharing supremacy turning into a bitter street fight. this is brutal. this morning we'll show you what's really at stake in the battle between uber and lyft. plus imagine the 1%ers sitting in traffic like the rest of us. see why some jet setters blame president obama for grounding their flights. that's ahead. time to show you some headlines around the globe. "the straight times" of singapore says malaysia airlines will cut 6,000 jobs. passengers have deserted the airline after a pair of disasters this year. in march malaysia flight 370 disappeared in midflight. four months later, of course flight 17 was shot down over ukraine. malaysia's government wants to make the airline profitable by the end of 2017. "the san jose mercury news" says apple confirms a big event
7:32 am
next month. the invitation says "wish we could say more." it will happen september 9th in cupertino, california. apple is widely expected to unveil an iphone 6 with a much larger screen. i know a lot of people want one of those. it may also debut a wearable gadget. they were saying it may be a watch and something to measure biometrics like our health stats all the time. >> whatever it is there will be a long line. >> i figure that's where charlie is right now. "the los angeles times" says oil and gas leasing will resume in california after a new track fracking study found that fracking is not dangerous. critics claim it is a danger to the environment and public health. and "the new york times" says u.s. intelligence and law enforcement agencies identified nearly a dozen americans who have traveled to syria to join the terror group isis. a new online video shows brutal tactics by isis. the clip said to show militants marching captured soldiers through the syrian desert in their underwear. the soldiers are later seen
7:33 am
dead. a monitoring group says 150 were killed. >> that is very tough to look at. as many as 3,000 westerners are fighting alongside jihadist groups in syria and iraq. terror analysts say those fighters pose the greatest threat to the united states because of their ability to travel freely and blend in. many are recruited through a powerful online media campaign. jewel anna goldman is in washington with a look at the isis pr strategy. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is a new generation of very sophisticated jihadi propaganda that's only emerged the last several months. isis is using its cash and media savvy western militants to recruit and radicalize. this is a western jihadist urging potential isis recruits to come join the fight in syria. >> your families will live here in safety just like it is back home. >> reporter: it's all part of a high-tech propaganda machine isis has developed to reach out
7:34 am
to militants in europe, canada, and the united states. the terror group now has its own multi lingual media arm which is behind the creation and distribution of glossy magazines and highly produced slick videos. isis even uses drones and gopros to appeal to the western eye. and mujatweet has a video which shows a softer side. here they hand out ice cream to excited children. elliott zweig has been tracking isis on the web. >> the focus of these is very much on come and join us it's not all difficulty and gore and suffering, it's come and join us join me and we'll fight the good fight together. >> reporter: a celebrity culture has even emerged around some of these isis fighters.
7:35 am
like this french militant who goes by guitap. >> the message is very much here we are at the beach, here we are eating pizza, it's pizza night. >> reporter: and a german rapper who goes by deso dogg. >> they are serving here terrorist material. >> reporter: rita katz is the co-founder of an intelligence group pushing for social media companies like facebook twitter and youtube to crack down on jihadi postings. >> these are very inspiring images, very inspiring individuals. individuals that are followed that were very much celebrities in the west and now they're celebrities of the jihadists. they're all over twitter inciting killing others. >> reporter: twitter had no comment but it has shut down official isis accounts. still, these tweets show how easy it is for jihadists to
7:36 am
skirt the system and get their message out. >> can it really be that isis is ahead of the united states of america on the pr front? >> no. i mean at the end of the day, they don't need big numbers. they're trying to appeal to small numbers, which unfortunately in the terrorism business is all it takes. >> reporter: when it comes to policing these social media sites, sources say the intelligence community is divided. on the one hand jihadists use them as recruitment tools. but isis postings also help track these militants and teach us about their activities when intelligence on the ground is limited. >> all right, thank you. may i say i've seen you on other cbs shows but this is the first time you're been on "cbs this morning." welcome. good to have you here. >> reporter: thank you. >> i know we'll see you again. google could be the next company to attempt to deliver by drone. the company is working on a fleet of drones to fly packages to their destinations. a recent test flight in australia delivered a first aid kit, candy bars and water to
7:37 am
