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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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we have not reached the promised land. we have much to be proud of. >> jerry brown embarks on another four years leading the state of california armed with the knowledge of three prior terms. the governor laid out a vision
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for the next four years. good afternoon. new at noon, governor jerry brown took the oath of office just a couple of hours ago. >> ryan takeo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: this is a part swearing in ceremony, part state of the state address. there was a unique twist to this one. political analyst melissa griffen cain says it was the first time he shared a story during a state of the state speech. he talked about sitting through a speech when his father was governor. that was brown's attempt at cementing his legacy. the beg headline, he wants public employees to pre-fund employee healthcare. it's a $72 billion problem for the state. no wonder it got an applause from the crowd. >> i intend to ask our state employees to help start prefunding our retiree health obligations, which are rising rapidly [ applause ] >> why do you think that got such a big applause?
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>> because this is such a big part of the wall of debt. we talk about california's unfunded liability. this is the heart of it. >> reporter: as the trade tax increases, the costs at the gas pump, the governor want us to think long term. lofty goals that won't get done during his fourth term. he wants to set new goals for 2030 and beyond, like further increasing renewable electricity use to 50% and reducing petroleum use in vehicles by half. griffen cain says this is another way to implement a plan for the governor and let his legacy live on. live in the newsroom, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> jerry brown held office from 1987 to 1993 and returned in 2011. he won re-election in a landslide last november. three san francisco is thes are on paid leave after a deadly
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police shooting. police say a man pulled a weapon when confronted by officers near 18th and valencia streets. the man was in an area that was off limits to the public. but when the three sergeants told him to leave, they say he blocked the driveway. then he pulled a weapon out of his waistband and was fatally shot. the police chief says it was the second time officers had an exchange with the man yesterday. >> this suspect apparently earlier today on 16th street approached other officers and inquired as to what kind of weapons we carry, which the officers at the time found very curious. but nothing played out at that time. >> police say the weapon carried by the 32-year-old man was an airsoft gun, but it did not have any markings to indicate it was not a real firearm. dozens of people in san jose have been without hot water for nearly a week. today there is a freshly dug trench surrounding the apartments. last tuesday high winds knocked out a large tree on the gas and
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waterline cutting off service. since then crews have been making repairs. the gas cannot be turned on until the city inspects the work. >> you have to go to a friend's house ordeal with it. there is nothing we can do. management doesn't want to give us nothing, no vouchers for hotels. nothing. >> they have been taking showers at nearby gyms. they have received no firm word from management about when the hot water will be back on. running water exists, of course, but it's very cold. a seven-year-old girl is the lone survivor of a dead lay plane crash in kentucky over the weekend. sailor gutzler walked nearly a mile with a broken wrist through the woods in bare feet to get her. her parents, sister, and a cousin were found dead at the scene. the small jet lost contact with air traffic controllers after her father reported engine problems. >> i have seen a bloody little girl with tears in her eyes, her lips trembling. i think the good lord had
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something to do with it, and i think he probably has plans for her. the bravest kid i ever seen in my life. >> a preliminary report will be issued in about ten days. jury selection is underway for the trial of the lone surviving boston marathon bombing suspect. dzhokar tsarnaev could face the death penalty if convicted in the 2013 boston bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260. he could face the death penalty if convicted. the defense has suggested it has plans to show tsarnaev was under the psychological control of his older brother tamerlan, who was killed in a shootout with police. it's a major down day so far on wall street. >> it's part of a stock market plunge around the world federal by falling oil prices and falling economies. >> reporter: not the way we start to start off 2015. a couple of key reasons for
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today's plunge in the stock market. the dow lower by more than 300 points right now. first off, oil prices falling below $50 for the first time in five and a half years. this is continuing to show a barometer of the global economy not being as strong as we had like to see as falling oil demand in places like europe and asia are weighing on prices. opec keeps up production much to the consternation of those outside of saudi arabia. europe is weighing on investors as well as the potential exit from the eurozone by greece is raising questions on what impact that will have on the economy. several european stock markets had awful sessions in response. let's look at big board. the dow is falling by more than 300 points. down below 17,500. michelle and brian, back to you? janes, let me ask you a quick question. falling oil places it seems to me would lead to lower value. people are saying less for energy prices meaning they have more money to spend on other
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stuff. why wouldn't that be a boost in the country? >> reporter: there is a bit of a contradiction. obviously, we go to the pump and we are putting less money in our cars. as result, we are spending more money at stores. also maybe saving a little more money. there is good news there. the negative comes from energy firms that are falling and that will impact different parts of the u.s. economy. especially in texas and north dakota where the shell oil build something going on. it's a reflection of the overall global economy. consumers are certainly making out in the meantime. not going to complain about that. >> got it. interesting. jason brooks. appreciate it. thanks. oakland's next mayor is about to take office. she told kpix 5's ann mackovic she will have her hands full. >> reporter: what are you going to do most differently than your predecessor? >> implementation. i am not about cute titles or announcing initiatives. there are basic things we need to do particularly around
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safety. even though murders were down last year in oakland, home invasions and aggravated assaults were up. and the city saw another slew of protests that turned into riots, damaging local businesses. >> i am very clear about the line between free speech and passionate politics and vandalism and destruction. >> reporter: but that line for police is very thin. the fear of further violence has often led police to simply allow it. >> they have been very professional. >> reporter: but we have still seen a lot of business owners standing by watching the police watch people break their windows. >> and that has been absolutely unacceptable and that part of the performance from opd, i have been disappointed in. >> reporter: but there is a lot to be proud of, too. lonely planet named oak land as number eight on the list of top ten american destinations primed for a visit in 2013 for the up and coming arts and restaurant scene. >> we have got to grow the economy. we have got to be sure that businesses understand what a great place oakland is.
