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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the senate. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell will be the new majority leader. i, jerry brown do solemnly swear. >> a day after he was sworn in for a fourth term, governor jerry brown will attend the ground breaking for the state's $58 billion high speed rail system. the project will eventually link san francisco with l. a.. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> barnes' three is good. >> good morning everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm happy tuesday everyone, it is 5:00, a little weather and traffic and you are going to love the weather today. because it's gorgeous outside. >> we have just segued from rain to record cold to now near and record warmth. good morning everybody. anywhere from 36-degrees in santa rosa. wow it just dropped to 34. this is realtime information. 40s common across the bay to 50 degrees at sfo.
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we do have our fifth consecutive spare the air day. going to see the air that you breathe today. and meanwhile we will feel that near or record warm temperatures and 72 degrees in san jose. much warmer in the tri-valley today. 67 degrees in redwood city. we'll have that full seven day forecast straight ahead. and checking the roads, if you heard us a little earlier they finally got that distraught man into custody safely so they should be reopening lanes on southbound 280 here very shortly. that's been closed now for about five hours. that southbound 280 extension at 101 for all that police activity. so if you're about to start your morning commute, trying to get out of strong, you may want -- san francisco, you may want to wait another half hour or so. in the meantime you can use cesar chavez to southbound 101. we also still have this one way traffic control in effect in napa county. near the lake county border. highway 29. there was an overturned truck and crews are still out there as well as chp directing traffic around. southbound 880 they just should have cleared the overnight road work southbound between hagueen
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berger and 98 and just a little bit of slow traffic in antioch. 33 miles per hour but now that the kids are back in school people are back to work after the holidays. we're starting to see that slow traffic near 8th street. and westbound 580 a touch of slowing near the oscar pistorius coming out of -- altamonte pass coming out of tracy but so far so good near the dublin interchange and the drive time is fine. so hopefully they'll reopen that 280 closure very shortly. that should help things flow a lot better. >> all right liz thanks. we're on the scene of some of that breaking news in san francisco there morning as liz mentioned. kpix 5's ryan takeo along interstate highway 280 which was closed southbound to traffic since about midnight but changes are -- things are changing ryan take it away. >> reporter: still closed all lanes southbound 280 still closed. but we know that chp and local police, sfpd have the man in custody. we are near a southbound 280 off ramp -- on ramp right here. over at 280 in san francisco. 25th and pennsylvania. that's the on ramp that's
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closed. still closed and all lanes are expected to be closed on southbound 280 on the way to 101. that's for the next half hour we expect the lanes to be open in the next half hour. police were trying to talk down a man off the ledge. and we know that they have that man in custody. and as far as we know, there are no injuries to report from this. so of course they wanted to come to a safe conclusion and for it not to disrupt the commute hours and no that's the latest from -- so that's the latest from here. we know that 280 is supposed to be open southbound in the next 30 minutes. we're live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. governor brown made history. >> state your name. >> i jerry brown. >> do solemnly swear. >> do solemnly swear. >> he was sworn in yesterday for an unprecedented fourth term and laid out his plans for the next four years. brown says the biggest challenge will be to keep from
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building up costs as california builds for the future. >> we've extended health care to millions. we're transforming our educational and criminal justice systems. we are building the nation's only high speed rail system. >> the governor is calling for a freeze on university of california tuition hikes. he also wants to increase renewable energy use by 50% statewide. and cut gasoline use by half. and at this hour -- later today the governor will help move the high speed rail project to the next level. brown will be in fresno for the system's ground-breaking ceremony. the $68 billion system is designed to eventually link the bay area with los angeles. and libby schaaf also has a new job today. she was sworn in as oakland mayor's yesterday. her most vocal critics were waiting when she arrived at the inauguration ceremony in a fire blowing snail car. there you go. they held up signs and even
