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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 8, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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but we need the rain. >> we do. >> thanks for watching everyone. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 8th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a mass vive fire over downtown los angeles forcing the closure of freeways overnight. an american couple back from overseas. their first television interview about being falsely accused of killing their own daughter. plus the bright lights shine on prince william and kate. america rolls out the red carpet for the royal couple. >> we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. on the streets of berkeley california, people smashed windows, set fires to stores.
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>> protests erupt in violence. >> eric garner and michael brown. >> crowds moved onto a major highway. >> in philadelphia, demonstrators staged a die-in. >> concerns of a top cia torture report. ? are. >> in laublgszos angeles, two massive fires just blocks from each other, which took out an entire block. >> this will be used to motivate people. i'm genuinely concerned by that. >> this will be used by our enemies to attack americans, american facilities overseas. >> chuck hagel pushed back at suggestions that there may be a problem with the plans of these raids. >> royal fever is officially here. duke and duchess of cambridge in new york. >> they're royalty. a really classy couple. >> our 2014 kennedy center honorees. >> this year's recipient, tom hanks, lily tomlin sting, al green, and ballerina patricia mcbride. >> your artists just have to sit there and allow us to love you.
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although from sting that could take up to 30 hours. >> in the philippine, at least 30 people are dead after a powerful typhoon hit the country. >> a chlorine gas leak sent people to the hospital. it happened at a furry convention. >> at night it's cold. we cuddle. it's nice. >> all the way to the end zone. >> the new england patriots with a victory. >> that's just right up in your face. there's no part of that i want to see. >> -- and all that matters -- >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> pope francis used a tablet and wifi to turn on a giant christmas scene display this morning. >> thank you so much. >> -- in hopes of "the late show." >> not yet. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." from washington. gayle king is off. jeff glor and sharyn alfonsi are with us in studio 57. as you wake up in the west downtown los angeles is a mess because of two major fires. one of them destroyed a seven-story apartment building that was still under construction. >> the fire could be seen from all over los angeles. it impacted several major freeways. amber lee of cbs station ck cbs tv is at the scene. >> the 110 freeway northbound that leads into downtown los angeles is closed as fire crews try to tackle this very active fire. the good news is the bulk of the fire has been contained. l.a. city fire says it's still unclear how this fire started but it torched a 1.3 million square foot apartment complex that was under construction. the fire's still smoldering but early this morning that massive
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fire jumped over that 110 freeway and spread to two nearby high-rise. l.a. city fire is working on a second fire just blocks away. still unclear if the two are related. we're told arson investigators will go inside both these buildings once the fire is completely contained. schar charlie, back to you. >> we're learning more about a failed navy s.e.a.l. mission that left two hostages dead. a special operations forced an al qaeda hideout in southern yemen over the weekend. >> the militants shot 33-year-old american journalist luke somers and 56-year-old pierre korkie. of south africa. korkie was just hours from being released. the aid group he worked for agreed to pay $200,000. they did not know about those negotiations. david martin is at the pentagon where officials say they launched the mission on very short notice. david, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. good morning to our viewers in the west. although luke somers' captors were threatening to execute him, members of his family are quoted this morning as saying his father is quite angry over the rescue mission and believes his son would still be alive if the u.s. hadn't tried to save him. while president obama was introducing his pick for the next secretary of defense, the pentagon was secretly gearing up to make another attempt to rescue somers. less than seven hours later a team of u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s was on the ground in yemen, sneaking up on a compound where somers was being held. but before they could reach the outer wall of the compound they were discovered. a firefight broke out. part of which was apparently recorded and posted on a jihadi website. in the midst of the firefight, a person was seen running into the building, which served as somers' prison. he was in there for only seconds but by the team the s.e.a.l.s got to the building somers and a
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second hostage were bleeding from gunshot wounds. the two hostages were carried to aircraft and flown to a ship off the coast. but neither man survived. defense secretary hagel who had approved the mission before leaving washington on a trip to afghanistan, ruled out the possibility somers had been caught in the cross fire between the s.e.a.l.s and his captors. >> he was murdered during an attempt by american forces to rescue him from terrorist groups in yemen. >> reporter: it was the second time in two weeks american commandos attempted to rescue somers. the first had failed to because he was mooed shortly before the raid. the second because the s.e.a.l.s lost the all-important element of surprise. >> we can only speak for myself. i can only imagine how luke's parents feel today. murdered in the second attempt. came so close. >> reporter: somers body remains
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at a u.s. base in africa while arrangements are made to bring him home. it's complicated by the fact that he holds dual u.s./british citizenship. and that this is a murder investigation involving the fbi. >> all right, david, thank you so much. this morning, intelligence officials say they fear a new senate report will put american lives at risk. it claim, the cia routinely used illegal tactics after the 9/11 attacks and lied about them. >> democrats on the intelligence committee are expected to release the report tomorrow. on "face the nation" sunday, former cia director michael hayden said the report should be kept quiet. >> this will be used by our enemies to motivate people and attack americans and americans overseas, and i am genuinely concerned by that as was the secretary of state and the director of national intelligence. >> cbs news national analyst juan zarate is with us.
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deputy security adviser under president george w. bush. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. norah. >> what's in this report that so many people are worried about and will it, in fact we haven't seen the report will it, in fact, lead to the lives of people overseas who may have been connected with the cia? >> well, charlie, i think people are worried that this reopens a debate about the interrogation program itself and the enhanced interrogation techniques in place. the report, based on what we know, will indicate that not only they went beyond the bounds of the law b white house and even congress. so that' the report that so many officials are worried about. but the question is will this put fuel on the fire of those who will use the report to animate anti-american sentiment and i think the answer is yes. >> not only did they mislead, but some reporting that they lied and they, being people involved are denying it cia
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people, and the question is and you're one of them are they backing up the people who are no longer there? >> i think the concern is threefold. first, that the persons responsible weren't interviewed and weren't spoken to by the investigators so the report is seen as perhaps incomplete. in addition, congress is not being held for what it knew, what it was briefed on, what it was asking the cia to do. and finally the fact that there's a misstatement of fact, perhaps questions of the effectiveness is really still at play. so the problem is this report will add more confusion and smoke rather than light, and i don't think it will bring clarity to the debate. >> we'll know more tomorrow. as this report is released. let's turn now to the raid in yemen, that failed raid that led to the death of luke somers. what happened here? >> well what you had is actionable intelligence. they knew where he was. they thought his life was in danger. al qaeda had said they were going to execute him. there was the failed rescue just a week and a half ago.
