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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the wild afternoon that stopped traffic, next. tonight, an ac transit bus crashed into a house just missing a baby inside. kris extend is live at the
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scene. chris ten, we learned the house is so badly damage that it has been red tagged. >> reporter: behind the board on the house, a huge gaping hole where the bus jumped the curb and ramped through the wall. >> the bus stopped there for a few hours until authorities had it towed a short time ago. the homeowner is still shaken up. >> i was scared. >> there is no other words. >> ortega was having a quiet daughter with her 3 month old. >> she was on the floor and all of a sudden i heard a big boom and i see the bus coming through my living room. >> the bus plowed through the
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house stopping just short get getting her baby. >> you can see the house is torn up. >> the living room is to rubble as ashley's husband showed up. >> my baby was sitting here and thank god nothing happened. >> it all started when a police officer noticed this stolen honda wagon. >> the bus and car collided sending the bus in to the house. 11 people and including the bus driver and the passenger of the stolen car left with bruises. there were children on board in the bus covered in blood. >> i see the two little kids and i moved them across the street >> the driver of the stolen car ran for it and got away. tonight authorities say they know who he is. ashley is saying she's only thinking of one thing. >> my main concern is being with
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my husband and family right now. >> reporter: the passenger of the stolen car is actually the brother of the driver. authorities hoping to release the identity of the driver of that stolen car soon. >> just to be clear, police were not chasing of the stolen car, was not a high speed chase, was it? >> reporter: the officer who noticed the stolen car had not had a chance to pull over the driver of that car before that driver took off. police officer did not chase him and this crash happened a few blocks away. >> got it. testimony driver. the driver saw him on the rear-view mirror. that's right, a deer brought to a traffic chlth traffic. >> yes
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, you are seeing two deer running on the span during rush hour. several drivers managed so snap photos of the duo. how often can you look outside and see this? >> it seems cool. >> they certainly were moving quickly. this deer nearly got out of frame. drivers gave them their space as the deer started their journey in the slow lane. eventually, they got moving towards marin. looking at this instagram photo, you think they took over. >> it is amazing and i don't know how they got up there but it was cool. >> traffic was at a standstill because of a commute. this cut down the chances of them getting hit and hurt by a car. >> this is not a first time an animal spotted on the golden gate bridge. we did a similar story a couple
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years ago of an ostrigge. de. the building that's burned in san francisco yesterday was so dangerous they're going to tear it down. right now firefighters out there cleaning up all the debris. sorting through it and bagging it up with the crews. the city is getting all the paper work done so they can start demolishing what used to stores reopened today. some of the owners told us they should not bother to come in, there were strong smell of smoke. the hair salon says they lost at
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least $500 of the fire. firefighters were worried that the building would fall on them. a new wild fire were burning near yosemite tonight. the fire has burned 300 acres ad right now it is 25% contained. so far no homes have burned and a red flag burning has been extended over night. a body was found on morgan hill. julie, her body was found on a remote road their the reservoir last thursday. police are sorting out of a suspicious vehicle near the area. they're asking witnesses to give them a call. andre tells us he's getting on a plane to dallas. >> the 49ers have hopped the
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flight to texas. one person we know was on the flight was ray mcdonald. >> after a week of i don't know of the case of ray mcdonald. finally answers. >> police arrested mcdonald after his pregnant fiance shows of bruises on her neck and arms. had coach jim harbaugh told players in the past, he had zero tolerance for domestic violence. >> the facts are and we'll let you know he's not playing the game. >> charges have not been filed of the mcdonald's case yet. san jose has not handled the
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case over to district attorney. . the 49ers are on the road. the stadium will get a work out t. the brand new field was ripped up twice against the broncos because of complaints about players flipping. there was a memorial tonight to remember a 14-year-old boy rashawn. friends and family lit candles and hugged each other and told stories about rashawn williams. he was killed outside of san jose mission district. he was a freshman. friends and relatives say anothd been threatened him on social media. >> he had a future and had goals. he had plans. >> very respectful and he talks a lot about him. he was a great kid. >> a 14-year-old suspect is in
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custody of the stabbing. he's expected inside court next week. tonight fremont police are on a look out for a serial robber. police believe he's behind at least two robberies. in both instances the man soda and covered his face behind the counter demanding money. the second robbery happened on t this 7-seven on central avenue. tonight, oakland's mayor quan says the city is done with the shield and won't host it again. police are becoming more like military blocking streets in downtown. we have the latest and greatest whether police technology crossing the line. >> it is the latest law enforcement equipment.
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like this laser training vest. >> you cannot train with project tile base training. >> updated gas masks and high power guns. and the latest tools to break down doors in emergency situations. >> it is getting difficult getting in swaigss like that and for example for patrol officers. >> there is no convincing gerald in blueford her son was killed two years ago by the police. she was unarmed and police's tactic has gone too far. >> you were trained to shoot and kill. that's what you did to my boy, he shot him.
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>> this material has been used for four or five years over seas in iraq and afghanistan with our special operation forces. protesters don't want military combat gear on police personnel. >> we are talking about saving a life. >> kpix 5. >> no one was arrested or citing during this afternoon's protest. this plane flew for hours and tonight what happened before this plane crashed. a couple daredevil dived into a boiling volcano and lived to prove it.
