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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 31, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, we are ending 2014 with some of the coldest temperatures we have had all year. parts of the bay area will literally freeze overnight. >> andria borba is at the biggest new year's party in the bay area along the san francisco waterfront. >> reporter: on the cold final night of 2014, the hot seat in town was any seat along the embarcadero. >> your resolution to make sure dad doesn't get you out in the cold? >> yeah. >> reporter: and the warmest spot in the propane bill on kevin hutney's hot dog stand. the heat is going to cost you. >> we are going to do them for
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four. >> reporter: and the fashion police night need to look the other way during the new year. the only sparkle was coming from the bay bridge light because the trend of the day was layers. >> a sweater, another sweater. hoody and the jacket. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but the clear skies didn't necessarily mean clear headed thinking or warm winds for every new year's reveler. >> bare legs. no tights. >> no tights. tights don't go with this. >> reporter: there is always next year to make common sense a resolution. >> i will be inside watching the fireworks from the warmth. >> muni, cal train and vta offering free rides home tonight. and taxis are fighting uber's
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surge pricing with $10 flat fares in san francisco. at midnight, a freeze warning kicks in for much of the by area, brian, how long are we talking for? >> well, the freezing temperatures last about four or five hours tonight. once they get there which will be in the wee small hours. the cold weather alerts are posted from midnight tonight until mid-morning tomorrow. frost advisory, bay side overnight lows will get as low as the mid 20s in the coldest inland valleys in the bay area. we are looking at temperatures to get to 28 in santa rosa, 28 livermore. in san jose, freezing. temperatures will be cool, but not freezing were the fireworks tonight coming up in about 56 minutes from now. temperatures at that time will be in the mid 40s along the coast and the upper 30s inland. and then, some big changes this weekend. we will have the forecast for you in a few minutes. >> thanks brian for that. we found some people getting ready for the freeze in santa clara county. there was a steady stream of
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people stocking up in this hardware store in morgan hill, one of them a san martin kennel owner to replace the hoses cracked and ruined in the cold weather. >> we keep our property clean and fill the buckets for the dogs. >> at the kennel, she and the other workers spent the evening getting ready for the cold. all the dogs are inside for the night. a group of antipolice protesters joined the new year's eve revelers. the demonstrators started their protest about 9:00 tonight. so far, this is a peaceful protest. about 45 minutes ago, two people were shot. this is at grant and market. it appears to be a gang related fight unrelated to the protest.
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one person, possibly two, were arrested. san jose police are doubling up tonight. something they have never done before. and it is for their own protection. it is after some dark posts on social media encouraging new year's eve attacks on police. there is no specific threat against officers in san jose, but the department isn't taking any chances. >> it is a dangerous job and it is only getting more dangerous. two people in the car will not prevent ambushes like it did in new york. it is definitely a significant level in increased safety working in pairs. >> san jose officers will also double up tomorrow. and the same story in oakland tonight as christin ayers shows us. christin? >> reporter: that's right. if you take a look from chopper 5, you can see what it looks like in downtown oakland. we were down there a short time ago. more police and protesters at this point. a short time ago, we did see protesters setting off fireworks. oakland police are also riding
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two per cruiser tonight not only for new year's eve, but to keep an eye on protesters after pointed threats at police. tonight, a familiar scene at the frank ogawa plaza. but tonight, it is police eyeing protesters for any signs of threats. on sunday at this east oakland fire station, someone posted this banner. it says time to put wings on another pair of pigs from opd, january 1, 2015, a statement eeriely similar to what a new york gunman wrote on instagram before killing two nypd officers. >> the oakland police department is aware of threats made to the law enforcement agencies. >> reporter: a warning from the northern california regional intelligence center says oakland officers are not the only ones facing threats. gilroy place says a green light was given to take out police
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officers on christmas eve meaning all the gang members were given permission to act without question. just in case, oakland police are not taking any chances tonight. >> we will be riding two-person cars and that is really due to we have so many events in the city tonight. >> reporter: so again, there are additional police officers out on the street tonight, but they are stressing to me they are not specifically here for the protests. they are hoping to handle all of the new years eve activities rocket. christin ayers, kpix5. in san francisco, two men bailed out of a moving car in the bay view. that car crashed into two other vehicles and a couple of pedestrians near jell and tuland. the two men had just fired hots in the area. nobody was hit. the crash was not serious. the suspects eventually ran off. police later arrested one of them and recovered a gun. they are still looking for the other. also tonight, police say
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they have got the serial arsonist who has been torching cars in san jose. there were three suspicious fires just last night including this one when officers made their arrest a few hours later, the fires stopped. they say the suspect could be linked to as many as eight other car fires over the past two weeks. pg&e has managed to get most of the power back on after yesterday's wind storms. we just checked and tonight, 3300 pg&e customers around the bay area are still in the dark for a second night. in downtown san jose, crews spent most of the day cleaning up after the winds knocked down a big tree on first street. the tree was big enough to take up the whole sidewalk. take a look at that. crews chopped it up and hauled it away. in san francisco, clean up in potrero hill after 40 trees and limbs crashed down. one smashed into an empty car. and this is in burlingame.
