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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. mayhem in paris as hooded gunmen storm the offensive of a
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satirical newspaper. how the bay area is responding to the deadly attack. oo good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> authorities in paris are searching for three masked gunmen they say are behind one of the deadliest terror attacks in france. 12 people were killed this morning when the gunmen stormed the offices of a satirical newspaper four-car. the gunmen claimed to be from al qaeda and spoke french. >> the freedom of expression that it represented is not able to be killed by this terror. >> the charlie hebdo newspapers were firebombed in 2011 after it printed a caricature of the prophet mohammad that muslims find offensive. the gunmen were heard shouting
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we avenge the prophet. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from a french language center with reaction. >> reporter: employees are still scouring the web for news about this attack. [ non-english language ] is trending on social media. that means i am charlie a show of solidarity from around the world and from french people in the bay area. >> a lot of people on social media. >> reporter: he and the employees at this french- american international school in san francisco are still trying to process the news. >> it's a strong attack on freedom. >> reporter: an attack says stephanie to freedom of the press. >> hebdo is a big newspaper in france. >> reporter: it's a satirical newspaper mocking all aspects of society including many direct portrayals of islam and muslim culture, which may have
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prompted the attack. >> cy hope that in france people are going to stay reasonable and really understand that it's not every muslim. >> reporter: you know, you don't hear a lot of shooting attacks in france. that's because guns are highly regulated there. and that lack of gun culture is adding to the shock. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. san francisco police have made an arrest in connection to the fire at the house used in the movie "mrs. doubtfire." burn marks can be seen here on the garage door and front door, as well. police believe someone used an accelerant to ignite the fire. santa rosa police department says they have found a missing 10-year-old girl and she is safe this afternoon. victoria valdez was located in the last hour. she was reported missing from the steele lane elementary school at 10 a.m. she was found a few miles from the campus. police say there is no evident of a crime. they are talking to the girl to
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find out what happened. a battle over the sale of six hospitals is being heard by state attorney general kamala harris. [ chanting ] in san jose, healthcare workers and community members say the sale will be bad for low-income families. but doctors and nurses say the sale is a good thing. >> we'll lose our jobs and pensions and it matters. this is a big deal. >> why i'm opposed to time is they are known for displacing workers, not working with the community. >> harris is expected to make a decision by early february. the flu season is taking a stronghold throughout the country and it's expected to get worse. the flu is getting more intense and spreading rapidly right now. officials say the dominant flu strain this year is also more
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serious. the nation's drugstore chains are benefiting from the flu season. december sales were up by more than 10% in walgreens from last year with customers buying antiviral drugs. accusations from three new women now surfacing against bill cosby. in a press conference today, the new alleged victims of bill cosby are expected to describe their accusations against the embattled actor and comedian. attorney gloria allred is holding the meeting with the three women. bill cosby will have his first performance tonight since november. protestors will be outside the venue in ontario. he has been accused of sexually assaulting more than 15 women. san francisco's jungle encampment was closed. but many have found a new home and that's a problem. it's a story you'll see only on 5. kiet do reports. >> reporter: you could call it the jungle version 1.5. silicon valley fastest growing encampment sits along the
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railroad tracks near downtown off phelon avenue and is 30 tents. the property owner union pacific railroad had no idea it had gotten this big until we called. >> this instance that's occurred here kind of caught us off guard. >> reporter: it has been nearly a month since san jose shut down the jungle one of the largest encampments in the country with more than 200 squatters. in the weeks after the closure of the jungle, we followed some of the die-hards who scattered throughout the city. at a walmart on story road, across from a strip mall in little saigon, even sleeping on the porches of vacant homes. as for the new railroad camp, union pacific is surveying the site. for now, it's a collection of tarps, pallets and garbage, not quite the jungle 2.0, but it's getting there. >> in order to get to your facility, having to maybe cross the tracks or wandering on to the tracks, either way, it's something that from a safety standpoint concerns us to where we need to do something. >> reporter: for abc recycling
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next door, the railroad camp has been a huge pain. every week the business itself pays to haul away piles of garbage. nighttime fires mean they must hire a security guard to make sure drifting embers don't spark a blaze in their containers. and when charities come to feed the homeless, they bring in tables and chairs, blocking abc's gates and driving customers away. an employee who didn't want his face shown on camera says it's costing them more than $5,000 a month. >> i totally understand about they need a place to stay and their hardship, but it's just hurting our business. >> reporter: and we are here at the rear entrance to the encampment at the cul-de-sac at the end of leo avenue. this is where the squatters come, dump their garbage where it piles up chest-deep. they park their cars here and then enter the property through a cut hole in the fence. there is a long-term plan now making its way through city and county government trying to get approval. it is broad, a lot of stakeholders involved, trying to attack this problem from all different angles. at least here in the south bay
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you get the sense that there hasn't been that kind of focus and motivation to solve homelessness in quite some time. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. police are searching for a suspect after a man was shot outside the bay fair bart station in san leandro last night. the shooting in the station's parking lot shortly after about 10:00. officers say the victim was taken to a hole hospital where he is -- to a local hospital where he is now listed in critical but stable condition. south san francisco officially welcomed a new fire chief. the crew had a change of command ceremony today to honor the new chief gerald cold man. he was previously -- coleman. he was previously at the colma fire department and then san jose. a robber has been punching kicking and slamming women to the ground in l.a. in koreatown then robbing them. this video shows a woman getting attacked in an apartment lobby. police say there have been four like this in the past three months. >> as a young person myself, like, especially since i work
