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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 28, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. flames erupt in several places across alameda in the dead of night. neighbors are terrorized by suspected arsonists. congratulations to the oakland a's. they'll be the number 2 wild- card team. >> a long hard fight all of the way to the last day of the regular baseball season. the oakland a's gets a spot as a wild card. good evening. >> going back, he is near the wall and he has got it and that will do it, folks. on game number 162. the a's wrap up a post season birth here in 2014. >> look at those smiles. a wild celebration in the a's locker room after they beat the
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texas rangers 4-0. champagne was flowing all over. this is the 3rd straight post season trip for the a's. they will play at kansas city tuesday night. it is win or go home. the giants now know they are headed to pittsburgh. they will face the pirates on wednesday night and like the a's they are a wild-card team. they have to beat the pie rats or their season is over. dennis will have more on the play off match ups and the day's sports later. 2 people are under arrest tonight suspected of setting at least. two people are under arrest tonight suspected of setting at least eight fires. we spoke to a person who saw his business going up in flames. >> reporter: the small town woke up it this phorping to a lesson about how much easier it is to destroy -- morning to a lesson about how much easier it is to destroy than create. >> reporter: firefighters ran from fire to fire in a small area, centered around park
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street. three homes were set ablaze as frightened neighbors. >> someone was yelling, they were yelling, arson, they set fire to the fence in the backyard. >> reporter: eight fires in all. many within blocks of each another and all set near the sides of buildings. >> dumpsters, trash piles or vehicles parked close to buildings. >> reporter: at largest near a group of businesses on park street. a dry cleaning shop heavily damaged and was read tagged this morning. and so was angela's a restaurant set to open next week. >> i am stunned that anybody could do this to us or anybody else. i don't know what they -- how or what they get out of this. it hurt a lot of people. >> reporter: even as that fire
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was burning a dumpster was set ablaze in an alley a block away. >> later this morning, word from the police. two men, ages 22 and 27 arrested. suspected of arson. one, a transient another a alameda resident. no word what motivated them but he does not care. >> i don't know. it is hard to imagine -- i don't know think about all of the hard work that we did, putting this place together. >> reporter: and how easily it was destroyed. in alameda, back to you. >> despite the fact that many of the buildings were occupied everybody got out safely. no injuries reported in any of those fires. president barack obama is admitting he and his advisors under estimated the terrorist group isis. if in an inter-- "60 minutes" the president says the organization was a lot more organized than first believed. >> how did they end up where they are in control of so much
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territory? what was hathat a surprise to -- was that a complete surprise to you? >> i think our head of the intelligent community, jim clapper acknowledged i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> you can see the entire interview with president barack obama on "60 minutes" tonight at 7:00. a battle for democracy going on in hong kong, tonight it is escalating. [cheers and applause] >> dozens of people were hurt the when protesters clashed with the police. there have been demonstrationed led all week. they are upset with china's decision to allow beijing can dates to run for the top political positions. >> we want to select them by our people. >> the police arrested 78 people so far.
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rescuers found more than 30 victims killed when a volcano erupted. they were found near the peak of the volcano and died from cardiac arrest and lung failure in an area covered in thick ash. the danger of another eruption is making it impossible to remove the victims and confirm those deaths. >> this is new video of yesterday's eruption. some of the images were taken by people as they scrambled to debt down the mount apslopes. 250 people were on the volcano yesterday when it erupted without warning. many are hikers who just walked off of the mountain and made it to some of the shelters. an american doctor exposed to ebola in africa arrived back in the u.s. he was admitted to a clinic today. health officials say the doctor has been exposed to ebola but it does not mean he will get sick. he was exposed while volunteering. no other details released. the truck driver involved in the accident that killed
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four members of a softball team said he was distracted. the students from north texas college the police say the truck veered near the center highway medium for 800 feet before hitting the bus. one of the dozen people hurt in the crash is still in critical condition. still ahead, more unrest in the st. louis suburb of ferguson. this time, a police officer is shot. hundreds of flights canceled at a control tower. the work to get flights back on time.
