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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 12, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: the planetarium says the most likely suspect is a meteor. >> rather unusual in that this one has a broad tail following behind it. >> reporter: as for talk this was related to the solar flare we have been hearing about? > probably no relationship between the two. >> reporter: so if you are up at 6 a.m. and you saw it, consider yourself lucky. >> it was an interesting morning. [ laughter ] post your photos and videos on our kpix 5 facebook page. >> if ben doesn't know what it was, we'll never know. >> he is the expert. >> meteor, ufo, never know. >> maybe we'll find out more later. thanks, veronica. new at 5:00, just when you thought it couldn't get much worse for the nfl, tonight a football star has been indicted on child abuse charges. minnesota vikings runningback adrian peterson is charged with beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch during a visit to his houston home in may.
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peterson seen here in an unrelated court appearance is expected to turn himself in. these photos from houston police show cuts on the boy's legs and bruises on his lower back. there is late word tonight the vikings have pulled peterson's game sunday against the patriots. new reports say baltimore ravens play ray rice was up front with the nfl about his details of the domestic violence case. rice allegedly told nfl commissioner roger goodell in june that he knocked out his now wife in an elevator. that contradicts what goodell told norah o'donnell this week that rice was ambiguous in their meeting. and that he didn't know about the punch until seeing it on video this week. the nfl's handling of the rice video is under investigation. a court hearing for 49ers player ray mcdonald for his domestic violence case has been postponed. mcdonald was set to be arraigned on the monday but prosecutors are still investigating and haven't filed any charges. mcdonald was arrested last
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month on suspicion of beating his pregnant fiancee. a bay area rapper caught in the line of fire. his life changed in the hail of bullets. kpix 5's da lin on the paralyzed musician who is trying to get his career back on track. da? >> reporter: and his mobility back, as well. liz, this is a one-of-a-kind fundraising campaign being launched at this hospital this afternoon. rapper kafani is asking for the gift of mobility and hopes his campaign will help others across the nation to regain their independence. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this is is one of his hit songs. the young artist was a rising star in the bay area rap scene. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: all of that came to a stop when someone shot him five times while he was filming a music video in east oakland. this is kafani a year later. the musician is paralyzed from the chest down and confined to
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a wheelchair. >> even though it was a negative, we are just trying to turn a negative to a positive. >> reporter: this device attached to his legs is what gives him the hope of soon regaining mobility. it's called the rewalk robotics. it helps paraplegics stand up and walk. the fda recently approved it for in-home use, the first of its kind. and kafani is the first in the bay area to use it. problem is, the device and training cost $85,000 and it's not covered by insurance. >> almost unobtainable, exactly, unless you're very, very wealthy and so what we're trying to do is make it accessible. >> reporter: the tracks foundation partnered with kafani to start a "crowdfunding" campaign so he can take the device home. it's more than just physical.
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this also gives him a psychological boost. >> i feel more confident, you know, more amped up to be able to be, you know, like in this gig standing up like i was able to stand up and talk to you guys. >> reporter: kafani says he is grateful for the second chance at life. he says it's changed his outlook on life and added to his music. in fact he will be performing tonight first time since the shooting at a san jose nightclub tonight. live at the fairmont hospital in san leandro, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> if you want to know more about how to help, go to oakland police arrested a man for a home invasion robbery this morning. it started when a man was leaving his redwood heights home about 5:30 this morning. two men forced their way inside. that homeowner and a woman inside were not injured. >> looks like took one individual and was robbing him out front at which point they made entry into a residence. >> police believe a second
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suspect escaped through a back door. they are checking neighborhood surveillance video for any clues. fremont police are on the hunt for two men suspected in an armed home invasion and spending spree. they say the men kicked in the garage door of a home on monticello terrace last month and held the homeowners in the bathroom while they raided the place. the two used the victim's credit card at five locations throughout the bay area. the south bay primarily. a black ford fusion similar to this was seen dropping one of the suspects off at a patelco bank in san jose after that robbery. dna proves the mountain lion shot and killed in cupertino was the same one that attacked a 6-year-old boy. searchers with dogs had been tracking the 2-year-old animal since sunday when it bit the child. they cornered it in a tree before killing it on wednesday near the attack site. tests also showed the mountain lion do not have rabies or any other diseases. the injured boy has been released from the hospital.
