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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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mercedes worth millions stolen from lots, the video police arusing to track the gang. ,,,, ♪ at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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of airstrikes for 5 hours n. sharon chin with the weapon the u-s is using for the fit time ever.. sharon? from the air and sea.. the and its allies are unleashi torrent of bombs and cruise missiles. the targets ... command and control centers.. for weapo, supplies, and training camp. in the islamic state's de fo capitol of raqqa, syria. [ audio difficulties ] >> the targets command and control centers for weapons, supplies and training camp in the islamic state capitol of raqqa, syria. u.s. navy ships fired tomahawk cruise missiles and american fighter jets took aim at 20
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targets in syria, the f-22 used in combat for the first time, the attacks coming two weeks after president obama said the u.s. would expand its military campaign against isis. isis centers were attacked in iraq. >> they will not defeat isis. that will take putting troops in on the ground and it's going to take the pentagon about a year to train and equip syrian opposition forces to go in on the ground. >> reporter: earlier today isis ratcheted up the threat to americans in this new training camp video and audiotape. isis leaders call for lone wolf attacks inside western countries from blowing up homes to beheadings. >> they see this as a serious organization that really wants to fight, not just talk about it, to be a warrior. >> this is only beginning to intensify. >> reporter: isis claims it's recruiting more westerners like this man, an apparent executioner. voice analysis may show if he's the first american leader seen
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inside the islamic state. >> get away from the smoke. >> reporter: isis has forced more than 130,000 syrian kurds to flee to turkey in a few day. the refugees say they were escaping militant monsters. at least five arab nations are joining in the airstrikes. the pentagon press secretaried the u.s. made the decision to strike -- secretary said the u.s. made the decision to strike early today. abdul hariri tweeted breaking huge explosions shook the city in what might be the beginning of u.s. airstrikes on isis. hqs in raqqa. in addition to firepower the united states is also using brain power to fight isis including this eccentric hacker who wants tapped into nasa's computers when he was 13 years
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old. coming up in 10 minutes you'll meet the real life prodigy who inspired the new cbs show scorpion. tonight we've learned thieves have hit at least three bay area car dealerships driving off with lots of expensive cars. so how did they do it? check out the video joe vazquez got ahold of tonight. a clearly captured the faces of the s men who stole 5 of his carst 3:30 am friday. mi thieves went stra >> i hope they catch them and put these guys away. >> reporter: the owner of formula one motors in san jose says his surveillance camera clearly captured the faces of the season men who stole five new cars off his lot at 3:30 a.m. friday. the thieves went straight for the key cabinet, stole the keys, then stole the cars. >> they use the fob to see which car is flashing and as soon as they found out which cars they want, they took those specific cars. >> reporter: that's the same thing that happened at mercedes- benz of stevens creek about a mile away. eight cars were stolen there and the suspects who hit the
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mercedes dealership in bellemont 1 a.m. sunday morning drove nine cars off the lot. >> nine vehicles were confirmed taken. so we're looking for at least nine suspects. >> reporter: that means it's probably planned. does it mean organized crime or some level of organization? >> i wouldn't want to speculate at this time, but it sounds like it was a group of people and they knew what they were doing. >> joe tells us police from several jurisdictions are comparing notes to see if all of the cases are related. the nd this just five minutes ago crews closed a busy folsom street off ramp from the bay bridge and this off ramp will be closed the next six months. thousands of commuters use this off ramp every day. you know what that probably means, a longer morning commute. so if you are heading into san francisco tomorrow, use the harrison street or fremont street to get back to folsom. ent. you can see
