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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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novato. enjoy your day and weekend, folks. we'll see you again at noontime. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday january 2nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new year's storm pounds the southwest, moving east with snow and ice. >> tributes for former governor cuomo. we remember this giant voice in liberal politics. >> plus only on "cbs this morning" you'll hear from the mother who says united airlines ruined a trip by mistreating their special needs daughter. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> about 60% of the country still below freezing. >> winter storms from coast to coast. >> freezing rain across parts of texas into oklahoma. >> more than a foot of snow fell
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in northern arizona. >> in southern california rose parade spectators sporting jackets. >> former governor cuomo has died. remembered as the most influential liberal voice of his generation. >> i'm enormously grateful to new york state for giving me and my family 12 years. it's more than i deserve. more than i ever dreamt of. >> more bodies recovered at the java sea air crash site. >> the hail mary. not answered. the dream continues for the buckeyes. marcus mariota! the end zone. >> beat down. >> this season's flu epidemic is growing. the cdc says the virus has now spread in 36 states. >> l.a. county sheriff's bomb squad discovered a grenade in malibu. still unclear what kind it is and how it got there.
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>> u2 front man bono wrote it's not clear he will ever play guitar again after his recent bicycle accident. >> and all that matters. >> taylor swift wears hats as a singer and songwriter but this christmas she also put on a santa hat for her fans. >> adorable. >> on "cbs this morning." >> these guys are on a mission right now. it's fun to be around. it's fun to be a part of. >> 59-20? oh. >> i got to go. we got to go get ready. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." happy new year. >> it was everything i heard it could be. >> that's a good way to start 2015. >> as you wake up in the west your travel plans for heading home this weekend could get
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hammered by severe weather. soaking rains are hitting the south this morning. violent storms move east across the country. the same system that brought rare snowfall to parts of the desert southwest is finding new strength in areas from dallas to nashville. >> some people could see huge downpours and thunderstorms. mar strassmann is in atlanta. to show us the power of this weather system. mark, good morning. >> good morning. good morning to those watching in the west. it's cold and wet here in atlanta which could be a problem for the first wave of millions of travelers heading home for the holidays. check out what could be on its way to the northeast. many parts of the southwest were a mess. snow and freezing temperatures caused dangerous road conditions. in new mexico cars moved slowly over snow covered highways. while snowplows worked to clear paths for traffic to follow. some parts of northern arizona got over 12 inches of snow. north texas, roads were frozen
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over with black ice. this truck was stranded on the highway median after a crash. >> i went to slow down. when i hit my brakes went sideways and hit the rail over there and kind of spun all the way around it. >> oklahoma city interstate 40 was shut down after several trucks and cars lost control. in nebraska ice chunks flowed down the missouri river in omaha. aaa estimates 99 million americans, and that is a record will be heading home this holiday season. 90% of them by car. one piece of good news gas prices are at a five-year low. >> mark thank you. people in southern california are thawing out from a rare winter chill. many bundled up for the annual rose parade. a frinlgid 33 degrees. one degree above the record low set in 1952. meteorologist danielle nyles. >> good morning to our viewers
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in the west. one of the big stories is the cold air digging in. high temperatures today, only in the 20s and 30s in a lot of spots. you get close to the coastline, still chilly. upper 40s in san francisco for high temperatures today. also tracking snow. energy coming into the west coast will dive into the northern plains. may drop 6 to 12 inches right along the canadian border. another storm will approach the pacific northwest on sunday. that brings areas of rain ramping up in intensity sunday morning. changing to snow in the high terrain. heavy downpours and flooding possible as we head into sunday. rainfall totals are going to be topping out 1 to 3 inches in a lot of spots. right at the coastline, we may see amounts over 2 inches. norah, back to you. >> all right danielle, thank you. this morning, president obama is calling mario cuomo, quote, an unflinching voice for tolerance inclusiveness, fairness dignity and opportunity. the former new york governor died at age 82 thursday. the same day his son began his
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new term as governor. cuomo was a child of immigrants who became one of america's leading liberal voices in the 1980s. >> he couldn't be here physically today, my father but my father is in this room. >> just six hours after he paid homage to his father in his second inaugural speech the family announced its patriarch, mario cuomo, had died. born in queens in 1932 cuomo excelled at baseball and was drafted by the pittsburgh pirates. derailed by an injury cuomo returned to school. earning a law degree, which opened the door for a career in public service. in 1982 he won his first term as new york state governor. >> i will perform the duties of the office. >> reporter: cuomo quickly rose to become a star within the democratic party. a gifted or tore he delivered the keynote speech at the 1984 democratic national convention.
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>> in many ways we are a shining city on a hill. but the hard truth is that not everyone is sharing in this city's splendor and glory. a shining city is perhaps all the president sees from the white house and the veranda of his ranch where everyone seems to be doing well. there is despair, mr. president, in the faces that you don't see, in the places that you don't visit, in your shining city. >> the publicity thrust cuomo into the national spotlight and fueled speculation about a future run for president. but the harsh realities of campaigning held cuomo back. as he told cbs news in a "60 minutes interview." >> there's something about the ordeal of the campaign. there's something about the difficulty of it. the impediments that are set up. the excruciating quality, the attack on the psyche. >> he went into private practice after he lost re-election in
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1984. his final appearance was in november celebrating his son's election night victory and a family legacy that continues to live on. >> you know our thoughts are with his family. he was married to his wife for more than 60 years, five kids 14 grandkids, you know, his father came from italy, started digging sewers and then had the grocery store in jamaica, queens. he gave a lot of credit to his father for teaching him the values he brought to the state of new york. >> i thought it was so interesting, there was a picture of his father and then the article about his son right next to it. it said during that inaugural speech, a very similar style to his dad also. >> extraordinary legacy. all right. more bad weather in indonesia is slowing the recovery of air asia 8501. still look for the plane and its black box recorders. searchers recovered more than two dozen bodies. allen pizzey is in surabaya indonesia.
