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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 24, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> gone in seconds, thieves break in and drive off with luxury cars. tonight, new clues in a multimillion dollar bay area heist. >> joe vasquez says it looks like the thieves went to a lot of trouble for nothing. joe? >> reporter: investigators say the thieves had the same patterns every time they stole cars. they would break into the key cabinet. then click it and find out which car to steal. we told you audibon motors was one of three dealerships hit. there may have been more.
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18-year-old mufasa salsey and keith banks are in jail with felony charges of car thefts. >> they find out which car is flashing. >> reporter: police are looking to see if the cases are related. the formula one dealership in san jose captured the thieves on surveillance video. seven men broke in and went straight for the key box. >> they are not concerned with getting caught so these crooks are probably pros. they have done this more than once. and the idea they are not from the area. >> reporter: they click on the key fab, the lights flicker and the thieves take off with five cars from formula 1. eight cars with mercedes-benz. many of those cars have now been found. >> some of them essentially
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dumped and abandoned in oakland. just parked. >> reporter: why would somebody go through all that trouble to steal the cars and abandon them. >> we haven't been able to figure that out. >> reporter: a regional task force is looking into the matter to see who is stealing the cars and why. joe vasquez, kpix5. a live look at the bridge tonight. a spokesperson says there could be a strike involving golden gate transit buses and ferries. we don't know when exactly but it could be later this week. we will keep you posted. a walnut creek woman was standing in her front yard at lunchtime when a man with a gun came up to her and said get in your carrings we are going for a ride. christin ayers talks through what happened next. >> reporter: the kidnapper actually brought the woman this this busy stretch of walnut creek. he brought her to this atm
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machine where he made her withdraw money. it happened just a few blocks from the police department. walnut creek police surround a home on mueller road looking for crews. the suspect forced a woman into her car. this audi and took her on a terrifying ride down quiet lakewood road through this leafy residential neighborhood and into downtown walnut creek where he stopped at this atm and forced her to withdraw money. >> it happened at noon? wow. kind of sad. you know, that somebody would feel like they could get away with that in broad daylight. >> reporter: people who live on her street too traumatized to talk about what happened knowing the suspect is still out there. the woman was not harmed but tonight people who live here say this is a realty check walnut creek. >> you don't like to think of it happening in suburbia. >> reporter: police are looking for any security camera video
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along lakewood road. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix5. >> police only have a vague description of the suspect. if you saw anything, they want to hear from you. the feds are telling local law enforcement to look off for lone wolf, a home grown terrorist who will attack a u.s. city in retaliation of this. u.s. air strikes on isis target ins syria. those strikes hit 14 isis targets. in all, in and around the syrian city of raqqa. the desert lit up when fire balls as cruise missiles and precision guided weapons, some of them launched by arab say craft hit an isis training area in eastern syria. the aerial assault lasted four hours. it began with cruise missiles
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launched from navy ships and included the newest missiles from the stealth fighter. that huge hole in the roof is where the isis command and control center used to be. the strikes hit their targets but ... >> they will adapt to what they have done and seek to address their shortfalls and gaps against our air campaign in the coming weeks. >> reporter: last night's strikes inside syria were by no means the last. >> you are seeing the beginnings of a sustained campaign. >> it is not just isis, cate caugurian tellstous night the u.s. is also bombing another terrorist group. >> reporter: ken, the group is called corusan. until now, the white house would not confirm it existed. tonight, we are at war. the name may be new to us, but u.s. officials say we have been
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fighting the members for years, now taking advantage of the lawlessness in syria, these terror fighters were making hard to detect bombs that could be smuggled on airplanes. they experimented with nonmetallic bombs that could be hidden. that intelligence prompted the tsa to tighten security for u.s. bound flights from two dozen foreign airports. corusan which takes orders from al-qaeda includes explosive experts that could have been created by al-qaeda's best bomb maker. he's the architect of bombs hitten in underwear and computer printers. >> intelligence reports indicated that the khorasan group was in the plans to cause major attacks against western targets and potentially the u.s. homeland.
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>> reporter: khorasan works with the al-qaeda affiliate in syria. this shows expensive damage from the air strikes. they are trying to determine if a major core son khorasan leader was killed. unlike isis, khorasan is not fighting for territory. khorasan is plotting attacks against the west and recruiting american and european radicals. cate caugurian, kpix5. a bay area cold case that took 25 years to solve could be sunk before it gets to trial. that is because a prosecutor who was sleeping with oneover the witnesses is now accused of withholding evidence. kathy zimmer's husband and brother-in-law are accused of strangling her and wrapping her
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body in a quilt and leaving it in the mineta airport. the affair with the dna expert delayed the disclosing of evidence. right now, san francisco police are trying to find this man. he disappeared from a tunnel rehabilitation center. donald brockett is recovering from a stroke and a brain aneurysm. he is not taking his medication and could become violent. a hayward elementary school has a clean bill of health tonight, but only after the fumigator killed fleas. there was a problem in the boys bathroom with flooding as well. as for the flea infestations, some students and faculty got bites. one parent whose son was not bitten says she keeps him out of certain areas to be safe.
