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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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pictures, and say these are proof that waste management is lying. councilwoman pat kernihan says it's the complete opposite. >> i think it's sad that a corporation that wants to serve oakland citizens would lie to them. >> reporter: she says the signature gatherers even approached her over the weekend, telling her recycling will be phased out, over the new company. >> he said well, because for the next ten years your garbage is not going to get sorted. all of it is going to go to the landfill. i said really? what basis do you have to say that? >> reporter: waste management needs about 22,000 signatures to pass a referendum and overturn that decision. we showed the pictures to the man who is behind the petition. >> if somebody does that, and
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puts that out, we will have them take that sign down. we would ask people to take that down, and they have. let's say it were you, and you were collecting signatures. you may want to say, to anything that you could to get somebody to sign it. but that's not what we're trying to do. so when we find out about it, we correct it. >> reporter: he would only say waste management is not behind the wrong information and blames the signature gatherers. those people generally get $2 for each signature. i went to a booth outside of a grocery store today. the posters are gone, go a signature gatherer confronted me after i declined to read an article and sign the petition. >> i signature you learn how to read, and maybe take some reading comprehension tests. >> reporter: waste management says it has gotten about 13,000 signatures so far. they have until september 26,
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or 27, to get enough signatures. as for the city, it is meeting with its city attorney to see how they should look at this referendum, and what they can do, regarding sol of the information that has been put out. for now, live in oakland, kpix5. >> waste management is also suing the city of oakland to try to get that contract back. the company says it's been collecting garbage in oakland for a century. they say it's risky to give that contract to another company. there is a respiratory sickness making hundreds of kids sick. on the link to a bay area outbreak. >> reporter: more than 1,000 children have been sickened by respiratory infections. many children require hospitalization, because what seems to start off as a cold, a
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week later develops into wheezing. >> i know i was scared. and i remember thinking i was going to die. >> he was white as a ghost. lips were blue, he was completely unconscious. >> reporter: some of the patients have tested positive for a rare entro viral strain. this strain is rare, and so far has only struck children and teens. it started here in california in 1962, there have been outbreaks in other states, most recently in 2009, and 2010. >> it can be pretty dangerous, kids can get pretty sick, especially if they have a history of asthma. >> reporter: earlier this year, ucsf was studying a handful of cases, involving children in california who suffered a polio like illness, that left them paralyzed in the leg or arm.
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they think d68 is the culprit. >> we have 2 of the 5 patients we have seen that have been found to have this entrovirus 68. >> reporter: there are no reports of paralysis in this current outbreakk and no one has buyed. there is no vaccine, so doctors treat the symptoms, and only when a child breathes normally, will their parents breathe easier. kpix5. >> experts predict it will spread. it's affects are worse on children with a preexisting condition like asthma. searching the hills above
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cupertino for that mountain lion. they didn't find the cat, but they did find fresh tracks, and they think it's still in the area. the concern is that this mountain lion has proven to be more erratic, and dangerous than most. >> the fact that it attacked a youngster, and also made an aggressive movement towards a group of not one person, but nine people, that's completely rare, and totally out of whack, as far as the way a mountain lion should be thinking. >> the lion pounced on a 6-year- old boy from behind, scratching and biting him before being chase chased off by the boy's family and friends. wardening will also be setting out baited traps tonight. if they capture the lion that attacked the boy, that lion will be euthanized. a minivan driver throughed into a bicyclist in san francisco before colliding with a muni bus and several other cars. it happened in the richmond
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district just before 8:00 this morning. the minivan driver crashed into the bicyclist, and into a 31 balboa bus. the bicyclist, and the driver are expected to be okay. thousands of cal state east bay students and faculty have been notified of a security breach. the school says hackers broke into the web server last year, and stole names, addresses, and social security numbers of more than 6,000 people. the breach wasn't spotted until last month, but csu says there have been no reports of identity fraud. a candidate for san jose mayor is drawing attention to what he calls an uptick in violent crime. supervisor dave cortezy, and former police chief, rob davis, talked with reporters this afternoon. davis is endorsing cortezy. they add, the past three years has seen the worst homicide rate in deck ates. >> lost a lot of our pro
