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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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year-old boy on eye popular trail and the big cat still out there, next
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tonight: the big cat -- is still on the prowl. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. the animal pounced on the b this afternoon near the pici winery. that's in the hills above cupertino. kpix 5's juliette goodrich n se -- where the boy good evening. an animal pounced on a boy this afternoon in the hills above coopertino. juliette goodrich is where the little boy is hospitalized. >> reporter: the little boy has been upgraded to fair condition. he was attacked from behind. he suffered injuries to his back and his neck. his parents fighting off that mountain lion. tonight, that seven is on for that big cat. >> reporter: the mountain lion attack happened along this hiking trail one mile from the
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popular winery where the trail begins. the 6-year-old boy was attacked from behind. >> he was basically then somewhat dragged through part of the brush. multiple family members came to his aid. >> reporter: the little boy was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. this green shirt he was wearing was taken to match the dna to the cat. >> he went from our trauma center to admitted in the hospital and he is now listed in fair condition. >> reporter: this evening, four search dogs were taken to the spot along the trail where the attack happened. as for the plan of action? >> the animal will be euthanized. it needs to be tested for several things including rabies. because rabies is prevalent in mountain lions, on occasion, and, so, and to test for rabies the animal has to be destroyed.
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>> reporter: families enjoying a day at the winery still enjoyed the park's setting but with add precautions. >> do you walk along the trails here? >> yes. we have gone hiking on the trails and my husband has gone running with the boys in the stroller. >> reporter: mountain lion attack only in a stressful situation like separated from their mother or these current drought conditions may have them searching harder for food and water. but experts say while mountain lion sightings are common, attacks are rare. very rare. >> 16 attacks since 1890. 8,000 more times to be struck by lightning than attacked by a mountain lion. >> reporter: and the search continues tonight for that mountain lion. wildlife expeters really want to find it to test it for rabies or any other possible diseases, ann. and for the 6-year-old boy he still here at the hospital in
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fair condition. his parents by his bedded. >> hopefully he heels, quickly, thank you. dramatic pictures out of yosemite tonight where a wildfire forced many to leave the park and many documented their experience on social media. rachel irish says her group was halfway up when they were told to sit tight and wait for a helicopter. two others were able to finish their hike as smoke bill lowed up behind them. it was getting intense by the time the group made its way out of the area. it is coming from the 700 acre meadow fire. firecrews think it may be an off shoot of a smaller lightning-sparked fire that has been burning for weeks. strong winds may of started a spot fire causing it to explode in size. right now, no structures are threatened. a few trails are closed. at this point, all roads are open. they are cleaning up in southern california tonight after a sudden thunderstorm hit parts of riverside county in
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water and mud. it only last about an hour but that was long enough for the storm to dump two inches of rain turning streets into rivers. the source of the sunday soaking, tropical storm norberg in mexico. the rain passed but it left plenty of problems behind. >> reporter: the rain ended but the trouble persisted. nightfall, tops of cars peeked out of a lake that was hours ago an underpass. the water so deep, ricky went for a swim. >> how deep is it? >> probably about 8 feet. down the middle. three cars are out there. >> >> reporter: it was deeper this afternoon. the witnesses say the the waters rose in an instant. drivers got out, the cars stayed behind. >> the water going to go into the yard. >> reporter: this home here on frank lynn street, martinez was rolling as rain came down invading his yard. >> oh are you serious? >> reporter: the family says they saw the storm drain clogged up with debris.
