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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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christian hartnett is tonight. he is in fremont to explain that surprise jump. christian. >> reporter: well, ken, when the mtc last did this report in 2008, we were still in the middle of a recession. the economy has since improved but your commute probably has become more of a headache because of it. there's nothing better than smooth sailing on the highway to start your workday. except that's rarely the case in the bay area. >> if you leave at the wrong time you're going to get stuck. >> reporter: more drivers are leaving earlier and earlier. >> in the morning at 6:30 trying to get on the freeway as fast as possible. >> i'm getting up at 4:00 in the morning to come into work 2 hours earlier so i don't hit traffic. >> reporter: more jobs means more drivers on the roads. too many for our freeways to handle. most of the traffic is coming in and out of major employment centers, san francisco and silicon valley, but the mtc says help is on the way. the bart extension into san
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jose is under way. but that's still years away with an estimated opening in 2018. then at least the addition of the express lanes in the bay area beginning in 2010. more are on the way as the commission plans for the pay express lanes on every highway from davis to morgan hill by 2035. in a stretch of 680 here northbound heading up to the sunol grade also a victim of an improving economy and improving job market, a lot of people who got jobs in the silicon valley are headed home right now northbound in way reflecting in the morning commute down the silicon valley down to 680 and 880 southbound, also pretty backed up in the morning hours. live in fremont, christian hartnett, kpix 5. the other big story tonight just about six hours way from the closure of the golden gate bridge. it was supposed to happen at midnight but police will be begin shutting down san
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francisco feeder streets after 11 p.m. mobile5 is driving the bridge right now. traffic moving pretty well for friday night. come monday morning, a new look for drivers crossing the span. if it all goes well, a movable median barrier will be in place protecting drivers from head-on collisions. that means we won't see this happening anymore. this morning we saw the workers moving the pylons to reconfigure the lanes. allen martin with the anxiety of the closure for businesses that would normally be cashing in. >> the weather will be fantastic. >> reporter: with good weather, quaint hillside stairways and world class shopping, it's no mystery why weekends are a zoo in marvelous marin. >> normal it would bring a ton of people down a lot of people in the streets, a lot of bicyclists. >> reporter: but tonight in giant tourist hose gets turned off. what happens next a guessing game for shop owners. >> i honestly don't know how it's going to turn out. >> reporter: it's the table talk at every restaurant. >> i know.
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who knows? nobody knows. it's a first. >> reporter: without cars and tour buses, merchants hope people find some way over here. >> so if they have to paddle board, there's water taxis. >> it's a 1979 checker marathon. >> reporter: what is this cab drive expecting? >> very quiet. >> reporter: then there is the other way to reach sausalito this weekend. >> bicycles. >> reporter: yes, bicycles, which can cross the bridge. they might be sausalito's best traffic source this weekend. and that spins off some irony considering all those pedaling tourists have produced some strong opinions over the years. >> the terrorists in sausalito. >> you call them terrorists? >> oh, yeah. they will run you down. >> we do get a lot of locals who feel a little overrun by tourists. >> reporter: for those slightly disgruntled locals this weekend might be a bit of a vacation. >> probably this is going to be a break from the mayhem of a normal saturday or sunday afternoon in sausalito. i think there will be a lot of
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people enjoying the local atmosphere. >> reporter: so there will be some crowds here. >> because we pour such good wine here, people will make it no matter what. >> reporter: and that might mean a weekend in sausalito with a little throwback charm. >> open again, no one really knows. so we are just kind of rolling with it. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> so less than six hours from now there's the countdown clock the bridge will close until early monday. find out what else will change along the approach to the bridge along with the exact details for transat this time, closure times and video, transit times at a dangerous turf war in an east bay neighborhood and there are fears that it may have something to do with the stabbing of a 13-year-old boy. kpix 5's ryan takeo is in concord tonight and says the stabbing may be a case of mistaken identity. ryan. reporter: some neighbors worry grant street is a battleground with a middle schooler being confused as one
