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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's meteorologist good morning, frank is doing sleep research this morning. it is 5:00 let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> how do i volunteer for that. i want to do some sleep research. hello everybody, good morning to all of you if you are headed out the door, this morning is so mild outside and we have an admitted high 50s around oakland and berkeley alameda into mountain view, at the peninsular with a west wind 5 to 10 and 815 degrees and outside it will be 86 degrees and mid-week will be the
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warmest temperatures of all, that is good but a look at your twitter, we are not sure how much, leaving stockton delayed just moments ago and the rest of the mass transit is good including bart no delays. we are starting out with our usual slow downs out of tracy beginning right around 11:00 passed the -- right around 11 passed the pass and everything was clear, any earlier delays we had they were minor and those are now gone and those are passed into san francisco, guys? the search for daybreak in the hills much cup cup, here is more on the attack on this 6-
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year-old boy, good morning, kathy. >> reporter: good morning, we just spotted a couple of game wardens on the scene and it looks like they are getting ready to go back and look for the mound taken lion who attacked that boy on a trail near the kitty winery, the boy was attack into the bushes. the boy went into the hospital with serious problems to his head and neck. if they find the mountain lion they will have to put it down. >> the animal will be euthanized because it needs to be tested for several things including rabies, because rabies is prevalent in mountain lions and to test for that, the animal has to be destroyed.
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>> reporter: there have been 16 attacks since 1890 and attacks are very rare. the attacks will happen if they are separated from their mothers or if there is a drought which makes it harder than normal to hunt for their pray. >> how do they get the mountain lion. >> they will take the shirt and make sure the dna matches. at least 100 hikers had to be evacuated as a wildfire suddenly grew in size it started around noon yesterday and the blaze has burned 700 acres it is an elevation much 700,000 feet. many are battling the blaze and so far there are no reports of
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injuries. at the same time firefighters are making progress on another wildfire, the bridge fire broke out friday in the country and all evacuation orders have been lifted. and a side affect. it is usually dry this time of year and now you can see it is flowing freely. the quake essentially shook up the water. >> three days later, i am yelling at my wife. >> scientists say it is not going to last long, maybe just a few months. and ryan is live in the newsroom with details of a new center about to open, ryan?
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many are red tagged and they will open a one-stop shop to help locals find help. business owners and help owners can get help with other resources and they can get a little more than two weeks for about 25 years. meantime they are requiring private schools in the meantime they don't have to meet that timeframe and there will not be a timeline for the upgrades so private schools have time to raise money for the work. san francisco have more than 20,000 who attend private schools. and president barack obama
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announced he was not going to use executive action before the mid-term election, but, the announcement is causing disagreement, that is what any decide on executive action. >> he does not want to be held accountable for an election he knows is unpopular. it was the evidence month democrats and some say they should not take executive action at all. >> anything else will be challenge and probably will not be nearly the bill that is actually needed to solve the problems. others? i think we need to take action now. they spoke urging the president to make a move.
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they have more security resources he doesn't want to do it before his election before being pulled on the senate which could be threatened. >> he is never going to bring them on board and he is on the right side and democrats are on on the right side of this issue. >> democrats have passed it. >> all he has to go is pass one side of that bill work out the differences and we would have an immigration bill which would be strong. they have refused to take up that bill. >> if the president takes executive axel make executive action achieving harder. >> they can expect the president it to take action before the end of the year k p
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x5. >> he didn't have a plan as they will meet tomorrow and layout the strategy to the american people on wednesday. the american people have waged a savage campaign in iraq. they recently released video of the be heldings of two american journalists. and deborah is battling depression. she tells us she has suffered from depression since college. it has kept her away from the office and has moved to an area than will need her. >> there is a big one coming number, she will be turned down at the end of this year and she is not running for another office this year. news this morning, another baby is on the way, wife of prince william is expecting their second child. the 32-year-old kate is being
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treated for acute morning sickness atkinsington -- at kensington palace. a new baby will be coming to the thrown. and a lot closer, it is closer than you may think. and a pooch pool party in the midwest, it is all for a good cause. >> we have pools pinpointed, and all it clear in oakland and san leandro, we will have a look at your drive time and we want to know what drives you crazy, ask a question by emailing us on k p i and watch to see if your question gets answered on air, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dove bar for 7 days?
