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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it is thursday, september 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, ever i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 on the nose. a little traffic and weather and we're going to hit a big 103 today somewhere, right? >> absolutely. we are going to top off at 103 degrees, frank. that will be in gilroy. good morning, everyone. out the door it's a very mild start but we have a shallow deck of clouds lining the coast. even some patchy fog at the golden gate bridge. later today, here's how the numbers will stack up. 70s beaches, 80s in san francisco. and across the bay to oakland, 80s, 90s around the peninsula today through the 80s to the mid- and high 90s inland. outside number will be 103 degrees. triple digits again on friday and over the weekend the heat wave gradually begins to subside. hey, elizabeth, it is a "spare the air" day. >> i know. so hopefully people will use mass transit. everything is on time by the way. now that it is 5:00 on the nose, it looks like all of the overnight roadwork or a lot of
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it is being cleared, has cleared including some at the golden gate bridge and hey, here's some of that patchy coastal fog that roberta just mentioned in her forecast. heads up across the span. bad visibility. there was a stall past treasure island. they are working to clear it now so bridge crews are aware of it. just some minor delays forming in those far left cash lanes it looks like but the rest of the lanes are still clear into san francisco. that is "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. this morning, americans are paying tribute to the thousands who died on 9/11 13 years ago today. >> this is a live look right now at new york city. observances are planned this morning at the critical moments when the buildings collapsed. >> meanwhile, america is going on the offensive against militant group known as isis operating in iraq. and syria. president obama addressing the nation last night saying he is going to go after these terrorists wherever they may be.
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>> i know many americans are concerned about these threats. tonight i want you to know that the united states of america is meeting them with strength and resolve. >> the president says america will lead a broad coalition to roll back that terrorist threat. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy. >> the president's strategy includes air strikes in iraq and syria but no ground invasion. there will also be more military assistance against the opposition forces in syria. a new poll on the oakland mayoral race has some surprising numbers. with the election less than two months away, challenger rebecca kaplan has a strong lead over incumbent jean quan. kaplan leads quan by 61 to 39% margin. >> i have heard that some in kaplan's office are doing a victory celebration. that would be a huge mistake. >> we're encouraged but not resting. we're going to keep working
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hard. >> seven out of 10 voters said quan should be replaced. some develop news. domestic violence controversy in the national football league is expanding with a new focus on how the commissioner handled the entire ray rice case. kpix 5's anne makovec live in the newsroom. >> reporter: former fbi director robert mueller is going to lead an independent investigation into the nfl's handling of the video recording which commissioner robert goodell maintains he only recently discovered. >> so did anyone in the nfl see this second videotape before monday? >> no. >> no one in the nfl to my knowledge, and i have been asked that same question and the answer to that is no. we were not granted that. we were told that that was not something we would have access to. on multiple occasions we asked for it, and multiple occasions we were told no.
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>> reporter: but the website tmz managed to get a hold of that tape, recorded in february of this year in an elevator at an atlantic city casino. you can see rice punching his fiancee, knocking her out and dragging her out. here's what tmz's editor said about the footage. >> s at company that got the videotape can tell you it was gettable and he didn't get it. >> reporter: a law enforcement official told the "associated press" he sent the video to an nfl executive five months ago. the ap also says it heard a voicemail recording acknowledging receipt. meanwhile, the san francisco 49ers have suspended play-by- play announcer ted robinson for two games because of some comments he made about rice's wife. robinson said on the radio monday, quote, how does she marry him after that? how does she go in front of goodle ? that's pa et thissic to me." -- pathetic to me." his comments were offensive and they said our organization stands strongly against domestic violence and will not tolerate comments such as these. robinson also does work for the
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pac-12 networks which suspended him for two weeks. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> rice's former team the ravens will take the field tonight for the thursday night nfl game here on cbs. police are investigating how a driver lost control of his car, veered on to a sidewalk and hit four pedestrians. it happened yesterday on west hillsdale boulevard in san mateo. investigators say it happened as a class of special needs kids from hillsdale high school was on a walking field trip. a witness told kpix 5 a student teacher had her back to the oncoming car as she was helping some students cross the street. they were run over at stevens road and west hillsdale boulevard. the student teacher and three students were taken to the hospital. all are expected to recover. now it's up to a lab to confirm that the mountain lion that attacked a boy in the south bay is actually dead. kpix 5's kiet do in cupertino now where a mountain lion was shot not far from the scene of sunday's attack. kit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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those crews are out there sleeping out on the trail for four days. they were working from sun-up to sundown. they sed three traps but not -- they set three traps but nothing. then yesterday morning they found fresh tracks and knew they were getting close. then 10 yards away from the original attack they spotted a mountain lion. a -- 130 yards away from the original attack they spotted a mountain lion. they shot and killed it. >> it would not have been possible to tranquilize it. it would have died in the fall at that height. so it displayed some extremely aggressive behavior. it crouched down and acted like it was going to jump at the warden. >> reporter: the mountain lion's remains are now in sacramento for rabies testing. they will also conduct dna testing using the cougar saliva found on the victim's shirt to see if this is the same animal from sunday's attack. the victim was walking 10 feet in front of his parents when a
