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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  January 3, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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female announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. passengers trapped on a plane for more than a day. tonight, a nightmare flight
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from overseas is finally coming to an end at sfo. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> in abudabi where a nonstop flight took for ever just to get off the ground. kpix5's christian hartman is at sfo. >> airways flight 183 got stuck on the tarmac because of fog and it is a 16 hour flight here to sfo. now the airline never let passengers off the plane. some of those passengers took to social immediate yo media that they were tiredded and hungry and never flying with the airline again. >> at san francisco international airport, angry twitter posts are coming in by the hundreds. one frustrated passenger tweeted, flight 183 has been stranded for close to 11 hours now. no one deplaned, no food. somebody even looking into
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this. another posted, stuck in airways flight on the ground for ten plus hours and not allowed to get off. i feel like i'm in a seinfeld episode. >> it's no joke, responded with a statement saying today in abudabi, we experienced extraordinary weather conditions which caused severe disruption to our flights. they are working around the clock to restore flight schedules. normal change or cancellation fees will be waived. >> we will be here after these tired passengers arrive at sfo after what is expected to be more than 28 hours inside a plane. we'll have that later tonight. at sfo, kpix5. >> here in the u.s., lengthy delays on the pass can carry high fines. fines start three hours after they have been on the tarmac. four hours for international flights and amount to $27,500 per passenger. it's unclear whether the
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airlines will owe passengers anything because the delay happened overseas. >> after years of planning and legal challenges, california's $68 billion is on track to break ground. the work will be underway on tuesday. janelle oen what happens after it gets rolling. >> the nation's first high speed rail system is just days away from the first days of construction. >> ease congestion on our crowded freeways and also help with our air quality. >> traveling at nearly 220 miles per hour, diana gomez is a high speed rail authority says the new electric rail system will cut a nearly six hour drive in half. >> so our goal is to have a train running from san francisco to los angeles. >> gomez says the rail will not only help with air pollution, but it will also bring local jobs. rail officials say starting in the valley is also cost effective. >> backbone for the entire
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system and we can get a lot more miles billed into central valley cheaper than say, in los angeles or san francisco and we need this leg to start testing the system. >> but it is a system that comes with a different type of cost. >> we will not survive this project. >> kathy with chinatown revitalization says the downtown ground breaking is the beginning of the end. >> basically what you are looking at for tuesday with the open house may be the end of chinatown. because of the streets that are going to be blocked off and the amount of buildings that will be torn down. >> those who created the idea believe the project is worth a sacrifice. >> our project is going to transform how we move around the state. >> governor jerry brown will be there for tuesday's ground breaking. he has been backing the project since the 80s. at times, comparing it to the building of the golden gate bridge. he will be sworn in for monday for an unprecedented fourth term as governor.
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he'll give his state of the state address as well. >> bay area air quality managers called a third spare the air day for tomorrow. the stagnant cold air that has been keeping temperatures down is also trapping pollutants and creating the hazy skies that we're seeing outside. that isn't going to change much for the next few days. this big dome of high pressure isn't circulating much air, so we'll see a few spare the air days on sunday. the days become mild earl, but quite hazy. temperatures continue cold, but not as cold as they have been lately as you can see here. we'll be above freezing in santa rosa and in san jose. but there are no frost or freeze advisories. we'll have a complete forecast in a few minutes. and students all over the bay area head back to school on monday, but tonight, a flood has one east bay high school scrambling to find space for them. a pipe snapped at newark memorial high school right before christmas and the water wrecked at least six rooms. mark kelly shows us now the school is figuring out where to
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hold classes while the damage is repaired. >> superintendent dave martin gives us a peek inside the torn apart classrooms. >> we have a lot of work ahead of us. >> water filled this room like a swimming pool. >> just under the technology run here, when they discovered it and opened the doors and the water went rushing out of the classrooms. >> martin says janitors found the water 4 feet high. the culprit, the fire department's water main line, which runs right under the school. >> for some reason, it gave way and it literally exploded. >> not sure what caused the fire line to pop. martin is happy no students were inside. they could have been hurt. >> one of the floors in one of the classrooms actually, essentially blew up almost 3 feet of cement. could have been even more devastating. >> crews have been working tirelessly to clean up the
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mess. desks and chairs, even props from the drama department drying off in the sun. >> construction and work going on probably for quite a few months. >> still for students, no extra time off. school goes on. same place, same time. >> we'll start school on monday. >> the school says most likely will be a few months before those classrooms are fixed. in newark, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the high school is working to turn some extra space into temporary classrooms. >> more long lines at the dmv as undocumented immigrants applied for driver's license. and a new law went into effect allowing undocumented people to drive legally in california. this san jose dmv processing center saw nearly 500 people today. one of ten bay area offices open today by appointment. dozens of dmv's are open on saturdays to help process the influx of new applications. >> the hiring of additional staff and their existing staff, our staff is prepared to serve our customers and other
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languages other than english as well. >> my mom and my uncle can't be any happier. finally, they will get their license. they will be driving out legally. >> the dmv took more than 17,000 applications statewide. still to come, christmas is long gone, but that didn't stop one california woman from trying to take the santa clause route into someone else's house. it did not end well. and a bay area tree so famous, it has its own facebook page. tonight, it also has a new face. after vandals took a chain saw to it.
