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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> what's going on behind these doors in san jose? tonight, one guy tells us he is so scared we can't put his face on tv. >> betty, what's going on? >> reporter: well liz, people in this neighborhood have gotten together with city leaders. they are tired of seeing violence all around this bar, especially on the on weekends. a bar worker was shot dead a few weeks ago. and things have only gotten worse. one of the neighbors shared recent video he recorded with us. take a look. this is what neighbors say a typical night looks like outside el tarasco. fights spill into the street. >> they come out, they are drunk. >> reporter: drunk hookers stumble around, throw up in front of homes and loiter outside the bar. >> there is a culture of
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lawlessness. you see prostitution, drugs, fights. they literally have taken over the whole block. >> reporter: so much so that neighbors near 13th and mission say they can't go about their usual business. >> my family is terrified. sometimes, we have kids over to play. we don't let them go outside and play. >> reporter: this man who didn't want to show his face says drunks have totaled his family's parked car, egged and tagged his home and urinated all over his yard. >> we have a lot of families work in the neighborhood. >> reporter: council member sam lacardo is pushing the shut the bar down. >> this property is not zoned for a bar and i'm pushing to get the city to ensure that this bar and no other bar can operate again on this piece of land. >> reporter: today, we caught up with the bar's owner. >> what do you say to neighbors, people who have told us that your bar causes trouble for this neighborhood? >> like i said, if they were
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true, they would have told me. they are customers. >> reporter: they are afraid. they are tells us they are afraid. >> afraid of what? >> reporter: their safety. >> safety of what? >> because there's fights. drunk driving, people's cars have been hit. >> not from here. it is like ... >> reporter: they tell us it is from right here. >> no. they see them coming out of our bar? >> reporter: yelp reviews are less than flatters. the place has one-and-a-half stars. has there been any illegal activity? prostitutes? >> no prostitutes. >> reporter: the bar's owner actually lives right next door. he described living here as peaceful. sam lacardo says he is trying to work on getting the bar's special permit to operate as such. he will start next week. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. the state's department of
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alcohol and beverage control has launched complaints against the bar. tonight was the premier of thursday night football here on cbs. but as andria borba explains, the ray rice scandal went a big time music artist was dropped from the pregame plan. >> reporter: that's right. rihanna was cut and so was the comedy sketch. from the recording studio to the halls of congress, the nfl's domestic violence issue is having far reaching repercussions. cbs announced they were pulling a performance by rihanna. she suddenly became a hot button for cbs. a victim of her own very public case of domestic violence combined with the content she wrote for the ravens steelers game. >> there's a line in this particular song she is going to do. it is run this town.
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it's a dangerous love affair. i don't know if that was part of the song they were going to use, but still, it is just completely the wrong tone for this. >> reporter: rihanna's performance and a planned comedy sketch were gotten rid of in favor of nora o' donnel interviewing roger goodell. 16 female senators sent a letter to commissioner goodell today demanding a zero tolerance poll say for players accused of domestic violence. >> our society has too much of it and we just can't allow it. so we will see what the nfl does. >> reporter: democrats from the house judicial committee demanded harsher punishment from the nfl. >> i wish women everywhere would boycott the games. i think if women quit going to
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these games, this weekend, next weekend, um, sent a big message that women, you know, have a lot to do with the economic viability of the nfl. >> reporter: now cbs sports chairman released a statement about the changes of the game saying we needed the appropriate tone and coverage. ken? >> andria borba with the latest. thank you. a massive man hunt tonight in ohio and minutes ago, we got word that police have caught a notorious killer who busted out of prison. 19-year-old t.j. lane broke out of prison. lane shot and killed three students at a high school near cleveland. he was serving three life sentences. a one-year-old boy who was accidentally shot is expected to be okay tonight. it happened on 77th avenue in east oakland this afternoon. an ambulance rushed the boy to children's hospital.