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that is when the water started rising, fast. >> we seen it a lot. a lot of trash passing by and our trash can flowing and throwing out all of the trash. >> reporter: the martinez family tells us this is the the third time this has happened. but the first time the water has made it into the basement now they are taking stock and planning file a claim in the city. >> our clothing that we used to wear, our movies inside there. our boiler. we don't know if it is gone or not. >> reporter: throughout riverside crews are assessing the damage and reflecting on what the next storm might bring. >> more thunderstorms are expected in southern california tomorrow. the 6.0 quake that hit napa did some good at least. it unleashed torrents of ground water that can ease the drought in one place. this creek in sonoma county is usually dry this time of the year but all of a sudden it is flowing freely. geologist say the quake moved
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the earth enough to open space a lowing the ground water to come up. >> three days after the earthquake i came down here and i am yelling to my wife, you got to see the creek! this is what we saw. it is just amazing. >> some of the water that is coming up is being tested to see if it can be used for drinking. scientists caution it will not last long. probably only a few months. and people who live uphill could potentially see their wells run dry. now, san francisco is considering new rules that would require private schools to take measures to ensure their buildings would hold up in a earthquake. right now praoeuf at schools do not have to meet the same standards as public schools. under the proposed rules they would have to foot the bill for any necessary retrofit work on their own. but, there would be no deadline to get it done. there are more than 100 private schools in san francisco. oakland sports teams are not the only ones with their eyes on the land over by the coliseum. alameda county scooped up 11
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acres near the coliseum complex. the land is across 880. it used to be the zone technology's campus. the county wants to put some of their offices there. how it would fit in coliseum city plan remains to be seen. and tonight, another nba owner is is making plans to sell his stake in his team after racially charged remarks. >> reporter: in august of 2012, atlanta hawks co-owner, bruce leavenson wrote a e-mail. my thaoer sethat the black crowd scared away the white and there are seufplly not enough a fluent black fans to build a significant base. we need -- my theory is that the black crowd scared away the
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whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant base. we need white cheerleaders as well. >> reporter: he self-reported to the office and put the best interests of the nba first. >> it is a business, not an old boy's club. not a fraternity. a business. a $5 billion business. and if you are going to aspire to be a global brand, to be important and respected around the world, your conduct and the conduct of those who are involved in your business has to measure up to that. >> reporter: the nba forced owner sterling to sell the los angeles clippers last month. sterling was caught making racist comments to his mistress in secretly recorded phone calls. >> it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you are associating with black people. >> reporter: one of his many
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critics was bruce levenson. >> it should be 0 tolerance for what he said. just zero. >> reporter: he was not coerced in any way to reveal those e-mails. it was just a couple of weeks ago that president barack obama did not have a strategy to deal with isis. the president plans to meet with leaders to fill them in and announce the plan to the american people on wednesday, the eve of the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> i just want the american people to understand the nature of the threat and how we will deal with it and confidence we will be able to deal with it. >> the group killed two american journalists in recent weeks. the president says it is possible that isis could be a threat to the united states itself. family, friend, fellow celebrities gathered in new york today to say their final
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farewell to joan rivers. outpouring affection from the leading lady of comedy. >> reporter: as bagpipers played, out pouring of celebrity friends added a touch of celebrity on the upper east side. hundreds of camera, snapping fans, young, old, strained to get a look at the stars. the comedian once joked she wanted her final send off to be a huge show business affair but the invitational only service was private. marilyn say member of rivers extended family. >> there was a lot of laughter that she would of loved. a beautiful ceremony. it had music. hugh jackman sang, choir sang, wonderful. >> reporter: she say former producer for rivers. >> nobody else can be here. stphaogd >> can we talk here? [ laughter ] >> the 81-year-old died after suffering a cardiac arrest after an outpatient surgery.
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the autopsy was inconclusive but more is planned to tomorrow the cause of death. the state department of health is investigating. [cheers and applause] >> body by oscar meyer. >> reporter: after the memorial, her grandson and only daughter, melisa greeted by fans. >> such a funny humor that everybody can relate to. rich people, poor people, working people, nonworking people. nobody was -- nobody was left out of her jokes. everybody could relate to them. i think people really kind of resinated with them. >> it would not be joan rivers would a red carpet. they rolled one out down the center aisle in her honor. doctors are baffled. after the break, the new
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i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only a! la quinta! like this. strong winds flipped over four planes pa at an airport near atlanta tonight. at least a dozen o aircraft were damaged. no
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pilots like that have their wind beneath their wings but not like this. a dozen aircraft were damaged in the winds here but nobody was hurt. the cdc is investigating a mysterious virus infecting children. it causes coughing and mimics asthma or respiratory distress. one hospital in kansas city treated 450 cases. smaller clusters are reported in nine other states. >> the clusters that have been seen in the past and reported have been small clusters of maybe say 25 or 30 patients. and we received that many patients in a day. >> most of the cases in the midwest and south. so far the virus has not been reported in california. well, get this. a new book will reportedly reveal the identity of jack the ripper. it would solve one of the world's great detective
