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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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wild weather across the country. a steep drop in temperatures follows a snowstorm heading east. while torrential rain in the northwest triggers floods and dangerous mudslides. the son of a millionaire hedge fund founder is charged with killing his father. hear what police are saying sparked the murder. sinking stocks on wall street and in overseas markets, the falling price of oil sends a chill through investors worldwide. and canine comfort. a plan to help cheer up a young cancer patient becomes a web sensation. >> it doesn't matter what their dog is doing. it could just be a basic picture, it will make me smile no matter what.
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>> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, january 6th, 2015. captioning funded by cbs good morning, good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning a dangerously painfully cold mass of arctic air is spreading across much of the country. the high in chicago today is expected to be 16 degrees. the windchill yesterday made it feel more like 30 below zero. it's so cold fire is being used to keep rail switches from freezing. the city is considering closing its public schools tomorrow. along with the cold up to 6 inches of snow is expected. snowfall up to 7 inches was reported overnight in central iowa. and windchills are expected to reach 35 below zero tonight. travel is not recommended. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz has more on the freezing jet stream. >> what is january? as you might think, it's all
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winter in the forecast we've been tracking snow coming down in illinois and indiana overnight. had some in pennsylvania over towards philly and d.c. before wrapping up light snow in boston. the totals, a lot of it on the ground. we'll see some significant and treacherous travel here especially west of d.c. heading into western maryland for the morning drive. but then it's all about the cold seeping its way southward. heading into today, wednesday by thursday, the coldest of the air moving in. high temperatures filling in, across the upper midwest. lots of single digits, even subzero high temps today. 20s and teens for much of the northeast. we head into wednesday, the colder air making its way south. in nashville, widespread single digits. even subzero highs. and the peak of the cold as we head into wednesday night, look at these windchill values colder than 30 below zero in spots. places like atlanta, windchill down around zero. lots of layers and be safe is out there. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news.
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in western washington state, the issue is torrential rain that triggered widespread flooding. up to 9 inches of rain fell flooding streets and forcing evacuations including about 60 nursing home residents. all that rain triggered a mudslide that pushed one home right off its foundation. two women were in the house when the mud hit. but they managed to escape. officials say it may be days before area roads are passable. and here in new york city this morning a manhunt is under way for at least two suspects following a shooting of two police officers. the plain clothes officers were responding to a robbery last night. they were shot when they stopped a car. the officers sustained nonlife-threatening injuries. police say the officers were not targeted by the gunmen unlike two officers who were shot two weeks ago. and a bus driver and a student are dead after a freight
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train hit a school bus in rural north dakota. the train collided with the bus yesterday about 100 miles north of fargo. officials say the bus failed to yield to the railroad crossing and stop signs. it was a typical rule of crossing with no crossing gate. the students in were in grades search through 12. some others on the bus were injured, some seriously. the 114th congress opens for business today. republicans now control both the house and senate holding their largest majority in the house in 84 years. speaker john boehner is expected to survive two long-shot challenges to his leadership. and the gop says it's intent on overturning many of president obama's policies and programs. mark albert is in washington. mark, good morning. >> good morning. republicans return here energized by their new power but also still angered by the president's unilateral action on environment, immigration and cuba. in fact, he'll propose more ideas starting tomorrow.
