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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 31, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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use extra caution. >> reporter: but he says officers doubling up for their own protection is a smart move as this new year's threat lingers. >> taking the right action to protect our officers on the street who are out there trying to protect our citizens. >> reporter: although this threat is nationwide, there was one tip that gang leaders in prisons within california were actually ordering the assassinations of police officers within the state. but we reached out to the department of correction. they say they investigated that tonight and found no credible threat. live in san jose, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the numbers don't lie. there is a downside to doubling up on police officers. that will mean about half as many patrol cars on the streets tonight. the other big story the bay area put on notice: a freeze warning posted as temperatures are about to drop just in time for the new year. this is the embarcadero in san francisco. thousands of people will gather
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to watch the fireworks show there. you can count on it being coped. earlier today in san francisco the sun was out but so were coats, hats and gloves. runners braved the weather bundled up. in san jose thousands were in the cold last night. they had no power. wind toppled a tree taking down eight power poles on silver creek road. neighbors say their homes were freezing! for much of the night. >> and we heard a big boom. and my kids went out and checked and the post was down and we had no power until almost midnight last night. >> we we have no power or heat. >> power is still out for more than 3,000 customers. our team is keeping an eye on this cold windy weather. first, ryan takeo has the clean- up across the bay. >> reporter: liz, we are bundling up getting ready for tonight's fireworks show here on the embarcadero. but most of today was spent cleaning up from last night's dangerous winds.
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>> it was crazy. >> reporter: winds brought down trees on el camino real in burlingame, one on a house causing damage and a headache. >> heard a snap, power got cut, looked outside and tree was down. >> reporter: the wind caused about 40 trees and limbs to fall in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. this tree crashed into an empty car. and it was quite a clean-up at the alameda golf course after uprooted trees came crashing down. if you didn't have to clear up debris, you had a chance to see crystal clear skylines. it was picture-perfect. sure, it looked great. but it didn't feel great. >> it is pretty windy and more than we expected. >> reporter: nick points out it still feels like vacation. you see, he is from the midwest. >> compared to negative weather over in minnesota, this is nice. >> weight it down with rocks. >> reporter: to keep plants
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nice after overnight frost the manager of this nursery says cover succulents because they are susceptible to cold. >> then he gave a tip macgyver would be proud of. >> put christmas lights around them. >> reporter: christmas lights. that was cool. every degree of warmth helps so the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd here at the embarcadero should help, too. normally about 200,000 people come here to enjoy this fireworks show that starts at midnight. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. brian hackney has the frigid temperatures tonight. brian. >> it's not like we are going to be near record lows. we are about five degrees below average for this time of the year. and so you need to take certain precautions which are very clear by now. you know the pets and the plants. but you can also have fun with this stuff like in walnut creek. you can go ice skating. this is the ice rink in walnut creek so think cold and have
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fun. with the temperatures out there, perhaps we'll pan over and get a look at the kpix 5 mobile weather van and check out the reading now. or perhaps that will just take too long. [ laughter ] >> cold weather alert midnight to 9 a.m. thursday morning. freeze warning inland. a frost advisory bayside. overnight lows in the mid-50s and 30s just to draw a bead on where the temperatures are going to be in santa rosa. bayside 20s and 30s. 29 at livermore. 33 in fremont. just by comparison i remember back in december of 1990, the temperatures got down to 14 degrees in novato. so this is a long way away from being the coldest weather we have ever seen. it will be plenty cold. we'll have the rest of the forecast coming up. parts of southern california getting hit hard with the winter weather. two people died on catalina island after high winds caused several boats to break loose
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last night. authorities say one of those boats crushed a harbor patrol officer on a rock. another man was found floating in the water later died at the hospital. snow and ice fell on the mountains of san bernardino county stranding hundreds of drivers. as many as 200 cars had to be towed and 130 people rescued from the winter weather along highway 138. temperatures are expected to drop below 20 degrees again tonight. and they could see up to a foot of new snow. meanwhile, in riverside county, lake elsinore saw a thin blanket of snow something pretty unusual for that area. snow fell at low elevations, the san gabriels, as well. people are not used to snow in these parts and they were clearing snow off the roofs of their cars with brooms. four people were hurt when a freak blast of wind ripped through the rose bowl fanfest in pasadena. whoa! look out!