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pulled to safety after their boat flipped over in rough water. waves continued to ph a dramatic rescue. three children were pulled to safety after their boat flipped over in rough water. waves continued to push the boat fartherrer out to sea. before it flipped the engine died. that is when the operator called for help. >> they did everything right. they had enough where with it all to get their floatation devices. >> this is a prime example why people need to have life-saving
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equipment on their vessel. today, life jackets saved seven people. >> nobody was seriously hurt. they were participating in a youth fishing program. the search is underway in ferguson, missouri for a man who shot a police officer. it is adding to tensions in the st. louis suburb where an officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager last month. last night the police say a man standing outside of a closed community center was approached by an officer. the man ran, the officer chased him and the man turned and shot the police officer in the arm. >> i don't think it is. it did not happen within the proximity of the protest area, this is an area that is fairly secluded and i would not have any reason to believe right now that it was linked in any way, shape, way or form to the protest. it does not appear that way. >> the officer returned fire but no indication the suspect was hit. the wounded officer was treated at a hospital and released. hundreds of flights,
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canceled for a third day because of the damage in the tower in chicago. it be days before it gets fixed. >> reporter: hundreds of cancellations and night delays, frustrated passengers at chicago's airports on sunday. many travelers spend the night in the terminal. >> stayed in here because we seen a couple of people trying to check in hotels and they want $350, or $375 for a night. so they are gouging. heck we will stay here. >> the disruptions began friday after a fire destroyed a traffic control center outside of chicago. the fbi says 36-year-old brian howard set the blaze. paralyzing air traffic into and out of the nation's third largest city. the damage was so extensive the faa is completely rebuilding the communication's network in ia different part of the aurora, illinois facility. >> for now, air traffic controllers and others are handling chicago area flights. the faa expects to get it back
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up and running by october 13th. back to you. the faa released a statement today saying the technicians will work on the insulation around-the-clock to set up the new equipment connected to several undamaged systems and complete the testing. up next, bay area man wants to take rock chiming mainstream. coming up his big idea to get kids off of the couch and climbing the walls. still ahead, too, big changes in the bay area weather this coming week. we have the forecast as we look live at ocean beach. all of it after a break ,,,,,,,,,,
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the goal --- to get kids fid focused. one bay area man wants a school to embrace a sport. rock climbing. the goal is to get kids fit and
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focused. >> as you can imagine, convincing schooling to climb a rockwall can be a tall order. one avid rock climber has an idea schools will not be able to resist. >> reporter: rock climber chris stands tall and next to his chiming wall. >> it is a 20 foot mobile wall with three climbing stations. >> his plan, personally drive this rockwall on his truck to schools so they can see firsthand the health and wellness benefits the sport can give to students. >> taking it to their school and providing free climbing at lunch and after school. then once they see the value in it to convince them to build a wall in their own school. >> reporter: to help schools afford a permanent rock climbing wall, they launched a brand-new nonprofit. it is called achieve a climbing, he is raise 8,000 to finish his first wall and get insured. rock climbing will improve student's health, focus and graduation rates because it
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teaches positive risk taking. >> it changed my life. it taut me organization, focus -- taught me organization, focus, drive, a sense of accomplishment when it was done. >> in sunny valley, the rock climber is prepping himself to scale a 50 foot high wall. >> a really fun sport. different from all of the others. >> he is just 11 years old but has been climbing these walls since he could walk. he thinks more schools should have climbing walls. evergreen school district in san jose already does and alum rock shown interest which he loves because for him, every climb builds his confidence. >> you feel really psyched. you feel really, really good. when you don't think you can do it and then do you it. you have like so much confidence in yourself. it is a nice feeling. >> a really nice feeling. these climbers believe every young person deserves to experience while still in school. >> it is an addiction but a super positive addiction.
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>> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> so, his goal is to have a rockwall in every junior high and high school in america by 2025. a bug obstacle will convince schools they are safe and instructs say it is no more dangerous than any other traditional sport like football. it is harvesttime in california. farmers will be picking everything from almonds to grapes. the drought shrunk theming isly. they can lose $2 billion. many did not opt to plant because of the water shortage. well, speaking of water. we have fired up the kpix5 hi- def doppler. a few sprinkles out there that moved through the area around pleasantton. all heading out of the area now but never the less, more. now, just seeing a few showers
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out there north of the straight, a dab doll you heading north. there was a shower near the reservoir, east of morgan hill. and gilroy. not now. it will dry up as the low pressure comes up. you want rain and wind. one more hurricane out there. hurricane rachel fell on the heels. minimal winds, 75 miles an hour. and, it is well off of cabo. what happens next with this? sits throughout and spins and eventually by thursday it dives, turns into the low pressure center of the hurricane should not have much of an effect. interesting. right now, conford has 72 degrees. the city, 61 degrees. a lot of clouds out there from the low that finally will exit. it is dragging high clouds from the north and setting them over the bay area for much of the day today. for tonight, in the 60s, most he cloudy skies. but, tomorrow, going mostly
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sunny inland. a few patches of high clouds, increasing sunshine and slightly increasing temperature as well. that will lead to a big rise in temperatures by the latter half of the week. look at the sky conditions tomorrow. sunrise, getting the usual low clouds along the shorelines. sunny the north bay. the day goes on, pulls back to the shoreline. high clouds coming in for the afternoon. that is about it. that is where we say fair skies. but, the low pressure lifting out. as it does, mild temperatures for monday. but then by tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the numbers come up. to sum it up, temperatures looking to climb, increasing sunshine, highs near 90 degrees by midweek. and higher than that by the latter half of the week. so, let's do it by the numbers. san ramoan for monday. here in the city, 69 degrees, 74 in oakland. up in the north bay tomorrow, nice, low clouds starting out the day. middle 70s finish on monday.