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developing news from southern california. a wildfire burning in orange county now checks in at 1200 acres. this broke out this morning in the cleveland national forest near silverado canyon. the flames are racing across hill thomas. voluntary evacuations have been issued for nearly 20 homes. these are live pictures showing the heavy smoke and flames as you can see there and helicopters are attacking the fire from the air. the hot weather is not helping the 300 firefighters on the ground. federal help on the way for victims of the napa earthquake. president obama declared napa and solano counties a major disaster area and that means as much as 87 million federal dollars could be coming to pay for quake-related repairs and emergency services. the help can't come soon enough for many victims whose homes were severely damaged. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live with how they are surviving. ryan. >> reporter: take, for instance, this woman. her mobile home moved two feet, take a look under there, now
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she is looking for a new place but that's nearly impossible to do here in napa. >> i just shifted back and underneath, everything is all crumbled down. >> reporter: june smith's house is meant to be mobile but it's not supposed to be moved like this. and she is better off than so many neighbors who lost their homes to a huge fire here that erupted when the ground stopped shaking. >> there's a fire! >> okay, where is the fire? >> reporter: the newly released 911 tapes capture the frantic moments right after the 6.0 shook the region. >> a house on fire! a house on fire! >> is anyone trapped? >> i don't know. >> sir, we are getting help started. one moment. >> the toughest part, um, well, realizing that i can't live here anymore. >> reporter: the damage left june without water and gas and instead with a huge repair bill she can't afford. she says the estimate was $5,000 minimum. >> and i don't have an income
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like that. just very little. so i can't afford anything like that. >> reporter: so she is selling her lot and looking for a new place. that's tough in napa. >> because we have such a limited supply. >> reporter: the housing manager says the vacancy rate is between one and two percent forcing the displaced to find housing elsewhere. vallejo, fairfield, or sonoma. just not here unless those affected can continue staying with family or friends. >> everybody has been so good here and that's the best thing about this part here. >> reporter: june has had support from neighbors who let her use their water. but she is having such a tough time finding a place, she is looking outside the state and her deadline is the end of the month. >> so i'm not sure where i'm going to live. >> reporter: june is crossing her fingers she can get federal help. coming up at 6:00, we'll break down what the most recent disaster declaration means for homeowners like june. by the way, it's not a done deal yet. you'll hear from the napa mayor at 6:00. live in napa, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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one of downtown vallejo's main drags georgia street reopened today after being closed for three weeks following last month's earthquake. the store owners are hoping that the re-opening will bring much-needed customers back into town. it's a solution to free up street parking. sounds great but one city's new smartmeters may be a little too sensitive. the glitch that's slapping drivers with unfair tickets. >> an iphone 6 frenzy ends in frustration. the preorder hiccups that could make it harder to get your hands on one. >> mobile weather live tonight in san jose. it is friday night so it is time for "friday night lights"! we have high school football and your seven-day forecast coming up. >> fists fly at a birthday party with the palins. rumors of a wild brawl that played out like an episode of jerry springer! ,,,,,,
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early.. and you've got a ti. it's a problem with some smt meters designed to free up parking in busy downtown you feed the meter and come back and see you have time left
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and you still have a ticket. that's a problem with smartmeters designed to free up parking in walnut creek. kpix 5's don ford on the glitch making drivers furious. >> reporter: downtown walnut creek may be crowded with cars, but there are 3,000 parking spaces. still, somehow, it seems you can never find one open. the city installed electronic smartmeters using special sensors like these the meter can tell whether the space is open or not alerting savvy drivers where to park. there are 1500 of these meters. four cities this size, that's a lot of electronic meters and the city says, almost all of them are accurate. almost. >> the sensor is being falsely reset by a car pulling into the space next to it or by a bus or large truck driving by the space. >> reporter: when the meter resets, it thinks your time is up. erasing the time you have already paid for.
