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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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coulibaly and his girlfriend held a second siege at a supermarket in eastern paris. cbs news correspondent marlie hall with a look at the explosive ending. reporter: allen and liz, three terror suspects are dead after two separate hostage standoffs in france. authorities say they are homegrown radicals and at least one of them went to an al qaeda training camp in yemen. reporter: a massive two-day manhunt in france ended in gunfire and explosions north of paris. the kouachi brothers wanted in wednesday's massacre at a satirical newspaper were holed up inside a printing plant with a hostage. when they came out shooting, police killed them. 34-year-old said kouachi and 32- year-old cherif kouachi were both linked to al qaeda and said they wanted to die as martyrs. a prosecutor said the brothers had a rocket-propelled grenade and several guns of a second hostage situation at a kosher market in paris came to an end in a nearly simultaneous raid.
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officers shot and killed the hostage-taker amedy coulibaly, after tapping into the store's security cameras. police say coulibaly killed at least four hostages when he first took over the store. 15 were freed friday. the suspect also murdered a female police officer in paris thursday. investigators say coulibaly and the kouachi brothers have links to each other and terrorism. a member of an al qaeda group in yemen says it directed the attack on the newspaper offices. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: french president francois hollande addressed the nation saying the threat is not over and calling on people to remain vigilant. prosecutors say the kouachi brothers were heavily armed during their siege at the printing plant. they say police retrieved at least two semi-automatic weapons, a loaded grenade launcher and found a grenade on one of the brothers. in new york, marlie hall, kpix 5. >> tonight the u.s. has issued a global travel warning after
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the terror attacks from france and other incidents in australia and canada. the state department says attacks against americans are becoming increasingly prevalent. the warning also cited last month hostage standoff at a sydney cafe and the october attack in canada. president obama offered america's condolences to france today saying terror is no match for freedom. >> the streets of paris, the world seeing once again what terrorists stand for, they had nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering and we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings. >> the president says france is our oldest ally and that the united states stands with the people of france through this tragedy. here in the bay area, a sigh of relief for french expatriates as they watched the end today. at cafe dela presse in san francisco several people said they were overwhelmed by the international support. >> everything is going back to
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normal hopefully. >> everything is concerned. it could have been one thing in france, now it's international. >> this "je suis charlie" ("i am charlie") sign hangs right outside the cafe. the phrase now one of twitter's most popular hashtags ever used. charlie hebdo's rival opened its offices for employees to gather today. it was an emotional first day back at work. employees of the newspaper pledged to publish next week's paper in memory of their colleagues. stay right here for more complete coverage on the end to the terror manhunt coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" at 5:30. a young man had his car stolen and stripped in oakland. when police didn't seem to want to investigate he took matters into his own hands. kpix 5's da lin with the incredible amount of evidence he collected on his own. da? >> reporter: yeah, liz. more than 7,000 cars are stolen
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from oakland last year. many of the thieves were never caught. the police department isn't catching them, and in most cases, they didn't even try. so that's forcing a lot of victims to turn into instant amateur detectives. reporter: thieves stripped this car and left it suspended on a stand in east oakland. >> i was really mad. i was like really hurt. >> reporter: it happened last month to ruben martinez a day before his 20th birthday. of all the things the thieves took from the car, he only wants one back. his grandmother's rosary. >> she died in 2009. that was really hard on me. so i kept that rosary like, you know, like it was like my last thing from my grandmother. >> reporter: he had left the rosary and other belongings in the car trunk because his family of four could barely squeeze into the 400-square- foot studio. he thought the recovery of the car would within the beginning of an investigation. but he says the police never followed up. so ruben did. he found the woman who called
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911 to report two thieves stripping his car. >> they had the tires and were taking the last one. [ indiscernible ] so i knew that it was a stolen car. >> reporter: ruben bagged all the evidence left behind. >> beer cans, their cds and tons of fingerprints on here. >> reporter: he even tracked the receipts left behind from this pizza joint. the manager says he will offer up surveillance video of the thief if the officers come and get it but ruben says the police wouldn't help. >> i said, why not? they say it has to be involved in a crime. i said this is a crime. they said only if they did a shooting homicide. >> reporter: he feels revictimized by the handling of these so-called low priority cases. >> i want justice. they deserve to be in jail because they do it to me, they are going to do it to somebody else. >> reporter: all right. i talked to new mayor libby schaaf about this case. at 6:00, hear her plan to solve all cases in oakland.
