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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. we have splashdown splashdown confirmed. >> the orion space shuttle makes a splash-landing in the
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pacific ocean and creates a splash among all those hoping for the future of space travel. i'm michelle griego. frank mallicoat is off. nasa's orion spacecraft returned after two trips around the earth. kpix 5's ryan takeo tells us this mission is a step before eventually sending astronauts to mars. >> and liftoff at dawn, the dawn of orion. >> reporter: the orion spacecraft blasted off from cape canaveral and launched nasa into the future. >> big into space ever since i was a kid. >> reporter: paul was glued to every move. before he was a senior scientist at san francisco's exploratorium, he fell in love with the apollo missions. >> but this spacecraft, this command module, is capable of going far beyond the moon. so we can leave our little home, our nest, and get out there into real space. >> reporter: orion is designed to take astronauts one day into
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deep space but today's 4.5-hour unmanned mission was a test flight. it went around the earth 3600 miles up and then re-entered through temperatures nearing 4,000 degrees before splashing down in the pacific. nasa wants future orions to send astronauts to an asteroid after the year 2020. in about 2030, the plan is for a manned mission to mars. that means astronauts going to the red planet are about preschooler max's age now. >> like stars or space or anything? >> um, hm. i don't know. >> reporter: his grandpa thinks he will warm up to space. >> he's born now in the computer age and when we're going to mars it's amazing. >> reporter: today was a small step before the giant leap to the red planet. >> we went beyond the earth in my lifetime. and now maybe we're going to other planets hopefully in my lifetime. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> mountain view's nasa ames played a big role in developing and preparing orion's heat shield. that's one of the biggest
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challenges for the spacecraft. it will re-enter the atmosphere faster and encounter more heat than any other manned mission. san jose police moved in and pushed out a huge homeless encampment known as the jungle but as kpix 5's keit do reports, the people have no place to go and a new camp has just popped up at the nearby walmart. >> reporter: it is day 2 of the long and filthy job of clearing out the jungle. as bobcats continuing hauling out hundreds of tons of debris, former residents can only watch. with a heavy police presence, those who try to go back in are arrested for trespassing and face up to $1,000 fine and jail time. the widespread predictions of homeless scattering into the neighborhoods came true. less than a half mile away from the jungle, a group of 25 people set up camp overnight on the property of a walmart. litter has already started spilling out creating more work for the employees. what is that like to have to
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clean up garbage over there? >> no comment. >> reporter: they are staying despite routine walmart security patrols and san jose police say the camp is on private property and illegal. >> we have been keeping it clean. we have been picking up all the trash trying to keep it on a cool level so for that part it's working. >> you push everybody out on the street, this is what, you know, going to become of, um, walmart property, um, now has 25 new residents. >> it's never ending. >> reporter: in april we profiled areal yeah sanchez to lives near the jungle and is a woman one woman litter clean-up crew -- is a one woman litter clean-up crew. she showed us something new overnight a homeless man on the porch of a vacant home in her neighborhood. it's having a spillover effect, right? >> yes. but, you know, that's okay, too, because it is making our local politicians, our agencies, recognize the fact that we have a huge problem in this country. >> reporter: aurelia says jungle residents are already starting to hang out and litter
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her downtown neighborhood. and to those who complain about losing their home in the jungle, she has a message of tough love. >> i hope god blesses you, that's all. if they run them out i'm not responsible for that. that's their choice. >> that was kiet do reporting. san jose police has a zero tolerance policy for trespassing and so far they have arrested three people for trying to go back into the property. new at noon, police are searching for a suspect who hit and killed a pedestrian in daly city late last night. the 77-year-old man was run over near the intersection of highway 35 and westridge avenue. police tell us the victim was this is crosswalk when he was hit. >> we definitely know from speaking with the witness that the driver was aware that he struck a person as the vehicle stopped momentarily and then that's when it fled from the scene. >> police say the suspect drove away in a white american made pickup truck. it had a ladder rack and is likely the truck has front end
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damage. a santa rosa 13-year-old was taken into custody after police say he brought a pellet gun and marijuana to school yesterday around 1 p.m. at rincon valley charter school. students reported to school staff that the suspect had brought the pellet gun and drugs in his backpack. after police found the items, they arrested the teen. a bay point father found this man, 29-year-old jose simentel in his 12-year-old daughter's bedroom last month. he was already a registered sex offender and allegedly made friends with the girl. simentel now faces child molestation and burglary charges and police are looking into the possibility of other victims. protestors in the bay area say they will be out again tonight. they are upset over a grand jury's decision not to charge officer daniel pantaleo in the choking death of eric garner. last night they swarmed the streets of powell and market in san francisco. and in oakland, demonstrators
