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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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july of 2005. we haven't lost this many people since that attack. the motive here is absolutely clear. trying to shut down a -- a media organization that lampoons the prophet mohammad. >> french president says the government is raising its security level to the highest now. he also said several terrorist attacks have been thwarted in recent weeks. new this morning, police are searching for suspects after a man was shot outside the bay fair bart station in san leandro last night. the shooting happened in the station's parking lot shortly after 10:00. officers say the victim was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in critical but stable condition. there won't be any cars crossing the golden gate bridge over the weekend. the bridge is being closed for a big safety makeover so to speak. kpix 5's anne makovec is there to explain the project to install a median barrier on the bridge. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the bridge is going to be
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closed for 52 hours this weekend starting at midnight on friday. this is all meant to replace the system that's been in place for several decades where crews moved plastic pylons to accommodate commute traffic. the new fix is going to be concrete and a lot more sturdy. this is what things are going to look like once the project is finished. the new barrier will be moved each day with a zipper truck. it's designed to creep down the middle of the roadway sliding each hinged piece of the barrier over one lane just like a zipper. it's all designed to prevent head-on collisions on the bridge. >> but the potential exists and history has shown that it is possible to have very, very serious very tragic head-on collisions. >> reporter: the lanes will be smaller. they are only about 10 feet wide so drivers are warned to go slowly until everybody gets used to the new median. if you are trying to get from the north bay down to the city or vice versa this weekend, there are a lot of options.
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we have them for you right now on live near the golden gate bridge, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> i say good move. i hate being in that middle lane. >> a lot of commuters this weekend are probably not going to say good news. it's going to affect mostly people in the north bay, obviously. if you are feeling a little stuck, going how am i going to get around, golden gate transit is offering extra service. you can drive across the bridge if you are in a golden gate transit bus. the only vehicles allowed across the span. golden gate ferries will also be stepping up service. right now all mass transit is on time or if you are forced to drive, you can go that long way around. i know it's rough, but you can always do it. that richmond/san rafael bridge down to the bay bridge, and hopefully we won't see huge backups this weekend at the bay bridge. they are going to be taking the bigger commuter load than usually. in the meantime right now the metering lights are on and it is stacked up beyond the overcrossings. the eastshore freeway approach looks great though. no big delays, 20 minutes or so from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that's great no delays through
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richmond or berkeley. unfortunately a fatal accident happened overnight in pacifica. skyline boulevard remains closed the stretch from king to manor. so police are out there now directing traffic around but you will have to use the detours that they have there in place. it may cost you a little time this morning. your other east bay drive times 880 eastshore freeway, like i said, looks great. it's just that 580 that's slow. there was a fender-bender in the livermore valley approaching north greenville a little earlier. it's off to the right-hand shoulder but it's a little bit of a tight squeeze around there, 25 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange and 680. and then the slowdowns on 205 have cleared out of tracy just sluggish through the altamont pass. that is your "kcbs traffic." let's get another update on our pretty warm forecast. here's roberta. we had record highs yesterday, 75 monterey, 78 santa cruz. wow, today another round of warm weather right here in the bay area. good morning, take a look at the variety of numbers.
