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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 3, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. millions of dollars in water damage to several classrooms at a bay area high school. how classes will be able to resume as scheduled after the holiday break. good evening, i'm brian. >> and i'm annette. newark memorial high school. the water swamped making the rooms unusable. the school is working to find usable, dry space. kpix5's mark kelly got to go inside the classrooms and tell us it could be a while before they are repaired. >> the superintendent, dave martin, gives us a peek inside the torn apart classrooms. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us. >> over the holiday, water filled this room like a swimming pool. >> just under the technology
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run here, when they discovered it and opened the doors and the water went rushing out of the classrooms. >> martin says janitors found the water 4 feet high. the culprit, the fire department's water main line, which runs right under the school. >> for some reason, it gave way and it literally exploded. >> not sure what caused the fire line to pop. happy no students were inside. they could have been hurt. >> one of the floors in one of the classrooms actually, essentially blew up almost 3 feet. up cement. could have been even more devastating. crew haves been working tirelessly to clean up the mess. desks and chairs, even props from the drama department drying off in the sun. >> construction and work going on for quite a few months. >> still for students, no extra time off. school goes on. same place, same time. >> we'll start school on monday. >> the school says it most
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likely will be a few months before those classrooms are fixed. in newark, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the school has extra space and turning into classrooms. all employees will be notified before monday. >> a nightmare of a trip is about to end for some travelers about to head to san francisco. they spent more than a day on the plane after it was not allowed to leave the tarmac. christian is at sfo where frustrated passengers are going to be landing. >> airways flight 183, got stuck on the tarmac because of fog and it's a 16 hour flight here to sfo. the airline never let passengers off the plane and some of those passengers took to social media to vent that they were tired, hungry, and never flying with the airline again. >> as san francisco international airport awaits the arrival, angry twitter posts are coming in. while the plane was grounded on the tarmac, one frustrated
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passenger tweeted, flight 183 has been stranded close to 11 hours. no one deplaned, no food, somebody even looking into this? another posted, stuck on the ground for ten plus hours and not allowed to get off. feel like i'm in a seinfeld episode. >> it's no joke. responded with a statement saying, today we have experienced extraordinary weather conditions, which have caused severe disruption to our flights. working around the clock to restore flight schedules and to ensure that guests can travel as soon as possible, normal change or cancellation fees will be waived. >> and we will be here after these extraordinarily tired passengers, i'm sure, arrive at sfo after what is expected to be more than 28 hours inside a plane. we'll have that later tonight. at sfo, kpix5. >> they could be facing fines as a result of that tarmac delay. if it does, it's not clear how much the fines are. now had it happened in the
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united states, the airline would have had to have paid $27,000 per passenger. new information tonight about the airasia jet liner that plunged into indonesia's java sea. indonesian officials say the plane used an unauthorized route to singapore when it crashed a week ago. the crash happened on a sunday, but the jet liner was only allowed to fly that route on monday, tuesday, thursday, and saturday. indonesia investigators say they think they found the bulk of the wreckage of the airasia flight 8501. the u.s. navy is stepping in to help. >> sonar equipment has detected four massive objects on the floor of the java sea in the area where searchers are looking for airasia flight 8501. the biggest piece measures 59 feet long and 18 feet wide and is in water about 100 feet deep. indonesian investigators think it's part of the missing plane's body. other chunks of possible plane
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debris were discovered in the same area and washed up on some beaches. the plane's black boxes remain missing. the uss fort worth is one of two u.s. navy shipping helping in the investigation. >> the u.s. sampson is using their sonar to listen and i won't comment as to the success of that right now, but they are using some technology organic to the ship right now. >> strong currents and waves as high as 13 feet prevented divers from getting into the water. so far, only 30 of the 162 victims have been retrieved. four more families received their loved ones friday. relatives of the plane's captain say they are hopeful he could be found alive. >> stay strong for my mom, for my brother, and i have friends. >> the cause of the crash is still unknown. though bad weather appears to be a factor.