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of the soldiers in a street gang turf war. >> i heard a guy calling for help three or four types. >> reporter: it was actually a 13-year-old boy. on wednesday night at about 10:00, concord police say two men confronted the boy and a friend and asked the boy if he was in a gang. he said he wasn't. then neighbors on grant street said they heard five gunshots. no one was hit. but then police say someone stabbed the boy in the stomach several times and drove off. >> this is a battleground. >> reporter: several neighbors told us two neighborhood gangs have formed. and the intersection of grant and knoll is where they draw the line and face off. >> red, black. this is the only street between the two. so when they fight, they just come across through here. >> reporter: angel says the gangs have been an off and on problem for years a surprise if you judge the neighborhood by its middle class facade. we came here to the police department to ask them about
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the neighbors' concerns of a potential gang turf war. they said no one was available to speak to us on camera. all they did was point us to this press release on stabbing. >> i'm very sorry about this. >> reporter: dana worries about her 13-year-old son. she lives nearby. she is new to the area and has never heard of any neighborhood gang activity. neighbors say in the daylight would you have no idea there's a problem here. they say when the sun goes down, trouble shows up. and they are worried the violence will only get worse. a family friend tells me the 13- year-old was headed to the store when he was stabbed. right now he is in the hospital but he is expected to be all right. he may have to miss the entire rest of the school year though for what sounds like a very long recovery. live in concord, ryan takeo, kpix 5. oakland's new mayor is taking on a daunting challenge. she wants police to investigate the crimes cops have virtually ignored for years. cakes's da lin is live with -- kpix 5's da lin is live with one case that's now getting her
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attention. da? >> reporter: liz, it's a lot of people in oakland who are fed up with the police department's inability to solve and investigate low priority crimes like auto burglaries and home burglaries. today the mayor libby schaaf has a message for a victim who is all alone in his fight for justice. >> ruben, i am sorry that this happened to you and that your city has not been able to help you sufficiently in recovering this dear rosary. >> reporter: a personal message for the honer of the stripped car. -- owner of the stripped car. ruben martinez was forced to become an amateur detective because the police department wouldn't help him catch of thieves. >> it's not right what they did. >> reporter: thieves stole the car last month a day before his 20th birthday. of all the things the thieves took from the car, he only wants one back. an heirloom from his late grandmother. >> the rosary my grandmother gave me. i can't replace that. >> reporter: he found a witness, collected evidence,
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even found possible surveillance video of the suspects. but he says the police wouldn't follow up. >> i said why not? they say has to be involved in a crime. said this is a crime. they took my car and my belongings. that's a crime. that's a big crime. they said only if they did a shooting, homicide. >> our city is challenged with resources. and we do need to not just have more sworn officers but more civilians to help with investigations. >> reporter: she didn't offer a plan but is trying to get the department to investigate low priority cases. >> we are going to continue to figure out how to use our resources, be more passionate and responsive. >> reporter: that can't happen soon enough for ruben and the thousands of other victims of the low priority crimes. >> people come back and do it again and again. that's why they think they can do what they want. >> reporter: last year, more
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than 7,000 cars were stolen in oakland. live at the oakland police department, i'm da lin, kpix 5. other bay area headlines tonight. a san francisco judge set bail at $1 million for the woman accused of trying to set the "mrs. doubtfire" house on fire. 25-year-old tykwon welch is charged with arson and attempted murder. attorneys say she had a prior confrontation with the homeowner and a judge had issued a restraining order against her. the first murder of 2015, the man shot at the rain bar just after midnight has died. investigators are looking for these two armed and dangerous men. late today we learned that skull found at an oakland homeless camp may have been there a long time. the alameda county coroner says
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the skull was human and apparently was from a native american indian. a homeless man found the remains. the coroner couldn't say how long it had been there. a college education for free. we'll hear what the president is proposing and how some young people are now asking some critical questions. >> first a multi-car pile-up then this happens. a crazy scene on a snow-packed highway. >> partly sunny skies today from the berkeley hills. temperatures topping out in the low to mid-60s. what does the weekend have in store and when is the next time you're going to need to use your windshield wipers? that's coming up in the seven- day. >> and coming up 6:30, a two- day manhunt ends in more bloodshed in paris. a look at the siege that lef
