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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 10, 2014 11:15pm-11:51pm PDT

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public safety threat. >> reporter: well, the trails here at the open space preserve will be closed for a couple of days as fish and wildlife take down the trapping and the cameras and any additional evidence. the agency expects the rabies results on friday. now until then, that little boy will have to continue getting a series of rabies shots. liz? >> all right betty, thank you. mountain lion attacks in california are very rare. this is the first one in two years. tonight the bay area teenager crushed by the chimney is home from the hospital. joe vasquez says he is already beating doctor's expectations. >> it is not like when you get hit with something and you feel it. all of a sudden there was a huge pain in my back. like aaaah. >> reporter: 17 days after the napa earthquake and nicholas dillon is back home, right behind the fireplace that
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nearly killed him. >> maybe not even two months ago, we finished remodeling it. >> reporter: and while the family wants to have their home fully inspected, nicholas is now seeing a physical therapist and starting his recovery. >> i have a broken pelvis in multiple places. i fractured it in two different places. two on my left and rightful i went through a ten-hour surgery. the original estimate was five months before i could put weight on my legs but they brought that down to two months. >> reporter: despite all that he is quick to tell you. >> i feel really lucky. >> reporter: from the morning of the quake until today, his story has made headlines but this high school freshman is far for concerned about the rest of his community. >> personally, i don't think that i'm that big of a deal. i don't know why people are making such a big deal. it is just an accident. could have happened to anybody. they should worry about the community. napa itself. have you seen downtown? that's horrible. there are other people without a home, water, electricity.
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you guys should be worrying about them, not me. i'm fine, i'll get better. >> well the school district wants nicholas to take at least two full months to focus on his recovery but he says that's too long. he hope to return to class in a couple of weeks. we'll keep you updated. a hayward girl who saved her family from a burning apartment was honored at city hall. nine-year-old galaxy kung was stoic until she saw her face on the big screen. when she pulled it together, she talked about how she gathered damp towels and made her way to her father's bedroom. [ unintelligible ] >> she acted immediately in a very stressful situation, but it ended in her saving lives. >> she learned those life
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saving skills at school. firefighters were there to honor the young hero who paid attention. we have a weather change. it is getting ian warmer as we go through the week right? >> it is just getting started. >> summer is here. [ laughter ] >> right? mid september. some of you hit 100 degrees. gilroy, 101. lafayette, 100. on the other side, we had temperatures right there in the 50s at the golden gate. the fog was rolling through. it is foggy. will be foggy through the morning commute. let's see how the fog got there. we were live earlier this evening at the marin head lands. look at this time lapsed video. the marine layer spilling over the hills into and through the golden gate. it's a beautiful picture. it's a chilly and windy result. and we now have fog anywhere near the bay overnight tonight, but it will not push inland. san jose, 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. you may hit 90 tomorrow. just two days ago, you were at
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70. so pretty significant weather change. overnight, mild, lows around 60. fremont 60, san rafael, 59 degrees. tomorrow, spare the air day. we have smoke coming in from far northern california with a north wind and we also have a big ridge of high pressure trapping the pollutants. bad air quality tomorrow. east bay and the south bay especially. unhealthy air quality coming up tomorrow. it is all because of the ridge of high pressure. the catalyst of everything we are talking about. the sunshine, the warmth, the temperature spread could be 40 degrees again tomorrow. and the poor air quality is not changing, the ridge will finally move out to give us an area of low pressure in the north, no rainfall, but cooler temperatures. that is not until next monday. it will be warm and hot. a clear and mild for most of us and patchy fog at the golden gate along the coastline. a sunny day tomorrow. warm to hot weather again. a couple of degrees hotter than today. and we will stay above average
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through sunday at a minimum. concord, 95. oakland, 81. san jose, close to 90 for you, campbell, 92. redwood city, 87. union siesta, 86, warm. pittsburgh, 97. livermore, 95. 77 degrees in downtown san francisco. that is warm. novato, 92. clear lake tomorrow, 98 degrees. no records will be set tomorrow, but it will feel very warm in the afternoon. hottest day will be friday. we lose a couple of degrees over the weekend. we are still sunny, warm. by next week, we will really notice the change back down to average. that is a sunny, that is a warm seven day forecast. >> all right, thanks paul. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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a topping-out ceremony... a large crane put the last stl beam in place >> a landmark moment for the san francisco museum of art. a topping out ceremony. a crane put the last steel beam in place. the building now has reached its full height on third street museum directors are looking forward to the future when
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museum finally opens to the public. >> we will invite every one of you to visit the expanded ground floor. 30,000 square feet. >> the museum will open its doors spring of 2016. the iphone 6 is not available yet, but it is already on sale. verizon is offering a free iphone 6 to customers who turn in their current iphone and then sign a new two-year contract. t-mobile and sprint are also advertising trade-in deals ahead of the phone's release next week. a little unusual will see such herbally discounts on an apple product. the major carriers view it as a necessary move with competition for customers growing more and more intense. >> that's right. intense is what the baseball pennant race is right now. >> yeah. >> oh it's good. >> the as are going one way and the giants are going a different way. can the defense save the as ? it did until the 8th inning.