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at night sometimes, like, pretty scary just to see it. >> police say in all of the attacks the suspect wears the same hooded sweat shirt and shorts. the san francisco board of supervisors are having a special meeting on the labor dispute at sfo restaurants. this is video from last month's strike where close to 1,000 workers walked off the job at the airport. the strike caused a closure of more than 80% of the airport's food and beverage operations. the union representing restaurant workers has been without a contract now for nearly a year and a half. city college of san francisco could learn this week if it has more time to meet accrediting requirements. the accrediting commission is expected to decide whether to grant the embattled school restoration status. under that status, the school would remain accredited. the commission voted in 2013 to revoke the school's accreditation but the move is currently on hold pending a lawsuit filed by san francisco. kids in the bay are trading in their replica weapons for
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educational toys. it's all part of the three wise men toy giveaway in fruitvale. you can stop by at 5:00 at the fruitvale transit village. libby schaaf and jean quan will be there. more than 46,000 undocumented immigrants applied for driver's licenses in the first three days of the new year. applicants can get permits after passing the written test but they must take a road test before getting a license. state officials expect about 1.5 million people to apply for new licenses in the next three years. coming up, bumpy roads plagued by potholes make it hard to navigate one bay area city. why it could be a long time before san francisco streets are a little easier to drive. >> winter is back with a vengeance in much of the u.s. how quickly you can develop frostbite in the below freezing temperatures. >> and locally we have another "spare the air" day and, yes, our sixth consecutive day of that "spare the air." the better air quality and when you should expect it is still straight ahead as the news continues on kpix 5.
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checking the big board on this wednesday, the dow is soaring and that is a good thing up nearly 200 points at this hour. despite lots of roadwork in san francisco, thousands of blocks remain in pretty poor condition. unanticipated costs could slow down the city's progress on road repairs for years. some of the worst streets are on toll land in the bayview and west portal avenue between 14th and 15th. th department of public works says it's spending $68 million a year on roadwork alone. 14% rate headache for east bay m.u.d. customers is averted for now. the utility district had an emergency plan to pump the sacramento river for water, but all the heavy rains last month are now preventing the need for that extra water.
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later this month officials will decide if the pumping and surcharge might be needed. an early partner in beats headphones is taking dr. dre to court. the popular headphones are a favorite among celebrities like 9ers colin kaepernick. dre and the producer sold the brand to apple for $3 last year. monster based in the bay area was the original manufacturer. yesterday, monster founder noel lee sued his former partners accusing them of tricking him to sell his stock before the deal. no comment from apple. much of the u.s. dealing with some of the coldest winter weather of the season. the midwest is getting hammered now. 38 states still under wind chill warnings or advisories today. chicago and suburbs around there the schools were all closed as a precaution. >> kind of north star that guides us health and safety of the children and enough planning time for the parents
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to make adjustments. >> the deep freeze sticks around through the end of the week. meanwhile in the bay area we are having warm temperatures. >> 70s. >> i'm looking at our kpix 5 weather app now and i'm trying to get a chicago temperature and it looks like it is 2 above zero right now. >> super. yeah. >> right? >> chamber of commerce is doing that. >> right. here we are with another day of near or record warm temperatures. today is the sixth consecutive "spare the air" day and the 12th of the winter. but take a look at this. i do believe we have a little bit of better air quality than what we have been experiencing lately. that's due to earlier today we had a nice breeze out of the golden gate bridge west at 9 miles per hour. currently temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 63 in san francisco currently. the average high temperature this time of the year is 56 degrees. this is the view looking out towards mount diablo a little bit of a haze in the eastern portion of our bay area at this time. hey, it's not going to be as cold tonight as it was just 24
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hours ago. we'll have temperatures pretty mild in the 40s and 50s overnight due to increasing cloud cover. and then cooler temperatures arrive for thursday and cleaner air mass. today panning out to be the warmest day of the workweek thanks to the huge dome of high pressure off the pacific coast encompassing the state of california. it's going to nudge out of the way slightly with an area of low pressure on the approach. statewide today, 69 degrees in monterey bay. that's after a record tying event yesterday of 75 degrees. meanwhile, in the greater lake tahoe area, it's springtime skiing, in fact take a look at the tahoe report. northstar one of the best terrain parks and also pipe parks in the country. lots of packed powder there today. your tahoe report suggests that kirkwood ten to 15 lifts available and also with the springtime conditions in squaw valley, you have the black diamond, it is open for business. sunset tonight at 5:06. by the time it sets, temperatures up to about 10
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degrees above average. into the 60s and low 70s from san jose backing through the monterey bay area. check out our seven-day forecast, because you'll notice slight cooling tomorrow, additional meltdown on those numbers on friday, no rain through tuesday. and right now it looks like we could see some rain beginning next saturday, after that a more rainy period moving in. >> all right. we'll just wait for it, then, roberta. >> we have no choice. thanks. how about football? the raiders are in the hunt for a new head coach. the contender in town today and who the players are rooting for. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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it's lunchtime. time for something delicious to eat. sounds good. team tantillo is cooking up veal in today's fresh grocer. >> reporter: veal saltimbocca. i just love saying that. >> which means jumping mouth, it's that good. >> it's like a street food? >> it is a street food in italy. that's kind of what it's known for. it's very simple to make.