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right there in the 30s in the tri-valley, 40s santa clara valley. 50 in san francisco and north of the golden gate bridge from 33 degrees and area of fog with visibility three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa so 47 napa into sonoma. we have a sixth consecutive day of a winter "spare the air" alert. that means it is illegal to burn, which actually means you're going to see a lot of hazy sunshine today but better air quality tomorrow due to an increasing wind. numbers today way above normal. this time of the year we should be at 56 in san jose but instead 72 degrees. should be 56 in san francisco but instead 64. we will be approaching 70 degrees in livermore and danville, blackhawk and in pleasanton. here's your extended forecast. we do have an area of low pressure, it will brush up against the state of northern california at least the northern half of the state of california tomorrow. it's rain-free but it will produce some clouds that will
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also increase winds with better air quality. dry through tuesday. make it a great day. frank? another blast of arctic air is chilling the midwest and heading to the east coast. in minneapolis, minnesota the high is expected to be minus 1. 125 public schools in chicago are closed. just too cold to open. many students would be waiting for the bus in 6 degrees below zero weather. not good. new this morning, san francisco's police chief sheds more light on a deadly police shooting. sunday night, three officers found a man in an off limits area outside the mission police station. when they told him to leave, they say he pulled a gun out of his waistband. officers shot and killed the man and it turned out the weapon was an airsoft pistol that shoots pellets. police say the pellet gun did not have an orange tip to indicate it was not real. chief suhr says police in connecticut had worried about the man's stability after he asked them questions regarding police shootings. and the man accused of
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stabbing a transgender woman is expected to be arraigned today on attempted murder and hate crime charges. the victim was with her partner on a muni bus over the weekend when an argument broke out and the suspect turned violent. last summer's napa earthquake exposed the vulnerability of many structures. this morning, cate caugiran shows us how san leandro is lending a helping hand for those who want to retrofit their homes. reporter: you know we have earthquakes. and you know a seismic retrofit can cost a lot of money. >> it can run up to $10,000. >> reporter: but now san leandro is one of six california seats where homeowners can get $3,000 worth of help. >> we are by far the smallest municipality in the state and the only reason that we were chosen is because we actually offer the class. >> reporter: that's right. san leandro wants you to do it yourself. >> and we literally teach you from a to z how to do it
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including hand-on using the tools drilling holes, putting some glue into the hole and all that. >> what we have here is a soft story garage. >> reporter: he owns quake busters. he has been doing retrofit work for more than 20 years. >> the system is tying this foundation to that floor diaphragm above. >> reporter: we asked him to throw out an estimate for the average retrofit job. >> well, um, it varies depending upon the size of the house, the square footage, of course, the number of stories, the exterior finish. >> reporter: so it's a little complicated. but for a small home three thousand dollars can go a long way. and how realistic is a seismic do it yourself job? >> yeah, i think a homeowner can do quite a bit of this themselves. they would have to be somewhat handy already. >> reporter: so jump in line for $3,000 worth of retrofit help. >> materials, contractor, whatever you choose. >> reporter: and for 100 homeowners in san leandro, it could make all the difference. cate caugiran, kpix 5.
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>> the application period runs from january 15 to february 15. and there are certain requirements. for more information contact the san leandro building division. california's high-speed rail system is now being built in the san joaquin valley. governor brown among the people in fresno for yesterday's groundbreaking ceremony. the first segment. project will run 29 miles between fresno and madera. the plans are bigger. it will run between the bay area and los angeles. eventually it will extend into sacramento and san diego. current price tag, $68 billion. >> not that expensive! we can afford it! in fact, we cannot "not" afford it as we look at building a future that really works. >> there were a few protestors at yesterday's groundbreaking shouting, "show me the money." the future of federal financing is in question as republicans have taken control of congress. it's official. sam liccardo now the 65th mayor
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of san jose. he and four new city council members took the oath of office last night during a ceremony at the center for performing arts. mayor liccardo made a point of mentioning the problems plaguing the police force. >> we face severe shortages in police staffing and make no mistake, we will compensate our police officers well and fairly for the critically important work and we will rebuild america's finest police department. >> the police association seems less than enthusiastic about the new mayor. >> we heard that through the campaign trail that mayor liccardo was going to make the police a priority. unfortunately we haven't seen actions that reflect that. >> recent pension reforms in the department have sent officers away in droves. meanwhile, outside san jose's center for the performing arts, protestors set up camp. many lived at the large jungle encampment once. but the city recently shut it
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down. they carried signs with messages like, don't tow me, i'm not a vehicle, and we are tired of moving on. 6:10. 13 people made a dramatic skydive above new zealand but how a day of fun turned into a narrow escape. >> closer to seeing commercial drones buzzing around the u.s. the decision that could be a big first step. >> 6th straight day of "spare the air" days and two days of record warmth. your weather record is coming up. >> traffic is moving along across the san mateo bridge. we are seeing some slight delays on the 880 approach. we'll have all your travel times after this break.
