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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> well, that's a fact. >> reporter: how is it that the nfl couldn't get their hands on this second tape but tmz could? >> i don't know how tmz or any other website gets their information. we are particularly reliant on law enforcement. >> reporter: goodell is already under fire for originally suspended rice for two games. you sess spend -- he suspended him indefinitely after this video went public. the nfl says, we have no knowledge of this. we are not aware of anyone who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on monday. we will look into it. there are calls it for resignation. national organization for women calls on him to step down. letters interest congress demanded the high -- letters from congress demanded the
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hiest level every transparency. the parents of ray mcdonald say he is not a woman beater. he is accused of beating his pregnant fiancee last month. she told the "mercury news" that her son comes from a very strong family and defended the 49ers' decision to play mcdonald last sunday. both parents said in a statement, we feel confident that the same information shared with the 49ers organization is the same information shared with us. and that if and when all the information is released, everyone will get the full story. a horrible traffic accident on the peninsula today. a driver veered off a road in san mateo mowing down three special needs students and their teacher. >> the leader in front, the teacher, she flew 25 feet in the air. >> it was a gruesome scene for witnesses who rushed to help those victims. it happened on west hillsdale boulevard very close to laurel elementary school and hillsdale high school. kpix 5's len ramirez talked to a witness who was at the
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victim's side seconds after the crash happened. >> reporter: it was traumatic for everyone, the witnesses, the students and the teacher involved here. basically, the students were special needs class coming from nearby hillsdale high school. what they were trying to do was cross the street right here where that group of young people was standing right there. they were walking across the street when this car came down hillsdale and ran them over. the black acura stopped in the intersection of steven road and west hillsdale boulevard. it's windshield cracked and broken through by the impact of human bodies. >> the teacher like she flew like 20 feet, 25 feet in the air. >> reporter: he was trimming a tree on the street. he saw the car veer off the road and on the sidewalk without slowing down. he says it ran over the students and their teacher and knocked down a stop sign. >> this guy was talking on the phone or looking for something that he didn't see.
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he lost control. the car just came in straight. i was here. i was about to scream like be careful, but it was too late. >> four people were struck. >> reporter: police say the 20- year-old student teacher and three teenagers were seriously hurt and rushed to the hospital. the 51-year-old man driving the car was also hospitalized. a school district spokesman said the students from nearby hillsdale high school were a special needs class that was on a walking field trip to learn about life skills. >> they were doing a regular safe supervised walk as part of physical activity in a very safe neighborhood. >> i ran to see one kid and ran to see the other one and -- >> reporter: he and another neighbor covered the victims with blankets and talked to them until paramedics arrived. he was upset and shaken by what he saw. >> i was basically running everywhere but in my mind, asking god to take care of these kids. >> reporter: and late word from the hospital is good news for
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the students and the teacher. we're told they are all in stable condition. they suffered a combination of cuts, abrasions and broken bones. but their injuries are not considered life-threatening. in the meantime, police continue their investigation into how and why this driver veered off the road and into the students. reporting live in san mateo, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> new clues in the search for the mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old near cupertino. fish and wildlife wardens found these paw prints early this morning close to where the boy was attacked. you can just make them out. they're to the left and the same length as the multitool you see in the photo. the 6-year-old boy was attacked by the big cat on sunday morning. he was on a hike with a group that included his parents. now, since then officials have launched an all-out search even using infrared cameras and traps last night. but they have not found the mountain lion. a dna test helped searchers discover that the lion is a male. an intense several day search for a missing hayward
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teen ended. he was found safe in san francisco. 16-year-old minh ly left his family's hayward home saturday afternoon. that was after an argument after his parents shut off his videogame. li was found this morning at the larkin street youth services in san francisco. we are told he is in good health and went to the youth center on his own. one hour from now president obama will address the nation on his plan to combat isis. the militant group has overrun part of iraq and syria and is responsible for beheading the two american journalists. reporter craig boswell live at the white house on what we can expect to hear from the president tonight. craig. >> reporter: allen, good evening to you. president obama is expected to lay out his strategy for what the white house calls the next phase in the battle against isis, likely to include stepped up strikes in iraq, future air strikes in syria as well as the money and legal authority to train and equip the syrian opposition. president obama huddled with members of his national security team as he prepares to
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unveil his plan to take on the sunni militant group known as isis. >> he has the opportunity to lay out a clear strategy for destroying perhaps the richest most well armed terrorist group on the planet. >> reporter: cbs news has learned president obama plans to expand u.s. airstrikes against isis in iraq and eventually syria but the pentagon is still working to develop targets there. the president will also ask congress to authorize $500 million to support moderate syrian opposition forces fighting the militants. >> we need to train and equip syrian rebels and other groups in the middle east that need some help. >> reporter: another key component of the president's plan is help from international partners. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east working on that. in baghdad, secretary kerry pledged u.s. air support as iraqi forces worked to recapture territory lost to isis this summer. >> the united states and the world will simply not stand by
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and watch as isil's evil spreads. >> reporter: more u.s. troops are also headed to iraq but the president has pledged they will not be used in a combat role. there are two separate closed door classified briefings for all members of congress tomorrow. allen, back to you. >> craig, i know certain parts of the president's speech have been released but are you hearing anything about a time frame for all of this ramp-up? >> reporter: allen, excerpts i read do not include a timetable but we have been pushing josh earnest on a time frame. he isn't going near that. there are two public hearings next week with members of the administration to talk about the president's plan. if we don't hear it tonight, certainly within the public hearings next week. >> we will then, all right. craig boswell at the white house, thanks so much. and we will be carrying the president's address live at 6:00 tonight here on kpix 5, also overcharged at the dmv.