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you have veal, prosciutto and sage and it's all put together on a toothpick. and then it just simply is pan- seared. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> and the sage releases the juices on the proscuitto. >> it gives it an incredible flavor which is something just absolutely magnificent and needs to be a high heat, back off a little bit because the oil might spit while you're cooking but you need that because it's thin meat. just salt the back of it because there is the salt from the proscuitto. so simple. >> thank you, bella. >> thank you, dad. >> veal saltimbocca, it's going to jump in our mouths. >> they made that in like 28 seconds. >> i know. >> looks good. >> thank you, tony. hey, the raiders are busy interviewing people for their head coaching job. today interim head man tony sparano is getting his chance to talk to the raider brass. the nfl network is reporting there are six others in the running for the position. some raider players though have said they believe sparano deserves the full time gig.
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the giants championship trophy hits the road today the first stop raley field in sacramento is. the three world series trophies will make their way back to the bay later this month. the trophy tour ends on opening day. the people's choice awards airs tonight. ben affleck set to get a humanitarian award and fallout boy lady and the bellam and iggy azalea will perform. you can catch the stars and action at 9 p.m. right here on kpix 5. seeing snow for the first time, the priceless reaction from one baby panda. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, give our hotline a call at 888- 5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. in today's jobs report, jill schlesinger reports how the aging baby boomers are providing new opportunities for jobs. reporter: the healthy pace of economic expansion means more jobs in specific industries. the economy is expected to grow on average by 3.3% every year for the next five years, an
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improvement from the 2% annualized growth during the recovery. but some sectors are poised to advance far more than the average due to demographics. according to the census bureau, 14.2% of the total population in san francisco county was over the age of 65 as of 2013. and that number is expected to grow. as they age, these baby boomers will require more frequent and specialized medical care. the bureau of labor statistics projects that the home healthcare service industry is likely to see the strongest growth, 4.8%, of any industry by 2022. individual and family services and outpatient lab and ambulatory care services will also grow by 4.4 and 3.8%, respectively. when considering where to apply for a job, just follow the numbers. a career in the home healthcare service industry may be right for you.
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i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, a huge fire rips through a bay area building. but it's what's happening now three weeks later that's putting people in danger. that story and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. snow in washington, d.c. made for a fun and very playful day for one giant panda. look how cute. >> hello. >> "bao bao" u.s. will with at the smithsonian national zoo. this is the first time the
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panda experienced snow. and as you can see, she loves it! >> did someone spike her milk? >> i saw some home video of frank when he was a kid, same thing. >> i can relate to "bao bao" a little bit. [ laughter ] >> looks like fun. >> could make a snow angel here. just watch. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> we leave with you "bao bao" and his buddies. captions by: caption colorado
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>> rick: i can't. [ voice breaking ] i can't just put this behind me. >> caroline: god, yes, you can rick. yes, you can. >> rick: ridge! why did it have to be ridge?! >> caroline: would you just listen to me? don't let this destroy us. we can -- we can go away. we can go -- we can go to paris or new york. we can put this all behind us. >> rick: how? i'm running a company, caroline. >> caroline: and i'm trying to save a marriage. what's more important to you? >> eric: i forced rick's hand. told him if he wanted to run the company, he'd have to patch up his marriage with caroline. he needed time, not an ultimatum. >> ridge: i know you're trying dad, but what he did was indefensible. >> eric: i agree. but i can see very clearly what


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