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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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there's an app to satisfy everyone next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. control and into the crowd.t went on for hours... so, where were t [ squealing tires ] a wild sideshow in a bay area freeway, suddenly the car spins out of control into the crowd. it went on for hours. so where were the police? >> tonight skid marks mark the spot where it all happened in oakland on 42nd av. christin ayers is there tonight. into a crowd of onlookesr before d bad. it's fr >> reporter: cell phone video shows a wild weekend sideshow gone terribly wrong. a mustang does a dizzying series of donuts under interstate 880 in east oakland, then veers into a crowd of onlookers before driving off. [ screams basketball -- [
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screaming ] >> reporter: neighbors told me the sideshows went on till early sunday morning. are you worried somebody will get hurt? >> yes. there's innocent kids here. >> reporter: here at the scene the tire tracks tell the story, but oakland police say they got no report of a hit and run. neighbors tell me they've given up on the cops. they've crashed into your fence? >> twice. >> reporter: jorge paez said he's had three different sideshow drivers take out his fence coming to rest feet from the front door. the police never caught them? >> never. >> reporter: highway patrol says there has been an uptick in sideshows this summer. in a statement oakland police says as we grow our department, we'll be able to more effectively respond to and deter sideshow activity. jorge says as long as this keeps happening, he's not sure he can wait. >> maybe i'm going to try and sell the house or something.
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oaklan >> chp links the increase in the sideshows to warmer weather. late tonight we learned the oakland raiders fired coach dennis allen. the announcement was made soon after the raiders returned home from london where they lost their 10th straight game. the team is off to a 0-4 start. this isn't a real surprise. dennis tells us what's next for the team later in sports. a guitar player who is in a folk band is accused of starting several fires in alameda. 27-year-old steven peterson recently graduated from sf state. he and 22-year-old andrew gutierrez are accused of torching dumpsters, cars and trash pile. in all there were eight fires yesterday between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. five businesses were damaged. one of them is red tagged. four families were displaced when flames burned their apartments. everyone got out okay. tonight there's a new law in california. this one deals with sex between
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college students. the yes means yes law requires students to make an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement before having sex. the law also says a lack of resistance or silence cannot be interpreted as yes. joe vazquez is at sf state tonight. >> reporter: the new law makes it clear for two people to consent, they'll have to communicate and here on college campuses and anywhere there are young people they all seem to be more comfortable communicating with their phones. legal document at all. all we're saying is that two people ad at that moment in time. whether it's verbal, or wher through our app, the good2go smartphone app asks two main questions, first do both partners consent to sex? if one person says no, they can't do it. if both say yes, then they are asked just how intoxicated are you? >> it's sober or you can answer i'm mildly intoxicated, i'm intoxicated but good to go or i'm wasted and if you choose the last one, you will not get
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consent through our app. >> reporter: leanne almond of san diego county said her kids in college inspired her to create this app. >> they had seen personal instances where friends were either victims of sexual assault or they had been accused and they knew that it was serious, but they were confused about what to do. >> reporter: at san francisco state mixed reviews. >> i don't know what i think about that. >> i think that's really weird. it's kind of sad our society is getting to that point where you need an app for permission to do something. >> if people are going to have to start having conversations about it, maybe that can take away from some of the awkwardness. >> it becomes more normal. >> yeah. >> reporter: some folks brought up a scenario where what if one person says yes, the other person says yes but then changes their mind to a no? well, i asked the app's creator and she said there's nothing
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legally binding about this app and that is part of the conversation, that at any given time someone can change their mind to no and no always means no. i'm joe vazquez, kpix5. tonight the american academy of pediatrics is encouraging teenage girls to stay away from birth control pills. instead they're recommending implantable devices and iuds. the long term options are nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and they don't have to be taken the same time every day. doctors say those factors could help cut be too pregnancy rates. the head of the secret service is expected to face blistering questions from lawmakers tomorrow and no wonder after what's been going on at the white house. and entered the mansion. (g an through the on september 19th omar gonzalez raced across the white house north lawn. he ran past the armed guard at the front door and then entered the mansion. night, a supervisor construction noise sources say he ran through the entrance hall to the cross hall, then overpowered a female