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sang their protests. >> a part of what makes oakland oakland is it is a birthplace of social movement. it is a place of protests and passionate politics. i embrace that. i support it. >> mayor did not talk about how she would stop small bands of vandals who have recently shattered windows shut down freeways and frustrated a number of oaklanders. happening today, sam liccardo will be the 65th mayor of san jose. although he gail tan the new job -- actually began the new job last thursday. kiet do is in downtown san jose with more on what liccardo's already been doing and some of the challenges he faces. kiet? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, this inauguration and swearing in is largely ceremonial. that's because similar liccardo -- sam liccardo took over on new year's day. he went along with the police department ride along. after that, he toured the county's largest homeless shelter and it was all a concerted effort to acknowledge the city's biggest problems. the thousands of homeless who work but cannot afford the sky high rent and police officers
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leaving san jose for better pay and benefits. the ride along was liccardo's attempt to reach out to his harshest critics the police union. >> never hurts certainly to be able to take a look and see for yourself what our officers are dealing with on a daily basis. i'll continue to reach out and get negotiations moving here. >> nothing has changed. police officers are still going to leave. until we fix measure b.. until we're competitive here. until there's a safety net for officers that they can stay and know they're going to get taken care of. the officers are going to continue to resign and retire. >> reporter: after voters passed pension reform in 2012 san jose police officers started leaving for other departments as jpd now has the lowest number of officers it's seen in years and part of pension reform remains tied up in court. it's set for 6:00 p.m. tonight at the center for performing arts in downtown san jose for the inauguration. it is free but you have to register online if you want to
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go. we're live at city hall. kiet do, kpix 5. >> the man liccardo is replacing former mayor chuck reed wasted no time in getting a new job. he's joining the san jose law firm hopkins and carly as special counsel. in its real estate group. reed was previously a managing partner in his own firm focused on real estate and land use law and that was before he went on to serve two terms as city council member and then two terms as mayor. 5:07 now. safeway will settle an illegal dumping case with $10 million. they charged the store threw away items in the dump rather than following some environmental procedures and also found pharmacy records were trashed in a way the than protect customers' privacy. a man hunt is underway in new york city this morning after two officers were shot and wounded while responding to a robbery. investigators hope surveillance video helps identify the suspects. it shows someone opening fire last night at a grocery store
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in the bronx. fellow officers swarmed the area but both suspects got away. and this all follows the murder of two officers last month. 5:08 your time. one of biggest annual tech events kicking off today in las vegasment just ahead a look at some of the gadgets and gizmos and contraptions at the consumer electronics show. >> also ahead the thriller in winnipeg last night. a dramatic end to last night's sharks' game. that's coming up in sports. stay with us. >> i watched a little bit of that game it was exciting. good evening everybody, we have near or record warmth right here in the bay area. i'll pinpoint the location. >> and all lanes of southbound 280 in san francisco should be reopening within the next 20 minutes. we'll show you the best detours and how it's affecting traffic right now. in the meantime we want to know what drives crazy during the commute? ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or e-mail me at e we thinker -- e
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we thinker@kpix 5 and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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high is 60 degrees? meanwhile 72 degrees in claire and 67-degree -- santa clara and 67-degrees in danville. lots of hazy sunshine, it's a winter spare the air alert day at 64-degrees in vallejo and lots of haze across the northern portion of the bay area, 60s will be common and good morning san francisco, the high today at 61. thank you roberta. petco is removing dog and cat treats made in china from its stores. it's a bit concerned now the treats may have sickened thousands of pets and killed as many as 1,000 dogs in the u.s. since '07. the fda got more than 4,000 complaints after pets ate the jerky treats from china. petco is the first pet retailer to pull the snacks. rival petsmart says it will have the treats off its shelves by march. well, techies will be flocking to vegas today. it's the start of the consumer electronics show. >> reporter kara tsuboi has a preview of the latest gadgets in las vegas. >> reporter: the newest techs
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being unveiled at this year's consumer electronics show is smart, connected and often times quirky. >> you can see here, we have a printer. >> reporter: wearables are making another big showing. expanding beyond fitness trackers by leaps and bounds. the vet sensor tells you how high you jump while the temp track adhesive thermometer resembles a band-aid. wearables aren't just for tracking fitness but also for safety. this cycling jacket as a built- in mosquito sensor when you go to signal it will let drivers know you want to turn left. appliances and gadgets for your home are getting a high-tech upgrade from a digital tape measure by e-measure inc. >> i can have this measurement here. >> reporter: to a smart baby bottle that helps babies not take in air when they feed. >> probably going to see a lot of smart garden products and smart products anything that you can think of in your home that could have some sort of digital function. >> reporter: as always, the show promises to feature
