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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> the same breaking news, nothing is. somebody hit the power ball jackpot tonight. we just learned the $225 million winning ticket was sold right here in the bay area. >> joe vasquez is outside the very lucky store. hey joe. >> reporter: hi there. we are at key market in san mateo. just inside there, you can see a little celebration going on with the owners here.
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as i actually informed them. called them a little while ago and said hey, did you know you just won the lottery? technically, somebody else won the lottery. at least $225 million, a ticket bought right here at the market. the owners get about a million bucks. this is jack and his wife nancy. take a listen. >> it was really kind of shocking. >> could you use a million bucks? >> very easily. >> reporter: first of all, knowing somebody bought a $225 ticket. >> we are happy and excited for them, whoever they are. >> reporter: so we don't yet know who won the $225 million, but these two are thrilled because they get about a million dollars. this power ball is played in 44 states. dc, the virgin islands. there is a potential for multiple winners but tonight.
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there is just one winner. >> awesome news and it is nice to see a nice couple like that win a partover the prize. >> reporter: it really is. >> thanks joe. here are the winning numbers, 7, 14, 21, 24, 49, and the power ball number is 26. well, you want more good news? here comes the rain. finally. tonight, the first real rain of the season is just beginning to fall. paul, parts of the bay area have seen more rain tonight than all of last january. >> january was super dry, september turning out to be somewhat wet. it is so elusive and so simple, we have rainfall out there. there is a cold front coming. we are seeing it already on kpix5 high-def doppler. the real front, you can see the line on the radar. a strong area of low pressure that will force the front through the bay area leading to
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a soggy commute tomorrow and leading to the rougher surf at ocean beach. the heaviest rainfall stays away to the north, but it is already dizzily throughout the bay area. lit be slick, morning commute, the heaviest rainfall will fall between midnight and 11:00 tomorrow morning. more in about ten minutes. huge wells at san francisco's ocean beach today. andria borba shows us some other swimmers weren't so lucky. >> reporter: we are talking a very dangerous rough day of surf out here at ocean beach that kept crews hopping well into the night out here. person after person out of the water. >> they found him clinging to the steel rock. >> the only thing louder than the crashing ten foot swells at ocean beach today was the siren. firefighters rescue crews an the coast guard were flying up and down the great highway
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responding to call after call of people trapped by the churning pacific ocean. >> the tide will sneak up on you. >> reporter: just before 4:00, calls came in for two men caught in rip currents. by the time rescue crews arrived, the ocean had spit one swimmer back to shore not breathing and the second believed to be his father was fished out a short time later. >> we immediately started cpr. >> reporter: both were taken to san francisco hospital. less than 30 minutes after those rescues, more distress calls. this time concern about four surfers who seemed to be stranded. chopper 5 was inlisted to help rescue boats locate the surfers and make sure they were okay. hours later, afternoon 9:00 p.m., rescue crews called lewis alcorn off seal rock after he and his friend sandy french got separated. >> i got to the car. he had the key. i was waits here for about 25 minutes and it started to get
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dark and i got nervous. >> reporter: now sandy called the coast guard to check on his buddy lewis. lewis is going to be okay. he is at cpmc getting checked out by more doctors. as for the four surfers from earlier, but the two swimmers, they are still in critical condition tonight. live at ocean beach, andria borba, kpix5. well ocean beach is notorious for the rip ties and undertow. firefighters say the strong swimmers would be wise to stay away. >> in mountain view tonight, a terrible smell. people telling us it is like rotten eggs. could be natural gas. so the fire department asked dozens of people in two apartment buildings on california street to evacuate. right now, the fire department is looking for the source of that smell. the red cross has set up a shelter for people who left their apartments. people who couldn't or didn't leave are being asked to stay inside. continuing coverage on well, last night, we told
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you about a walnut creek woman kidnapped and forced to withdraw money at an atm. tonight, we have a picture of the suspect. it is a little hard to see as you can see right there, but he is standing outside a bank of america wearing a straw hat. police say he pulled a gun on the woman at her home on mueller road and forced her to drive into the bank and take out cash. once she did that, he took her back to her house and the woman wasn't hurt. the suspect was driving a 1990s station wagon. also tonight, president obama is asking the world to join the war against isis. a fresh round of air strikes hit 12 targets in eastern syria. most were oil refineries which is how isis makes a lot of its money. >> there can be no reasoning. no negotiation with this brand of evil. the only language understand by killers like this is the language of force. >> reporter: two days after launching a campaign of attacks