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marched from downtown into east oakland. oakland and san francisco are just two of the cities where people have been taking to the streets outraged over the grand jury's decision. pantaleo is shown on video using an apparent chokehold on the suspect. officer pantaleo could still face federal civil rights charges and disciplinary action from the nypd but that's not stopping thousands of protestors. there were at least 200 arrests in new york last night. and police expect more demonstrations today. it will take at least another four days before a san francisco road around a massive sinkhole reopens. crews have been working around the clock to repair this 30 by 30-foot-wide hole. the road buckled during the storm wednesday and the sinkhole is 10 feet deep. it has become quite an attraction, as well. schools are even taking field trips to go and see it. meanwhile, another not as big pothole has been repaired. caltrans crews fixed the divot on the new bay bridge already sooner than planned. the pothole also opened up
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during wednesday's storm. and a traffic note for anyone planning on taking highway one between pacifica and half moon bay today. you may want to find another route. the devil's slide tunnels will be closed starting at 10 p.m. tonight for an emergency response drill. crews will simulate a fire and crash with excessive smoke. next week we'll find out more about a plan by bart and ac transit for a new all night bus service. the pilot program called train in bus out. projects leaders say it will increase options for nighttime commuters and we'll have more on the cost and schedules on tuesday. happening today, the portrait of former governor arnold schwarzenegger will be hung at the state capital. it was unveiled three months ago with a visible smudge on the left lapel of his jacket. the painting had to be altered to remove a button with the image of his wife, maria shriver. an austrian artist created the photograph-like portrait. holiday shoppers listen up. if you like macy's, it's best
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to do your shopping on tuesdays and there's more. which stores plan their sales on specific days of the week. >> plus, remember this guy? the stockton felon took the social media wave by storm. now there's a so-called hot woman convict. and that's getting just as much twitter attention. >> nothing hot around here. in fact, we are going to be cooling down with raindrops moving onshore. two-hour 46-minute delays at sfo because of cloud cover. we'll talk about the rain and when you can expect it as the news continues on kpix 5.
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latest company to get hit ba data breach. it announced today bebe a women's clothing and accessory company is the latest to get hit by a data
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breach. it detending suspicious ak -- detected suspicious activity on computers that run the payment systems in stores on cards swiped between november 8 and 26. the retailer says online purchases were not affected. finding the best discounts this holiday season may depend on the day you go shopping. sometimes sales sections are empty or the size or color you want are gone but there's a secret to help you score big. many retail chains have markdowns on a specific schedule. shop on tuesdays at macy's. old navy wednesdays are best. gap does markdowns twice a month on mondays. ask your stores when they schedule the markdowns and you will be able to maximize your spending. crews in belmont had to use heavy equipment this morning. the 3000 block of swan boulevard san juan boulevard was closed while trees were removed. power was out for people in the
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bay area. police say the tree has now been cleared and most of the power is restored. first fridays the pop oakland art and music street fair is canceled today because of the rain. the event is held the first friday of the month on telegraph avenue from west grand to 27th street. the next first friday festival will be february 6. >> oh, they could have had it. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> people won't go out in the rain? >> it's not even raining yet. >> not yet. >> well, in some places in the north bay we have seen a few sprinkles or couple light showers but they could have had it until the rain started. >> they should have called you. >> we're hearty people here in the bay area. hi, everybody. let's call on our hi-def doppler radar so you can see when you can track those raindrops. watch. look out over the open waters! that's moderate rainfall. looks like if the timing is right we should see it in the next couple of hours easily along the san mateo coast, the san francisco coastline and the north bay. we are going to see scattered showers right now in the eastern portion of the bay area. looking out towards mount
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diablo, 64 degrees in livermore and dublin. the winds have been slight increasing out of the southeast up to 20 miles per hour. san jose under a mostly cloudy sky. you, too will notice thickening clouds and scattered showers towards the evening commute and then the bulk of the rain before sun-up tomorrow. at least your evening commute. it's generally light rain showers. but occasionally you will pick up some moderate downpours an all this is hit and miss and scattered throughout the evening hours. sun-up tomorrow morning right before it, there you have the frontal boundary, the line of activity. you're going to hear the raindrops on the rooftops. i know i'm going to enjoy that sleeping tomorrow morning. and this is interesting. look at your sunday. we have light rain every rainfall possible in the northern reaches of our north bay. again, that's just a possibility at this time. and then it will gradually slide to the south bay in the overnight hours. but meanwhile, how's any of this going to affect the 49ers- raiders matchup on sunday? it's not. we'll have partly cloudy skies at levi's stadium with appear
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air temperature of 63 -- with an air temperature of 63. temperatures in the mid- to high 60s, slightly above normal for this time of the year. scattered showers tonight through tomorrow morning. up to an inch in the north bay and then another smaller system by sunday night through monday and looking at the possibility of a more powerful storm moving back into the bay area on thursday. that definitely bears watching. oh, i wanted to show you one more thing. we have a parade in pleasanton. it's a hometown parade. this saturday it steps off at 5:00 and i hope to see you all there. >> all right. you're going to be in the parade? >> i am. >> thank you. >> i'm working on the wave. fans are hoping the rain will hold off for tonight's pac- 12 championship game between oregon and arizona at levi's stadium. oregon is currently ranked number 33 in the country.
