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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 8, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> pelley: tonight, tower of tears. france mourns the victims of the terror attack as thousands of police search for the killers. we'll look into their links to al qaeda. reports from clarissa ward elizabeth palmer and bob orr. jeff pegues on why the u.s. is hitting honda with the biggest fine ever against a carmaker. vinita nair is covering the biting cold and blinding snow facing millions of americans. don dahler on a judge's decision today on whether a teenage cancer victim can be forced to get chemotherapy she doesn't want. >> this is my daughter's decision. i think she's mature enough. >> pelley: and on the day elvis would have become a rocktogenarian, mark strassmann shows us how it all began. >> this is the holy grail of rock 'n' roll.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. tonight in their hour of sadness, the people of france are showing the world their determination. they mourned the 12 killed yesterday in the terror attack on the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" or "charlie weekly." some held pencils in honor of the five cartoonists who died. the nationwide manhunt for two suspects still on the loose is now into its second night, and we have a series of reports. we'll begin with clarissa ward north of paris. clarissa? >> reporter: good evening, scott. this gas station is the last place where those two suspected gunmen were believed to have been seen making the rural area all around here the current focus of the search. france is on its highest terror alert.
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more than 80,000 security forces have fanned out across the country, a massive dragnet to find the missing gunmen. officers blocked roads and searched houses in the picardie region north of paris after reports that the two heavily armed men had robbed a gas station there. said and cherif kouachi are the chief suspects in yesterday's massacre. today more details began to emerge about their past. french media described the two as orphans of algerian dissent who were raised in foster care. the younger brother cherif grew up performing and listening to rap music and worked as a pizza delivery boy, but according to some reports, he became angry at the invasion of iraq and joined a small group of extremists. he was arrested almost a decade ago, as he set off to join jihadis fighting american forces in iraq. according to testimony at his trial in 2008, he also dreamed of striking jewish targets in
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europe. the two brothers were well-known to french authorities, raising the question of how their plans to attack "charlie hebdo" went unnoticed by police. as darkness fell tonight, the hunt continues. >> police are going through towns and villages across this entire area. they're on foot. they're going door to door looking for any possible hiding places. >> at the house of the mayor of this village, officers asked if there were any caves nearby. then they went to investigate. "i'm not scared," the mayor told us, "but my daughter who is in another village is very afraid. she's alone with the children and she doesn't feel safe." scott, french authorities originally said that there was a third man involved with the attack, the kouachi's 18-year- old brother-in-law, hamyd mourad, but mourad turned himself into police last night
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and there are reports that he may have actually been at school during the shooting, so as of now it's not clear whether or not he was indeed involved. >> pelley: clarissa ward covering the manhunt. clarissa, thank you. a witness yesterday said that one of the gunmen shouted in french, "tell the media we're al qaeda from yemen." well, tonight bob orr has learned much more about these suspects, including a connection to that country on the arabian peninsula. >> reporter: sources say suspect said and cherif kouachi were on u.s. no-fly and terror watch lists, and were well-known to french counter-terrorism officials before wednesday's attack. cherif kouachi's arrest made him the more well-known of the two but his older brother said kouachi may actually have stronger ties to al qaeda terrorists. u.s. sources say french investigators have evidence said traveled to yemen in 2011 and linked up with the terrorist affiliate al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. cbs news has been told that said spent several months in yemen,
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training with the group known as aqap. during said's time in yemen, aqap's terror operations were being run by the u.s.-born radical cleric anwar al awlaki. al awlaki was the inspiration behind nidal hassan's massacre at fort hood. al awlaki also led the failed attempts to hit the u.s. with bombs smuggled onto jetliners, inside underwear and computer printers. it's unclear if said had any direct dealings with al awlaki before returning to france in 2011. al awlaki was killed by a u.s. drone strike on september 30th the same year. investigators believe said returned home with the intention of using his training to carry out an attack on a target in france. but law enforcement officials are struggling to explain the three-year gap between said's homecoming and the mass shooting at "charlie hebdo." now, investigators don't know if the brothers carried out the massacre on direct orders from aqap. it's entirely possible the suspects selected their own
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target and timing. in either case, scott, the attack is one of the deadliest linked to al qaeda in a decade. >> pelley: bob, thanks very much. this evening president obama went to the french embassy in washington to sign the book of condolence. elizabeth palmer is covering the memorials in paris. >> reporter: on the stroke of 8:00, the lights blinked out. while in central paris thousands gathered in solemn tribute. this national day of mourning had begun much earlier with the bells of notre dame cathedral pealing in the rain and a minute's solemn silence. [bells tolling] many hands held symbols of defiance, the pen, they're saying, is mightier than any gun. all france is in shock, but it's worse for those who saw the carnage at "charlie hebdo's" office firsthand.
