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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 9, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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american posts overseas brace for a backlash as the summit committee prepares to release the first public accounting of the cia's harsh interrogation techniques against suspected terrorists. hands up, don't shoot! hands up, don't shoot! >> tensions rise overnight in berkley, california where protesters angry over the eric garner and michael brown cases stare down police and disrupt traffic. the duke and duchess make an appearance on court but the king grabs the spotlight by sending a powerful message. you have the nuclear launch codes, right? [ laughter ] >> yes, i do. >> i'm not going to ask for them. >> good. >> and the commander in chief
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meets the future of late night. president obama goes for laughs with stephen colbert. this is the "cbs morning news" with stephen colbert. this is the "cbs morning news" for december 9th, 2014. captioning funded by cbs good morning, i'm lauren lyster in for anne-marie green. this morning, the senate intelligence committee releases its long awaited report on cia interrogation techniques. specifically, the use of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques following 9/11. harsh measures some described as torture. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, lauren. this report, actual a declassified 480-page summary looks at the years following 9/11 from the guantanamo bay detainees at secret prisons overseas. this morning american holdings
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are on heightened alert. >> there are some indications that the release of the report could lead to a greater risk that is posed to u.s. facilities and individuals all around the world. >> reporter: the white house says it's been preparing for a possible backlash for months. and has taken prudent steps to secure u.s. facilities and personnel. the senate intelligence committee report found the cia used harsh measures including sleep deprivation, stress positions and waterboarding. or simulated drowning. the report found the cia lied about the operations and it's effectiveness to the white house, the justice department and congress and that the harsh treatment produced month worth while intelligence. democratic chairwoman dianne feinstein says she'll comment on the report this morning. no committee republicans approved the report. cia agents are expected to argue they operated within the law and got valuable information.
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including information lead to get capture of osama bin laden. the white house says it welcomes this report. >> we believe as much of this story should be told so the american people can have a clear assessment of what exactly happened. >> the report includes what are described as painful details of the cia program. the cia says that it's stopped these enhanced interrogation techniques in 2006. lauren. >> susan mcginnis in washington, susan, thank you. this morning, a powerful coastal storm is moving up the east coast with flood-producing rain, snow and damaging winds. meteorologist megan glaros of our chicago station wbbm is following the storm and says whether you get heavy rain or significant snow depends on where you are. >> we're lookig at a double-edged sword with this system. 2 to 3 inches of rain along the coast, coastal flooding and gusty wind up to 60 miles and very heavy, dense wet snow, potentially as much as 6 to 12 inches of snow from pennsylvania
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to maine. >> another weather system produced some snow in green bay, wisconsin, but it has already started to melt. more grand jury documents have the michael brown case have been released. brown was the 18-year-old fatally shot by ferguson, month, policeman darren wilson. evidence indicated blood was cleaned from wilson's gun before ballistics test. a federal autopsy showed that brown had a hand wound. wilson said the gun went off as he and brown fought through an open car window. and the testimony of brown's friend dorian johnson was not released. johnson, an eyewitness, maintains wilson provoked the violence. demonstrators protested the decision not to indict darren wilson another police officer. an interstate was shut down as well as a local train station. christin ayers of our san
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francisco affiliate ktix reports. >> reporter: protesters lock arms blocking interstate 80 on bay bridge preparing to march on the bay bridge on the third day of protests that have spanned across the city of berkley. officers were quick to respond blocking off a foot bridge over the freeway. for a brief moment, our cameras were caught between the skirmish lines and the protesters. officers using their batons to fight hundreds of protesters back a short distance away. the point where protesters tried to walk on the freeway, they actually stopped several amtrak trains from moving. and going directly on the tracks here, they're putting their hands up and standing in the way of the train continuing here. as officers in riot gear blocked the freeway on-ramp, we
