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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 21, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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some say was an accident wag to happen. good e badly hurt at a bad intersection. the collision between a car and a cyclist that some say was an accident waiting to happen. good evening. last we heard the bicyclist had life-threatening injuries. the collision happened at spruce streets in berkeley. a little after 8:00 this morning. kpix5 juliette goodrich is there, what are you hearing about what caused this crash? >> reporter: well, ann, we are at this busy intersection and just watching the bicyclists gain speed going down this hill. what we learned a cyclist was coming down spruce and hit by a car crossing over. the witnesses and the neighbors in this area say it is a busy
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intersection. they put up a sign saying bikes and cars stop at the stop sign. the bicyclist was take tone a hospital in an ambulance. you can see the impact of the crash on the front driver's side part of the car. the driver of the car is cooperating with the police and the witnesses in the area. they did provide information to the accident investigation team. now, long time berkly residents say it is a dangerous intersection for cyclists -- berkeley residents say it say dangerous intersection for cyclists and drivers. >> you have cars not stopping and bikes not stopping, this is a result. i seen many near misses, bicycles and pedestrians, and cars both of them not stopping, fighting over who is supposed to go and who is not. a chronic problem. i am -- i have been expecting something major like this to
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happen. this is the really big one that we have seen in years. >> reporter: now, the accident investigation team was here for hours, closed to traffic during that time. again, the witnesses and the driver of that vehicle are cooperating. the cyclist is at the hospital in critical condition. neighbors in this area say that this was an accident waiting to happen because it was a very dangerous four-way stop. >> back to you. we learned the name of the victim in yesterday's fatal collision in san francisco's chinatown. identified as 78-year-old ying. struck by a driver near stockton on sacramento streets. a witness says she was in the cross walk. the 40-year-old driver was arrested at the scene. demonstrations held around the world today ahead of the united nation's climate summit. hundreds showed up as part of the people's climate march.
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largest demonstration for climate change in history. thousands filled the streets of new york city. >> reporter: an estimated 310,000 people chanted, drummed, and danced through the streets of manhattan on sunday demanding action on climate change. >> it is amazing. i never seen anything like it. i am glad something like this is happening in my life time. >> the people's march was planned just before world leaders held the climate sumit on the united nations on sunday. 1500 groups took part in the march including scientists, labor unions and 34 religious denominations. all of them making the same demands. >> i want people to pay attention that we are destroying ourselves. >> reporter: they came from all over the world to be the biggest demonstration in history. clogging the town. marchs in 160 other countries like london and paris.
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former vice president al gore one of the first to sound the alarm held a moment of silence alongside u.n. secretary moon and new york's city's mayor calling for change arbs long with -- along with many. >> reporter: a cry this loud would be impossible to ignore. back to you. >> governor jerry brown will be at the climate conference, he is scheduled to speak on tuesday. the drought is expecting to cause part of a glacier to break off. it is from melting and movement of the ice. on the subject, don't expect our dried up reservoirs to get filled up soon. the national weather service expects the drought to spread
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into nevada and the forecast say that they will probably get below average rainfall between now and the end of the year. if things stay dry, lake tahoe could drop for for the first time in five years. >> the coast guard is mopping up a small fuel spill. the guard came from the o'pwraoeuien. it '-- o'brien. the full spill has been contained. >> we are confident we have contained it. the coast guard takes collusion very seriously and the protection reenvironment. the cause is under investigation. baltimore rave ens player, ray rice says the video was edited. rice is appealing. espn says they will argue that it was based on video that was
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edited by tmz. they say rice knocks out his fiancee in an elevator. the nfl scandal dominate inside and outside of the sport's word. why player conduct matters to society. >> reporter: dianne feinstein appeared on face the nation this morning, looking at the scandals plaguing the fleeing it is going on too long, getting too bad and these teams have to set an example for the rest of society. football is a major sport. >> reporter: the senator of 49er's fan says the defensive end, mcdonald says should be on the bench while awaiting trial on domestic abuse charges. the nfl needs to act more assertively. >> there has to be a strength in the league. they have to project the values of what is right and what is wrong. >> the mcdonald's case comes amid widespread criticism of
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the nfl for mishandling situations where players have been accused of abuse. the special correspond apt, james brown says a top down approach is necessary to ensure teams act appropriately. >> i think there is consensus that if a player is accused of domestic violence then until the facts near in that player should be sat down with pay. >> roger goodell broke his silent on tuesday. >> reporter: to his critics it felt flat. but shannon sharp came to his defense. >> if t is easy to say all of these people that second guess goodell they have the luxury of hindsight and what he should of done after he has done what he did. could he have handled that situation better? absolutely. i think from top to bottom it could have been handled better. >> reporter: the nfl is promising change. everyone in the league will
