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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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. hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. another american journalist apparently has been beheaded by the islamic state group. this is the second american journalist killed in three weeks.
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an internet video shows the murder of the man said to be steven sotloff, a 31-year-old freelance journalist, last seen in a video in august that showed the video of james foley. this is the picture from the video. a short time ago, the white house press secretary reacted. >> our thoughts and prayers, first and foremost, are with mr. sotloff and his family and those working with him. the united states, you know, has dedicated significant time and resources to try and rescue mr. sotloff. >> u.s. officials are new working to verify the authenticity of the new video. and a missionary group said another american doctor contracted the ebola virus while working in liberia. the group said in a statement that the unnamed doctor had been treated within the obstetrics word of the -- ward of the hospital and doesn't know how he contracted the the virus, since the ward is separate from the area where
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ebola patients are being treated. and san francisco 49ers ray mcdonald is due in court september 15th to face a felony charge of domestic violence. he was arrested over the weekend at his home in san jose silver creek valley, part of a city known for great views and expensive homes, many owned by pro athletes. some say his home has become a party zone for nfl players. more now from kpix 5s kit -- kiet do. >> reporter: we spotted mcdonald driving his been thely yesterday. a street typically quiet expect when he throws a raging house party. that was the case saturday when he celebrated his 30th birthday. an empty wineglass sits on the front lawn. things looked tidy early on. the teammate brian davis instagrammed the photo of the pool saying he was enjoying the scene. by the early morning hours, things turned serious. a call was made to the san jose police department.
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>> her fiance was hitting her. >> reporter: police sources say mcdonald's fiance showed officers bruises on her arm and neck. this is not the first time neighbors have seen cops in the upscale community. in september, alden smith crashed his pickup truck into a tree and skidded into someone's front lawn. apparently after leaving one of mcdonald's parties. smith was arrested for dui and marijuana possession. neighbors tell kpix 5 these kinds of big parties happen five times a season, bringing unwanted crowds of late-night drunks and tops of cars to the block. kiet do, kpix 5. the nfl announced a tougher stance on domestic violence issues. the league is reviewing the incident, that could get him suspended for six games and it's not clear when the until will make a decision on that. let the finger pointing begin. the lawmakers and lobbyists -- made may have made a million-
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dollar mistake. ryan takeo joins us with more in the newsroom and with a problem likely caused with pitching pens. >> reporter: it happened early saturday morning. throwing pennies into the sacramento rotunda. one cent likely left the statue with only 9 fingers. the sculpture has been on the first floor for 131 years and shows christopher columbus asking queen iza bella for money. the story has it if they throw coins into the second floor, it guarantees the governor will sign the bill. the damage carries a huge consequence, though, a felony, cha. >> we think that a coin hit it and broke the finger off, throwing heavy metal objects at a million-dollar-plus statue is just really not something that ought to be happening. >> the police found the finger near the statue and it will be
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re-attached and it's unclear how much that will cost and who will pay for the digit damage. the capitol police admit they will have a tough time finding out who did this. >> this is the third time the historic state treasure lost a finger. a short time ago, attorneys trying to block funding for the high-speed rail of california filed petitions for the state supreme court. they want the justices to review an appeals court ruling that said bonds could be issued, even if the funding plant contains flaws. the attorney said high-speed rail project lacks full transparency and violates the terms of a voter-approved initiative. >> and stores and restaurants in one of the bay area's biggest shopping centers are in a strange predicament. valley fair straddles the borders between san jose and santa clara. the minimum wage is different, depending on the location from inside the mall. >> reporter: the same food, same displays, but two different cities. >> when we offer you a job, it's like we have a job --
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>> reporter: the manager at shoe pallet said a tale of two cities caused problems they never saw coming. there is nothing marking the dividing line, but property records clearly show the mall sits in san jose and santa clara with different minimum wages. >> and we let them know, you know, $8 here and they were taken by surprise like really? and i did bring my measuring tape. the dividing line between the two cities is about here going through the gap. they paid their employees to keep things fair. the wage gap closed a little in july when santa clara upped the minimum wage from $8 to $9 an hour. san jose went up to $10.15 an hour. wet zell's pretzels is in a unique predicament, having two stores on opposite sides of the mall, so management rotates
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employees. >> how often do you stay on this side in. >> so a week each? >> reporter: and there is no solution for others, so juan and the rest of those on the west side will continue losing employees while having problems hiring more. >> he was working at the same time and quit his job because he was getting paid more. we let them know before we start the hiring process $8. don't expect $10. >> a little history here, valley fair was originally in san jose but the expansion in the 1980s concluded a marriager with steven's creek plaza, which is across the border in santa clara. new at noon now, take a walk in the area today and you may notice something where you step. twenty bronze plaques are being placed on the sidewalk in san francisco. the plaques are part of the new rainbow honor walk. the names of people making contributions to the lgbt community throughout history or on each plaque.