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governor jerry brown introduce the a record state budget today -- introduced a record state budget today, $113 million plan. the education fund for k through two years of college will get $65 billion. he also plans to boost the rainy day fund with about $2.8 billion. meanwhile the university of california will get an increase but it's smaller than what the uc system wanted. and this note. the governor is sitting down for a special interview on cbs sunday morning. >> perseverance is something i learned very early in life. and i wouldn't be here, um, as governor these many decades later if i didn't have that habit of sticking to it. >> political analysts say he could face new challenges from fellow democrats as the governor tries to hold the line on new spending. more of the governor's interview sunday at 6 a.m. president obama made a big proposal today announcing that
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he wants to make the first two years of community college tuition free. >> because in america quality education cannot be a privilege that's reserved for a few. i think it's a right for everybody who is willing to work for it. >> and the president says the idea is to provide more educational opportunities and create a more skilled workforce. his plan would cost about $60 billion over the next10 years. we talked to some community college students here in the bay area to see what they think of that proposal. and as kpix 5's don ford reports, some students are skeptical. >> reporter: outside berkeley city college students are talking about the president's proposal. student ambassador carlos says nice idea but it's complicated. >> there's more to tuition. there's the cost of books. there's the cost of living in a city like berkeley, which is
6:15 pm
almost impossible. >> reporter: as a student ambassador he helped incoming students find open classes and wonders allow the college could handle any additional students. >> the school is already full. yes. essential classes get filled up first, english and math. sounds. >> sounds kind of strange that you tell people they can come for two years free if that was the case and there's no room for them. >> reporter: for new students who do find classes it could be a real gift. >> come out of high school, i know i was -- had limited options. and if these first two years are free, it would be like a no brainer to come here. >> it's a game changer. >> reporter: dr. rita zepeda is chancellor of this san jose community college district. she says the effect could be huge. >> we're talking 2.1 million students in california. that's more than uc and csu combined. >> free. >> reporter: the white house has not defined how the government plans to pay for the
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idea. if adopted nationwide, it could be in the tens of billions of dollars. >> somebody is going to pay for it. there's no free lunch. >> reporter: in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5. a truck loaded with thousands of pounds of fireworks is being allowed to burn out after a massive pile- up in michigan. about 150 vehicles were involved. it happened on a snow-covered freeway in the southwestern part of the state. several of them caught fire following the crashes. at least one person has died. and it's so bad, there's no count on how many people were actually hurt. and take a look at this! this is one of the trucks that was loaded with fireworks. that's why you're seeing all the flares shooting everywhere. it's estimated the semi was carrying 40,000 pounds of explosives. once it's safe and everything is burned off, the firefighters will douse it to make sure it's completely out. another truck carrying fireworks also crashed. but it did not explode.
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wow. my gosh. holy smokes! >> all right. let's get back to right now in the bay area and the weekend ahead. >> the weekend is going to be fine, a-okay. it's not going to be a banner weekend for sunshine. you won't need the sunscreen. it's january. but it's also going to be pretty cloudy. temperatures very comfortable. when you see video like that coming from michigan where obviously it's in the teens and 20s with all that snow on the ground, can relegally complain about 66? i hope not. that's what it was in san francisco today. san jose and napa 65. oakland and livermore 67. this is our cooldown, folks. this is what the cooldown looks like so far in january mid-60s. hayward 59 today. a few showers working their way up the spine of the sierra today. showers in the east bay toward the delta but all in all the rain is going to miss us. it will be a close call from many different directions but organized rainfall will not be coming to the bay area this weekend or the next several days thereafter. oakland tonight 47. fremont 45. 45 san rafael. san jose 44. it is the final weekend of
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downtown ice in san jose also the final weekend of ice skating in walnut creek, union square that's going on for another couple weekends. 64 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds in san jose if you want to go ice skating as we double the freezing mark with a high of 64. here's the deal. low pressure is way off to the west not coming here. there's a low sliding boo to the south. it will hit to the south. not coming here. the ridge is still deflecting away the rain from the bay area. so this weekend, down towards santa barbara there will be a few showers down toward gilroy you may get a sprinkle or two. but it's going to be a near miss and next week, it's going to be a far miss. high pressure is going to be in chrome. this guy until it moves and i'm talking several hundred miles away from here, we are not going to see an organized rain chance. that may not happen until next saturday or next sunday like 9 days from now the earliest. low 60s tomorrow. oakland 61. concord 61. more clouds than sunshine but a good day to get outside. mountain view 62.