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so we had actionable intelligence. the problem was these operations rely on stealth and the operation was compromised and that was really the problem at the end of the day. al qaeda was ready for this. they knew that we were going to rescue and they wanted to kill. >> do we know whether it was compromised by the dog barking that led them to know something was happened? >> maybe. that may be the case. it's not clear what triggered it but they were ready to go. and they were certainly ready to execute the hostages. >> juan, thanks. >> charlie and i will have more ahead from washington. for now, let's go to sharon and jeff in studio 57. >> all right, norah, thank you very much. a massive typhoon slammed into the philippines. typhoon hagiput is losing strength but it left behind a lot of damage. history taught people to evacuate their homes early. though hagupit's
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typhoon winds was anticipated, it caused plussive destruction. dumping a month's worth of rain in the past few days. that's raising concerns about coastal floods. in coastal communities the worry is the storm surge made worse by an unusually high tide. schools have been turned into shelters. "our house is near the sea and our roof will surely be blown away," this woman said. "that's why we evacuated here." in advance of the typhoon, about 1 million people evacuated to shelters or higher ground, many still haunted by memories of last year's typhoon haiyan. >> if this is a dream, i should wake up. >> reporter: we witnessed the destruction caused by that typhoon, the strongest on record to hit land. the massive evacuations this time around, aid workers say, likely saved lives. downed trees have knocked out power to entire cities. in some places thousands of
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homes have been damaged. still, there is a sense of relief that so many lessons were learned following typhoon haiyan. >> five days after deciding not to charge in the death of eric garner. there have been some pockets of violence. >> in new york city, where about 300 people have been arrested since wednesday, protesters roamed the streets yet again last night. but the most tense confrontation, occurred in california. for a second straight night, protests turned ugly in berkeley california. demonstrators shut down a freeway, while vandals roamed the streets, trashing stores and setting fires. over the weekend, police used smoke bombs to disperse protesters, some of whom shattered windows and looted. crowds stayed peaceful in washington, d.c. and chicago. in new york demonstrators
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gathered for a fifth straight night but no violence broke out. i can't breathe, which garner said repeatedly before he died, has become a rallying cry for professional athletes too. chicago bulls star derek rose war it on his shirt before a game saturday and so did reggie bush of the detroit lions on sunday. on "face the nation" he said an internal investigation has begun. mayor deblauso said the issue went beyond the nypd. >> you cannot look at another incident in new york city, all happening within the space of weeks and act like there's not a problem. >> president obama had a message for young protesters. >> as painful as these incidents are, we can't equate what's happening now to what happened
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50 years ago. if you talked to your parents, grandparents uncles they'll tell you that things are better. >> reporter: garner's wife says she's had to move out of staten island because of all the attention surrounding her husband's death. garner's mother told supporters she is heartened by all the demonstration demonstrations. >> all right thanks. this morning there are calls for the university of virginia to end its suspension of greek life. it follows "rolling stone's" retraction of an explosive story detailing an alleged gang rape at uva. julianna goldman is in washington with the fallout. >> reporter: uva took immediate action after the article was published last month and suspended all greek life until early next year. now groups are urging the university to end that suspension and apologize. in a statement to "cbs this morning," three national
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organizations representing fraternities and sororities said the school's decision to suspend hurt the reputation of thousands of outstanding student leaders. uva should immediately reinstate operations for all fraternity and sorority organizations on campus and issue an apology for its actions. last month uva's president suspended all greek-related activities following the "rolling stones" detailing an alleged gang rape of a student at a fraternity party. >> as the fraternity community is concerned, we're committing to remaining leaders in the long term campaign for change. >> reporter: discrepancies in the stories soon surfaced. on friday "rolling stone" issued a retraction. our trust in her was misplaced. a day later, the magazine revised the retraction, shifting the blame from jackie to the magazine. we were mistaken in honoring
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jackie's request to not get the accounts of the assaulters. these mistakes are on "rolling stone," not jackie. >> they're very hard to cover, the emotions are high. it's incumbent upon the organization to do even more due diligence. >> while "rolling stone" and university of virginia officials continue to investigate, students are committed to the story. >> i think the uva has to get it right and we absolutely need to stand with jackie. >> the organizations representing fraternities and sororityies are also lobbying for change. they believe the board lacks the skills to handle crime and bodily harm and should instead be handled primarily by the criminal justice system. this morning, new york city is relishing in the most anticipated royal visit in decades. the duke and duchess arrived sunday night at their upper east side hotel with no shortage of fanfare. mark phillip also got out of his
7:17 am
london office. today, he's in harlem. mr. phillips good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to our viewers in the west. it's just your average working monday morning for the couple. prince william is off to washington to see the president. kate is here at a child development center in harlem. young policerince george is at home. if this is a test of their popularity here in the u.s. they've already passed. if the arrival here was any indication, a general flash warning should be issued for this visit. it's the first time william and kate have ever been to new york. whether or not they're ready for it, it's ready for them. among their more dedicated fans carol and claudia bought their tiaras and headed up early from north carolina to stake out a spot. >> as soon as we heard the news i called and -- >> like we have to go to new york. >> we have to go. >> we had to convince the
7:18 am