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secret service agent and got into the east room. other agents finally brought him down at the door of the green room. none of that in the secret service's original report. >> the agents i talk to say it's a miracle that there has not been an assassination so far. >> reporter: and in november, 2011, it took the secret service four days to realize the white house had been attacked. that night a supervisor thought he heard construction noise. turns out oscar ortega hernandez fired seven shots that hit the white house. one smashed a window just a few feet from the first family's living room. vice. despite the security breaches president obama says he is confident in the secret service. cracy protestors in hong kong are using umbrellas the hashtag umbrella revolution is trending tonight because -- #umbrellarevolutionis trendingtonight because in hong
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kong protesters are trying to get around censorship. >> it's protesters in hong kong pushing this app to stay one step ahead of riot police in the face of internet shutdown. on one side riot police and tear gas. e communication...t he protes are kout... (( di on the other pro democracy protesters. their only weapons? umbrellas and their smartphones. ed more than 100-thousand times in hong . 51.04.23 act users in hong despite attempts by beijing to cut off the internet and stifle communications, the protesters are beating the blackout with an app created in this quiet treasure island startup named open garden. are. >> they can continue to communicate even with no infrastructure, no wi-fi needed. >> reporter: it's called fire chat. in the past 24 hours it's been downloaded more than 100,000 times in hong kong. >> the activity among the users in hong kong is phenomenal. >> reporter: users can't be farther than 100 feet from each other, but in a huge crowd the web of users can quickly
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encompass blocks all linked up in a massive network. it's a tool designed for simple communication suddenly powering a fight against oppression. >> we can't solve their other problems, but at least we can help with communication. >> look at this drone video. it gives you a better idea just how huge these protests are. you can see a huge crowd making its way through hong kong's financial district. the massive demonstration seems to stretch on for miles. andria borba, kpix5. only on kpix5 they saw our news helicopter and they scrambled. tonight we find out who is moving here to cash in on california pot. >> want to save 100 bucks on your water bill? we'll show you how with one of these things. tonight, state drug agents >> burner phones, special codes, top secret details of george clooney's wedding revealed.
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plants growing in californis doubled in the past 5 years. doubled! . people from arou tonight state drug agents tell us the number of pot plants growing in california has doubled in the past five years, doubled. >> now people from around the world are coming here to cash in. much of california's pot growth here is in humboldt county. pot has always been big business, but it really took off after the state legalized medical marijuana. only on 5 tonight joe vazquez shows us who is taking advantage and getting away with it. f marijuana (13:40:00 on chand big u can se >> reporter: when the sound of chopper 5 sends these guys scrambling, you know they have something to hide. they're rushing to cover up greenhouses full of marijuana. that have gott fore in these grow >> miles away you can see the greenhouses they're so big. >> reporter: humboldt county
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sheriff's deputies shows us how hills are leveled and rivers are sucked dry already stricken by drought, not to mention the violence. >> we have had deputies that have gotten in shootings before in these marijuana grows. some of these are definitely known drug trafficking organizations. >> reporter: so who are these new gold diggers? where do they come from? >> all 50 states, russia, bulgaria, germans. we've ran into it all. >> reporter: why bulgarians? that's so obscure. >> i have no idea, but there's a lot of money to be made. it's a modern day green rush, what they call it. >> reporter: green rush instead of gold rush. >> yeah. >> reporter: take this grow operation near the town of bridgeville. sheriff's deputies busted it last year destroying some 400 pounds of harvested marijuana and almost 2,000 plants. almost all 16 suspects arrested