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wendy for cbs news, new york. >> to singapore, airasia says it is reviewing the suspension. an incredible story of survival. a seven-year-old girl walked away from a plane crash. the plane went down last night killing four members of her family. somehow the girl survived and then managed to walk almost a mile through thick woods in frigid temperatures, she made it to the home and banged on the door to ask for help. larry wilkins answered the door. >> she was scared. when they put a neck brace on her. when they put her on that board, she was pretty shook up. she wanted me to go with her, but she wouldn't let me go with her. >> he says she was barefoot and bleeding. the family was returning to yule after a vacation in key west. the crash sunder investigation. a somber tribute today to remember murdered nypd officer, liu. he is one of two police
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officers ambushed and gunned down two weeks ago in new york. dozens of mourners, including bay area officers gathered today to pay their respects at a private wake. buried last week, funeral services for liu will be held tomorrow. >> governor jerry brown is set to be sworn in at the state capital on monday for yet another term. at 76 years old, he'll be the oldest governor in the nation. his fourth term makes him california's longest serving governor. he'll give a state of the state address, the same day laying out his vision for the next four years. later in the week, he's expected to release a budget proposal. >> also on monday, oakland will get a new mayor. sworn in, she'll replace jean quan. an oakland native and she spent all 16 of her political years in oakland. she faces challenges, obviously, in her first term, including working on stadium deals and with the athletics. and sam lacardo becomes san jose's mayor on tuesday. he takes over for chuck reid
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who was termed out. he will work on improving relations with the police department. the city faced an on going fight over pensions, wages, and staffing. >> facing new trouble tonight, the complaint it's getting that could cost it a lot of money. a transgender teen is striking a cord across the country. even around the world. the calls for change after a break.
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the san fr uber had its share of troubles lately and now you can add a lawsuit to the list. san francisco ride share company is being accused of spamming people with text messages. one man said he got two dozen texts. urging him to sign up as a driver. it's a class action lawsuit and that means that anybody that uber texted could end up getting money. the suit seeks $500 for each violation. uber, not saying anything about the lawsuit. >> undocumented immigrants packed dmv offices for the second day under a new law, undocumented people can apply for driver's licenses if they submit proof of identity and residency in california. this san jose dmv processing center saw nearly 500 people just today. it was one of ten bay area
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offices open today by appointment. dozens of dmv's are open on saturday to help process the influx of new driver's license applications. >> the hiring of additional staff and existing staff, our staff is prepared to serve our customers and other languages other than english as well. >> my mom and my uncle can't be any happier. finally, they will get their license and driving out there legally. >> yesterday, the dmv saw more than 17,000 applications statewide. >> support is growing for a transgender teen from ohio who took her own life. this candle light vigil was held in columbus to remember 17- year-old, lela ailcorn. she jumped in front of a truck on sunday. her death has prompted appeals from lbgt activists for more understanding and acceptance of transgender people. >> transgender youth in nonsupportive homes have a suicide attempt rate of over
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50%. so, honestly, supportive families that accept them for who they are is the most important thing. >> this week, dozens of vigils are planned across ohio and even as far away as london. we know housing concerts through the roof. up next, the bay area's dubious distinction. one attempts to rent. >> and the moon rises higher and higher in the east. we have clear skies and another cold night on the way for the bay area and the forecast after our break.