husbands. >> and take off from work. >> reporter: the royal couple have been to the u.s. once before. a brief stop in l.a. where they were not outglittered. on this trip they'll spread more the royal glamour around while promoting and raising bags of cash for some of their ferretavorite charities. wildlife conservation for him, children and protection agencies and the arts for her. if they have to trade on a little royal celebrity, royal watchers say they understand that's the way the game is played. it's almost like the kardashians with real diamonds. do they realize they're in that kind of environment, the american celebrity environment? >> they do. william and kate are very canny when it companies to publicity and using publicity for their own purposes. >> and making people like sara happy. >> you're going to think i'm a little crazy here but i've made a birthday cake for his birthday
7:19 am
on june 21st. >> how popular are william and kate? they're going to an nba basketball game tonight. we're being told court side tickets are already changing hands for about $17,000. >> good mark thank you very much. it is 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," the stars shine at the kennedy center honors celebrating good morning, for the kpix weather center let's head on outdoors where we have the hi- def doppler radar picking up a smattering of light rain showers primarily north of the golden gate bridge. so showers like lie there today. otherwise mostly cloudy skies. and right now we are in the 50s with areas of dense fog inland. later today, that fog spreads out and we remain around with -- lots of cloud cover and temperatures in the 60s. to all the way to 70 degrees in the gilroy area. big storms coming in by thursday. and on friday. >> announcer: this national
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weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. ahead and only on "cbs this morning," the first television interview with an american couple cleared of murdering their daughter in qatar. they recently return home after their acquittal. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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good morning, it's 7:26 a.m. i'm brian hackney. protesters stormed the streets of berkeley in response to recent grand jury decisions not to charge white officers in the deaths of black men. many berkeley stores were vandalized during the demonstrations. san leandro police opened fire on a suspected stolen car wound ld one of the suspects. police chased the car into oakland last night and an officer was injured but is expected to be okay. the suspect who was shot is in grave condition. and 49ers' fans, not too happy this morning. the 49ers are in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in four years under head coach jim harbaugh. this, after the team lost to the raiders yesterday. big storm coming, details after a break.
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good morning, it will take you a while to get through the bay bridge toll plaza. some approaches are better than others one of the bad ones east shore freeway you can see there. the drive time at the bottom of the screen. 48 minutes. the carquinez bridge to the made be 580 is backed up now beyond 24. 880 is okay and there's a stall on the san mateo bridge backing up traffic the 880. here's roberta. on out the door you will need the umbrella north of the golden gate bridge. a smattering of light showers today otherwise mostly cloudy. currently 50s to about 58 degrees. later today with few sunny breaks, cloud cover temperatures in the 60s to 70. we do have a major powerful storm with rain and gusty winds on thursday and friday. have a great day everyone.
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s here with the dangerous loopholes in was under construction. people were hospitalized at a convention for furry animals. i were attending midwest furfest. many were dressed as animals am powdered form of chlorine gas
7:32 am
was left on the stair well floor. pleem called it an intentional act. gas prices hit a four year low. today's average is $2.66. a spike in crude oil production in north america and growing demand are causing this drop. >> and "usa today" says for the first time ever college football has a four. the crimson tide will face the buckeyes on new year's day in the sugar bode. the ducks meet the defending seminoles. their freedom comes nearly two years after it. they were cleared in the death of their 8-year-old daughter. margaret brennan sat down with them for an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning." she is in los angeles.
7:33 am
mar gretsch, good morning. >> good morning. matthew and grace huang are released that their two-year nightmare in qatar is over, but they still don't know what killed their daughter and it's clear that the heal willing take some time. >> we're so excited to be home. >> reporter: matthew and grace huang are just beginning to piece their life back together. it started sunday with a rousing welcome home at their pasadena church. they reunited with their two suns emanuel and joe sigh za both adopted from africa. but the fate of their third adofted child gloria is haunling them. while living in qatar where matthew was working with an american firm in qatar their 8-year-old died mysteriously. >> our daughter was lying on the floor foaming at the mouth. i took her to the emergency room
7:34 am
andwhere they performed cpr and then told me that she had passed away. >> reporter: she continued to have eating disorders despite her parents' best efforts. she refused to eat for the final four days of her life. qatari police accused matt and grace of starving her to death and prosecutors were suspicious of a mixed race family a very uncommon site in qatar. >> they thought we were human traffickers. they thought we adopted them to harvest their organs or do medical tests on them. >> what did you think, grace? >> to me the hardest part was being asked over and over, are you the real mom. >> the huangs were thrown into a prison. their sons were sent to an orphanage. >> as a mother what does it sound like to have your children take and put in an orphanage.
7:35 am
prison was especially difficult for matthew. >> i was physically and sexually assaulted. >> what happened that day? >> another inmate tried to rape me. >> did anyone try to protect you? >> as a victim i fought back. >> a judge granted them bail as discrepancyies in the prosecution's case. a foreign psych psychologist concluded there's no medical evidence that floor ya's parents starved her and said the qataries never performed a proper autopsy. >> they didn't take any tissue samples. >> they got her height and weight wrong. >> he lost his job. they were banning from traveling, and the couple rarely left their home. matthew questioned whether political interests kept american diplomats from lobbying qatar for their release.
7:36 am
>> the u.s. government could have done a lot more a lot quicker. >> suddenly last sunday a qatari judge overturned their conviction citing the inak adequate autopsy and described the huangs as caring parents. >> i'm so excited that truth prevailed. >> reporter: the elated mom and dad documented the long trip home and now are trying to catch up on the life they missed. matthew and grace say their first priority is rebuilding life for their family. and a new legal battle begins today. matthew plans to sue his former employer in qatar saying they forced him to re margaret. thanks. now let's go back to charlie and norah in washington this morning. hey, charlie. >> thank you sharyn. every year the kennedy center highlights american culture.
