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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 10, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix five news. breaking news in san francisco, four people have been shot and killed, and the gunmen is on the loose. >> this happened within the past hour straight dash our. andria borba is there. what's the latest? >> reporter: the calls came in around 10:00. i'm going to step out of frames he can see. we are talking about a massive area in hayes valley roped off from oak street to page. the calls came in at 10:00. all four victims, all men, were all dead. they have no suspects at this time. they are saying this will take
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hours to figure out what exactly happened. they are waiting on csi. there are still lots of people trying to get into their neighborhood. they are blocked off by crime scene tape and are wondering what exactly is going on down here. the calls came in around 10:00 when ss pd arrived on scene. they found four men dead from gunshot wounds. i was told by a neighbor that they heard at least 15 shots around 10:00, and then they heard police racing at street. of very large crime scene from octavia all the way to buchanan , oak all the way to page. >> andria, witnesses told you you heard shots -- they heard shots, any other clues to tell why this happened or who is responsible? >> san francisco police are
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being very tightlipped. neighbors say they just heard about 12 to 15 shots and then heard san francisco police raise up the street. since then the, --, the crime scene tape is come out. there is a large section from traffic getting in or out. lots of people trying to figure out what's going on, san francisco police with a quadruple homicide. >> we can see the pictures there from chopper five. it appears that the investigation there's -- are looking for showcases. -- shell casings. if there is anything to update us on can't get actos as soon as possible. >> reporter: will do. switching gears, we are minutes away from something the bay area has never experienced for so long before. joe vazquez is at the golden gate ridge. the chp is already blocking
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traffic tonight. >> reporter: this is a toll pleasant -- pleasant. traffic is pretty light, and will go down to nothing within the hour. we went to the other side of the bridge. this is 101, a long line of trucks and workers getting ready for construction. as you approach the pleasant, you can see more activity, trucks blocking lanes. down to two lanes on the side. the plan is to have the bridge completely closed by midnight. you still have a few minutes, but the -- don't cut it too close. >> the hard closure is at midnight. we have a lot of preparation to do prior to do that. if you are trying to get to the city can't get there is early as possible. >> reporter: this is what you'll see on the bridge. yellow pylons that separate the incoming from outgoing lanes. that has caused problems in the past, especially with head-on collisions.
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this is why they are closing the bridge got to build a movable medium, adjustable depending on the time of day and commute. this project will cost $30 million. expect to open backup by 4:30 monday unless they finish sooner. the truth is the pylons will be history by early next week. >> hopefully a lot safer. thank you. if you really need to get across the bridge, you can take a bus. you can still bike or walk across. ambulance are also allowed, and there will be more fairies. the movable barrier isn't the only major change. look what else will change on our website, it finally claim -- came to an end, and explosive one, in paris. police are trying to learn more about the men and a woman
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behind it all. three of the suspects are dead. the fourth, the girlfriend of one of the men who took over a jewish supermarket, is on the run. she is the most wanted woman in the world tonight. betty yu with how it unfolded. >> reporter: the terror ended with explosions and gunfire. we're talking about 29 -- two seizures -- sieges at two locations. 20 people are dead including the three gunmen. the tense standoff lasted five hours at a paris is supermarket -- supermarket. police used concussion grenade 's, then stormed the doors. after a burst of gunfire with at least one numb body visible on the floor, the swat team returned fire and when in. for a few seconds, it was mayhem.
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then this is the moment the hostage taker was shot. terrified hostages ran out to safety. the terror began at lunchtime when witnesses say a man ran into the supermarket shouting, you know who i am. unbeknownst to him, terrified shoppers hit in the market freezer as the siege unfolded. french media said authorities tapped into the surveillance cameras and had been communicating with one of the hostages in the freezer. the gunmen was born south of paris in 1982 and was radicalized sometime in the past decade. during the takeover, a man claiming to be him called a paris tv station, telling the reported that he had planned the attack with two brothers and he targeted the market because of his jewish. his accomplice and girlfriend, seen here posing with a crossbow, is on the run.