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traditional tech labii begannic televisions with better and better resolution. >> this is the year that 4k tv is going to become accessible to normal people. >> reporter: all major automakers will be at the show. >> we'll probably hear more about autonomous things in cars, things like smart valet options in luxury cars. we separation with wearable -- integration are wearables. >> reporter: there's always the roller shoes. check in las vegas, i'm sara sue kara tsuboi. >> so that should be fun. i already saw the mercedes i like. >> you were taking notes there. it's like four football fields big. how do you go through everything there? >> take days in las vegas. how fun? >> i know. >> is that would be a cool gig
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to have for a reporter for sure. still in effect in san francisco the traffic alert. should be roping lanes very shortly and picking up cones. in the meantime chp has been tweeting giving us updates, kudos to them. here's the latest one. noting the breaking news from san francisco. southbound 280 is closed at 101 about to leave your house trying to get out of the city. but there's the picture and then actually taking the distraught man the suspect into custody safely. so yeah they're going to be reopening that stretch here by 5:30. that's the latest worldment in the meantime use -- word. in the meantime use the amount gnat. in the meantime. here's a look at highway 29. near the napa lake county border they just reopened all lanes and there was an overturned truck if for a while the freeway -- highway was shut down. right now they just reopened lanes within the last five mine. 880 in oakland is fine. do notice some flashing lights there in the northbound lanes i think just an ambulance. maybe -- and it looks -- well
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there you go. i'm not hearing any reports of an accident by the way. if you're heading towards that area. toward high street. westbound highway 4 in antioch, more slow traffic. the back to work commute continues. tuesday, 26 miles per hour as you pass 8th street. westbound 580 still looks great through the livermore valley. the only slowing we're seeing is out of 205 near tracy. the bridges fortunately no weather related advisories, westbound 92 looks great out of hayward and coming off of the high-rise eastbound 92 also fine into hayward. and the bay bridge out in the clear, overnight road work greet end to end between oakland and san francisco. that's your latest kcbs traffic. roberta an early taste of spring? absolutely and that's not a good thing, no rain in the forecast for several days. good morning everything. looking -- everybody. looking outdoors, we have clear skies as we take a birdseye view out towards the bay bridge. the city of san francisco. it is 50 degrees.
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it is 40 in san jose. it is 36 degrees in santa rosa. it is the fifth consecutive winter spare the air day today. it is the tenth so far this season. that's basically where you're going to see that air that you -- the air that you breathe. a little ting in the atmosphere. near record warmth across the santa clara valley today cooler and a little bet more clouds by friday and no chance of rain until about next thursday. all right here's the futurecast. let's walk through it together. no clouds today. watch the clock tick on by. no clouds on wednesday. now we do have an area of low pressure that we're hoping to bring in some rain by thursday. we were always saying minimal chances and now the rain event watch right around there stays out towards the outer waters but what it will do is we kind of break down this ridge of high pressure allowing cooler air mass to work its way back into the bay area by the tail end of the workweek. until then, 68 in fresno and 72 monterey bay. spring skiing in tahoe at 56 degrees. our numbers out of the 50s into the 60s and in the 70s. the winds will be out of the
5:18 am
southeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. looks like we do have near or record warmth again on wednesday a little bit more widespread. and then we begin to cool down by the end of the workweek. and again i'll watch an area of low pressure that will perhaps bring us the rain by the tail end of next week. big storm by the end of month. just keep watching. >> 70s though. that's incredible. >> i know. it is. >> we like that enjoy the next few days. >> no. >> we can enjoy the next few days of sunshine. >> going to rain all february and march. thank you so much roberta. okay. well, millions of americans, they're dealing with snow and cold weather this morning. >> they are. don champion reports it could get so cold that parts of the south will have windchills in the single digits this week. >> reporter: it's finally looking like winter across the country. the first big snowstorm of 2015 blanketed parts of the midwest overnight. >> just go slow and put it in four wheel drive. that's all you can do. >> reporter: in poor yea, illinois crews worked well into the morning clearing roads.