7:37 am
last night thousands gathered to celebrate the arts. this year's nominees are tom hanks, lily tomlin ballerina patricia mcbride and sting. >> he's one of our essential musicians because in his search for his own truth he whispers directly into our hearts. >> he once sang he was an englishman in new york but sting was honored in washington, d.c. last night. the star-studded event was hosted by stephen colbert. the show also celebrated the iconic voice of al green. >> a lot of women have been known to scream out, oh god, oh, god, when al green's music
7:38 am
was playing. ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ >> i can sing it with him but i cannot sing like al green. >> the night began with a salute from president obama at the white house. >> michelle and i love this event. everybody looks so nice. >> at 18 patricia mcbride became the youngest principal dancer at the new york city ballet. >> bravaobravo, miss mcbride. >> remember the days when its was only the operator listening in on our calls? >> tomlin has won seven emmys, two tonys, and grammy. >> we love you beyond measure, lily, and that's the truth. >> mama always said life is like a box of chocolates. >> after tom hanks has played
7:39 am
countless unforgettable character characters, the two-time oscar winner was hailed as america's favorite son. >> i think someone said the arts are the soul of america and it's really fitting that the kennedy center honors them. >> it was extraordinary. not only the artists who came out to be honored but those who came out to honor them. >> ahead we're going sit down with honor relile >> ahead we're going sit down with honor relilee lilly tomlin. of course, you can see the entire kennedy center honors special on tuesday night. that's december 30th. it airs at 9:0000 p.m. central on cbs. ahead, why skploesing
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they didn't back down. >> cam newton score add touchdown sunday and the scuffle spilled out of the end zone. one carolina player was thrown out of the game. the panthers ran way with the game beating new orleans. well they're unlike any celebrities we have in this country. why america is so fascinated with william and kate as they begin their highly anticipated visit to the united states. that's ahead
7:45 am
good morning, for the kpix weather center let's head on outdoors where we have the hi- def doppler radar picking up a smattering of light rain showers primarily north of the golden gate bridge. so showers likely there today. otherwise mostly cloudy skies. and right now we are in the 50s with areas of dense fog inland. later today, that fog spreads out and we remain around with -- lots of cloud cover and temperatures in the 60s. to all the way to 70 degrees in the gilroy area. big storms coming in by thursday. and on friday. ah, the bold new camry. you can get a great deal during toyotathon. i love the new look. and it's a blast to drive. oh, so you've driven it? [motor racing] woooooooo! yeah, i've taken it for a spin. toyotathon is on get low 1.9% apr financing for 60 months on the bold new 2015 camry. offer ends january 5th. plus every new toyota comes with toyotacare, toyota's no cost maintenance plan. i know a great place for a drive. ♪ walmart has the top gifts with the latest technology, like 4k ultra hdtvs. check it out, we're tracking santa!
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tens of thousands of cars on the road this morning could have dangerous tires. they lead to more than 11,000 accidents a year. about 200 people are killed and thousands injured each year. jeff pegues is here with what federal investigators plan to do. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. ntsb investigators are concerned about older tires and how threads can separate and lead to loss of control and rollover crashes. another issue the recalls that fail to get defective tires off the roads. 25-year-old crystal was a passenger in a truck last year when its left back tire blew out and the vehicle skidded off a texas highway. >> as soon as we hit a patch of grass, we started rolling.
7:50 am
my arm flupg out the window when it was my time to roll and my arm got smashed in the process. >> every year there are a thousand relate accidentings killing just under 200 people. >> when you look at tires, there are a lot of reasons for tire issues. underinflation, overinflation, road hazards. >> the ntsb simulator shows us how fast a blowout can cause a lot of control. when a rear tire goes the trouble really begins. but shaun cain a tire safety expert says a lack of information on the tire itself makes it difficult for consumers to determine the age of a tire and whether it is the subject of a recall. so there are a lot of flaws in the system you see. >> you see a lot of flaws particularly troubled be i a lack of a system for recalls that works. and, again in 2014 we had the recall remediation for 28% of
7:51 am
something as important as tires, you know you've got a problem. >> he believes tire manufacturers are to blame for some of that. >> well, manufacturers want recalled tires back. one of the critical impediments to doing that is locating individuals that have them and that's a function of the registration system which we've identified and we want to take steps and see steps taken to fix that. >> she lost most of her right arm in that rollover crash. she said the tire that caused the accident is now is subject of a recall. >> when it comes to my truck or tires i never looked at it. it's something i look at more closely now and everybody should look more closely at. >> there is a government downline resource if your car is the subject of a recall but the system in place is not as sophisticate. that's why you erie seeing so many recalled tires on the
7:52 am
roads. >> really important story. jeff, thank you so much. and ahead, democratic senator claire mccaskill is going to be with us here in d.c. we're going ask her about in new cia interrogation public report and the new this morning. you're watching "cbs this morning." something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪
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neighb and it's 7:56 right now. i'm brian hackney. more bad news for san jose neighborhood that's been a hotbed for burglaries. police report 27 burglaries in the evergreen district in just the last ten days. demonstrators blocked freeways and started fires and damaged several businesses during a second nite of protests in berkeley. they're upset with the grand jury's decision not to charge white officers in the deaths of black men. and crews in san francisco expect to have the sinkhole in the richmond district fully patched up by tomorrow. the nine foot deep crater opened up last wednesday at 6th avenue and lake street. traffic and weather and here's a good storm coming in. robert that has the de-- roberta has the details after the break. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection.
7:57 am
now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
7:58 am
good morning, it's still foggy in some parts of the bay area causing some low downs for the -- slowdowns for the morning commute. the drive time between the altamonte pass and the livermore valley is -- pretty heavy. you can see there it's in the heavy category. 42 minutes between the altamonte pass and 680. but the bulk of traffic is between vasco and the dublin interchange. and then it looks slow and go all the way through pleasanton and down into the sunol grade. if you're traveling on 680. here's the live look at the approach to the richmond san rafael bridge jammed up to canal and then it's also slow on the bridge itself. that is kcbs traffic. here's roberta with your forecast. and on out the door if you're going to spend any time in the north bay today. good morning everyone. a mat, of light hours there -- smaltering of light showers there. otherwise currently air temperatures in the 50s. later today, topping off all the way to 70 degrees. southeast breeze at 15 and we do have a powerful storm rolling into the bay area on thursday and friday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday december 8th 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." morale news ahead. our friends explain how the internet trend can ruin the surprise. >> but the good news is the bulk of the fire has been contained. >> members of this family are quoted this morning as saying his father is quite angry. >> will this put fuel on the fire who will use the report? i think the answer is yes? >> downed trees have knocked down power to entire cities and in some places thousands of homes have been damaged. >> the new york city protesters roamed the streets.
