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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> we haven't seen this much damage from a storm in years. tonight, roofs collapse, roads and freeways completely flooded. giant trees knocked over. so much water you could kayak through a parking lot.
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and tonight, this monster storm isn't over yet. >> in some ports of the bay area, it has been raining now for 24 hours straight. >> san francisco and san jose, this is one of the wettest days ever. we is a team of reporters covering this storm tonight. but first let's get to meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center. >> the soaking rain continues in the south bay for about the 13th consecutive hour. and in san jose today, is the wettest day in 52 years. and it is still pouring right now. kpix5 high-def doppler shows a plume of moisture all the way from hawaii suspended over the air of the bay area and it has poured all day long and will continue to. the red is the soaking rainfall. milpitas. san jose. sunnyvale. san mateo letting up a little bit. still light to moderate rain for san francisco, richmond, vallejo. the north bay, concord,
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pleasant him. walnut creek. let's talk numbers here. we are experiencing the 12th wettest day in san francisco history. it has rained more than three inches today and a pretty good chance we will crack the top ten by midnight. in san jose, the last time it rained this much was october 13, 1962. we are probably going to beat that. by midnight, i would say it is the wettest day since 1958. the flood advisory is still in effect until a little after midnight tonight. the steady rainfall will cause street flooding. everything that is falling is becoming runoff. one of the wettest days in half a century. we will talk about the seven day coming up. >> thanks paul. a close call tonight in san jose. the refought this safeway just couldn't handle all the rain. the store is at capital express way. betty yu is on the scene.
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>> reporter: firefighters are concerned that it will collapse. there is already a hole in the ceiling behind me. it is still raining pretty hard. it is also raining inside the store and on the saturated roof. safeway looked more like an open air market. rain pounded the east san jose store for hours. the opening is 50 feet wide. it created a 75-foot long crack in the roof and turned the floors into a slushy mess. when the call came in, they ordered an evacuation. as a precaution the search and rescue team looked for victims. no one was trapped. >> we are lucky no one was hit. safety first on the scene. and people walking by is our concern. that is why we have the whole parking lot taped off. >> reporter: firefighters climbed up to the roof to to
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inperfect the damage in the rain. structural engineers were called to the scene to take a closer look. now, it is too dark and too dangerous for crews to do much else. it is too dangerous to try to cover up the opening. rain is going to wreck that storeover night. there was one minor injury. one person was treated here on the scene, but did not go to the hospital. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. >> on the peninsula, all lanes of highway 101 in redwood city are closed at wood side road. the freeway is flooded. the chp is not sure when it will reopen. firefighters evacuated dozens of people in a trailer park off bay shore road. chris filipe sent us this cell phone video. water levels poured four feet deep. quite a bit of flooding in the
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oakland and berkeley areas. christin ayers gives us a look. >> reporter: the wind and rain damage hopscotched across the east bay. cars remain submerged for hours. crews pumping water in near futility as rain fell rerentlessly. officers cut through a tree draped across the 98th avenue onramp. but nowhere did the damage hit closer to home than for the silvain family in oakland hills. >> you heard a pop. and you heard cracking and you finally heard the crash. >> reporter: the crash of a retaining wall they say the previous owners illegally built on the property. the family had an appointment with an engineer to come look at the wall tomorrow, but around noon today. >> it went this way. >> reporter: not only did the store leave the retaining wall cracked in half and uprooted, it had a dangerous domino
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effect on the house next door. >> i'm very concerned. they are saying the weather will get a little worse. so i'm hoping no more damage happens. i hope no more sliding. >> reporter: the neighbor is okay although her house has been yellow tagged. but the family is still waiting to hear from their insurance company and they worry the rain could make matters worse. >> we are happy nobody got hurt and we are remorseful for our next door neighbor. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. whether you were flying, driving, taking bart, didn't matter. it was a mess today. looks like a river, but, that's highway 17. santa cruz mountains completely swamped. same story in south san francisco. highway 101 flooded. cars managed to squeak through that two feet of water. even bart had issue. the san bruno nation had to be closed for two hours because of all the water on the floor and the trackway and the delays are finally clearing up tonight at sfo, but not before airlines