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this is not how you want to experience las vegas. a man stuck on a zip line
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dangling there for about an hour yehe was rescued. the line has daredevils flying, well it doesn't take a daredevil to take the zip line. the man's wife made it to the end. there's no word on what caused them to get stuck on the zip line, but both he and his wife are getting a full refund for the ride. $40 each. >> happy ending. it may be a new year, but it's the same story with rents in the bay area. we led the nation in rent increases in 2014 and this year is expected to bring more of the same. broome berg said bloomberg said renters can expect to pay a little more than $1800 a month and that leads the nation. san francisco saw rent go up by $163 a month. the average is almost $1600. >> an earthquake in idaho triggered rock slides that blocked some roads. it measured 4.9 and centered
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near the small town. there are no reports of major damage or injures. the earthquake shook the same area where a 3.7 quake hit on december 22. thousands of australians are forced out of their home as wild fires rage across the southern part of the country. firefighters are struggling with the fires because of strong winds. they say it could be days before the fires are under control. at least six homes have been destroyed in the states of south australia and victoria. people in 19 different communities are staying in shelters until they are given the all clear to go home. from fire in australia to ice and snow in this country, people as far south as northern texas are digging out after as much as 4 inches of snow blanketed the region. ice on bridges and overpasses led to a number of accidents on roads heading out to amarillo. no reports of any injuries. same story in the chicago area. snow, slush, and wet roads and these conditions spread as far
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west as north dakota where there are blizzard warnings posted. forecasters say this could be just the beginning. arctic temperatures are expected to blanket most of the country beginning on tuesday. back here in the bay area, it was dirty air that blanketed the region today. pollutants are being trapped by stagnant cold air and that prompted the air management district to enforce a ban on wood burning for a second day. another spare the air day has been issued for tomorrow. >> nicely done. well summed up and that's the reason and yes, spare the air day tonight and tomorrow as well. as we're looking out toward the bay bridge tonight, beautiful night in the bay area. hazy today. we're looking toward the full moon right now, 99% of full. a waxing gibous moon. and the numbers around the bay right now, concord 51 degrees. in oakland, 52. liver more has 53. a little bit cooler in san jose and santa rosa. the numbers will get down to cool to cold readings.
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45 degrees inland. if you're heading out and about tonight, it will be dry, but a bit on the chilly side. out the door tomorrow, more of the same. that is to say, there's a modification. we are going to have patchy clouds forming tomorrow. inland, close to the coast, less sunshine tomorrow morning to start things out with. that high pressure continues off the west coast, we'll look for another mostly sunny, hazy day and numbers coming up a little bit. mid 60s by the beginning of the week. so sun usually warm weather is on the way in the daytime and as we roll the camera on the future cast. you can see clouds coming in from time to time. that does look cloudy and we begin to clear it out as the day goes on. so, a little less sunshine tomorrow than we had today. in the headlines, the numbers do go up. mid 60s by monday. there's a chance of rain. doesn't look like much if it pans out. but that's our next little chance of getting a little bit wet. overnight lows. look for numbers down to 32 in santa rosa. the same for san jose, 35 at
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fremont. no freeze warnings and no frost advisories posted for the first time, think of the past four days. and forecast for tomorrow, see the numbers get up to 60 degrees in heyward, in livermore. san jose will be up to 62 at the airport. 60 degrees. north bay looking nice. 60 in santa rosa. extended forecast, looking for things to warm up as we cloud it up. and the numbers will be in the mid 60s by the start of the workweek and keep them there through wednesday. until we get a chance of a few showers coming into the bay area on thursday. then the numbers take a little bit of a tumble, not much. and then friday and saturday, we just put that into the beyond this rain event thing that is to say, the models aren't terrifically clear on whether or not we will continue a little bit wet friday and saturday. we shall see thursday is not a big rainmaker. in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine. i know you are wondering what is coming up next. ann has been busily working on that. >> g-force is in the house for
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vern. it's all football today, isn't it? >> we have a little basketball. we're going to sprinkle hoops on there for you. all right, coming up in sports, the raiders need a head coach. the guy they may be talking to next, and the nfl playoffs are underway. arizona went to carolina. it's a battle of the panthers. highlights on the way.