8:01 am
but the most intense conversations occurred in california. >> matthew and grace are relieved that their two-year nightmare is over. >> the u.s. government could have done more. >> for the first time we have more. >> it's great having two academy awards. but let me ask you this, tom. can you wear them? >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell in washington. luke somers' father is very angry that navy s.e.a.l.s trieded to rescue his son. the raid ended with somers being killed. >> he spent 15 months in captivity. the u.s. tried to rescue him twice in the past two weeks.
8:02 am
the second mission was launched after al qaeda released a video threatening to execute him. >> democrats are set to release a controversial report tomorrow. it claims they issueded that after republicans and officials said the study could endanger americans overseas. secretary of state john kerry expressed concern about the report. claire mccaskill of missouri is with us. she's a member of the senate armed services committee. senator, welcome. >> thank you. >> nice to see you last night. >> yes, yes, and you all looked bright eyed and bushy tail after a late night. senator feinstein, you know her well. she's a colleague. i assume you've talked to her about this even though you haven't seen the report. can you tell us what it is that is so damaging that people fear that it might rebound against the united states in foreign countries and u.s. personnel? >> i think it exposes what the
8:03 am
world already knows. that is that the united states engaged in torture. but my feeling about this is that this is a gut check moment for our democracy. the world knows we tortured but does the world know that we'll hold up our values and hold our government accountable? this report would never happen in north korea or china or russia. but in the united states we hold our government accountable. and i think that process is so important, so fundamental to our democracy that it's essential that this report comes out. >> but those people who may be, as suggested in the report tortured, say they have authorities from the white house and legal authority and they reported everything they were doing. >> well, first of all i think the american people need to see the report and they can judge for themselves as to whether or not this is a learning moment for us. i don't think anybody in america -- especially -- i mean
8:04 am
look at john mccain who understands so much better than anyone of us. no one has been more upfront that we get beyond this ever happening again in terms of using torture. and by the way, i think the report will help us understand whether or not it was effective. >> senator this has been a long running debate. i think we've known that the u.s. government engaged in waterboarding and other techniques known as torture. there's been a continuing debate about whether the enhanced techniques led to actionable intelligence. but in this particular case the report by the senator suggests that members of the cia systematically lied to those in the white house. that's a very damaging charge. >> it's a very damaging charge. but we know that during the report the cia was hacking into senate staff computers. actually threatening senate staff with criminal referrals.
8:05 am
so i appreciate it. >> every former past head of the cia since nechbl saying we were not engaged in lying to the white house. >> that's why this report needs to come out. and ultimately the cia has to have oversight. if this doesn't come out we all need to get comfortable. >> i believe he is. i have not spoken to him directly about him. >> let's turn to the issue of sexual misconduct. it's an issue you led on in the senate. and a new report came out and they said sexual assault overall was down. should that give us any -- people at the pentagon saying this is good news. how so? >> well, first of all, we now know reporting was 1 in 12 a few years ago. now it's down to one in four. that's so much higher than in the civilian world. as somebody who prosecuted the crime for years, it is and will
8:06 am
remain the most underreported crime in america. so prevalence is down reporting is up, and importantly, norah, the victims who were contacted anonymously in this effort over the last year said that 83% of them were fully supported by their commander as they came forward out of the shadows. that to me was the most important statistic in the report. >> we are changing the climate in the military. we've got a lot of work to do. no question. we are not done. i'm not done overseeing this. but it has been stubborn for some to see and acknowledge the progress being made. and now we're going to turn to more news with jeff and sharon who are in new york this morning. jeff? >> norah, thank you very much. 73 years ago today the united states declared war on japan after the surprise attack on pearl harbor. four of the last eight survivor of the uss arizona.
8:07 am
a theme in this year's event was preserving the ceremony in teaching future generations about pearl harbor's impact. >> pope francis is lighting up the italian hillside for the holiday. with the hearty press of a button on a tablet computer the wireless connection. nearly a thousand lights make up the the display on the side of the mountain. it's billed as the world's largest christmas three. it is almost half mile tall and 1500 feet wide. ahead this morning, a british love story plays out in real life for americans. the obsession over watching the royal coup
8:08 am
at least a thousand lights make first at 8:07, it is time to at least a thousand lights make first at 8:07, it is time to up the display on the side of check your local weather. ahead, the ground-breaking program helping joble >> ahead, the ground breaking program helping veterans win. you're watching cbs this
8:09 am
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the royal visit by the duke and duchess of cambridge is officially under way this morning. the young couple are visiting new york. the duke will be in washington, d.c. as well. even though the united states went to great lengths to distance themselveses for royalty, fascination with all things royal continues to grow. mark phillips is traveling with the couple, and he's in harlem. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the duchess is here at the child welfare center in harlem this morning. somehow this most famous of couples has never managed to be in new york before. i can't say whether they're ready for it, but it's ready for them. they may be officially known as the duke and duchess of cambridge, but here --
8:14 am
[ cheering ] >> they're william and kate. protocol and popularity get confused when royals come to america. >> we just want to see them. they seem really classy couple. >> some fans may dawn their tiaras and stand out in the cold. >> i think they probably have higher standards, which makes them stand out from just people trying to be famous. >> but this is a different kind of slepty. not the disposable famous for being famous kind. this celebrity has legs from america's original love affair with diana, to the shock over her untimely death. to the fairy tale of her son's wedding, to the redengs at the birth of his and kate's first child, and the pending arrival of another, this is endureing celebrity with substance different from the other kind. and kate says the newspaper
8:15 am
columnists gives celebrity a good name. >> it's the opposite of kim kardashian, which is really refreshing nowadays. we've witnesseded kate and will's up and downs. we know they have broken up. we're not sick of her yet. >> the rails have endured for centuries without learning a thing or two about how to stay popular. whether by luck or design they've now provided something for everybody. a familiar mother of the nation figure. a glamorous couple waiting in the wings for the future. even charles and camilla remember them looking settled and happy. and there's theed aed entertainment value of the potentially rogue uncle. prince harry. >> are you enjoying being an uncle? >> of course i am. >> no wonder this story runs and runs. americans somehow seem more intense and more enthralled with the royals than even the british do sometimes. perhaps because that's because
8:16 am
we get them in short and intense doses. jeff? >> mark, watch out. royal coverage can be dangerous. have a good morning. up next -- >> out of breath. >> seriously. how to avoid holiday shopping spoilers. see why your computer or tablet would be giving up your secrets. that's coming up on cbs this morning right after your local news. secrets. that's coming up on "cbs this morning" right after your local news. s." it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continkeemsing up after your "morning news." and it was a real easy switch to make. walmart has top gifts like the hp stream 11" laptop with an intel processor for great performance. yeah, i'm using it to video chat with santa. no way! yeah. he's naughty. get the top 100 gifts at unbeatable prices. like the hp stream laptop with intel inside. walmart. suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu.