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patrick pelloux, a columnist and doctor told french television he got a call begging for urgent help, but he thought it was a joke, until he arrived and saw his colleges shot dead execution-style. "charlie hebdo's" surviving staff have moved to temporary offices at a major paris newspaper. unintimidated, they say they'll go ahead and publish next week and with support like this they've decided to up the normal print run from 60,000 to one million. france has the largest muslim population in europe, and its relationship with the french mainstream hasn't always been smooth. there have been sporadic riots and bitter controversy over aba decision to ban the full veil in public, but yesterday's shooting was widely condemned by muslim leaders. several braved a media scrum to lay flowers where the policeman was executed yesterday, and at the grand mosque of paris, the
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head of the muslim council abdallah zekri told me, "of course we disagreed with "charlie hebdo," we even sued them, but violence, it can't be allowed to snuff out freedom of expression." scott, the policeman whose grisly execution was caught on video yesterday was himself a muslim. a tweet that's gone viral in the last few hours says, "i am ahmed the cop. "charlie hebdo" mocked my faith and my culture, and i died defending their right to do it." >> pelley: elizabeth palmer in the city of light. elizabeth, thank you. adding to the anxiety today, a policewoman was shot to death on the southern outskirts of paris as she responded to a report of a traffic accident. the shooter got away and now the interior minister says there is no link between this shooting and the magazine attack. as shocking as all of this was it is important to remember that such attacks are common in the world as terrorists seek to
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impose their radical interpretation of islam. just today in iraq, three suicide attacks killed 23 people. in yemen, al qaeda is blamed for a car bombing outside a police college yesterday. at least 40 were killed, and in nigeria, more than 100 have been killed since the weekend when boko haram militants seized the town of baga. in another important story today, the u.s. government slammed honda with a record fine for a carmaker, $70 million. here's transportation correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: federal regulators say over the last 11 years honda failed to tell the government about 1,729 deaths and injuries and other warranty claims filed by consumers. clarence ditlow is the executive director of the center for auto safety. >> defects that could and should be recalled slipped through the
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cracks because they were not reported to the government agency, which has to have that information in order to make decisions to recall a car. >> reporter: the underreporting is evident in these numbers. while general motors reported 975 death and injury cases in the second quarter last year honda reported just 12. the center for auto safety flagged the problem and notified the national highway trafficfe safety administration, or nhtsa. >> the honda fine is not only a wake-up call to honda but to the entire industry. >> reporter: honda says computer glitches and training issues caused the failures and that the company has resolved this matter and will move forward. last year alone there were an record 53 million auto industry- related recalls, the majority by gm, which was fined $35 million after revealing its faulty ignition switches now tied to at least 42 fatalities. but nhtsa has also been under the microscope, accused of a lack of oversight. anthony foxx is the secretary of transportation.