6:19 pm
mostly cloudy on sunday. look at next week. sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine. all the way through friday highs will be in the low to mid- 60s with mainly sunny skies. it is what we do in january. it is -- this about four januarys in a row where for some reason, there's a force field put over the bay area and no end in sight. >> we just need the rain. >> we'll get it eventually just not yet. >> no sign of rain and no sign the flu outbreak is going to let up. what california health experts say after the state's first death by someone who is not elderly. >> there were times that i would not want to go see my doctor and i wouldn't go just because of the amount of time it would take to drive there to wait. >> and making the doctor visit more convenient than hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel!
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flu season this year with 43 states reporting high levels of outbreaks. the state department of health says cases are increasing in california. health officials are still recommending people get a flu shot. they say it's not too late for that. uc-davis researchers are designing technology to speed up production of the ebola drug z-mapp. the drug was used to treat doctors in west africa during last year's outbreak. but it was in short supply. researchers are developing a way to make millions of doses quickly. >> we are using antibodies that have been shown to work well. >> now, this has broader implications. once developed, the technology could be applied to mass produce other drugs to treat diseases. you have heard of housecalls. your doctor may soon be making office calls. kpix 5 reporter betty yu takes a look at the future of medicine coming to an office
6:23 pm
near you. >> reporter: it looks like a doctor's office but she is getting an exam in the comfort of her own office and the doctor is beaming in from across town. >> there were times that i would not want to go see my doctor and i wouldn't go just because of the amount of time it would take to drive there, to wait. >> reporter: sierra says she doesn't have to put off those appointments anymore. she is one of the first kaiser permanente payments to use this kiosk called health spot, first tested in the bay area, this pod is now up and running at a county office in san diego. it's the first in its network. >> it's clean, convenient, i pretty much have the same experience as if i were actually at a kaiser facility. >> reporter: you are literally connected with the doctors. >> hi, just a couple of deep breaths. >> reporter: who can listen to your heartbeat, your lungs and look at realtime video. >> ah. >> it will never replace traditional doctor visits entirely. but i think patients would be
6:24 pm
surprised what portion of their current in-person visits could be done comfortably virtually. >> reporter: patients spend about 10 minutes on average inside this kiosk. >> and doctors are able to see up to 8 extra patients on top of their regular load. >> reporter: kidser is the pioneer of the fully integrated health system where members pay for an insurance plan with its own hospitals and clinics but some doctors have questioned whether its focus on affordability and tech really improves medical outcomes for its patients. what are the limitations? >> the limitations are really ones around touch. so if you have a musculoskeletal problem, if you have a lump that needs to be felt and can't be seen, we would need to do that. >> so this is great for looking at rashes. >> reporter: kaiser hopes these kinds of visits will save lives. during the year long pilot,
6:25 pm
doctors say they have made all sorts of diagnoses. colds, ear infections, even lesions that have turned out to be skin cancer. >> they have a little mole or freckle they are worried about and get seen and actually find out that it is something that we need to see that day and biopsy. >> reporter: in san diego, betty yu, kpix 5. coming up in our next half- hour, three days of terror leave more than 20 dead in paris. themore innocent lives loss. >> a challenge to a california gun law from outside the state. why dozens of states are suing. >> all she wanted was her home and her money. >> and an east bay police officer back in court in a case of elder abuse. how neighbors banded together to keep t
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the odds of this boy achieving his dream in fashion? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at 6:30, a city under siege no more. simultaneous standoffs end in paris with gunfire and death. welcome back, i'm elizabeth
6:29 pm