5:19 am
in chicago, commuters complained it also finally felt like winter. it's so cold in the city, commuter rail workers had to use open flames monday to keep rail switches on the tracks warm and working. >> if the switch does not engage properly the train could derail. >> reporter: in minneapolis monday morning, temperatures dipped down to 11 below. and those subarea temps will continue for the next couple of days. a system and dip in the jet stream and part of the dakotas more than half a foot of snow is already on the ground. the deep freeze will now settle in across the country. even in parts of the south. we head into wednesday can the colder air making more progress south. >> now we've got highs in the 20s in nashville and widespread single digits even subzero highs. >> reporter: it's expected to drop snow from washington, d.c. to boston later this morning. don champion, cbs news, new
5:20 am
york. a local pharma complex gets in hot water for the first time in days. just ahead, what took so long. >> good morning everybody. there was supposed to be a thunderstorm in oakland last night. but unless you're counting onset curry and clay -- onset curry and clay thompson, that's coming up. >> we may come and feature your school on the show.
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but anyone can help a foster child. so yeah we'll keep you updated and we're just kind of waiting for word when they're going to reopen of that stretch of freeway. in the meantime a check of the rest of the bay area traffic and plus your bridges, kcbs traffic it's all coming up. people in a san jose apartment building have hot water for the first time a week. strong winds knocked over a tree last week ripping up gas lines at the men claire apartments, pg&e during a trench to fix it -- dug a
5:24 am
trench to fix it. they would to rehighlight -- they had to relight everyone's pilot light. good morning everyone. kevin durant had 30 points in one-half. the last time the thunder were in the bay area. but the reigning mvp didn't even come close to that last night. just one loss at home all season for curry and company. first quarter, durant ripped under his own hoop and green to clay thompson. up court. warriors up eight. durant made just 3-16 shots. harrison barnes couldn't miss on the other hand. tic-tac-toe to the black falcon. he was 5-5 from downtown and had a season high 23. the warriors led by 20 at the half. the laugher the rest of the way. thompson throws it down and thompson and curry combined for 38. the thunder shoots just 30%. warriors are now 14-1 at oracle. todd mccell land and the sharks facing the jets, "west side story" reference never
5:25 am
gets old. game tied at 2. joe pavelski wins the face-off and the puck finds the pickle marc-edouard vlasic and buries it to win the game. sharks winners and warriors winners and mike shanahan seems to be the hot name between either the raiders or the 49ers. depends on who you believe. i'm dennis o'donnell, we'll have the 49er coaching update tonight at 6:00. thank you dennis, we're going to go back to winnipeg for the morning's play of the day. dennis just showed it to you. >> pavelski wins the drop. koa cure over to vlasic, shoots, he scores! marc-edouard vlasic. >> familiar voice huh? san jose scores with 4.5 seconds left in the third period and that is your game. it gave the sharks a 3-2 win over the jets and earned our play of the day. nice. >> cool. >> 5:25. we've got cool cars. >> just ahead, the futuristic
5:26 am
automobiles at this year's consumer electronics show in las vegas. >> also ahead, tragedy strikes the u.s. ski team.
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next four years, with sam licc he's been mayor for days now and this evening, it becomes formal. what can be expected in the nest four years with sam liccardo leading san jose. the drama that unfolded that could have put a big damper on the morning commute. we're live on 280. near or record warmth across the bay area today. and i'll pinpoint those locations. and checking the ride through the altamonte pass and the livermore valley, we're going to see our usual slowdowns now and we'll have the travel times it's all
5:30 am
coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, january 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. an all night situation on the san francisco freeway ended a short time ago. and the chp reopened southbound interstate 280 at cesar chavez street within last few minutes. it was closed about midnight because of police activity at the 280, 101 interchange. the man involved in that activity has now been taken into custody. >> teenager from richmond is missing and she may be held against her will. suv-year-old belinda carson left the home last thursday night and she has not been seen since new year's, but a facebook message suggested she was scared and trying to get home. early sunday morning, she called her family. >> she called my grandmother. and once i heard my grandmother, she doesn't raise her voice, it was about 6:00 in the morning, she said what? what happened? -- so instantly the whole family was up. what's going on? and she was just boohooing and breaking down crying. she was just so, so, so, so
5:31 am