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it blinks red and you get a ticket. folks were furious. >> five tickets in one month. and i never took so many tickets in one year. >> you get a ticket, you have to go fight it and it's a big pain. >> i don't really know if i trust anything electronic too much anymore. >> reporter: to be fair, the number of bad meters is quite small. last month, they processed more than 300,000 meter payments. >> of that, we have about less than .01% errors that were reported. >> reporter: all well and good unless you're one of the lucky 100 folks who got a ticket. the city says the meters have been fixed. >> in some cases the sensors are too sensitive so we have adjusted the sensitivity to improve the performance. >> reporter: it's still hard to find street parking. in walnut creek, don ford, kpix 5. >> and walnut creek says all new technologies have hiccups and they believe they have a handle on the problem now. san francisco also uses the same type of meters. you get up early to spaing
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an iphone 6 only to find a blank screen. the record debut that could mean delays for apple fans. >> and sorry, mr. president. you think hanging with the commander-in-chief would be a bi deal but a surprise school visit left one student bummed out. ,, bulldog: save up to $300 on sealy posturepedic and serta mattress sets. even get 24 months interest-free financing on every tempur-pedic. but don't drop the ball. mattress discounters fall kickoff sale is ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters
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reporting a "record" numberf "pre-sales". but says not all those the iphone 6 buying frenzy has begun! apple is reporting a record number of presales but our julie watts says not all those sales are going smoothly. >> reporter: the online presale started at midnight and so did the problems. >> nothing happened for five minutes. you can see the site loading. >> reporter: that's how it went for most people trying to preorder an iphone 6 this morning through the apple store, verizon or at&t. >> it was basically a disaster. >> reporter: cnet says the apple store had the most problems. for the first three hours would- be buyers saw a screen saying, we'll be back. >> there's so much demand is what we think was happening. the servers couldn't support all the people coming to the websites. >> reporter: and then rumors started surfacing that apple wouldn't have enough phones to meet the demand adding to the urgency and the number of people preorder,ing this morning. >> there talks that the phone could be delayed because of manufacturing issues. they just didn't have enough
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supply for the components. >> reporter: but whether or not the rumors are true, iphone addicts have to have their fix. >> if you didn't order it this morning, now you're waiting in line. >> reporter: a similar frenzy erupted when the iphone 5 went on sale. they sold out online in an hour and there were lines at the stores for months. if history is any guide, there might not be enough sixes to go around. >> you will probably have to wait. >> reporter: fact is, most of the first phones will likely go to the diehards like those who began camping out at apple before the phone was announced or people like mike who began trying to preorder before dawn. for him persistence paid off. >> we got in early enough. >> reporter: now, we are told sales went more smoothly on t- mobile and sprint sites likely because there was less traffic. but if you weren't one of the early birds delivery could take up to nine weeks. that puts you back to mid- november. >> oh. well, they love this stuff, though. all this buzz, all this need for it. it's great publicity. >> good marketing. >> reporter: it promotes the
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phone. on ebay for $10,000! or something ridiculous. and it will be good buzz for the holidays. >> yeah. absolutely. thank you. an unusual legal battle brewing over who owns a rare world war ii tank. when jacques littlefield of portola valley died, he had more than 200 tanks and other military vehicles in his collection. half of the collection was auctioned off in july. we had a story on it. a company headed by microsoft cofounder paul allen says it bought one of the tanks for $2.5 million. but never received it. the foundation that held the auction says there was a misunderstanding, the tank was never sold. other bay area headlines, the car that ran a red light may have caused this minivan to hit a san francisco subway restaurant at pine and battery around 6 a.m. no one was seriously injured. restaurant workers were sweeping away glass hours later. and it could be a few days
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before that subway reopens. police have cited the car that ran the red light and slammed into the van. police say a woman found dead on a sidewalk in san jose died from blunt-force trauma. her body found early today behind a motel on oakland road. officers are questioning two people. police in san leandro have a new tool to fight crime. starting today, they will wear portable videocameras on their uniforms. inp in criminal cases the record -- in criminal cases the recordings will be evidence used in court and officers are not allowed to change or delete them. this fall, mobile weather is all about high school football. week one we featured pittsburg versus cal high. last week, it was serra against de la salle. >> and tonight "friday night lights" is in the south bay. meteorologist paul deanno is at san jose city college where san leandro is facing off with bellarmine. paul? >> reporter: yeah. we are waiting for the energy to build because the teams aren't here yet.