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good morning, rise and shine on january 7. these are the numbers around the bay area today. we are way above average for this time of the year. 70 in cupertino. low 70s in santa clara. and good morninger, east bay you typically are at 56 degrees this time of the year but instead, 68 degrees in pleasanton. 68 danville. meanwhile across the northern portion of the bay area, with the hazy sunshine, it will be 69 degrees in clearlake. it is yet another "spare the air" day with highs today in the mid-60s in san francisco. thank you, roberta. 13 people made a dramatic stay dive in new zealand. they were jumping to save themselves shortly after taking off the plane had a problem and plunged into the lake. people parachuted safely down to the shore. >> everyone deployed out of the
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plane and next thing, parachuting down like slightly, yeah, i think the pilot he must have been the last one to get out so they ended up in the lake. >> it's at the bottom of the lane. the accident investigation will take a year. another big step for the drone industry. the faa issued permits to use drones to monitor crops and photograph profits for sale. two permits were given agriculture property to idaho and arizona. the faa banned drones nearly everywhere in the country. there is a good chance that the flight data recorders from the downed airasia plane will be recovered in the java sea soon. searchers found the tail section of the plane and taken pictures of it. divers and an unmanned under water vehicle have explored the area. the black boxes are in the tail of the plane. the plane carried 162 people when it went down a week and a
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half ago. so far 40 bodies have been recovered from the water and many others are expected to be found in the fuselage of the plane. an early partner in beats headphones is taking dr. dre to court today. there are a favorite among celebrities like pitchman colin kaepernick. he and a producer sold it to apple for $3 billion last year. audio cable maker monster, base in the bay area, was the original manufacturer. today monster founder former partners accusing them of tricking him into selling his stock before the big deal went down. the line-up is out for coachella. the annual music and arts festival in southern california on the weekend of april 10. some headliners include acdc, drake and jack white. tickets go on sale today at noon. an ee collective mix. >> that was the perfect word. >> yes.
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we're doing fine. >> we had a few accidents out the door but other than that -- >> how are you? >> fine. >> how was your weekend? [ laughter ] not much delay on the sensors. one of the lanes at northbound 17 near laurel road a two-car accident. sounds like cars are using the right lane okay. it's early enough. we are seeing a traffic jam on the bay bridge where we often see it. but the past couple of days it has cleared out early by 8:00. i think that's when they turned off the metering lights yesterday around the 8:00 hour. we saw most traffic yesterday around 6:00 to 7:30. right now it's stacking up into the macarthur maze. the approaches are okay. that's a good sign. here's a live look at 880 in oakland near the oakland coliseum, oakland airport. maybe some flashing lights heading to the scene of something. not sure what that is. southbound 880 looks okay until
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you reach san leandro hayward. that approach to 92 starts to slow down around this time of the morning. san jose northbound 101 near the 280/680 interchange, 30 miles per hour passing the julian/mckee exit. we have been talking about it this morning. fatal crash has a stretch of skyline boulevard short down in pacifica between king and manor. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta is tracking more warm weather. it's amazing because we are going to have a second day of record warmth here in the bay area. i just took a look at chicago where it is currently 0. it's 0 in chicago going up to 4 as a high today and near or record warmth here. we are in the 30s, 40s and 50s out the door. the winds are calm. we need a good wind today to blow out some of the pollutants. we have a lot of particulate matter trapped close to the surface and that's why it's the 6th straight day of a winter
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"spare the air" alert day. a second day near record warmth. 78 in santa cruz. these temperatures cool beginning tomorrow and we don't have any rain in sight at least until next thursday. overnight lows not as chilly. we have an area of low pressure making a direct aim on the northern half of the state of california. no chance of raven. there's sprinkles out over the outer waters and that's it. that low is too small to be able to do any damage with this huge dome of high pressure that will actually produce some of the warmest weather of the week and that's today. record highs in the santa clara valley and monterey. today 70 fresno, 63 sacramento, 70 caramel, 57 degrees in lake tahoe. spring skiing there. by the time the sun sets at 5:05, we'll have realized numbers in the 60s and the 70s.