dad. >> police say the girl may be with 21-year-old man and possibly another man who may be holding her captive. happening today the man who became mayor of san jose will be formally inaugurated. kiet do is? san jose with a -- in san jose with a look at some of the issues sam liccardo will be facing. >> reporter: good morning, he actually took over over as mayor on new year's day. so tonight's inauguration is largely ceremonial. nonetheless he will likely take this opportunity to talk about the city's two biggest problems, that is hiring more police officers and the homeless. he spent his first day on the job touring the county's largest homeless shelter and mayor liccardo says the homeless problem is a top priority. liccardo also did a police ride along and that was an attempt to reach out to his harshest critics the police union. >> we know they've been understaff asked they're hustling hard to get to all the calls and it was important for me to see firsthand. >> nothing has changed. police officers are still going to leave until we fix measure
5:32 am
b.. >> reporter: and that last interview was incoming police union president sergeant paul kelly talking about measure b. pension reform. after voters passed it in 2012. san jose police officers started leaving for other departments and sjpd now has the lowest number of officers it's seen in years. part of measure b. is tied up in court. tonight's inauguration is set for 6:00 p.m. tonight at the center for performing arts in downtown san jose. if you want to go, it is free, but you do have to register online. we're live at city hall in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the man liccardo is replacing chuck reed wasted no time in getting a new job. he's joining the san jose law firm hop kins and carly as special counsel in its real estate group. and oakland libby schaaf sworn in as the mayor yesterday. some of her most vocal critics were waiting when she arrived at this inauguration ceremony in this a fire blowing snail
5:33 am
car of all things. >> part of what makes oakland oakland is it's a birth police station of social movement and it's a birthplace of politics and passionate protests. >> the mayor did not talk about how she would stop small bands of vandals though who have recently shattered windows not town and frustrated a lot of folks in the city. governor jerry brown made history in sacramento when he was sworn in for an unprecedented fourth term. phil matier takes a look at what brown has on the agenda for the next four years. >> reporter: inauguration day in sacramento. a time for old friends and adversaries to meet, to plot. >> i jerry brown. >> do solemnly swear. >> reporter: and to get the first look at what the governor has planned for the next four years. >> the challenge is to build for the future, not steal from it. we've extended health care to millions.
5:34 am
we're transforming our educational and criminal justice systems. we're building the nation's only high speed rail system. [ applause ] >> reporter: but it comes at a cost! the costs will run into the billions. >> reporter: one area that the governor won't budge on is his call for no hikes in uc student tuition. >> i said before, i'll not make the students of california the default financiers of our colleges and universities. [ applause ] >> reporter: he also wants to increase the use of renewable energy in california by #% over the -- 50% over the next four years and cut car and truck gas use by half. >> california must show the way. >> reporter: just as interesting however were the hot button issues the governor didn't talk about. >> tax reform. >> reporter: or the heave to legalize recreational marijuana or the controversial plan to tunnel water from the delta to
5:35 am
the southland. >> well? i think he hit a lot of roadblocks with it lately. >> reporter: phil matier, kpix 5. >> today the governor goes to fresno for something he's been pushing since the 1980s and that's high speed rail. the ground-breaking is at noon for the state's $68 billion system. which will eventually link san francisco to los angeles. tonight, san francisco police chief will hold a town hall meeting to talk about a deadly police shooting. police say the man shot and killed by officers left suicide letters one message was addressed to the officer who shot him. it happened sunday in the apartment of the mission station in an -- parking lot of the mission station in an area off-limits to the application. it turns out -- public. it turns out it was an air soft gun and it turns out the man meant to provoke the police officers. his letter to the police officer says -- the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. tonight's town hall meeting will t six o'clock the officers involved have been
5:36 am
placed on administrative leave now. tonight's town hall meeting will be at 6:00 at the cornerstone church at 17th street right near the shooting scene. it is 5:56 right now. we're going get another look at weather with roberta and a pretty good day right? nice day out there? >> the only problem is that we have very stagnant air. yet another winter spare the air alert. the fifth consecutive one. the 11th of the season and to be honest i can see us hanging into the weather pattern through the weekend and through next week as well. >> come back up. >> the winds only out of the southeast 5 miles per hour today. good morning everybody. as you're heading on out the door we have a variety of numbers for you. into the 30s into the 40s and even into the 50s. 36 degrees san rafael. it is 44 in fremont. it is 51 degrees in san francisco. again, a winter spare the air alert day. no burning is allowed. now this is what you can expect today. near or record warm temperatures especially across the southern half of the bay