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8:20 am
many veterans returning from wars overseas face a new challenge at home, finding a job. well, now some are getting extra help to make the transition from combat to the cubicle. >> wyatt andrews met the vets who learned a valuable new job skill. he's here with us in washington. good morning. >> good morning. you know so many veterans go to these job interviews with employers who say they want to hire veterans but then they don't because thaw see the vets as unqualified. but we found an unusual program with a simple solution. give these vets a job skill that's required in tens of thousands of businesses around the world. >> i'd like to thank these guys. >> thank you very much. >> there were 20 veterans at this special graduation all of them expressing appreciation. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for the certificates they earned in data malkt software. that might not sound like much but to them it's everything. >> this is like a lottery ticket, and it's not a
8:21 am
scratch-off. it's a powerball. >> the certificates feel like a lottery win because so many veterans come home and hit a wall. the nation might be grateful for their service, they say, but gratitude doesn't get you a job. >> i've been unemployed for about three years. >> i was unemployed for about five months. >> after he returned from afghanistan he was rejected by dozens of employers. some companies were worried about his ptsd which he controls with the help of his service dog bronze. bronze is there when needed. >> bronze is doing his job right here. >> he's on alert. >> like hundreds of thousands of veterans, his skills in combat were not respected by companies back home. he grew bitter and contemplated suicide. >> you reflect on all the things that you've done you know for our country, and at the end of it, it just seems as if the country forgot about you.
8:22 am
it's a very dissatisfying taste. >> but at that moment is when the call came offering this training. >> it was if i had won the lotto. >> this training is best described as a software boot camp run by a nonprofit group called ns to serve. >> they live, sleep, and study together all on a mission to learn data management soft wrair from the s.a.p. corporation. it's widely used in banking, factory operations and military intelligence and now veterans going nowhere are now qualified to work anywhere. >> i was literally a day away from panhandling before they let me in through the doors. >> are you grateful they selected you? are you grateful you're here? >> i am. i was in the -- sorry. i was in a very dark place before i came here. >> this is not easy stuff.
8:23 am
>> the man who realized that veterans needed the is mark testoni who runs the u.s. subsidiary of s.a.p. and started the ns 2 training. it's successful he said because of marriage sauce, the sauce that combines the dedication of veterans with a job skill that's in high demand. >> it's not just about hiring vets but about creating career paths for people who have protected our way of life here in the united states. >> from a business point of view, what's good about hiring vet raps? >> focus on mission. not going to be defeated. >> in civilian life they were on the razor's edge of defeat. they question whether they'd once feel what they felt in the mill tai. they don't have that question anymore. >> it provens it to me. it proves that you're still the guy you used to be.
8:24 am
>> ns 2 spends tens of$2 spends tens of thousands of. when i asked mark if the cost was worth it he said that any large company not doing this is missing the most reliable pool of workers in the economy. >> thank you. what a great story. what a great story. there's not enough in terms of the transition out of the military and giving people new skills. >> it seems luke a-- like a win/win. >> thatwhat they want to do is see other companies replicate this. they don't see a reason why you shouldn't do this. >> thank you so much. >> the kennedy center honors a pioneering comedian. how a child helped launch her career. we sit down with a one of a kind-actress. that's coming up here on "cbs this morning." >> we love you beyond measure lily, and that's the truth.
8:25 am
of berekley.. in and #:25. -- 8:25. i'm brian hackney, protesters stormed the streets of berkeley in response to recent grand jury decisions not to charge white officers in the deaths of black men. many berkeley stores were vandalized during those demonstrations. san leandro police opened fire on a suspected stolen car wounding one of the suspects. police chased the car into oakland last night and an officer was injuries but expected to be okay. the suspect who was shot is in grave condition. and 49ers' fans not too happy this morning. the 49ers are in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in four years under head coach jim harbaugh who's not getting the gatorade treatment. he lost to the raiders yesterday. traffic and weather coming up after a break.