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watched as one tried to drive on and officers drew their guns. there were discussions how to handle this protest. this time around, protesters staged peaceful sit-ins outside the berkley police department to the chagrin of some who wanted to do more. >> we support this peacefully, peacefully. and let some police know how they stand. >> reporter: for cbs news, christin ayers, berkley, california. nba stars lebron james and other players made their own statement last night. they wore "i can't breathe" t-shirts during the warmup before the cavaliers game in brooklyn against the nets. it was in support of eric garner who died after a new york city police officer used a choke hold on him in july. james said it was a message to garner's family. he said, quote, i'm sorry for their loss, sorry to his wife. that's what it's about. and outside the barclays center
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arena, more than 200 protesters gathered last night, they chanted "i can't breathe" and "hands up, don't shoot." they staged a die-in to where the duke and duchess went. today is another busy day for the royal visitors after their had whirlwind activities monday. prince william and his wife kate will visit the september 11th memorial today. don champion is in lower manhattan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. the royal couple's visit here will be a symbolic one. the united kingdom lost more citizens here on 9/11 than any other foreign country. it it won't be the only stop here today. it's been already been a past trip to america. >> announcer: let's please give them a warm welcome. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge held court courtside at monday night's brooklyn nets and cleveland cavaliers game. the royal couple was on hand to
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celebrate their new partnership with the nba to highlight their conservation. fans couldn't be more excited. >> we just love the royal family. they're great kids. we want to support them. >> reporter: the sisters have been royal watchers since children. >> we just wanted to see them in person. it's sort of like a once in a lifetime -- >> reporter: music royalty turned out to meet british royalty, beyonce and jay z mingled with will and kate. and so did basketball royalty. lebron james presented the couple with jerseys. today's agenda brings the royal couple here to lower manhattan where they will visit the memorial and museum. 67 british citizens were among those killed on 9/11. this evening, the royals attend a black tie memorial for their alma mater st. andrew's. >> they used ooze niceness. both of them. >> reporter: and whenever they go, adoring fans are sure to follow. and the royals also attended a reception held by the clinton
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foundation last night. the first family was among those in the crowd there. tonight, the royals will encounter more a-listers. and actor tom hanks will be among those attending the couple's black tie fund-raiser. lauren. >> don champion here in new york. thank you. coming up on the "morning news," fire investigation, foul play is possible in huge fires in los angeles. and later, president obama steps into the role of host as he takes over "the colbert report." this is the "cbs morning news." bert report." this is the "cbs morning news." i kept on top of things. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed, moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away
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in los angeles, the massive fire that destroyed an apartment building under construction has been intentionally set. fire officials say arson is suspected. they estimate the damage at $10 million. the heat from yesterday's fire burst windows in three nearby buildings. more than 250 firefighters battled the fire. parts of two major highways were shut down as burning debris fell into traffic lanes and the backup stretched for miles. a separate fire heavily damaged a building a couple miles away. federal investigators are on the scene this morning of the deadly crash of a small private jet in maryland. the plane slammed into a home yesterday in the gaithersburg, killing a woman and her two young sons. fire crews found their remains in a second floor bathroom. three aboard the plane died. the fuselage of the jet crash
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into the front lawn of an adjacent home and three houses were heavily damaged by the fire. jeff pegues reports. >> reporter: the private jet crashed shortly before 11:00 on monday morning, igniting small explosions and a fire. three homes were damaged. mateo nunez tried to help. >> got in one section, and we got out. and they were screaming, there's people inside. so we tried to get near the house. there's no way, it was like a wall of heat. >> reporter: the 500 and the knee form 100 similar to this plane, was coming into a landing at montgomery park near gaithersburg, maryland. they warned a bird could knock out an engine. >> watch out for birds. >> reporter: pilots then saw the jet crash short of the runway. >> hey, guys, i think that phenom came up short. >> what?
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>> oh [ bleep ]. >> we got a phenom crash at the end of the runway. call emergency services. >> reporter: ntsb investigators have recovered the plane's flight recorders. we learned one of the victims on the plane was dr. michael rosenberger, the president and ceo of a medical research firm. jeff pegues, cbs news, in gaithersburg, maryland. the university of virginia is refusing to reinstate greek fraternity and sorority activities. school officials say the ban will stay in effect while it explores its policies following a "rolling stone" magazine story following an alleged gang rape at one fraternity house. the magazine said it made mistakes in its reporting. that led greek organizations around the country to call on the universities to lift the suspension. just ahead -- in-flight improvement. we'll see how one company is investing big money to make your next trip a lot more pleasant.