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i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> ruben is an amateur boxer. after hearing his story, some people in his godmother's community donated some money so he could replace the stolen boxing equipment. in a san francisco courtroom today, bail was set at $1 million for the suspect in the "mrs. doubtfire" arson case. 25-year-old tie quan welch was charged with murder. she is accused of trying to set fire to the iconic house used in the robin williams movie. attorneys say she had a prior confrontation with the homeowner and had a restraining order against her. if it wasn't for whistle blowing neighbors a respected police commander might have gotten away with taking advantage of an elderly woman. he pleaded guilty to forgery but soon he will be sentenced for other crimes, as well. only on 5, kpix 5's juliette goodrich with the grueling two- year road to justice. >> i was scared of him. i am scared of him.
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>> reporter: scared but heidi bailey of pleasanton knew she was doing the right thing when she went to police with suspicions her neighbor matthew messier, a pinole police commander at the time, was using his power of authority to gain the trust and estate of an elderly woman in the neighborhood. >> all he wanted was her home and her money. >> reporter: 84-year-old jean jones' neighbors became concerned when messier started driving jean to the bank. >> when jean stepped into my life, i felt called to protect her. >> reporter: and that she did. >> i was very frightened because i had to pretend when i was around him that i was on his side. >> reporter: messier was arrested for a series of charges including grand theft, elder abuse, and fraud for drafting documents naming himself as trustee and sole beneficiary of jean's $700,000 home. >> and he was willing to make
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her lose her independence, lose her financing independence, and her dignity. >> reporter: jean jones passed away peacefully in her home just two days ago. if it wasn't for her good neighbors stepping in, her other neighbor, a former police commander, matthew messier, would have owned her entire historic estate and savings, an he is state that jean always wanted to have donate to the city of pleasanton when she passed away. had you not stepped in and other good neighbors, this house would have been who is? >> mr. messier's. he would have gotten away with it. >> reporter: this trio of neighbors coming together to make sure jean's will was changed. and her wish to have her home donated to the city granted. >> i do believe that even though something terrible happened though jean, that something wonderful happened to jean too because we got to be part of her story and part of
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her life and, um, she knew family at the end of her life. >> reporter: in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> matthew messier will be back in court on january 21. he made headlines as the victim of an nfl bullying scandal but this 49ers tackle was no victim here. how he took down a shoplifter trying to make off with designer goods. >> we're just hours away from the golden gate bridge shutdown. the early warning that we are getting tonight about monday morning's commute. >> skies are golden as we're starting to get near sunset. this particular picture is hazy air quality bad again tomorrow another "spare the air" day nine in a row. is there any chance of rain? we'll have it for you coming up. >> to me, i mean, he is a monster. my kids were here. >> a man busted on camera stealing a family puppy. the homeowner's surprise when
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well, consider yourself warned again, the golden gate bridge is close toking down for the weekend. we are about 7 hours from the closure. it will be the longest shutdown in the bridge's 77-year history. we sent mobile5 to drive across the span. but when the bridge reopens monday a new median barrier will protect drivers from head- on collisions. since 1970 there have been 128 accidents, 16 deaths. that new barrier costs $30 million. that means that scenes like this this morning will be history. bridge workers riding in the special truck moving the plastic pylons for the last time changing the lane configuration. starting monday, two zipper trucks will move the concrete barriers into position. the bridge district says it will take drivers some time to get used to those barriers. >> i expect perhaps traffic will move a little slower and
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so there might be a little more congestion on monday morning. but the other thing is since we deal with the same people day after day after day, i think that will be very short-lived. >> if all goes as planned the bridge will re-open 4 a.m. monday. on a usual weekend day 80,000 drivers cross the golden gate to head into san francisco so you will need another way, of course to get in and out of the city. we have a list of alternates, transit schedules and closure times on our website. look for the gg bridge closure info link at the top of the page. new billboards in the east bay are designed to combat child sex trafficking. the signs will be put up in oakland along international boulevard which is a known hospital bed for sex trafficking and prostitution. the billboards will also go up in san leandro and san lorenzo. the alameda county district attorney says the campaign has two goals: raise awareness and to help children being exploited to find a path to freedom.