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activity. a lot of it has come from the fact that we have 400 viewer officers. >> the city has less than 900. many of the officers have left because of cuts in pay, and pension benefits. there could be a big break tonight in the gypsy hill murders here in the bay area. the fbi announced a new person of interest. 66-year-old rodney halbower. on the right, a more recent photo of him, in prison in oregon. today, court papers revealed his dna was found at the scene of three of those murders. based on this new dna evidence, a woman previously convicted of one of the murders was granted a new trial. a judge ordered the new trial for cathy woods. she initially admitted to it, while under psychiatric care,
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but later recanted. a prosecutor and a dna worker have been reassigned because they had an affair. the two worked on the 1989 killing of cathy zimmer. her body was found in a quilt in a car. she was strangled. the district attorney revealed his leadership can criminalist, amanda cardinas. former governor, arnold schwartzenegger back in the state capitol today for the first time since leaving office. kpix5's phil matear joins us live for the reason for arnold's sacramento sequel. >> reporter: that's a good way to put it. governator 2 showed up today. he's had more than his share of
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controversy, but it was all smiles and hugs today for the unveiling of the official portrait of action star turned governor, arnold schwartzenegger. >> i've seen so many people, and so many cameras for a news conference. >> the 38th governor of our great state, the honorable arnold schwartzenegger. >> and i have to say that i have missed being here, many times. >> schwartzenegger outlined some of the highlights of his seven years in office, he spent most of the time, just saying thank you. >> truly a great honor. when i was a young boy in austria, i dreamt about california every day. but not in my wildest dreams did i ever think that one day i will be governor, or that one
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day there would be a portrait hanging here in this state capitol. >> schwartzenegger had his share of personal, and political ups and downs. >> for the rest of the world, california is tomorrow, it is the future. or as i said, outside in the front of the capitol, it is the golden dream by the sea. thank you very much. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: schwartzenegger's portrait will soon join the ranks of the other governors in the state's capitol. some famous, some all but forgotten. nobody has muched the style of jerry brown's first portrait. >> he was angry. he said, you'll never be elected to another office again. >> reporter: well he didn't quite get that right, ken. governor brown is back, and he
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will probably get a second portrait. that will be a first. two portraits for him. arnold's portrait? he paid for it himself, i hope you like it. >> he did a good job, it looks like they knocked 30 years off at least. >> reporter: it looks like a movie poster. 30 years off, photoshoped, and made him look like an action movie. >> by the way, schwartzenegger also attended a climate change conference hosted by the environmental protection agency. he pushed his work forward in combating greenhouse emissions. >> it looked a little photoshoped, but he looked good. i prefer a portrait like governor browns though. still ahead, fire brokes out on a classic roller coaster. crews scammabled to get water
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125 feet up to the top. >> leaving dozens of drivers standard, and it's not over yet. phoenix got more rainfall today than we've seen since march 1. not a cloud in the sky, but not that warm today. we'll tell you when temperatures change to the tune of 20th degrees -- 20 degrees. this is a different kind of airline. one that invented low-fares so everyone could fly. one that decides where to go next by putting your needs first. and knows people are its most powerful fuel. some say we do things differently. we say, why would we do things any other way? without a heart, it's just a machine.
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afternoon at six flags magic mountain in southern california. ments the flames erupted on a ride this afternoon at six flags magic mountain in southern california. take a look at these pictures. they captured moments that the flames started to spread across the roller coaster. the fire broke out on the colossus wooden roller coaster.
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it was closed to be turned into a hybrid wooden and steel roller coaster. it was the world's tallest, and fastest roller coaster when it opened in 1978. a fire burning in yosemite national park has almost quadrupled in size. the wind wined meadow fire burned through 4 square miles today. that's up from about 1 square mile over the weekend. the flare up comes a day after at least 85 hikers had to be airlifted near the park's iconic half dome. several popular trails remain offlimits. the fire is burning within the yosemite valley on both sides of the river, visitors are on edge. >> raging, right on the opposite side of the mountain. as soon as the wind is capturing it, it was pretty scary. >> right now, the fire is moving pretty quickly. we just are not sure what the fire is going to do.
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in an effort to keep everybody safe who may be out there, we're just getting them out there as quickly as possible. >> rescue teams swept fire crews up. los angeles homes are known for their lavish swimming pools, but since when do they pop up in the middle of the street? this swirling sinkhole created a mess in an encino neighborhood, when a water main ruptured. it caused a 20-foot section of the street to collapse. at least two garages were damaged by the water flow. authorities are still calculating how much water was lost. water problems of a different kind else where in southern california, and parts of arizona, and nevada. a storm knocked out power, and closing roads. cbs reporter, danielle nottingham tells us, it has claimed at least one person's life. stretch rose flood waters swept through the southwest.