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the first phase of that project. and fire broke out early this morning at a high school in sonoma county. classes went ahead as normal before 3 this morning. the alarms went off from two smoke detectors at the gymnasium at hillsburg high school. the firefighters found smoke on the roof and flames in the attic that contain the fire to the northeast corner of the building. the cause may have been electrical. and one person inside a car was killed in a crash with an amtrak train in oakland. the crash happened after 10 last night on 50th street. the train dragged the suv seven blocks before stopping at high street. it was heading northbound from l.a. to seattle and it was about three miles from the oakland station when it happened. passengers waited for five hours as investigators examine the scene. >> and we stopped in a hurry and you can smell the burning from the brakes. the conductor said we hit something and started to get
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upset and i realized that someone else had a worse night than i did. a few hours here and there. >> reporter: amtrak replaced the crew on board in case they were traumatized by what happened and no one was physically hurt on the train. a stretch of 2-80 opened again after all northbound lanes were closed for construction over the big labor day weekend. crews were doing seismic repair work on the freeway in san francisco between the 101 split in king street, reopened last night hours ahead of schedule. this is the 3rd and final holiday shutdown schedule for the stretch of highway 280. a new way to vote with your wallet. one, how one app is turning grocery shopping into a political matter. >> and it sounds like a movie plot. over 30 teens make a run for it, escaping from the detention center. how police track some down and how many are on the loose still. >> and what a difference a day makes. good afternoon, everybody. i'm roberta gonzalez in the
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kpix weather center. the low clouds, fog, drizzle and the areas affected. when the noon news continues after this. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pg&e $1.4 billion for the 20 pipeline disaster in san br . breaking news into our newsroom. cpuc fined pg&e $1.4 billion for the 2010 pipeline disaster in san bruno. the new fines and penalties bring the total amount pg&e is ordered to pay in the wake of the explosion that killed eight people, injured 66 others, to more than $2 billion. pg&e can still appeal today's ruling. it's the largest fine ever imposed by the cpuc. and some developing news right now. a massive manhunt is underway for several tennessee
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teenagers. 32 teens escaped from the woodland hills youth development center near nashville last night. most were caught but eight are on the run now. the teenagers, ages 14-19, escaped by crawling upped a weak spot in a fence. >> staffing ask lighter during the overnight hours and presumably they planned for that but we don't know yet. >> this is not the first incident. in may, six teens broke out of the rooms and staffers did convince them to return back inside. and checking berth now. roberta is in for lawrence this noon and tuesday. >> i feel special sitting next to frank. >> i am sure you do. >> and i have something to talk about. >> you do. >> and i have to keep you company. >> it's nice to have company. >> and michelle's on assignment. hi, everybody. wow, what a difference a day make. the abundance of sunshine as
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you look out toward mount diablo. keep in mind yesterday, there, 99 degrees and can you see the trees wavering? that is a northwest wind at 18 and 80 degrees in liver more. we won't hit the 90s at all and san francisco, 62 degrees and let me show you why. check it out. we're socked in and low clouds and patchy fog and that is on the fog and the camera lens. that is the low bus, west wind up to 20 miles an hour. it's obvious. the marine layer is deepening at this hour. our temperatures are dropped by 16 degrees or additionally in some locations. i will show you where. now, we're down to near normal temperatures this time of the year. future cast, look at the clouds marching inland into the overnight hours and we're talking 45, 50 miles and into
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santa rosa and we will wake up tomorrow morning in the clouds and a drizzly morning commute for many. this is occurring because of that there. the area of low pressure and that is digging to the south and returns more to the westerly flow. therefore, the west wind, that sea breeze is making it all the way into the central valley. out of the triple digits. to 98 degrees in fresno. 94 at the state capitol. seventy degrees, partial clearing of the skies, monterey bay and into caramel. mid- and high 90s around ukiah and the sun sets at 7:38, could see more drizzle on the coast after realizing highs, 67 degrees in san francisco. only 76 in san rafael, down from 96 degrees yesterday. you can feel the difference today. when you're looking at the numbers, frank, those are seasonal this time of the year. yesterday was obscenely hot at 99 in liver moore today and settling into the normal temps.
