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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 6, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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since new years day, is finally home. how her fami says she managed a bay area family breathes a sigh of relief today. their teenagers girl missing since new year's day is finally home. how her family says she managed to escape a scary situation. good afternoon everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. developing news on that story.
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kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live in richmond where he just spoke with that young girl's family. ryan? >> reporter: and we're no longer using that 16-year-old girl's name or her picture because her family fears she was a victim of sex slavery. within the last half hour we heard from san francisco police and we know now the special victims unit is investigating. the family says the girl got home last night about 11:00. she told them she went out with friends new year's eve but ended up in a motel with men she didn't know and those men took away her cell phone and told her she could not leave. she was table to make a -- able to make a panicked phone call to her aunt sunday. her family credits the media and now they're glad she's home. >> we were just thanking god that she was okay. you know what i'm saying? she's here.
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it's a relief. i hope a lesson learned about the people that should be around. >> reporter: i spoke to an expert on sex slavery in the bay area, she says the girl's story included specific examples. the normal 16-year-old girl would not know about human trafficking. like the taking away of the cell phone and being under the rotating watch of different men at that hotel room. the family says that the girl is seeking medical help and therapy to help her heal emotionally. live in richmond, ryan takeo, kpix 5. arson investigators are looking into a fire at the iconic "mrs. doubtfire" house in pac heights in san francisco. someone apparently used gas to start a minor fire there last night. there were burn markings on the garage and -- marks on the garage and front door and the surgeon who owns the house thinks a former patient set the fire but isn't exactly sure. it was used in the 1993 robin williams movie "mrs. doubtfire"
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and was also a memorial after williams' death last year. for california's high speed trail system. take a live look at the event just getting underway in fresno at the site of the future high speed rail station. the system will be the nation's first high speed rail by 2029. a ways away. the train will run from san francisco all the way south to l. a. in under three hours. three schools in san car lets closed today because of a wake. a six inch -- water main break. a six inch hole broke in the main last night at the shared campus on dartmouth avenue. the water didn't damage the classrooms. the middle school san carlos learning center and the edison montessori school. crews are now working to repair the break. a highway patrol officer was hurt in a collision at redwood city today. his patrol car was broadsided at middle field and willow roads near a costco store at about 8:30 this morning. the officer's injuries are not life-threatening and there's been no immediate word on the
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identity of the other driver. a capital corridor train hit a car in hayward today. police say at about 8:00 a.m., a driver tried to go around a crossing signal. a southbound train hit the back of the car. officers tracked down elderly driver and issued a citation and revoked his license on the spot. the train was moving again within 90 minutes. developing news out of new york city now. this afternoon three suspects in custody after two officers were shot and wounded while robbing a store there. while responding to the robbery rather. one of the suspects was seen on surveillance video here. it shows someone opening fire last night at a grocery store in the bronx. officers who had responded were just getting off-duty. new york's mayor and the police commissioner rushed to the hospital. >> this is absolutely a case of officers going above and beyond the call to protect their fellow new yorkers. >> so far, those three suspects have not been charged. the two police officers are in stable condition right now. last night's shooting happened
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about two weeks after two new york city detectives were ambushed and murdered by a gunman as they sat in their police cruiser in brooklyn. it's the first full day on the job for oakland mayor lib schaaf and she's -- libby schaaf and she's wasting no time. >> safety is my highest priority and obviously the police department is the key player in that goal. but also, i believe that the city of oakland work force really needs to be reenergized. >> schaaf says she'll be meeting with the officers until midnight tonight and hoping to build her relationship with them and let them know she supports them. and happening today, at about six hours sam liccardo will be the new mayor of san jose. kpix 5's kiet do tells us what the mayor has been doing already and some of the challenges he faces immediately. >> reporter: today's inauguration and swearing in is largely ceremonial. that is because liccardo took over the job of mayor at the
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stroke of midnight on new year's day. he went on a ride along with san jose police and then after that he took a tour of the county's largest homeless shelter. all an effort to acknowledge the city's biggest problems. the thousands of homeless who work but cannot afford the sky high rent and police officers leaving san jose for better pay and benefits. the ride along was liccardo's attempt to reach out to his harshest critics the police union. >> take a look and see for yourself what our officers are dealing with on athyriady basis. i'll continue to reach out and get negotiations moving here. >> nothing has changed. police officers are still going to leave until we fix measure b.. until we're competitive here. until there's a safety net for officers they can know and they're going to get taken careover. the officers are going to continue to resign and retire. >> reporter: after voters passed pension reform many 2012. san jose police officers started leaving for other departments and now they have the lowest number of officers
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it has seen in years. parts of pension reform remain tied up in court. and tonight's inauguration is set for 6:00 p.m. this evening at the center for performing arts in downtown san jose. it is free, if you want to go though, you have to register online. in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. today congress reconvenes with republicans assuming control of both houses for the first time in eight years. the congress has 71 new members including a record number of minorities and women. a short time ago, republican house members re-elected john boehner of ohio as speaker. on the senate side, mitch mcconnell of kentucky is now majority leader. a short time ago republicans introduced a bill to approve the keystone xl pipeline. >> this was bipartisan legislation and legislation that's got big bipartisan support in both the house and the senate. >> the white house now says president obama will veto the pipeline legislation still congressional leaders and the white house hope to find common ground on issues like trade,
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tax reform, and infrastructure spending. the 49ers' ceo being hit with an age discrimination lawsuit. it's all in connection with the firings of two former 49er managers. the veteran employees were that their late 50s when jed york fired them. they said it was too make room for younger edgier hires. york wanted to hire younger workers because -- view police need your "peeping tom" team right now is not commenting on that lawsuit. mountain view police need your help in finding a peeping tom in the area. police say the suspect peered through apartment windows and recorded people with his cell phone. it happened on ground floor apartments with victims being recorded in the bathroom or bedroom. the suspect was wearing a dark hat, jacket and pants. and is described between 20 and 30 years old. federal mediators have now agreed to help try and resolve a labor dispute at the west coast port.