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where the first identified victims are going to their grieving families. >> reporter: experts have equipment to detect black box signals scheduled to join the hunt today but they need calm seas and the weather has been anything but good. in spite of bad weather, the success rate is improving. another body plucked from the sea was brought ashore by the helicopter from the destroyer uss sampson. so far, the american warship crew has found six victims. the hope is the airliner will be found more or less intact and contain most of the passengers and crew still missing. more debris has been found. the focus of the investigation into what happened centers on retrieving the airliner's black boxes. nine search planes, many of them with metal detecting equipment, were scouring 8,000 square miles of the java sea. search officials said the effort has now been narrowed down to about 10% of that. but there are in fact two search areas because wind waves and currents will have pushed bodies and debris on the surface away from the actual crash site.
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relatives of the missing supported by volunteers made their way in small groups to the crisis center set up in a police compound to wait for bodies already here to be identified. today, three victims including an 11-year-old boy were handed back to their families. the bodies were identified by dental records and fingerprints as well as clothing and personal effects. the ceremony was short and simple. prayers, speeches of condolence and then finally, the families could take their loved ones for burial and private grief. as for the crash itself, investigators are working on the theory the plane made a very very steam climb to avoid bad weather and then stalled. anita. >> allen, thank you. we're getting the first close-up view of the greek ferry that caught fire last weekend. it's arriving at the italian port. authorities suspect there may be more bodies on board that haven't been found yet. more than 400 people were
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rescued from the burning ship. at least 11 died. two albanian soldiers were also killed trying to salvage the vessel. this morning police and city leaders in shanghai china are being blamed for a deadly stampede on new year's eve. victim's families say officials failed to prepare for the massive crowds. 36 people died in the chaos just before midnight. dozens of others were hurt in the crush of bodies. investigators are trying to determine exactly what triggered the stampede. >> jeb bush is sending a new sign that he wants to run for president. the former florida governor resigned all of his board memberships on new year's eve. a spokeswoman says it's a natural next step. bush is leading recent polls of presidential candidates. the president's holiday vacation is kinding down this morning. president obama will leave hawaii this weekend and return to political reality in washington. 2015 could bring gridlock with the republican congress at odds with the white house. chip reid is traveling with the
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president in honolulu. chip, good morning. >> well good morning. this has been a very leisurely vacation for the president with lots of time for golf and spending time on the beach with his family. but that pace will change dramatically when the president returns to washington and confronts the new republican congress. the white house has often said the president uses his vacations to recharge his batteries and he plans to use every bit of that stored energy in 2015. according to cbs news presidential historian douglas brinkley. >> barack obama's an executive power president freed from the state jacket of a midterm election, ready to make the most out of his last two years in office. >> reporter: the president says he wants to work with the new republican congress on big issues like taxes, trade and infrastructure. but brinkley says the president's executive actions in the last few months on immigration, cuba and climate change for example suggest that
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cooperating with congress is unlikely. >> he's starting to learn he could be like fdr and theodore roosevelt. don't worry about congress. just lay down these executive orders. >> reporter: republican leaders have said they plan to pass legislation the president opposes and dare him to use the veto. in six years, the president has vetoed only two bills. far fewer than any other president in modern history. in a press conference before departing for hawaii he strongly suggested that could change. >> if republicans seek to take health care away from people who just got it they will meet resistance from me. if they try to water down consumer protections we put in place in the aftermath of the financial crisis, i will say no. >> reporter: brinkley says the president's biggest worry this year is not the republican congress, it's the supreme court, which is expected to rule on a key provision of the president's health care reform
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law. if that decision goes against the white house, it could gut the cornerstone of the president's domestic agenda and, of course, the president does not have a veto over the supreme court. >> chip, thanks. stocks are i here this morning on a first trading day of the new year. an impressive run with the dow up more than 7%. also the dollar shot up in value last year and oil prices fell dramatically. yahoo! finance columnist michael martoli is here. we always hear what goes up must come down. we've had six years in a row of up, up up. >> it's hard to say exactly when or how much it might come down. we're kind of overdue for some kind of setback. in october, we had a very very brief but a little bit scary pullback, almost 10%. we rebounded right from there. i think most of the fundamentals which is kind of slow and steady u.s. growth anyway very very profitable company, which encourages investors to throw money at stocks. plentiful money around investors.
7:15 am
those things remain in place. it is good to keep in mind the market's been going up for 5 1/2 years. >> we still haven't technically hit a correction as you mention. there's some real trouble out there. russia japan, italy, china slowing down. does that catch up? the u.s. keeps chugging along? the u.s. growth which seems as if it's set to accelerate. obviously it seems as if the u.s. is a little bit of a haven here from a lot of that global turmoil. for big companies, they can't avoid it. i think it could be a bigger issue for financial markets than for the u.s. economy. the u.s. economy's not particularly dependent on exports and the rest of the world. the markets are a little bit more. maybe we're in for a phase when the economy here seems to do a bit better than is reflected in the stock market. we've had years when that was the reverse. >> oil prices have been great for the consumer. everybody's driving home from visiting their family is going to see it at the pump. what does it mean for the economy? >> it's generally a good thing. i definitely think the benefit of lower energy prices is far
7:16 am
more of a good thing for consumers and even for businesses than it is a bad thing. >> it's like a tax cut. >> it largely is. it's not the most dramatic one. it's not like 30 years ago when we were more dependent on energy. i do think for businesses there's been a lot of investment in the middle of this country in oil and gas exploration and a lot of that capital's not going to get a good return if oil prices stay where they are. for segments of the stock market, it could be somewhat of an issue. >> you mentioned staying where they are. let's talk about wages. do you think there could be some good news there? >> most of the indicators are finally we should get decent wage growth. lower than 6% unemployment. it seems as if we're finally in that phase when the medium wage should have an upside relative than what it is been for a while. >> thank you again. historic new year's moment for college football. four teams with the chance. the new playoff system began
7:17 am
with a blowout and an upset. >> with 19 seconds left. end-around. now a pass coming up. spencer to the end zone. did he get a foot down? >> yes, touchdown! >> it was a matchup of national championship winning coaches and traditional powerhouse programs in the second national semifinal. >> sims rolls right, fires, intercepted. >> despite an early lead and a late rally, alabama could not overcome three interceptions from blake sims. >> jones waited until the last minute to let it fly. >> ohio state, led by third string quarterback cordial jones, deniedy edied them the chance to win the championship. buckeyes won. >> oregon won by 40 today. can you talk about -- >> oregon won by 40? >> 59-20. >> i got to go. we got to go get ready for that one. >> mariota. thinking fast.