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police tell us the family member was pushing the little boy in his stroller when he reached into his pocket and his gun fell out and it went off and hit the one-year-old. we could know as soon as tomorrow whether a mountain lion killed by wildlife officials is is the same one that attacked a small boy in the south bay. they shot the mountain lion miles from where the attack happened on a cupertino trail. dna testing will tell for sure. meanwhile, the boy is getting rabies treatments as a precaution. president obama has declared a major disaster in the wake of the napa earthquake. the formal declaration covers napa and solano counties. it could mean as much as an $87 million in help. here in the bay area, the nation tonight marking the 13th anniversary of the 9/11
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attacks. twin beams of light shining into the sky above new york's ground zero. they are symbols of what was lost. here in the bay area. pleasanton and livermore held a joint ceremony at the flag pole outside of fire station number 1 in pleasanton. the service included the ceremonial ringing of the bell in honor of those who died in the line of duty. also tonight, david martin shows us the u.s. military was not wasting any time carrying out the president's strategy for defeating islamic terrorists. >> they flew only two air strikes tonight knocking out isis machine guns as gearing up for more aggressive attacks. until now, the strikes have been confined to five locations in iraq. all isis forces across northern and western iraq including the leaders will become potential targets. the mission is to degrade isis and help iraqi ground forces take back lost territory.
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u.s. army will set up expanded headquarters in baghdad and irbil. 475 more american troops will arrive in iraq in the coming days bringing the total to 1600. armed reconnaissance planes will be in urbil. in recent weeks, isis fighters have taken over entire bases compliant with ammunition dumps that once belonged to the syrian air force and could become targets for american air strikes. to destroy isis will require putting troops in syria which the pentagon has ruled out. the pentagon is asking congress for legal authority and $500 million to begin training a syrian opposition force to do battle against isis. saudi arabia has agreed to let
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the training take place on its territory. pentagon officials say the new air campaign inside iraq could begin within days. air strikes in syria are more likely weeks away. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. a central valley school is having to explain why they banned a girl from wearing a 9/11 shirt. the girl wanted to pay tribute to those who died in the world trade center but she was told to change into her uniform. a district spokesperson says the school understands the significance of the date, but it cannot make exceptions for free dress. >> it is very much an important part of the academic process, but we need to enforce the dress code policy. once you make exceptions, it is hard to draw the line. >> the school says students are allowed to wear clothes outside of the uniform on free dress days. 9/11 is not one of them. this caught our attention tonight. why does castro valley high
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school need a $14,000 espresso machine? christin ayers did a little digging. >> reporter: tonight, the castro valley school board said this is an investment. it is made by sharer usa which makes machines like these. on facebook, people lashed out calling the purchase wasteful. one commenter said there is no good explanation for a $14,000 machine bought with district money, period. but after tonight's meeting, the administrators explained the machine will allow the district to start catering us own events to bring in more revenue. one board member staid not only will this save money, it will save an important job at the school. >> we we have a 4.5 hour position in the child nutrition department we are working hard to keep that position. and in order to do that, this is an opportunity to keep that position. otherwise, we would be looking at eliminating that position in the budget. >> reporter: the board approved
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the purchase of the espresso machine unanimously tonight. the money comes out of a separate fund. in castro valley, christin ayers, kpix5. mystery men repelling out of the sky over big pot grows in northern california. only on 5, we find out who are they? >> and what was the nsa so desperate to get from yahoo that it threatened to fine it more than a million dollars a week? completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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you're looking at 37-hundred county sheri >> $7 million discovery on a remote island in the delta. you are looking at 3700 marijuana plants. solano county sheriff's deputies found them concealed in a corn field today. and that is just the tip of the
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iceberg. in mendocino county, there have been dozens of raids and strange men coming down from the sky. >> reporter: a chopper in, they are heavily armed, they chop down the pot plants. some of them are cops and others are from a private security company. they dress in combat camouflage. some of them hide their faces. this summer a group in mendocino county flew in missions to eradicate marijuana. they are not cops. they work for a security company. >> last year, we arrested two individuals in mendocino county for trespass, identified ourself and they had weapons. >> reporter: according to their promotional poster, they work with law enforcement. that is why susan schindler suspected the posse when her garden was hit last month. >> they took a hacksaw and sliced right through the stem. >> reporter: susan says the armed men in camouflage who