farmers. it could still though take years to get the service ready to go. the program challenges a similar one that competitor amazon is working on right now. the high-tech world is watching a new battle this morning. it's all about commuting, not computing. two ride-share companies, uber and lyft are taking aim at the traditional taxi industry. they're also using extreme tactics to win your business. nicholas thompson the editor of covers the industry. good morning. >> good morning. >> the ballots is getting intense. these are two san francisco companies but they're spreading ought all over the country. >> all over the world. >> what are they trying to do to each other? >> they're trying to destroy each other. they're trying to poach drivers from each other, slowing down each other's services copying each other, undercutting each other. this is a vicious, cruel, brutal but also fascinating competition right now. >> so how bad does it get? i just signed up for uber. i have to say i love it. how bad does it get? what are they doing? >> the main thing that's caused a lot of problems is that uber
7:38 am
drivers have been trying to recruit drivers and they're getting bounties if they succeed in doing that. that's a little bit of a problem and a little bit in your face. but the other problem is that uber calls a car and they realize that it's a driver that's been recruited so they cancel it. there have been thousands and thousands of cancellations of lyft rides because of uber recruiters. it's like nbc coming and trying to recruit you and anthony in the green room and make you miss your hits because of it. it's very aggressive and slows it down. it's called operation slog which tells you a little bit about what's going sdplonon. >> we hear so much about these companies and we hear a former top adviser has just joined uber so what is the future for both of them? >> uber has a valuation of $18 billion, which is massive for the taxi industry which is a lot smaller. so what the plan is is to first take over the taxi business. then to take over the moving business. and then eventually to take over sort of the home delivery
7:39 am
business. so it starts out as a taxi company. and eventually it becomes a competitor of amazon. so that's what the people who buy into uber and are investing in uber believe, it will become just gigantic. >> nick, if you look at the trend among tech companies, there's usually one winner. it's amazon apple, facebook or at least one large player. is that what's going to happen here? is that why this fight is so intense? >> that is why this fight is so intense. they both believe unless they win, unless they succeed, they can't justify their valuations they won't get put in a monopoly position. they won't be the one thing everybody has on the home screen of their digital devices and they use for everything. now, will it actually turn out this way? is it necessarily a market where there's a monopoly? no. because there aren't the exact same effects as there are in other things where really only one company will thrive. >> we like it. nicholas, thank you so much. >> anthony and i are not going to nbc. we're going to stay right here. when the president is in the
7:40 am
air, small planes have to stay on the ground. it is a problem for other big names trying to get away for labor day weekend. that is next on "cbs this morning." others who want to get away for labor day weekend. that's next on "cbs this morning." our "name your price" tool helps -- oh, jamie you got a little something on the back of your shoe there. a price tag! danger! price tag alert! oh. hey, guys. price tag alert! is this normal? well, progressive is a price tag free zone. we let you tell us what you want to pay and we help you find options to fit your budget. where are they taking him? i don't know. this seems excessive! decontamination in progress. i don't want to tell you guys your job, but...
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on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. i'm pregnant. >> what were you thinking? why do you have to just get another baby? you just have two! so why -- why do you -- this is exasperating. why do you want to get another baby and just replace one of your babies if there's too much? >> baby we would never replace you and amiyah. >> a 7-year-old boy with a big vocabulary. you've got to love a 7-year-old that knows how to use exasperating correctly. he goes off on his mom when she announces a little brother or sister is on the way. he was very upset that he would have to listen to another baby crying. his mother assured him that he
7:45 am
would never, ever ever be replaced, but he wanted to know what kind of baby is it because he said boys make more noise than girls. >> i look at the end that he asked for ear plugs. >> that's so cute. >> both vocabulary and smart. president obama flies to new york's westchester county for a series of weekend fund-raisers. the timing has upset some very wealthy and powerful new yorkers. michelle miller is here to show us how the president is clipping their wings. >> and clip them he did. good morning. when air force one arrives, the faa will put the skies over new york city on lockdown. corporate planes and private charters and their jet-setting passengers will be the hardest hit, just in time for the start of the labor day weekend. this is one of the last flights air force one will make before president obama arrives. starting friday afternoon, she and other seaplanes will be grounded yielding the skies to the much bigger air force one.