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mountain lion pounced, grabbed the 6-year-old boy by the back of the neck and dragged him off. the father chased them making loud noises and scared the cat away. fish and wildlife say attacks are rare and this was way beyond the statistics of what mountain lions normally do so they have no explanation why it attacked. >> i guess. and what are the chances this was just another mountain lion, kiet, that happened to be passing through? >> reporter: so the one they killed yesterday was a 65-pound male juvenile. it was not wearing a collar. they say because it was in the area, it was acting aggressively and showing territorial behavior, they think they got the right cat. live in the foothills just outside of cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. happening today, startup and innovative businesses in san francisco are allowing the public to visit their offices part of an annual citywide festival where the public is invited inside 125 startups for
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tours and presentations at company headquarters over two days. twitter, pinterest and tulia are among of the companies participating. 5:08. a new apple product usually means a big price tag but turns out you can score a pretty good deal. how the iphone 6 is suddenly sparking a big price war. coming up. >> you're going to want to phone home about this. 103 degrees today. i'll pinpoint that hottest location still straight ahead. >> and it is a "spare the air" day so you're encourage to drive mass transit. no delays on bart. we'll hit the roads after the break. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. orning, americans are ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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paying tribute to the thous who died in the nine-eleven attacks, thirteen years ago. this is a live look at city obser this morning americans are paying tribute to thousands who died on 9/11 13 years ago. this is a live look right now at new york city, the place along with washington, d.c. and pennsylvania where almost 3,000 people died. observances are planned that the buildings collapsed. this is the memorial plaza right now and this is a big difference this year for the
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9/11 commemoration because all of the fences are down. the public is now allowed to go into the plaza and remember that day. >> have you ever been there? >> i have. and i went when the fences were up. so -- >> i have never seen what they built since but i was there a year or two years, three years after 9/11. it is such a big -- it's 16 acres the whole site. it's so big. and pretty impressive. >> it is. and don't forget the one world trade center, that's going to open up very soon in 2015. so -- >> we are getting there. >> they are making lots of changes. susan mcginnis reports from lower manhattan where a tribute in lights is planned tonight. >> reporter: families who lost loved ones on september 11th will gather at the world trade center site to mark the 13th anniversary of the terror attacks. [ bell ] >> reporter: as is tradition, moments of silence will mark the exact moments when the planes struck the towers and family members will read the long list of victims' names. >> andrew. >> reporter: among those on the list, john cartier's brother
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james, whose motorcycle is now part of the september 11th memorial museum. >> how fresh are those events in your mind? >> well, 13 years later, it's just --it seems like yesterday. with each passing day, it still hurts. >> reporter: the brothers were electricians at the world trade center. their sister michelle was also working there. john got to her, but james was killed. >> at the same time, michelle and i were running for our lives, my brother james was losing his. >> reporter: this is the first anniversary since the opening of the september 11th museum where the twin towers once stood. at the pentagon yesterday, leaders from the house and senate awarded congressional gold medals to honor all the victims of 9/11. one medal will go to the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania. another to the 9/11 museum in new york. and a third to the pentagon memorial. ceremonies will be held today at all three places to remember
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those who died. susan mcginnis, cbs news, new york. >> this morning, members of the san francisco fire department will salute emergency responders and civilians who died in the 9/11 attacks. people are invited to any of the city's 43 fire stations for ceremonies that will begin at 6:45 a.m. in the south bay, the vta will honor the victims this morning. buses and light rail trains will be stopped at 5:46 for a moment of silence. station crew members have re o earth... they hed down in kazakhstan today. the crew it is 5:14 now. three international space station crew members are finally back on earth. they touched down in kazakhstan today. they spent 169 days taking part in science and technology research. they are happy to be home. it was much more than a 40-hour workweek. they set a record of 82 hours of research in one week. i hope they get overtime. >> i know. legs are a little wobbly but that's understandable. >> probably want a pizza and nice cold beer or something.