5:37 am
area. san jose the record 74. we're forecasting 72 degrees and also equally as mild in the gilroy and morgan hill area. santa cruz at 73 degrees and otherwise 60s common everywhere. your headlines for today well we had frosty areas early this morning in throughout the santa rosa area. we are seeing gradual warming today and all the way through tomorrow and our high temperatures will top off in the 60s and low 70s. roads improving. weather not so much. here's elizabeth. thank you. and all right let's go back out to 280 once again. if you just heard of the top after the half hour all lanes back open and chp has been great about tweeting us the photos of their crisis intervention teams there. trying to get the man into custody and he was safely taken into custody. and they were able to reopen everything so now really kind of back to normal now in san francisco along the 280 extension and 101 this was a good alternate there for a while. closed for nearly six hours. here's a live look at the sensors coming through the
5:38 am
altamonte pass and livermore valley usual slowdowns on 205. now extended past north flynn. sluggish even past vasco. so the drive time has jumped to about 20 minutes now and it looks okay at the dublin interchange. but the drive time is in that slow category now. bay bridge wow, that commute back to work is here. on the tuesday, we no longer seeing that holiday light traffic. fastrak lanes still look okay. the cash lanes are filling in. i know yesterday they switched on the metering lights around the usual time around 5:45. so probably likely be the case again today. here's a live look in milpitas. 880, 237. silicon valley drivers are fine. same thing with the san rafael bridge commute so far into marin county. that's kcbs traffic. back to you. the u.s. men's ski team lost two promising members in an avalanche. 20-year-old ronnie burr lack and 19-year-old bryce astol were skiing the alps with four others when they left a marked
5:39 am
trail. the other four were not injured and they were preparing for the world cup competition. it could take weeks to seat a jury in the 2013 boston marathon bombing case. 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was in court yesterday as the first potential jurors filled out questionnaires. the defense suggested plans to show tsarnaev was under the psychological control of his older brother who was killed in a shootout with police. federal prosecutors may seek the death penalty. >> one of the things that's going to happen in this jury selection process is that you have to do what the lawyers call death qualify a jury. and what that means is even if you are against the death penalty, but you say this, you know? i can follow the law. >> tsarnaev is being held in isolation in a federal prison. the trial will likely take months to settle. well, it is january, time for new diets, promises to go to the gym, and also predictions. >> yeah we do a lot of that. cbs news business analyst jill
5:40 am
schlesinger dusted off the crystal ball to tell us what to expect in the upcoming new year. happy new year first and let's kick it off with the economy. what do you think jill? >> happy new year to you. and you know last year, growth accelerated to about 2.4%. that's a bit above the average that we've seen during the four previous years of the recovery. this year, the economy should shift into a higher gear. that's because consumers, businesses, and state and local governments are likely to spend more money. economists see growth of 3%. that would be the fastest pace since 2004 just slightly below the long-term average of 3.3%. >> so what about the job market? >> you know, i like to think of 2014 as the year of the job, because it was likely the best year for job creation since 1999. economists are hopeful that 2015 will be the year of the raise. wage growth has remained stubbornly at 2% during the
5:41 am
recovery. that just about matches the pace of inflation. this year, a strengthening economy should help wages to rise by about let's say 2.5% on an annualized basis. it's not quite the 3% that we snow most recoveries. -- we see in most recoveries but a big help to many americans. >> we're all loving gas and oil prices from the past year, are those going to hold up in the year coming up? >> you know crude plunged bid 46% last year. it's now trading below $50 a barrel this morning. now that drop has helped push down gas prices by over $1 a gallon from a year ago. most economists say that they really think that prices will likely rise later in the year. but that means consumers will probably enjoy fairly low prices overall. that is certainly good news especially here in the first quarter. for more 2015 predictions, you can go to >> how are you going to get us into the gym more often? >> push.