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we will show you what it did next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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recipe. ryan vogelsong has allowed two runs fewer on the road than at home. petit honored for retiring -- check out the side in the fifth. by the time he left the game, the giants had yet to score a run. no score, 7th inning, gregor blanco ropes the inside pitch down the line. hunter pence going to motor all the way from first. he's going to score. afredo kicks it around. and blanco is hitting over 400 in september. the dodgers won so the giants are two-and-a-half back in the division. four up on pittsburgh in the wild card race. jeff samardzija back in chicago for the first time since being traded to the cubs and he got a
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lead. coco crisp scores 1-0. 8th inning, it is still 1-0. nate freiman was trying to start a double play. but he threw it into left field and everybody was safe. so luke gregerson gave up a steal. and that was it. that's the difference maker. defense crumbles ands the as lose 2-1. but silver lining, the as still have a game-and-a- half lead for the top wild card spot in the american league. derek carr's second nfl start comes against the houston texans on the coliseum sunday. he grew uprooting for the texans because his brother david played for them and he befriended star receiver andre johnson. >> having him come tony my junior high football games. not a lot of kids have a hall of fame wide receiver coming to their junior high football games so i have a lot of memories there. especially mr. mcnair.
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and toro, the mascot. mike tyson has been in canada hanging out with the toronto mayor rob ford. so when tyson was asked on live tv if his presence was good for his reelection bid ... have a listen. >> we know you are a convicted rapist. this could hurt his campaign. how do you answer to that? >> you are really a piece of [bleep]. that was a piece of [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> you know, we are doing live tv. >> i don't care. what are you going do do about it? >> is it nerve-racking for you to do something like this or to fight? >> it is more nerve-racking for me to talk to a [bleep] [bleep] like you. >> all right mike. we are going to wrap up this interview. thank you for coming in. >> well. i have interviewed mike tyson. i remember telling the producers we better put this on tape. that was live television.
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premier thursday night football begins with 5 news at 4:00. the ravens take on the steelers at 4:30. and we invite you to watch special smulcast edition of the bay area night beat. it will air on kpix5 and our sister station. >> it's all good. no fcc in canada, it's all good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dr. phil. >> dr. phil? >> see you tomorrow morning. 4:30. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the old bare knuckle champion, david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs
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( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) >> dave: thank you very much. (applause) >> dave: thank you so much. how are you doing? (cheers and applause) hello! hello! hi. thank you so much. welcome to the show! that's very kind of you. (cheers and applause) i don't know if you know this, but guess who is on the program tonight, dr. phil is here, ladies and gentlemen! (applause) because of the times we live in a lot of people are
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thinking i may need a doctor. i may-- somebody who can help me because i have emotional problems. maybe i have a character flaw or maybe i'm a damaged soul. i need a doctor. here's what you have to ask yourself before you select that type of doctor. has he won a daytime emmy. number one. (applause) you got to give dr. phil a lot of credit. i mean this guy has been at it a long time and he's come a long way. he short-- started as a shady horse racing vet, remember those days? you would see him out at belmont park. >> paul: oh those-- trying to forget those. >> dave: a dog can't pee on a move-in truck. that doesn't mean anything. (applause)
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i'll tell you something, i love new york city but sometimes things happen that make you wince. listen to this, new york city is now selling like ten, and you're thinking selling ten what, dave, parking places. >> paul: what. >> dave: parking places, prime parking place. each parking place, if you want it, will cost you a million dollars. yeah, who says this is a city for waley people. i mean-- (laughter) and so what i did when i saw this come and i went over to kinkos, anybody here been to kinkos? and i had them print me up a baseball card of myself and a lady from san francisco-- (laughter) (applause) please don't, i'm sorry. great. i had them print up a card
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that reads clergy. and i just put that in the window. i can park anywhere i want. (applause) in a related story nfl commissioner roger goodell will pay you a million dollars for the spot he's in. (laughter) oh, oh, did you get the new iphone yet? have you had a chance to go oat and get it. oh, it's tremendous. i tell you, the iphone i have is so outdated it has two pieces and a hand crank. it's crazy. >> paul: that's your iphone? >> but the new one has a 60 inch plasma screen, honest to god. 60 inch. >> paul: on a phone. >> dave: plasma screen. (applause) >> paul: on a phone?