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canceled 250 flights. what could be worse? sfo restaurants are not serving any food today or tomorrow. a thousand food workers are on strike. and more school closures tomorrow. not as widespread as today. but many schools sonoma, marin, and napa counties will be closed again tomorrow. we are updating the list of closures on the bottom of your screen, andria borba is in novato where the rain keeps coming down. >> reporter: liz, we are going on 24 hours straight of rain here. the concern is once again flooding tomorrow and school districts unwilling to put those buses on the road and put their students in danger. with the rain still as noisy as marbles bounces off tile in marin county and garden seating now lake side seating, the students of novato are getting another gift from the weather gods. no classes again tomorrow. and an extra reprieve from that
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prewinter break bummer, tests. >> spelling, and math. and that's all. >> a math test and spanish test. >> and so you have like four extra days to study. >> yeah. yeah. >> have you studied at all? >> uh, no. [ laughter ] i haven't. >> reporter: that won't be happening tomorrow either. after a mexican dinner with mom and dad, these boys are off to shred boreal. mother nature has passed the test. >> the best storm ever. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now the schools in marin county are expected to reopen on monday. live in novato, andria borba, kpix5. >> yeah, people all over the bay area lost power as well. at one point today, 150,000 pg&e customers were in the dark. winds were the big problem. these arcing power lines in petaluma. here are the latest numbers as we know it.
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the majority of people without power are in san francisco, but there are scattered outages all over the bay area. sharon chin has been talking to the powerless. sharon? >> reporter: this evening darkness covered union scare and portions of grant, gary. mark and stephanie lowrie came from southern california. >> we brought flashlights so we are ready. >> reporter: pg&e crews worked to tremendous store power at stockton and post streets with this morning's storm knocking down underground equipment. 85,000 customers lost power in san francisco from downtown to lake bruset. the utility has hired repair crews from oregon, washington, and southern california. more than 100 businesses on pier 39 intent the morning without electricity. the fog harbor fish house scrambled to open for dinner. >> it is challenging to bring people into the restaurant if you can't cook. so it is just an absolute
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waiting game. >> reporter: the outage hit if financial district hard closing bart's montgomery station for hours and paralyzing some muni trolleys but for those inconvenienced today, there is always tomorrow. sharon chin, kpix5. well some people in hillsburg decided to have a little fun for the rain. >> instead of just shopping at safeway, they kayaked there. tubed, even managed to wait for it a little bit. a drain clog during the storm caused a parking lot to flood over. a big swimming pool. the water got pretty deep. word spread around town about the new makeshift lake. >> we saw pictures our friends posted. we came down earlier and it was really coming downment we ran home and changed and brought the kayak and now we are going to go kayaking so why not? >> a lot of people had the same idea. they fished out their summer lake gear and headed to the shores of safeway. unbelievable. storm washes away one of the
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most popular tourist spots in the bay area leaving our crew stranded. >> and a blizzard warning in the sierra. it could have quite an impact on our drought.
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the water was moving so fast actually pushed this van backward. that van alm >> take a look at this. looks like a game of bumper cars in daly city. that van almost hit a parked car behind it. and how would you like to open your door and see this? an entire neighborhood flooded at capitoga. and the russian river is expected to flood. everyone who lives near it is told to get ready. that includes people and around rio nido and guerneville.
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in less than 24 hours, the river has gone up 20 feet and it is still rising. joe vasquez is along the river in guerneville and joe, it kind of looks like you are standing in the river. >> reporter: well, looks a little bit like that doesn't it? the water came down fast and overwhelmed this particular area. it is prone to flooding. that is why these homes are on stilts. when you talk about guerneville, you talk about one of the usual suspects in bay area flooding. >> this particular storm we had dumped a lot of water really fast. >> reporter: and that rainwater overwhelmed several nearby creeks and tributaries. the water rose quickly. a woman named star snapped these pictures. you can see how cars got stuck. these two paramedics had to weigh in to give treatment to a neighbor. >> i think mother nature is so powerful and awesome.
