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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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feel as though we need to gain visibility to this problem that's been going on in oakland for many years. >> reporter: instead of coming in early or staying late to help students run a club, teachers at montera are working strictly 8:30 to 3:30. >> in one class i'm kind of low and need to fix it. one teacher said he can't do it anymore because he didn't think it's fair he's not getting paid for it. >> reporter: the district is dragging its feet solidifying a contract. teachers at each school are coming up with their own protest. >> it's really weird. i'm feeling really uncomfortable by it. that's with any struggle there has to be some kind of discomfort. >> reporter: teachers want a secure pay raise on the table. the district says it's offering 10% over three years. quadrupleing previous pay raises. >> we readily concede that our teachers are under paid. we're making a good faith effort to increase compensation. >> reporter: teachers org the raise is conditional based on
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the money the district gets from the state. >> we're going to present a fair contract to teachers within the confines of what we can offer without bankrupting the district. >> reporter: the district says the negotiations aren't that far apart but teachers say they plan to work only their set hours until there's a contract. this could go on for weeks. >> it could. it really can go on for weeks. >> union reps are meeting right now to discuss what kind of protest they are going to see at their schools. we might see something district-wide as a response to these contract talks. >> in 2011 contract talks fizzled and the district imposed a contract on teachers. the district does not think that will happen this time. history was made today when governor jerry brown was sworn in for an unprecedented fourth term. phil matier is here with what brown has on the agenda for the next four years. >> it's interesting whenever we have this kind of jump ball,
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governor gets out there and tells you what he's got in mind, but oftentimes it's what they don't say that's just as important. here's the story. >> reporter: inauguration day in sacramento, a time for all friends and adversaries to meet, to plot. >> i jerry brown do solemnly swear. >> reporter: and to get the first look at what the governor has planned for the next four years. >> the challenge is to build from the future, not steal from it. we've extended healthcare to millions. we're transforming our educational and criminal justice systems. we're building the nation's only high speed rail system. [ applause ] >> reporter: but it all comes at a price. >> new state costs now and more so in the future will run in to the billions. >> reporter: one area that the governor won't budge on is his call for no hikes in uc student tuition. >> as i said before, i'll not
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make the stupidities of california the default financers of our college and universities. >> reporter: he also wants to increase the use of renewable energy in california by 50% over the next 15 years and at the same time cut car and truck gas use by half. >> reporter: -- >> california as it is done in many areas must show the way. >> reporter: just as interesting were the hot button issues he did not talk about, or the move to legalize recreational marijuana. or his controversial plan to tunnel water from the delta to the southland. >> well, i think he's hit a lot of roadblocks with it lately. >> it was one thing the governor knows how to do is pull back when he's not winning. when he wins he usually wins big. this is his agenda. it includes also he wants to get more money for infrastructure to fix the roads. as far as details and specifics and how we're going to pay for it, that comes in another day. >> he's had three terms to get it right. so this ought to be a breeze. >> i was going through the list.
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he's been secretary of state, mayor of oakland twice and also attorney general and now he's going for his fourth term as governor. i don't know if he belongs in the guinness book of world records or california's equivalent to mount rushmore. >> he's just chugging right along. stay tuned because trust us, there's more to come. there's been a major takeover in oakland tonight. in just the past hour libbey schaaf was sworn in as the 50th mayor. she faces a number of challenges including cutting crime, improving schools and boosting the local economy. schaaf said she can't wait to get to work. >> it's time we take on these challenges and we realize the city's great potential. and i'm telling you i am ready to tackle those challenges with a determination and a tenacity like you have never seen before because i know it is time for
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oakland. >> schaaf was born and raised in oakland and previously served on city council. chuck reed already has a new job. he's joining the silicon valley law firm hopkins and collie in special council. reed was previously a managing partner in his own firm. before going on to serve two terms of mayor of san jose. it started with two senior citizens driving along a street called paradise and it ended with gunfire. today that road rage case finally reached a courtroom where the man who pulled the trigger had plenty of support. >> reporter: at the marin county courthouse, 911 calls reached back the morning of july 17th. >> do you know where you shot him? >> i shot him in the chest. >> reporter: on the phone, 71-year-old doctor, simon who had just shot a man in his home.