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female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¬°gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you. misserable 3-8- and-1 entering december.. but they caught last the carolina panthers are a miserable 3-8-1. they won their four last games to make the
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playoffs without a losing record. arizona had to go with ryan linly at quarterback. he was making his third start of the season. late first half. cardinals, marion grace looks like he fumbles, but look at this. they review the play and it is ruled that the ball crossed the goal line. arizona led 14-10. third quarter, cards now leading 14-13. cam newton cuts across the field and forget about it. you're not going to catch him. look at him go. 39 yards. in there for the touchdown. 20-14. that happened as the cardinals fumbled. more newton and more panthers. panthers win 27-16 and become the second team with a losing record to win a playoff game. it's carolina's first post season win. tough loss. >> we fought again. we didn't make plays coming down the stretch and we got opportunities to win this ball game. and i'm still extremely proud
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of these guys and it's hard for this season to come to an end, because it's been a great one with these guys. >> all right, the raiders still need a coach and it looks like they will get a shot at interviewing denver defensive coordinator. del rio is one of the favorites for the job. del rio's parents are a long- time oakland fan and previously a head coach in jacksonville from '03 to 2011. let's go down south to l.a. for st. mary's. a little basketball. great start for aaron bryce, pulled up and hit the 3 to put st. mary's up. second half, smu up 11. carrie carter whips the pass down low to garrett. 72-63. gails are 4-0 in wcc play. lindsey and the cal women hosting utah in their pack 12 opener. final seconds of the first half, bears up 24-18.
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brittney knee boyd hit the following jumper. great shot. go ahead 16 points and 10 rebounds. 8 at half. they go on to win it. the cal man had gone through some adversity with two straight losses before last night's upset of number 21 washington. if the team needs any help fighting through adversity, they just need to listen to their coach. dennis o'donnell has the story. >> i think you are hard pressed to find a guy who has been through as much as he's been through, you know, i feel like especially being a college basketball coach, it's a big advantage for him. he's been through it all. >> if cal players weren't believers, they certainly are now. after an offseason of hard work, the bears are in the middle of one of their best starts ever. >> a lot of us in the face in the beginning. everybody is like, wow. >> everything has been interesting, including his first name. >> it's an italian name.
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the doctor that delivered my dad. >> martin has his own identity. >> if there was anything that was tough and rough about it, you didn't know because you were in it. it was every day lifestyle. you didn't see the world. for me, i didn't see a beverly hills. i didn't see the lifestyle. i didn't see a piedmont. so, growing up in east st. louis, it was the best place in the world for me. >> martin went on to have a standout playing career. an incident in an italian league game led to the diagnosis of nonhodgekins lymphoma. >> they took me to the hospital when i was in italy and did a lot of tests and x- rays and they told me it was probably bronchitis. they didn't want to scare me. i remember the doctor saying, it's life threatening. >> the cancer is gone and hisperspective has changed. when 35,000 fans signed a petition demanding he get fired last year, martin remained
5:57 pm
calm. >> it helped me grow. always kept me focused. you have to stay locked in. you have to be precise in what you're saying. i grew a lot. >> if he tells you that you have more in your tank, you have to believe him. >> definitely went through a lot and players can learn a lot. been around and been through some tough stuff. >> he should be an announcer. >> he has that voice. >> yes, beautiful voice. >> you need more competition. >> just a matter of time. >> so carolina was in a slump, but they were favored to win. they peeked at the right time. >> they won their last four and playing at home. cam newton was coming into his own, basically. so that game was in arizona, might have been different, but a lot of people thought the panthers would win that game. and also, we have cincinnati tomorrow on kpix5. >> that's it for us at 5:30. >> cbs evening news is next.
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>> axelrod: tonight, they found the wreckage. four large pieces of air asia flight 8501 are found in the java sea. did the plane take off without permission? allen pizzey reports. sole survivor-- adriana diaz on the seven-year-old girl who walked away from a plane crash in kentucky that killed her family. the first major storm of 2015 dumps some nasty weather on the midwest and northeast and creates holiday travel headaches for millions. about face-- new york city police turned their backs on the mayor last week, but today they saluted him after being told to check their politics at the wake for a fallen officer. jericka duncan reports. and let freedom swing. jazz legend wynton marsalis' classroom crusade to get kids hooked on music.


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