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no matter how kind of difficult it is, we really do need the rain. i just didn't think it would happen all at once. >> reporter: even the family's pets got into the action. one dog is desperate for a walk. the other one? he's comfortable enough to just go for a swim. and we are back live up on street level. this is the russian river. it has not yet crested. that means it is headed toward a flood that should happen some time after noon. it will go a couple more feet before it is finally finished. that should happen some time midday tomorrow. reporting live, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. the wind and the rain did a number on the coast as well. highway one in marin county took a beating today. it is scrum crumbling away. mark kelly saw it for himself. mark? >> reporter: quick, take a look
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at the picture the chp tweeted out. truly amazing. you can see highway one there between mill valley and muir woods. the road just completely starting to give away. we saw so much rain here today in marin county, highway 1 surrounderred. the steady drum beat of rain hitting marin county proved too much for highway one. this tapically scenic stretch closed at this hour. caltrans put up warning signs for drivers to beware and turn back. some listened. others did not. closed roads had drivers confused and stuck. the terrain here tricky to drive and never ending. from mill valley to muir woods an stinson beach, rocks and water took over highway 1. so it is not a place you want to be tonight. if you need help with flooding in san rafael, we are here at third and union street.
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we have sandbags out. >> so mark, i understand that you and your photographer got stuck between what, crumbling roads right? tonight? >> reporter: well ken, we had an interesting day today. we were trying to head back toward sausalito on highway 1. just 30 minutes after we were driving on that road, that road was closed. caltrans crews were putting the signs up. we were among the drivers that were confused as far as what to do next and where to go. turn out we had to drive all the way back up highway 1. we came down sir francis drake. that is how we got here to san rafael. sir francis drake now looking pretty good. if you have to take that, you will be all right. >> the long way around considering the option. that 30 minutes made a huge difference in your night tonight different it? >> reporter: sure did. it was a long drive, but we made it. >> thank you very much mark. meanwhile, in petaluma, a driver got stuck in this flooded area of industrial drive. she got out okay, but the fire
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department got word the waters stranded dozens of people at a nearby auto mall. so crews switched from rescue mode to evacuation mode. >> we have specialty four-wheel drive vehicles. municipal city vehicles and marine water based evacuation. >> ten people were evacuated. 30 others decided to wait out the storm. well, it is very slow going in the sierra tonight where the snow keeps oncoming. >> this is what drivers are facing on i-80 as they head up donor summit. for those who tried it, they have encountered wreck after wreck after wreck. it is so bad. even the caltrans plows have had to sit back and wait. one guy is stuck and he has a long drive ahead of him. >> i just want to get home. i'm headed to idaho. i got on winter break from school. i was planning on getting home today. by the time it will be 2:00
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tomorrow morning. >> wow, there is a blizzard warning tonight in the sierra nevada. by the time the storm is done, there could be three feet of new snow in the mountains. when was the last time you saw this? it was windy enough to churn up waves big enough to surf at lake tahoe. surfing, at lake tahoe! that is exactly what some people did. they made sure they had wet suits on because that water is very, very cold. so whose idea was this rain thing again? we had the drought thing. and then the rain, rain, please rain. please, we need rain. >> you don't know. they said are we getting a ton of rainfall? yes, we are getting a ton of rainfall. >> no talking for another year. >> a lot of folks mentioned on facebook and twitter they have never experienced that. they could have lived here 60 years, an entire day from start to finish where the rain does not stop. that was you in the north bay. didn't stop all lay dong. in the south bay, it began
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right before lunchtime, didn't stop for you. san jose, this is your wettest day in 52 years. back in 1962, you got about three-and-a-half inches of rain. we are enroaching on that now as we come up on midnight. it is just pouring outside. here's the thing. we finally begin to see some movement where this plume of tropical moisture originating south of hawaii is pushing off to the east. but it is a very slow process. it may be raining steadily in your house until 3:00 in the morning. we are back at 4:00 this morning. danville, all the way to the i- 5 corridor. i will zoom in on san jose. look at the yellow, the orange, and the red. it is still a steady rainfall from sunnyvale and palo alto. campbell, down to morgan hill. very, very wet. just about all of the east bay and south bay has received at least three inches of rain. redwood city, more than four.