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again, flat winds increasing tomorrow so better air. partly cloudy skies each day through tuesday. make it a great day. more than a million people in the bay area will get a late christmas present this year. why your water bill could be significantly lower than expected. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, which bay area player got into the hall of fame yesterday? was it barry bonds, the all- time home run king or the livermore native randy johnson? the votes are in, the results straight ahead.
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good morning, everybody. it has been a dramatic couple nights for the san jose sharks. two nights ago they beat winnipeg on a goal with four seconds left.
6:24 am
last night they went to overtime in minnesota. it wasn't just the players that were bloodied and bruised in st. paul. third period tied at 2 tommy wengle's shot deflected and he got the rebound. san jose led 3-2 after trailing 2-0 early. later in the period the wild coyle to zucker who scored pass stalock and we are going to overtime. mark edward vlasek past kemper to win it for th sharks. the "pickle" scored again. sharks 4-3. randy johnson won 303 games. he received 97.3% of the hall of fame vote 8th highest total in the history of the hall of fame. randy johnson joinedded in coopers found by pitchers pedro martinez, john smoltz and craig biggio. some notables who didn't make the cut, mike piazza 5% shy, maybe next year. roger clemens and barry bonds, both below 40%. and former giants second baseman jeff kent came in with 14%. mark mcgwire is not on the list not even on the radar, not
6:25 am
going to the hall of fame anytime soon. the raiders interim coach will interview today to see if he can take that interim label off. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great day. play of the day a shocker for the san antonio spurs. they were just about to beat the pistons but an inbounds pass was turned over with 8 seconds left. detroit on offense, there goes the bucket at the buzzer by brandon jennings and that's your ballgame. the pistons got their sixth win in a row and even better, our play of the day. there you go. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of france. more than 10 people were killed
6:26 am
in an attack on the headquarters of a magazine. we'll have the latest on the potential link to terror groups. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge is one of the most iconic structures in the entire world. so you may be wondering why it is closing this weekend. we'll take a look at the big project ahead.
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hunt for a particularly handsome criminal. how he managed to scam a plastic surgeon out of some free facial work. san francisco police are on the hunt for a handsome criminal how he scammed a plastic surgeon and stole facial work. charges against a marin county doctor who shot another man during a road rage
6:30 am
confrontation. the case fell apart when the victim testified. >> 78 in santa cruz yesterday. i'll pinpoint the warmest locations for today. >> and we are hearing about a new injury crash and it's all happening right around the caldecott tunnel. we'll let you know if it's causing any problems for drivers coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, january 7. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. we have breaking news from paris french authorities confirm it was three gunmen with automatic weapons who attacked a satirical newspaper today. brian webb reports 12 people are dead from what the french president is calling a terrorist attack. >> reporter: masked gunmen opened fire at the offices of a paris magazine and police who responded. in home video, gunmen appeared to execute an injured french policeman lying on the ground. two police officers are dead
6:31 am
and 10 people were wounded. french president from francois hollande says we are looking for the perpetrators of this crime. france today is in shock in front of the terrorist attacks. witnesses say at least two black hooded men stormed the charlie hebdo magazine office building with automatic weapons. after the attack, the gunmen pled, sped off in a car, authorities say their whereabouts are unknown. the offices of charlie hebdo were firebombed in 2011 after it printed an image of prophet mohammad. many muslims consider that an insult to islam. the french president says several terrorist attacks were thwarted in recent weeks. he says the government is raising france's security alert to its highest level. brian well for cbs news. >> flow one claimed responsibility for the attack. we heard from the white house press secretary who says president obama is aware of the incident but hasn't talked with the french president.