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dropped into her garden refused to identify themselves. >> there was no paper work, no warrants, no inventories left of what they took. it's all gone. it's all gone. >> reporter: she says she is following tall county regulations. 25 plants per parcel. the legal limit in mendocino county and the strain of cannabis she grows has no street value. it is medicinal. >> the irony is this whole garden that was destroyed was not a garden that would get you high. >> reporter: the president paul trueet turned down an interview. >> we don't hire private security guard to do our job. >> reporter: tom almond says his deputies have conducted recent raids including several in susan's area on the day she was hit. but he says his guys wear badges and clearly identify
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themselves. >> are people seeing things or is it the fact you guy haves been doing raids and people have been mistaken? you tell me. >> i think there are some people becoming paranoid this time of year. >> reporter: susan has another theory. whoever is behind it, she thinks she is an easy target. >> they try to find places where they saw nobody or they thought they wouldn't be confronted with guns. >> reporter: so it is still unclear who exactly is raiding the pot farms. that security company say they are staying on the private property of the people who hire them and that is perfectly legal. >> it is really amazing. i understand a lot of the pot growers are worried naturally. there might be criminals behind some of this. and how do you control that? >> yeah, they don't know. so there's a lot of unknown and they actually had a meeting with the sheriff recently. they said what is going on here? who are these people?
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they are not leaving paper work. in one case, he pointed his badge and it just said police on it shy don't know. could it be drug cartels? could it be the feds? the feds say they are in the area but always clearly identify themselves. >> and this is the harvest season so it is critical. >> exactly. >> thanks. >> thanks joe. well tonight, yahoo has released more than 1,000 pages of secret documents about the government surveillance program. now we know the nsa threatened to fine yahoo $250,000 a day if it didn't turn over data. this was in 2008. now yahoo refused and fought the request. eventually, a judge ordered yahoo to turn over the information. but a company did not have to pay the fine. well tonight, facebook is apologizing for blocking a photo of a baby who needed a heart transplant. this photo got flagged for
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being too gory. that is hudson. he has been in the hospital since he was born two months ago. his father is trying to raise money to pay for medical bills. after a lot of backlash, facebook apologized. people are looking at arnold schwartzzenegger's portrait. there used to be a pin there of his estranged wife on his lapel. the pair separated in 2011. their divorce is not finalized yet. >> we cannot find a smudge of rain anywhere. not even like a little bit. >> sometimes it is like just to the north. this is not. we are not within a thousand miles of rain. this is dry. there is dry and then there is
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dry. we really have the dry. we had the hot today as well. it depends on where you are. we had a 41-degree temperature spread. vacaville, 100. fremont, you almost hit 90. and then there is half-moon bay. right along the coast timeline, upper 50s for highs. a 41-degree temperature spread. i will tell you about a storm. it is on the sun. it is a solar storm. a big one, too, headed right toward earth. it will arrive on saturday. likely messing with gps communications, some radio communications, minor chances of some power outages, but also, it will give us some beautiful aurora to the north. a solar storm headed to earth this weekend. no storms, partly cloudy skies. vallejo, 59. it will be foggy in san francisco overnight. this big ridge of high pressure is trapping all the pollution at the bottom of the atmosphere where we live. that led to bad air quality again. it will again tomorrow. especially in the east bay. we will see unhealthy air
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quality. we will also see another warm day for you in fremont. micro climate forecast. we are dry. all the way from san lucas mexico all the way to alaska. that's a ridge of high pressure. that is centered right over the top of us and extends its influence 1,000 miles that way and 1,000 miles that way. will it move between now and the weekend? no. you will be foggy on the coastline. highs in the 60s there. but near triple digits the next three days. friday, saturday, and sunday. on shore flow does come back as the ridge moves. we will get a stronger blow of air from the ocean. but, that's not going to hall until next week. three more hot days before we get relief and significant relief. clear night tonight inland. we will see fog anywhere near the water. and we will stay warm all the way through the weekend. concord, another day in the mid
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90s . san jose, close to 90. sunny vail, 89. union city, 86. 100 in brentwood and livermore. 73 in san francisco. san rafael, 87. cloverdale, 98. we stay warm through the weekend. we stay sunny next week. temperatures drop back down near 60s near the bay. it is september, we could get warm and we are warm. >> all right. >> thank you. >> as expected. thank you paul. well imagine seeing these guys outside your house. a mama bear and her cubs take over a california neighborhood. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california neighborhood. >> a mama bear and her cub decided to visit a quiet southern california neighborhood. >> i love this. crystal cruz shows us neighbors couldment get enough of them. >> reporter: first came baby bear moving slowly down the tree. then came mama bear with those beady eyes, unsure of her next move, the bear pair spotted in front of a home in monrovia.