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a witness shot this video just outside the stadium this afternoon. people ran for cover as those pop-up tents broke loose, blew into the air, debris circled overhead. national weather service is saying it wasn't a tornado. it's likely a dust devil that spun off from the cold storm moving through. all the injuries were minor. >> that's windy weather. it may have led to a fire that destroyed a san jose apartment early this morning. strong winds knocked out power to a neighborhood on seven trees boulevard. a man lit several candles in his apartment for light. he went outside to cut up a tree that had toppled over in the street and when he returned to his apartment, his christmas tree was on fire. >> he had animals running free in the apartment so it's possible that one of the animals knocked the candle over or something like that. but we don't know at this point what the cause of the fire was. >> neighbors helped the man put out most of the fire before firefighters arrived. two people were displaced and one other person was treated
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for smoke inhalation. police think they have caught the serial arsonist who has been torching cars in san jose. officers made an arrest overnight just hours after three cars caught fire near the campbell border. they haven't released a name, but they say the suspect could be linked to as many as 8 recent car fires in the area. no one has been hurt in any of the fires. in other bay area headlines, an historic sausage factory in san francisco's bayview district has been damaged by fire. evergood fine foods has been on underwood avenue in the bayview since 1966. but it was founded in the mission district in the 1920s, believe it or not. the building suffered smoke and water damage from a two-alarm fire just before noon. nobody was hurt. union city police have released new surveillance photos of a man they say videotaped women in a bathroom at a walmart. police say the suspect hid in a stall for about 10 minutes on december 16th before a woman saw what he was doing. the man is about 45 years old.
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he is 6'4", a tall guy, and he has curly salt and pepper colored hair. an online memorial fund for an assistant principal killed in a cycling accident is growing. in the first 24 hours, friends and supporters raised $50,000. herman shum taught at saint mary's college high school in berkeley. he died on saturday while on a ride near san ramon. a new obstacle in the search for victims and the black boxes in the crash in fact airasia plane. why work has stalled in the waters off borneo. >> and the new numbers on rising rent in san francisco. we are going to show you the pricy neighborhoods where prices have finally leveled off. >> and what to do for the animals who have to take care of themselves in these bitter temperatures? how bay area zookeepers are helping them out. cer: get caught buzzed driving,
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and you could do some hard time. woman: craig. knock it off! sorry, mom. announcer: it could cost you around $10,000 in fines legal fees, and increased insurance rates and that could set you back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. video just coming in of a
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new year's tragedy in shanghai, china. 35 people have been killed in a stampede at a celebration along the popular riverfront area, which was jammed with thousands of people who had come to see the fireworks. police are still not sure what caused the panic that broke out minutes before midnight. high winds heavy seas are getting in the way of searching for victims of air asia flight 8501. so far, 7 bodies have been recovered. victims are being brought in numbered coffins at the same indonesian air flight where flight 8501 took off. the wreckage found so far suggests the plane hit the water relatively intact. crews believe they have found the plane's main fuselage on the bottom of the java sea. >> so yesterday we had 13 sectors in the sea, air and land in the specified coordinates one of the searching aircraft finding the debris and also the bodies. >> investigators hope to learn more when searchers can locate
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the plane's voice and data recorders. the family members of the 162 people who died are being given regular updates. the last group of rescued passengers aboard a ferry that caught fire in the adriatic sea have reached land today. the ship carrying the last 39 survivors from the greek ferry were taken to italy. several were injured and carried away on stretchers. at least 11 people died when the fire broke out on sunday. and we are getting a first look at what it was like on board when the flames spread. a black cloud of smoke billowed from the ferry while passengers waited to be rescued. more than 400 people were on board. 98 are still missing. a flight out of sfo had to make a sudden stop after a passenger went into labor. delta flight 2566 was on the way to minneapolis this morning when it made an emergency landing in salt lake city. the woman aboard was taken to the hospital where she gave birth a short time later.
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the plane then continued on to minneapolis. the highway patrol is still trying it figure out how a late model tesla ended up at the bottom of a cliff near jenner. it apparently ran off highway 1 near mile marker 27 sometime before yesterday morning. the body of the 67-year-old victim of san rafael was found behind the wheel. the wreck was not spotted until 8 a.m. yesterday. it was at the bottom of a 300- foot cliff. the numbers rise as the temperatures go down. how new york city police will keep an eye on more than a million people tonight. >> gas prices not seen since the reagan years. how some texans are taking advantage of 89 cents a gallon.