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a stretch of el camino was closed most of the day. >> and check this out in southern california. look out, they call that a cold dust devil. sent tents flying and people running for cover at the rose bowl today. no joke. four people were hurt. they will be okay. eight foot waves and 40 miles an hour winds beached several boats at catalina island. a patrol officer's boat nearly crashed into the rocks. and in the mountains of san bernardino county, more than 200 people getting stuck in the snow. they had to be rescued. fire crews used snow caps to bring them down from the mountain. well, a san jose guy goes outside to clean up storm damage not realizing the real danger was inside his apartment. >> and new clues about what went wrong on that air asia
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flight. did the pilot try to climb to high too fast? >> it is huge business. tonight, we reveal a dirty little secret about the bourbon entry that may make you think twice about buying another bottle.
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those widespread power outages yesterday may be to blame for a fire that gutted a san >> tonight, we learned the widespread power outages yesterday may be to blame for a fire that gutted a san jose apartment. firefighters say the man inside this unit on seven trees boulevard lit some candling for light early this morning. had no power. then he went out to cut up a tree that fell in the storm. when he did, his christmas tree caught fire inside. >> animals running free in the apartment. so it is possible that one of the animals knocked the candle over or something like that. we don't know what the cause of the fire was. >> two people were displaced.
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one had to be treated for smoke inhalation. in shanghai china, 35 people were killed in a stampede burg a new year's party. another 46 people were hurt as people gathered to watch fireworks at a popular waterfront area. chinese media say the stampede started when someone threw coupons that looked like money out of a third floor window. tonight, cbs news learned the pilot of the air asia flight 8501 may have attempted a steep climb to get out of bad weather before the plane crashed into the java seen. as the search for the plane continues, so does the search for bodies and black boxes. >> reporter: the first bodies came back from the airport. they were identified as a woman wearing blue jeans and a boy four-and-a-half feet tall. the recovery effort is being hampered by bad weather and is now a race against time.
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the search and rescue officials say bodies and debris have drifted as much as 30 miles in one day. but the airport crisis center, officials come file physical details like tattoos and birthmarks provided by relatives. anything to help with positive identification. written on this tag in pen is andreas, the name of his 32- year-old son. this is a spot where he gave a blood sample for dna testing. i didn't have any premonition, he said. i didn't expect this. one of the bodies recovered was 22-year-old flight attendant wearing her red uniform. she was only working one way. then she was going to go on vacation, her father said. she was coming back on the sixth of january. members of a church group who lost 40 of their congregation in the crash dealt with it the best way they knew how.
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>> and that was allen tizzy reporting. it is now thursday in indonesia and the weather is improving. search crews are heading out on the water to look for more bodies. a flight at sfo had to make a stop for an unexpected arrival a delta passenger went into labor on board. so they had to stop at salt lake city. we found people all over the bay area rushing to the gas station to make sure they start off the year on a full tank. the price could go up 10 cents a gallon in january. >> i don't want to pay more than now. >> you need to get it no matter what. >> the new tax is california's cap and trade surcharge on all gas sales. the money will be used to offset greenhouse gas emissions. most of the u.s. has already celebrated the new year
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including the traditional center of celebration, new york city. right now, they are cleaning up time square. a million people showed up there to watch the ball drop. mayor bill de blasio pushed the ceremonial button that set the 11,875-pound waterford crystal ball in motion. people celebrated in 30-degree temperatures. a lot of people were ringing in the new year with a glass of bubbly or something maybe a little harder. maybe some whiskey. the whiskey business is booming these days. especially those so-called hand- crafted bourbons. tonight, chip reed shows us you may be surprised to learn what is in that battle. >> reporter: once the drink of gruff old cowboys. today, whiskeys like bourbon and rye are surging in popularity with young americans. over 130 new brands were introduced just this year. but there is a dirty little
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secret in the distilling industry. many companies don't make what they bottle even though their labels give the impression they do. a sore point for the growing legions of whiskey purists across the country. templeton rye says it is made in templeton iowa, but it is actually made at this massive plant in southern indiana. so these barrels are all full of aging bourbon. >> that is correct. each one holds about 63 gallons. >> reporter: a former seagrams distillery is owned by mgp ingredients who sells their stuff in bulk to smaller companies. they send out nearly 300- barrels everyday. people want to take your product, and in some cases give the impression that they made it. is that bad?