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>> reporter: the confrontation started minutes earlier on paradise drive when simon and 70 yield william assenten had some kind of driving dispute. assenten pulled him to his home, even pulling his mercedes under the garage door. that's when the doctor grabbed a gun. >> i had a man follow me in to my garage. >> reporter: he was badly injured but survived. simon was charged with attempted voluntary manslaughter. the da who was prosecuting this case personally said dr. simon kid -- did not have to use deadly force. but the doctor has plenty of supporters, many of whom packed the courthouse for today's hearing. they say simon was actually the victim that morning and he only fired the gun to defend himself and his wife.
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>> what was i supposed to do? >> take a deep breath for me. calm down. help is on the way. >> i'm sorry i shot the man. >> the preliminary hearing will determine whether dr. simon will stand trial on that manslaughter charge. the hearing will continue tomorrow. after months of fighting, the family of a san francisco security guard shot and killed by police got what they wanted. the names of the officers involved. four officers opened fire on 28-year-old alex nieto last march when they say nieto pulled out a taser they thought was a gun. today at the site where the shooting happened, the family demanded transparency in a thorough investigation in to that shooting. san francisco police say a man shot and killed by officers left suicide letters. one was addressed to the officers who shot him. it happened yesterday in the parking lot of mission station. that's an area off limits to the public. man was told to leave but he refused.
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that's when police say he pulled a weapon out of his waistband and was shot. it turns out it was an airsoft gun. and it appears now that he meant to promote the officers. his letter to the officers says, you did nothing wrong. you ended the life of a man who was too much a coward to do it himself. please don't blame yourself. you had no other choice. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. police will hold a town hall meeting tomorrow night to discuss details of the shooting. other bay area headlines dozens of people in san jose have been without hot water for nearly a week. last tuesday high winds knocked over a large tree ripping up gas and water lines, cutting off service to the manclaire-- to the manclair apartments. safe way will pay close to $10 million to settle an illegal
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dumping case. investigators found pharmacy records that were trashed in a way that did not protect customers' privacy. here's a gift for someone who has everything. a subscription to the marijuana of the month club. getting weed delivered to your door isn't a new idea at all but kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us this new service takes the concept to a higher level. >> reporter: is your wine approachable friendly, with a great nose? how about your weed. aficionados didn't care what they tasted or smelled like. >> i don't think it affects the high just the overall experience. >> reporter: it can be hard to negotiate for the newbie. so two 20-somethings have started a company called marvina run out of their apartment a place where marijuana grows as
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houseplants. it's a pot of the month club. think wine club for stoners. >> kind of like trying to pick out a wine at the supermarket. most people have no idea and pick one that has a nice label. >> reporter: every month marvina puts together a special box. january, heavy on the kush. >> generally they have strains from afghanistan pakistan, and india. >> reporter: it will give you energy depending if it's indiga or sativa. pot is only legal in california if it's medicine, wink wink, but there's little enforcement. it's even delivered to your door today by a bicycle messenger who didn't want his face shown. good figure. could this possibly be legal? >> we work directly with dispensaries who verify your medical card and actually do the deliveries themselves. >> reporter: it's all illegal under federal law. but $100 a month and the company just
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started business two months ago. so far about a hundred people have signed up. they're hoping business will bloom. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> right now that service only available here in san francisco but marvina said it's interested in expanding. you've seen posters for missing pets, but a missing drone? the story behind this plea for help found along a bay area trail. >> a hillside comes sliding down rocking a house right off its foundation. that's just part of a powerful storm in the northwest. >> we have one of the wettest days in san jose last month that we've seen in 60 years and now we're stuck with nothing but hazy sunshine. we see one temperature change coming. it's going to get quite warm. find out if and when rain will finally make its way back to the bay area. >> it's a difficult climb to begin with. these men are scaling yosemite's el capitan like no one has done before.