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the outdated system that has taxpayers shelling out more and the dmv sending out refunds. >> a fleet week fizzle. the blue angels grounded in the bay area last year because of budget cuts, now a major update on this year's event. >> parts of the bay area hit 100 degrees today with full sunshine. this is not one of the parts. but man, is it beautiful! fog moving through the golden gate. a chilly forecast here but find out how long we stay hot away from the water. that's next. >> and a new apple product usually means a hefty price tag. but it turns out you can score a deal. how the iphone 6 is suddenly sparking a price war. ,,,,,,,,
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of the man killed in this horrible wreck on highway 1 happened the morni a wrongful death lawsuit is titled by the family of the man filed by family of the man killed on july 10, daniel mcguire of santa cruz.
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now his family claims an inexperienced driver and faulty brakes on the truck caused the accident and their son's death. >> reporter: it was two months ago today a double trailer big rig loaded with 50,000 pounds of topsoil went barreling into traffic on highway 17 during the morning rush hour. it caused an 11-vehicle pile-up that shut down the vital connector between san jose and santa cruz. 7 people were injured and 1 driver was killed. 25-year-old daniel mcguire was partially thrown from his car and died. >> wasn't breathing. we would like to see some changes implemented so that our son can be honored in that way. >> reporter: the family believes the driver of the big rig didn't have the experience to be on the treacherous mountainous highway. their lawsuit contends he had only had his license for three months prior to the wreck and the truck's brakes were faulty. >> when you consider the challenging nature of driving big rigs over the santa cruz
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mountain range during peak commuter travel periods, this had all the makings of a ticking time bomb. >> reporter: their lawsuit calls for the trucking industry to adopt a voluntary grading system for drivers allowing only more experienced drivers to haul loads on twisty mountain route such as highway 17. it's the same highway daniel's sister drives. their mother wishes she wouldn't. >> i'm terrified. i'm traumatized. [ crying ] >> that inexperienced truckers hauling dangerous loads with the use of unsafe trucks and thereby putting our children and our people who commute to unnecessary danger. >> at this point the mcguires aren't saying how much money they are seeking as a result of daniel's death. we put calls in to the trucking companies named in the lawsuit as well as the driver. so far no one called us back to
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comment. it's a return to form for san francisco's fleet week. the blue angels and parade of ships will be here next month. they were canceled last year because of federal budget cuts. >> we're lucky to have the fleet week that is here. they are a great draw. that's part of san francisco's tourist attraction. >> events will also include joint disaster response training and emergency drills for local first responders. fleet week draws thousands of visitors each year to the san francisco waterfront. >> a dmv headache that nobody expected. customers overcharged for fees. now thousands of californians could be getting a refund. >> i don't think that i should be dinged for getting sick. >> now she won't be. the governor takes a stand for sick leave. what it means for millions of employees across the state. ,,,,,,
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mattress discounters fall kickoff sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters the if you registered your car lately, the dmv may owe you a partial refund. the state board of equalization says certain drives are being overcharged for registering their cars. it involves taxpayers who live
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in what's called a split zip code. >> some areas have an 8% sales tax in the county and people in the city who have an 8.5 but they are in the same zip code. >> the board claims the dmv overcharged thousands of people ask by using zip code rather than their address to calculate the tax on their registration fees. if you think you may be owed a refund, you can fill out a form at the dmv. an mta employee is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of gasoline for his personal car. san francisco police officers arrested 59-year-old oswaldo lugo. he faces charges of grand theft and embezzlement. police say they received a complaint that triggered the investigation. some good news for working californians. governor brown signed a bill that gives all workers at least three paid sick days a year. the governor signed it today so starting next july, california employers are required to