6:32 am
6:31. firefighters surprised at what they found inside a former auto repair shop that went up in flames in vallejo. firefighters sawed through the garage to get to the flames. inside they found a large march grow house. street value not yet estimated. nobody was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. east bay residents will get a break on the water bill this month because of rain in december. the east bay municipal utilities district is delaying an emergency plan to pump the sacramento river for water so that means a 14% rate hike is on hold until later this month when officials will decide. roberta joins with us lots of notes, calculations. >> i'm looking at these notes here. the weather is great and it took all this for me to figure that out, right? [ laughter ] >> we actually had a record tying event yesterday in monterey at 75. 78 in santa cruz. today pretty much a repeat performance if not even a degree warmer in many
6:33 am
locations. >> wow. >> and then that's it. all right? >> so trying to get out and enjoy it if you can albeit hazy. good morning, everybody. rise and shine. and check this out. we have a variety of numbers. 30s in throughout livermore and pleasanton, dublin, san ramon, danville, blackhawk. 40s in throughout the santa clara valley including willow glen, cupertino, campbell. meanwhile, it's in the 40s at sfo. 50 in san francisco. 30s and 40s are common across the northern stretch of the bay area. today is the sixth straight "spare the air" day. it's illegal to burn. it will be hazy sunshine and temperatures well above normal. in fact, typically we should be at 56 degrees in san francisco. today 64 degrees. record is 65. 60s common north of the golden gate bridge. low 70s from san jose all the way through morgan hill and to gilroy. the extended forecast calls for an area of low pressure to brush up against the northern half of the state tomorrow.
6:34 am
producing partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures, most notably a good wind to clear out the atmosphere. here's elizabeth. thank you, roberta, very much. let's go out the door. so i mentioned this accident near the caldecott tunnel. we are having trouble with the location but it's eastbound 24 before the caldecott. an accident involving a box truck -- it's definitely eastbound. you're seeing slowing from oakland into orinda. one lane is blocked trying to get toward the caldecott. they are working to clear it. chp is on scene but we're also hearing injuries involved in that accident, as well. otherwise we also right around the same time heard about a big rig caught on fire. southbound 880 at oak street coming into oakland. it is on the right-hand shoulder and we are hearing now that the fire is out. mostly just a visual hazard off to the right-hand shoulder. southbound 880 works okay. continuing by oakland airport. san jose traffic at the limit
6:35 am
all morning no crowds yet. different story at the bay bridge. the approaches are lighter than normal including 580. sometimes on a usual commute day we see it backed up to 24 by now so slow as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up almost to the maze. eastshore freeway a little sluggish through berkeley. and just another reminder pacifica this fatal crash continues to block lanes on skyline boulevard at king. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. traffic moving across the golden gate bridge at this very moment. but this weekend there won't be any cars using the bridge. kpix 5's anne makovec is there with a look at a project that will shut down the bridge for 52 hours. a big weekend, ann. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the closure starting at midnight friday. this is the first time ever that the entire bridge has been shut down for this long. bridge officials have been trying to get the word out with advertisements on tv, radio and electronic billboards. hopefully drives have gotten
6:36 am
the -- hopefully, drivers have gotten the message. once the project is finished, this is how the barriers will be moved, with a zipper truck to creep down the middle of the road sliding each concrete hinged piece of the barrier over one lane just like a zipper would. it's all designed to prevent head-on collisions on the bridge and replace the old flimsy plastic lane division. >> except instead of guys in the truck plugging and pulling tubes, the change will be made by these two large barrier transfer machines. >> reporter: the lanes will be smaller. they are only about 10 feet wide. drivers are being warned to go slowly until everybody gets used to the new median. there are several options if you are trying to get from the north to the south this weekend. we have them all for you right now on our website, live near the golden gate bridge, anne makevoc, kpix 5. some shaky testimony
6:37 am
helping a marin physician to be acquitted for shooting a driver in a road rage incident. it happened in july. dr. james simon said he was scared for his life when a man followed him home after the road rain incident. and the defense says that fear for his life gave the doctor the right to shoot him. testimony called into question the man's memory of the incident with only flashes of memory and at one point telling police he put his hands up and said, don't shoot, but also telling police he never saw the doctor holding a gun. the d.a. disagrees with the judge's ruling. >> very dispointed obviously in the ruling. i think it's the wrong decision. i think it sends the wrong message to the community. i think that one of the things i have done since i have been d.a. i have been extremely sensitive to the issue of gun violence. and i don't want that in our community. and we have to have some community standards. >> the d.a. says he will decide whether to refile the charges.