7:18 am
makes a completion on the far side. >> 1,700 miles away in a matchup of two heisman trophy winning quarterback, this year's winner routed last. >> mariota, a green blur to the end zone. >> after a first close half marcus mariota and the oregon ducks capitalized on florida turnovers in the third quarter and ran away from fsu 59-20. the loss marks the end of a 29-game winning streak for florida state and winston's likely played in his final game for the seminoles will likely declare for the nfl draft. for oregon they move on to the national championship game against ohio state. in ten days. >> i'm so proud of these guys here. for us to prepare all week and go out there and excel, i mean i'm just glad for these guys and we got one more to take care of. >> in the game last night, some of the commentators were pretty critical of the florida state players and said they gave up in the second hatch oflf of the game and
7:19 am
a number of the players left without shaking hands. >> my son at 8:45 we said it's time to go to bed. he said maybe they'll be a comeback. >> i said, there's no comeback. after baylor the rest of the evening. >> that was the debate. >> i washed all edwatched all of it. the surprising new laws for 2015. among them a ban on selfies ann this national weather report
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sponsored by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. the movie "selma" comes under new scrutiny. >> criticizing the way lbj was portrayed. >> stay tuned for your local news.
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murdered. morning to find this -- an ice shield. the national weather good friday morning, everyone. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. way, every we are off to a frosty start before the big weekend. drivers have ice on their windshields. national weather service issued a freeze warning for inland areas of the bay area until 9:00 this morning. so bundle up. that freeze is doing some costly damage to california's citrus crops. growers in the central valley are spending thousands a day to keep their fruit from freezing. some of their methods wind machines and burning peach pits to create a little warmth. and some long lines formed outside a dmv in san jose this morning specially equipped to handle requests by license for illegal immigrants. according to a new state law,
7:27 am
they have to pass the tests, pay an fee and show identification from country of origin. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:28 am
good morning i want to show you a tweet by chp saying watch out for black ice on the golden gate. roberta will have the forecast coming up. dry slowly and avoid sliding. san mateo bridge is light. >> it's below freezing in many locations today. we have a freeze warning, a frost advisory and it is a "spare the air" day. good morning. 31 livermore, 28 santa rosa. later today temperatures topping off in the 50s. we'll see temperatures in the mid-60s by next week.
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7:30 am
we're going to kick it off with a favorite. an iphone 6. >> kinesha. >> 7,500. >> 7,500. 7,500. >> what was hers? >> 7,500. >> 7,501. >> 7,501. man. i hope the marketing people at apple are watching this. >> that would not happen when i'm on "the price is right." >> no really. >> it will happen some time. some time in 2015. wow. >> as you guys were thinking those were some very high guesses on "the price is right." in order to advance, the contestants had to guess the
7:31 am
price of the iphone 6. what were you saying? >> thank goodness, it's not that expensive. >> it's like the golden encrusted. >> it did have a data plan. >> not $7,000. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a family's bitter complaint against united airlines. only on "cbs this morning" a mom talks about the flight attendant who told her special needs daughter to sit in a seat even though she can't sit up. >> plus, the argument over "selma's" history. showing lyndon johnson slow to act on equal rights. we'll hear from critics. that story's ahead. >> first, time to show you some of this morning's headlines. blamed on bad luck not genetics or lifestyle. scientists found two-thirds of cancers occur from random mutations. only one-third of cancers are
7:32 am
influenced by her readeditary factors. >> clerks in florida should issue same sex licenses to couples. the court does not plan to challenge the rules. >> that will make them the 36th state. "los angeles times" says apple being sued for allegedly misleading customers about store space on iphones and iphones. two men claim upgrading to apple's newest operating system takes up 23% of storage on a 16 gigabyte device. apple is accused of pushing users to pay for i-cloud storage plans when they run out of room. >> police discovered two bodies during a traffic stop that turned into a shootout. two officers were shot and wounded. the bodies were found under a mattress in the bed of a pickup. two suspects who say their father and son are in custody. >> and the detroit news says gm
7:33 am
starts with another recall. will fix faulty ignition switches or more than 92,000 newer model trucks and suvs. the industry recalled more than 63.5 million vehicles in 2014. that is more than twice the all-time record set in 2004. carmakers launched 800 separate recall campaigns including 84 by gm. >> and "the washington post" looks at a survey that finds americans are unusually cheerful. pew researchers asked thousands of people from 44 countries about how their day is going as part of an annual poll. americans are far more likely to say they're having a if day. >> well that's good. yeah yeah. >> the movie "selma" opens nationwide one week from today. it's generating oscar buzz and controversial. believe the president is being slighted for the sake of drama. she's in washington this morning. >> some are saying this could be some oscar politics at work.
7:34 am
in the movie, president johnson is shown dragging his feet on the voting rights act and he only pushed for the law after the bloody violence unleashed on peaceful demonstrators shocked and horrified the nation. >> we want federal legislation granting negroes the right to vote unencumbered. >> according to "selma," president johnson clashed with martin luther king jr. over the voting rights act. >> most of the south is still not desegregating. let's not start another battle when we haven't even won the first. this vote thing is just going to have to wait. >> and that's why king decided to march in selma where many black voters were disenfranchised. >> the president doesn't want us to march today. >> civil rights leader julien bond who often worked with king praised "selma" and thinks lbj does not deserve to be treated as a villain. >> he did support king's fight for voting rights probably the
7:35 am
best president america's ever had. >> and how would you say he comes through in the movie? >> i think in the movie, people wanted dr. king to have an antagonist antagonist. >> lbj loyalists agree. the director of the lbj presidential library wrote, the partnership between lbj and mlk on civil rights is one of the most productive and consequential in american history. the former policy aide a current cbs corporation board member added selma was lbj's idea. >> i don't think anybody historically or in any role to have known that lbj was the inspiration for that march. it's ridiculous. >> this writer covered the selma marches for "the new york times." he says the film is true to the facts down to the character flaws of both men. >> johnson and king are dealt with as men of many moods and levels and temperaments.