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79 in concord. 80 degrees tomorrow. staying about the same on tuesday. on wednesday, thursday, friday, it will be in the middle 90s by friday. getting warmer than that. saturday, sunday. beginning to cool it down. after tomorrow, fairly mild, the numbers begin to ramp up. it will be hot the latter half of the week, ann? >> the 9ers hosted the eagles today. that is where dennis o'donell is, dennis? >> reporter: this is one of the most bizarre first half of football i ever seen. but, a half does not make a game. that story with the 49ers and did the a's have a champagne celebration or are they denied the wild card? that story coming up live at levi's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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win in their new stadium. dennis o'donnel can tell usf it happened... but first we start with th', who could clinch a wild card spot on the final day of the 9ers looking for their first season win. >> dennis o'donell will tell us if it happened. >> reporter: incredible game, we will tell you more about that, but first, the a's, they were looking to clinch a wild spot. to do so, they would avoid a collapse to the end of the season. coming up huge for the a's in texas. 2-0 oakland in the 9th. the bases loaded. bringing him home. then, to make it 4-0a's. now, he came up with the biggest start of his career. he gets jay to fly out to the left to end it. the a's are going to the playoffs with a 4-0 win. throwing a complete game, 6-hit shutout. heading to the post season for
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the third straight year. the a's will travel to kansas city and play the royals on tuesday in the wild card game. in the alds. fan appreciation day. it appears to be just fine for busty. playing for the first time since thursday. he belted a 2-run home run in his first at bat. giants beat the padres, 9-3 and end with 88 wins. they will head to pittsburgh for their wild card game on wednesday against the pirates f. they win that they will stay on the east coast to play the nationals. now the national pitcher 1 out away from a no hitter vs the indians. >> and a ball driven to left center. he has got it! he has got it! it is a no hitter for jordan
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zimmerman. >> against the marlins, that is going to leave him with yelich to get the no hitter. they win 1-0. the first no hitter in washington national history incredible. pushing to the national football league, jim harbaugh never started the season 1-3. as an nfl coach that is. he is looking to clip the wings of the explosive philadelphia eagles. a 1-3 record seemed possible considering how good the eagles are. scoring almost 34 points a game. the punt, blocked in the end zone. smith falls on it for a touchdown. and it is 7-0, philadelphia. the first play of the second quarter is the beauty. cap nick scrambles to the left, looks to his right, finds gore, nobody covered him. now, he was frustrated last week after barely touching the ball 10-7 san francisco.
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same score. giving it right back. for lloyd, picked off, 53 yards for touchdown to make it 14-10. kaepernick completes 17 passes for two18 yards. 3rd quarter, 21-13 eagles. now, johnson on the run for the touchdown. cuts the eagle's lead to just one point. they add 2 field goals to take a 26-21 lead. under 2 minutes to go. throwing incomplete fourth down, the 49ers holding the eagles off to win by that score. the defense limits them to just 213 yards. >> it is going to be good for moral. i would suspect. good for my moral. [ laughter ] >> defense not allowed 21 points to get the touchdown. >> i can not remember one, dennis, that i have seen. i am sure it has happened.
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i can't remember one. now i have. i saw one today. >> raiders and dolphins, the 9th nfl game played overseas. 17-7 miami at the end of the 2nd quarter. he finds the tight end, simms for the touchdown. >> 24-7 dolphins, completing the first half, 14 straight passes. carr was held under twoyards, passing again. intended for brown. intercepted by brent grims. on the said, the dolphins punch it in for a 31-7 lead. things just got worse. on the run, crossing midfield. he goes down. his left leg twisted. he leads the game and later told the reporter his sprained his mcl and his ankle. not ready for the snap. flying 40 yards in the backfield, pick s it up. he goes in for the touchdown.
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38-7 dolphins. they win 38-14. raiders are 0-4. dennis allen dodged all questions about his job security after the game. >> yeah. you know, that is -- that is -- that is not my concern right now. certainly will be disaa pointed. certainly going to be frustrated. you know, we obviously thought we played better than we did today. and we didn't. >> not just the raiders loss but how they lost. how badly dominated they were. here, the defense does not allow a single point at halftime. yet, 21 on the board. the 49ers come back and they beat the philadelphia eagles in what i think, guys, was a must- win game. the entire post game report coming up on game day at 11:30. >> all right, we look forward to it. see you back here in half an hour. >> news updates always on.
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>> glor: more fall out from the fire. cancellations and delays for air travel after that bizarre failed suicide attempt in chicago. jeff pegues how long it will take to fix one of the nation's key air traffic control centers. president obama has spoken with steve kroft and "60 minutes." minutes. >> how did they end up where they are with so much territory? is that a complete surprise to you? >> glor: he admits he made an error about isis. a volcano eruption in japan killed more than 30 hikers. seth doane has details. more and more americans are living life without a bank. is a new kind of checking account going to lure them back. and charlie d'agata is watching the nfl in london. is a full time franchise far away?


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