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in syria. obama warned the soldiers to leave the battlefield while they could. >> those who continue to fight will find they are increasingly alone. >> reporter: five arab nations have joined the u.s. in air strikes but president obama scolded countries who have ignored or facilitated extremist activities. >> it is time for a new compact among self-ized people of this world to eradicate war at the most fundamental source. that is the corruption of young minds have violent ideology. >> reporter: they would block funding two the commanders. >> right after the president spoke, algerian terrorists beheaded a french tourist. the attacks won't stop. cal fire tellstous night,
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new reinforcements have arrived. they are 7500 firefighters trying to get a handle on it, but it is still under control, almost 93,000 acres have burned. 12 homes were destroyed, 12,000 more homes are threatened. now the drought is of course making this an exceptionally rough fire season. but also, it is forcing many bay area homeowners to think twice about the backyard pool. check out what christin ayers found today. >> reporter: in robert's backyard, a construction crew is demolishing what was once his pride and joy. >> there is a slide, a diving board. it was selling point for the house. >> reporter: but 15 years later, his sparkling swimming pool reduced to rubble. >> it takes a lot of water. >> reporter: robert's decision to demolish driven by drought. >> i got the statement from the water company that said if my usage didn't decrease by a certain amount, i would get a
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fine. >> reporter: the owner of demolition contractor zlp corporation says he hears stories like robert's all the time. >> reporter: these pools take a lot of water and a lot of energy to run and people don't want to deal with that. >> reporter: thanks to the drought, demolitions like this one are happening all over the east bay and south bay. this company did 35 demolitions back in 2010. this year, they are on track to do more than 100. >> they actually kind of feel bad for having this much water in their backyard when the rest of the state is so dry. >> reporter: we checked the numbers and found out in dublin, pool demolitions have already doubled in 2014 over last year. and in walnut creek, the number of pool demolitions jumped more than 70% since 2011 and fewer people are building new pools. harsh new drought conditions prevent refilling new swimming pools or spas. robert already has plans for a new drought friendly backyard
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once think is gone. >> it actually is a relief. it is exciting and i'm glad to see it go. >> reporter: in dublin, christin ayers, kpix5. >> east bay says removing a pool can cut your water usage by more than 1,000 gallons a month. a bay area city is paying criminals cash to stay out of trouble. you think that is ridiculous? wait until you see what we found. >> the bay area billionaire who owns this beach fought to keep it to himself for years but tonight, a judge just ordered him to share. everything wrong.. so how d >> and an attack by a bear. she has scratches to prove it. this woman did everything wrong. so, how did she survive? you'll find out next. newsroom: the af,,
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john palminteri shows us: a southern california woman >> what would you do if you came face to face with a full grown bear? john shows us a southern california woman did everything you are not supposed to do and lived to tell about it. >> looking at him, i knew he could kill me in an instant. he was probably 300 pounds and about six feet tall standing. >> reporter: emily miles is recovering from injuries after she fought for her life when she came face to face with an angry black bear. it happened on her daily walk in an avocado ranch near her home. >> he spared me. >> reporter: miles said her two dogs came shooting out of the trees and right behind them was the adult bear. miles said within moments she was wounded with scratches do her back when the bear stood up and took swings on her. she fought back and then tried to escape running toward a gate
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nearby. that is then the situation got worse. >> he took me down, he grabbed he, sunk his teeth into my thigh, and knocked me down and then i was on my back kicking my feet. uh, flailing, and yelling at the top of my lungs to get him away from me. >> reporter: it worked. the bear backed down. >> he was standing on his hind legs staring at me and i was looking at him, and, and then he just went down on all four paws and then just walked away and he kept looking back at me. >> fish and wildlife set up traps for the bear but emily says if it is caught, she hopes it doesn't have to be put down. with the election just six weeks away, the gop candidate for governor is getting desperate for attention.