7:46 am
for the wall street titans who regularly depend on these planes for their weekend getaways the timing could not have been worse. >> several were very upset about it and extremely inconvenienced. they had plans, you know several weeks ahead of time to get out to their vacations. >> reporter: melissa tomkiel said nearly 80 of her passengers were left holding their bags. the company expects to lose at least $10,000 while new york city airspace is shut down. >> labor day in tinge is important because it's at the end of the busy season of the summer, so it's really our last chance to make as much as we can as a company and keep it in reserve for the slower months that are ahead. >> reporter: on fridays, as many as six flights an hour take off from this pier on manhattan's east side, bound for playgrounds of the rich and famous. a trip to the hamptons takes just 35 minutes, while flights to nantucket and martha's vineyard, where president obama
7:47 am
vacationed earlier this month last about an hour. even without traffic, driving time to the hamptons can take about two hours, and to nantucket, at least six and a half. >> for those going to nantucket, martha's vineyard and cape cod, they are going to have to drive. on labor day on a friday you're looking at eight to nine hours to get to nantucket from new york. >> not a pretty proposition. seaplane flights from manhattan to the hamptons cost as much as $1100 round trip. the temporary flight restrictions over new york city will have minimal impact on commercial flights but because most of those are already sold out, they weren't really an option for the passengers. >> there's always the bus. >> well you know she is the president. >> i get it. i get it. all right, michelle thanks. ahead, a hard-fought match for the new 15-year-old darling skies are mostly cloudy around the bay area this morning overlooking san jose. we have cloudy skies too, a little drizzle out toward the coastline. a little damp along the
7:48 am
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7:56 am
on their way to hawaii after pectedly spendin good morning. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. hundreds of people are finally on their way to hawaii after unexpectedly spending the night in oakland. their plane was diverted shortly after take-off from san jose yesterday morning. they finally took off around 5 a.m. a wildfire in southern santa clara county is causing big problems for holiday travelers. the 80-acre wildfire is burning on both sides of highway 512 near casa de fruta. highway 152 was shut down in both directions for hours. you cannot use 280 to get into downtown san francisco right now. the northbound lanes are closed for earthquake retrofit work between highway 101 and
7:57 am
downtown. 280 is scheduled to re-open by 5 a.m. on tuesday. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. take your time. no rush, andy. come on. with the chase mobile app you can get a lot done in a little amount of time from transferring funds wait a minute. you've got to be kidding. did you guys see that? that ball was out. to paying your coach for adding five miles per hour to your serve. that ball wasn't in. get your eyes checked. help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have
7:58 am
the advantage. chase. so you can good morning. even with traffic volume way down for the start of the long holiday weekend, 101 still really backed up trying to get from the peninsula into san francisco. it's because of the northbound 280 extension closure. there were also a couple of accidents approaching hospital curve. look at that, backed up solidly from oyster point to downtown san francisco. also slow in northbound 280 before the closure. here's lawrence. all right. low clouds and fog down below a little drizzle near the coastline up above got some remnants of a former hurricane across the skies. not going to bring rain unfortunately. dry through the weekend. muggy. temperatures inside the bay 70s and 80s. mixture of sun and clouds.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday august 29th 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including joan rivers fighting for her life. we have the latest on her condition, but first here is a look at today's "eye-opener at 8:00.." >> white house officials scrambled to say what the president meant. >> the russian military has sent troops and heavy fighting equipment into ukraine. >> we heard they were planning on bringing joan out of her medically induced coma to assess any damage. lifeguards are still bracing
8:01 am
for the rescue. a first offense could result in a suspension and a second in a life-long ban. trying to destroy each other. this is a vicious, cruel, brutal and also fascinating competition right now. >> he is the gift that keeps on giving. >> he really is. >> gopro, the new accessory that let's you strap a camera to your dog, and i guess that means we can replace all the cameramen here with labs right? i am gayle king. president obama taking heat after saying he still needs a strategy to deal with isis mill
8:02 am
militants militants. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> secretary of state, john kerry, is going to the middle east next weekend and the president will discuss the issue next week at the summit is europe. joan rivers is in a medically-induced coma. >> joan was undergoing a throat procedure when she stopped breathing. we heard the emergency call and they responded to a cardiac arrest. we have no idea why she was undergoing the throat surgery. the doctor discovered a spot on an x-ray on her throat, and we assume it was a follow-up of some sort.