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republicans promise quick action as well. >> reporter: for the first time in eight years republicans are in control of both the house and senate. north carolina senator thom tillis is among 71 new members of the congress who will take the oath of office today. >> regulatory reform is one of the single most important things we can do to get the government back on track. >> reporter: tennessee representative marsha blackburn outlined some of the toughest issues. >> immigration, health care. >> reporter: the enhanced republican majority, the largest since the great depression promises to greenlight the long-stalled keystone xl pipeline. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell who will take over as senate majority leader could try to move the bill to the floor as early as thursday. but it's unclear if president obama would veto it. >> where republicans don't agree, you're going to see the
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president take decisive action on it where he can. >> reporter: conservatives with their defense of house majority w.h.i.p. steve scalise. the louisiana republican came under fire last week following reports he spoke at a white supremacist group in 2002. >> who they choose to serve in their leadership says a lot about who they are. >> reporter: meanwhile, dozens who plan to oppose the republicans is john boehner, house speaker is expected to prevail. as republicans come in, the president hits the road kicking off a three-day trip starting tomorrow. beginning in michigan, heading to arizona and tennessee later in the week. he'll tout new proposals on home ownership, college education and job creation. anne-marie. >> mark albert in washington. thank you, mark. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell learns his fate at a sensing hearing today. mcdonnell is asking a judge to sentence him to community service on 11 corruption
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charges. prosecutors want him to serve at least ten years in prison. the court has received hundreds of letter, asking for leniency. and jury selection continues this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. the 21-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was in court monday. the process is expected to take weeks with a pool of 1200 potential jurors. prosecutors face the challenge of seating a panel willing to consider the death penalty if tsarnaev is convicted. and this morning, divers have joined the search for airasia flight 8501 thanks to better conditions. the area of the java sea being scoured has expanded. officials think weather and currents have moved the wreckage eastward. the divers are looking where sonar detected five large pieces of wreckage over the weekend. but so far, only 37 bodies have been recovered. 162 were on board. when the plane went down in bad weather ten days ago. the u.s. ski team is mourning the loss of two young athletes killed in an avalanche in the austrian alps. the tragedy happened while they were training in the mountain
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over soelden near the rettenbach glacier. omar villafranca reports. >> reporter: signs warning about the potential of avalanches have been posted around soelden, austria. on monday, a group of six is skiers including 20-year-old ronnie berlack and 19-year-old bryce astle left a trail to do free skiing. that apparently set off an avalanche that killed them. rescue cruise flew in by helicopter but it was too late. martin visor of the alpine police said there were two emergency positions onsite, he said. they tried everything. unfortunately without success. >> hi my name is bryce astle. i'm an alpine ski racer out of sandy, utah and i am 19 years old. >> reporter: astle's mother said her son wanted to compete in the
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next olympics. both men were u.s. ski team prospects. tom kelly vice president of operations for the u.s. ski team said they will be missed. >> these were two great men. not two great ski racers, but great young men. >> reporter: neither was wearing avalanche emergency gear. omar villafranca, cbs news. the son of a wealthy fund manager is in police custody this morning. thomas gilbert jr. was arraigned late monday. he faces murder and criminal possession of a weapons charges in the death of his father thomas gilbert sr. he was shot to death sunday in his home in an upscale apartment building. police say gilbert junior was in debt and the two men argued when his father cut back his allowance. coming up on the "morning news," petco probe. the pet retailer is under investigation for treats that may have sickened thousands of animals. and later how a social media pet project is helping a young cancer patient. this is the "cbs morning news." young cancer patient. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a tanker truck driver is in critical condition following a fiery collision in florida. authorities in st. petersburg say a utility truck slammed into a tanker carrying 10,000 gallons of fuel which spilled then ignited. the tanker truck driver suffered second and third degree burns. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, oil prices plunge and petco pulls dog and cat treats. jill wagner's at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. good morning, anne-marie, oil prices continue their slide, briefly hovering below $50 a barrel yesterday. that's the first time that's happened since april 2009. u.s. benchmark crude lost another $2.65 yesterday closing at just over $50 a barrel. analysts believe we haven't seen the bottom yet. the falling price of oil and fears over the greek economy are hitting markets worldwide. tokyo's nikkei lost 3%, falling to its lowest level in nearly
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ten months. hong kong's hang seng dropped 1%. here on wall street the dow lost 331 points or nearly 2%. the s&p lost 37 points yesterday, the significantest one-day drop since october 9th and the nasdaq fell 74 points. shares of internet giant aol jumped after filled with accusations about a joint venture or possible acquisition. aol stock was up 12% or $50 a share in after-hours trading. bloomberg news reports that verizon wants to expand its mobile offerings and is interested in aol's advertising technology. petco stopped selling chinese made dog and cat treats. the fda says it's investigating the treats after receiving nearly 5,000 complaints. but initial tests have not
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connected the treats to the illnesses. a rival firm petsmart, says it plans to stop selling the treats by march. and toyota is showing off quite a bit at the consumer electronics show. the carmaker is allowing its competitors to use its hydrogen fuel cell patents for free. toyota's hydrogen fueled mariah is due to be sold in the u.s. by october. toyota hopes free use of its patents will spur the development of hydrogen refueling stations. anne-marie. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, jill. still to come, an nfl team might be on the move. and the league's top ref talks about a controversial call in sunday's playoff game between the lions and the cowboys. call in sunday's playoff game between the lions and the cowboys. gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying!