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>> that sounds good for us, elizabeth. >> it does. at 7 a.m. when we're off this shift, go for it! [ laughter ] out the door we go. and bay bridge toll plaza if you have to get to work on time no huge hot spots, the overnight roadwork is cleared. we were seeing small backups in the far left cash lanes, not even seeing those any longer so we're off to a pretty good start at 5:15 this morning, no big accidents out the door. here's a look at silicon valley commute westbound 237. and we put up a drive time of 6 minutes so yeah, that's pretty good, right, between 880 and 101. we are starting to see a few slowdowns in the usual spots like highway 4 and 580 competing for the worst drive time right now even though it's really still looking okay here as well even though we are starting to see delays out of tracy beginning on 205 right around mountain house now. and you can see the slowdowns all the way through the livermore valley, sluggish to vasco and then clears out a bit, just sluggish conditions. it's not enough to impact the drive times. so it's still 17 minutes from
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the wind turbines out to the dublin interchange. 880 clear. they should have wrapped up the overnight roadwork a while ago on 880 and in san leandro and on the eastshore freeway we hit some overnight roadwork buchanan to powell overnight but right now that's gone. 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. that's the latest from here. talking about the road. more on your forecast, it's foggy. but show that earlier? >> i did. i love that shot. >> we do have a shallow deck of clouds at the coast this morning, some patchy fog as well, all this is going to swipe away really early this morning. temperature-wise, it's mild out the door into the 50s and 60s. santa rosa is cool at 52 degrees. here's what you need to know as you head out the door today. plan on a lunch, picnic outdoors. it is going to be scorching, however, inland. it is a "spare the air" day everywhere today. we are going to heat up the temperatures at least a good 15 degrees above normal inland.
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right now, here's the patchy fog socked in around inverness. high pressure is encompassing the entire state, building in. it's a huge dome. we'll see cooler temperatures but not until next week. it is a throw-back thursday, pick city santa cruz. 84 degrees. you need your sunscreen and shades. check this out today at sfo, 83 degrees. but houston could see some thunderstorms today. 94 degrees. also an isolated thunderstorm in the forecast for new york city. denver will have a few snow flurries by later on tonight. wow! and only 59 degrees in chicago? we're talking 82 degrees in san francisco! 91 degrees in san jose. mid-90s to high 90s across the tri-valley. 103 degrees today. that will be in gilroy. you know what? frank nailed it yesterday because he was saying it will be triple digits in somebody's backyard. >> you know, i got lawrence karnow on speed dial. [ laughter ]
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>> the great karnow. >> i know. this is his picture what he is doing right now. >> okay. >> i don't know about right now. but -- >> aw! >> he is holding what's that about a 16-ounce fish? >> all of that. >> i have no idea. >> he is up in the sierra having a good time with a bunch of buddies and his brother catching a lot of fish. that's a small one. he sent a couple his buddies have caught about 2 or 3 or 4- pounders. >> i thought all he caught was a cold. >> the fish is impressive, the plaid shirt, not liking that. [ laughter ] math, science and social studies for some kids it can get a little boring. >> well, one school in napa may have found the perfect way to motivate their students and it all begins and ends with the arts. napa's salvador magnet school is this week's "cool school." >> reporter: the earthquake is part of a lesson plan at
5:19 am
salvador's magnet school. they are using art to better understand how earthquakes happen. pictures of the 1906 quake are superimposed over present day shots of san francisco. the idea here is to promote questions, discussion and reflection. it's all part of salvador arts integration program a method they use to teach all their subjects. >> they take arts based skills and strategies and that's the way they teach science and social studies. so not only are kids learning the content, but they also gain artistic fluency at the same time. >> reporter: and it's working. students are more alert, engaged, and eager to learn and communicate. >> helps me to focus when things don't really interest me. so i like art a lot so this helps me focus better. >> so you believe that this could be downtown somewhere? >> reporter: the teacher is in her fourth year at salvadore. she says the transformation from fall to spring is incredible.