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series of unusual break-ins. police in palo alto have a suspect in custody after a series of unusual break-ins. they're calling this guy the goldilocks burglar. the first time it happened last tuesday the house sitter called police after finding a man asleep in one of the beds in the house. he got away on foot. the next morning neighbors found a man wrapped in their kids' blankets in a backyard play house. a third neighbor says the man also tried to break in to her home but she scared him off. >> he actually tried to come in to my house but i was home so he left. of course i didn't think too much about it but yes of course it's not pleasant at all. >> police arrested a 26-year-old san pablo man identified as jason anthony hines. he was booked for prowling and being under the influence of drugs. so far he has not been charged with
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burglary. a lot of people got drones as christmas gifts and along with them an interesting new problem has cropped up. many of them are disappearing. >> reporter: we've seen them before fliers about someone's lost dog or cat. now a smaller helicopter better known as a drone. >> i showed my mom how high my new drone could go that i got for christmas. >> reporter: it was special because it came from his grandfather. a gift that 13-year-old nick had for only three days before disappearing in to the blue. >> this was really something that we would remember if i hadn't lost it. >> but you did. >> but i did. >> reporter: in 2013 more than 30,000 drones were sold and yes some of them do not come back.
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kpix news operation manager has been flying quad copters as a hobby for years. his skills are as sharp as they come. he has some advice for new pilots. >> rehearse, practice, go in to an open field where there's really no animals no people. >> reporter: he says don't fly too far too high, or too fast until you get many hours under your belt. it just takes time. the experts say just because you can buy it doesn't mean you can fly it. and the key to not losing it in the first place is of course practice, practice, and practice. >> federal officials want to have civilian drone rules in place by later this year but industry experts feel that's an overly optimistic timeline. an off duty cincinnati police officer is recovering tonight after accidentally shooting himself. and it was caught on surveillance. the officer and his wife were in an elevator after dinner on saturday. you can see him fumbling with the gun trying to move it from his belt to his
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coat pocket and it suddenly goes off. oops. he collapses to the floor when he's hit. his stunned wife calls 911. the officer is a 25-year veteran of the department. try explaining this to your insurance agent. a san diego woman's brand new jeep burst in to flames a day after she bought it. margereta said she had only driven it twice when she came home from running an errand. then this happened. >> i noticed a little bit of a smoke smell but nothing much. when i got out of the car i didn't see anything unusual. then when i went upstairs, my brother looked out the window and saw a large amount of smoke. >> the car dealer was speechless when he showed up at margareta's house with a loaner car. still no word what cause said the fire. dramatic video of mudslides coming down on homes in washington state. kevin mccarty
6:18 pm
shows us the damage when a hillside came crashing down. mud slams in to a house pushing it right off its foundation. after a night of heavy rain, two homes in hoquiam were smashed in to by a wall of mud as a water-soaked hillside gave way. >> devastating. another house just got destroyed. >> i heard a big crack and the trees come down and they just cracked and boomed and it went that way. just gone. >> reporter: he told his friend to leave his house worried the hillside was about to come down. >> we get in the truck and he drops me off and as soon as he pulled away and i looked back, the tree falls on top of his house. and pretty devastating. >> reporter: streets in downtown aberdeen were filled with water as the downpour overwhelmed storm drains. business owners tried to keep the water out but cars and trucks using the streets were just making things worse. >> you get a lot of idiots
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driving down causing a lot of waves, going in to a lot of extra businesses. people just not thinking. a lot of water down here. >> people made their way through waist deep water to check out the damage caused by the flooding. some say it's the worst they've seen in years. >> a lot of water about a foot deep over by the library. >> ever seen it like this before? >> no, i haven't. i've been here about four, five years now. pretty bad here. >> wow. hoquiam. i just checked it off. not going there. >> we could use just a little bit of their rain. >> it would be nice if they shared. that place averages 100 inches of rain per year. half a foot in about a day will be a problem for anyone. they saw that today. hoquiam. might not want to head there the next few days. around here we've gone dry and we're going to stay dry
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for a while. san francisco, 61 degrees. gilroy, 68. that's a sign of things to come. napa only 58 today and livermore 58 degrees with hazy sunshine. it has been chilly in san jose. low to mid 50s all the way through the weekend today. you made it to 60. how about this for you tomorrow, 73 degrees in san jose. big time change coming because now this ridge of high pressure which has moved right over top of us going to start flexing its muscle. it's going to be pulling in dry air from the east. that offshore wind will eliminate any influence from the ocean. we're going to warm up especially for you in the south bay. palo alto likely 70 degrees. los altos, 70 degrees. gilroy you may hit 75 tomorrow. this ridge is not moving for the next couple days. it's giving flooding rainfall on the top of the ridge for the pacific northwest but they're not sharing with us. ridge does not move. the weather for the next three days does not change tuesday, wednesday thursday. high dry and mild. hazy sunshine air quality is not going to be great. friday we have a storm that will pass by
6:21 pm
to the north but the ridge still stays strong enough. have i not said this enough over the past three years? it's going to keep the rain to the north. we'll get a wind direction change. i don't see any rain for the next week. what i do see is 73 tomorrow for san jose. mountain view 71. fremont close to 70. redwood city close to 70. a little bit cool er inland. concord, 63. napa, 63 degrees tomorrow. so we're warm in the south bay. we're mild elsewhere. we'll cool down a bit on friday and through the weekend. but the one constant is rainfall in lots of other places but as for right now the rainfall is not here. so we had such a promising december. it's not done yet. but we certainly have gone dry the last few days. >> we're not going back in to that pattern. >> really looks like by mid january we'll get the rain back not as much as december but that's not a bad thing. >> still need a little bit. still ahead, from automated cars to devices that track your moves, some of the latest gadgets and tech we can expect in the new year.