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. we will learn today who is headed to cooperstown in the summer. the baseball writers association of america will announce the 2015 inductees into the hall of fame this morning. topping the list of players in the first year of eligibility, five-time cy young award winning pitcher randy johnson, former red sox ace pedro martinez and pitcher john smoltz who started
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for atlanta as both a starter and a closer. an nfl team might be returning to its roots by moving halfway across the country. a development group owned by st. louis rams owner stan kroenke has shown plans for the stadium built on the site of the hollywood racetrack. the rams played in los angeles from 1946 to 1994 but kroenke has not said if he plans to move the team back to southern california. the nfl's chief referee is talking about the controversial call in sunday's playoff game between dallas and detroit. the officiating helped the the officiating crew made a call that helps the cowboys mount a fourth quarter comeback to win
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the game. dean blandino, the nfl's head of officiating said he thought there should have been a call on the play. he also said the officials should have done a better job of explaining the decision to the fans. when we return, four-legged cancer fans. we'll show you how they're getting support from furry friends in a project that's gone viral. creamy mayo. crispy chicken. made with a pop of pepper and a little tlc... all for just a dollar. no bells, no whistles, no apologies. the mcchicken you know the mcchicken you love. part of dollar menu & more. choices you can count on at prices you'll be lovin. ♪
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the chilling new clues that have police worried.. she's in serious trouble. working on the clock -- but not a minute more. what's prompting a teacher slowdown in one bay area school district. governor jerry made history when he was sworn in for an unprecendented fourth term yesterday. what we can expect for the next four years. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. florida's ban on same-sex marriage is over this morning. in miami-dade county, same-sex couples started getting married monday afternoon following a judge's decision. it became legal state wide at midnight. clerks in some counties began issuing marriage licenses overnight. florida is the 36th state to legalize same-sex marriage. an arizona teen fighting cancer is getting support from around the world this morning. greg are goes of our phoenix
4:21 am
affiliate kpxo shows us how strangers with a shared love of dogs are easing his loneliness. >> reporter: sitting in his hospital bed in phoenix hospital, anthony lyons got a visit from sesean. >> five six, seven, eight. >> wow. >> reporter: sesean is a therapy dog and to anthony, these visits are about the only good thing here. >> most of my days here are sad and depressing. i'll sit in my bed with blankets over my head, not talk to anyone. >> reporter: anthony is in his sixth month of intense therapy to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia. most days it keeps him away from the world. >> it just really makes me sick in here. it's like a very uncomfortable sick feeling. >> reporter: but dogs have always brightened his day. especially his three dogs waiting at home. that's why a friend of his mom started this facebook page.