5:20 am
>> they are excited to be here. they're -- they think in a different way. they connect to the content in a different way. and it helps them really connect to those skills that they want to use in the future. >> reporter: this tableau performance is teaching the students about plate tectonics and that's not all. [ indiscernible ] >> but you're kind of -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this sense of open expression was crucial in the days after the napa quake. it's given these kids a rock solid foundation. >> it has. when they came back after the earthquake, they had only been in school for about a week and they all sat around and talked about it and it eventually became part of the lesson plan. >> so were they acting out what the plates -- >> yeah. they actually -- the tectonic plates, you know, the slip sliding all that kind of stuff, they were given one and they had to kind of act it out in these tableau performances to
5:21 am
kind of explain exactly what they learned. >> neat. that would be fun. >> and they're polite. well mannered. it trickles down. it's pretty cool. >> it is cool. well, what is cool about your school? email your nominations to we may come and feature your school on the show. you can get a new iphone 6 before it goes on sale. verizon offering a free iphone 6 to customers who turn in their current iphone and sign a new two-year contract. t-mobile and sprint are also advertising trade-in deals. it's unusual to see such early discounts on apple products. iphone 6 will be officially released to the public next week. there it is again! >> seriously! >> i can't imagine the chaos in the news studio. all new at 5:30, a news team is greeted by an unexpected guest during her morning broadcast. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, intense baseball pennant race?
5:22 am
i have the latest from last night. can the giants stay hot at home? and can the defense save the a's? it did until the 8th inning. show you the rest next. of ener, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars.
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it's 5-- starbucks is reviewing its employee tatt policy... all new at 5:30-- good morning, everyone. the giants have finally cooked up a great home recipe. ryan vogelsong allowed nearly two fewer runs at home than he
5:25 am
has on the road and san francisco looking to make it eight straight wins at at&t. petit honored before the game for retiring a record 46 straight batters. vogelsong retired a few batters of his own facing the d-backs. he pitched a six 2/3 scoreless struck out the side in the 5th inning but by the he left the game the giants did not score a run but then 7th inning, blanco roped an inside pitch down the line. punter pens motors all the way from first and while alfredo fumbles it it, blanco has a run batted in. he is hitting own .400 in september. giants blank them 5-0. giants are 2.5 back in the division, four up on pittsburg in the wild car. justin back in chicago for the first time since being traded to the a's and he got a lead against the white sox in the fourth when dunn bounced one through the infield, a's 1. the critical game play, nature
5:26 am
freiman with a chance to start a double play threw it into left field and instead of two out, everybody is safe. then luke gregerson gave up a bases-loaded single to garcia who drives home two unearned runs. the final score was 2-1 right there. despite the loss the a's still have a game and a half lead for the top wild card spot in the american league. there is always the silver lining somewhere. don't forget, everybody, football this afternoon, 4:30. coverage begins the "5th quarter" after the game, myself, jeremy newberry and lincoln kennedy. see you tonight. it's going to be fun. 5:26. up next, this morning starbucks reviewing its employee tattoo policy. all new at 5:30, the online push that might force the coffee chain to change a very strict rule. ,,,, ,, ,,,,
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tells the american people h strategy to defeat isis... this morning-- congressional president barack obama telling the american people his strategy now to defeat isis. this morning, congressional reaction to last night's prime time address. >> and here's a live look at new york city where people are paying tribute to the thousands who died on 9/11. >> it's going to be over 100 degrees. i'll pinpoint the locations straight ahead. >> things are heating up. if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, unfortunately this is the situation formed right before they turn on the metering lights. the morning drive is coming up. good morning, it's thursday, september 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. president obama is vowing to work with allies to defeat isis. he promised the nation last night he will not commit u.s.