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on the seventh day beautiful skin is revealed. dove is different. with one quarter moisturizing cream it helps skin feel more firm and elastic. really want to feel the difference? take the dove 7 day test. trace. . today marks 6 months since the malaysia plane vanished and they are still searching for clues, it dropped off the radar
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in beijing china and 239 people were on board. they are two months away from cars that can partially drive themselves. certain models will be able to talk to each other and they will allow for some hands free driving and other companies like hers mercedes benzs and fully automaker vehicles are said to be am now just a few days away. a robot can run like a human. which is creepy, it can hit top speeds of over 4 kilometers per hour and it is not about what it might be used for, but running by themselves driving
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by themselves, there will be no playing with it. >> we can all stop and do nothing. >> let's go outside and you do have to work this morning, we have some issues and we got word there are delays of 50 minutes now. the issue is mechanical, they have been tweeted away this morning, so far no word on this. everything else mass transit rathers and -- varies and we are off to a nice start on this monday morning commute. coming out of tracy, the delay looks great and it really does clear up once you get passed
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the road. here is a live look apt the golden gate bridge, so far things look great and they are open in the southbound direction ash oh around -- and drive time between 14 minutes be a three 80 is still clear. and we are clear all across the span, it looks good headed towards the pay gates towards the toll plaza, we are not seeing any delays in the cash lanes. and san jose, 284 is clear, no issues with the santa cruz usanta cruz mountains and all right, that is your latest drive to work and we will have
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another check beyond your for -- check on your forecast. it is gorgeous if you would an opportunity to see it, right now we are stocked in at the coast and we take a master full. .. >> it is currently 60 with a wave of 10. it is mostly cloudy and mild and we'll see a few clouds drifting across the horizon today but partly to mostly sunny skies watch our futurecast. take a look at the cloud cover, and these clouds will break up by the lunch hour towards -- towards the sunset district and they begin to march inland before they retreat again for
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your tuesday. here is what we should expect for the beginning of a brand- new workweek. upper level trough begins to sag a little and move to the east and today slightly pillow he temperatures. oakland airport is not expecting any kind of delays around the peninsular today and meanwhile if you are traveling to houston or denver, we have thunderstorms in the area. finally and george juice day at the and mid-90s in redding and 68 degrees back in caramel and right around 70 degrees dry
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conditions, low humidity at half doma, temperaturewise, otherwise 65 degrees which is slightly below average, up there, 70s in santa rosa and san jose. we'll see some of the warmest tell use it. and there you have it on wednesday and thursday and just really a benign weather pattern all wait through. >> that is the action jackson. >> storms we had yesterday and my nephew called, it is raining outside. there is activity and we can see that moisture coming up, you know how unusual that is >> guess what we will talk
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about. it is all until bah-hah california. sudden thunderstorms swam muched -- samped the area and dumped two inches of rain and that's all it took for this to happen. >> how deep is it? >> 8 feet. there are three cars out there. >> more thunderstorms in california, november and sudden california. the wet dog was all for a good cause. hundreds of only first and dogs took over and it is a fundraise heer forth kay nine unit. 49 -- k-9 unit. and they showed due process, dallas sensation coming up. what is cool about your school, you can see mail your
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nomination to us at k b i and we -- k p i and we may do your school on the show. ,,,, ♪watching everybody eating ♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard
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. checking road conditions before you leave, everything is clear and that's a live look but out drive times on your screen show it is beginning to
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slow in the livermore valley and your check is just ten minutes away. good morning everybody, the 49ers without their players are at least halfway through the season and they answered that asking too many questionss. now one of shows makes them win 28-17 and it was not that close. daron threw two touchdown passes in his debute. they broke it open with a 71 touchdown run by chris >> i have ivory, and the raids -- ivory and the raiders go down in the eastern time zone. basess were loaded in the 9 9th, on comes fernando, and the
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game after they win 4-3 and they announce 8 of 10, they are looking to sweep, 3 behind the dodgers in the national league west and remember they are looking really good in the wildcard standings have. and in the women's championship, afterwards they went out for drinks and serena will yams, it is since 1958. opening weekend, check out the long pass, andy dalton and more importantly, the any ofty catch -- the great catch by
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a.j. green making a difference as they beat the ravens. and look at this, tampa bay buccaneers invited the marching band to perform at half-time and they said they were notable to do that. >> it is 25 minutes after 5:00 a.m. and your skills could land you in a san francisco restaurant. why some bay areas are having trouble fine being some cooks for their restaurants. and another racism scandal, the remarks from one owner which led him to sell him for the team. the oop.
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>> and we will be live come under up with another report, stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at we're live from t . a massive search is underway for a mountain lion that attacked a young boy. we are live on the scene with the latest. and a dramatic rescue from yosemite right before the helicopter helped. we will have your full forecast, that is still straight ahead. bay bridge toll plaza, things are quickly pulling in and we will have you back to work on this back to work monday coming up. it is september 8th, and i am here as the hunt for a
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mountain lion resumes above cup cup. here is more with fish and wildlife officials getting are eddie to look for that dangerous cat. the game ward answer and handlers actually slept outside waiting for the sun to come up as they hunt for that cat. it happened one mile from where the trail begins. the 6-year-old boy was attacked from behind. >> he was basically somewhat dragged through part of the brush, family members then came to his aid. >> this green shirt he was wearing collected from the shirt to the cat. >> he was brought to a place given at appropriate care fortunate to your of his injuries. he went from being admitted to the hospital sin is now listed
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in fair condition. >> he was taken to the exact spot where the trail happened. as for the plan of action? >> the animal will be euthanized because he needs to be tested for rabies and they are prevalent on occasion and to test for rabies, the animal has to be destroyed. >> guys, you see it there? >> reporter: still with added caution. >> mountain lions attack when they are stressed out as for being separated from their mother or if there is no water and they are stressed out.