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are bulgarian nationals, six on expired visas. the alleged ringleader, this man, marinof, yet no charges were filed against him. for the sheriff it's frustrating. >> the state of california and the federal government has changed policy and direct. marijuana is not quite as important of a commodity that they're trying to control. so funding has gone way down, which has resulted in the lack of enforcement. >> reporter: he says it's like playing whack a mole. you bust a few and most come right back. >> we're scratching the surface on this. it is basically out of control. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. >> we checked with immigration. all of the bulgarian suspects except one are still here in the u.s. so why aren't they in jail? joe tells us about that
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tomorrow night at 11:00. a sign of just how bad the fire season is right now, the state has burned through its entire firefighting budget for the year in three months. the $209 million the state set aside is up in smoke literally. the king fire in el dorado county amounts for about 1/4 of that budget. tonight the governor shifted $70 million out of a reserve fund to cover the wildfire services for the rest of the year. also tonight finishing touches are being put on a plan to give people a rebate on their water bills, rebates up to $100. sharon chin shows us what we have to do to get that. sharon? >> reporter: this is a home water collection system, so let's say it rains 3 inches. all of these barrels fill up. all you would have to do is set up one of these barrels and you could get a rebate. >> this is the first collector. >> reporter: from his roof eric mcchrystal can collect 450
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gallons of rainwater. >> it's enough for three or four waterings of all the roses in the front. >> reporter: the redwood city map got excited about a new re- - man got excited about a new rebate program for collecting runoff. if you show a receipt for a 50- gallon water barrel and show a photo how it's set up to collect rainwater from your reach, you could collect up to a $100 re-- roof, you could collect up to a $100 rebate. one barrel represents less than half of the 129 gallons the water agency's average customer uses daily. officials are hoping the rain barrel rebate will encourage new conservation habits. >> roughly 30 to 50% of all residential water use is outdoors. so even 50 gallons can make a contribution. >> reporter: and maybe some people will be inspired to do more just like eric. >> i could add onto another spout somewhere else on the other side of the house, absolutely. >> reporter: now if it would just rain.
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>> the rebate could start as early as this friday. so who can take advantage of this? water districts with the bay area water supply and conversation agency. that's most of san mateo county and parts of alameda and santa clara counties. a close call for a skydiving student. look at this. right after the instructors let him go he starts spinning out of control and hurdles toward earth at break neck speeds. his instructors eventually step in. one of them gets his parachute open just in the nick of time. tonight two bold british teen-agers are apologizing after putting the iphone bend test to the test. back.. lat they went into an apple store, warped an iphone 6 plus multiple times, then put it back, later posted the whole thing on youtube and bragged about it. they now say they're willing to pay for the damaged phone. that's if apple contacts them.
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cell phones were not allowed at the wedding of the year. >> george clooney and his wife were able to do the nearly impossible, pull off a private wedding ceremony. co nice water >> reporter: hollywood's leading manmade it official with a world renown legal lady. the wedding we hear was romantic complete with venice water taxis and a star studded guest list, but this is all anyone has seen of the nuptials so far. pends on how privacy you want and how much mon ests could take george clooney and new wife amal alamuddin reportedly asked guests not to share photos of the big day, to the point where guests were asked to leave their cell phones and cameras home and were given burner phones instead. >> i think in this situation he's done something that maybe will be followed in the future by other people. >> they want to protect your identity and secrecy. >> reporter: rick smith of private investigation and former fbi agent says with technology and high profile hackers this could be the new
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way of the celebrity wedding. >> i guess it depends on how much privacy you want and how much money you have. >> reporter: guests could take as many photos on the burner phones, but the phones had special codes. so if they shared any of the pictures, clooney's camp would know where they came from. >> you can't trust anybody. he had enough of hearing about these stories about how you can't have something like this in secret and he made sure he did the right thing to insure that no one would find out about it. >> what are you talking about? the guy is out there waving to thousands of people. hey, we want this private. by the way, hi, everyone. >> he's got a deal with vogue magazine, too. the whole thing is going to be in vogue. >> that was already preplanned. >> how private is vogue? >> i don't know. maybe they're not doing that well. >> i'm guilty. i can't stop looking at it. we have big news in weather. things are going to warm up.