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provide employees with paid sick leave. supporters say that affects as many as 6.5 million workers. >> they always have to juggle between either sacrificing their work because they feel sick and maybe dealing with paying their rent. >> employees will earn an hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked capping out at three days. california's the second state in the nation to require paid sick days. san jose is a step closer to closing the homeless encampment known as the jungle. today crews built a fence near the camp along story road. the goal is of course to stop people from coming back, also illegal dumping. they are looking for housing for 200 people. so far 82 homeless people are off the streets. in san francisco, a muni train hit a woman shutting down service for more than an hour today. caution tape blocked off the underground station near van ness and market just after 11 a.m. authorities say the woman jumped in front of the train in
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an apparent suicide attempt. bus shuttles were put in place for commuters. the woman is recovering at the hospital. a landmark moment for the san francisco museum of modern art today. a topping out ceremony a large crane putting the last steel beam in place at the top of the 10-story addition under construction for more than a year. the building has reached its full height on 3rd street. museum directors are looking forward to the future when the museum finally opens to the public. >> we will invite every one of you to visit and expanded ground floor 40,000 square feet of art-filled free access museum space. >> they are set to open in spring 2016. we are heating up in the bay area but heat a relative term around here. paul deanno enjoying a very pleasant evening at the marin headlands. >> reporter: this is the perfect place to go, guys. if you ever wanted to cool off and you need to cool off, livermore near 100, vacaville, fairfield, you name it, toward the delta, pittsburg, antioch,
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this is the spot. it is the golden gate, it is the first place that will fog up, the first place where you will feel that marine air and very few of us are. but it is chilly here, breezy. the current temperature in the mid-60s. and just look at this gorgeous picture here behind the gentleman and tourists enjoying this amazing view is a different amazing view. turn your back to the golden gate, which is hard to do, look at all that fog spilling over the hills here in marin county. it is spectacular watching that marine air invade san francisco bay and folks, the invasion has begun. temperatures are down for many of you. san bruno down to 73. oakland 73. earlier today were you near 80, livermore still waiting 96 degrees now in livermore. san francisco 30 degrees cooler after a high of 77. we're down to 66. san jose you're still warm 85, warmest day for you in two weeks and santa rosa you're sitting at 90. overnight tonight, lows around 60. not much fog. it will be clear and mild. fremont 60 degrees, fairfield 61, mountain view 61 and santa rosa 57 degrees.
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here's the setup. big ridge of high pressure in place. it is going to be with us for the next several days which means we get less of the ocean influence. obviously behind me you just saw the fog moving in so there is a slight onshore flow. but it's weak. and it will stay weak for the next several days, meaning not much relief if any away from the water. clear and mild overnight patchy fog in the city and along the coast that's it. a lot of sunshine again tomorrow warm to hot once again tomorrow. for some of you a couple of degrees milder and then temperatures are going to stay above average for a while all the way through the weekend we're talking warm weather because of that big ridge of high pressure. air quality issues tomorrow, it's a "spare the air" day because of that big ridge of high pressure and smoke coming in from the large wildfire in far northern california. all of that adding up to average to poor air quality coming up tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow 81 another oakland, 77 in san francisco, 81 for oakland, hot napa 93. san rafael 93. concord 95. san jose 89 degrees. take a look at the inland
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highs. thursday, friday even warmer than today. hotter than today. some close to 100 degrees for two more days. a little bit of cooling coming up on saturday and sunday. more significant cooling for the top of next week. near the bay, 80s tomorrow. 80s on friday. upper 70s still over the weekend. low 70s next week. if you want to cool off, come here to the marin headlands or go to the coast where temperatures will be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. back out here live, one of the best views not in just san francisco, not in just the bay area, not in just the united states, behind me is one of the most beautiful views on planet earth. the golden gate bridge. the fog. we have it all. and i'm happy to report, it's a lot nicer here than it is inland because temperatures inland are about 100 degrees and we're sitting here in a breezy mid-60s. mother nature's air- conditioning. there it is. >> there you go. >> soak it up. >> feels good. >> never get tired of that view, gorgeous. >> thank you, paul. the iphone 6 isn't even available yet but it's already on sale. verizon offering a free iphone