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undergo training to prevent domestic violence. back to you. >> and there is more fall out over the 49ers decision to let ray mcdonald keep playing after his arrest on domestic violence charges of the group for victims of domestic violence asked for a proclamation condemning the violence. and the mayor will issue one. but it does not mention the 49ers or mcdonald's donald. security at the house white has been stepped up. the guards were easy to spot today. the secret service director ordered more officer patrols while the agency investigates how a man got over the fence and into the white house. amateur video shows gonzalez running across the white house lawn on friday night. his family says gonzalez is an army veteran diagnosed with dom bat trauma and depression. he is due in federal court tomorrow. he will be charged with entering a restricted building
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while carrying a deadly weapon. he was carrying a folding knife. the court documents said he told a secret service agent he felt the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to tell the president. new detail on the devastation from the king 5. what cal fire learned today. >> san francisco would not be so cool without the artists and the musicians. >> and squeezing out the artists. what san francisco is doing to keep that community alive
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firefighters today confirmed that 10 homes have been los 12 thous n cal fire increased the number of homes destroyed by wildfire. 10 homes have been lost. 12,000 others are in danger. the fire started by an arsonist eight days ago, covers 82,000 acres. it is only 10% contained. a mountain lion may be raising tepzs tonight on the men tpheupbs la. the line was seen today near -- raising tensions in the
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peninsula. never approach the cats. one attacked a little boy a few weeks ago and he survived. taking a look at the art scene. musicians and painters are fleeing to less pricey cities. sanfrancisco pledged for help because artists are calling this a critical point. >> reporter: this artist worries san francisco could soon be a shadow of the colorful self- >> san francisco would not be so cool without the artists and musicians and dancers that make the city vibrant and interesting. >> reporter: using it this work space today to hone his artistic skills. this owner says that spaces like this give artists an affordable place to work. unfortunately they are closing all across the city for cheaper pastors. >> in the past year i have seen six or seven major galleries and art in san francisco
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shutdown or be displaced. i had had a dozen of friends that had to move to the east bay or to less expensive cities. >> reporter: san francisco spotted the alarming trend to help, this summer, the mayor pledged 2 million to boost grant funding and stem the tide of artists leaving the city. but, they want both the city and the public to support artists. >> watch this funding project to support the art walk this september. >> if we created more public opportunities for people to participate in art then we would have surviving art culture again. >> reporter: it is clear, the culture is fast becoming a techy one. these artists remain optimistic art and tech can co exist. if studios continue to be squeezed out they would rather
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be somewhere else. >> it would be a big city with expensive restaurants and people on their laptopsa all of the time. did is kind of a little bleak, i think. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the art walk that mark mentioned in the story is this thursday from 6:00 until 9:00 in san francisco a long journey to mars. the mission that has people on their edge of their seats tonight. back on earth we are excited about another chance of rain. we will have details as we look live, after a break ,,,,,,,,,,
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nasa's "maven" spacecraft wl reach mars after a ten month mission to the red planet. it won't land, but will spea year in orbi it traveled half a million miles.
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tonight it reaches its destination. the spacecraft will reach mars after a 10 month mission to the red planet. tell not land but it will spend a year in orbit studying the atmosphere. the researchers want to know how it went from warm and wet to cold and dry. >> yes. >> that is the great thing about it. those other planets give us another experimental point. if things changed on earth we got mars out to there see how things evolved. it is beautiful in the nighttime skies. as we head outside, we will show you this, autumn, 7:29 p.m. tomorrow night. the first full day is tuesday. set your watch. celebrate it tomorrow night. right now we are looking at 73 degrees in concord. livermore, 72 degrees. in the city, 66. here is what it will look like heading out in about the bay
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area. fog in the shoreline, overcast by the beach. it took a long time for the low clouds to burn off where they did. so, we had sun inland and in the south bay. it was a little bit of a care commodity elsewhere. sunshine, inland, 82 degrees. 87 around the bay and lots of clouds at the shoreline, 68 degrees, forecast high if general for the coast. here is what is happening, low pressure, triggering the showers in sonoma counties last night. did not amount to much. but, it the low will lift out. replaced by high pressure. as a result, higher temperatures, more sunshine on monday. and it will hold that way for the next couple of days. let's just roll the future cast. we paid for this expensive weather computer to show us what things will be like tomorrow at sunrise. 6:00, now, rolling it through the rest of the day. the clouds pull back.