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there were dramatic rescues like this one. in tucson, arizona, emergency crews saved this woman. >> within basically a minute or two of us on scene, that vehicle was swept down stream, and it immediately went down underwater. >> reporter: arizona officials declared a statewide emergency, and for the city of phoenix. widespread storms set an all- time record for rainfall during a single day. >> the city of phoenix and our entire region saw levels of rainfall we haven't seen in nearly a century. >> angel escalante had just remodeled and moved in. storms near riverside, and palm
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springs created dangerous rapids of water in normally dry creeks and canyons. more flooding is in the forecast for the southwest, including las vegas. where more than 3 inches of rain fell in just one hour. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> meteorologists say the flooding is turned into a 102 year flood event. >> the pictures we get checking in now, they haven't seen this in 100 years. this has been a crazy event. it's an old tropical system. that's what gets you. it's the rain, and the flooding. >> regardless, they're still in drought. >> that's the weird thing. parts of california, to get all of that, it's all going to be runoff, it's not going to be the stuff that soaks into the ground. after you clean up from a flood, you're still in a multiyear drought. for us, not a drop of rainfall around here. sunshine, but it wasn't warm today. did you get caught in the
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chilly morning? myself included. today will be the coolest day of the week. that's a lock. livermore today only 76, fremont, your high 73. daly city, 63 for you. morgan hill, the warm spot at 82. we're checking our radar, it looks nothing like what's going on in arizona. we do not want any kind of flooding, but we certainly could use some radar. throwses up all of this moisture into southern california, nevada, arizona. not here. just not in the cards right now. the pattern is not conducive for us to see a drop of rainfall. let's talk about temperature, that will be changing significantly. strong onshore flow today, lots of clouds, and a pretty chilly day for this time of year. not going to happen tomorrow. low pressure begins to move
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out. this big bubble of pressure will set itself over the top of us. lots of warmth. if we had a chance of 1% of rain, it's going to be 0 for much of next week. napa tomorrow, 81 degrees. the warming begins tomorrow. the warming really gets here on wednesday. mid-90s inland. mid- to upper 70s near the bay. once we get warm, we're going to stay warm, through the weekend. we may even see 70 at the coast, coming up on saturday and sunday. pleasant to get outside, but the cumulative effect of no rainfall, is beginning to add a burden on our rainfall. summer is just beginning in san francisco now. right around halloween, it always seems to rain on halloween. >> okay. >> it has the past four years. anybody who has kids knows that. >> thanks paul. the drought emergency is threatening the iconic horses on marin county's horse hill.
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new at 6:00, how they're running out of water. >> reporter: 14 horses live here, next to highway 101 in marin county, between tiburon, and mill valley. it's called horse hill. but the horses have a problem. >> on the current drought situations have completely totally dried up two natural springs that supply our water trough with water. >> reporter: barely a dribble from the pipe that used to flow the hillside where the two springs used to be. now hot, dusty, and dry. >> tanner is thirsty. they're all thirsty. >> reporter: there is a temporary solution. it involves the kind help from a neighbor and hundreds of feet of garden hose. three times a week, two hours at a time, they filled trough and pay the neighbor, but they need their own supply. enacting to city water is going
6:22 pm
to cost $22,000. they're putting the horses to work. >> we are making them available to people who give us a donation of $20 or more. >> to bring water to the horses. >> to bring water to the horses, which they desperately need. >> reporter: not exactly chippendale, or dallas cheerleaders, but you get the idea. they've got to earn the keep. smack dab in the middle of urban marin. just add water. the horse owners say if they can raise the money, and that's still is a very big if, they hope to have this water situation solved by the end of the year. all right bay area, here's your chance, if you'd like to help those horses, we put information on our website, go there, look for the tabs. still ahead, punishment
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from the nfl for a player caught on camera hitting his wife. what it means for other players face abuse allegations. >> and the home imivement data breach. the millions of customers who could be affected. ,, bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent! but my friends are learning skills that can change a life. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people.