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a shoplifter learned the hard way that you don't mess with 49ers offensive lineman jonathan martin. he tweeted out this picture saying he, quote, took out a dude trying to rob a versace store in l.a. yesterday. you can see the guy laid out on the floor by the door as the security guard tried to stop him. but that didn't work. it's obvious what happened once martin punched the man five to eight times saying it, quote, maybe took 30 seconds it all happened so fast. you don't really think about it. you just sort of react. martin said another shoplifter did get away with three purses. martin has made headlines before. he accused teammates with the miami dolphins of bullying him. the stanford grad was traded to the 49ers prior to this season. orange county health experts say that five more people have been diagnosed with measles after visiting
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disneyland. the number of cases in the state is now a dozen people. officials say it is likely they contracted the measles at disneyland or california adventure park next door between december 15 and 20th. governor brown unveiled a new state budget today giving a major boost to education spending. the governor proposed a record $113 billion budget. the education budget for kindergarten through two years of community college will get $65 billion up 40% from four years ago. brown plans to allocate nearly $2.8 billion to a rainy day fund. the governor is offering increases to the university of california but much smaller than what the uc system wanted. president obama is proposing free tuition for students during the first two years of community college. the president says the idea is to provide more educational opportunities and create a more skilled u.s. workforce. his plan would cost $60 billion
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over 10 years. students tell us it's a start. >> it could, um, seem great on the outside, but once people might get enrolled and they see that there's more to tuition, there's the cost of books, there's the cost of living. >> now, under the new proposal, students would qualify if they attended at least part time and maintain a 2.5 grade point average. a similar plan is already in operation in tennessee. well, 2014 turned out to be a very good year for job hunters. employers added 250,000 jobs in december. and the unemployment rate fell to 5.6%. the lowest level since 2008. but it wasn't enough to help wall street. stocks ended a roller coaster week in the red mostly due to overseas concerns. the dow fell 170 points. nasdaq down 32. s&p down 17. a semi carrying fireworks
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exploded during a 150-vehicle pile-up on a freeway in michigan. [ fireworks ] >> can you believe that? four trucks some carrying hazardous materials, two cars, all caught fire on this wreck outside kalamazoo. 10 people were taken to the hospital. one truck driver was killed in this. excessive speed on the road thought to have contributed to the crash. a fedex driver is being investigated tonight for stealing two dogs from the front of a family's home. the dogs have been returned to the family in houston but there are still a lot of questions about why they were taken in the first place. surveillance cameras caught the man taking the french bulldog pups. he takes them from the porch and puts them in the truck. >> to me, he is a monster. my kids are here. >> the pups were found wandering in the streets and then returned to the family. the driver is suspended during
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the investigation. >> too cute, bookends. >> don't do that. >> don't mess with the dogs. do not do that. no. unwise. >> absolutely. it's friday. >> oh, man. >> we're so happy. >> we made it. the weekend, everybody will be get outside and enjoy the weekend it will be fine when it comes to weather. it will be cloudy and cooler but nothing that should impede your outdoor pleasure coming up on saturday or sunday. great shot from mount vaca right in center off in the distance that's mount diablo. mainly cloudy skies outside and 61 is a very popular number right now. oakland, san francisco, san jose and santa rosa all sharing that current temperature. livermore the warm spot at 63. san bruno 59. there have been a few showers over the western slopes of the sierra. and a few isolated reports of some of those showers making it around lafayette and also antioch. so we are looking right now at a few drops of rain on the radar. but nothing organized heading toward the bay area for the next several days. tonight cloudy, milder, san jose 44. redwood city 44. santa rosa 42. san francisco 49.