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francisco renters... costs are skyrocketing in some ne 's da no relief in the new year for san francisco renters. costs are skyrocketing in some neighborhoods. kpix 5's da lin runs the numbers. reporter: it sure is beautiful but living in the city keeps getting more expensive. compared to just the beginning of this year the department listing service reports san francisco rents have gone up 13.5%. that means on average a one- bedroom apartment down there now goes for $3,350. come take a drive with me. i want to show you which neighborhoods have really gone up.
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[ engine starts >> reporter: noe valley has the biggest increase in the city a whopping 29%, not too far away in the mission district it went up 20%. there are some price drops. you drive a few miles over to nob hill, rents have gone down in the district about 6% lower here in nob hill next door to russian hill, down 4%. rental experts say they have maxed out. traditionally these neighborhoods are the most expensive in the city. they have peaked. now they're coming back down slightly. but don't expect things to get easier. they believe rent also continue to climb in 2015. so instead of just one roommate, they have to start looking for an extra roommate. in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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>> a key factor in driving up rents in the popular south of market area, new construction is drawing young tech workers closer to their offices. cities around the world have been ringing in the new year all day long. this was the scene in new zealand. 14 hours ago -- don't look, you'll spoil it -- oh, yeah. as fireworks flew from the sky tower to welcome 2015. two hours later, more than a million people gathered along the sydney harbor to do the same thing. other big displays are still to come including, of course, in new york's times square. cbs reporter kris van cleave is there tonight for the party of the year. kris, first of all, there are two things you're going to tell me about. how cold it is and how many people are there already. >> reporter: well, on paper it's like 30 degrees, ken. it feels closer to 19. it is very cold out there. and the number of people somewhere around a million who are bundled up. they are having a good time. they have been enjoying music but they were also met with
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very tight security. ♪[ music ]♪ reporter: the country's biggest block party began with the raising of the waterford crystal ball. >> pretty cool thing to see. >> it was awesome. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the crowd in new york city's times square started growing early on new year's eve. people filled the streets, some arriving soon after dawn to secure the perfect spot. for this new jersey mother and daughter, it's an item often their bucket list. >> this is just so exciting because it's the energy, it's awesome. so really can't wait. >> reporter: police say times square is now full to capacity. that's about a million people waiting to see the ball drop. and hopefully, they dress warmly because the temperature out here feels like 19 degrees. >> my legs are frozen, so is my feet. >> reporter: while police say there are no specific threats against the new year's celebration, security is high. visitors are screened with both metal and radiation detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs are on patrol. at the joint operations center
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in downtown manhattan, teams monitor hundreds of live cameras for any sign of trouble. >> we do have thousands of cops, times square is going to be a very safe place to be tonight. >> reporter: as the ball drops, along with the temperature, more than a billion people are expected to tune in from around the world. and ken, we were just talking about that million people. many of then have been here 12 hours at this point maybe longer. they weren't allowed to bring in backpacks or big bags so they are just wearing whatever they could bring in with them, blankets, many layers to keep warm. there are no food vendors or bathrooms. we are live in new york city tonight. kris van cleave, kpix 5. >> there will be a lot of dancing then. tomorrow's rose parade in pasadena could be one of the coldest in history. temperatures are expected to be around freezing. last time it was that cold in pasadena, 1952. we'll have to ask hackney to confirm that. [ laughter ] >> but the weather is not discouraging people determined
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to get a front row seat. the brave are already bundled up camped out along colorado boulevard. back here, santa clara county's largest shelter is gearing up to help the homeless get out of the cold. ba accardo center has hooded an extra 100 sleeping mats and cots. the head count is rising sharply. it was 221 monday night and 274 last night. bay area zoos are also making special efforts to protect the animals during the cold snap. heat lamps and other special measures at the oakland zoo keep animals warm especially the reptiles. animal keeper says the gas & electric bills soar this time of the year. and a reminder there are plenty of ways to get home safely tonight. caltrain, you can take vta, muni, they are all offering free rides and extended service. use it. use your head. bart running trains until 3 a.m.