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>> you are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a mountain lion. >> they are moving out in circles and they did find some tracks out there. to give you an idea how difficult this is, the last attack happened in 2012 and they are working and they did not find that cat from two years ago. >> when they find this mountain lion, they will not tranquilize it? >> they will have rifles, they will shoot to kill and they will see if it matches the cat that attacked the boy. and reef's got -- we have roberta who ramped up the bike ride. >> we raised money for people
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with intellectual disabilities and we raised $4 million over the weekend. >> from caramel to hersh cass 18. >> we rode our bikes and i was exhausted and you know you are doing it for such a great cause and the weather was stunning and we saw whales. we saw whales off the coast of monterey bay this past weekend. the weather was stunning, hope you had a great time this weekend, thanks so much for being out the door. livermore 828 degrees our outside number will be slightly cooler for this time of year and we will bum temperature up top 90 -- to 90 on tuesday and 80s on wednesday and thursday. you are looking busy over there, what is up?
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we have a bit of breaking news, muni delays with a muni accident. it happened 20 minutes ago in san francisco's bay view neighborhood. it is a pedestrians and i am not too clear, it happened on williams and sunny dale. that is the latest when he is brick under the photographer. mechanical issues throwing down the commute by 15 minutes. we have not heard anything about it and we will continue to watch that as well. here is a live look out the door and filling in the cash lanes but the fast track is in the lanes with no metering lights as of yet.
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dramatic pictures where a group of hikers had to be airlifted to safety because of a wildfire. it was getting intense and ryan joins us with a helicopter rescue hype wind stirs up hatch way up the dome and they were told to sit tight and wait for the chopper. his friends were able to finish their hike as smoke rose up behind them. the valley now covers 700 acres and fire crews think it is an off shoot of a smaller fire that has been burning for weeks. all roads into into the park
5:36 am
are still open and i know it was pretty scary. >> right now it is moving fairly quickly and we are not sure what the fire is going to do. in an effort to keep everybody safe who may be out there, we are getting everybody out as quickly as possible and right now that isp happeningp now and we need to raise it k p i xp ever. and so far it is notp threatening any structures. it is threatening to shut down certain parts of southern california. the local water division has completely shut down one well and it is dramatically reducing
5:37 am
the water from pumping at the others. they are now dipping into an emergency supply. >> our second groundwater supply they much try and they are getting a usage audit to see how well they can save water. a magnitude earthquake water that was trapped underground was released and this creek outside the city of sonoma is flowing freely. the quake essentially moved the earth enough to open some space allowing the groundwater to perk late up. three days after the earthquake came and i am yelling at my wife to see, this is what we saw, it was amazing.
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>> it will last only a few months and people uphill could potentially see their wells run dry. they are requiring, new wells but under the pro poeted bills and there are more than 100 private schools in san francisco. hackers have broken into the school's web server. they have stolen social security numbers of more than 6,000 people. they took 500 dates of birth and everybody's whose information is stolen is being notified by male. and bruce is selling his steak in the team and
5:39 am
apologizing. the sale is sounding very familiar to wasn't fans. he is selling. my testimony theory, there is not enough of a flewian -- fluent fans to add fans. live haven't son said he -- he told the nba about it himself realizing it was inappropriate -- inappropriate and offensive. levinson agreed. >> as soon as i read it, i thought this guy is really dumb. >> reporter: four months ago he secretly recorded comments from donald sterling to -- donald
5:40 am
sterling to his girlfriend led to the sale of his team. >> reporter: at the time levinson had this to say. >> those are racist bigoted remarks we can't tolerate. >> they commended him for putting the league first and stepping aside. the car of the future may only be a couple ever years away. >> that would make sense. >> joel wagner, cbs money good morning. am am -- some cars will be equipped with what they call hands free driving and it will keep the car in its lane and a
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safe distance from other cars. it will also allow them to share data with each other. it is more than 2000 years old and this positive run started march 2009 after stocks plunged during the financial crisis. they will not be quite as big as they have early on. on friday, the s&p 500 closed at a new record high, the dow jones industrial average and the nazdaq climbed 20, brad and michelle? there is a new deal especially for pasta lovers. olive garden is -- loose olive garden is allowing all the pasta and salad and coca-