6:38 am
san francisco police say this man is one smooth criminal. dashing out the door and leaving his plastic surgeon empty-handed. andria borba has the story on the search for the so-called botox bandit. reporter: you've heard of dining and dashing. well, it's time to meet the botox bandit. he walked into dr. larry fan's office, got pretty and walked out. >> it's customary for him to sort of, um, essentially check out and pay for these services and instead of doing that, he, you know, pretended to be talking on his phone and then, you know, said i'll be right back and stepped out and left. >> reporter: these weren't cheap procedures. the botox ingestible fillers and laser peel came to $5,000. dr. fan says the man gave a fake name and was cagey from the word go. >> he wanted to provide as little information as he could. he was hesitant to provide a phone number and an email address. >> reporter: it was only after security cameras captured the smooth faced criminal walking out the door did dr. fan realize he had heard of this
6:39 am
cosmetic crime spree before in an email from the makers of botox. the email was dated april 2014. >> there was a description of probably the exact same person, tall muscular man who wanted the exact same things so botox, fillers and a laser treatment. >> reporter: dr. fan thinks it will be a while before the suspect is on the receiving end of the needle again. >> these types of treatments are commonly done, you know, once a year approximately and so this is probably the time it was due. and so you know, come the end of the year or the start of next year, you know, really i'll be on the watch out for him. >> reporter: dr. fan calls the suspect is the best looking thief in town. >> i will say, you know, he actually --[ laughter ] >> he had a nice result after the treatment. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. officers searching for suspects after a man was shot in the chest outside of the bay fair bart station in san leandro last night. the shooting happened in the
6:40 am
station's parking lot shortly after 10 p.m. the victim is in the local hospital where he is listed in critical but stable condition. time now is 6:40. a time capsule was opened in boston more than 200 years after it was first buried. what was left inside by some of america's founding fathers. >> reporter: and it has been a month since one of the largest homeless encampments was shut down in san jose. now another one has popped up. i'm kiet do. we are live and we'll take you on a tour. ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon! gayle king joins us now from new york time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> we do that with gayle king on this wednesday. she joins us live with a little preview. good morning. >> reporter: i am ready. hello, frank and michelle. we are live in paris with the
6:44 am
breaking news story that i know you are aware of. gunmen kill at least a dozen people at a newspaper. plus, does the government get do decide your cancer treatment? don dahler talks to the mother of the 17-year-old who is fighting for the right to refuse chemotherapy and a director is here in studio 57. we'll talk with her about a movie that's getting good reviews and controversy, too. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. frank and michelle, back to you guys. i'll see you in a couple minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then, have a great show. thank you. 6:44 now. business here in the u.s. boosted their hiring in 2014 as it ended a week ago. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. despite all the worries about the global economy, due to falling oil demand, u.s. economy continues to show some solid signs of growth. adp which tracks the private sector says there was a gain of
6:45 am
241,000 jobs in december. that was better than what it reported in november a gain of 227,000 jobs. the december total largely in line with what's expected from the labor department when it reports its monthly employment report on friday. also expecting the unemployment rate to stay steady at 5.8%. now, it's not all good news out there for people looking for work. there will be more people doing so after teen retailer wet seal announced it's closing 338 stores about two-thirds of its locations. so 3700 full and part-time workers were lose their jobs. a tough start to 2015. we have had a couple of heavy days of selling. today though the market is rebounding in the early going. let's take a look at the numbers. see how we're doing so far.
6:46 am
all three indices are headed up. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. homeless people have scattered across the south bay after they shut the jungle down. kiet do reports. >> reporter: you could call it the jungle version 1.5. silicon valley's fastest growing homeless encampment sits along the railroad tracks near downtown off phelon avenue with 30 tents. the property owner union pacific railroad had no idea it was this big until we call. >> this caught us off guard. >> reporter: it has been nearly a month since san jose shut down the jungle one of the largest homeless encampments in the country with more than 200 squatters. in the weeks after the closure of the jungle, we followed some of the die-hards who scattered throughout the city. at a walmart on story road, across from a strip mall in little saigon, even sleeping on the porches of vacant homes.