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>> and also the watch, the new apple watch, are you going to get one of those things? yeah. so you put it on your wrist just like a regular watch but it does-- well, here's how it works, take a look at the big announcement. >> and now bell telephone is proud to present the latest breakthrough in land line phone technology. it's got a pencil holder. (applause) see you next year. >> that was another-- i made a mistake. that was another company made that announcement. >> paul: oh. >> dave: i was wrong. this is what i was talking about earlier. >> paul: yeah, here we go. >> dave: what? what's this? what? what is he doing here? >> i don't know. >> one pat farmer, one of our stage hands. hi, pat what are you -- >> hey, dave.
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>> dave: pat farmer, what are you doing, pat. >> i just sat next to a wonderful woman on the subway but i never got her name. >> dave: uh-huh. >> so if are you out there, i'm patrick. i like to watch television, read. i love to sing. ♪ red, red wine ♪. >> dave: oh for the love of-- i'm begging, paul, don't -- >> ♪ ♪ goes to my head ♪ tells me i need to know ♪. >> dave: get him out of there. fine. stop it. thanks, pat, beat it you're going home, okay, thanks, pat. (applause) >> dave: earlier tonight president obama was speaking to the americans. and it looks like we're going to be invading iraq again, ladies and gentlemen, oh, this time i hope we find those weapons of mass
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destruction. >> paul: oh boy. >> dave: obama is being tough with isis. he's now going to force them to sell their nba team. (laughter) (applause) >> dave: here is the three part plan that obama has. first of all, we're going to gather intelligence, very important. any situation, gather intelligence. next, we're going to launch air strikes. he's not kidding around. and third, his plan is to lose the midterm elections so he's got-- full plate ahead of him. (applause) anybody happen to see chuck todd interviewing president obama on "meet the press" on sunday? oh t was-- did you, ray? good, i'm glad ray saw them. (laughter) >> very interesting. >> dave: good. well, we have a clip of that. take a look at this interview.
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>> this wouldn't be meet the press because i didn't have a chart here. >> it is a little smaller but it will be bigger for the television. >> you will make it bigger. >> i will, there you go. >> i think elections matter, i think votes matter. >> "meet the press" will be right back. stick and. >> dave: yeah. (applause) over the weekend, listen to this, there was a big birthday party for new jersey governor chris christie, and guess who showed up, mitt romney, mitt romney. two, ladies and gentlemen, two of the most powerful republicans were at the party. and that is just christie. (laughter) but he-- everybody got up set with christie because he shut down the buffet line, said it was a traffic study. (laughter) what he said it was. i have one of those new
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smart watches. here we are again. i have one of those new smart watches. did you see the commercial for the new smart watch? this is what i was talking about earlier. >> paul: oh, yeah, yeah. >> dave: take a look. >> apple revolutionizes time keeping with the amazing new apple watch. when you want to know the time, just press the button. the apple watch sends a wireless signal to apple headquarters where our system matches the apple watch request to your unique account i.d. which has been linked to your e-mail address. within moments you receive an e-mail containing a confirmation code which you enter into your apple watch. apple then cross references your time zone location which is provided by the gps. now log into your apple watch by enteringure user name and password and the current time is displayed. that is all there is too it. >> look, everyone, it's paul. (applause) >> paul: we're going to have such a night, everybody!
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>> dave: thank you so much. ladies and gentlemen, on the program tonight, our old friend dr. phil mcgraw is here. >> just ahead top ten reasons you're still single. and dr. phil. >> the late show. find out how aflac can pay >> the late show. find out how aflac can pay you at motion...avelike aahhh- ahhhhhh. liberate your spine, ahhh-ahhhhhh aflac! and reach, toes blossoming... not that great at yoga. yeah, but when i slipped a disk he paid my claim in just four days. ahh! four days? yep. find out how fast aflac can pay you,
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>> dave: paul, tell the folks about ray benson. >> paul: how about ray benson! this man is a grammy award winner. he is the leader of the band asleep at the wheel. >> dave: asleep at the wheel. >> paul: all night long we've got him, ray benson, ladies and gentlemen, let him hear it one more time. first solo album has been titled, a little piece. a little piece. >> dave: there it is right there. >> paul: yeah. >> dave: i remember when i was a kid living back in los angeles, california, in the mid '70s, and i was living across the street on sunset boulevard from the continental hyatt house.
11:50 pm
and i used to see the asleep at the wheel bus parked out front of the hyatt house. and i said to myself, whoa, i bet those guys got the world by the tail. and look, he's still here, ladies and gentlemen, he's still got the world by the tail. >> paul: got it by the tail. (applause) >> dave: oh, ladies and gentlemen, i don't know if you are a you are aware of this, remember donald sterling, all that trouble with done all sterling, and to punish him they made him sell his nba team for a billion dollars? ouch. >> what a punishment? same thing is happen together co-owner bruce levinson of the atlanta hawks. he said some awful, ugly, racial things and now he's selling his part of the atlanta hawks. and i said this is-- what is going on? it's the nba for god's sakes. i put in a call today to our good friend former commissioner of the nba david stern. and i said david, you can come by here tonight,


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