8:26 am
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good morning, it's still slow on a lot of your approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza even though once you hear the toll plaza itself a little bit of thinning out. you can see it here in the cash lanes. for the most part though the east shore freeway still heavy, 51 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze and 580 is backed up well east of 24. here's the live look at the nimitz freeway if oakland -- in oakland. 880 still jammed from 238 out to downtown oakland and pushing embark -- co. other bridges we have that stall on the san mateo bridge gone but it's still jammed up to 880. fortunately dunbarton bridge
8:28 am
isn't a whole lot better. everything including b.a.r.t. is on time if you want to ride mass transit. that's kcbs traffic. here's aren't that with the -- roberta with the forecast. it's from the tower looking over the fair city of san francisco all the way west to the golden gate bridge. under mostly cloudy sky. we have areas of dense fog inland. right now we are 50 to 58 degrees later today with the southeast breeze to 15 numbers span from 62 in pacifica to 70- degrees in gilroy. and unseasonably mild. we do have a couple of buffer days with calm conditions and then a huge powerful storm the biggest since 2008. rolls into the bay area on wednesday late afternoon in the north bay. spreading heavy rain at times all the way through friday. gusty winds up to 50 miles per hour. have a great day everyone. i'm the first to admit, i'm not the best student. i got into my back-up college, but on the acceptance letter it did say, please be aware, you barely
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morning." coming up this half hour we sit down with kennedy center center. see how her performances come also with principles. >> lessons in giving as schools struggle to do more with less. how they choose where their donations go. that's ahead. first we go back to jeff and sharon in new york. >> well, right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. cbs new york says the largest white truffle in the world sold for $61,250 over the weekend. the truffle made a stop here in studio 57 last week. the winning bidder is soon to be
8:31 am
a food and wine love never eaten but he apparently panicked when the snake around his head began to crush his arm as most of us would. they say the only thing the anaconda swallowed were the two hours of my life that i'll never get back. >> they tried to subdue nsa leaker edward snowden. she met with him as part of the plan by the creme lip to keep snowden in london. after that meeting he she tweeted snowden, will you marry me. your device could tip off loved ones about what's under
8:32 am
the tree and spoil the surprise. dan ackerman is a senior editor with our partners at cnet. welcome. >> hi. >> happy holidays. why could the holidays be ruined. >> this is one of those unintended consequences. they serve up ads you looked at online. you go shopping and when somebody goes on the computer later they could see the related ads. you could say, oh, clearly that's what my mothered on wife is shopping for. >> you've seen that before. you search for a vacation for hawaii and things pop up. how are they quantifying it? >> it's all about building these advertiser pry files of you. it's like the almighty cards at the supermarket or drugstore where they keep track of what you buy and print you coupons to a related event. they're working together. it crosses the lines between
8:33 am
different shopping sites, media sites, new sites. it goes all over the place. >> i've seen that. i was looking for a toy for my son and on facebook it started advertising. >> there are a lot of ways to reduce the tracking cookies. usually it's kind of opaque, a little bit hard to do. there's a little blue triangle in the corner and if you click on that blue triangle, if you do, that it will take you after a couple of clicks to an ad choices page to opt out. >> it's not easy to do. >> of course not. if you want to do more low tech things that are easier i'm saying if you share your computer use a different web browser. you use chrome you use firefox. >> i was going to ask you. are you a chrome user firefox? >> i test everything. i use a lot of chrome a lot of
8:34 am
safari these days. >> thanks. very interesting. we'll try not to ruin our christmass. dan, thank you. let's go back to charlie and norah in washington. hey, norah. >> hey i'm not going to give up my online shopping though. no worries about that. we're in washington this morning after a night of celebrating at the kennedy center honors. among the winners, comedian lilly tomlin. since the 1960s, she's lit up the screen with her humble style of humor. >> i was trying to think of something in the next half hour that would get me on the 11:00 clock news. >> her face has launched a thousand laughs. even when she's sharing a scene, she's usually stealing the snow. >> you yelled at me. that's great. that helps. >> perhaps that's because lilly
8:35 am
tomlin's humor has always packed an ever so subtle touch. >> mom, you look -- >> i tell you they get so in the way, it's unbelievable. i'm thinking of trading them in for a mid size. >> something she admired even as a child while watching comedians like jean carroll. >> i never forget my husband stand tong hill hair blowing in the breeze and he was too proud to run after it. my mother would crack up. i would sense there was something subversive about jean carroll. >> is there something subversive that's at the heart of comedy? >> i think so. i think there's always a burst of element. >> the other element she discovered during childhood was the power of observation easy
8:36 am
for a little girl who grew up in a detroit apartment complex filled with eclectic ten nanlts. >> everybody was so interesting and funny or sad and i saw both sides of them all the time. they could be brutal and horrible and then they could be so tender and soft, and was just priv yo to all of it. >> in her early 20s she took people watching professional. she scratched her plan of becoming a doctor for the stage. >> tell me miss, what do you thunk about this pill? >> well, that's -- the revolution -- the first time -- i didn't want to -- >> fame would come in 1970 when tomlin joined nbc sketch comedy show row p & martin "laugh-in." >> is this general motors? hi general. >> and america fell in love with the telephone operator nameder necessary steen. >> everybody hated the phone
8:37 am
company. >> why? >> because it was a monopoly and they had no recourse. they couldn't get a phone repairer, they couldn't get a new phone installed. she would say will you be home between april and november its was sort of the truth, you know. >> one ringy dinghy. do the snort for me. >> it's because her face is so tight and it makes her talk nasally. >> why do so many people relate to her? >> i don't know. i always say when i die her picture will be running with my obituary. >> if that's true it's only because ernestine was first in what seemed like a never-ending cannon of iconic characters. after that she was everywhere, on small screens, big screens, broadway, on the cover of "time" magazine crowned the queen of comedy. no small feat for a feminist who
8:38 am
refused to take on roles that defeated women. >> you would never play a role that you thought undermined women's power or women's roles? >> i would. want to play anything that undermined humanity. i would wantn't to literally stab someone. that makes me a weak artist. >> you've never played a role where you've murdered someone. >> i can't think of anyone where i shot someone or stabbed someone or slit someone's throat. >> you almost poisoned someone in "nine to five." >> i almost did. >> you did because you thought he was a prick. >> i reckon so. >> lose a promotion to some idiot prejudice. you're so intimidated by any woman who won'tst at the back of the bus. >> spare me the women's lib
8:39 am
crap. >> that was a film that touched so many women. >> many were scared the first opening weekend. then it went to number one. it was like the second highest grocer of the year or something like that. >> they were scared at the time because -- >> it was a woman's cast and i think they were just leery of it. people thought it wouldn't catch on. ♪ all of me ♪ why not take all of me ♪ >> "all of me," one of my all-time favorite movies. >> yeah. it's one of mine too. >> why? >> it's tender and lyrical and funny. >> you'll have to do it. >> do what? >> you know, take it out. >> take what out? >> the little fireman. >> so i just like it because it's a sweet movie. it has a tenderness to it. and at the same time it's very
8:40 am
funny and outrageous. >> if all the world's a stage, how come so many people have to get in. >> a dichotomy that can easily be used to describe tomlin and her body of work. >> will yo you be spying on me in the bathroom? >> yes. >> in the bathroom? >> yes. >> why? >> there's nothing too small. >> likeable and laughable all at once. >>'ve always had an act because i've had an act since i was a child that i could pull out my back pocket and i always said it was an act that could keep me out of the match game. >> it was so great to be with lily tom lip. >> still so funny. >> it is. >> jane parker her partner for 40 years said she didn't want to sep it for so long because she believes she deserves a lot of the credit too. she's just as nice in person. >> jane wagner sat behind her.