7:36 am
complex people. both king and johnson. >> but historian joshia setes says it is wrong to show johnson tried to stop the marches. >> by sending him evidence that they had collected of his extramarital affairs and there's absolutely not one scintilla of evidence to suggest he knew about it let alone ordered it. >> still, he says people should see the film. >> unless you learn this you repeat these things sometimes in the future. and we don't want to go through this period again. >> now, the director of selma tweeted that lbj's reluctance was not a fantasy that was made up for the film. keep in mind this controversy, just as oscar voters started selecting nominees for various categories. that's a time when studios have been known to launch whisper campaigns against rival movies.
7:37 am
>> that's right, certainly will cause people to look more closely at the movie. i did see it. jan, what happened with alabama? >> you know come on really norah, you're going to bring this up this morning? i am in mourning. i'm in mourning. you know our play calling was terrible, i thought. but the team i'm proud of our team, i'm proud of our program. i love my crimson tide. >> i know -- >> i don't want to talk about that right now, but roll tide. >> you're proud of your team. we'll be watching. >> i see tears. >> i felt for you. >> tears this morning. >> i was worried about tears. thank you, jan. this new year means new laws around the country. 20 it's stas raised the minimum wage on new year's day. california now lets undocumented immigrants have driver's licenses. and people in new york state cannot throw away old electronics. anymore. john blackstone looks at the other new laws that may change
7:38 am
some lives. >> for chickens in california, it should be a happy new year living in cages that won't be so cramped. a state law that took place january 1 requires egg laying fens have enough space to fully extend their limbs. egg producers are scrambling for solutions. complaining the rules for chicken comfort are perplexing. and consumers may be missing the yolk as egg prices in california have risen up to 40%. in new york tiger selfies are banned by a new state law. for those baffleled by why such photos have exploded on dating sites, stephen colbert has the answer. >> it shows you're spontaneous and don't overthink things. >> in nevada teenage drivers have a new reason not to skip school. under a new state law, students who miss class can have their licenses suspended. in massachusetts, wine can now be shipped from out of state. so drew bledsoe, former new england quarterback, can send wine from his washington state
7:39 am
vineyard directly to his discerning fans. >> very drinkable wine. >> and california has officially declared a state amphibian. >> this year is a red legged frog. >> when mark twain wrote about a celebrated jumping frog that was the red legged. once wide spread but now threatened. lawmakers hope its recognition as state amphibian will keep it a jump ahead of extinction. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. >> very interesting. all right, ahead, the mother getting national attention after she says a united airline flight attendant embarrassed her special needs daughter. >> at one point, she said something to you that really got to you in particular. >> she told us we had to make her sit. i said to her, i would give my left arm to make her sit. >> next an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning." only on "cbs this morning."
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female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a new jersey mother is
7:44 am
acuting an airline. she says a flight attendant refused to allow her 3-year-old daughter who has special needs to sit on her lap. elaine key a knows spoke with her and her husband for an interview you'll only see on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. they had traveled down to the dominican republic to celebrate her father-in-law's 75th birthday. it was a fun-filled tropical vacation until, they say, they boarded the return flight home this week. >> my little baby is sitting on my lap, not hurting a fly. she can't walk by hess she can't sit by herself and here is this woman who just is stand behind the law without putting any humanity into the situation. it was really heartbreaking. >> reporter: she sat her 3-year-old daughter i've i have on her lap for their united flight home as she'd done many times before.
7:45 am
ivy had suffer add stroke in the womb and even though a seat had been purchased for her, she couldn't sit on the flight alone. >> they offer us drinks said hello to ivy and my son and everything seemed fine until a fourth agent approached us and told me they needed to place ivy in her own seat. >> reporter: the flight attendant cited a regulation that requires oven 24 months of age to sit in their own seat. >> at one point she said something to you that got into you in particular. >> she told us we had to make her sit. i 15id i would give my left arm to have her sichlt of course, she wants to sit but she just can't do it. >> the pilot ended up in ter veening and after an hour delay, ivy ivy was strapped in and they took off. >> it took an hour of arguing embarrassment, screaming crying to come up with such a simple
7:46 am
plan, which didn't even seem any different than actually sitting on her lap. >> the story sparked outrage on both sides after she share add #unitedwithivy. they said as they did this n this case they'll always try to work with customers. in ivy's case, the guidelines recommend a safety seat something she was not aware of until her flight. >> what do you say to that that in fact there's a rule because there's a safety issue. >> we never knew the rule. we had put her on our laps for the past three plus years. >> minutes before the interview a representative called her. >> tell me about the phone call. >> she was incredibly compassionate and apoll jet sniek what we hope comes out of this is united does a better job of explaining what the rules
7:47 am
are. >> i try to teach my children that when they make a mistake they need to own it they need to apologize for it they need to learn from it and they need to move on and that is all i wanted from united as well. >> they say they are not looking for a refund or revenge. in fact, next month their whole family is flying on united airlines to mexico. this time they say they'll be fully prepare with an
7:48 am
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7:52 am
york ir yorkers. about 2,500 stripped down. temperatures were in the lower 30s. it raises money for summer programs for kids with eak throughs in 2015 that can have an impact this year. that story is still ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good!