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oakland, three-and-a-half. walnut creek, three inches of rain. petaluma, five inches of rain. snow in the sierra. the blizzard warning continues up to 36 inches of new snow above 7,000 feet. really interesting process that created this today. we knew there could be a front and strong winds and that we would get a lot of rainfall. here is what we did not know. that the storm would move due north and just parallel the coastline almost taking this band of moisture and stretching it out like a rubber band rather than shoving it out of here. it ken the moisture plume going. we live in that spot. it has been a steady soaking tropical rainfall all day long and it will be well after midnight. it will push out of 4:00 in the morning. behind it, unsteady air. showers around. need a break? need to clean up the yard? the weekend. high pressure will be building in saturday and sunday. both trending mainly dry. the rain, steady soaking rainfall finely tapers off tonight. showers around tomorrow, but the weekend will be mainly dry.
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high temperatures tomorrow, upper 50s . vallejo, livermore. san jose, 60 and santa rosa, 57 degrees. we are sunny saturday. we will be partly sunny, still dry sunday. more rain coming up. another inch of rainfall monday and tuesday before we dry out on wednesday and thursday. so ken? it is raining. >> not saying anything about that. [ laughter ] >> we need it. we need it. >> we do. and hopefully, lit make an impact on the drought. >> this is another 10 detective off the drought. 20% gone in two weeks. amazing. >> good work. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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toni >> we call it rain. on social media, it is hash tag hellastorm. i can see why. >> it was raining buckets. viewer ronald sent us this photo. and this suv got stuck in a bad spot in sonoma county in the
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russian river valley. ouch. >> on a lighter note after spotting this bus swimming in san francisco, roberto baldwin said time for google to bring that barge idea back. >> notice anything strange here? somebody brought a patio table umbrella onto muni and somebody changed this sign, center road and sutro avenue in novato, take a look. well, we can't say that on tv, but you get the look. is it too late nor the 49ers offense? the post season took another hit tonight. so did the cardinals quarterbacks next. ,,,,,,,,
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the post-season, it will "h to be via the wild card.. >> the 49ers were officially eliminated from the nfc west. if they make the post season, it has to be from the wild card. bruce arians cardinals. the cardinals turned to their fourth quarterback of the year.
11:30 pm
ryan linley finished the drive to michael floyd. that got into field goal range and chandler kicked one of his four field goals in the game. no touches were scored. arizona wins 12-6. 49ers vernon davis went into the witness protection program. has not scored since week one. >> i look at myself as a play maker. i just ... not just someone who is blocking, i enjoy it. i enjoy it. i would love to be involved a little bit more. i would love that. that would be amazing. >> four nfl receiver keyshon johnson. sounds like publisher might have a new cover boy. but listens to the 49ers offensive coordinators doesn't sound like there is going to be any change. >> he has had some tough duty as far as blocking goes. that is some important stuff. that is really important stuff. when you get down to it. >> thank you. the 49ers will have a chance to
11:31 pm
get some revenge after richard sherman and russell wilson ate turkey on the san francisco logo for thanksgiving. nbc was blamed for turkey glen gate. >> i think they set it up for us to set wherever. you go where everybody directs you. i think ultimately, we have tons of respect for who the 49ers are. a little hockey for you. sharks alex stalock trying to become the first minnesota native to beat the wild. scoreless game. 18 saves for stalock. jumbo joe. joe pavelski who scores a one- timer. sharks win 2-1. that is their fifth straight victory at the tank. san jose starting to heat up. more storm coverage straight ahead. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we are going to have the latest storm updates tomorrow
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morning at 4:00 a.m. >> when will this shut down? >> it is moving east, but it will be a couple of hours before it stops. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the world headquarters of cbs television, throughout the solar system and beyond, it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. now with the clarity of a roaring shock, david letterman! (cheers and applause) ♪ captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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