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so neil kashkari handed out gas cards. the latest public policy poll gives brown a 21-point edge heading into november. surf is up once again at martin's beach in san mateo county. a judge ruled the owner could not block people from going to that popular spot. billionaire vino coshla bought the land in 2008 and locked the gate to the beach. the judge said he couldn't do that without getting per in addition from the california coastal commission. the ruling could have an impact up and down the west coast. >> whether or not someone can take the law, read it the way he wanted to read it through his attorneys and say i am closing this beach to the public. >> today's ruling is expected to be appealed. >> we got this video into our news room. take a look.
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it's the aftermath of a drive by shooting in vallejo. one man is in serious condition after he was shot several times while he sat in his pickup. police tell us a car rolled up at the intersection and someone started shooting at the man. no arrests have been made. how to keep criminals from committing more crime? well that's a question parents, police, judges, everyone has wonnerred for years. tonight, cate caugurian shows us how about so much cash >> reporter: richmond, one city on paper, two in reality. >> just trying to survive. >> reporter: the north side border lincoln avenue. south, ohio avenue. >> you can go nowhere without getting into it with somebody. you see somebody you don't like, you think they are going to fight you. do something to you. >> reporter: it has been this way for years. >> our daddies' daddy's daddy
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had a problem with the guy over there. the expectation we are going to go to war. >> reporter: it got bad in 2007. 45 people shot and killed. >> basically genocide, you know what i mean? people killing each other. >> reporter: now seven years later, north still hates south and vice versa, but gun violence is down by half. why? because one man decided to the something no one else had. >> there is a gunshot here. >> reporter: the solution was in the streets. get to the guys with the guns before they pulled the trigger. >> of the 45 homicides that year, 200 plus firearm assaults, they believed that 17 people were responsible for 70%. >> reporter: he thought what if he found those 17 people and worked with them? so he started operation peacemaker fellowship. help those most likely to kill
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and be killed. >> this work is primarily about changing a mind set. >> reporter: so what did he do differently? put these young men in a program for a year-and-a-half giving them the basics and also a paycheck. anywhere from 300 to a thousand dollars a month. they can start earning six months into the program. mentors help them find a safe place to live, get a job, and become friends with the mortal enemies. base on what they get done, they get paid. for guys like lavon carter, this was a more honest way for living. lavon spent time in federal prison for pimping. >> i was in my situation because i was greedy. i didn't want to work hard for something. >> reporter: this program gave him the extra help and more. these are the keys to lavon's new job. a construction worker. >> without the program, i probably wouldn't be doing what i'm doing now. >> reporter: it is not riches
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or big money, but it's a job that gets him from one day to the next and for him, that's success. >> to see these young men want to live, desire to live. i would give anything. and have given a whole lot to see it. >> reporter: in richmond, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> now there is something we want to make note of. less than half the guys get paid and those who do get the money are from private donors. not taxpayers and there is still the issue of north versus south. a battle this program is trying to change. how? we will tell you more about that tomorrow night. tonight, we are getting a better idea of the kind of drones facebook intends to launch. they are pretty big. the verge is reporting they will be as big as this. a 747. facebook engineers have said the unmanned solar powered planes will fly for months maybe even years at high altitude. the goal, to provide wireless internet access to remote parts
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of the world. facebook hopes to start testing the drones in the u.s. next year. if you look up in the sky now, you may notice a little rain. >> yeah, it is raining out there and it is earlier than we thought. in some cases, it is a little heavier than we thought. we will take as much rain as mother nature offers and she is offering. didn't do it in january, but now that it is september, at the end of our dry season, look at this. we have rainfall coming through. it is so easy to pick out where the front is. you can see the thin up and down of heavy rainfall now moving on shore up toward fort bragg. cloverdale, santa rosa, you are up next. already light to moderate rain showers in spotty locations around vallejo, oakland, and san francisco. so the rain certainly is on its way. have you felt the stickiness outside? one of the most humid days we have felt for a long time with lows only in the low 60s . so
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we have a two-part story here. the first part is the front moving through. but we have this trailing area of low pressure. it is pretty strong. that is coming here too. so we get the fronted night. we get rainfall, the best window of opportunity between midnight and lunchtime tomorrow. that is the cold front, the rain that will impact your drive to work. so get up about ten minutes early. then, we actually have the low pressure area. that will come through. that is a forecast change over the past 24 hours. we thought it would stay to the north. it is coming right over the top of us. the cold unstable air will keep the shower chance around all the way until friday evening. it is not going to pour the next two days but there is a chance of showers lasting all the way until your weekend begins. i think this particular computer model is overshooting the rainfall totals. i think a quarter of an inch is a fair request and one mother nature will grant in hayward and concord and napa. that is double what we had last week. it is what we will have overnight tonight through tomorrow and a couple of showers on friday. so the showers are moving south right now. most of the rain is going to fall by lunchtime tomorrow.