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forward to every year. the consumer electronics show starts in las vegas tomorrow. reporter kara tsuboi lo it's what gadget lovers look forward to every year. consumer electronics show starts tomorrow. >> reporter: the newest tech being unveiled at this year's consumer electronics show is smart, connected and oftentimes quirky. wearables are making another big showing expanding beyond fitness trackers by leaps and bounds. the center tells you how high you jump. the thermometer resembles a band-aid. >> you don't have to wake up a sick sleeping baby. >> reporter: they're also for safety. this cycling jacket has a built-in motion censor so when you go to signal, it will let drivers know you want to turn left. appliances and gadgets for your home are getting a high tech upgrade. from a tape
6:25 pm
measurer to a smart baby bottle that helps babies not take in air when they feed. >> we'll probably see a lot of smart garden products anything that you can think of in your home that could have some sort of digital function. >> reporter: as always, the show promises to feature traditional tech like gigantic televisions with better and better resolution. >> this is the year that 4k tv is going to become accessible to normal people. we'll probably see more announces of 4k content. >> reporter: all major automakers will be at the show. >> things like smart valet options in luxury cars, integration with wearables. >> reporter: if connected cars aren't how you roll, there's always the roller shoes. for the latest news, check >> cool stuff. microsoft rolling out a new $29 smart phone. the nokia 215 has
6:26 pm
internet connectivity, a minry browser and a camera. it also comes with facebook's messenger service built in. here's the catch. the phone won't be available in the u.s. right away. it will first be released in select markets in europe, asia and africa. you probably didn't want to check your 401k today. the stock market was a mess. coming up what's driving the downward trend on wall street. >> the only survivor of a plane crash. what this 7-year-old had to get through just to find help. >> and climbing 3,000 feet toward history. the intense yosemite challenge these men are right in the middle of.
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a triple-digit drop on wall not the way investors wanted to start the week. a triple-digit drop on wall street today with energy companies leading the decline. welcome back. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. six months of falling oil prices has investors worried about a weakening global economy. today oil fell below the $50 a barrel
6:30 pm
mark for the first time in five years. that sent the stock market in to a tailspin. >> also europe is really weighing on investors as well as the potential exit from the euro zone by greece is raising questions about what impact that will have on the economy. the euro fell to a nine-year low against the dollar. >> here's a look at the numbers. dow down 331. nasdaq off by 74. s&p 500 lost 37 points. lawmakers are back to work where the 114th congress will be sworn in tomorrow. republicans now in control of both houses. craig boswell tells us the battles are already taking shape. >> reporter: republicans say they'll use their increased leverage now that the gop controls the senate and even more seats in the house. >> the president is going to have to decide to come work with us. >> reporter: likely first up on the list of ledge -- legislative items, the pipeline.