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their cars this morning to find this -- an ice shield. the nation good morning. it's 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. some drivers will find ice on the windshield this morning. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for a number of the counties here in the bay area until 9 a.m. so bundle up if you are heading out. look lines outside a dmv in san jose this morning specially equipped to handle requests for licenses by undocumented immigrants. according to a new state law that took effect yesterday, they just have to pass all the tests, pay the fee and show identification from their country of origin to get a california driver's license. traffic and weather coming up.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. word of a motorcycle on route 80 not causing any delay. it's on the off-ramp. emergency response is heading to the scene right now. 62 miles per hour as you head into richmond. it's been a very quiet morning commute so far. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. they have not been turned on all morning. so it's a breeze heading from oakland into san francisco. mass transit pretty much on a regular schedule on this friday morning except there is no "ace" train service. that is "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's roberta. it is just frigid outside. good morning, everyone. take a look at the view right now looking towards the bay bridge. doesn't look cold out there. but we have colder temperatures this morning than yesterday. we also have more widespread freeze. it's freezing in livermore, 30 degrees in concord, it is 28 degrees in santa rosa. later today, numbers under 60 degrees everywhere. and it looks like we will finally climb into the 60s over the weekend. it is a "spare the air" day. we have a freeze warning in effect as well as a frost
7:59 am
advisory. bundle up.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday january 2nd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the new year in medicine. dr. david agus looks at drugs, tests and devices that will keep us healthier and happier in 2015. but first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8. >> one of the big stories has been the cold air that's been digging in. high temperatures today, only in the 20s and 30s in a lot of spots. >> it's cold and wet here in atlanta which could be a problem for millions of travelers heading home for the holidays. mario cuomo, 1932 to fill in the blank. he tried. equipment to detect black box signals were scheduled to join the hunt today but they need calm seas to work
8:01 am
effectively. >> what goes up must eventually come down. six years in a row of up up up. >> overdue for some kind of a setback. the dream continues for the buckeyes. >> i am in mourning. >> 34 unanswered points. turn a close game into a beatdown. >> my son at 8:45 said it's time to come to bed. maybe they will come back. >> there's no comeback. told us we had to make her sit. i said, i would give my left arm to make her sit. chilly welcome to 2015 for the new yorker annual polar bear plunge. >> help use revive for the new year. i'm norah o'donnell. charlie rose and gayle king are off. happy new year again, even. >> we forgot to take the polar plunge. >> no, we didn't. >> no we didn't. >> that is not on my list of
8:02 am
things to do, for sure. in news today, dangerous weather is pounding the southern states this morning and threatening travel plans. the system dropped snow in parts of new mexico creating slick road conditions. snowplows worked to make highways safer. in texas, black ice is a concern. it forced this truck to end up in the median near ft. worth but no one was hurt. >> you can almost feel the chill from this scene on the missouri river. take a look. chunks of ice floeing downstream near omaha. it will start moving north and east and combine with lower temperatures. they could see snow, ice and rain tonight. java sea recovery crews are fighting big waves and strong winds as they look for signs of the flight. searchers found more victims this morning reportedly buckled into their seats. the main wreckage of the plain is still missing, so are the black boxes expected to show why the flight from indonesia to singapore crashed. politicians from both parties are praising mario cuomo
8:03 am
who died thursday. he zerd 12 years as new york's governor and became a national figure in 1984 with a key note speech to the democratic convention. cuomo inspired liberals by blasting president ronald reagan. he disappointed them years later by refusing to run for president himself. he died on the same day his son andrew started his second term as governor. mario cuomo was 82 years old. looking ahead to the most promising medical innovations that could shape 2015. in the past year saw the unprecedented ebola outbreak, the growing use of medical marijuana and e-cigarettes theize of the gluten-free diet. our dr. david agus is in los angeles with more on all of this and a look ahead. doctor, good morning to you. happy new year. let's start with this notion that seems a little bit like science fiction. the notion that there's new evidence we can reverse the aging process. >> good morning. yeah, it's pretty wild. this a takeoff from an experiment in the 1950s that
8:04 am
nobody paid attention to for about 60 years. they took the blood from an old -- young mouse and gave it to an old mouse and they saw connection to the brain, the heart was stronger the muscles were stronger. they had an effectively reversed aging. what scientists found recently is the way it worked was by turning on stem cells that are asleep once we turn around 25. it's profound. the cure or the ability to reverse aging is lying within each ofs. in this next year ahead we're going to see trials to see is it safe and does it work? first, the people with cognitive impairment, with things like alzheimer's. >> interesting. another new innovation that could help us all is a better blood test. right? >> yeah. right now it's very inefficient. you do to your doctor and they stick a big needle in your arm and takes tubes and tubes of blood and a couple days later they call you with the data. technology has come out where they brick your finger and they have the results of the test quicker. much cheaper, less painful.
8:05 am
the hope is that you can sit down with your doctor in the office and talk about the results, not go home and have them call you. >> let's talk about the new way to lower your cholesterol. so many people starting day two of their new year's resolutions to get healthier. is this a new approach? >> it's pretty exciting is that couple decades ago statins came out, the lipitors of the world in is the first new class of drugs, in addition which has a dramatic effect on heart disease. pcsk9 injectable every couple of weeks a shot in the arm and lowers the blad cles s thes the bad close rolholesterols. big advance in heart disease which would be approved by the f fda time this year. >> one of the things i'm interested in is you talk about the microbiome. what is it? how does it affect our health? >> norah, no. offense but you have tenfold more bacteria in you than human
8:06 am
cells. the bacteria control your metabolism hormones many things about you. what we learned is that they're related to diabetes obesity, and psychiatric disorders. you can take someone with a bad colon infection and gave them the bacteria from somebody who is healthy and it reverses it. that stomach stapling surgery works by changing the microbiome which gets rid of the diabetes and makes you lose weight. it's a new dimension to each of us. we didn't really know about it until the last several years. >> doctor, finally and quickly here. you predict this will be the year of the device. what does that mean? >> this is going to be the year of devices. apple watch, many new devices that look at how you move during the day, your pulse during the day, your blood pressure. you're going to collect your own data. with enough data error goes away. you will go to your doctor with your data and discuss it. it's really an era of personal empowerment in health care.
8:07 am
>> dr. daifdsvid agus as norah pointed out we all expected the red sweater that norah got you. >> i know. next time. >> okay. >> i promise. ahead on "cbs this morning," jennifer aniston talks with sunday morning's lee cowan about dealing with tabloid gossip and
8:08 am
a little girl hears gunshots in her sleep and wakes up to a nightmare. >> i'm erin of account 48 hours." she was ten years old when a gunman broke into her home. robin doan was the only survivor. >> two whole hours. >> what she did to live to tell coming up on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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8:13 am
a young woman shares her chilling tale of survival in the texas panhandle. september will mark a decade since her family died in a home invasion murdered while they slept. the killer didn't know he left behind a witness. here is a preview of the report. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> there was a shootout in my house. and i don't know who dead and i'm scared half to death. i was 10 when all this happened. i was so young and so little. >> is there anybody else in the house with you? >> no. i think i'm the only one alive. >> reporter: robin doan now 20 years old, still struggles with the memory of the night a gunman broke into her home and methodically shot and killed her family. >> i was having a nightmare. i remember like hearing the gunshots in my dream. when i woke up it didn't end. the gunshots were actually going off in my house. my mother started screaming.