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>> i think the quiet story here has been that while a lot of things are coming to light nhtsa is taking very aggressive steps to address them. >> reporter: right now there is a $35 million cap on how much nhtsa can fine automakers, so honda was fined for two separate violations. there is legislation that would increase the cap to $300 million. scott, that $70 million is equal to just four days of honda's profits. >> pelley: jeff, thank you very much. an investigative report outic today criticizes the nfl for not thoroughly investigating running back ray rice, but it als concluded that commissioner roger goodell told the truth about what he knew. rice was caught on video knocking out his fiancee. goodell was criticized for suspending rice for only two games, but goodell explained that he hadn't seen the video. well, today the report by former f.b.i. director robert mueller said there is no evidence that anyone at nfl headquarters had
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seen the video before the suspension. after the video went public, rice was suspended indefinitely, but now a judge has lifted that suspension. it is another dangerously cold night in much of america. temperatures are in the single digits and teens across the midwest and northeast. and in the southeast, it is at least 20 degrees colder than normal. some places are under blizzard warnings. vinita nair now on where the snow and the mercury are falling. >> reporter: a winter storm warning left visibility in muskegon, michigan down to just a few car lengths. to the west in grand forks north dakota, it was a similar white-knuckle drive. the cold front led to a series of record lows, from montpelier, vermont, at 20 degrees below zero, to mobile, alabama, at 17 degrees, breaking a record set more than a century ago. more than 170 million americans are braving subfreezing temperatures.
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in maryland, chip keller gave his maintenance crew strict instructions about exposure to the elements. >> i tell them if they get cold, get in the truck, sit down, get warm. i don't want anybody sick. i don't want anybody hurt. >> wbz meteorologist eric fisher. >> this morning was about as cold as we get, but there is another blast moving in for tonight, so friday into saturday many of us are still looking at temperatures a good 15 to 25 degrees below normal. >> reporter: compared to the rest of the nation, we have very little to complain about here in new york. the record low today 16 degrees with wind-chill that's four degrees, but, scott, i would argue it feels a lot colder out here. >> no doubt. thank you very much. new video raises more questions about the actions of cleveland police after an officer shot a 12-year-old to death. that story is next on the "cbs evening news." you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone
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discoloration and itching. ask your doctor about non-surgical juvéderm voluma® xc from the #1 selling family of fillers. sorry newton, not everything has to fall. see before & afters at juvéderm voluma®. defy gravity. >> pelley: there's new video evidence out tonight in the death of a 12-year-old shot by a cleveland police officer in november. the city released video of the moment that tamir rice was shot, but for weeks reporters have been asking for the rest of the tape. after you see it, it may be easier to understand why the city didn't want it out. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: video from november 22nd showed 12-year-old tamir rice shot to death in a city park by a cleveland cop less than two seconds after the officer pulled up to within a
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few feet of him. the police were responding to a 911 call about an armed man. but the weapon turned out to be a toy pellet gun. in the newly released video, as the 12-year-old lis bleeding from a stomach wound on the ground behind the cruiser, the officers can be seen standing around and talking to each other. then when tamir's sister runs to see what happened, the police throw her to the ground, three times. she's then handcuffed and marched into the back seat of the cruiser where she remains for the rest of the 30-minute tape. she's 14 years old. the boy's mother, samaria rice was just out of camera range. >> as i was trying to get through to my son, the policem told me to calm down or they will put me in the back of the police car. >> reporter: according to the tape time line, paramedics arrive eight minutes after the shooting and attend to tamir on the ground for another six minutes before he is carried away on a stretcher.
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he died the next day. walter madison is an attorney for his family. >> how many minutes pass before anyone tries to do anything, and you just have to ask yourself, would tamir be here if someone had just simply tried? we know those first moments after a trauma are so crucial. >> reporter: we asked the police for a comment on this newly released video, but they declined. last week, scott, the police turned over their entire investigation of this incident to the local sheriff's department. >> pelley: dean reynolds reporting from the park where tamir rice was killed. dean, thanks very much. can a state force a teenager to have cancer treatment she doesn't want? that's next. next. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation
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advil liqui gels are faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. available at walmart for a low price every day. >> pelley: today the connecticut supreme court ruled that the state can force a 17-year-old to un undergo chemotherapy to save her life. don dahler now on the case of the girl known only as "cassandra c." >> cassandra was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma in september. doctors say with treatment there's an 85% chance to survive. without treatment most people die within two years. >> the fact that cassandra is a minor does nothing to diminish that right. >> reporter: lawyers for the family argued that the 17-year- old was mature enough to choose how her cancer should be treated. attorney mike taylor. >> we don't think maturity just sort of falls upon us on the day
5:52 pm
of our 18th birthday, and, you know, not to be glib, but the constitution doesn't just fall upon us on our 18th birthday. minors have rights, as well. >> reporter: a lower court ordered cassandra to takel. treatment in november. after two treatments she ran away. the state then took temporary custody. she's now confined to a hospital room and is receiving chemo. the teen's desire to seek a medical alternative has the support of her mother who calls chemo toxic and poison. >> what other form does she want in terms of treatment? >> we haven't gotten that far yet because she was pulled away when we were trying to look for second opinions. i mean, she may not be able to have children. it's documented. it's in black and white. >> even if there's a good chance those toxins might be killing the cancer and saving her life? >> but they're also killing her body. they're killing her organs. they're killing her insides, and it's not even a matter of dying. she's not going to die. she doesn't want to die.