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we won't get the rain. we'll have temperatures that exceed 90 degrees within 48 hours, highs only in the 70s. this will look like a deep freeze compared to the latter half of the week. out the door in the morning a little rain, temperature 63 degrees at sunrise and later in the day we lit 81 inland, 77 around the bay -- hit 81 inland, 77 around the bay. pleasant tuesday on tap, low pressure in the bay area tonight kicks out to the east and high pressure replaces it. so we get that classic situation that sets up in october. then you get an offshore flow that's a very dry direction. northeasterly wind kick up wednesday morning to about 35 miles an hour in the peaks and it will come down to the surface. temperatures will be in the upper 70s for the first time in a long time at stinson beach and all that. it's going to be warm by thursday. one more mild day. wednesday will begin to get warm. it really sets in on thursday
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and friday, dry wind, high temperatures as opposed to what's happening with our pocket of cold air. highs tomorrow begin to move east and bring cool weather into the great plains. they'll burn, freeze, literally, figuratively. 70 degrees in san francisco tomorrow, san jose 79, oakland 75. tomorrow is very close to seasonal averages. that's going to change. we'll be 10 to 15 degrees above normal thursday and friday. tomorrow looks nice beginning on wednesday, 77 at mountain view tomorrow, 81 morgan hill, in the east bay 80 to 84 degrees range, 75 vallejo, 73 venetia. north bay looks nice, 83 at petaluma, 79 degrees for santa rosa. wednesday into the upper 80s inland and low 90s to mid-90s thursday, friday, saturday and
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hold it that way for a long time. we'll have fog tomorrow. the coast will be clear as many famous gangsters once said. chelsea clinto tonight you'll hear what jim harbaugh thinks is a bunch of crap. ,,,,,,,,
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tonight. a crowd chelsea clinton and her new baby girl are home from the hospital tonight. a crowd of cameras greeted clinton and her husband marc as they left lenoxville hospital in new york with their baby charlotte. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg rumored to have spent $66 million on his own little piece of paradise. >> it's reported he bought a 357-acre beachfront plantation on kauai. the area has been featured in several hollywood films including jurassic park and pirates of the caribbean. wow. >> allen looking for a little vacation spot, might be a good place for him. a lot of news in the coaching ranks today with both
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the 49ers and the raiders. first the a's traded for jon lester for games like tomorrow in kansas city and will more heads roll in oakland? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bank of the west sports report is next on cbs5. >> the dennis allen era is over in oakland after two plus seasons following yesterday's blowout win in london where allen tried to deflect attention away from his future. >> no, i don't think so. i think we got to continue to keep working. >> after the raiders lost to miami dropping to 0-4 the team arrived home from a flight from london and then dennis allen's phone rang. according to the nfl network, the raiders fired allen over the phone. his 8-28 record apparently did not warrant a face to face departure. general manager reggie mckenzie overhauled the roster in the offseason with an infusion of veterans that could not produce a 1. >> we sucked. everything that other -- a win. >> we sucked. everything that other people say about you we were making them right. >> reporter: mckenzie is
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mainly responsible for the current roster and it's expected he's next. >> i don't know if they'll do it midseason, but guaranteed when this new season is over, they'll have a new gm and head coach in position. meanwhile jim harbaugh remains the 49ers head coach, but nfl analyst deion sanders say that's not the way the players want it. coming off the huge win yesterday against philadelphia, harbaugh was answering questions about whether or not he and his players were on the same page. >> the way it looks to me and what i'm hearing that you really ain't down for your head coach. >> i personally think it's a bunch of crap. >> is this important for players to like a coach? >> again this has gone way too far in my opinion. better news in baseball, the question whether lester should have been traded for will be answered tomorrow. tomorrow he'll go in a 1 game playoff wildcard at kansas city. in 11 career post season starts
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lester has a 2.1 e.r.a. so he goes 3-1 helping boston to a world series title last year. >> i like postseason. i like games that matter. the spotlight's on you and it's a time to figure out if you get in those situations, are you going to fold or keep grinding? >> this is why you get a jon lester, to pitch in big games. the way we set up our rotation coming down the stretch, had this game in mind. >> a lot of pressure on jon lester, a lot of pressure on that game for billy beane, a huge and very controversial trade. if they lose tomorrow, that thing backfires. >> 1 and done. same thing for giants wednesday with baumgardner. >> if the a's win, they move on to the al ds and if the giants move on, they move on to the national league series. >> do you think deion sanders, those kind of allegations, not
11:31 pm
getting along in the locker room, do you think that will gain steam? >> there have been reports about that. i didn't like deion's comments because he didn't have substantial information to back it up. there wasn't enough information. that's just the world we live in today when analysts say something. >> you got to attribute, absolutely. we'll be right back.
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>> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. 's ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter.


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