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is that cheating? >> i prefer to think of it as them taking our product because we make a good product and using it as the backbone for their product. >> reporter: federal regulations require accurate labels but they are often vague and there is little enforcement. templeton says they will change theirs to make it more clear, but consumers would be wise to take what is written on some labels with a grain of salt. >> cheers. >> reporter: chip reed, cbs newings, kentucky. >> some distilleries have started rationing their supplies. that means, you guessed it, prices will go up. well, a landmark in san francisco's china town closed the door, tonight after 50 years in the business. the empress of china is up for sale. it is once the place hollywood stars would eat and drink. it was the premier spot for
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wedding banquets. the 60 plays will lose their job. tommy toys and four seas also recently closed. so we have what? another 42 minutes left in the new year. >> yes we do. >> as we speak, there are people all along the embarcadero. >> uh-huh. >> freezing their little you know whats off. wishing they had a little bit of that lousy bourbon. >> it could not have hurt. because we are going to get pretty chilly tonight if you are watching the fireworks on the embarcadero or as i suggest, the comfort of your home is a pretty good place, too. as we look live at a shot of the bay bridge? is that the bay bridge in the foreground? that is gorgeous with the embarcadero there in the background. a crystal clear shot from chopper 5. that is nice. well, i think it befits the last weather cast of the year. on the other side of town from sutro tower, 49 degrees.
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san francisco, 47 degrees. look at santa rosa. already down to 34 degrees. and it is, you know, well before midnight right now. if we figure an average wind of 10 miles an hour out there tonight and anarch an average temperature of 38, the windchill will make it 30 degrees. overnight lows will range from 28 degrees in the coldest wind shelters valleys to 45 closer to the shorelines. we hope 2015 is a good one for you. winds have weakened. we have a cold dome of air over the west coast for the next couple of days. but, we are going to go from below average tomorrow to above average by sunday. we will be back in the low to mid 60s for the most part. not bad for the first week of january. so, a clear and cold night.
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a modest warming trend ahead. we will gain a degree a day. that is all we ask. we will be into the mid 60s by sunday. overnight lows, santa rosa, 28. fairfield, 30. 28 livermore. high temperatures tomorrow not the big story there. four degrees below average. oakland 56 in the south bay, mid 50s . 54 palo alto. 52 hayward. 54 milpitas. same story for the east bay. 50 pittsburgh, and mid 50s for the north bay tomorrow. plenty of sunshine for everybody as we head into 2015. the extended forecast calls for numbers to rise to the 60s this weekend. this terms of rain, none as far as the eye can see. a little glimmer of a hint for next thursday. stay tuned. in the meantime you guys, happy new year. >> happy new year to you. coming up, a sneak peek on hunter pence's pricey party pad.
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house ch. >> a giant star makes a major play in real estate. >> yeah, hunter pence paid 3.8 million for his house on the beach. three stories. designed for entertaining. check out the view from the
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roof deck. earlier this year, pence bought joe montana's old condo at the millennium tower in san francisco. >> i guess he can stay there when they play the dodgers? [ laughter ] >> i don't think he will have a problem finding a place to stay anywhere. >> hunter, what are you doing? >> final top five highlight of 2014 coming up. somehow, the statue of liberty play always seems to work for this team.
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>> last one man. >> yeah, count down. >> no pressure. let it go. >> i'll try to bring it coach. in new york, they dropped the ball. to ring in the new year. not time yet here. but we will go ahead and drop a puck for the sharks. we close out the year at anaheim. joe thornton's night is cut short after the blast by
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clayton stoner. here is joe pavelski. his second goal of the night. and the sharks beat the ducks 3- 0. and that's the way they snapped a three-game losing streak. hey everybody. it is ken griffie jr. here at the fiesta bowl. there is boise state, jay ajai scoring on the old statue of liberty play. he scored three time. they led 21-0. when they hit the goal line, the coach was happy. they got to within eight and close. quarterback, solomon on the game's last play gets swallowed up. boise state hung onto beat arizona 38-30. hey, the 49ers will reportedly interview broncos offensive coordinator adam gates friday. by the way, pete carroll
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confirmed the raiders have interviewed seahawks offensive coordinator daryl bevel. i have in my hand the last top five of 2014. so, here is the seahawks thoughts on the old coach harbaugh going to michigan. >> i wish him the best of luck. and go buckeyes. [ laughter ] >> number four, george hill lets up. block party at one end. but wait, the indiana guard is not done. how about a jam at the other end? going up, coming down. pacers beat the heat. hey, number three, from the end zone. quarterback, beau wallace. oh, he got rid of it to an opposing player. an improbable interception by james mcfarland. number two, hail mary time. mississippi state needed a prayer. answered by fred ross.
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somehow, he came down with it to end the first half. they did lose the orange bowl, though. 49-34 to georgia tech. and number one, spurs into the game. ridiculous. that tied it. credit it to tim duncan, but new orleans tipped it in, and san antonio, they won the game in overtime too. that, to close the book on 2014. >> you know, i need a little more energy from you though. >> are you sure? i see if i can tap nit and bring more in tomorrow at 2015. >> did you have a favorite moment this year? >> my favorite moment was travis ishikawa putting the giants into the world series. what was cooler, i grabbed him moments after the game to get his thoughts afterwards. i mean, what an electric time for the giants. and for him who did get a nice
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new contract to come back next year. >> a probable season and a world series win for that team. unbelievable. >> a great part of the year. >> all right, we will see you any objection year. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. happy new year. >> letterman is next with chris rock. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning in 2015. 2014, we hardly knew you. >> happy new year! >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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