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long shoremen at the port of oakland, other spots have been without a contract now for six months. and they allegedly slowed down their work causing a backlog of ships waiting to be unloaded. negotiations between the long shoremen's union and management have stalled. some politically savvy teenagers in san francisco are seeking to lower the city's voting age. they say people as young as 16 should be allowed to cast ballots in municipal and school district elections. the idea has the support of the youth commission and two supervisors are considering a charter amendment to the school board. one of the big advancements at this year's consumer electronics show? connective cars. how the high-tech vehicles will change the way we drive. >> and cold temperatures have people bundling up outside. we're not the only ones trying to stay warm. how insects are trying to escape the cold inside bay area homes. >> we've warmed up all right. in fact today record warmth right here in the bay area. we will pinpoint those
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locations as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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well, after an awful monday, the dow dipping once again today. not quite as bad as yesterday but it's still down 79 points on this full week of trading in the new year. no more fumbling for exact change on muni. this summer all you need is your phone. bus riders will be able to purchase tickets using a credit or debit card. store them on the phones which should make it a lot easier for passengers to get on and off quickly. uber was in talks with the city of san francisco to use the transit services for people with disabilities. the examiner says uber wanted to have exclusive rights of the transit system. that system is currently made
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up of city and taxi run vans that provide wheelchair access for people. last spring they discussed the use of the infrastructure. right now though it's unclear if that pilot program is still being considered. well, some high-tech advances are on display at the international consumer electronics show. >> yeah, it opens today in las vegas. and bigad shaban is there with a look at developments involving so-called connected cars. >> the steering wheel is moving but there's no one in the driver's seat. >> that's right. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: bmw took us for a ride in its latest prototype. an electric car that can hunt for a parking space all on its own. with just a simple command of a smart watch. >> bmw, park yourself. >> reporter: engineer george gave us a preview of what bmw plans to unveil at the annual consumer electronics show here in las vegas. >> so it's using sensors to make sure that it's not hitting anything. >> right. right. we have four laser scanners. one to each side of the car.
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so that we precisely know where all the objects are of the environment. >> reporter: and once you're ready to leave the parking garage, you simply give another command to your smart watch. bmw, pick me up. and the car heads right for you. vehicles boasting internet connections and compatibility with phones and music players the new norm. at least 36 million vehicles across the world are now connected to the internet. that number is expected to more than quadruple to 152 million by 2020. gary with ford says connected cars now make up at least 90% of his company's fleet. >> the systems need to let the customers do what it is they want to do and get back to driving. >> reporter: but if you're heading out for a car that will do that driving for you, bmw suspect sure when its latest -- isn't sure when its latest technology will make its way to the open road. bigad shaban, cbs news, las vegas. >> you ready for one? >> no. i want them to work out all the glitches. >> i like to drive.