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girlfriend screamed for help ing stuck in his crazy wakeup call for a river side man. his estranged girlfriend screamed for help after getting stuck in his chimney. he says after she couldn't get in through the front door, she took off her clothes and tried climbing down the chimney. the homeowner tried to pull her out with an extension cord. when that didn't work, firefighters broke open the fireplace to free the woman and they succeeded. >> people in redwood city are on alert after a mountain lion sighting. the big cat was spotted around 7:30 this morning roaming around the emerald lake hills neighborhood. the homeowners were located --
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neighbors tell us the sighting comes as no big surprise. they think the cat was in the area looking for food. >> it's not unusual anymore because of the deer who just overrun the whole community. >> it's getting scary and i mean, i don't know. you can't blame the mountain lions. >> san mateo county say mountain lions avoid confrontation. don't run. instead, wave your arms around and try to appear larger. >> that moose tree in napa is back tonight, kind of. it's not quite the famous deformity it once was, but someone created this papier- machi moose head and put it on the tree. we told you yesterday about the vandals at the park who lopped off a natural feature of the tree that also resembled truly the head of a moose. look at that. the moose head was a local attraction. people would frequently
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decorate it with colorful schemes. people brought flowers by to mourn the loss. the tree was supposed to be cut down in a couple months, but the moose was supposed to live on. there were plans to hang it up in a napa bar. still to come, running out of space on your iphone? tonight, there's a lawsuit for that. >> and we have a forecast for that look ahead, which we will have as we look over san jose. we'll tell you how cold and how warm tomorrow. after a break.
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storage apple has been slapped with a lawsuit accusing the tech giant of promising more storage space in its devices than it delivers. the two plaintiffs are seeking more than $5 million in damages. their lawsuit claims apple's new ios8 software takes up 3 gigabytes of software on an iphone 6. that's 19% of the phone's 16 gigabytes of advertised storage. the software also takes up about 21% of an ipad 3 space. apple has not commented on the pending litigation. when it comes to one well known local area code 415 number is almost up. 628 will be introduced in san francisco next month because 415 numbers are running out. in about six months, anyone in the 415 area will have to start dialing 1 plus the area code for all calls. well, we are starting out
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with clear skies for the most part. hazy out there tonight and it will be a chilly night in the bay area. things got warmer today. they will get warmer tomorrow as we look toward the bay bridge. it's very bright, under the influence of the full moon. and concord has 46 degrees in san francisco, 51. in livermore. 44. it has gotten chilly. by 8:00, we'll be near 40 degrees inland. and 44 degrees around the bay. 47 at the coast. we'll be dry, but bundle up, obviously, if you're heading out. more clouds around the bay area for sunday than we had today. the numbers still remain on the cool side. high pressure still in full effect off the west coast. but this batch of high clouds coming over the top of the high, some will sweep through the bay area and that will give us the skies the color of frozen milk up there, just high clouds and sun. and mild temperatures, also spare the air day tonight and tomorrow. north bay, the coast and the central bay and the santa clara
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valley unhealthy, means no wood burning in the fireplace and no burning of anything. future cast, as we look at the day tomorrow, starts out with a lot of clouds and sunshine toward evening. we will get a batch of high clouds overhead. no rain, just a few clouds. and the headlines, warmer tomorrow, mid 60s by monday and the next chance on thursday. it doesn't look like much of a chance. a little bit of rain toward the ladder half of the week. overnight tonight, santa rosa is down to 37 degrees. livermore down to 40. fair field 39 degrees. there are no frost advisories and no freeze warnings posted tonight for the first time in four nights. high temperature forecast for tomorrow, things are getting warmer under the influence of high pressure and the nighttime lows are coming up. livermore, 60 degrees. 61 out in the east bay. we'll do it for an average. in fair field, 59 degrees. 56 for napa. in santa rosa, 60 degrees. extended forecast, we'll be
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looking for mille sunshine tomorrow and monday, a few more clouds. tuesday and wednesday look sunny at a chance of rain coming in on thursday. doesn't look like much of a rainmaker at all. and then friday and saturday, we might have a few clouds, but that is about it. if you want to keep up to date on weather at any given moment, you can do it by down loading the kpix5 weather app for android or your iphone. go to and there will be a place for you to down load that from the app store. ann. >> if you want to keep up to date on sports, listen to gary. >> and tonight for vern, hanging out, we have a lot going on. football stuff, coaches, basketball, and everything. all right, raiders, they still need a coach and the guy that they may be talking to next. we'll tell you who that could be and the in, fl playoff games, arizona and carolina one in the books. we'll tell you who won coming up.