8:14 am
screaming and screaming and screaming. he fired two rounds off at me. i had one of them graze my left leg and my left arm. i played dead for 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: robin finally managed to call for help. >> please can you send somebody out here? >> yes. somebody's coming. >> i just couldn't get there fast enough. >> reporter: former deputy sheriff chad brooks raised to the scene. >> i will never forget when i turned down the driveway. she ran straight to me. i hugged her. and, of course she was falling to pieces. >> reporter: just hours later, robin was brought to a children's advocacy center as investigators needed to know everything she saw and heard. >> i don't know for sure. i thought i saw white eyes. >> everything was videotaped to make sure they had it for evidence. >> he shot in my room. so i pretended like i was dead
8:15 am
for two whole hours. >> how that bullet missed robin, i do not know. >> reporter: former sheriff gary henderson searched for any clues and a murder of robin's family. >> i need to know if she heard shots and, if so approximately how many shots did she hear. >> and when he shot i saw a flash. >> she never hesitated in her answer of 15 shots. and through the course of the crime scene investigation, 15 fired rounds were found inside the home. we're trying to let the evidence speak to us. we all sat around and wondered, wow, who did this? >> erin is now with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a really chilting one. i saw the shots of the home. it looks like it was completely isolated. was this -- >> it was. this is an american horror story. it really is. the idea that a mass killer
8:16 am
because this was actually the man's second killing, would just pick a house at random and then kill what he thought everyone in the family. what makes the story, though i think inspiring is that a case that shouldn't have been resolve resolved resolved, because those are the toughest cases, random killer was solved. and then you have an amazing story of a 10-year-old girl who survived. she's amazing. and so much of it is on tape because they had these dash cams when they first got there. so you really see -- >> how is she doing? her whole family murdered. >> it's really an amazing thing. sche is one of these high achievers. like through high school she's just 20 now. you know she played volleyball and basketball and was a cheerleader. i think what helped was the fact that although she lost her family, all law enforcement and the district attorney became her family. so it's an inspiring story, too. >> erin, thank you so much.
8:17 am
you can watch erin's full report on "48 hour live to tell, sole survivor." >> ohio state, by the way. >> she sat down and said with all due respect to jan crawford. >> not everybody. >> we were going to be happy. somebody had to be happy. >> i was happy. music to the ears of grammy award winning of the black keys. why the old sound of music is sexy again for people of all ages. plus, bono has big news for fans. impact of his cycling accident could have on his musical career. you're watching "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family, with blue. so fee like family, with blue.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
new gun laws are coming into force this year from oregon to pennsylvania but none of them will end the debate over gun owners openly carrying their firearms into business. several companies like chipotle and target strongly discourage you from bringing your guns in even if it's legal. >> reporter: bergeron's restaurant calls itself the home
8:22 am
of god gumbo, and guns. there's a 10% discount for anyone with a firearm. not just cops. anyone. owner kevin cox started the gun discount last september. >> what you do have to do to get a discount? >> show a weapon. >> either on your hip or -- >> out of your purse, out of your back pocket. show it to me. show that you have one so if somebody goes wrong here today, i know you're here to help protect me. >> reporter: the restaurant's lunch business has jumped 25%. cox has also added a dinner menu and hired four more employees. he says his customers are helping him send a larger message. other stores that have banned guns like target are making themselves targets. >> when you make it a gun-free zone that's where bad people are going to go. dumbest thing i've ever heard of. i'm trying to prove this is the right route to go.
8:23 am
someone gets it every day. not me. >> rusty, he eats here three times a week. >> it's not about the money. it's about the freedom of being able to have really good food with really good people and be able to have your firearm with you. >> reporter: he showed up with his 22 magnum. >> i feel calm. your cameraman came up behind me and said i don't want to scare you. you don't scare me. i've got a gun, i'm all right. >> cox estimates of his 500 lunch customers, 20 brought their guns often worn on their hips. >> what is this you're carrying? >> that's a little .38 smith &s we son resolver. >> do you always carry it? >> mm-hmm. >> she drove 20 minutes out of her way to eat here. >> it makes me feel like we're finally standing up as a kbrup
8:24 am
of people and say, no you're not taking our guns. >> bergeron's does not sell alcohol. many have turned it down or said give the money to charity. >> some say it's crazy. >> certainly they'll think it's crazy. it may scare some soccer mom that gets off the interstate and comes in here to get a hamburger and she's from california, yeah but as a rule most people here are very cool with it. >> that means many bergeron's customers pack more than an appetite for jambalaya. for "cbs this morning" mark strassmann strassmann, port alallelen,n, alabama. comimingng upup business and what she calls the circus of curiosity. that's right after your local news.
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's 8:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. some drivers will walk out to their cars early this morning to find this little frost on that windshield in fact a lot of frost. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for all inland towns around the bay area that's going to be lifted around 9:00 if mother nature warms us up a little bit and that freeze is doing some costly damage to california's citrus crops. growers in the central valley are spending thousands of dollars to keep their fruit from freezing. some of their methods, wind machines and burning peach pits to create a little warmth. long lines outside a dmv in san jose this morning specially equipped to handle requests for licenses by undocumented immigrants. according to a new state law, they have to pass tests, pay a
8:26 am
fee, show identification from country of origin. traffic and weather coming up.