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why are they closing such a busy important off ramp for so long? new housing development. you can see from this type lapse video we took tonight the current ramp veers off to the right cutting right through the construction site. to get to fols the new ramp will go straight through to fremont street where drivers can turn left or right to get to folsom. we have a map of the closure on plus realtime traffic any time. tonight the question where were the police? mike sugerman on the big fight during yesterday's niner/cardinals game, not on the field but in the stands. >> reporter: it started near halftime, cardinals and 9er fans in the stands. it's hard to tell the fans apart. jerseys are the same color. as the fight moved out of the seats down the chairs. the university of phoenix stadium is the home of super bowl 49 in february, and its that sec police at th you can see some trying to keep the peace as others flail away
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and as the melee moves down the walkway other fans who weren't involved in the original brawl start in, too. some even took on security. here's a guy trying to choke one of the security guards. that guard has blood all over his shirt by the end of the fight mixing with the blood of others on the concrete. one fan there posted on the cbs5 facebook page arizona cardinals stadium should be ashamed of the way they handled the fighting. there was zero police presence. the question could become important because this stadium is the home of super bowl xlix in february and it's that security company and not police at the moment in charge of keeping the peace in the stands. 1 expert says that's a different crowd entirely. >> people not regular fans who are there not so much for the action on the field, but rather for the experience of attending a super bowl. >> reporter: mike sugerman, kpix5. >> there were two arrests, a man from california and a guy
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from arizona. while 49er player ray mcdonald was in arizona for that game someone broke into his shows house late saturday night. police -- san jose house late saturday night. police won't say what, if anything, was taken. it's also unclear if it had anything to do with the domestic violence allegations against mcdonald or if his house was just a random target. there's a red flag warning tomorrow for the sierra foothills where the king fire has burned nearly 90,000 acres in el dorado national forest just 18% contained. 10 homes have been destroyed, thousands more possibly in danger especially when the winds kick up tomorrow. air quality is also a huge concern. it's so bad in parts of el dorado and placer counties it's classified as hazardous. several schools in the area canceled outdoor activities. others have shut down altogether until the smoke clears. lines. we got a look at in se. pg&e started using a mini robot to look for problems in
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its natural gas pipeline. we've got a look at it in action today in san jose. the robot about the size of a computer mouse has high definition cameras and is designed to get into the tight space between the pipe and casing. this way crews can check for gas leaks without digging up the pipe. also tonight we are hearing a bay area politician use a certain word that, well, we don't usually hear politicians say very often. i'll let christin ayers tell you what it is. >> reporter: meet libby shaft. >> reporter: the campaign commercial begins like most others. >> the police need to come when you call. >> reporter: but it end like no political ad we've seen. >> libby shaft for mayor because it's hell at times for leadership in oakland. >> reporter: wait. what was that? >> libby shaft for mayor because it's hella times for leadership in oakland. >> reporter: shaft, an oakland
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native has struggled to distinguish herself from a crowded field of candidates. she told me this was her chance to introduce herself, if unconventionally. >> no one knows my background that i am born and raised here and i have given a lifetime of service to this awesome city. >> reporter: we showed her ad to oaklanders. their reaction? mixed. >> maybe she's trying too hard. >> give it a thumbs up. >> i'm 100% for people being themself and i appreciate her being herself and that speaks volumes. >> reporter: and that she said is what it's all about. >> this city is going to succeed by being itself well. we don't need to coach anybody else. >> urban dictionary -- to copy anybody else. >> urban dictionary says hella started on the streets of san francisco's point neighborhood. an 8th grader shares his lunch and gets sent to detention at this elementary school. kyle bradford said his friend
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didn't like the cafeteria food, so he offered him some of his burrito. >> it seemed like he couldn't get a normal lunch, so i just wanted to give mine to him because i wasn't really that hungry. it was just going to go in the garbage if i didn't eat it. >> the school district has rules against sharing food because of allergies. kyle said he'd share his lunch again if a friend asked. coming up the man with an iq higher than einstein, how he identified the boston bombers and is now helping the u.s. fight isis. >> harry potter star emma watson speaks out about women and tonight celebrity hackers threaten to expose her.