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all right, let's gun with sports and talk about a party to which the 49ers were not invited. >> a team they know all too well was playing tonight. the carolina panthers were a miserable 3-8-1, but they caught fire late and won their last four games making the fourth team in nfl playoffs with a losing record. ryan linly making his third start of the season.
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marion looks like he stumbled and they recover. the play was reviewed and the ball crossed the goal line. third quarter, cardinals leading 14-13. cuts across the field. look at this. you're not going to catch him. cuts to the outside and he goes 39 yards to give carolina back the lead. after carolina fumbled, more newton and more panthers. panthers go on to win it 27-16 and become the second team with a losing record to win a playoff game. it is carolina's first post season win since 2006. arizona had just 78 total yards. the fewest in post season history. >> we taught tonight. we didn't make some plays coming down the stretch. we got opportunities to win this ball game. and i'm still extremely proud of these guys and it's hard for this season to come to an end, because it's been a great one with these guys. >> the raiders still need a
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new coach and it looks like they will get a shot at interviewing denver defensive coordinator. del rio is believed to be one of the favorites for the job. a enate native of heyward. college ball now, bowl time, finishing things up. florida fans are pumped up. third quarter, gators leading 24-13. look at him turn on the speed. on the screen pass, he goes 86 yards, you're not going to catch him. he goes in untouched for the touchdown. florida led 28-14. 1:20 to go. the ball at the 5. and shane pass is picked off in the end zone to clinch the game for the gators. fla wins 28-20. let's go down south to l.a. for st. mary's and lola. great start. aaron bright pulling up right here and hitting a 3. st. mary
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is up 11-2. bright had 24. second half, smu up by 11. terri carter whips a pass up low. 72-63. 4-0 in wcc play. the cal win hosting utah and their pack 12 opener. final seconds of the first half, bears up 24-18. right there, the jumper at halftime. buzzer, like to see that. boyd at 16 points and 10 rebounds. cal up 8 at the half. they go to win 67-49. the cal men gone through some diversity before last night's upset of number 21 washington. if the team needs any help fighting through adversity, they just need to listen to their coach. dennis o'donnell has the story. i think you are hard pressed to find a guy who has been through as much as he has been through, you know, especially being a college basketball coach, it's a big advantage for him. >> if cal players weren't
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believers when martin took over in the spring, they certainly are now. after an offseason of hard work, the bears are on the middle of one of their best starts ever. >> a lot of us in the face at the beginning, you know, everybody is like, wow. >> everything about martin has an interesting story, including his first name. >> it's an italian name. the doctor that delivered my dad. his name. >> martin has his own identity. formed by his upbringing and a rough east st. louis neighborhood. >> if there was anything tough and rough about it, you didn't know it. you didn't really see the world. for me, i didn't see a beverly hills. i didn't see a piedmont. i didn't see that. so growing up in east st. louis, it was the best place in the world for me. >> martin went on to have a standout playing career at purdue and then the nba and to europe. an incident in an italian league game led to the
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diagnosis of nonhotchkins lymphoma. >> i passed out at half court. they took me to the hospital and did a lot of tests and at that time, they told me it was probably bronchitis. i think they knew. i remember the doctor saying, i don't know if you'll die, but it's life threatening. >> the cancer is gone, and his perspective on the game has changed. when they signed a petition demanding he get fired, martin remained calm. >> it helped me grow. always kept me focused. always have to stay locked in. i grew a lot. >> if he tells you that you have more in your tank, you have to believe him. >> martin and the bears will be back tomorrow. and yes, been through a lot that coach. and these guys have learned a lot from him. >> and tomorrow what games do we have? >> cincinnati and indianapolis right here on kpix5. it's the afc game. it's the playoffs. you have to love it. i love this time of year.
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>> thanks, gary, good to have you here. and thank you for watching. we'll see you again at 11:00. >> to tonight is a spare the air night and tomorrow as well. your latest news and weather always on have a good evening.
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>> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for scree with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: as a mother, i would do anything i could to help my child live a normal life. and i'm sure you would, too. but what if you couldn't do anything? what if you were totally helpless? that's the situation for hundreds and thousands of parents in developing countries whose chil


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