8:03 am
melissa thanked everybody for, quote, their overwhelming love." i have interviewed joan many times, and this lady was so active. fashion police. you take an hour-long episode of that, and she was scheduled to perform tonight, and she has her own web series. she just wrapped the fourth season of her reality show. i think we can expect joan to fight on this. we are sending all of our well wishes from hollywood and we will have the latest tonight on "entertainment tonight." tropical storm marie weakened to a post tropical cyclone in the eastern pacific. that means the huge waves created along southern california are dying down but the damage is done. new pictures show what is left of an old lifeguard station in malibu that was swept into the ocean early thursday. despite the destruction, surfers
8:04 am
took on the towering waves. that's our carter evans tearing it up with a gopro camera. president obama made a fashion statement. he was wearing a tan suit. and the online reaction was fast and furious, and it had tweets like, yes, we can, and the audacity of taupe. and michigan congressman pictured this saying i have no problem with the suit. >> it's labor day, and everybody knows, anthony, you can't wear light suits after labor day. >> we have heard him say, i don't want to focus on dressing. >> now everybody is weighing in. ahead on "cbs this morning,"
8:05 am
high-tech meets high fashion at the u.s. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by panera bread. introduceing new flat bread sandwiches in three bold flavors.
8:06 am
this morning we will show you how this weird-looking contraption could improve your memory. the doctor will explain how it feels to stimulate your brain and how in the world does this darn thing work? that was a bad joke there. that's next on "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> gayle's on the loose. >> yeah.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
in our morning rounds jolting the brain to boost your memory, northwest university researchers say, they can enhance memory by applying
8:11 am
electrical current to the skull. our medical correspondent joins us now. david, always good to see you. this is so intimidating. i can't think of electrical current and brain going to go. why are you so excited about this? >> don't push the button gayle. if you have a bad headache they used to say put an electrical eel on your head. in a group at northwestern, they mapped the brain and showed an area of the brain, the orchestra connected to near the surface of the brain, they stimulated that area with that device and improved memory 30% in young people, age 20 to 40. >> when you actually apply this
8:12 am
device that gayle has right next to her to the brain -- >> i am trying to figure out what you do. the red dots do i put them on the top of my head or side of my head? >> this looks like a 1960s sitcom device? >> yeah, they do. >> how do you apply it to the head? >> you hear a little popping in the back ground but you don't feel the electrical stimulation, and it's not where you see in the movies where you are doing major zaps to the brain and it's a stimulation that improves memory by improving the brain. they started to see the benefit and it lasted the last 24 hours that they looked in the study. the question going forward is how long will it last and how it will work in older people with
8:13 am
memory disorders. >> are we months away or years away -- >> well the device exists and the study is to show what happens to people with brain injuries, that's going to take several years to get to fruition. with any of these, the data is dramatic, and i bet it happens a lot quicker. >> gayle wants to hold on to that. >> gayle, you have to give it back. >> no, i am going to send it over to bonita. >> might make me smarter. >> doctor, thank you. coming up more americans are saying the deck is stacked against them. >> children of the wealthy have their ticket written from the day they are born. they are going to yale and harvard and they have jobs waiting for them and it's all set in stone. everybody else has to fight for it. >> a really interesting talk about the fears of income in
8:14 am
equality equality. that's next on "cbs this morning." charge of your health. visit one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [announcer] who could resist the call... ...of america's number-one puppy food brand... ...with dha and essential nutrients
8:15 am
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♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay... and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. get a $1,000 reward card on new 2014 turbo models or lease a 2014 jetta se for $159 a month after a $1,000 bonus. ends soon! as we head into labor day weekend, a new rutgers university survey finds more than half of americans are unhappy, worried, or pessimistic about the economy. cbs news contributor and republican pollster frank luntz
8:18 am
addressed these issues with a focus group of 25 people here in studio 57. >> the phrase of 2014 income inequality. you hear it on television all the time people are talking about it. in the polling that we've done the majority of americans believe it's true. what do you think? >> the reason there's income inequality in my opinion is because there's no manufacturing in this country. >> that's because all of the jobs have gone overseas because the greed of the corporate executives who make millions of dollars while firing other people who need the jobs. >> the children of the wealthy have their ticket written from the day they're born. they're going to yale they're going to harvard, they have jobs waiting for them. it's all set in stone. everybody else has to fight for it and the corporations aren't creating any jobs. >> i have a 27-year-old and i encouraged him after he graduated to leave this country