5:31 am
troops to another ground war in iraq. but mark albert reports, the president says america will use other resources against the terrorists. >> reporter: in a 14-minute address, president obama laid out his four-part strategy to degrade and destroy isis pledging to be steady and relentless to preserve u.s. security. >> if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> reporter: to that end, the president said he would expand u.s. airstrikes even into syria, support local forces on the ground, increase humanitarian aid and work with allies to prevent attacks. >> i welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world that americans are united in confronting this danger. >> reporter: congress will now decide whether to approve the president's request for $500 million to train and equip syrian rebels. >> i think this should have been done more aggressively from the beginning. >> before we begin any kind of sustained air campaign in syria, we need to have a plan to work with.
5:32 am
>> reporter: the full house and senate will get intelligence briefings today. the cia director told cbs news the u.s. would crush isis leaders. >> they have pillaged and raped and plundered and taken captive men, women and children. they are evil incarnate. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry remains in the middle east trying to deliver on the president's promise of a broad international coalition. mark albert for cbs news, washington. >> president obama also announced he is sending an additional 475 u.s. troops to iraq to support government forces with training, intelligence and equipment and that will bring the total numbers of american troops there to about 1600. 5:32. i don't want to toot my own horn, i think i said maybe 100 today, 100 tomorrow. >> i told him, you're not the meteorologist. >> he walks in today, toot, toot. i just don't like it when it
5:33 am
gets this hot because all kinds of stuff happens. you start seeing the air that you can breathe and that's not a good thing. so we have a "spare the air" day today. good morning, everyone. heading out, plan on hot weather inland. right now it is mild but it is foggy along the coast. upper 50s in half moon bay. currently 59 degrees in san francisco. low 60s across the santa clara valley. to the north of the golden gate bridge, 50 apiece. san rafael and novato. it is currently 60 degrees to the east in concord where today's high 96 degrees. okay, these numbers east of the bay averaging at least a good 10 degrees above normal. we should be in the low 80s in san jose. but instead, 91 degrees. low 80s in san francisco when typically we should be at 70. it will be 72 in pacifica. check this out. 103 degrees. you're sailing, where? well, that's gilroy to the south. and to the east, brentwood tracy oakley also discovery bay. we hang on to this weather pattern at least all the way through the weekend. elizabeth, what do you suggest today, bikes or transit or
5:34 am
what? oh, for commuters, i thought you meant for me. no biking for me. i'll be sitting down once this newscast is over. all right. let's go outside. so, yeah, roberta mention the "spare the air." so you are encouraged to use mass transit. avoid the roads. if you do have to hit the roads, you will start to see more company out there especially on the nimitz freeway. there is report of an accident now northbound 880 at 7th. it sounds like it's already off to the right-hand shoulder and the delay is minimal. 16 minutes now between 238 and the maze. roberta mentioned some of that coastal fog. you can really see it across our golden gate bridge cam. so visibility a little difficult for drivers coming out of sausalito. they did pick up the overnight roadwork near the toll plaza a while ago so drive time is clear from san rafael. that is "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, back to you guys,. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. 5:34 now. some developing news. football star ray rice is not the only one under scrutiny in connection with his domestic violence case now. kpix 5's anne makovec live in the newsroom to explain why the
5:35 am
nfl commissioner and some others are now feeling a little heat. anne. >> reporter: the fallout from the case has now spread to the 49ers. the 49ers have susexpended knbr radio broadcaster ted robinson, suspended for comments he made. cbs sports says monday during a segment on knbr robinson said, how does she marry him after that? how does she go in front of goodell? that's pathetic to me. in a statement the 49ers called his comments offensive and said our organization stands strongly against domestic violence and will not tolerate comments such as these. in the meantime the nfl commissioner is digging in his heels sticking by his statement that that videotape was just too difficult to obtain. reporter: according to the "associated press," a law enforcement official sent this video of former ravens star ray rice knocking out his then fiancee to the nfl five months ago. the ap claims it even heard a voicemail recording acknowledging receipt. earlier this week, the nfl suspended rice indefinitely following the release of the
5:36 am