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no free rides. cabs are fighting uber surge pricing with $10 flat fares for regular cabs when riders use the flywheel app. >> lots of opportunities for somebody else to take you home get you home safely. >> you know colorado boulevard in pasadena. that's where the little old lady use to cruise. >> she has a coat and fur hat on. >> and who sang that song, mr. bastida? >> originally i think jan an dean. >> low 50s is freezing for pasadena in late december. okay! [ laughter ] >> so warm bloodied. >> that's true. you know? and god love 'em, that's why there's 12 million people in the los angeles basin because they have good weather. so do we. it's low 50s today and mostly clear skies. it's going to be cold tonight as we look toward the tallest skyscraper in san francisco. the numbers right now in fact are in the low 50s for the most part. 53 degrees in san bruno. 53 in san jose. 54 in san francisco. but livermore and santa rosa and oakland still in the upper 50s. for tonight, if you are heading to san francisco's embarcadero,
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it will be chilly out there. temperatures about 9:00 will be 48 degrees by midnight down to 44 so you already know to bundle up. we'll tell you anyway. overnight lows tonight, 28 degrees in santa rosa. sunrise tomorrow morning on 2015 at 7:25 a.m. in san francisco, the low will get down to 40 degrees. san jose will be freezing tonight. so will livermore and fairfield and concord and vallejo. so it will be nippy but not on the scale of record lows just a late december, it guess colds. winds have weakenedded as high pressure finally begins to establish itself over california kicking out that low over the desert southwest and as a result, still a bit windy today. but they will continue to relax tonight. and generally go back to as per usual at this time of the year with the wind. so dry cold air in place. and we will see frigid -- the low 50s for the next two days or so before we begin to warm it up and somewhat
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significantly by the weekend. here's what to expect then. we have a clear cold night on tap. in fact, the same thing for the first day of 2015. it will be sunny but chilly for the day tomorrow. and a modest warming trend ahead but still will be in the mid-60s by the end of the weekend inland so we'll be warming it up after tomorrow's highs. above average by sunday. tomorrow san jose hits 55 degrees. 56 at oakland. and in concord, 52 degrees. mountain view tomorrow 54. milpitas 54. plenty of sunshine in the south bay and in the east bay. 50 degrees at antioch and pittsburg and fairfield. dublin 52. north bay low 50s. 52 san rafael. 55 santa rosa. in the far north bay, ukiah 54 degrees. chilly the next couple of days but not too bad. low 50s along the shoreline. overnight lows will continue to be near freezing for the next two nights. and as we get toward next week, we just warm it up into the mid-
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60s monday and tuesday. >> wow. >> how about if you would not like to be married to your television set but instead get your weather on the go? then get the cbs bay area weather app. check conditions in your area, get realtime radar. search "kpix" in the app store and download the app for iphone and android. >> all right. have a good one. >> thank you. well, popular toy this holiday creates an uproar among parents. why hasbro is in hot water.
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the fuss syringe-like too some of parents are accusing play-doh of ruining christmas for their children. the fuss over this plastic is your ring-like tool. it's part of a cake decorating play set. but, yes, it looks like something some parents say is inappropriate for children.
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complaints are coming in. the company will provide replacements and future play sets will feature a redesigned cake decorating tool. >> we think $2.50 a gallon is great. imagine 89 cents. unbelievable! that's what you can get this texas. it's thanks to a points program at a local grocery store. gas is just a dollar 89 but when you buy enough groceries you get a dollar off. >> i filled up for $35. it used to be 85. >> awesome. drivers can do even better by buying gift cards at the store. then they can get double the points which works out to 7 9 cents a gallon. pretty good. well, now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." the first victims from the crash of flight 8501 have been returned home. fierce storms are stalling the search. we'll have the latest from indonesia tonight. and a look at why it's so difficult to track so many flights. plus the deep freeze blanketing the country just as the new
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year arrives on the west coast. hundreds had to be rescued off snow-covered roads. those story and more on the "cbs evening news."
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low in more than a decade. what police say is behind the drop in ers in one bay area coming up at 6:00 they haven't seen numbers this low in more than a decade. what police say is behind the drop in murders in one bay area city. >> and filling up the new year. uncertainty over a new cap and trade law sends people scrambling to the gas pump. we'll have that story coming up at 6:00. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website,
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it's going to get cold! captions by: caption colorado >> glor: tonight, the search hits a new snag as the first bodies are brought home, fierce storms prevent a wider recovery. allen pizzey is with the families, jeff pegues on why it's so difficult to track so many flights. frigid weather in the west. carter evans with drivers stuck in the snow in california. arizona could get up to a foot. eric fisher tells us where the cold is headed next. with times square jammed for new year's eve, police face protests and threats. jericka duncan is there. and the whiskey rebellion. chip reid distills down the debate on how many brands are bottled. >> if you're making good bourbon whiskey, you can't take shortcuts. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, scott is off tonight, i'm jeff glor. this is


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