8:19 am
to go find a job. >> so you would leave the country. >> i lived in australia for a year and i made minimum wage over there. it's about $20 an hour. why would i stay here for $7.50. >> i write you a check for $10 million and here's the catch. you cannot return back to america. you can take anyone with you, you can live in canada mexico, wherever you want to live across the globe. a check for $10 million, but you cannot return. who would take the money, raise your hands? you see, that just blows me away. you would go and not come back. >> i would go for free right now. >> i feel like there's no future for me here as a young adult growing up african-american, i feel like that. >> it breaks my heart. >> it's true. >> i'm doing things i never thought i would do. i have to go to the national guard. i mean i'm willing to serve but
8:20 am
i have a college degree. in europe they pay for your education. canada, they pay for your education also. >> how many of you think the next generation is going to have it even more difficult than this generation, raise your hands? this to me is devastating. >> look. here's the thing. you've got millionaires of corporations interested in their little cut. no one is looking out for america. >> are you nervous for your kids? >> yes, i am. >> what do you think their future will be like under the current system? >> i'm hopeful it will get better. i do worry. i wouldn't take that check from you. i would stay here. >> you'd stay here. >> i still think it's the best country in the world. >> would you take my check? >> no. >> why not? >> i agree with her. i still think it's the best country in the world. i still thing you have an opportunity here. >> what does it say -- i'd like you to answer this as a mom who wants her children to succeed. what does it say when you are so pessimistic that you think your
8:21 am
children will be worse off than you? >> it eats at you, and the only thing i can see is education and praying that businesses will get some tax relief bring jobs from overseas and have some jobs for my kids when they're done with school. >> so the tax policy has to change. >> when you say tax policy you mean tax the rich. >> no. i don't even mean necessarily increase the taxes on the rich. i mean remove the loopholes. you have mayor -- >> do you agree with that? >> yeah yeah. >> billions and billions of dollars and they pay no tax. >> exxon mobile. >> and google. they all shelter taxes. doesn't matter if they're democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, they all shelter taxes. >> last question. is it washington's fault, wall street's fault? who says washington's facility? one.
8:22 am
wall street? one. who says both of them. for the first time in this conversation, we have consensus. >> yay. >> frank luntz is with us. good morn frank. >> good morning. that was one of the most depressing sessions i have ever done. >> one thing i want to say. i noticed this before the session. that the middle class before this felt they had been left behind and the recession only deepened that. and now we're here. >> the people feel like they're working hard sacrificing, living paycheck to paycheck and yet it's getting more and more difficult for them and the elites that are supposed to help them are doing nothing for them. big business, big labor, big politics, washington, wall street, it doesn't matter. they have noal lies anymore. no one's trying to protect them and they're fed up. >> you used the word "depressing" to describe it. >> i can't imagine leaving this country. i don't care what you pay me. i leave for three days and i'm homesick and yet these people have given up and that's the key to this. it's no longer that they're
8:23 am
angry. we now have a segment -- and i'd say it's between 15% and 20%. they say you know what? it will never get better if me and it will never get better for your the country. >> what is the message though for policy makers? >> wake up. wake the hell up. and it just agitates me republican and democrat aside, it doesn't matter what you are, at some point you have to stop tearing each other apart, tearing each other down and do something with the other side that requires compromise, cooperation, because if you don't do it this anger -- we're going have a whole generation of people that will no longer believe that america is this great country that we all know it is. >> what's distressing in that though, is this message has been out there, if you've been listening, for quite some time. >> that's the whole point. i don't think people listen. i'm grateful to you all for putting that on the air and putting it on as well as you did because now the average american gets to hear this. the problem is i don't think
8:24 am
they tell politicians this. they always tell them that they're great or they yell at them. they really never tell the truth. that's the truth. >> are politicians listening? >> i'm not convinced of it. i'm hoping we have a great debate season this fall where you get a chance to hear the differences in a positive way, not just tearing them down. >> the cry has gotten a lot louder even though it's been around about the tax breaks and groups it. was really interesting. thank you for sharing. >> thank you. this morning "48 hours" looks as a mysterious death and a family's search for answers. >> i'm peter van zapt. coming up a businessman dies in singapore did he die or was he murdered and was international espionage involved?