tmz sports video showing the february incident at an atlantic city casino. in a memo to the league's owners and team presidents last night, nfl commissioner roger goodell maintained the league did not see the video until monday but had requested it on multiple occasions. >> as the company that got the videotape can tell, it was gettable. and he didn't get it. >> reporter: as the ravens prepare to play this evening, cbs sports anchor james brown says the rice controversy shouldn't overshadow the game. >> it's part of life. you deal with it. put it in perspective and then let's get to the game. >> reporter: jets quarterback michael vick, who served almost two years in prison on dogfighting charges, thinks rice deserves a second chance. >> because somebody made a mistake, you just can't abandon them. >> reporter: and former fbi director robert mueller is now going to lead an independent investigation into the nfl's handling of the video reporting. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you, anne. rice's former team the
5:37 am
baltimore ravens will play tonight in a game broadcast here on cbs against pittsburg. kickoff set for 5:25. the mountain lion officials believe attacked a child last weekend has been tracked and killed. kiet do reports from cupertino near where the boy was attacked sunday. >> reporter: crews had been working long hot days in the sun and came up empty-handed and then yesterday, they had paydirt. reporter: these dogs picked up the scent of a mountain lion trackers had been looking for after it attacked a little boy three days ago. the pack took off after the cat after the search crew came across these fresh paw prints wednesday morning. an hour and a half later, the mountain lion was trapped in a tree about 65 feet high. >> it would not have been possible to tranquilize it. it would have died in the fall at that height. so it displayed some extremely aggressive behavior. it crouched down and acted like it was going to jump at the
5:38 am
ward deny. >> reporter: the cat was shot and killed high in the tree. the remains were sent to sacramento for rabies testing. and dna testing will prove whether or not this was the same 65-pound male cat that left puncture wounds and scratches on the boy's head and neck. >> cats simply do not attack people with any regularity. these are so uncommon, and even beyond that, the fact that it attacked a person in a group of people, that's practically unheard of. >> reporter: two families were hiking on this marked trail on sunday when the mountain lion attacked the boy. the 6-year-old was just 10 feet ahead of the group when the cat jumped out from a hidden spot. the california department of fish and wildlife says it had no choice but to kill the animal. >> especially disconcerting realizing how close this is to a winery and these are marked walking trails where people are out all the time and this was a cat that was not going to change its behavior. it was definitely an ongoing public safety threat. >> reporter: so the cougar that was killed yesterday was a 65-
5:39 am
pound juvenile male. relatively small animal, but still powerful enough to be a danger to humans. michelle? >> well, kiet, are the trails still closed? >> reporter: yes, they are. they still have the red warning signs up. they have the warning tape blocking off the entrance to the trail. presumably they're going to keep them closed until they absolutely confirm that this was the same mountain lion that attacked that child on sunday. we're live just near cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. starbucks might soon give barista the right to bear ink. they are reconsidering its no tattoo policy. starbucks coasted the question, how do you suggest we strike the right balance between self- expression and professionalism on a facebook page for employees? an online petition asking starbucks to change its tattoo policy has 21,000 signatures. after dutifully paying down outstanding balances, consumers are borrowing again. in july credit card debt was up 7.4% from june, the second
5:40 am
largest monthly increase since early 2008. now, before you fall into some bad habits, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has some tips to help you better manage plastic. you're not the one money type who says only cash, right? we have to use credit cards too a little bit, right? >> reporter: yeah. i think. unless you have enough money to make not just your day-to-day purchases but to get a big one like a car or a house, you probably are going to need credit. though trick with credit card is -- the trick with credit cards is you have to make the payments on time no exceptions and you cannot run up big balances because credit card debt is likely the most expensive debt you will ever carry. industry average is 15% right now. >> jill, lots of people they prefer debit cards so what's your opinion of debit versus credit? >> the kids love the debit cards. that pulls your funds directly from the bank account. and you know what, it's true, debit cards help you keep track of your money. unfortunately, they don't help
5:41 am