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rice in a domestic violence dispute. the video has cost his job... possibly his n-f disdisturbing new video out today, showing baltimore ravens star, ray rice in a domestic dispute. this video has cost him his job, possibly his nfl career. we want to warn you, it is hard to watch. tmz posted the footage from an atlantic city helicopter. rice can be seen punching his fiance in the face, he knocks her out cold, before dragging her, partially out of the elevator. only minutes after it was released, the baltimore ravens canceled his contract. the nfl has suspended him immediately. >> faced with the consequences of doing wrong, and rightfully
6:26 pm
so, it is tough. it is hurtful. and in my opinion, it's for both of them as a couple, and going forward, my hope is they can make it work. >> the nfl is saying today, quote, that video was not made available to us, and no one, in our office had seen it until today. the league previously handed down a two game suspension. today's actions against rice are raising some questions about the fate of a 49er player, also in the middle of a domestic violence case. last month, police arrested defensive end ray mcdonald at his home in south san jose, following a domestic violence call. police say they're still investigating ray mcdonald's case, involving his fiance, before sending it to the d.a.'s office for official charges. the 49ers refuse to draw any parallels between ray rice, and ray mcdonald. only saying they're waiting for
6:27 pm
the investigation to reveal the truth. we take a tour of the san bruno neighborhood now. see the progress, and all that is still left to repair. >> president obama gears up for the fight against extremists. who he's supporting or who he's looking to for support. >> soon, your iphone will be worth a lot less. how to get the best deal, if you're planning on selling it, and get the new one.
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explosion... four years later... signs of progress. still a long way to go. welcome back, i'm ken bastida. now at 6:30, a neighborhood exploded in a pg and e pipeline exploded, four years later. >> that city's mayor is hammering up a proposed fine against pg and e. >> it was not an accident, and we are outraged by the prolonged refusal to take responsibility for killing eight of our citizens. >> the mayor also says money from the $1.4 billion fine should be set aside for pipeline safety, not the state's general fund. pg and e plans to appeal that
6:31 pm
penalty from the california public utility's commission. the pipeline explosion changed the neighborhood forever. kpix5's john ramos on how some of those changes threaten to change the neighborhood. >> reporter: you might just wonder about these empty lots. >> it's like one of those events in your life, where you remember exactly how everything went, and it just remains with you. >> reporter: as the explosion and fire balance tore through this neighborhood, he arrived to rescue his cousins, who's house is barely 500 yards from the blast zone. their home has survived, but the next door neighbor wasn't so lucky. >> i can't believe there used to be houses just there, and now they're gone. >> reporter: the neighborhood has changed in positive ways as well. beautiful new homes are springing up, with attractive
6:32 pm
attractive landscaping. no amount of landscaping can change the fact that there is still a huge hole in this neighborhood. >> something like that happens to you, that catastrophe i think, it leaves a scar. and it gives you a little bit of fatigue. >> reporter: those who perish will never be forgetten by nose who survived. but the four year struggle to rebuild has had one more lasting effect on the people who live here. >> whatever we see them, it's just like, hey, house it going? we definitely got closer. >> it really brought people together. >> reporter: the tragedy that pulled this neighborhood apart, is slowly making it stronger than it ever was before. tomorrow afternoon, the crestmoore neighborhood will gather for an anniversary sear moan where the blast happened.
6:33 pm
the white house says a plan is now in place to deal with the terrorist group known as isis. president obama will unveil the details, first to congress, and then to the public. craig bosswell is live with more information. >> reporter: congress is back from a five week vacation. >> i think there will be general bipartisan support for the president, as long as he is specific about what he wants to achief. >> reporter: the white house is calling the strategy, a counterterrorism effort, but not revealing specifics. republican frank wolf introduced legislation, authorizing the president to take force. >> you have to deal with syria. their headquarters are in syria. it would be like you said, you're doing something bad, but no one can get back to where
6:34 pm
you went away. >> the president does believe that he has all the authority necessary as the commander in chief in the united states, to order what is necessary to protect the people of the united states. >> reporter: craig bosswell, cbs news, washington. >> the white house is also working to build more international support. secretary of state john kerry is headed to the middle east tomorrow for meetings in jordan, and saudi arabia. >> home depot compare systems that were hacked. this could be bigger than the 40 million customers affected by
6:35 pm
target last year. annie's was bought today by general mills. shares jumped 37% to $46 following that announcement. anne's went public in 2012. first of a series of public meetings was held this morning. caltrains getting riders thoughts on seats, bathrooms, and even bikes onboard. the unveiling of the new fleet of trains is still at least a couple of years away. but those running the modernization project are optimistic about the new changes. >> it provides many benefits. it produces a decrease in overall pollution. so there are a whole series of plus series to making this change. >> another meeting is currently underway at the san mateo transit district meeting in st. charles. still ahead, in with the new iphone 6:00. the best time to sell your old