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particularly for the millennial work force. >> reporter: she is thinking of implementing a new fee for developers at the same time trying to convince oakland's sports teams to stay put promising no public money will be spent on new stadiums. >> but cities like san francisco have shown you don't need to. >> reporter: she is said to be inaugurated at oakland's paramount theater this afternoon. >> shav is scheduled to take the oath of office at 3:30 this afternoon at the paramount theater on broadway. attorney general harris is about to launch a major statewide initiative aimed at protecting california kids. during her swearing in she plans to announce the creation of a new bureau to focus on crimes against children. it will also tackle what harris says are flaws in foster care and adoption systems. the nfl may be headed back to los angeles. the l.a. miles per hour reports that the owner of the st. louis
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rams is partnering with a southern california developer that owns a 24 0-acre site in englewood. they want to add a stadium and performance venue to a complex of retail, office, hotel, and residential space. some local residents welcome the plan. >> very excited. i keep my fingers crossed. we need it so badly. yeah. >> all that matters is the money it brings into the community. if it brings money in the community, i am all for it. >> this this -- this new plan may be a plan to bring pressure on st. louis to bring a new stadium. they left for the midwest in 1994. two up and coming athletes with the u.s. ski team were killed today in an avalanche in austria. 19-year-old brice assist really and ronnie burr look were freeskiing when the avalanche struck. four fellow skiers escaped. last year he was the top junior in the giant slalom at the u.s.
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alpine championships in squaw valley and burr look finished 11th overall in the downhill. a brutal blast of winter has people across the country bundling up. how heavy rain and bitterly cold temperatures is holding up business in the midwest. >> there is a new online club and everyone is invited. how facebook is inspiring people to read. and we have some haze and a few high clouds right now over mount diablo, and temperatures are warming, too, with some sunshine. how warm are we talking? we will let you know after this break.
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parking fees are set to go up this month at more than two dozen bart stations. in most cases the parking fees will go up 50 cents a day. at some stations the higher fees will take effect on january 20th. the rest on the 26th.
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bart parking fees are reassessed every six months. the fees only apply on weekdays between 4 a.m. and 3 p.m. and move over oprah. mark zuckerberg has started book club and he is inviting everybody to join on facebook. he created a group page called year of books. the first book is called the end of power. something he doesn't have to worry about. that book is already sold out on amazon. right now much of the country is feeling the freeze. temperatures are well below zero in parts of the upper midwest and more of the same is expected through the week. it's so cold one ski area in minnesota is closed. the freezing weather is expected across the eastern two-thirds of the country, including the deep south. it's safe to say we can't complain about chilly weather here. >> we are women. we can always complain. >> true. >> looks good for us? >> we are going to warm up a little bit more tomorrow and the next day.
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we have a warming trend on the way. it's pretty nice out the door right now, actually. seeing a lot of sunshine. let's look at the golden gate bridge. you see some blue skies. traffic moving well into san francisco. yeah, overall temperatures not too bad for this time of day and this time of year. 57 right now in concord. 54 in oakland. 55 degrees in san francisco. these temperatures are slightly above average for this time of year. milder afternoon. kind of a mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy skies. it is another spare the air day. once again no wood burning. this is our tenth spare the air day so far this season. in fact, our fourth in a row. overnight tonight should be not quite as cold as what we saw overnight this morning. high pressure continues to build. that's causing this drying trend. we don't have much rain in the seven-day forecast. it's a big high pressure ridge, and really warmer through midweek. looks like tuesday, wednesday, we will see the peak of those temperatures. so sunset tonight at 5:05. sunrise tomorrow at 7:26 in the
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morning. by this afternoon, this is what we are expecting as far as the highs go. we are seeing a lot of 60s. mid 60s around the bay area. 65 in mountain view. 66 in santa clara. checking only east bay numbers. anitoch, brentwood the upper 50s there. 62 in danville, san ramon. around the bay in san francisco clocking in at 62 degrees. 63 in alameda and in parts of north bay, san rafaelle 72. 63 in petaluma. once again these overnight lows are not going to be quite as cold as what we have been seeing. a lot of 40s. upper 30s in places like fairfield. livermore coming in at 41 and 43 in redwood city. might see a little patchy fog as well. for the most part, partly cloudy skies. here is a look at that seven- day forecast. a warming trend is just beginning with the peak of those temperatures tuesday and wednesday going to reach in the upper 60s in fact in some of our inland spots. and then thursday that's kind of our turnaround day. the clouds roll in. cooler temperatures thursday through the weekend.