cook. >> i'm ken bastida. french s.w.a.t. teams battled two hostage situations in what seemed to be coordinated assaults today. three suspects are dead tonight and one is still on the run. the kouachi brothers were both killed in one of the raids. they are suspected of carrying out the rampage that killed 12 people at the charlie hebdo magazine on wednesday. a third suspect amedy coulibaly was killed in a separate siege today. and officials think that he took people hostage at a paris supermarket as a way to help the kouachi brothers escape. he is also suspected the shooting a policewoman yesterday. right now his girlfriend is on the run and may be armed. cbs reporter marlie hall with how one hostage secretly helped police bringing this all to an end. >> reporter: a massive two-day manhunt in france ended in gunfire and explosions north of paris. the kouachi brothers wanted in
6:30 pm
wednesday's massacre at a satirical newspaper were holed up inside a printing plant with the hostage. when they came out shooting, police killed them. 34-year-old said kouachi and 32- year-old cherif kouachi were both linked to al qaeda and said they wanted to die as martyrs. prosecutors say an employee inside hid upstairs and told police what was happening inside the plant as the situation unfolded. a second hostage situation at a kosher market in paris came to an end in a nearly simultaneous raid. officers shot and killed the hostage-taker, amedy coulibaly, after tapping into the store security cameras. police say coulibaly killed at least four hostages when he first took over the store. 15 were freed friday. the suspect also murdered a female police officer in paris thursday. investigators say coulibaly and the kouachi brothers have links to each other and terrorism. a member of an al qaeda group
6:31 pm
in yemen says it directed the attack on the newspaper offices. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: french president from francois hollande addressed the nation saying the threat is not over and calling on people to remain vigilant. marlie hall, cbs news. >> the french living here in the bay area say they were scared watching the drama unfold in france. but as kpix 5's anne makovec reports, they should now breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: at this cafe in san francisc there's only one way to describe today's events, relief for this chef, whose family still lives in france. >> they don't come to paris you have to wait. >> reporter: now french natives like sophie are feeling much better. but -- >> the tension was always there. >> reporter: the racial tension that still exists in france. >> there always has been. there are some lovely people but somehow they said oh, he is
6:32 pm
arabic so therefore now they -- extremists on top of that. >> reporter: one positive to come out of this horrific week, the massive amount of support coming from around the world. the phrase "je suis charlie" ("i am charlie") is all over social media. >> everybody is concerned and the global people may have been just one thing in france and now it's international. >> reporter: an international hope for peace. >> so happy ended and now everything is going back to normal hopefully. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> "je suis charlie" ("i am charlie") is now one of twitter's most popular hashtags ever used. a san francisco gun ordinance is at the center of a lawsuit filed by dozens of state attorneys general. the officials are challenging the law that requires firearms be kept in locked storage or have its trigger locked at all times. 26 states have filed a federal
6:33 pm
lawsuit saying it's a violation of the second amendment. the suit argues that in an emergency, having the firearm locked up drastically defeats the purpose. we got this reaction from the san francisco city attorney's office saying, quote, the law only requires trigger locks on the guns and no way violates individual rights under the constitution. even republicans who sit on the ninth circuit federal court agreed with the city of san francisco on this law. a guilty plea today from a bay area cop accused of trying to dupe his elderly neighbor. it was other neighbors who noticed what was going on. they turned in a police commander who was later accused of trying to swindle the woman. in court today he pleaded guilty to forgery. but that's not all. only on "5", kpix 5's juliette goodrich explains how the police commander almost got the woman's estate. >> i was scared of him. i am scared of him. >> reporter: scared but heidi bailey of pleasanton knew she was doing the right thing when she went to police with
6:34 pm