you establish a credit history. and they may expose account owners to bigger headaches if there's some sort of data breach like the one we just had at home depot. if you're starting out and nervous about the credit card idea, maybe consider a secured credit card that requires to you make a deposit with a bake before you get the card. sort of -- with the bank before you get the card. and it actually is cool is because most banks report your activity on secured cards to the credit bureaus so it helps build your score. >> okay what else should we do to better manage the cards. >> reporter: let's leverage technology, okay? sign up for auto pay so you never miss a payment or get hit with a finance charge. now, maybe your cash flow is erratic or you're nervous about the credit card company having a blank check to your account. if that's the case, just establish a monthly amount of cash, just automatically do it from your bank account. maybe 50 bucks. send it to the card company so you can make at least a minimum payment. that will help avoid some of
5:42 am
the fees. another idea, set your own due date. you want to align your payments with your payday. i got to give a big shoutout to the ftc. they have a really good website, great information and security tips if you think you have been compromised. >> credit card 101 from jill schlesinger on this thursday morning. thank you, jill. have a great day. >> reporter: okay, you, too. 5:42 right now. drivers overcharged by the dmv. after the break, who paid too much and what some claim is a simple fix that's not being done. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:43 am
5:44 am
events related to the nine- eleven attacks that happened thirteen ♪[ music ] ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming
5:45 am
♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ oer the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> you're listening to a memorial at the twin towers, the site of the 9/11 attacks 13 years ago. today, those two planes hit those two towers as they sing the national anthem and honored those who died. >> this is a live look right now at new york city. we just saw former mayor rudy giuliani in the crowd there. hundreds of people have gathered to commemorate the september 11th anniversary. 13 years ago. but it's still a day that we all remember. we all know where we were at the time. >> i was on my way to new york
5:46 am
that morning. i turned around and went back to work the next day working in boston. and, of course, two of the flights originated there. >> sure. it's amazing, at the time i lived about 20 minutes from dulles airport. and, of course, you know, the pentagon, um, the pentagon was hit. we are going to take a live look at the pentagon right now. the pentagon hit on the western side of the building. and almost 200 americans died that day at the pentagon. and overall, at washington, d.c., in new york city, in pennsylvania, almost 3,000 americans died 13 years ago. >> one of those flights, flight 93 out of new jersey on the way to of is, a number of bay area people -- on the way to san francisco, a number of bay area people died 13 years ago. >> sure. all across the country americans are pausing to honor those who died in new york and washington and pennsylvania. >> susan mcginnis reports from lower manhattan with tributes that are planned all day today. >> reporter: families who lost loved ones on september 11th will gather at the world trade
5:47 am
center site to mark the 13th anniversary of the terror attacks. [ bell ] >> reporter: as is tradition, moments of silence will mark the exact moments when the planes struck the towers and family members will read the long list of victims' names. [ names read ] >> reporter: among those on the list, john cartier's brother james, whose motorcycle is now part of the september 11th memorial museum. >> how fresh are those events in your mind? >> well, 13 years later, it's just --it seems like yesterday. with each passing day, it still hurts. >> reporter: the brothers were electricians at the world trade center. their sister michelle was also working there. john got to her, but james was killed. >> at the same time, michelle and i were running for our lives, my brother james was losing his. >> reporter: this is the first anniversary since the opening of the september 11th museum where the twin towers once stood. at the pentagon yesterday, leaders from the house and senate awarded congressional gold medals to honor all the
5:48 am
victims of 9/11. one medal will go to the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania. another to the 9/11 museum in new york. and a third to the pentagon memorial. ceremonies will be held today at all three places to remember those who died. susan mcginnis, cbs news, new york. >> these are live pictures of the diridon station in san jose where the vta is honoring victims of 9/11 this morning, as well. >> buses and light rail trains are stopping for that moment of silence. 5:46 our time. that was the time the first plane hit. the department of motor vehicles owes people money. the state board of equalization says some drivers are being overcharged when registering their vehicles. the problem involves taxpayers who live in split zip codes. those include people who live in a city and people who live in unincorporated areas where the sales tax rates are different.