6:31 pm
the white house has not supported the project, but monday stopped short of issuing a veto threat. >> we'll see what the legislation actually includes before we start urging people to go one way or the other. >> reporter: republicans say the keystone project will create jobs. democrats insist they're only temporary. >> they're appeasing a few special interests. in this case oil companies and pipeline companies. >> reporter: while the gop will be in control of both houses there is hope the early days of the 114th congress could produce some agreement between the two parties on a handful of key issues. >> economics security dealing with tax reforms with the debt issue that's out there. >> reporter: republicans appear ready for a showdown over immigration. congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee says her party will respond quickly to the president's action extending temporary legal status to millions of undocumented workers. >> the house will welcome 58 freshman. the senate will add 13 new members 12 of them are
6:32 pm
republicans. jury selection has begun in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the 21-year-old could face the death penalty if convicted in the 2013 bombings that killed three people and injured more than 260. the defense has suggested that it plans to show tsarnaev was under the psychological control of his older brother who was killed in a shootout with police. the jury selection process is expected to take several weeks. a 7-year-old girl could be the key to figuring out what brought a plane down friday night. she was the only survivor. cbs reporter adriana diaz on her dangerous trek to find help. >> reporter: this is the mangled wreckage site 7-year-old sailor gutzler managed to walk away from alive. after the plane she was riding in crashed killing her father, a former commercial pilot who was at the
6:33 pm
controls her mother kim 9-year-old sister piper and 14-year-old cousin sierra wilder. >> she believes her family was deceased but she hoped they were just sleeping. >> reporter: kentucky authorities said sailor used her noninjured arm to free herself wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, she trekked nearly a mile through a heavily wooded area barefoot in near freezing temperatures. >> she navigated briers and bushes. she navigated significant ditch lines. >> reporter: eventually the second grader spotted the porch lights of this house. 71-year-old larry wilkins answered the door. >> i see a bloody little girl with tears in her eyes, her lips trembling. >> what did she say to you when she got in to the ambulance? >> i can't talk about that. she wanted me to go with her because she didn't know
6:34 pm
anybody else. >> reporter: sailor's eyewitness account will likely be key to finding out exactly what went wrong. >> what do you think brought her to your door? >> i think the good lord had something to do with it. i think he's probably got plans for her. the bravest kid i've ever seen in my life. right now two californians are halfway to history climbing yosemite's el capitan. it's certainly been done many times before, but as kpix 5's allen martin shorts us, it's the way the two are doing it that would be a first. >> reporter: on the dawn wall it's not that no man has gone before it's that no man has gone before this way. >> no one has climbed this section of rock on this wall with only their fingers and arms as their tools. >> reporter: tommy wauld -- caldwell and kevin jergeson are
6:35 pm
more than halfway up the wall. they're free climbing, hands and feet only, no ropes except to hold dear and to catch them if they fall. >> we also do mt. st. helena. >> reporter: we asked a climber to give us an idea of what they're going through. nine days so far of climbing, sleeping, and everything else on the dawn wall and a bit more than halfway up. >> that's nine, ten days of pulling on your fingers. people haven't been climbing on this wall so the holds are sharp. everything is sharp. their fingers are probably raw. they're probably taped up. every finger is taped up. it's cold. it's just incredible. >> reporter: for years tommy caldwell has been trying, practicing, and preparing for this history making run of california's most famous rock and nick meyers says if the men make it, the accomplishment just further elevates a man who he
6:36 pm
believes deserves it. >> tommy is one of my idols. as he should be and is probably to most climbers. he's it. he's the guy so to have him achieve something like this in my lifetime, that's awesome. >> allen martin, kpix 5. >> the rest of the climb could take anywhere from a week to six weeks or as tommy caldwell says, not at all. the go pro is great for capturing outdoor adventures until you lose it. coming up, how one guy got his memories back after his camera took an unfortunate dive. >> still months away from mother's day how one jewelry store is giving kids a chance at a big prize for mom. ay "simple 6 menu". it starts with six of our best six-inch subs- now in made-just-for-you meals- for just $6 every day. you've really got it made. ♪ take your pick from six of our best subs,
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6:39 pm
colorado lake for six months. >> how they tracked down the owner. >> reporter: it was the trip of a lifetime for dan and his three best friends. >> my bucket list was always to cross the country. >> reporter: and he wanted to save every second of it. so from niagara falls to the grand canyon and all the roads in between, he set his go pro to record. but as big of an adventure as dan was on, his camera was about to top it. >> my friend decided to be funny to flip the kayak over just to take that one last dip. >> sending the go pro 40 feet down. >> i was really bummed out because i saved pictures from i think chicago or something. then after that everything was lost. >> reporter: a buried treasure waiting to be found. >> we just like to be underwater. >> reporter: alyssa and her husband spent every new year's day diving at lake powell. >> we usually hope to find something but usually it's like a golf ball or fishing pole. >> reporter: this year's find
6:40 pm
was more interesting. >> he swims up and picks up this camera on a stick. >> reporter: dan's lost go pro. >> there was hundreds of pictures and video of these four kids. >> reporter: and here's where the adventure really gets going. >> we sort of felt like we were on their adventure with them. i thought, i've got to find this guy. >> reporter: she used clues from the video to find him online. >> i went in youtube and in the search box i typed in 2014 cross country road trip. when i typed in sioux falls, his was the first video that popped up and i recognized his face immediately. >> reporter: then found him on facebook. >> so i go open up that page and see my go pro and i'm like, what? right away i comment omg. >> reporter: doesn't that smile say it all? >> i'm just so thankful that they put their effort and time in to trying to find me and there's still hope for humanity. >> that was ashley michaels reporting. it the couple is mailing the camera back to the owner. he can't wait to see what else is on it and finish his video.