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but once again not really a raindrop in sight for a while. >> doesn't look like it. >> yeah, the stock trade line. we need more. we will get it sooner or later. >> we will. >> okay. thanks. still ahead, she came to the bay area to get an education. >> but she found a whole lot more. what else one student gained on her journey to college. and we want to invite all you pet lovers to send your questions about their health and well being. just e-mail pets or on our facebook page and we will have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon.
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the challenges f tortellini, cheese tortellini, mushrooms, parsley, what else? >> garlic. white wine. we have a couple things in here. we have garlic and oil and added chopped mushrooms and parsley. mushrooms and parsley go together beautifully. we added in the tortellinis. they were 50% done. a little bit of pasta water and they are cooking together right here. >> i think we have enough pasta water? >> we have enough. >> a little bit of pepper? >> a little bit of pepper. >> that's all you need. salt the mash rooms after they are -- mushrooms before they are in here. if you do it before, shell
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shrivel up. -- they will shrivel up. nice sauce. how is it? >> mmm, delicious. thank you, bella. >> they make it look so easy. >> it tastes good. high school, it can be a tough time for students. but imagine the challenges facing a 14-year-old without parents starting a new life in this country. >> our wendy dakota follows up on a student who rose above to find a family, a home, and a life as a successful uc student. >> reporter: she is unpacking boxes from her dorm at uc santa cruz getting ready for a semester abroad. when she is not in school, she lives with her former teacher darrelllyn tom who has become like a second mom. >> we can't afford to pay school. after sixth grade, that's it. i need to go to school. i wanted to go to school.
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i want to be someone one day. >> reporter: get that education. at the age of 14, anna made the tough decision to live in the united states separated from her parents in guatemala. >> the level of difficulty was insurmountable. there is no question. but if anyone was able to overcome it, it was her. >> it's very sad because you don't know. like you miss your mom. you miss your dad. i still cry every time i talk about it because i miss it. >> reporter: anna is a permanent resident now. when she began her life in the u.s. she didn't speak a word of english. she lived with her sister who supported her by cleaning houses. no welfare or government assistance. on their own with many worries. >> food. transportation. a roof to stay. education. how can i learn english and worry about how to get money.
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>> reporter: what made the difference for anna was the staff at mission high in san francisco. she goes back there whenever she comes home from college. everybody knows her. >> i love coming back. this is my home. >> reporter: mission high? >> mission high school is my home. all the teachers made it feel like home. after school, i stayed here in high school and hung out with them. >> reporter: but it was darrell and tom who took anna into their home. >> the more time i would see her seeing me as a mom. things that no one would do expect for a mom. >> reporter: like what? >> you know, when i'm sick, she is stay home, stay in bed. i can cook for you. >> i promised her that i would always be there. and now those promises don't -- aren't promises any more. they don't feel like promises. it is just an act of love. >> reporter: at mission high darrell and tom has anna speak
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to her students about what she has been through. anna graduated from high school with a 3.8 gpa. at uc santa cruz she maintains a 3.4. >> you know, you just need to have the feeling like you want to do it. it's hard, but you just have to focus on your goal. >> reporter: wend tawendy -- wendy takuta.
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toughest cliff-- with only their hands and feet. their journey to coming up tonight at five, two climbers tackle yosemite's toughest cliff with only their hands and feet. therrienfully to achieve the near impossible -- their journey to achieve the near impossible at five. that's it for the kpix 5 news at noon. >> thanks for joining us on the show. frank will be back tomorrow. >> have a great afternoon. >> bye-bye.
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>> rick: our marriage is over, caroline. from this point on, i'll be running forrester creations with maya. >> eric: you're not serious. >> rick: i'm very serious. >> ridge: you are unbelievable. >> carter: you conned your own father to get control of the company? and you've been with maya this whole time? >> eric: if you think for one moment


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