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iphone, if you're planning to jump to the new version. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for the new one. on the consumerwatch, well, if you are banking on getting the iphone 6, you're going to want to sell your old phone to pay for the new one. >> julie watts explains the upgrade is going to cost in more ways than one. >> reporter: we don't know how much yet the new phone will cost, you can bet you'll be shelling out for more than just the phone itself. the anticipated larger screen will likely mean you'll need a new cell phone case, and you may even need to purchase new apps resigned for the real estate. apple is also adding fitness, and home automation, that may require additional axisries. all of these add-ons are one of the reasons, folks are looking to cash in on their current phones. >> to get the most money from your iphone, i would sell it as soon as possible. these are only going to lose value, when the new iphone comes out, everybody is going to be looking for that. now is the time to sell. >> reporter: that's the advice
6:39 pm
from c net. if previous iphones are any indicater, the top resale sites suggest your phone will likely lose another 5 to 10% of its value by october. values often see a slight increase right around the holidays. apple also has a buy back program, where you can trade in your old phone, towards the price of a new one, but generally, not as much as you can earn by selling the phones online. >> garbage. not worth anything anymore. >> it dropped significantly in the two months leading up to these releases, then kind of plummets. >> nothing there is new. every 8, every 6 months they're doing this to us. forcing us to change chargers,
6:40 pm
cases. you want to go android, you want to go apple. >> i've heard a lot of people, including folks on the set saying the five is a great phone. but there are people in line for this. >> speaking of switching, you know what bombed? the amazon phone. amazon has dramatically slashed the price on this phone. you think it's bad with the iphone. the fire is now available for 99-cents with a two year at&t contract. it was released in july for $199. only 35,000 fire phones were sold in the first four days, by comparison, apple sold 9 million apple 5s's, and 5c's, in just the first three days. take that. >> 99 cents? you could buy a box of them, drop it in the water, no big deal. got another one at home. still ahead, baby buzz for the royal couple. >> people around the world,
6:41 pm
excited for prince william, and duchess kate. >> mount hamilton, looking down on the santa clara valley. lots of morning fog, it burned off. but temperatures did not respond. we had a pretty strong onshore flow. wait until you see what happens when that flow from the ocean goes away. that's coming up. >> coming up, the 49ers say going to one of their running backs. and goodbye to the u.s. open. >> you definitely owe drinks later. >> and derek jeter says goodbye to some guy named -- >> walt wallheimer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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all right, a question, how much would you pay for unlimited pasta? we're not talking about just one meal. we mean for almost two months. does it sound good? we're going to tell you where you can catch in tonight.
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royal insiders believe kate is still in her first few months. kate has been suffering from severe morning sickness. prince george is now 13 months old, and third in line to the british thrown. his little brother will be fourth in line. reporter christine lazar shows us, his mom has turned him into an internet sensation. >> at home, the 4-year-old is your typical toddler. on the pages of his mom's blog, the preschooler is a style sensation. ingly really didn't even think anyone was going to look at my instagram account. >> reporter: it all started just six months ago, she noticed photos of fashionable
6:46 pm
kids on instagram. >> it felt really unattainable to me, like something probably most people would brush off. >> she set off to mimic high fashion looks on a shoestring budget. using reicher, and sometimes gray. >> the shirt was $3.50 on the old navy sale rack. >> reporter: she posed side by side photos of him next to famous people. people from all over the world took notice. >> i heard people from australia, spain, poland, anywhere you can think of, i heard from. >> reporter: designers sent him thousands of dollars to model their clothes. reicher isn't always in the mood to take photos, so she
6:47 pm
makes it a game. >> we raced to see who could get it first. the minute it gets not fun, is the minute we stop doing it. >> reporter: kpix5. >> well, there you go. we're all speechless. >> i got nothing. just not surprised it's coming out of southern california. our part of the world, we're going to heat up a little. >> we are. after a day like today, you would think that it's going to be a chilly week. what's going on? this is not september. wrong. tomorrow, we get warmer by wednesday. you're going to be saying, monday was so refreshing. here's the peek outside. we have a beautiful sunset on tap. a little chilly. but it is a beautiful picture. everybody is the in 60s. where is the heat? livermore, 69 right now, even with the sunshine. santa rosa at 67, good evening to you in oakland. 66degrees there. san bruno, 64. san francisco holding at 62.