4:22 am
>> say i live in florida, and i wanted to tend you this video and tell you high and hope you feel better. >> reporter: photo doggies for anthony. >> next thing we knew, 300 people. oh, my gosh, 300 people. anthony's just laughing and smiling. >> reporter: the page blew up over the weekend, climbing to more than 800,000 posts. anthony's mother kristen can no longer to keep up to say thank you. >> you know they just took the picture just for that site. >> he's got glasses in the hat. >> reporter: anthony says he loves seeing every picture. he knows the fight against leukemia will take years but the shared love of dogs means he's not fighting alone. >> i love all the pictures. it doesn't matter what their dog is doing. it can just be a basic picture that will make me smile no matter what. >> well, anthony, you're probably about to get a lot more pictures. that was greg argos of our phoenix affiliate kpho.
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coming up on "cbs this morning" -- the latest on the cold weather in the midwest and northeast. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." green. this is the "cbs morning news." sweet mother of softness... charmin!!! take a closer look at charmin ultra soft and you'll love what you see. not only can you use less, but you can actually see the softness in our comfort cushions. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? hey ladies you love it, you've gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistable. everybody craves those crazy squares.
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here's another look at this morning's top story. a blast of arctic air is moving across much of the country this morning. numbing, subfreezing temperatures will be felt from the dakotas to the atlantic coast. heavy rain out west triggered mudslides in washington state. also the 114th congress convenes today. republicans control both the house and the senate for the first time in eight years. a group of conservatives say it will oppose speaker john boehner, but he is expected to have enough votes to survive. the consumer electronics show gets under way today in las vegas, and this year, cars are
4:26 am
getting an upgrade with high-tech gadgets. bigad shaban shows us what's new behind the wheel. >> the steering wheel is moving but there's no one in the driver's seat. >> that is right. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: bmw took us for a ride in its latest prototype, an electric car that can hunt for a parking spot all on its own, with just the simple command of a smartwatch. >> bmw, park yourself. >> reporter: the engineer gave us a preview of what bmw plans to unveil at the consumer electronic show here in las vegas. >> so it's using sensors to make sure it's not hitting anything. >> right, right, four laser scanners one to each side of the car, so we precisely know where the objects are. >> once you leave the parking garage, you simply give another command to your smartwatch. bmw, pick me up. and the car heads right for you. >> reporter: vehicle boasting internet connections and
4:27 am
compatibility with phones and music are the new norm. at least 30 million users are now connected to the internet. that number is expected to quadruple to 152 million by 2020. gary says it now makes up 90% of his company's fleet. >> systems allow the customers do what it is they want to do and get back to driving. >> reporter: but if you're holding out for a car that will do that driving for you. bmw isn't sure when its latest technology will make its way to the open road. bigad shaban, cbs news, las vegas. >> but i'll be right there when it does. very cool. spacex launches a supply mission to the international space station this morning. but it's the rocket's return not its takeoff that's ground breaking. spacex it try to land the 14-story booster on a platform that's floating in the atlantic after soaring close to 150 miles high. it's part of the company's plan to keep launch costs down. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more
4:28 am
on the clipper system hitting the midwest and northeast. we'll get the forecast. plus, how hackers are getting around fingerprint security scanners on your mobile devices. and norah sits down with the youngest woman ever elected to congress 30-year-old elise stefanik. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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good morning everyone, it's tuesday, january 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. time now 4:30 and we start this
4:30 am
hour with breaking news in san francisco. a major freeway is closed this morning because of police activity there. blocked at see car chavez street and traffic now being detoured to highway 101 at that point. police are talking with a man on the roadway at the 280 and 101 interchange. we'll update you as we get more information. liz you have more on the closure? >> it's been closed for several hours now and we don't really have a permitted time when they're going to reopen it. no huge backaches. the detours are pretty obvious. but ryan takeo is going to be reporting live there from the scene. in fact he just got there and tweeted this photo. you can see the roads blocked around 25th and pennsylvania in san francisco. again you cannot access southbound 280 that extension all the way near at&t park straight on down toward the 101 interchange. so yeah, 101 is going to be the best bet as you see the cars right there at cesar chavez. good morning everybody. currently out the door, we have a


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