6:41 pm
>> amazing they took the time to do that. >> what's more amazing it was still air tight after six months. >> and you saw it had little barnacles on it. still ahead what mom wouldn't want a shiny new diamond? >> a surprise from one california jeweler. what kids have to do to compete for the bling. >> a shiny looking moon over the bay bridge. beautiful shot right now as the moon rises over the east bay. a bay area teenager is missing. and police fear,
6:42 pm
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being held against her will. tonight the cryptic social media post. that story on bay area night beat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 cable 12. a southern california jeweler is asking kids what makes their moms shine. >> for more than 20 years he's been offering diamonds for the best answer. there's a very personal motivation behind the glittering giveaway. >> my mom deserves a diamond because she's my diamond. she's the light of my life and without her i would be nothing. >> reporter: his love of the written word and decades long quest to find his birth mother was the inspiration for a new port beach jeweler to begin a contest. it's now in its 23rd year. the title gives away the prize. why mom deserves a diamond. >> winning the diamond that's just like the care -- the carrot on the stick.
6:46 pm
it's less about the prize, the diamond. but it's more like their mom. >> there are 10 days left to submit a contest form. orange county school children up to seniors in high school can enter with the help of a teacher. heartfelt notes are arriving at mike watson's galleria of diamonds. the first year, 200 kids entered. last year more than 20,000 did. this is one of the diamonds that a lucky mom will take home. a diamond that weighs a quarter carat. >> mike watson wants all the kids who entered his contest to know two mothers will walk away with diamonds but there are also thousands of other winners. mothers who will receive this garnet an amethyst weighing 1 carat each. 30 local teachers now read the essays. the winners will be announced in the spring. >> most important job in the world, being a parent.
6:47 pm
let's take a peek outdoors and show you what's going on. right now it's a beautiful moon rise. this could be something you'd hang up on your wall it's so beautiful. we've got the bay bridge bay lights, san francisco bay. a nearly full moon rising above it all. we have mainly clear skies outside tonight. it will be chilly out there. temperatures in 50s. san jose at 55. livermore and san bruno 53. san francisco checking in to 57. caught a hazy but beautiful sunset in palo alto. we have a weather station there with a camera. oak lntd tonight -- oakland tonight 46. santa rosa concord, fairfield, vacaville in the upper 30s. yes, that's chilly but we've been a lot colder recently. temperatures are climbing for the overnight hours. air quality forecast will be unhealthy for you in a couple spots in the bay area. tomorrow is another spare the air day. no word burning in the fireplace unless it's your
6:48 pm
primary source of heat. we have a high pressure dome that's been approaching. now it's just parked itself right over top of us. what that's done is two things. rainfall in western washington. tons of rainfall up there. now the ridge sitting over top of us will not allow anything to get close to us when it comes to rainfall for at least the next three days as this ridge strengthens the atmosphere will warm up. tomorrow in san jose you'll hit 73 degrees. you'll stay in the 70s until friday. the ridge finally moves by the end of the week and in to the weekend but it's not going to go over texas. it's going to slide over a little bit to the east. rainfall stays to the north the winds will once again come from the ocean. temperatures will not be as warm friday. no rainfall for us. the only fluctuation from day-to-day will be the temperature and tomorrow it's going up. many of you about 10 degrees warmer than the past week. near record warmth for the south bay. gilroy, you make it 75 tomorrow. cooler cloudier weather starting on friday but it does not mean any
6:49 pm
rainfall is coming here. we've been dry all month. we'll stay that way. concord, 8 degrees above average. more than a dozen degrees above average. fremont, 69. livermore, you hit 66. fairfield, 66. vallejo, martinez, mid 60s for you. napa, you'll hit 63. daily city, 60 . hazy sunshine once again. we're staying mild wednesday and thursday. we're cooling down a bit friday, saturday, and sunday. the theme for the next week is staying dry. we need more rain and snow in the mountains. for the next week we're not going to get it.