6:47 am
as for the new railroad camp, union pacific is surveying the site. for now, it's a collection of tarps, pallets and garbage, not quite the jungle 2.0, but it's getting there. >> in order to get to your facility, having to maybe cross the tracks or wandering on the tracks, either way, it's something that from a safety standpoint, concerns us to where we need to do something. >> reporter: for abc recycling next door, the railroad camp has been a huge pain. every week the business itself pays to haul away piles of garbage. nighttime fires mean they must hire a security guard to make sure drifting embers don't spark a blaze in their containers and when charities come to feed the homeless they bring in tables and chairs and block abc's gates and driving customers away. an employee who didn't want to be on camera says it's costing them more than $5,000 a month. >> [ indiscernible need a place to stay and hardship.
6:48 am
but it's hurting our business. >> reporter: we are back here live at the rear entrance of the homeless encampment. this is at the cul-de-sac at the end of leo avenue. this is where all the squatters come dump their garbage where it piles up chest deep. and then they park their cars here and enter the property through a cut hole in the fence. there is a long-term plan in the works now trying to make its way through city and count government for approval. it is broad. there are a lot of stakeholders. they are trying to attack this problem from a lot of different angles. you get the sense down here in the south bay at least that there has not been this kind of focus this kind of motivation, to solve homelessness in some time. back to you. >> how about union pacific? >> they've problem to take care of. >> reporter: after we called them they sent crew down to inspect the property. they are going to see what they have to do next. very early in the process, it will be interesting to see how they try to keep the folks out of here. you ask the people here at the recycling center, they want a
6:49 am
big tall fence tamper-proof to keep people out. kiet do, kpix 5. time now 6:48. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. it was a big yikes that caused this accident near the caldecott tunnel. we have learned more details. it's in the eastbound lanes of 24 right before you reach the caldecott. it turns out a car was being towed away and then fell off of the tow truck! so you never like to see that happen, yikes! a box truck hit it and that's what's causing these delays now trying to get out of oakland before you reach the caldecott tunnel. so it's backed up there. we are also seeing some slowdowns in the commute direction westbound 24 coming out of orinda. it may just be some visual distraction from people in oakland checking out that accident scene. but at least one lane possibly two lanes are blocked. it is counter-commute so that's the good news. but there you go. it is causing a delay. also, golden gate bridge traffic is moving fine right now. but look at this tweet that chp marin just sent out. the golden gate bridge closures begin around 9:30 on friday night. the full closure happens at
6:50 am
midnight as scheduled but right around 9:30 they begin the process of shutting down the bridge. it's closed all weekend long so they can install that movable median barrier. here's a live look through the livermore valley westbound 580 if you are traveling that way. it's been a heavy commute all morning. we had an earlier fender-bender near north greenville. that's cleared now but obviously some heavy delays 27 minutes from the altamont pass. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." should be a warm day if you are heading to work. let's check in with your forecast and roberta. it's already a beautiful start to this wednesday. this "hump day." good morning, everybody. just stop what you're doing for a second here and take a look at this. it is sunrise -- well, it's a little bit before sunrise, which is officially at 7:26. frank and michelle, what do you think? >> beautiful. >> gorge. >> ooo, yeah. >> gorgeous. >> you can't tell how cold it is outside. we have a variety of numbers in the 30s, 40s and now 50 degrees in san francisco. winds are relatively calm but we did pick up a sea breeze earlier near the golden gate bridge. that cleaned out the atmosphere, somewhat. but yet, it is the sixth
6:51 am
consecutive "spare the air" alert day. temperatures cool down tomorrow and with it some cleaner air. and then we will expect some chilly but not frosty nights ahead under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure. we have an area of low pressure. it is on approach. it's going to keep it way out over the open waters so we have a dry weather pattern through next wednesday with a chance of rain next thursday. so meanwhile, around the state of california, approaching 70 degrees in fresno through stockton into merced, monterey bay, yesterday, was 75. today 68 degrees. and south shore all i can say is it's springtime skiing conditions. in fact, kpix 5 proud to present the tahoe report. northstar just awesome conditions, packed powder, 31 lifts out of 31 operable. meanwhile heading to kirkwood, looks good as well with ten out of 15 lifts going. 26" base. and squaw valley, have a great time.