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cola happens option on olive guard end's website. >> you will need new pants after that. >> cbs money and right now an east coast pizza company is adding a new twist to their pizza sauce. after the break we will have the new ingredients they will use to spice things up. coming up a new mystery virus making children sick by the hundreds. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the duchess of cambridge...e of prince william... is expecting their second child. the 32-year-old kate is being
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treated for acute morning sickness at kensington pala. a condition she also experid when she was pregnant with prince george. the new babyl fourth in line to the thron gas prices in the u-s have dropped . the new baby will be 4th in line to the thrown. gas prices in the u.s. have gone up over the past couple of weeks, accord being to the survey, it is now $3 and 46 cents per gallon and that's 25 cents less than it was four weeks ago. it is $3.84 $3.84 in san jose and $3 98 in san francisco, the most expensive gas in the u.s.a. we are still driving or riding. we do have several mass transit issues this morning and it all started and now we have these
5:46 am
muni delays there was unfortunately an accident involving a pedestrians and they hit one, it happened around third and carol. am and train number one finally left stockton by a good hour or so. it looks like the amount of train number , a train number 1 l1ll0l1bl0 on time and earlier it had mechanical issues and that's what they were tweeting about earlier. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, now trying to get into san francisco. 5:41 you were stopped up through the over crossing r and
5:47 am
we are not seeing much and here is a look from the pass. fortunately no incidents and everything is typical for this time of the morning. another check on your forecast here is roberta. >> i knew there was a reason you were so excited about the full moon. i said it is because it is the harvest moon and it reachest it's fullest state. i hope you can see it before the clouds move back on the shore and looking at the bay bridge so we are pretty much in the 15 ross and air temperature is 58 degrees there.
5:48 am
we will have partial coastal clearing and higher temperatures and warmest days are yet to come and we will fill you in on what is to come. and by 1:00 we'll see some clearing at the golden gate bridge, spotty marine layer on the san mateo coast and it will show us clouds. the area of low pressure upper trough is sticking to the south as it injectings to the east and that is why we have the cooler air masker this area as that happens. will be wents day and thursday. 68 degrees from monterey bay all the way through caramel and it will be cooler than it was
5:49 am
this weekend. and very low relative humidity in yosemite. here is your sun up and sundown, 6:34 we'll see temperatures looking look this, 60s beach happens in the inland and mid-90s. what you have did you pick that? >> just a few missed showers and i know this it guy goes way back with our -- what was it? >> 1998, a was it? >> i am sure it was. >> well, you can go through the memories. >> right now, san francisco, they are in need of cooks but it is difficult to need them
5:50 am
because of the high cost and he said, you can am go through the process investing training and all of that because they are not able to live or afford the lifestyle and it makes it challenging. >> cooks in san francisco earn an average much $29,000 a year. they may offer with pizza sauce. that is not oregano a pizza company is, woulding with chefs to create a new can't bus infused -- a new sauce. the company wants to dispute froze -- distribute marijuana
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at when he got the potentially deadly virus last month. now he's recovering in a nebras hospital. doctors say he stl has a long way to go. sacra merican to get . a doctor is recovering in a nebraska hospital. he is the third american to get ebola virus. the other two were treated with an experimentel drug and recovered. a rare virus is sending hundreds of children throughout the midwest to the hospital and they are warning parents to keep an eye out for symptoms. >> reporter: as the days dwindled, they are, looking at
5:55 am
they may also be spreading germs. >> i came with disinfectant spray, color racks, wipes. -- color objection, -- chemicals to clean and wipes. >> reporter: the virus has them completely surrounded reaching illinois and kentucky and now they are wondering who could be next. >> it may already be here but it is a hard virus to test for. >> he says the virus has experts stomped and they are still trying to figure out why they are catching it. they are sending more to the icu. >> reporter: as doctors keep a close eye on the outbreak, they are telling parents to do the
5:56 am
same. >> i am scared my parents will get sick and i don't want them getting something i can't get rid of. >> you are looking for if they are having trouble breathing or a lot of severe could you have being, those are -- coughing those are reasons to get checked out. >> hospitals are trying to get fully avalanched and we will tell you about about the one- stop shop set up to help local willing rebuild. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. a mountain lion puts a young boy in the hospital, he pounds from behind -- bounced
6:00 am
from bash pounded from behind dishpanned from -- pounced from behind the. and a wildfire burns out of control. >> i think it is important people are aware of what is going on. as california secretary of state comes forward and you remember too, from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter, k p i x this morning. well, good morning, it is monday september 8th, time now is 6:00 and it is time to check in with elizabeth. >> all eyes are on muni, if you are a train rider, we have a couple of things to note, muni was abducted by


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