8:25 am
was killed in an accident on interstate 80 near the bay good morning, everyone. it is 8:25. time for some news headlines. a motorcyclist was killed in an accident on interstate 80 near the bay bridge in oakland. it happened just before 11:00 last night. the chp said the motorcycle was heading westbound when it crashed just before the toll plaza. the roadway has now been cleared and investigators are still working to determine exactly what happened. a wildfire in southern santa clara county is causing some problems for holiday travelers. an 80-acre wildfire is burning on both sides of highway 152 near casa de fruta. one lane is closed in each direction in that area causing a massive backup. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. the 280 extension closure is causing a bit of a mess right now even though it's "holiday light." big backups on 101 and 280 if you are trying to get into san francisco from the peninsula. 101 backed up to south san francisco and northbound 280 is pretty much jammed solid from daly city and a stall in the backup. so once again a reminder northbound 280 is closed all
8:28 am
holiday weekend long from 101 to king street. there are a number of giants games this weekend, as well. bay bridge, very "holiday light" as you can see. no metering lights never turned on this morning. and no delay at all in the cash or the fastrak lanes from the east bay into san francisco. that's a check of traffic. your latest forecast, here's lawrence. a lot of clouds out there right now, liz. we have had some drizzle along the coastline lots of sunshine in the afternoon and a few more clouds but subtropical clouds overhead. now it's the fog over san francisco. but yeah, high pressure kind of weakening a little bit. you can see that former hurricane off the coastline falling apart and some of that moisture will stream across our skies today. unfortunately, doesn't look like it will bring us rain but we'll see some muggy conditions and temperatures may be slightly cooler. some 80s and low 90s well i understand. some 70s and 80s inside the bay. we'll see some 60s along the coastline. the holiday weekend looking good. just a couple of subtropical clouds on saturday, mostly sunny by sunday.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour an american mother says there is no way, no way that her son took his own life in singapore. "48 hours" has been following this case. in our green room, they wrote a book about it. plus high-tech fashion on the u.s. open sidelines. we will show you how a designer shirt measures performance and endurance without any wires. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the detroit free press says a foundation run by howard buffet
8:31 am
purchased thousands of items that were sitting in a warehouse because of the dispute over the estate. the new york post says the first denny's restaurant here in manhattan has a $300 breakfast on the menu. that's why i am choking up. customers are lined up this morning for the high-priced breakfast that includes two of denny's grand slams plus a bottle of 2003 champagne. the wall street denny's features a cocktail menu. i am thinking $300 at denny's? >> yeah. and the "los angeles times" says researchers discovered how the rocks in death valley move. this is a time lapse video. the rocks appear to move on their own, about 15 feet per
8:32 am
minute without help. the thin sheets of ice form under the rocks during the winter, and when the ice melts all it takes is a light wind to push the stones across. and then powerful questions that are still unanswered two years later. police say that shane todd committed suicide, but his family believes that he was murdered because he knew secrets about a powerful chinese company. and our correspondent has the story on a mother's search for justice. >> after shane's death we have been thrown into a spy movie, an intriguing story that would be fascinating if it wasn't about us. >> when she learned her 31-year-old son, shane, was found hanging on her bathroom door in singapore, she was
8:33 am
convinced his death was connected to the study he was conducting. >> he said he was being pressured to compromise u.s. security, and he would not do it and he would not go along with the illegal transfer of technology to china. >> he was dealing with a company that has been declared a threat by a committee. and shane's death attracted attention. >> we believe it's espionage, and we are uncovering something bigger than our son. >> they asked repeatedly for the noose found around shane's neck and that noose contained for the dna of unknown persons, and that was rejected and the news destroyed by the police. >> i think we are their worse
8:34 am
nightmare. >> there was an investigation into shane's death and concluded he killed himself because he was depressed. mary todd says that is nonsense. >> are you in denial? for whatever reasons, maybe with all the pressure at work he did take his life? >> this is a profound tragedy, but do we look like people in denial. do we not have the evidence to backup what we are saying? do you not believe we would rather have just had it be a traedy and gone on instead of fight three countries, china, singapore and the united states to bring justice to our son? we are not in denial. >> mary todd shane's mother she is here in studio 57. her new book is called "hard drive," and it's a book about a fight between three countries. i first saw this story on "48 hours," and i was trying in my home because i was so upset and sad that you lost your son this
8:35 am
way. >> thank you. >> and i have to say, i am very very sorry. very sorry. >> thank you very much. >> you are convinced with the suicide note he never would have done this. what was in the note that you knew it was not him? >> from the first paragraph i read they were his words. he was saying nice things about the company that he hated and was leaving. >> he told you he was worried about the company. >> right, he told us he was being asked to compromise u.s. security and he told us his life was being threatened. >> it didn't appear to be written by an american either? >> that's correct and we had that substanceated.