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evaporate. getting more sun tomorrow than we had today and the temperature, not up dramatically but you can see the overcast, ocean beach right now. chilly. increasing sunshine in the headlines then. increasing temperatures as l. then, a chance of rain moving in. a rain chance coming in late wednesday and thursday. all right, here is how it looks in the forecast. 78 degrees in san ramoan. 82 at pleasantton. sanfrancisco, 82 degrees. 80 in san jose. 80s in the 70s in the north bay as well. concord, 82. extended forecast looking for sunshine. not a big rainmaker. then, spreading over the bay area looking sunny next weekend, that is weather, ann? >> we want to correct a
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mistake, raven player was awaiting trial, but he is not. he has not been charged. now, pressure mounting for san francisco. back in a moment ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to-back second half collaps.
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i know it was early. the cardinals, 2-0, looking to make it 3-0. roll it, from the desert. 4 turnovers against chicago last week for kaepernick. back upbeat the guy an ants in new york. kaepernick and company dissected the cardinals defense on their opening drive. crabtree on a catch there. 2 yards, kaepernick, 7-7. beginning the game great, 7-0, 2nd quarter, fans looking for this. hide, takes it. johnson, in the end zone. they start the second half on fire, though. hooking up with the rookie, brown, cuts the lead to just one point, lightning strikes twice. one drive later. fighting brown. steps up on san francisco's secondary. taking it 20-14 lead. in the red zone. 7 minutes to go. but, larry, cops it up, the 49ers getting a huge break.
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they still have it. but they could not do anything with that. >> kaepernick, sacked by the safety. tony jeffersoned in of the 10 yard line. they will punt back to arizona and the cardinals took the game away. run up the middle. cardinals kicking the field goal. they beat san francisco 23-14. just got to play better. not playing good enough right now. a lot of football left. got to get regrouped in a hurry. got a lot of good football teams to play. >> two straight games with 100 yard penalties for the 49ers. >> the raiders have not won on the east coast since 2009. a streak of 14 games, in serious jeopardy of falling into new england. special guest, mark wahlberg. but, the second quarter, getting on board. finding his security blanket
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for the touchdown. taking the 7-3 lead. 10-9. now, the series for the raider defense. they stop today on 1stdown. breaking up the pass. now, tj, breaks up the pass, they settle for the field goal like it is 13-9. raiders aircraft chance to tie the game. touchdown, raiders, right? >> hold everything, coming back. now, holding on gabe jackson. of course, coming back to get the raiders. the next play. going through it, moore. deflective and kicked off. 16-0 final. now, late. that is for sure. nobody expected. that but we did. you know, that is what we expect out of ourselves, that now we have to finish it. it does not matter if there was a holding call. does not matter. it does not matter, we lost. we have to go back, go back to
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work this week in london and fix what we need to fix. but if we come out with that same effort, we will be a great football team. >> just a week to go in regular season baseball. a's at home vs philadelphia trying to avoid another home series lost to the last place team. this guy in oakland checking it out. how the a's are doing it. tied at 4. with the phillies. totaling, 2 outs, right center. moss and nick, scoring. the a's lead 6-4. now, 6-5, ben, singles it up. he scores to tie the game at 6. game goes to extra innings. 10th inning now, runner on. a walk off. man, that is something the a's needed. a walk off shot. 2-run shot. the third game-ending home run of the season. a huge win for the a's. 10-6. with the win, oakland half a win ahead of kansas city for the first spot. they have a 2 game cushion over
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is set set after they lost today. giants looking to keep their children up and avoid swede in san diego. padres leading. the singles, 2 outs, 2 on. now, george and 2-runs score. sandiego takes a 5-0 lead. the next inning after the giants cut the lead 5-2. now, they double. two runs score. they win 8-2 and the giants get swept in arizona. so, the giants drop 4.5 in l.a. sanfrancisco heading to dodgers stadium. the giants are tied with pittsburgh for the first wild card spot. and the a's won a baseball game. >> thank goodness. >> yes. i saw your tweet. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> i know. and "gameday" tonight. >> yes. vern is in new england. he will have that and more from the 49ers. getting ugly for the 49ers. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you at 6:30.
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>> tonight, the fire grows. more homes burn and more people are kept away as the king fire in northern california gets worse. carter evans is covering. >> glor: new details about the iraq war veteran who jumped a fence with a knife and reached the white house. julianna goldman is in washington. vinita nair says police are cracking down on cyclists after horrific crash in new york's central park. >> and the power of music enhanced by the emotion of children. don dahler on a powerful composition in connecticut. >> this piece is to offer some kind of healing for the families. >> this is the cbs evening news.


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