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>> reporter: cassandra turns 18 and thus becomes an adult who can legally reject medical treatment in nine months. scott, her full course of chemo will be finished three months before then. >> pelley: don dahler reporting. don, thank you. in a moment, the king with the power to turn plastic into gold. ♪ let's rock everybody let's rock ♪ let's rock ♪ so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed
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♪ wise men sing only fools rush in ♪ i can't help falling in love with you ♪ >> pelley: america fell in love with elvis presley in the 1950s, and today on what would have been his 80th birthday, the affair continues. mark strassmann on how it all began. >> the very first acetate, the very first song elvis ever recorded. >> reporter: this is early elvis, as early as it gets. >> this is the holy grail of rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: angie marchese is director of archives at graceland. at sun studio in memphis, elvis
5:57 pm
presley paid $4 to record a record, legend has it a birthday gift for his mother. ♪ blue ♪ >> side a is called "my happiness." ♪ my happiness ♪ >> you could hear elvis at the age of 18. he doesn't want to mess up. this is his one take to do this, and he wanted it to be perfect. ♪ just as long as i have you ♪ >> reporter: his mother never heard it. the presley's did not own a record player, and elvis never recorded the song again ♪ well that's all right mama ♪ a year later he recorded "that's all right mama." by 1956 he was elvis. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ more than one billion elvisio records have sold worldwide. ♪ let's rock everybody let's rock ♪
5:58 pm
tonight graceland will help private owners auction 68 elvis items, his first driver's license, checkbook and that original acetate record. "my happiness" could become your happiness. what's it going to go for? >> over $100,000 easily. >> reporter: at sun studio, also now legendary, local guitarist memphis jones says every musician owes a debt to elvis. >> he came out of left field. he was from outer space, and once he landed, the world just changed. >> reporter: elvis walked into sun with a dream. ♪ i can't seem to stand on my own two feet ♪ >> and left pop culture all shook up. mark strassmann, cbs news, memphis. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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now at 6:00 fed up with people ripping him off a bay area shop owner has his own tactic to keep criminals away. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. an oakland store owner is saying enough is enough. kpix 5's da lin on what he is doing about criminals. da. >> reporter: this wicket is worth 1,000 words. the owner of this liquor store kings liquor is hoping these pictures are powerful enough to steer the bad guys away. business owners in the fruitvale district say it's like the wild, wild west. they are on their own with petty crime. >> frustrating. >> reporter: if the cops show up at all it's hours after owners call for help.
6:00 pm
>> for a beer, a 12 pack, they are not going to do anything. >> reporter: even 12 cameras in this tiny 200-square-foot liquor store can't deter people from stealing. so fed-up store owner ray rios decided to publicly shame them. >> that's what i call the wall of shame. people that come in and steal. >> reporter: he posts 15 to 20 new pictures on the store window every month. some of these suspects are as young as 6 years old. like this kid who was led by his mother. >> there's an older lady in the 40s stealing candy. this guy a beer, threatened me. i caught him over there. i chased him, caught him on a bike. >> reporter: there isn't a lot ray can do once he does catch them. >> this guy lives off 98th street. i know where he lives. this guy lives up by 29th street. they call him "the toy." >> reporter: how come you can't get the cops to go over there? >> petty theft they don't do nothing. >> reporter: he says the public shaming is working. most of them don't come back. >> one or two, the stupid ones, they


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