8:36 am
we had proof that he was murdered and congressman wolf and congressman gains were very helpful, but others weren't. senator baucus was helpful until he became the ambassador to china. >> that's interesting. let's start when they talked about the details of the suicide, you could tell it didn't happen on the way they said based on the physical evidence. >> yeah, we walked in and he said he put ropes and pullies and everything and i koptcouldn't get to the bathroom. the toilet was not in the right place. my son is 6'1" and i couldn't figure out how it possibly could have happened. >> we heard in the story they never wanted to give you the rope. did they tell you why they would not give you that information or see the things you wanted to see? >> according to shane's
8:37 am
girlfriend, when she found him there was a wire around his neck and no towel. the police said there was a towel and strap, and the towel and strap had malaysia and chinese dna on it. we spent thousands of dollars to go to court and retain the evidence and two courts said to destroy it and it has since been destroyed. >> the singapore police have jurisdiction. where could this go now in terms of the courts or police there? >> first of all, the state department in seupgingapore called the inquiry into his death, fair and comprehensive. we would like them to say it was a sham because that's not the case. >> and some say you want to exonerate your son's memory. what do you mean by that? >> 60 years from now, when my relatives look at this story, i
8:38 am
want them to know the truth, that my son died an american hero and did not commit suicide. >> the country you think has let you down? >> the country has let us down. >> all right, mary todd. "48 hours" will have more on the story. and let's talk about your book "hard drive." hard drive means what to you? >> we found what i thought was a speaker in shane's apartment and it ended up being an external hard drive and it's the evidence on that hard drive that we found out that the company he was working for, it was accessed after shane's death, specific files that showed a relationship between that company and ime, and it was a sensitive technology, and it was something shane had to sign an export license to not transfer to an enemy company.
8:39 am
>> and there is so much more to the book "hard drive." it's a hard drive. >> yeah it's a very hard drive. >> i wish you well. >> "hard drive" goes on sale on tuesday. and you can see the report on "48 hours" tomorrow at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on cbs. high-tech meets high fashion at the u.s. open.
8:40 am
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the top athletes the top athletes in tennis are playing this week at the u.s. open. they are shooting for peak performance using the best training coaching and equipment. but this year as michelle miller reports, the latest in sports technology belongs to the ball boys. good morning. >> that's right. ralph lauren invented classy and chic, and now he invented a shirt that is launching some straight into the future. at the u.s. open tennis' top seeds may be serving up the action on court, but this year the ball boys are also getting attention, debuting one of the most cutting edge accessories in sports. the ralph lauren shirt shows the
8:44 am
speed and movement. >> yeah i like it. it's full on the body than say, a watch. >> high-tech can now be high fashion. >> to demonstrate the new wearable technology on the court was an amazing platform for people to see it tested at the highest level of performance. >> biosensing sensor fibers are woven into the shirt, and giving data to stress levels and calories burned and connected to from a box to an app on your phone. the shirt is the sensor.
8:45 am
>> why debut the shirt, at all places, at the u.s. open? >> we have been fascinated by the statistics and the background data we have been exiling, and we had a clean test with ball persons to see how they deal with stress, heat, and all the things the players deal with on the court. >> and it was tried out at practice. >> it will help me understand my body a lot more how i am improveing day-to-day and what i need to do to recover faster. >> they expect to start selling the shirts this spring, and hope to see it woven into dress shirts and more. >> somebody walking down the street may want to know how their heart is doing and how
8:46 am
they are breathing, and somebody in a boardroom might be curious about their stress levels and somebody may want to monitor their child at home in a grip. >> and no word yet on what this will cost. >> do these feel like normal shirts? >> it's a compression t-shirt, and it feels like a second skin and it needs to be tight so it can measure every move. >> they are good-looking. i love the no plugs and wires. i wanted to get the yellow shoes. >> helps when you have a great body. >> yeah, that helps, too. coming up tomorrow on "cbs this morning," the future of tennis technology. that's me. watch it on saturday. >> that's you?