8:41 am
>> yes. she's absolutely brilliant, really. great comedian. you can see lilly tomlin and all the recipients of the kennedy center honors. that airs december 30th at 9:00 p.m. here on cbs. coming up the website that
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i school districts see cuts every year and teachers often step in to close the gap. in the year 2013 public school teachers spent $1.6 billion of their own money on classroom school supplies. one charity found a way to make up that difference. adriana diaz is in chicago where a school sees the difference firsthand. good morning. >> good morning. this school classroom looks like any others but it's thee materials that they say makes learning come alive and they got here in an unusual way. these chicago fifth graders are getting a hands-on lesson in engineering by launching catapults.
8:46 am
this is their teacher. >> the kids will analyze their data and graft it and redesign it so the whole process is reinforced through this activity. >> but the catapult kits weren't purchased by the school system or anyone else. they were a gift made by a crowd funding website called donors choose. an online website where teachers can post what they need and anyone can help cover the cost it's a lot more than we ever dreamed of. >> he started donors choose 14 years ago during his first year as a public school teacher. >> i figured there were people out there who would want to help teachers like us if they could see exactly where their money was going. >> today more than half of all public schools in america have at least one teacher who's create add project on donors choose and 1.5 million people have given more than $250
8:47 am
million. >> people not only want to support public schools but people warm to this idea of being a philanthropist even though they might have only five dollars to spare. >> $5 or $384,000. that's what google and staples donated the summer to fund every outstanding project in chicago schools. major rahm emanuel made the announcement announcement. >> it's helpful with specific teachers in specific classrooms with specific projects. >> chicago schools are working to do more with less. last year officials closed more than 50 schools and announce they'd would lay off thousands of teachers. do you think a model with a partnership is the future? >> it's a means toward something. it's helpful. do i think it's the future? no. i think it's the tool in the toolbox. >> a tool he best hopes can spur
8:48 am
policy change. >> it starts with listening to teachers. >> there we think there's nothing like sunlight to mobilize and energize citizens to demand change of their elected officials. >> to do that donors choose making their internal data public. now anyone can see which teacher requests come from which schools. >> if we can show the world there are students in all sorts of communities who don't have the materials they need that's going to be if first major step to doing something about it. >> once supplies get to schools, students write thank-you cards like this one written by daisy whose class got a 3-d printer. she said, i'm so excited to use a 3-d printer to make fossils. >> what great idea. >> smart girl.
8:49 am
8:50 am
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8:52 am
we had great time in washington. >> we sure did. if only people could hear what we were talking about during the break, ratings would go through the roof. >> you looked extraordinary last night in your red dress. >> and you looked great in your black what do they call it? >> tux? >> i thank jeff and sharyn for keeping the lights on for us in new york. stay t
8:53 am
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hotbed for burglaries. pol and 8:56. i'm brian hackney, more bad news for sed neighborhood that's been -- san jose neighborhood that's been a hotbed for burglaries, police report 27 burglaries in the evergreen district in the last ten days. demonstrators locked freeways, started fires and damaged several businesses during a second night of profests in berkeley. they're upset with the grand jury decisions not to charge white officers in the deaths of black men. and crews in san francisco expect to have that sinkhole in the richmond district fully patched up by tomorrow. the nine foot deep crater opened up last wednesday at 6th avenue and lake street. now big storm coming. roberta has the details. >> brian, it is going to be the biggest storm since january 4th of 2008. or from october 2009. good morning everyone. and that will affect us towards the tail end of this workweek but right now a few sprinkles across the north bay.
8:56 am
and right there in the city of san francisco mostly cloudy skies as we veer out to the transamerica building. also across the bridge into san rafael and santa rosa. 57 degrees. low 50s across the santa clara valley and live more still try -- livermore still trying to scrub out of the dense fog all the way into the dublin grade. later today mostly cloudy skies and temperature-wise in the 60s to 70 degrees. southeast breeze to 15 miles per hour. so here we go. it will be partly to mostly cloudy on your tuesday then wednesday late afternoon the rain gains in the knit -- begins in the north bay sliding to the south. gusty wind in excess of 50 miles per hour. by friday night we could see over six inches of rain in the wettest locations of the north bay and santa cruz mountains. elizabeth coming up right after this with your monday morning traffic report. ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪ good morning, we have a couple of accidents out the door right now. really slowing down your ride. including this one on northbound 85. it's all pushing el camino real. multiple lanes are blocked. also in about i don't care westbound highway -- antioch westbound highway 4 approaching hill crest traffic backed up to 160. be safe. have a great day.
8:59 am
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