suspicions her neighbor matthew messier a pinole police commander at the time was using his power of authority to gain the trust and estate of an elderly woman in the neighborhood. >> all he wanted was her home and her money. >> reporter: 84-year-old jean jones' neighbors game concerned when mercier started driving jean to the bank. >> when jean stepped into my life, i felt called to protect her. >> reporter: and that she did. >> i was very frightened because i had to pretend when i was around him that i was on his side. >> reporter: messier was arrested for a series of charges including grand theft, he will elder abuse and fraud for drafting documents naming himself as trustee and sole beneficiary of jean's $700,000 home. >> and he was willing to make her lose her independent, lose her financial ind dense and her
6:35 pm
dignity. >> reporter: she died two days ago at home. if it wasn't for her good neighbors stemming in, her other neighbor a former police commander matthew messier would have owned her entire historic estate and savings. an estate that jean always wanted to have donated to the city of pleasanton when she passed away. had you not stepped in and other good neighbors this house would have been whose? >> it would have been mr. messier's. he would have gotten away with it. >> reporter: this trio of neighbors made sure jean's will was changed and her wish to have her home donated to the city granted. >> i do believe that even though something terrible happened to jean, that something wonderful happened to jean too, because we got to be a part of her story and a part of her life. and, um, she knew family at the end of her life. >> reporter: in pleasanton,
6:36 pm
juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> matthew messier will be back in court january 21 for sentencing on other crimes. still ahead, from leg room wars to inconsiderate seat mates, air rage incidents are on the rise. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch how one airline is turning to social media to combat air rage. >> and try, try, try again. the space mission that c ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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the sink. >> and the water automatically goes into the drum with the clothes you have prewashed. >> reporter: a new line of machines from lg offers a washer and a second mini wash below. >> you can run this one with totally normal detergent at the same time. >> reporter: these new appliances are also smarter connecting to your devices and even the tv telling you when the wash is done. you can also use your cell phone to start a load remotely. >> so rather than having your wet clothes just sit inside for hours because you started the load just before you left for work, you can actually use your smartphone to better time it out. the wash is ready just as you get home. >> reporter: these smart washers are part of a new wave of connected home products allowing buyers to control everything from their security system to their oven with a smartphone. >> so to connect devices in your home, you don't have to worry about laying new wire or tearing up the walls anymore. >> reporter: household appliance purchases are down 27% since 2005. manufacturers hope the new high-
6:40 pm
tech options lead to higher sales. bigad shaban, cbs news, las vegas. >> analysts are expecting the demand for smart appliances to increase. they say that's because many of them are designed to cut down on electric bills. spacex will try again for its first of its kind mission. it will launch an unmanned falcon rocket tomorrow morning from cape canaveral. it will carry 5,000 pounds of desperately needed supplies to the international space station. the mission was delayed a few weeks ago by a problem with the steering system. after the launch, spacex will try for the first time ever to land its spent rocket booster on an ocean barge. well, everyone has been there you know, you are stuck on a flight, no leg room, or an incontract seat mate who crowds your space -- inconsiderate seat made who crowds your space. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts talks us about jetblue's new plan. >> reporter: several times this year leg room wars and other incidents of air rage have led
6:41 pm
to diverted flights. so jetblue is turning to social media in an effort to get people to lighten up with a series of funny videos meant to tackle real-life situations. one features a passenger guzzling too many beverages and delicately trying to find the route to the bathroom. another seat mate sprawling out for a nap. jetblue hopes it gets passengers to think about their behavior before they are in the air and prompts dialogue about #flightetiquette. i was just on the flight with our 18-month-old in my lap and immediately offered the row in fronted of us a free round of drinks, preemptive, hey, i'm sorry. >> i like to be on flights with kids. go ahead, make some more noise. there's nothing else to do on an airplane. >> sometimes it can be entertaining. >> i have a problem with people trying to take up too much room in the overhead bins. everybody needs their own space