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mysteries 126 years after the murders took place in east london. the book's author says dna on a victorian shawl will finally unlock the mystery. >> this is the only piece of tangible evidence from the time of the murders. placed at one of the murder scenes. >> the author claims his book will prove conclusively that a 23-year-old polish immigrant named aaron kasminsky was the famous killer. five people were killed by jack the ripper, mostly female prostitutes. an amateur treasure hunter in the uk could be in line for a big payday after finding a rare coin. johnstoneer found the coin in a farmer's field and the the date on the 3-pennyed coin is 16.52. it is expected to sell for $3
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million. he will give half of the proceeds to the owner of the land where the coin was found. you know, we mentioned earlier in the show about the fact that it has rained so much in southern california and that is the reason why. yesterday it was a hurricane, tonight, it is a tropical storm. by tomorrow, it will be barely more than low pressure sending it in. the tropical storm is effecting the weather in california. high clouds in the south bay. the winds right now, 45 miles an hour. gusts to 60 miles an hour. but, this is like moisture that is kind of pinwheeling off of a garden sprinkler and just throwing waves of moisture as you can see here along the west coast of mexico. a little bit of that is going to work into the desert southwest as it moves to the north and a little bit to the west by monday afternoon. they expect as much as 2 inches of rain. this is all in southern california and in parts of arizona. now, it will cause problems there, though. for us, tomorrow, the numbers popping out in the middle 80s inland. here is what it is looking like over the bay area, high clouds
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tonight. low pressure that will be off shore for another 30 hours will keep inland temperatures mild to warm. in the 80s again inland tomorrow. but, low pressure kicks out. replaced by high pressure on tuesday. as a result the numbers begin to warm. by wednesday, we will be near 90 degrees. so, a little bit of a warming trend for the first time in awhile in the bay area. does not mean we dispense with the low clouds. the bottom part of the screen. nudge of high clouds tomorrow. then, san bernardino county, you can see the clouds. now, for us, summing it up for a few clouds in the extreme south bay. and then it will be warm inland, cool along the shoreline. we will warm it up on wednesday. now, heading out of the bay area tomorrow. up north, looks good. warm in the central valley, 69 at yosemite. cooler than average tomorrow, about 4, 5, 6 degrees, san
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jose. average, 63. now, 87 for monday. out in the east bay, middle 80s, fairfield, 84, north bay, it will be in the middle 70s for the most part. pleasant for marin and sonoma, along the shoreline, low clouds, extended forecast will begin to warm up on tuesday. wednesday, low 90s. the temperatures will stay there through the end of the week until finally by the end of the weekend the numbers will cool off a little bit. but, still, a nice week ahead. so enjoy it. after the break, the clothing optional bay area community struggling to cover its needs as the drought drags on. gm wants to take you out of the driver's seat, sort of. the car of the future that is a lot closer than you might think. i'm dennis o'donell, coming
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up next on "gameday" what serena had to do after winning the u.s. open. >> definitely have to have drinks later. dominating in big d. >> teaching puppies how to bite. rangers debut of a rookie quarterback. >> we will fix these things. big day, big show, "gameday" straight ahead ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at the guaranteed's lowest price.attresses plus, pay no interest for 3 years on the best brand-name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ time water issues right now. residents of the 'naturist resort tell mark kelly: they're determined to consee -- while preserving thei one of the bay area's smallest communities is having big time issues right now. they are telling mark kelly they are determined to conserve while preserving their way of
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life. >> here, clothing might be optional but water, that is a necessity. >> we have not really had an issue with having enough water all of these years for the last 40 years until this drought. >> lori runs the resort. the main sources of water. henry's creek. two wells, a spring, all nearly bone-dry. >> water, on all of our water sources, they are -- they are -- they are low, getting lower. >> reporter: when the resort's 87,000 gallon tank gets low they ship in water. 3800 gallons at a time. that water does not keep the forest all around them from drying up. five tree in one month came crashing down, one blocking this entire road. >> it is a big danger for people and buildings and vehicles. >> reporter: cindy gregory is concerned the lack of water could change her community. >> i don't fear we are going under i sort of fear we can not do everything that we would like to do here because of the water restrictions. >> reporter: the resort has,
11:24 pm
in fact, cutback significantly. signs remind members to conserve. military showers are a must. the pool doubles as a water source if a wildfire were to ever break out and the lawn, the resort's public square of sorts, never gets watered. >> it is one of the showcase pieces, that lawn. >> reporter: still, members make fun with what they have and pitch in. each person encouraged to donate 3 gallons of water a day for the resort with the hope it will remain a paradise another 79 years. >> i think people have been coming here for so long they are going to continue to come here and they are going to donate water if that is what they need to do to be here. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> l the resort used to use about 10,000 gallons of water each day and now it is down to 6,000. and we will be right back on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat...
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years away from rolling out cars that can basically drive themselves. 2017 models will be able to talk to other vehicles using sensors. the semiautomated technology will allow for hands free driving on the highway and in stop and go traffic. other companies like google, mercedes-benz, nissan, they are working on similar projects. driverless are years away. speaking of new technology. a guy that gives new meaning to the term doing the robot. japanese researchers created a two-legged robot that can run like a human. it is equipped with small powerful motors at its waste, knees, ankles and hit a top speed of just over four km an hour. so far it is not clear what it might be used for, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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