5:42 am
>> oh, yeah -- that's -- i'll do that on thursday. >> oh, yeah. >> i can't wait. >> maybe in february. all right jill. jill schlesinger. live in new york with some great stuff. thanks. it is 5:42 right now. still to come, the car of the future will be able to find its own parking space. connective cars are wowing crowds at the consumer electronics show. >> and despite that cap and trade threat here in california, gas prices do remain low in the state. a look at where they stand in the bay area right now. for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent
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i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. the latest high- tech gadgets will be on display at the co good morning and welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. in fact mountain view but the forecast high today of 69. san jose will be two degrees shy of the record at 72 degrees. we'll see a record in gilroy today. five degrees off the mark in oakland. and in santa cruz.
5:45 am
i'm forecasting 63 in richmond. the latest high-tech gadget lower air disturbance on display at the consumer electronics show -- gadgets will be on display at the consumer electronics show. >> it opens today down in las vegas and bigad shaban is there with a look at the advancement solving so-called -- solving so- called connective cars. >> reporter: the veal is moving but there's no one in the driver's seat. >> that's right. >> reporter: bmw took us for a ride in its latest prototype. an electric car that can hunt for a parking spot all on its own. with just a simple command of a smart watch. >> bmw park yourself. >> reporter: engineer gave us a preview of what bmw plans to unveil at the annual consumer electronics show here in las vegas. >> it's using sensors to make sure that it's not hitting anything. >> right. right. we have four laser scanners. one to each side of the car. so that we precisely know where all it will objects are of the environment. >> reporter: and once you're ready to leave the parking garage you simply give another command to your smart watch.
5:46 am
bmw pick me up. the car heads right for you. vehicles boasting internet connections and compatibility with phones and music players are the new norm. at least 36 million vehicles across the world are now connected to the internet. that number is expected to more than quadruple to 152 million by 2020. ford says connective cars now make up at least 90% of his company's fleet. >> the systems need to let the customers do what it is they want to do and get back the driving. >> reporter: but if you're holding out for a car that will do that driving for you, bmw isn't sure when its latest technology will make its way to the open road. bigad shaban, cbs news, las vegas. >> they're a little slow. >> a little bit. but -- >> just a little. bmw? come here. connected car exhibits now take up double the space they have five years ago. the consumer electronics show continues through friday and we said what if they get a speeding ticket? >> i know i said i would send the ticket to the automaker but
5:47 am
who gets the ticket? >> bmw -- pay my ticket. [ laughter ] all right, fortunately no one is getting a speed ticket at the bay bridge toll plaza. they just switched on the metering lights kind of early too. but before 5:45. so the fastrak, the cash lanes everything is all filling in. and you are stacked up now through the overcrossings and that's okay on the bridge though. they cleared the overnight roadwork a while ago. if you want to ride mass transit everything is on time. b.a.r.t. if you want to avoid the bait there at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay a.c.e. train, caltrain, ferries everything on time. 880 and 237. silicon valley drive. no issues. again it's pretty quiet now that they reopened that southbound 280 extension in san francisco. your bridges are fine. including the rich monosan rafael bridge -- richmond san rafael bridge. this is a lye hook near the oakland coliseum where you can see that drive time still in the green. highway 4 is backed up in the usual spots there coming out of
5:48 am
antioch westbound 32 miles per hour. and starting to see a little bit of slowdowns as well coming into concord on the approach to willow pass. that's kcbs traffic. another check of our little warmup our forecast. here's roberta. right now take your pick. you want 30s ivs and you got 50s. we have all across the board. good morning everyone. currently, in the north bay, we do have a little bit of fog. we do have visibility down to a quarter mile in santa rosa at 36 degrees. otherwise 40s san jose. 51 degrees san francisco. we do have the fifth consecutive winter spare the air day. the 11th of the season which means we're going to have that little tinge in the atmosphere as that matter gets trapped very close to the surface. near record warmth today across the santa clara valley. in fact i believe gilroy will have a record at 72 degrees shattering the old record of 70 established back in 1948. cooler conditions by the end of the week. and no rain until maybe next thursday. futurecast, we been monitoring this very carefully. we had some slim chances of
5:49 am