8:47 am
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8:50 am
that does it for us. i'll speak for anthony. didn't we have a great time? >> we had a lovely week. i loved being here. >> and vinita the last two days very nice. be sure to tune in to "cbs evening news with scott pelley" as we leave you with the week that was. have a great holiday weekend. earthquake in three seconds. >> the chimney collapsed on my head. >> an-inch of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. an american journalist was released sunday by an extremist group. >> we'll continue to take direct action to protekd our people. >> the first step toward launching air strikes against isis. >> thousands of mourners gathered to pay their respects to michael brown. >> michael brown is fighting for
8:51 am
justice. >> a 9-year-old girl was learned to fire an uzi. her instructor was killed. >> guys are trained to hover over people when they're shooting. >> by moving to canada, bur gerg king would be saving in a country with a lower tax rate. >> right outside my door. >> i was a little scared. >> she's done it. >> cici bellis the 15-year-old. >> do you know who you play now? >> i have no idea. i didn't look that far. ♪ never know never know ♪ >> i'm doing the best i can with what i've gorkt with okay? >> please roll the prompter back for me, please. i want a do-over. >> that's why you're a pro. >> so how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling really good. >> did you find out what the virus was? >> no. i couldn't really -- there was no real answer to that. >> a nice catch, alex. >> how did he do that anthony
8:52 am
mason? >> i'm the new nanny. >> if your paints hired me as your manny, would you be happy? >> no. >> what reaction do you get when you tell people what you do? they just kind of look confused. >> burning man, the annual gathering of hippies and free spirits frolicking naked in the desert. >> you lose me with the frolicking naked thought. >> are you nervous here now? right when you look over the edge -- >> through a lot of good fortune i stand up here tonight. >> what a great show at the emmys last night. >> what a wonderful time for women on television. >> welcome to my world. ♪ >> the greatest living entertainer, beyonce. >> you know she has the body i'm supposed to have, anthony.
8:53 am
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on their way to hawaii after unexpectedly spending the night in oakland. their plane was after takeoff it's 8:55. hundreds of people are finally on the way to hawaii after unexpectedly spending the night in oakland. their plane was diverted shortly after take-off from san jose yesterday morning. it finally left at 5 a.m. a wildfire in southern santa clara county is causing some big problems for holiday travelers. the 80-acre wildfire is burning on both sides of highway 152 near casa de fruta. highway 152 was shut down in both directions for several hours. >> and don't forget, you can't use 280 to get into downtown san francisco right now. the northbound lanes are closed for earthquake retrofit work between highway 101 and downtown. 280 is scheduled to re-open by 5 a.m.
8:56 am
tuesday. with the forecast, here's lawrence. all right. we have a big holiday the unofficial end of summer labor day weekend. a lot of clouds throughout right now if you are traveling a little drizzle along the coastline. looking toward dublin. we have cloudy skies there, as well. now, that's low clouds there. but up above that, we have some subtropical moisture remnants of a former hurricane as that system falls apart. all that moisture is caught up in the high pressure, and that will bring with it more clouds today into tomorrow and some muggy conditions outside. 70s and 80s inside the bay. 80s and low 90s well inland. and 70s toward the coastline. a few more clouds toward tomorrow. then clearing things out on sunday. you're "kcbs traffic" is coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. starting to pick up on the roads especially if you are trying to get into san francisco from the peninsula. check out our slow sensors right now. northbound 101 very heavy traffic from oyster point into downtown san francisco. and 280 is very backed up as well before the closure. backed up from daly city. once again, northbound 280 is closed all weekend long from 101 to king street and it is causing these big traffic tie- ups right now trying to get into downtown. we also have a lot of giants games friday, saturday and sunday night and evening games. consider using mass transit to get there. bay bridge though it is "holiday light." no metering lights and the approaches are okay even though it's slowing a bill around the berkeley curve on westbound 80. mass transit is on time.
8:59 am
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