6:42 pm
to you know -- some people fudge the rules there a little bit. >> you know, i was actually nervous about that, too, on this last flight. i need the diaper bag on the plane. please let there be overhead space. >> this is what they want. >> they want conversation. >> it's working. >> exactly. julie, thank you. well, an update on the attempt to save a beached baby whale after the break. >> weather, it's another "spare the air" day tomorrow. ninth in a row. the record is eleven. the forecast is coming up. >> hey, straight ahead in sports, the warriors say hello to a not so old friend. big love for a big man. and somehow, ha, i got to match the energy of this guy. >> what an exciting saturday! >> probably
6:43 pm
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. a young whale that washed ashore died. the pygmy sperm whale washed near abbots lagoon if the point
6:46 pm
reyes national seashore. rescue efforts had to be put on hold last night because it got dark. a team of marine mammal experts arrived this morning to find the whale dead. it will be taken to sausalito for necropsy. check your fridge. tonight the meat tainted with metal. we'll have that at 9:00 on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. at 10:00. the weekend is going to be find. we have had the extreme rainfall. we had the extreme wind and cold. now mother nature level -- weather tainted with sunshine. >> exactly. we wouldn't want that. that would be a problem. >> we have not much sunshine outside today. temperatures outside tonight in the 50s and low 60s. night shot from the rooftop. we have temperatures topping out in the upper 50s. san jose 58.
6:47 pm
oakland 60. overnight tonight, low 40s fairfield 42 san jose 44. mid-40s for you in vallejo, martinez, oakland emeryville, redwood city. san francisco 49 degrees. let's talk skiing in the sierra. big bear like a nice shot from 1:30 to 5:30 this afternoon and evening from our live neighbor network skiers out there enjoying the snow. we don't have that much snow. the snowpack numbers we get new information every day and we are down to 41% of normal down 6% for the week but still compared to this time last month we're up 6% and the north sierra, north of lake tahoe, 47% of normal. forecast in tahoe, partly sunny 50 degrees at lake level no snow in that. partly sunny skies 48 sunday. so certainly it's mild in the higher elevations there's no snow falling and it's the same issue we have had all week long the ridge. even though it's now over utah, it's still bumming out our weather because we have showers to the north. we have showers down to the south. we have showers over the sierra. but what we don't have is
6:48 pm
showers over top of the bay area. none for us. because the ridge even though it's a couple of hundred miles away it's still keeping all these low pressure areas far enough away we don't get any rain. this weekend the low will go to southern california. we'll get rain to the south, maybe a sprinkle or two in the south bay but no organized rainfall. next week the ridge actually comes back closer. more of an influence stronger and we are going to have mainly sunny skies with highs in the mid-60s. great weather to get outside banner weather. but we could use a little balance and some rain and mountain snow. right now we are out of balance once again on the dry side. it will be a dry weekend. a lot of cloud cover but no rain. it will be mostly cloudy tonight with patchy fog along the coastline and tomorrow is as i mentioned the ninth consecutive "spare the air" day. 11 in a row is the longest we have gone in the wintertime. we're almost there. oakland 61. fremont 62. san mateo 61 tomorrow. the low 60s across the board for the inland areas of san
6:49 pm
ramon, dublin, the tri-valley, antioch. 58 tomorrow in san francisco. mostly cloudy for you. daly city 57. petaluma 60. heading up to clearlake on the weekend your highs in the low 60s. mostly cloudy saturday and sunday. sunshine begins to come back on the monday and then it's sunshine across the board. it's not april. it's january! but we'll be sunny with highs in the 60s all the way through next friday. we have basketball news
6:50 pm
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nba up top and it says warriors, cavaliers up on the marquis. two underlying stories, though. no lebron james out with the injury and warriors former coach mark jackson back at oracle for the first time since being fired last may. he will have his network headset on analyzing the game. jackson was let go despite leading golden state to the first 50 win season in two decades because ken, i know you've heard this before, coach couldn't get along with management. >> it happens. >> real popular around here these days. many wondering the reception he would get before the game tonight. a question posed at practice. >> i'm not really worried about all that to be honest. you know, i think our fans will obviously -- are aware of the success he brought to the franchise the last couple of