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they would likely get into the 14 college play-offs. number 8 arizona could get in if it scores an upset. game starts at 6 p.m. thunder and heavy rains may upset pets. we check in with our pet expert on how to make our pets feel safe. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is melons. one or two people, you can open a big watermelon. and a lot of times it goes back in the refrigerator forget about it and there's some waste there. not these. two people, three people, 10.5, that's it. it's done. selection and storage are important like all watermelons. when you buy your watermelons you want to make sure they are heavy. it has to be heavy otherwise it will be bad. give it a little tap. when it feels hollow, like that, that means it's ripe. ready to go. check the bottom here where it's been cut. you want to be sure it's clear from any shriveling whatsoever very important. when you bring them home, store them on the counter. unused portion, very important, in the refrigerator. mini melons for one, i would say two. i really would. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.
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this friday of we're answering questions of -- this friday we're answering questions with dr. jill chase. with rain and lightning comes thunder. it can freak out the pets what can pet owners do? >> it's a tricky question. i have been thinking about the answer to it. it's sort of like the earthquake situation. we don't know when they are going to come. so the only thing i can say is we have a sense that a storm is coming but the other day we had no idea of the thunder, and one patient had a dog who injured itself falling downstairs. if you have an outdoor animal make sure they have shelters. if they are indoors and your pet has issues with fireworks and things like that, then using the tranquilizer we use would be ideal to calm them. >> is that a pill? >> it is a pill, yeah.
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so that's helpful. and then, you know, maybe in this owner's case closing doors where they can't run away and fall downstairs would be really nice. >> what does that loud noise do to them? >> scares them like fireworks. to them it's a very abnormal sound that invokes a fear response. they just want to get away. >> well, dr. jill, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well- being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ♪[ music ] >> nominations have been announced for the 2015 grammys. we'll tell you which contenders will be performing in the bay area in the coming months. but first, in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger shows us the right websites and a little networking can help you land a great gig. >> reporter: gone are the days when finding a job meant pounding the pavement. today, job seekers found their keyboard surfing websites and
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apps designed to pinpoint the perfect gig. indeed, career builder and allow you to focus your geographic search to find your dream job in the bay area. aside from providing a database of job listings, many of them also host your resume', making it visible to employers. career experts say companies are now increasingly using their own workers to find new hires. referred candidates are twice as likely to land an interview, have a 40% better chance of being hired, and are 15% less likely to quit than other applicants. that's according to the federal reserve bank of new york. that means that your online job search has to start with identifying major employers in the bay area like kaiser permanente or safeway. then try to network with employees in person or through social media. one thing is clear. the digital age has not yet replaced the human touch. i'm jill schlesinger, for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shot went viral when he was once again, a mugshot goes viral and a sort of star is born. remember this guy jeremy meeks whose mugshot when viral when he was arrested earlier this year by stockton police? he was called a hot felon. now a female convict is getting
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similar attention. the woman from north carolina tweeted her mugshot after a drug arrest and as of last night she had more than 6,000 twittered followers. she tweeted it herself [ extremely poor audio ] >> trending now that mugshot and grammy awards. taylor swift is up for best record of the year with shake it off. several others are up for awards and all of them including miss swift will be performing in the bay area next year. what a delivery for one mother in colorado. mia hernandez came into the world on monday weighing 13 pounds. >> ouch. >> 13 ounces. >> hm. >> both mother and child are doing well. the big baby is trending on social media. following us on twitter at #cbssf and find a complete list of all those grammy nominations on our -- on our website, coming up at 5:00 more rain
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is on the way meaning trouble for a bay area school hit hard by flooding. how a brand-new campus is combing in a flood zone. that story and more at 5:00. you said ouch to that 13 hound baby. >> when my youngest was born i was in the hospital scotty pippen in came in for delivery. that was 11 pounds. that was a big baby. this is 13 in colorado? >> yeah. >> oh, my. >> 13 pounds. i don't know. that's it for today. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> liam: i'm not letting quinn get anywhere near you, hope. i mean that. >> hope: well, it sounds like she already has. if -- if she was at the baby shower... >> liam: i'm pretty certain she was. >> hope: oh, god! that is so weird! where was she? >> liam: i'm thinking about hiring someone. >> hope: who? >> liam: security. >> hope: you -- you mean like a guard to follow me around? >> liam: well, i'm not gonna let the woman stalk you. and right now, that's exactly what she's doing. >> hope: [ sighs ]


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