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connected cars exhibits by the way now take up about double the space that they have some five years ago. >> the consumer electronics show continues through friday. pretty cool gadgets though. and the cars are really cool. >> for a show, maybe not for driving. >> that's right. the first winter blast of the new year is dropping heavy snow from the rockies all the way to the east coast. bad weather is being blamed for the 20 car pileup on an iowa interstate. in chicago, this semi tried to plow its own lane next to the expressway and the storm is giving the nation's capital a taste of winter blanketing the white house lawn with snow. forecasters say by tomorrow morning, parts of georgia and northern florida could dip below freezing. and here in the bay area, many residents are dealing with an invasion of ants inside their homes. the insects are driven indoors when conditions outside are too wet and too cold and why they may not come in seeking food. they have some to swarm when they find it. pest control open traitors have been giving three times the usual number of calls about
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ants since the end of november. >> they're smart. those ants. going inside. going to warm up. >> go inside. >> get a bite to eat. >> we've had fire and cold and rain and wind and now we've pests. >> there you go welcome to california. [ laughter ] right? it has been extremely busy in the weather department. today not only ants, boy we're talking about record warm temperatures. good afternoon everybody. also we're talking about a haze that's reaching all the way back along the coast. we're beginning to see it visible there and we can certainly see it around the bay and into the inland areas and numbers this morning were across the board from # the 30s, 40s can 50s now hanging pretty steady in the 50s for the most part. san jose, you could see a near record high temperature today at 72. the record is 74. for this sixth day of the month of january. take a look at the scale here. you know where the biggest haze happens to be gathering around the eastern and southern portion of the bay area. it is the fifth winter spare the air alert day of the winter
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season. tomorrow will be the sixth day. we'll have some cooler conditions and hopefully a little bit more of a breeze on friday to blow out all the particulate matter that is hanging very close to the surface. otherwise take a look at the futurecast. because we were holding out hope for some rain on thursday. even though the computer models were always downplaying it. here we go into your thursday and sure enough we start to see the increasing clouds but any rain is minimal and it's out over the open water. this is a huge dome of high pressure and it's not going anywhere very quickly. it's just sitting over the state of california encompassing our bay area. and so by the time that sun does set tonight. 5:05, these numbers are way above normal for this time of year. and much more mild than just 24 hours ago. average high in livermore for this time of the year is right around 56 and we're going for 65. average high in san jose is 60 and we're going for 72. low 60s across the bay to the mid 60s. 69 degrees in mountain view is
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one degree off its record mark. we're going to have a repeat performance again tomorrow with the chances of record warm temperatures here and then we'll cool it down by the weekend. no chance of rain until perhaps next thursday. >> what's up with that? >> i know i got a brand new umbrella and everything. everybody wants to gift the weather girl an umbrella for christmas. going out to eat will take a bigger bite out of your wallet as certain bay area restaurants, why diners are being asked to pay a new kind of service fee in place of tipping. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there send us your questions about their health and well-being. e-mail or check in on the facebook page and dr. jill our pet expert will give you an answer every friday right here at noontime. we'll be right back.
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the days of tipping at restaurants may soon be over. >> it's true. instead you might see an additional charge right at the bottom of your receipt. diners at a handful of bay area restaurants are being asked to pay a new service fee instead of tipping. the idea is being tested out as a way to absorb rising labor costs. >> and on that note, it's time to eat. let's check in with stephanie tantillo and see what's cooking on a tuesday. >> reporter: well, today's soup of the day is going to be a
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swiss chard. it's wintertime obviously and it's so great. loaded with nutrients it's great for us. it's got the select and by the way, when you saute these a little bit of olive oil. soft pepper tomatoes you can't beat it. green very important all the way around. white it has to be white and keep from any cracking whosoever and any yellowing whatsoever. and see the veins here? it's the white part. that's what it has to be. if it starts to turn brown you don't want to buy it and it's going to feel nice and fresh. when you bring them home simply store them in the fridge right away. open up the plastic bag so they can breathe. and they'll last about three to four days, that's it any longer than the nutritional value and flavor will get depleted about 50%. swiss chard, great in raviolis and sauteed with fresh tomatoes, i love it and it's great for us, and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, eat fresh and stay healthy. randy johnson got the call to the hall today. in his first year of
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eligibility, the big unit is going to the hall of fame cooperstown. he spent the bulk of his career with both the mariners and the diamondbacks and he will join some pretty big company. john smoltz the pitcher, pedro martinez along with former great craig bing owe in this year's hall of fame class of 2015. well, a countdown to shut down is on. the golden gate bridge will close to traffic this weekend so crews can install a movable median barrier. we're going to take you inside the fancy new trucks to see how the job gets done. coming up.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, who let the dogs out? the bizarre break-in at a pet boarding business. how police say a man caused a whole lot of damage with dog treats. that story and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. and finally, we're getting a look at how the new area on the golden gate bridge will be seamlessly moved every day. >> the massive trucks will be responsible for making lane changes with the new median barrier on the golden gate bridge. up until now, plastic pylons separated traffic on the bridge. but after a closure this weekend, a sturdy median will be installed and operated by these new zipper trucks. >> drivers will actually be separated from a flexible and movable but very crash worthy solid median barrier. and the safety implications of
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that are obvious. >> two employees will run the zipper trucks which will move the barrier to divert lanes during commute times. the $30 million barrier project will be ready for monday morning's commute. >> such a good idea. how much times are you on the -- how many times are you on the golden gate bridge? >> i just go over to vista point and hang out. gorgeous view. >> that's true. that's going to do it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> enjoy this beautiful day folks and we'll see you tomorrow morning. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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