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russia escaped death. checks out: a speeding car and truck collided in an intersection, sending the t out of con a russian cyclist escaped death. check this out, a speeding car and truck colliding in an intersection. here it comes. it sends the truck out of control. the truck just barely nicks the cyclist before overturning. the cyclist is not injured and eventually get up to help that truck driver. the driver of the truck was shaken but not hurt. mped a fence at the white house last week 800 rounds of am also tonight we know the guy who jumped a fence at the white house last week had 800 rounds of ammo, a hatchet and a machete in his car. authorities say omar gonzalez scaled the 8-foot fence along pennsylvania av and took off running in the direction -- avenue and took off running in the direction of the north portico and made it inside before secret service agents eventually tackled him. the first family had just left for camp david. gonzalez appeared in court today. his family says the iraq war veteran suffers from severe
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ptsd. secret service has added more patrols, surveillance cameras and the doors of the portico are now locked. tonight scorpion aired on cbs and tonight that man with the einstein iq is helping the u.s. fight isis. in scorpion a computer prodigy converts other good looking geniuses and misfits to solve local problems and save lives. sound far fetched? think again. meet the real life walter o'brien. the new series is based on his life as an eccentric hacker. >> it feels like i have multiple brains going on at the same time. >> toe brian born and raised in ireland -- o'brien born and raised in ireland was bullied as a kid. at age 9 he took an iq test and scored 197. as for social skills, not so
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great. >> if someone was lying, i couldn't tell. if someone was upset, i couldn't tell and say the wrong thing. >> reporter: at 13 he hacked into nasa's computers and started a company scorpion computer services. today it's packed with brainiacs who specialize in security. >> it's a think tank of high iq individuals. >> reporter: this team helped find the boston bombers, figured out if north korea could hit south korea with a missile and an lived whether the malaysian crash site was altered. as for the series, he hopes it will help geeks round the world by making smart sexy. >> at least they're cool, if not sexy, but put it in a situation where it doesn't get you beaten up on the playground. >> when nasa found out its systems were hacked, instead of
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arresting him he told them how did he it and now nasa is a client. o'brien was granted a special visa only given to visited individuals that gives him permanent residency in the u.s. he calls southern california home. tonight hackers are promising to release nude photographs of actress emma watt son. why emma? why now? it probably has something to do with what she did this weekend. tied to is threatening >> what did i say, may i ask? >> reporter: actress and harry potter sweetheart emma watson up against a not so sweet internet bully. s a pr u-c berkeley s >> he's trying to get her to be obedient to him. >> reporter: users on website for char is threatening to release nude -- for chan is threatening to release nude photos of emma. >> a man who tries to scare women who are powerful, to not being powerful, giving up on
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their power, is committing an act of terrorism even though it's not the usual kind. >> reporter: robin lakeoff is a professor at uc berkeley and says there is a clear message these people are sending. >> we want you to be powerless. we want you to, you know, be what we need you to be. >> reporter: as timing would have it, the site was launched just after emma wowed the united nations with a speech calling men to step up and be part of the quest for gender equality. >> how can we effect change in the world when only half of it is invited or feel welcome to participate. >> reporter: but robin says the timing is no coincidence. >> not only is she in her own right successful and accomplished and powerful, but now she in that role is giving a speech saying other women should have these rights as well. >> reporter: well.. >> the professor said she
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expects we will see more threats like this one. there is a nasty hoax going around about apple's fake operating system. this fake ad says you can large your iphone in the microwave. at least a few people fell for the prank. the ad says ios8 has a feature called wave that charges the battery when you nuke it. in reality it just fries the phone. >> oh, no. >> not pretty. we should probably explain what's going on. we're having a little technical issue some of you may have noticed. sometime our voices don't match how our lips are moving. it's actually an old trick. it's called throwing your voice technically on television. >> we're not magicians. >> anyway we have a little weather coming our way. we've got some weather information, the timing. we've got it nailed. later on this week we will have rain, second straight week in september. what's going on? couldn't get rain in january. here's the radar tonight, which
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is dry. we see dry conditions throughout the bay area. we'll take you outside and show you the sky because we'll have a very humid night and rather cloudy night. look at that picture from oakland looking back toward the city, cloudy skies, fog when you wake up. nothing on the radar, but wednesday evening in the north bay we'll be talking about rainfall. got to show you this video up in northern california. we had the fire near mount shasta. now we have the flood near mount nsa a. what's going on? there's been no -- mount shasta. what's going on? there's been no rain recently. a glacier broke off causing a mud flow into the mcleod river. the snow acts like mortar to keep the glaciers together and with less snow the glasiers are less stable. overnight lows -- glaciers are less stable. overnight lows 60s. this is an image i typically show you in october or
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november, pretty strong low pressure system area, that comma-shaped cloud heading straight for the pacific northwest. some steady heavy rainfall will make it as far south as mount shasta in the next day or so and that front will make it to the bay area. by wednesday evening it will be raining in the north bay. by thursday morning we all get another round of scattered showers, much needed rainfall moving in. tonight it's humid and foggy. cloud increase wednesday after a nice day tomorrow with that window of opportunity for showers from wednesday evening through friday morning, nice day tomorrow, upper 70s in the south bay, 81 concord, a couple degrees cooler than normal, sunshine in palo alto, 77, morgan hill 86, walnut creek, livermore low 80s, 70 with afternoon sunshine in san francisco, sonoma 79. clouds wednesday, showers thursday and the timing is excellent because by the weekend the sunshine returns.