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>> and mother nature knows labor day came and went. >> right? >> it's almost fall. >> it's like out with the white. >> all right. and the flip flops. and thank you. coming up, scanning your grocery items for protein, calories, and political leanings. the new app revealing the politics behind the food you buy. >> and we want to invite you pet lovers out there. send us your questions about their health and well-being, e- mail away at and we'll have dr. joe answer your questions noontime here on friday. we'll be right back. stay with us. to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. broccoli is a super food and a fabulous super food. it's simple and common and a lot of different mediterranean- style dishes. when you pick it out, look at the -- that it's green all the way around on the top. you don't want to see yellowing on the leaves. if you see a little bit on the flowers, that is okay. when you check the bottom, this is completely perfect. if you see some cracking, you're okay. just make sure the cracking doesn't go up the stalk. the broccoli is sitting around too long and maybe was not cut properly. when you bring the broccoli,
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store it in the refrigerator and it's one of the few vegetables you want to wash before you store it and not just before you enjoy it. like i said, typical in a lot of different mediterranean dishes. we'll have this alongside beautiful stuff. >> and a new smartphone app takes a novel approach to partisanship as nancy corte sees us you can find the linings of a manufacturer in secs during an ordinary shopping trip. >> you go oh, my god, i was not aware of that. >> reporter: matt is the creator of buy partisan. that is b-u-y, an app allowing you to scan the bar code of your favorite grocery item and find out how much money the company and ceo give to either party. >> you have the taste and quality of ch too cheerios and now you have a new set of data to look at. >> reporter: general mills, which makes cheerios, gained -- gave 63.5% of the political donations to republicans. and 24% to democrats.
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>> it's more republican? >> in this case, more republican. >> reporter: seventh generation, making natural leaning -- cleaning products leaps the other way. >> this is much more democratic. >> uh-huh. >> you see that, 67.5% democrat. >> and the ceo is 100%. >> the ceo only gave to democrats. >> reporter: the app went live three weeks ago and has attracted some attention. "the washington post" editorial board said that we hope buy partisan fails. if the app succeeds, it would be a sign that democrats and republicans aren't even willing to do business with one another any longer. >> reporter: there are some people who don't like what you're doing. >> there are and we love that. >> reporter: the early publicity attracted nearly 100,000 users and landed buy partisan in the top 20 on the itunes app page. >> reporter: when i go to vote and make a purchase, i should know what the politics is behind that. i should be able to know who is behind the political ad telling
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me to vote this way or that way. >> reporter: at the very least, it makes you look at your household products in a different way. >> all the information is based on publicly available data compiled by non-profit groups. and coming up, dozens of revealing celebrity photos go viral. how hackers got their hands on the private pictures -- pictures of hollywood's most recognizable faces. >> and if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline. volunteers are standing by to take the phone calls. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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accounts were deliberately targeted and hacked... leadg to the posting of revealing . apple said some celebrity accounts were deliberately targeted and hacked leading to the posting of some revealing photos online. the company said its investigation found that individual accounts have been compromised but there is no general breach. cbs reporter wendy gillette tells us why apple's icloud might be vulnerable. >> reporter: hackers claim they stole nude pictures of hunger games star jennifer lawrence, along with private photos of more than 100 other celebrities, including pop starsery anna and selina gomez. it's not clear how they got them. >> we have no idea how this data was lost. we know the data made it on to the phones and we know that the phones stored the photographs. what we don't know is what happened next. >> reporter: internet security expert dan kominsky said data
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hidden within the files revealed most were taken with the apple iphone and that is why the backup service. >> i joy cloud is being looked at. in a statement, apple said we take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report. cloud service used by apple and other tech companys allow users to store personal information like photos on a remote hard drive and access them from anywhere. security experts say weak passwords might be the problem because hackers can attempt to get into a cloud account by trying multiple passwords. >> in some cases, the security controls are not put in place and it allows them to throw as many as 500,000 passwords in an account until it accepts one. >> reporter: celebrities are not the bone ones concerned about the security breach. 300million people worldwide use cloud servers to store their personal information. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> cybersecurity experts say it's important for users to have strong passwords for all
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of their online accounts and change them on a regular basis. and coming up at 5, it's a little box that could mean big savings on your power bill. there is a catch. you may have to let pg&e shut off your ac on hot days. what is it? that is coming up at 5. >> and no ac needed, i guess. mother nature is doing her thing today, right? >> roll open the windows and enjoy. >> there we g. >> and there is a nice look outside, folks on, what looks like a nice day. enjoy, we'll see you again tomorrow morning. >> goodbye. ,,
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