6:50 pm
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everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ pursuit of their next head coaches.. could be back to the future for either the raiders or 49ers in their pursuit of their next head coaches. this photo was sent to us yesterday by my buddy mj a viewer who jumped in to shanahan on sunday at 3:30. today the plot thickens. turns out the 49ers aren't the only bay area team that reached out to him. 62-year-old shanahan has also met with the raiders. what a story it would make. al davis fired shanahan in 1989, still owes him $250,000. could you imagine al davis' reaction
6:53 pm
if mark davis rehired shanahan? stay tuned. oakland also interviewed colts offensive coordinator hamilton. mckenzie met with hamilton in indianapolis last night following the colts' playoff win. eric mangini was expected to interview today. he spent the last two seasons as special assistant with the 49ers. no word if that meeting took place. >> i feel like it's the only personnel i have. [ laughter ] the other ones were all taken. so i got this one. >> i wonder if the jim harbaugh infatuation is wearing off. stanford defensive coordinator jay anderson and strength and conditioning coach both reportedly turned harbaugh down and will stay with the cardinals. let's hope that doesn't happen with harbaugh's recruits. baseball, former giants all
6:54 pm
star stu miller passed away at the age of 87. miller pitched five seasons in san francisco and as the story goes was famously blown off the mound at candlestick in the 1961 all star game. steph curry and the warriors continue their home stand tonight against the thunder. curry torched toronto saturday night with 32 points, 12 assists and no turnovers. that last stat is the important one for curry because if he gets more than two turnovers in a game he has to pay a fine to his mother. >> my alotment for that game, i get it back. it all evens out for her. should be something in there. i already signed the contract. i'm stuck. >> i think he can afford it somehow. the lakers have won 11 games all year and ronnie price is living proof that it hasn't
6:55 pm
exactly been a slam dunk in l.a. he wouldn't even get a seat on southwest with a miss like that. notre dame's grant showing you how to finish. sure he kicked jackson in the face. but never ruin a great dunk with details. the irish are 4-1. st. bonaventure head coach on a scooter due to a torn achilles. and down goes frazier. might need a wheelchair now. look at him. he got up. hopped around. and did the handshake. good start to the new year for andrew luck. escapes the fire and strikes moncrief as he's fallen down. luck and the colts advance to the second round. sergio brown jacked out of his mind. >> woo! wheeling and dealing. jets flying. i'm having a hard time pulling these alligators down. give me two claps.
6:56 pm
woo! >> let me check the demographic of our crew here. who is he doing? >> oh, man. >> anybody in the audience know who he was doing? >> james brown. >> give me the tape. >> you're talking to the rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing wheel and dealing. jets flying. son of a gun and i'm having a hard time holding these alligators down. woo! >> of course that was the great rick flare but i think the coach's locker room was a little bit more down to the tune. >> that was good stuff. >> colts moving on. >> for news throughout the evening, latest always on we're all back.
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good, good. thank y'all. i appreciate you, now. thank you very much. i appreciate it. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we've got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day, from augusta, georgia, it's the vandiver family. [cheering and applause] and from grady, alabama, it's the dicks family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion hybrid, folks. [cheering and applause] all right, let's get it on! it's going to be a long day! let's play "feud." give me amy. give me pebbles. ["family feud" theme playing]
7:00 pm
top 7 answers on the board. name something people do to their dogs that a wife might want to do to her husband. amy? >> bathe it. steve: bathe it. [cheering] >> come on! come on! >> we're going to play. steve: they're going to play. [cheering and applause] well, miss--it's frida? >> fredia. steve: okay, let me ask you this. is anybody in the family the cook? >> i'm a cook. i am a great cook. steve: i know that. come on. grady, alabama. >> i am a cook. steve: let me ask you something. what's one of your specialties? i know you've got a bunch. >> turnip greens, cornbread, and black-eyed peas. whoo! [applause]


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