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a passed out american pilot flying down the atlantic coast before crashing at the coast of jamaica. tonight there are new clues about what went wrong. >> they were headed for napa florida. about 10 a.m. the pilot reported of a problem. >> he was cleared to go to a lower altitude and air traffic control never heard from the plane again. >> u.s. air defense was notified and fighter jets were scrambled and they were able to see the pilot slumped
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over for control. . >> [ indiscernible audio ] >> if plane flew in and out of cuban aerospace. at 2:15 p.m. crashed at 14 miles away from jamaica. larry and his wife jane who both loved flying. this is jane in the 2014 interview. >> we have been to alaska and it is just fun. >> jamaican authorities say search crew spotted oil indicating where the plane went down. the search has been suspended until first flight tomorrow. more tests are needed to pinpoint of the exact cause
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of death for comedian joan rivers. fans are stopping by rivers' place to leave flowers and cards. rivers was examining her health last week. >> the clinic is a surgical center. what is known of the safety at these centers? >> procedures carry a low risks. what's important for people to know is that when you have a cardiac arrest, your risk of surviving that is very low.
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if you have a cardiac arrest in a hospital setting there is only 25% of survival. >> cardiac or lung complications are rare involving one death in every 10, 000 procedures. most of those fatalities are problem with sedations. >> as for long the investigation will take, a spokesperson for the department of health told us the length varies from case by case. joan rivers funeral is this sunday. >> rivers is getting one of her last wishes, a red carpet at her funeral, it will be then buried with her. joining forces to stand up for cancer. how social media is propelling to more than just a marathon.
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>> say colonoscopy. >> cancer is something i am sick of. >> featuring hollywood elites and performances by award grammy winners. >> the telecast features a digital lounge where celebrities reaching out by phones and also media. stars trying to get people to donate by using facebook and social media. >> more and more causes are climbing on the bandwagon because it worked and it empowers owners and empowering non-profit as well. >> julie is one of the
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organizers at this marathon. every organizer has a facebook and is active online. >> the more you engage people, the bigger they donate. >> michelle says don't be surprise that the next few years that telethon is becoming a tweet athon. >> that's right, where are the freebies. >> an unblooeable organization. believable organization. >> what amazing weather that we have around here. >> we know what we need and we have been there and done that. let's enjoy a beautiful weekend.
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everywhere exactly where you she wise, ta peek outside. we have a great shot now. look at that great shot of the bay. and not a cloud in the sky, how nice is that? yes, we are turning corners even when it comes to fog. over night tonight, 59 in oakland, vallejo 58 and a perfect evening in san francisco to get out and enjoy something new. a new night farmers market at the un plaza right here in san francisco. a lot of folks are enjoying the first night for the new market and the weather could not be more perfect. very pleasant outside. speak of pleasant, let's take a look at your forecast for vallejo. 76 degrees tomorrow. a little filtered sunshine comin sunday because of a tropical system that's causing big time problems in cabo. it is not the wind, it is the
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rainfalls. some of the moistures will maket to phoenix and flagstaff and tucson and even los angeles. some of that moistures working its way to the north will not make it here. some of the clouds will come up on sunday. a huge ridge of high pressure across the west coast. what that is doing, it is feeding into the on shore flow that we won't get hot. temperatures remaining mild and really comfortable outside, all weekend long and likely much of next week, too. back near the water tomorrow niepth, temperatures seasonal through the weekend and some high cloud covers on sunday and monday. aside from that, it is a great day to get outside. campbell, 85, palo alto 79 for the big game. walnut creek, you will hit 86 and
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pittsburgh 88. 67 in san francisco, afternoon sun. a little bit of cloudy on sunday but not a huge change. we are sunny and dry. we are status quo through next week. we are the envy of the weather world. enjoy it. >> how about some red, hot lava, no match for dare these daredevils. you have to see it to believe it. next.
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we should say this, don't try this at home. >> daredevils traveled from san francisco to the island in the pacific ocean. they want to jump into an active volcano and they did. maroon crater considered the world's most dangerous. the guy behind the angry planet series. what a daredevil, they filmed the whole thing about 1200 feet up from the lava
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lake. it is lowered down by a rope. >> wow. >> it is just -- can you imagine. i don't know, i keep on thinking what's going to happen if they fall in. >> why would you want to do this? >> to get you those pictures? >> there you go. we'll be right back.
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baseball up top. the giants and tigers. another 2012 world series remate know how that one worked out. giants in detroit for the first time. gregor blanco. it was 6-0 befoe the great flood. yeah, the game was delayed for o hours and 42 minutes. afterwards, they picked up whert off. we call that a big blow. the winning dodgers in the west. back in the a's line up after missinging last five games. derek norris he gets the drop.
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the a's leads 2-1. top 6 and a's up 1. former a's, chris carter, two run shots and houston wins it. oakland lost 7 of 8. 49ers ray mcdonald will play on sunday. that's according to the team. mcdonald a go verses the cowboys. jim harbaugh says all week, he will let authorities investigate the case before making the decision on mcdonald. he reiterated it today. >> we'll hear the facts and.
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>> you are seeing both. check out the unstoppable serena williams. she wins it, she will play carolina and the final is on sunday. time now, friday night, top five, here we go. number five, we have been watching great catchers all year and this is one of them. rocky charlie. number four, football, watch tys up and gets it. boston college, 30-20. sorry, . we got a close call here, mariners' pitcher, hashiyaki. and he got it. number 2, sergio garcia, the bmw
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tournament, 7 holes and he's their bottom. there bottom. number one, jamal williams sheps cousin ra shawn. 51-6 is the final. as we will be right back. [ laughter ] >> nice. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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