8:27 am
bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people if you're riding bart it's on a regular schedule. we're hearing about some bart delays. they put out a bart tweet warning at of five- to ten- minute delays at san francisco and peninsula stations in all directions due to an earlier equipment problem on the train. in the meantime it the roads, if you are hitting them, everything is super quiet
8:28 am
around the bay area. oakland airport, maybe you're dropping off some friends or family, everything is cruising right along near the 66 exit continuing towards the high street. and a live look near sfo, 101 still looks good 65 miles per hour. you may need the seat warmers as you hit the roads. here's a check of your forecast with roberta. >> bun warmers, that's what they are. good morning, everybody. it's colder this morning than yesterday at this hour. it's more widespread, as well. let's take a look at some of the numbers. san jose at 33. it's freezing in pleasanton and livermore. 30 degrees in san ramon. 40s across the bay. 32 degrees in redwood city. freezing temperatures in san rafael backing through kentfield into mill valley. it's freezing in novato into the 20s. santa rosa, napa, sonoma, glen ellen, vallejo, fairfield. today's high temperatures in the 50s. the winds are flat. therefore, it is a "spare the air" day. in addition to the freeze warning, it expires at noon, we have rain moving back in the forecast on thursday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour vinyl album sales make a comeback while the rest of the music industry struggles. anthony mason talks with the black keys about the joy of making records the old-fashioned way. plus, the pop artist whose car corps of engineers spans a half a century, peter max and his bright bold world. see how far ringo starr came to own one of his uniquely colorful creations. now it's time for the around the globe. u2 singer bono fears he will never play the guitar again. bono broke his arm in a cycling accident innovember in new york's central park. he posted an x-ray of his they tan yum elbow. he canceled all appearances for
8:31 am
the first half of this year. he said he broke his hand shoulder, elbow, face. his real industry was to his irish pride because it was discovered under his tracksuit i was wearing yellow and black lycra cycling shorts. yes, that's not reporter rock 'n roll. >> he still has great sense of humor. we look forward to bono coming back. on the subject of injuries cleveland says lebron james is expected to sit out the next two weeks, being treated for strains in his left knee and lower back. james has never missed more than five straight games in his professional career. >> i saw he turned 30 on tuesday. age ages things. st. louis post dispatch says a local man had surgery to remove a mysterious object from his arm. doctors recovered a seven-inch-long turn signal from 1963 thunderbird. it was lodged in his arm in a car crash more than 50 years ago. for decades he didn't know it
8:32 am
was there. he only recently started feeling pain and scheduled a surgery. >> apparently he went through a metal detector a few years ago and it set it off. what the? and -- seven-inch-long turn lever in your arm. >> it may be a keeper. >> from a thunderbird, wow. "vanity fair" this week declared jennifer aniston one of 2014's tabloid queens. she made headlines for rumored pregnancies and marriage supposed heartbreak and celebrity feuds. anniston sat down with lee cowan to talk about how she deals with gossip and sexism in hollywood. >> the pressure even just on your personal life about whether, when and if you're going to get married and whether you're going to have a child. i mean it's not stuff that men go through necessarily. >> uh-uh. no, i mean there's a level of you know sexism in that way that definitely they don't get asked those questions at all. >> do you think it is sexism do you think? >> yeah sure, it's, you know double standard.
8:33 am
why don't they? you know i think is it because women are supposed to be mothers and procreate and if you are someone who has a career that must mean that you are so focused on the career that you, say, screw everything else and that's obviously not the case. we just happen to be fortunate enough to be -- to work and we know that it can coexist, so i don't know why that pressure is put on women more than men. >> has all the attention -- let me personalize it -- has it made it -- how hard has it made it for you to have a normal relationship with somebody? i'm even terrified to bring up the topic of relationships with you because it's such a theme. >> yeah. well, it's also -- it's very normal. it's very like -- it's -- i understand it. but my relationship is very normal. everything -- all my relationships have been wonderful, normal relationships
8:34 am
that exist within this circus of curiosity and whatnot. >> you can see lee cowan's full interview with jennifer aniston this weekend on sunday morning right here on cbs. vinyl records mostly became a thing of the past in the 1980s and '90s but now in the era of itunes and streaming music vinyl has made a return. anthony mason shows us how the classic sound is coming full circle. >> everything is in print. >> reporter: at grimey's record store in nashville the two men browsing the racks -- >> i just got some m jazz stuff. >> reporter: -- are avid fans of the vinyl lp. >> what is it about these stores? >> they have buried treasure but it's not buried. it's right there for you to take. >> reporter: auerbach and carney know a lot about music. together they make up the grammy winning rock group, the black keys.
8:35 am
♪ >> our new record compressed 100,000 vinyl copies which is insane. >> reporter: and doyle davis owner of grimey's says it's not pjust baby boomers on a nostalgia trip. >> i think vinyl is sexy. you drop the needle in that groove. you wait for the music to come out and then it hits. i see young people in their 20s bonding with people in their 50s, becoming friends, going to shows together. they meet up at the record store. it's a pretty cool thing. >> what's coming off the press here? >> well, this is jay-z, blueprint. >> reporter: vinyl's comeback has been music to jay malar's ears. >> how many records do you make a day here? >> we make approximately 30 to 40,000 records a day. >> reporter: he's director of marketing at united record pressing in nashville. >> jay-z here gaga being
8:36 am
printed in the next room. you've got everybody. >> we pretty much got everybody. i mean it's 30 to 40% of the vinyl in the u.s. is made in this building. >> how great is your demand at this point? >> the demand is at the point that we're adding a second building. we're currently running 22 presses a day, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. we're looking to get 16 more on online by the end of the year just to meet that demand. >> i love this record. >> reporter: the black keys first fell in love with their parents' vinyl collections growing up in akron, ohio. >> i alphabet advertised my dad's record collection once. >> reporter: auerbach's studio collection now includes hundreds of albums. >> it's a piece of artwork. it's real. >> reporter: the artwork on their own 2002 debut, "the big come up" included an homage to pink floyd. >> see this?
8:37 am
>> yeah. >> seriously. >> this is fake? >> yes. >> you put fake ware on it? >> yeah. >> reporter: all eight of the black keys' albums have been released on vinyl. >> was it important for you to put your record out on vinyl? >> mandatory. >> mandatory. >> yeah. that's always been something that we expect out of a label. i don't feel like our record is out yet until i see it on vinyl. until i'm holding it. that's sort of -- that's proof that it exists. ♪ >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," anthony mason, nashville. >> what is old is new again. >> i did a vinyl story two years back. there is a difference. richer sound. good stuff. all right. coming up peter max shows us how he paints the town red and pink and peach.
8:38 am
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♪ he has tooth a little bit loose today so we're going the pull it out in a unique way. put it on our golf tee. one, two. oh!