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here's aook here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch" an alert for honda drivers and a major upgrade for american airlines. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, lauren. honda announced this morning that it is expanding its recall of cars potentially filed with air bags. with cars and trucks worldwide. honda previously added 2.5 million cars in the united states to its recall list and expanded the driver's side air bag recall nationwide. the air bags have linked to five deaths. the city of portland, oregon
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is suing to stop the online car service uber. portland wants uber to stop operating until it following local operations. uber started operations on friday without permission from city officials. uber said it's trying to modernize portland's transportation regulations. here on wall street, stocks opened lower. stocks fell on news of lower oil prices and weak trade figures from china. the dow lost 106 points. the s&p fell 15. and the nasdaq finished 40 points lower. and american airlines says it's spending $2 billion to upgrade its planes and airport lounges. the upgrades include lie backseats, more entertainment offerings and renovated lounges. lauren. when we return, staying up late with president obama. the president stops by "the colbert report" and takes over the monologue. takes over
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night.. as protestors took the freeway. and there are already more demonstrations planned. and cell phone video shows taking down a fan at levi's stadium.. while onlookers b them to stop. but police te us.. there's more to the st. officials have new evidencen the murder of a young bay aa football player.. and lawyers say it's enough to e the teenage suspect in the , didn't do it. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in sports, an offensive explosion on "monday night football." the green bay packers looking to keep their perfect home record an active season. aaron rodgers and company scoring early and often against atlanta. green bay got a 31-7 lead at halftime. atlanta gets to within six points of green bay, but the packers hold on to win 43 to 37. the commander in chief goes toe to toe with late night tv. stephen colbert welcoming president obama to the comedy show "the colbert report" last
4:22 am
night before the interview started the president took over as host. and kobe bear's political monologue that took plenty of jabs at himself. >> i stephen colbert have never cared for our president. [ laughter ] >> the guy is so arrogant -- [ laughter ] >> -- i bet he talks about himself in the third person. [ laughter ] remember the original website, i think that's where disney got the idea for "frozen." [ laughter ] >> the laugh it's continued when colbert finally got to talk with the commander in chief. >> i'll give it to you, you have employed a lot of people, mostly as secretary of defense. >> you have the nuclear launch codes, right? >> yes. >> i'm not going to ask for them. >> good. >> can you tell me is there a 5 in there? >> no. >> the colbert report is in its
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anti an emotional night for nba star john wall. the washington wizards scored this final ten points in overtime. he beat the boston celtics 133-132. but during a postgame interview, wall revealed a 6-year-old girl he befriended this year lost her fight with cancer. >> this is for miyah. it's just tough, man. still a kid, fight so hard for cancer and can't beat it. it's tough. >> i was talking to you before the game and you're never like this. she really touched your heart, didn't she?
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>> wall and miyah telemaque-nelson became friends back in march. she started a social media campaign that put the little girl together with nicki minaj. a moment of silence in her memory before the game. to southern california, experts say a major earthquake is inevitable. so after a lengthy review, the mayor of los angeles on monday posed the most ambitious safety program in history. ben tracy takes a look. >> reporter: a year-long study found the city of los angeles has been complacent and is not ready for a massive earthquake. los angeles mayor eric garcia. >> if the big one hits we'll be ready. >> reporter: the report recommendations include mandatory retrofitting. or strengthening of older concrete buildings and soft
4:27 am
first story structure us like parking garages. of the roughly 1.1 million structures here in los angeles, the report shows that more than 60,000 may require retrofitting. the cost of retrofitting will be the responsibility of building owners answer will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. >> everybody has got to pay some. it's the price of their life. >> reporter: dr. lucy jones is a seismologist with the u.s. geological survey. and the city's lead adviser. >> it's not the earthquake per se. it's our infrastructure and our buildings. and they can be built to the standards, they haven't been. >> reporter: other recommendations includes securing the city's water supply with the earthquake resistant pipes. the last major earthquake to strike the l.a. area was in 1994. the 6.7 magnitude quake killed 57 people and cost billions. scientists warn a future quake along the san andreas fault could be 40 times stronger. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles.
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coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on today's release of the report on the cia's use of torture. we'll get the latest from capitol hill. plus, a former member of the hacker group anonymous talks to charlie in his first television interview. and we'll mark 50 years of rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. that's it for the "cbs morning news." for this tuesday. i'm lauren lyster, have a great day. "cbs morning news." i'm lauren lyster, have a great day. ,,,,
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d i'm frank mallic good morning everyone, it is tuesday, december 9. . i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is -- well it's around 4:30
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right? >> around 4:30. >> on a tuesday, food to have you on -- good to have you on board and a little traffic and weather and the calm before the big storm i guess? >> she was asking how do you prepare for this? we are in for one of the biggest storms in the last decade. all the computer models are in complete agreement out the door right now all we have to do is a little bit of patchy fog. not like yesterday at this hour but nevertheless another mild day unseasonably mild with highs in the 60s. and mostly just your overnight road work right now and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. north of the span between spencer and the north tower you'll find various lanes blocked in both directions. and if you guys see any fog this morning? a little fog -- on the bay bridge and stuff hike that. >> not nearly as bad as yesterday. not in the inland areas at least. >> bay bridge hit a little bit. watch out for that. otherwise all clear so far. >> very good. >> yeah. >> all right liz. interstate 680 is open at al um rock avenue in san jose


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