6:48 pm
a lot of 6's here as well. angwir, 66. cupertino, 66 degrees. fremont down to 57. mountain view, 58. perhaps a light jacket for the kids tomorrow. when is it going to rain? you will see pictures from phoenix, and tucson, critical flooding there. palm springs is getting poured on. the first rainfall of a tenth of an inch or more, happened in september last year. but it was late october, and back in 2011, it was october 3. on average, we've got about one more very dry month before things will finally change over to a more wet pattern. we hope. we have a lot of rainfall. look at las vegas, look at phoenix. tons of rainfall today. more rain in phoenix, than has ever happened in a 24 hour
6:49 pm
period in that city's history. low pressure passed by to the north, gave us the cloud cover, and the stronger onshore flow today. that moves away. it's all about this ridge, as it moves closer to us, we get less of the ocean influence, more sunshine. it is going to get warm to hot away from the water. it really begins tomorrow. much milder, especially inland. and everybody gets the sunshine friday and saturday, even at the coast. san jose tomorrow, 80. that's 3 degrees below average, but milder than today. hayward, 76, with afternoon sunshine. brentwood, 90. looking for a high of 68 in san francisco tomorrow. lake port, 92 degrees. we get hot wednesday. mid-90s, inland, all the way through the weekend, and well into the 70s near the bay, with not a drop of rainfall. we've got sports coming up next.
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after a videotape was appea8 months after rice hit his fiance. ray rice is done as a professional football player. at least for now, after a videotape appeared 8 months after rice hit his fiance. the ravens released rice, hours after tmz released this video of him punching his soon to be wife in an elevator back in
6:53 pm
february. baltimore will not owe him the $10 million he was due to make. rice also received an indefinite suspension from the nfl, which claims it never saw the video before today. la michael james asked for, and was granted his release by the team. james was the second round pick of 2012. he never really grew into an impact player, and with rookies carlos hide, and bruce ellington returning kicks, moved ahead of james, who just wanted a new start. frank gore remains the one constant in the 49er backfield. he became the 29th player to gain over 10,000 yards rushing, and continues to show no signs of slowing down, according to jim harbaugh. >> there's no shelf life to football players. i learned at an early age from my mom, never to believe in
6:54 pm
expiration dates. maybe she was just trying to get things at a lesser cost, but i learned that very well. the bread had a little mold on it, brush it off, or cut it off and eat the other part. >> add that to the library of harbaugh-isms. richard nixon became the 38th president in 1968. michael, and christie brinkley, just focusing in on the men's final. where? for the first time, since 2005 did not feature federer, djokovic, or nadal. both 66-1 long shots before the tournament began. tonight, he was on the drug
6:55 pm
adrenalin. the 25-year-old wins, and he's the king of new york. to win his first grand slam. after a brilliant 20 year career in the big leagues, everybody wants a piece of derek jeter during his farewell tour. >> walt rineheimer, she will have to call you back, buddy. >> byu blows out texas. during the blowout of that other texas team, eric reed had the pick, bone crushing hit. who says that guy doesn't pack a punch? that is dantonio brown's favorite song.
6:56 pm
he kicks spencer laining in the face. steels beat the browns. the cal bears are reaching new heights, especially kenny lawler. the bears blew out sacramento state to double their win total from last year. i do want to welcome back my coanchor, who has been traveling cross country in his '66 corvette, is that right? >> yes, sir. >> he came back with bob horn. what a trip. that was a trip of a lifetime. ken decided not to bring his razor. >> kind of a long, strange trip actually. >> do you have a picture of the car? >> missed you guys very much. >> you shaved. >> thank you. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: thank you very much. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you, folks. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got another good one for you folks today. returning for the fifth and final day with a total-- 22,800 bucks-- from chicago, illinois, it's the fisher family. and all the way from austin, texas, it's the kelly family. everybody here, they are here to win a lot of cash, and remember, today, if the fisher family wins today's game, they are going home in a stylish
7:00 pm
brand-new ford fusion today. it's car day, baby. good luck to both families. give me venus. give me ally. let's go. all right, here we go, folks. top 7 answers are on the board. we asked 100 single men. name a way you'd break up with a woman you suspect is crazy. venus. >> send her a text. steve: send her a text. wow. >> we'll play. >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. thank you. roger, how you feeling, man? >> i'm doing great, steve... steve: this is car day, man. this is a big day. all right, roger, let's go. we asked 100 single men - name a way you'd break up with a woman you suspect is crazy. >> email her. steve: email her. >> good answer. >> all right. steve: yeah. mama queen,


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