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>> i don't let him on the playground, you know, mostly, it is coming from the park. >> as if the fleas and the flooding were not bad enough, students will likely have to make up the missed school day later in the year. firefighters up in el dorado county have been sweating it out. but the king fire is still not contained. it is 89,500 acres. at last word, 12 homes have burned. today, the homeowners got their first look at what is left. >> you know, we have made quite a life up here that we love. so ... um ... on ward and upward. >> 2700 people are still not allowed to go back home. governor jerry brown asked world leaders to put a price on
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carbon emissions. he addressed a panel of the u.n. carbon council in new york and wanted to include vehicle fuels. critics worry about what that will mean for gas prices. we all know the drought is bad, but look what is camera found in shasta today. this is what happens when california's drought goes rushing downstream. 15 miles of mud, eight feet deep creating something between quick sand and concrete. >> this is the biggest mud flow we have seen 90 years. >> tom sinstra has covered every inch of california but has never seen anything like this. >> the snow acts as a morder for everything. it holds the mountain together. at 10,000 feet this year, i measured it at 70 degrees.
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so we got a subliminal melting underneath the glaciers. >> reporter: from there, all it took was gravity. >> a chunk falls and all that water pours down and floods out the entire watershed system. all the way down to mcloud river. >> reporter: and the danger isn't working. emergency workers are worried about the glaziers on shasta's north slope. and all of this is unfolding just minutes away from the site of last week's fire that tore through the town of weed. >> yeah, this is one of the worst fire seasons in history. >> all the conditions are set upright now. >> reporter: a catastrophic fire. melting glaziers and a landmark mud slide. all in one week. on one mountain. as the california landscape literally falls apart in our third year of drought. >> yeah, we are on edge right now. we desperately need a normal wenter. >> i tell you what, tonight, there is a winter feel to our
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satellite image. we have a strong storm, a ton of rainfall in parts of the west coast and parts of that rain are heading right to the bay area. find out how much coming up. >> and talk about a money pit. we would be left with the giant hole in the ground for years. a bay area construction project is falling apart. >> why president obama is in so much trouble tonight over a cup of coffee. >> and california scientists discover a way to help us heal faster. faster. tonight, the ,, ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time
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now parker says he is being investigated by internal affairs. >> so this culture of fear we have in our department where the officers are afraid to do something and even if they do something wrong, of a minute nature, but look at what we did when we did something right, we are still getting the complaint. >> now parker went onto accuse the media of blowing the whole story way out of proportion. apple's plan to build a new flag ship store in union square has hit a sour note because of these. seven 35-foot tall tulip trees. they are on stockton street. the sidewalk right there near sutter. they need the city's permission to cut them down. >> these trees are in good or fair condition and we don't want to take them out. we want to grow our urban forest. not destroy it in any way. but there may be wiggle room with apple going forward the plans and we could still have the street trees in san
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francisco in this area. >> the director of public works will make the final decision. apple points out it plans to plant more trees in the open space around the store. about a mile from union square, there's a huge hole in the ground. 65 feet deep tonight andria borba shows us it is turning into a four-and-a-half billion dollar money pit. >> reporter: behind the fence guarding the hole in the ground that will be the new transbay terminal, a construction mess. now overshadowed by a potential funding mess. here's the deal, in exchange for building taller high-rises, the district is agreeing to pay for the terminal. but they are ponying up a solid figure while the city says they agreed to a percentage of the assessed value. >> i think there was a lot of surprise in the rise of real estate values and property
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valuing. >> reporter: surprise, the prices in california have grown larger than a skyscraper putting the deal and the budget millions of dollars apart. >> anyone can threaten to file a lawsuit. and we shouldn't back down just because someone threatened to sue. >> reporter: and the threat of lawsuits are in the air which would prevent the transbay train from ever entering the station, bogged down by years of court battles and not enough cash. >> no one wants to see lawsuits and no one wants to see lawsuits tie up a project as important as this is to the city. >> reporter: supervisor scott weiner says they have recourse. the city could withhold building permits and turn the hole behind me to remain just that. a hole for years to come. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. well the transbay terminal is supposed to be one of the tallest buildings on the west coast, home to a regional
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transportation center along with officers and housing. gun one. gun two! >> that is the sound of a 21 gun salute this afternoon. all the gunfire set off car alarms for blocks around. that salute was to celebrate the completion of a three-year $30 million restoration of the presidio officer's club. the president is in hot water tonight for what you could call a 21 out salute. he got off marine 1 today and a absoluted the two marines at the top of the stairs but check out what is in his hand. a cup of coffee. the white house posted this on instagram and everyone went nuts. people are calling the salute unpresidential. northern california scientists say they figured out how to help the body heal itself faster than ever. tony lopez on the tiny device that could one day save your life. >> reporter: the lights are on