rain on thursday. computer models said if we did see any rain it would be minimal. right now we'll see some clouds and call it partly cloudy by thursday. but the rain chances remain way out over the outer waters. this is a huge dome of high pressure. it's going to take a lot to break it down. so until then, some very hazy and mild conditions and even record warmth through the south. traveling today, no reports of airport delayed sfo or -- at sfo or any of the local airports, hazy sunshine with a near record high there as well. denver up to 53. it was 15 degrees there on friday. 53 today. chicago frigid blizzard-like conditions. houston not bad. new york city we got snow in the forecast. now by the time our sun goes down tonight at 5:05. we will have realized 60s and 70s across the board. the winds are flat out of the southeast at 5 miles per hour. in fact as you take a look at the extended forecast, near or record warmth again on wednesday. and as i look at this weather pattern gang, i'm not seeing any significant wind flow change so therefore we could
5:50 am
easily realistically remain in a winter spare the air alert mode all the way until that chance of rain returns back into the bay area by next thursday. and that's not good. >> yeah. >> not good when you can see the air that you breathe. >> no. bring the wind in. okay. thank you. it's 5:50. a blast of winter though is bringing snow and freezing temperatures to the midwest in a big way. check out chicago expected to have as much as seven inches of new snow by this morning. happy tuesday indeed. commuters are dealing with near 0 temperatures there. some people waited in stairwells instead of train platforms and transformes had to heat rail switches with open flames to keep them up and working. conditions are even harsher in minnesota. up north which is experiencing extreme cold. buffalo, minnesota temperatures plunged to nearly 30 below zero. today high temperatures in some areas may only get up to minus 10 wow. in green bay. schools opened two hours late yesterday. that's because of a minus 30-
5:51 am
degree windchill during the time that some students would normally be walking to school and waiting for the school bus, some districts in rural wisconsin canceled classes altogether. probably a good move. time now 5:51. py major grocery chain decided to pay the price. the alleges wrongdoing by safeway stores. >> and the dome not over just yet for motorists out there. the latest on the surprisingly low gas prices right here in the bay area. we'll be right back.
5:52 am
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good morning and welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. t tuesday, it's january 6th. and as you wake up, and get ready towhead on out. this will -- to head on out. this will be a day in the record weather books. highs today 60s and even low 70s. a small fender-bender is blocking one lane right now in the bay bridge toll plaza. the backups already extensive now beyond the first or crossing. a full look at the drive times and kcbs traffic it is all coming up. and we thank you liz. it's 5:54 now. grocery giant safeway ordered to pay almost $10 million to settle an illegal dumping case.
5:55 am
prosecutors charged they dumb -7d oil, old pills rather, batteries and cans in landfills instead of properly disposing of them. investigators also found pharmacy records were trashed in a way that did not protect their customers' privacy. gas prices are already pretty low and now aaa predicts they will go even lower. a barrel of oil costs $50.04. and we found these cheap gas prices in san jose last night. check it out. this is the valero station at first and sutter streets just south of downtown. the price is $2.39 for a gallon of regular. aaa says that thanks to cheaper gas the average american household saved $115 in 2014. and here are the current average prices according to in other parts of the bay, in san francisco, a gallon of regular goes for an average of $2.82. in oakland, the current price is $2.65. and again in san jose, slightly
5:56 am
higher at $2.66. 5:55 now. two nypd officers recovering after they were shot overnight. what led to the attack on a department still reeling from its recent losses. >> you've seen the famous house before but never like this. a suspicious fire at the mrs. doubt fire fire house is being investigated as an arson. takes is a wa rt and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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she left her home about 5:00, 5:30 on new year's day. >> police are looking for a missing richmond teen and someone may be holding her captive. 16-year-old belinda carson hasn't been heard from since last thursday night except for a frantic call home on sunday. immigration, health care, energy security. >> congress has a lot on its plate when lawmakers return to washington today. thanks to election day victories, republicans will control the house and the senate. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell will be the new
6:00 am
majority leader. i jerry brown. do some early swear. >> a day after he was sworn in for a fourth term, governor jerry brown will attend the ground breaking for the state's $68 billion high speed rail system. the project will eventually link san francisco with l. a.. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> and barnes' three is good. good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> happy tuesday everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 now and arson investigators are checking a fire at a famous san francisco house. kpix 5's ryan takeo is on this developing story outside the "mrs. doubtfire" house in pacific heights, good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank. yeah here we are steiner and broadway and you see the graduate there. and the damage from a minor fire there last night. there's also some burn marks on the front door. this was


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