5:49 am
if you think you may be owed a refun, fill out a form -- refund, fill out a form at the local dmv office. how is traffic on the highways? >> unfortunately, we are getting new problems now in menlo park. it is causing a little bit of a traffic jam actually. up to three lanes could be blocked. this area right around marsh road, the latest location. that's the latest tweet from "kcbs traffic." you can see the delays behind it right around willow, southbound 101 reported as a possibly injury crash. so we're not sure how much longer it will be out there. but with three lanes blocked, you know that will cause a delay even this early in the morning commute. mass transit also it is a "spare the air" day, so you're encouraged to use mass transit. as you just saw from the live look, vta momentarily pausing their buses and light rail so maybe some minor delays right now but otherwise everything is pretty much on track. bart systemwide on time no delay there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, they still have not activated
5:50 am
the metering lights. this is kind of on the later side. if you commute the bay bridge every morning, you probably know at 5:45 on the nose that's often when they switch on the lights and we start to see the delays filling in, in the fastrak lanes quickly after that. look, right now the middle lanes are still getting by okay. it's just these outer lanes, the cash ones that are pushing back to the overcrossings. they now extend beyond the parking lot but again fastrak users are still okay at 5:49 this morning. let's get a check out the door on your forecast figure out what we all have to wear today. here's roberta with that. it is going to be a scorcher inland. but just a sneak peek right now out towards the golden gate bridge again. we have fog lining the coast and into the bay but otherwise, that's going to wipe away very quickly today. number-wise, 52 in santa rosa to 62 degrees at this time in oakland. here's what you need to know on this 11th day of the month. we have patchy fog along the coast today for the opening hours of this day. that's about it. but it's going to move out very quickly. scorching temperatures inland. it's going to be warm across the bay.
5:51 am
it's a "spare the air" day everywhere. here's the scene satellite- radar, this is the bank of patchy fog lining the coast. again, it will dissipate very rapidly as that area of high pressure continues to traverse in easterly direction. it's expanding and strengthening, as well. we'll see cooler temperatures next week. until then, triple digits from redding through the state capital all the way into fresno. ukiah 100 degrees. 82 on the south shore. 89 in half dome. and 74 degrees in monterey bay. sun-up officially at 6:48. by the time it sets tonight at 7:24, 103 degrees. that will be in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay and also to the south in gilroy. mid-80s in redwood city. 82 in san francisco when the average high this time of the year is 70. we will see a string of 70s along the coast from pacifica back through the avenues into sunset district, as well. okay, here's how we're playing
5:52 am
this out. 100 degrees continues again on friday. so more than likely we'll have yet another "spare the air" day. over the weekend, gradual temperatures trend downward but for the most part, we are seeing unseasonably warm weather. it's baseball today. yup. 2.5 up on the dreadful dodgers. 82 degrees. dodgers come to town tomorrow night. >> oh, boy. >> yeah. peavey on the mound for the good guys. should be a good game. >> thanks, roberta. >> watch. [ yelling ] >> all jumping around. >> this is -- i tell you what -- >> if you need to wake up this morning, man, i tell you what, i could run a marathon right now! >> sissies. >> a live bat caused a commotion in a studio in knoxville, tennessee yesterday morning and they are freaking out. the anchors kept their cool. >> no, they didn't. >> they were a little flustered. this went on for an hour and a
5:53 am
half. >> they didn't keep their cool. i would have been freaking out with them. >> i have actually had one loose in a studio but not during a show. >> i'm sorry, bats, they're not cool to hang out with. >> bats and spiders, right. >> no, no. >> we'll be right back. ,, ,, ♪hey! i found a happy space ♪somewhere to call our own ♪a happy little place and it all starts with you♪ ♪whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness...♪ after-school snacking should be fun and nutritious which is why we put whole grains first in every general mills big g cereal what matters most should always come first
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terror attacks, this is a [ names read ] some of the names of some of the people that died 13 years ago today in new york. >> this is a live look at new york city. the nation is pausing this morning to mark the 13th anniversary. family members are reading the names of those killed at the world trade center. we'll be right back. [ names read ] track: in a prime- time spe president obama laid out a - part plan to defeat isis. at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing.
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if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> in a prime time speech, president obama laid out a four part plan to defeat isis. the president promised not to commit u.s. troops to a ground war in iraq but says the u.s. will expand air strikes in support of local forces.
6:00 am
>> acted like he was going to jump. >> wildlife ofcials have killed that mountain lion believed to have attacked a 6- year-old near cupertino. dna tests will confirm it was the right lion. >> 13 years later it seems like yesterday. >> today the nation observes the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the ceremony in new york includes the reading of names of those killed at the world trade center, the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." mallicoat this morning, americans are good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 now. this morning americans remember the thousands to died in the 9/11 attacks 13 years ago today. >> this is a live look right now at new york city. observances are


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