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we have more rain this week. >> perfect. coming up wait till you see why mic tyson is being called -- mike tyson is being called a hero. >> plus have you seen these guys prowling around your house at night? what's behind the bay area's raccoon invasion? that's next. >> kpix5 weather is sponsored by lexus. visit your local lexus dealer and test drive a lexus today.
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mess. they come out at night, sneak around your yard looking for food and leave behind a big mess. >> the bay area is in the middle of a raccoon invasion. watch out. you don't want to get close. wildlife experts say we're seeing mora coops than normal this year because -- more raccoons than normal this year because of the drought. they're thirsty and hungry. what can you do to discourage raccoons from taking over your yard? wild life experts are recommending ammonia or white vinegar. it was mike tyson to the rescue after a motorcycle crash near vegas. >> ryan chesley told tmz a cab cut him off on the freeway and sent him flying. tyson apparently saw the whole thing. he stopped and kept chesley calm until the ambulance arrived. he sent iron mike a big thank you note saying it has to be
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the most reassuring thing in the world to have mike tyson telling people not to touch me. the a's and giants looking for a couple heroes tonight, a close play at home plate that could determine the outcome of the game, call coming up on the other side of this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. francisco needin >> giants and dodgers in a pennant race just like pizza and beer. they go together. san francisco needing a sweep if they harbor hopes of winning the national league west, giants president in enemy territory watching jake peavy nurse his 2-0 lead, but then carl crawford hits a laser into the bleaches to make it 2-1. l.a. ties it later in the 5th. extra innings and in the eleventh one out brandon crawford back up the box, brandon bell chugging home from second base. bell would get one more chance. 13th inning base hit, this time here comes bell. how about this time, elizabeth? >> he's safe. >> he's safe indeed and the giants win 5-2. it just ended. they are 3 1/2 back of the
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dodgers in the west. how about the a's and angels? c.j. wilson did not make it out of the 1st inning. he walked in two runs and then giovanni soto knocked one up the middle to drive in two more runs. the a's put up 6 in the 1st inning. jeff samardzija is loving the cushion tonight. mike trout was one of them and the a's 8-4 wins are remain a full game up on the royals -- winners remain a full game up on the royals. oakland looking for a little home game advantage in the wildcard. three games into the season and the 49ers lead the nfl in penalties. for the 2nd week in a row san francisco racked up over 100 yards courtesy of the yellow flag. players question whether officials were targeting the team, but jim harbaugh wants no part of bad mojo. >> never point any finger of blame or make excuses in terms
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of the officiating. sometimes the football gods can be unforgiving and i say gods with a small g. >> smart man right there. time for the monday night top five. lions linebacker stephen tulloch tore his acl after sacking aaron rodgers and celebrating with a discount double check sign. he will miss the rest of the season. >> you think the 49ers have problems? how about rams tight end jared cook? he shove the quarterback austin davis, this after cook dropped a touchdown. i don't know how much longer he'll be around. >> do or die play for hunter pence. he makes it to carl crawford. >> youth football in new york the mighty mites not strong enough to break through the banner before the game. ken, you crush through that game and declare victory, not for the mighty mites. >> look at this.
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this guy's '55 chevy, ken. you can appreciate this because you have a '56 corvette. had you flipped your '56 corvette, we wouldn't be talking to you right now. >> potato chip bag. >> the guy's legs were sticking out of the front of the car, but actually the car was in worse shape. >> got to love that. giants win. >> i love it. we'll be right back.
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