6:52 am
no chains needed. lots of sunshine. we have hazy sunshine today. temperatures into the 60s and the low 70s. in fact, 72 in san jose should be a record all the way back through the gilroy, morgan hill area. partly cloudy on thursday all the way through tuesday. that's your weather report. have a great day. thank you. a time capsule from 1795 was opened in boston yesterday. officials found old coins, documents, newspapers and a metal plate owned by paul revere. the original capsule was made of cowhide buried under the massachusetts statehouse up on beacon hill but 60 years after it was buried it was accidentally dug up. contents were then placed in a copper box and reburied. >> actually took a good half day to loosen the screws on the top and then there was lead solder around the outside of the box. edges were sealed. >> but they opened it up, it's believed the time capsule was
6:53 am
made by the great samuel adams and paul revere and was discovered while they were fixing a water leak in the old statehouse in boston. time now 6:53. search teams located the tail section of the airasia jet that went down in the java sea. why that could be the key to figuring out exactly what happened. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge is making history by closing. we'll tell you about the big project in store for the weekend all in the name of safety.
6:54 am
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five things to know at the :55. 12 people including two police officers are dead after masked gunmen stormed the headquarters of a french newspaper and opened fire this morning.
6:57 am
the newspaper has been attacked and threatened in the past for publishing caricatures of the prophet mohammad. and the tail section of that airasia flight 8501 has been discovered. searchers have been scouring the java sea for remains from the flight since it lost contact with 162 people on board. finding the tail section is significant because that's where the flight data recorders are located on the plane. a fierce winter storm system continues to grip much of the nation. classes are canceled in minneapolis and chicago, where temperatures may not get above 0. yesterday, 974 flights in the u.s. were canceled due to cold and snow. more frigid temperatures are expected on the weekend. the new republican- controlled congress is already running into a veto showdown with the president. the senate started work yesterday on a bill to speed up construction of the keystone xl pipeline. president obama programs to veto it. ebmud water customers will get a break on their bills this
6:58 am
month. the district was planning on adding a 14% surcharge to water bills because of the drought. the recent rain made that unnecessary for now. the surcharge will be discussed again later this month. i'm anne makovec live near the golden gate bridge which is going to be closed for 52 hours starting midnight friday. it will change the way lanes change on the bridge. right now they are separated by plastic tie lines. once this project is finished this how the new barrier will be moved each day. it creeps down the road sliding each hinged concrete piece of the barrier over one lane just like a zipper to accommodate commute traffic. it's all designed to prevent head-on collisions on the bridge. >> it is possible to have serious tragic head-on collisions according to history and experience. >> reporter: lanes will be smaller. they are only about 10 feet
6:59 am
wide. drivers are being warned to go slowly until everybody gets used to the new median and we have a lot of information on ways to get around this bridge closure on our website, live near the golden gate bridge, anne makovec, kpix 5. and just another update on this accident near oakland. eastbound 24, two lanes are blocked before you reach the caldecott tunnel. it was a small car being towed away and it fell off of the tow truck. that's when a box truck hit it so you can see a chain reaction crash with a backup behind it stacked up from beyond 13. a new accident in san jose southbound 680 at 101. roberta? 30s, 40s and 50s out the door this morning anywhere from cold to some kind of mild conditions later today. another "spare the air" day in effect. but we should have cleaner air mass tomorrow and cooler temperatures. today near and record warmth in the 60s and in the low 70s. again, cooler by thursday. >> wow. >> yeah. wow is right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26.
7:00 am
see you at noon. captions by: caption colorado good morning. to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, january 7th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massacre in paris. gunmen stormed the offices of a satirical newspaper killing at least 12. we're live at the scene. crushing cold paralyzes much of the country. schools are closed and travel is treacherous. plus, forced by the state to undergo chemotherapy, we'll talk with the mother of a teenage cancer patient who's being treated against her will. but we'll begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is a very carefully planned military assault. >> terror at the headquarters of


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