6:53 pm
years so i don't think people are adverse to that. probably give him a standing ovation. >> i'm sure there will be some weird feelings with mark. we wanted to welcome him. he did a lot of great things for this team. he has a lot of strong relationships with the people on the roster and the organization so i want mark to come in here and enjoy himself and visit with old friends and should be a good fight for everybody. >> that game at 7:30. football. if it can't be canton, ohio for pro football getting the call to the college football hall of fame is a good second. 17 named for the 2015 class including former washington husky tackle and current kpix 5 "5th quarter" post-game show analyst lincoln kennedy! congratulations, linc. that 49er offensive coordinator greg roman will reportedly interview with buffalo for their head coaching vacancy. roman, who many believe will
6:54 pm
not return to the 49ers, has already been reported to interview for the offensive coordinator at jacksonville and tampa bay. monday a college football national champion will be crowned, yeah, i have heard what kirk has had to say i have heard a lot a lot from a lot of college football insiders all season. then i met this guy. let's take you to marin county. every day, jack strolls into his office, clicks on his laptop, hits the web. looks over multiple sports sites combing for information. you see, this 13-year-old marin county resident has a show to prepare for. wisely called, the doc spot. >> what an exciting saturday or really the whole weekend in college football.
6:55 pm
>> i think vic beasley is a beast. he is a defensive end he can move outside. >> reporter: could be called a college football savant. in 7th grader has an early jump into the sports broadcasting biz. >> i have had always had the idea of becoming a sports broadcaster in my mind and so i felt like, you know, it might be a good start for me so, um, that's probably the main reason why i started the doc spot. makes good decisions. he has had interception problems. >> jim harbaugh to michigan. >> they only have six commits in this recruiting class and that is the worst of any power five school anywhere. they lose devin, the top wide receiver, they lose devin gardner the starting quarterback. so maybe -- i think they go to a bowl game, jim harbaugh we saw what he did turning the 49ers from a mediocre team into a team that when to the nfc championship. >> absolutely. let's look ahead to monday night national championship game oregon no surprise that
6:56 pm
they're in. >> right. >> maybe a surprise they knock off alabama. what's your take on this game? >> well, you know, these two tames are so red-hot and ohio state impressed everyone including me. i think the run game and again just continue to convert on third down, continue to plow the ball up the middle, maybe have some play action. factor in the read option. it's going to be very tough to stop ohio state on monday night. >> good takes. well said. you're one of us now, huh? >> all right. [ laughter ] >> that guy is amazing. >> wow. >> you're making us look bad. >> sign him up. >> i have done everything that i wanted to do here since the tenth grade. this guy has a three-year jump on it in 7th grade. >> i like his delivery. he is going to go a long way. kid,
6:57 pm
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. how y'all? how y'all doing? thank you very much. i appreciate you. thank you, man. i appreciate it. thank y'all, now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day, from st. paul, minnesota, it's the felton family. [cheering and applause] and from ellsworth, wisconsin, it's the armbruster family. [cheering and applause] well, everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford fusion hybrid right there, folks.
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let's play feud. give me sophie. give me keith. [cheering and applause] ladies, top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 men, fill in the blank: it's important to find a woman who loves you more than her new what? >> shoes. steve: new shoes. pass or play? >> play! steve: they're gonna play. i got it. hey, sophie, how you doing? >> doing well. steve: good, good, how are you doing? >> well, i'm doing well, and these are my mother and all of my aunts, and we wanted to tell you... >> ♪ oh, we all want to win a few dollars we'll say "good answer!" and holler they're having a ball steve harvey's a doll


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