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in san francisco and this student feels right at home. helping to shake things up in the world of medicine by finding a way to heal patient's wounds. >> we normally have a shell over it so it doesn't look as complicated as it is. >> reporter: it is called an autologis thrombim device. it uses a patient's own plasma to create a seal so wounds are less likely to become infected. people with diabetic sores, bed source, and mouth wounds are likely to benefit. they won top honors in 50,000 grant in a national science competition. >> i think it's a great advancement. we are able to find methods where the patient can use their own blood and tissue in order
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to induce the healing process, that's the best part. >> the price is a bargain at $85 a pop in the field of medicine. we ordered it up. it's in the medicine cabinet. on the way. rain, the magic elixir. >> it will get here right on time. we need it. big time fire danger up north. and they are getting a ton of rainfall from shasta all the way to seattle. one or two inches of rainfall. for us, we will get a few drips but any drips are good drips when it comes to rainfall. a live look outside, we have had drizzle the past three or four hours. san francisco, the marin coastline. this is sfo which is already cloudy. here is a look at kpix5 high- def doppler. a tremendous amount of rainfall falling off the california coastline. this is what will be in our backyard, everybody getting a chance of rain thursday
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morning. the average rainfall for the entire month of september, not thatuch. san jose, san francisco, less than a quarter of an inch. santa rosa, less than half an inch. any rain in september is bonus rainfall and we will get it tomorrow. what we are getting is a mild and muggy night again. concord, 62, san jose, 62. san rafael, 60. big time storm system. there it is swirling and heading to the pacific northwest. two or three inches of rainfall up there. thankfully, the low is dragging the front with it. far northern california continues to get drenched tomorrow morning, by tomorrow night, the rain makes it here, the front makes it here and our best chance is late wednesday night through the morning rush coming up on thursday. as for timing, we will break it down for you with the future cast. cloud cover throughout the day wednesday. by 10:00, 11:00 at night, the showers begin to cross the golden gate. it will be soggy for a second thursday in a row. we will go cloudy tomorrow afternoon. the biggest impact will be the drive to work thursday.
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tomorrow, cloudier, but temperatures still mild. concord, san jose, low 80s . 77 for sunny vale. livermore, 83, vallejo, 78. it will be cloudy throughout the day in san francisco. ukiah, 74 high. soggy thursday, 70s , still kind of cool on friday, and barely back to the 80s inland over the weekend. weekend, dry. we have rain coming this time tomorrow night. >> great news. >> we need it. >> thank you paul. we have seen a lot of mug shots, but the photo of one music icon made us gasp tonight. see why next. ,, what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next?
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so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single, sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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uring his murder >> age and prison life are taking a toll on phil speck ton of rainfall. spector. the california department of corrections this photo a year ago. when was the last time you ordered a pizza? [ laughter ] >> imagine opening the door and seeing these guys. two cops with a box of pizza. it happened in portland. the delivery guy got in a car crash so the officers covered for him! the pizza guy is okay, by the way. the chicago bear accuses colin kaepernick of using a racial slur. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the giants and the dodgers
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west cam >> all of the giants do hang by a mathematical thread. any chance of winning the national league west came to an end tonight. yasiel puig and madison bumgarner. both players were restrained, the benches cleared, a lot of smoke, no fire. next guy up was matt kemp. he had a little fire. 3-0 dodgers. bumgarner's quest for 19 is not
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looking so good. then he blasted that greinke curve ball. that was the record for pitchers. justin turner put it away with a solo blast in the 8th inning. his second home run of the game and the dodgers win 4-2. the important number now is the wild card. the pirates hold the top spot by one game. the winner hosts the wild card game next week. solo shot to give anaheim the 2-0 lead with the as . it was the same score in the 8th inning. the as loaded the bases. stephen vogt popped up and ended the threat. oakland was 0-5 with runners in scoring position. 2. 0 is the final. the second time they have been shut down since august first. the earliest the as can clinch a wild spot now is thursday.
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the official who personalized colin kaepernick for bad language said he used the n word. >> i didn't say anything racially derogatory to him. >> now the bears defender who claimed it is saying the opposite. he told the media that kaepernick did say the n word. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. renderings of the new san francisco arena. the buzz on social media is that it looks like a toilet. number 4, high school football in south dakota. this ricocheted off the defender and went through. that was an extra point. number 3, cuba gooding junior at the black hawks preseason game nails the puck through the slots and because he is an academy award winner, he goes overboard with the celebration. thank you very much. how about the mets and nats?
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denard span might need a kaiser permanente after hitting the wall. number 1, the ken bastida at the golf course. [ laughter ] >> bam! [ screaming ] >> you know, we have actually all been there and done that, so ken, you are not the only one. >> people are going to really believe that was me. believe that was me. so who was that (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit! don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds.
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. david letterman is next with denzel washing,,,,,,


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