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bellarmine plays here at san jose city college. it is a beautiful campus here but the energy, we're going to save it for game time 7:00 tonight. san leandro undefeated. bellarmine undefeated. it's going to be a beautiful night for football. a good game with two good teams. the teams will get here at 5:30. so my photographer marco and i are leading the charge if you will for "friday night lights" on a warm sunny friday in the south bay. take a look at your current temperatures. what a spread! livermore you hit 100 today. currently 98. san francisco though 65. 33 degrees separates those two fine communities. santa rosa 90. san jose 82. oakland 73. san bruno 69. overnight tonight upper 50s, low 60s. santa rosa down to 58. san jose you will drop down to 61. fremont 62. and livermore 62 degrees. big ridge of high pressure is giving us the hot weather inland and mild weather near the water. that's not moving this weekend. so the ridge remains. which means it will be a mainly sunny weekend especially in the afternoon. but by next week that ridge
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will move and big-time changes big-time temperature changes will occur past the weekend. it will be clear inland with fog near the bay and also along the coastline. lots of sunshine especially away from the coastline this weekend. we'll get afternoon sunshine near the bay. that's you in oakland and hayward and in the south bay. temperatures will stay above average for a while. likely through next monday. high temperatures tomorrow not as hot in napa but still well above average 92. santa rosa 89. 87 in san jose. livermore 98. san francisco 70. and mountain view 81 degrees. your extended forecast, we are hot through the weekend. mid- to upper 90s inland. mid-70s near the bay. mid-60s at the coast with lots of sunshine. the changes begin next week as we get more of the onshore flow more of the ocean influence. down to the upper 80s low 90s inland. upper 60s, low 70s near the bay. look at the changes by wednesday and thursday. actually below normal. 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s near the bay. beautiful field, beautiful weather, all we need now is for
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the teams to show up. bellarmine gets the field at 5:30. they play their home games here at san jose city college, look at the field. it's awesome. they will get here at 5:30. game starts at 7:00. two undefeated teams. good football coming up on a friday night. and judging by the 90-degree temperatures outside, kids are going to be sweating a little bit. it's going to be a warm evening. back to you. >> lots of gatorade. lots of water. thanks, paul. >> thanks, paul. >> absolutely. coming up, sarah palin is used to throwing verbal punches but we're not talking about politics tonight. how her family was reportedly at the center of a messy party brawl. sarah
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palin. well, this is a story that has all the markings of a reality tv show. check it out. alcohol, a wild brawl, and sarah palin. former vice-presidential candidate and her family allegedly got into a drunken
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fight at a birthday party in anchorage, alaska. it happened last weekend. it apparently started when palin's son track got into a fight with his sister's ex- boyfriend. witness accounts say bristol palin started throwing punches. sarah palin at one point screamed out, don't you know who i am?! nobody got arrested. they were asked to leave. police are investigating. >> hm. well, it's not every day a kid is disappointed to meet the president. >> unless of course she was expecting someone else. >> here we go. >> mr. president? >> yes. >> somebody said you were coming? >> yeah, you thought it was -- >> i really wanted it to be beyonce. >> i understand. [ laughter ] >> malia and sasha would feel the same way. [ laughter ] >> you thought we were going tow beyonce? >> but then, i realized it was going to be you, and that's even better. >> see there? >> awww. >> i appreciate you saying that in front of the press. i know that -- [ laughter ]
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>> i know it's not really true but that's okay. [ laughter ] >> the first lady chuckled at the whole thing saying she would also rather see beyonce. they were at the school as parts of public service to commemorate 9/11. >> kids say the darnedest things. we'll be right back. first here's tonight's bay area jobs report with steven greenberg. reporter: perhaps the only thing more frustrating than sitting on i-80 at rush hour is applying for a job that you feel is a great match and then never hearing anything from the company. generic resumes that list all experience make it easy to apply for hundreds of jobs. but hard for any one provider to see a candidate's full value. try customizing your resume' for every job that you apply for. have the jobs description in hand. and address every requirement in your resume'. highlight only your most relevant skills. eliminate the details that might impress your friends like winning an award that has nothing to do with the job that you're applying for. employers may spend 10 seconds
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scanning your resume'. so connect the dots of your experience. make it obvious so that the employer can't miss that you're a great fit, then compare the tailored resume' to your current generic one. which person would you ignore and which would you interview? for help with your resume' and more, contact career centers like the california career resource network. they offer services and information to help you succeed. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:00 tonight: military-grade assault weaps ing from two
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. military grade assault weapons like these missing from two bay area law enforcement agencies. lost or stolen? we go looking for answers. plus -- >> you know, we're afraid of our drinking water. and we're not supposed to be afraid of it. >> water customers at the mercy of this green mess the nearby lake. just as soon as the agency in charge can clean it up, it's back again. and a big birthday coming up for our national anthem. the little known bay area connection to the iconic song. it is all straight ahead at 6:00. ken, i will see you then. back to you guys. >> can't wait to hear about that. >> sounds good. thanks, veronica. check this out. burger king getting all kinds of buzz tonight for this, a limited time offering of a cheeseburger made with buns, cheese and sauce that are all black. it's only available in japan. >> wow, just in time for halloween. >> thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> have a good night.
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captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonig >> pelley: tonight, the verdict in the oscar pistorius murder trial. >> he's found guilty of culpable homicide. >> pelley: guilty, but will the olympic runner go to prison? debora patta is in south africa. a teenager serving three life sentences for a deadly school shooting escapes from prison. michelle miller has the latest. david martin has new details of the rescue mission to save two american journalists from isis and why it failed. and steve hartman "on the road." can you believe someone once called this young man a nerd? >> i was proud of it. >> reporter: right. >> it was like a badge of honor to me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. th pelley: good evening.


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