8:42 am
good gracious. >> a father's -- >> awful. >> -- golf ball trick. it's real. it worked perfectly. noah figured that fast is better than slow in this case. pull the tooth out using the golf swing. >> be careful when you swing the club. >> you're right. it could have hit his head. >> unique. >> very unique. interesting. all right. this morning an artist whose work has been seen for a billion people is getting ready for a new year of shows. michelle miller spent time with the painter who is always taking pop culture to the max. happy new year. >> happy newary. peter max rose to fame in the 1960s with his psychedelic figures and vibrant colors. to this day he remains a star of the art world and a painter whose life and career are as colorful as one of his canvasses. so this is where the magic happens? >> this is where it happens. >> reporter: for 50 years artist peter max has been a mainstay on
8:43 am
the american art scene, charting out thousands of works on just about every surface, canvasses, stages, airplanes. all of these are originals? >> yes. these are all painted. so what i'm going to do today is i wanted to sign them. >> reporter: each peter max original bears his unique signature. though it might be argued that his true signature is color. >> so with a piece like this is ringo call you up and say hey, i want a colorful piano? >> reporter: when beatles drummer ringo starr wanted to customize his baldwin piano he mailed one to peter max. >> i figured, let's do this this is going to be red. this i'll do in peach. this may be in pink and i started painting it. now we're so excited that i did a nice beautiful for ringo, about four days later i get the same one again. are you returning the crate? open up. it's another black piano. i see a note in there that they wanted me to have a piano. i painted mine slightly
8:44 am
different colors. >> reporter: max has painted a fair share of portraits for the rich and famous from movie stars to rock stars to presidents. >> do you have to like the person that you paint? >> well, i don't think i painted anybody that i don't like, but, you know i like people in general, so i paint them. so mick jagger fun to paint. i even like the statue of liberty and i like her and we never spoke. >> reporter: what is it that has allowed peter max, now 77 to stay relevant for half a century? asking him is useless. >> i don't even think about maintaining relevance. i just think about what do i want to paint, what am i going to do now what am i going to do later? i just love the moment. >> reporter: so we asked art historian charles a. rilery to join us at rowe gallery in new york with a large collection of peter max works. >> i think he's got his pulse on
8:45 am
what is current. he takes what's going on right now and like a really good journalist he spins on a dime and turns it into art. >> reporter: riley says max's legacy is already being felt even as he continues to build it. what are some of the places that you can see the peter max influence and not necessarily recognize it? >> he's become you know an element, shall we say, a building block of things like instagram and photo shop. think about the way that people you know doctor their photos on their facebook page. take the image, do something with it. and what he does with it of course, is he boosts the color, he makes it glow in this kind of iconic way. that's everywhere now. >> reporter: max insists, in his own yoga cool style, that he doesn't think about things like legacy. >> how do you want to be remembered? >> some people remember me for my color, some people remember me as a friend. you know different -- whatever.
8:46 am
>> and i will remember him always. i interviewed back in 1999. and he carries around these two x two cards and he picks one up and starts drawing something on it. look at this amazing picture he drew back then. it was the year i got married. me and my husband. i'll thought that was so incredibly generous for an artist. and he did it not only for me but the cameraman. anyone he came into contact with it was just such a lovely notice, i thought. >> i love it. >> i do too. >> thank you. >> happy new year. up next, the most unforgettable moments of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning." the we you're watching "cbs this morning."
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next week with stories they have been working on. as we leave you, we take a look back at the week that was. have a good one. >> until then we really can't speculate. >> the search for the airliner is now a recovery rather than a rescue operation. >> the seventh fleet to. >> this is incredibly unprecedented to see aircraft losses from the same part of the world. >> de blasio's own comments about the nypd have pushed the relationship near the breaking point. >> to bring issues to that event, i think, was very inappropriate. >> our hearts are aching. >> he couldn't be here but my father is in this room. >> mario cuomo died at age 82 thursday. >> saving someone's life is a really good feeling. >> time to get moving. >> the streets are already bustling here in times square.
8:51 am
>> a once-in-a-lifetime event for the ball drop in new york city. >> this year's parade is expected to be it. >> it's supposed to be warm. it's california. [ in audible ] >> i guess it's fair to say the couple was not teed off. >> they're ready for 2015. >> party on the set, baby. >> jookin' influences your imagination. >> for you a throe means what? >> throwing at 0 miles an hour. >> i'm excited to hear your resolutions. >> i still don't have one. >> i have some suggestions. >> okay. >> jan, what happened with
8:52 am
alabama? >> you know i mean come on really norah? you're going to bring that up this morning? i am in mourning. >> we forgot to take the polar plunge. >> no we didn't. >> no we didn't. >> do i need a long pad, charlie or just a piece of paper? >> just a piece of paper. >> wouldn't it be in the eyes of the beholder. >> spare me the women's libya grab. >> you almost poisoned someone in "nine to five." >> i did. i thought i did. >> because he was such a prick. >> yes. >> on "cbs this morning," the time you had an experience with me in which i was a [ bleep ]. let's find out what that was. >> i have been working on my piano. i have been working on "over the rainbow" for you guys. i've been working on the right
8:53 am
hand. i
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8:55 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. happy friday, everyone! it's chilly. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. here's some of the headlines we're following. the weather, some drivers will walk out to their cars this morning to find a little bit of ice on their windshield. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for a number of bay area counties until about 9:00 this morning after mother nature warms us all up a little bit. some long lines outside a dmv in san jose this morning. it is specially equipped to handle requests for licenses by undocumented immigrants. according to a new state law that just took effect. they have to pass tests, pay a fee and show an identification from the country of origin. the window is open for mavericks surf competition near half moon bay. two dozen of the world's top surfers are all waiting right now for the swell to look a lot like this. when they do, they will get a call and head on out to ride
8:56 am
some of those waves. 24 hours' notice, they will head to the san mateo coast for the event and surf will be up. don't think roberta will be there, but she is here doing weather. >> i'm right now studying up on my surfology. right now, crystal clear skies, unlimited visibility at ocean beach and right there the air temperature 42 degrees. other notable numbers with the freeze warning in effect and a frost advisory is 33 in san jose, freezing in pleasanton, and livermore. 30 degrees in san ramon. 20s and 30s around the north bay. later today highs in the 50s. and extended forecast does call for a gradual warming trend. 67 degrees by tuesday, wednesday. the potential for rain on thursday. we have elizabeth on deck with traffic next. alabama
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. extra "friday light." a lot of people off today. we haven't seep much of a commute. if you are traveling today in parts of the north bay, chp golden gate warning of potential black ice the temperatures are so cold. here's a live look at a very lightly traveled golden gate bridge. traffic heading to san francisco. maybe you're heading out of town to the sierra, no chains are required on any road. all is clear at the bay bridge.
8:59 am
female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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