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>> they saw the avocados and started eating them. >> reporter: people armed with cameras and curiosity couldn't get enough of the wild animals. some snapping tough money shots getting way too close for comfort. >> she wants to go home and move back into what is more comfortable for her. but there is too much going on right now. >> reporter: police officers roped off the street. a large crowd gathered behind the yellow tape. at times, the game warden begged people to get back. the bear affair went into the night and kept some neighbors trapped inside their home. bertha gomez and her babysat on the porch taking it all in. >> from one mama bear to another mama bear, what would you tell her to do? >> go home! tell her to go home! >> reporter: well the bears were spooked by all the attention. >> eventually, they made their way back to their natural
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habitat. i have a better bear story coming up for you in sports. >> okay. >> as a matter of fact, this bear was so good, he cracked the top five! >> that is a good bear! >> the giants have a chance to take over the lead in the national league west. i'm dennis o'donnell. and a scary scene for a baseball mvp candidate. his condition is next. ,,,, (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots.
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yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. and dodgers were in a real pennant race..but los angel comes to town tomorrow night n the table. >> it has been ten years since the giants and dodgers were in a real pennant race, but los angeles comes to town tomorrow with all the chips on the table. they were jumping for joy at at&t. not just for a free baseball. bottom 1, hunter pence throws his bat at the ball. angel pagan scores. look one more time. when you are hot, you're hot. and he's not the only one. jake peavy struck out eight cardinals and allowed just one run in five and two-thirds. peavy is 5-1. giants win 6-2. they have won nine straight home games. so they go into this weekend series versus la. two games behind the dodgers. if they sweep, they will regain the top spot in the national
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league west. >> there's a championship pedigree around here. these guys have done it before. they have been in the fight. we have experienced leadership with bruce bochy and the staff. we are in great position. >> are you the cheer leader over the weekend? >> i will be. i'll have my pompoms out all weekend. that's for sure. chris sale put the as into forclosure. scott kazmir was almost as good, but marcus simian goes deep. the white sox win 1-0. oakland just cannot hit the baseball. they have lost 11 of 14 and their lead over the tigers for the first wild card game is down to one game. they are just a game-and-a-half ahead of falling out of the playoff spot entirely. what's that? oh ken says it's the cuban curse because they traded yoenis cespedes. marlins star and mvb candidate, giancarlo stanton was hit in the face by a pitch tonight in
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milwaukee. stanton was taken off the field to a hospital. he suffered facial lacerations, dental damage, and multiple facial fractures. the marlins announced stan ton was undergoing x-rays and a ct scran tonight. top five, anthony davis to kyrie irving, usa beats lithuania. brandon crawford's base hit. trips over the mound as crawford goes to second. look at that deer. deer? look at the bear. >> weird looking deer! [ laughter ] >> he is having a better time than you are on the golf course ken. okay, cincinnati beat saint louis 1-0. this is one reason why. jay bruce robs the a home run. and the ravens first game since
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releasing ray rice. baltimore threw out the steelers. joe flacco connecting with owen dan wells, one of two touchdown catches for daniels in the game. it is only the second game of the season. you hate to say it's a must-win game. that was an important game for baltimore to win. >> all right. >> we'll be right back.
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