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tomorrow 9 in a row. it will be the ninth consecutive wintertime "spare the air" day with unhealthy air quality in the north bay and the south bay if you are wondering what the record is, the record is 11 in a row. if we get two more "spare the air" days and there's a chance we will by monday we'll tie the record for the worst wintertime air quality. because of that the ridge of high pressure taking the pollution and compressing it down to the bottom of the atmosphere where we live. the ridge although off to the east is still exerting its influence. low pressure off to our west causing showers in far northern california. none for us. low pressure to our south giving showers from santa barbara south to san diego. none for us. there are showers in every direction. but likely zero will be for us. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle down toward monterey as far north as morgan hill and gilroy. you may see a few showers on sunday, that is it. next week the ridge comes back right over top of us. it's all about the sunshine next week. it won't be as warm as this
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week. no 70s, but it will be very sunny and very dry for at least the next 7 days. so we are cloudy tonight, a little bit of fog along the coast. it will be mainly dry but much like today it will be mostly cloudy. so clouds but no rain and tomorrow is another "spare the air" day. high temperatures still above average. concord 61. 6 degrees above your normal. santa clara 63. pretty cloudy in redwood city, 6 degrees. danville, pittsburg, fairfield, low 60s. redwood city 63 degrees. petaluma 60. san francisco 58. lakeport tomorrow 61. windsor 63. cloudy sunday. and we have done this the past three or four januaries. we cannot get a drop of rain. it's strange as wet as it was in december last january we broke all of the all time records for the dryest january ever. >> did we really? >> if we keep this pace up we would break it again. we have not seen any rainfall in january. >> after december you wouldn't think. >> i don't think we are going to break that record but just
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-- it just is mind numbing. >> high mind is numb. >> friday. he tore up his grass to save water and cash. a little pomona. but the promise
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you tear out the lawn and get a cash rebate an incentive to install drought-resistant landscaping. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says some homeowners say it isn't paying off. >> i was putting water on grass that i wants using. >> reporter: so todd began researching drought-resistant landscaping and while saving water was the primary motivation it was his water company's conservation rebate program that convinced him to transform this into this. >> i could get money back on my efforts, my labor and the materials that i put into it, i thought that would be a great win-win. >> reporter: he says american water promised to reimburse him
5:25 pm
dollar for dollar up to $1,000. so he shelled out the cash for all of this and confirmed his paperwork had been processed back in september. >> he said, uhm, it's in the process. and that i should just wait for a check. >> reporter: but he is still waiting. and now when he calls, he says no one at the water company has any answers about his missing check. >> i put in the labor and the materials. and i feel like i have fulfilled my end of the contract. >> reporter: so after four months of waiting, he called consumerwatch and we called american water. and within four hours a company spokesman confirmed they had approved the check request following our call to be delivered to him early next week. a relief for todd, who says even after the hassle, he would still recommend the program to his neighbors. >> i would tell them it's a good idea to do it saving water on your monthly bill. but i wouldn't necessarily have as many positive things to say about the water company. >> reporter: now, the water company explains there's been a delay getting out rebates
5:26 pm
because the employee that handles them recently left. remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> maybe the employee was overworked there are so many requests. >> his yard looks good. >> it looks fabulous and it's pretty much completely paid for. >> good deal. >> all right, julie. thanks. well, now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." we have scott pelley in new york. scott? >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. we will have all the fast breaking developments from france as three days of terror came to a violent end today with more innocent victims it. our clarissa ward and elizabeth palmer are on the scene. we have learned new details about the terrorists themselves. we have those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news.
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i'm ken bastida. new at 6:00 tonight, hopefully you'll be home in time to see the new report on the bay area's worst commute. we'll explain the trend that's pushing some congested freeways higher up the list including one stretch that jumped from number 31 to lucky number 7. >> and a concord neighborhood rattled after a 13-year-old boy is shot at and stabbed in an apparent gang encounter. what we're learning about the timing of the teen's confrontation that may surprise you. >> and we'll tell you who is looking forward to this weekend's closure of the golden gate bridge. people like it. some people. >> some do. >> all right. see you in 30 minutes. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado comments@cap >> pelley: tonight, a violent end to three days of terror. french police kill the gunmen behind the massacre at the magazine. but four more victims die in a second terrorist attack. this time a jewish grocery store. the french president warns the threat is not over. elizabeth palmer and clarissa ward are on the scene. bob orr is following the terrorists' trails and we'll have some thoughts about the failed attempt to silence the press. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. for the people of france, it was 54 hours of anguish, from the moment terrorists stormed the offices of a satirical magazine


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