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6 to customers who turn in their current iphones and sign a new two-year contract. t-mobile, sprint also advertising trade-in deals ahead of the phone's release next week. pretty unusual to see such early discounts on an apple product. the "wall street journal" says the major carriers likely do it as a necessary move with competition for customers growing more and more intense. well, it is a dangerous way to borrow but there's new options for people in need of quick cash. consumerwatch on the alternatives to payday loans and if the convenience is worth the cost. >> tomorrow is the premier of thursday night football on cbs. it all starts with kpix 5 news at 4:00. the ravens going to take on the steelers at 4:30. the game followed by the "5th quarter" at 8:30. we invite you to watch a special simulcast edition of bay area nightbeat at 10:00. it will air on both kpix 5 and our sister station kbcw. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"expensive" way to borrow money.. and paying them off can be difficult too. a payday loan can be a very expensive way to borrow money and paying them off can be difficult, too. as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts reports, some bay area startups are coming up with alternatives. >> reporter: they are the loan of last resort with a tarnished reputation. now some startups are coming up with alternatives to traditional payday loans. >> what we are doing is give people access to the money they earned. >> reporter: he is the founder of active hours, the company that lets hourly workers collect their pay as soon as they have earned it. users upload a screen shot of an electronic time sheet and provide their bank account information, then active hours deposits the money the next day and later withdraws it electronically on the user's payday. the fee? well, active hours calls it a tip. >> we let people pay us what they think is fair. >> reporter: though keep in
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mind, a tip of a few dollars for, say, $100 advance works out to a hefty annual percentage rate. >> convenience can be very appealing and it can be deceptive. >> reporter: suzanne martindale of consumers union isn't a fan of the new loans. she says any loan that has to be paid back in one lump sum in a matter of days or weeks can get borrowers into trouble. >> other things might be hang on your account that day. you could potentially be in a position where you're overdrawn. >> reporter: active hours isn't the only new payday loan option. lend up is another san francisco startup offering interest rates similar to those offered by traditional payday lenders. but with a 30-day repayment period instead of 15. repeat borrowers who pay on time can get lower interest rates, larger loans, and repayment period of up to a year. better than a payday loan but still martindale urges caution. she says what you pay in convenience. >> it could catch up with you later. >> reporter: now, most credit unions offer customers small
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loans with longer repayment periods, as well. they are intended as an alternative to payday borrowing. san francisco has a special program called, payday plus, that also offers better terms on those short-term loans. >> yeah. >> know what you're getting into. >> right. >> definitely you need to and in some cases these folks need money right away but you have to look at the long-term repercussions. >> you have to pay them back and it's going to be more. >> crunch of the numbers. thank you. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in iraq leading up to the president's big speech while bob schieffer is in new york. >> reporter: tonight, president obama tells the nation his plans for defeating isis, major garrett has details. and scott pelley is in iraq with the survivor of an isis mass execution. that's ahead on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. playing hardball politics, claims that some bay area groups are going as far as lying to voters to make sure their measures get on the ballot. plus, stolen right out of people's yards. why bay area thieves are going after a certain kind of plant and some breaking news to tell you about. a mountain lion trapped near the site of a cupertino attack, we have those stories coming up in a special edition of kpix 5 news afternoon the presidential address starting at 6:00. we'll see you in 30 minutes. and the president coming up at 6:00 as you say. thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news" is coming up next. >> and remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm >> schieffer: tonight, taking the war against isis into syria. president obama tells the nation his plan for defeating the sunni terrorist group. major garrett has details. scott pelley is in iraq with a survivor of an isis mass execution. >> pelley: when those bullets began to hit you, you must have thought you were dead. >> schieffer: bob orr on the threat of terror 13 years after 9/11. the c.i.a. director warns the red lights are blinking. new questions tonight about when the nfl first saw that video of ray rice assaulting his future wife. a report tonight that it was sent to the league months ago. norah o'donnell has the latest on this spiraling controversy. and wyatt andrews with a memorial to a long-hidden past. >> to actually see your


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