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but the chance of showers extends all the way until friday evening. highs tomorrow, cloudy, cooler, breezy, only in the mid 70s in san jose. sunnyvale, 73. we will not hit 80 inland. far from it. rain in san francisco tomorrow. 68. petaluma, 72. showery in cloverdale. rain chances friday evening done. back to the 80s inland, and next week, no additional rainmakers but it is raining now and will rain on and off the next two days. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family which means a lot to me. ♪ the tech giant pulled an up to its i-o-s-8 operating system.. >> all in all, a pretty rotten day for apple. >> the tech giant pulled an update to the ios8 operating system update. it was supposed to fix problems with text messaging and the app health kit but it backfired big time. people who downloaded it said they were unable to make calls or use the finger present id sensor. and there is this. the so called bend test. some iphone 6 plus users say it
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is way too easy to bend. and there is even a hash tag dedicated to it. bend gay. all in all, a rot ton day for the giants. >> that was impressive but i think you can use that for the giants as well. as a matter of fact, san francisco and the as still looking for that spot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your eyes..and seal your lips...because you won't li what you see and won't be ie mood for champagne. l.a. fans were natrually late..but some of them actu stayed.. clayt >> giants fans, close your eyes, seal your lips. la fans were naturally late, but some of them actually stayed to the end. clayton kershaw is the giant killer. he tied it up with his first career triple. then in the sixth, yasiel puig puts them away for good. brian wilson gets the final out. 9-1 the final. any brewer loss or giant
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win will clinch a spot. the as use jon lester. he came up small against the angels. already 3-0 hole in the 5th inning. josh reddick drops the lazy fly ball. the as committed three errors. as coming back. they got them down. a chance to put the as on top. the angels hang onto win 5-4. the as and royals are tied for the top wild card spot. the writer cup tees off this weekend in scotland and europe looks to continue their dominance over the americans but there is trouble in paradise. rory mcilroy is involved in a lawsuit over his former agency. the lawsuit has apparently strained their relationship. it is something phil mickelson and the americans are aware of. >> not only are we able the play together, we also don't
11:30 pm
litigate against each other. and that's a real plus, i feel, heading into this week. [ laughter ] >> he was dead serious. tonight for the wednesday night top five. how much spirit does the writer cup team have? it is written on the side of rickey fowler's head. twins pitcher phil hughes almost cashing away in the bonus of his contract. the rain came and he never got back on the mound. number three, watermelon toss catching on. but you have to keep your eye on the melon or else? ouch! oh! number two, chasing foul balls can be dangerous for the fielder and the fans. mike moustakas nails the lady in the front row with his mitt. and number one, what can't clayton kershaw do? bet on this guy winning the cy young and the mvp award.
11:31 pm
as for the giants, they have to do something about their offense without angel pagan. i wrote about it on the blog, if you just want to know. [ laughter ] >> dodgers go out in their first round. i predict it. >> really? >> dead. >> we'll see. >> back in a moment.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> david letterman is next.
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>> and our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> we expect you there bright and early. >> check out for angels in the out field. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, sugar cube grandpa, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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