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photos show the two training with weapons. almost at the same time, the other two suspects, the brothers behind the charlie hebdo massacre were killed in the police siege at a printing plant near the airport. the brothers were unaware that an employee hiding in a cardboard box guided police through texts as they moved in. he was able to alert police to their location and the layout of the building. what it was all over, the two brothers were dead and the hidden employee was free and safe. as far as the female terrorists, we know she is 26 years old and authorities believe she may have a state -- escaped during the chaos when the hostages were running away. in union square tonight, the northern california muslim community held a vigil for peace . it was organized at the last
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minute, but they light -- lint hundreds of candles in solidarity. the message, the ask -- acts of a few do not mirror the muslim religion. tonight, the us state department has issued a travel alert saying attacks against americans are becoming more prevalent. san jose police need your help finding a bank robber. the man walks into a bank inside safeway and showed a gun and demanded money. after getting a bag of cash, he took off. he is described 5 foot seven with a flattop. it. also in san jose, police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. here are the suspects. they are 18 and 19 years old, both considered armed and dangerous. on new year's day, just after mid-night, police found victims with wounds outside this nightclub on east capitol
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expressway. one of those victims died. you may have noticed them driving around alameda county new billboards. christin ayers shows you why. >> reporter: more than 100 size are going up during national human traffic awareness month. the das office says they are making a difference. from billboard list -- two bus shelters can't we aim to raise awareness that children are bought and sold for sex everyday . >> reporter: it is a pervasive problem. solutions have been hard to come by, but two years ago, the das office started like getting alameda county with these signs. da nancy o'malley says it is working. >> the hotline number offered
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to help exploited children saw a marked increase in activity once we displayed the billboards. >> reporter: there is still work to do. police say yesterday a man tried to grab a 14-year-old girl off the street and laurel district and what may have been an attempt at sex trafficking. o'malley says the signs are one piece of the puzzle. her office is working with the community hoping to spark a dialogue that could stop human trafficking cold. >> this is a difficult topic for people to talk about. but it must be part of the conversation if we are going to succeed at ending this form of modern-day slavery. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers. >> among other cities, san leandro in san lorenzo. >> a world war ii veteran who became a viral sensation last year has died. joe bell cheered on the runners
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during a race in san jose last year for pat tillman. remember this? many runners stopped to shake his hand and high-five him and thank him for his service. more than 1 million people watched the tribute online. joe bell was 95. only on kpix five tonight, a bay area cop busted for trying to steal this house. he almost got away with it until neighbors noticed something strange. 49er termed -- turned crimefighter, how he took down a suspected shoplifter. a live look at the golden gate bridge
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to firefighters and a truck driver were hurt, one other truck driver was killed. 10 people were taken to the hospital. speeding on the road is thought to have contributed. a former cop nearly got away with stealing an elderly woman's estate. former police commander walked into court and pleaded guilty to forgery today. juliette goodrich spoke to the neighbors who stopped that scheme. >> i was scared of him. i am scared of him. >> reporter: scared, but heidi bailey knew she was doing the right thing. she went to police with suspicions her neighbor, matthew messier was using his power of authority to gain the trust and estate of a woman in the neighborhood. >> all he wanted was her home and money. >> reporter: 84-year-old jean jones's neighbor became
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concerned when he started driving gene to the bank. >> when jean stepped into my life, i felt called to protect her. i was very frightened because i had to pretend when i was around him that i was on his side. >> reporter: messier was arrested for grand theft, elder abuse, and fraud for drafting documents naming himself as trustee and sole beneficiary of jean's $700,000 home. she passed away peacefully two days ago. if it weren't for her good neighbors, her other neighbor, a former police commander, would have owned her entire historic estate and savings. and estate that jean always wanted have donated to the city of pleasanton when she passed away. >> had you not passed away, this house would've been whose? >> it would've been mr. messier
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's. he would've gotten away with it. >> reporter: these neighbors coming together to make sure genes will -- jean's will was changed. >> even though something terrible happened to jean, something wonderful happened, too. we got to be a part of her story and the part of her life.>> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix five. >> matthew messier will be back in court january 21 to answer other charges. martin is adding a new title to his linemen to -- record tonight crimefighter. he said on twitter, just took a dude out trying to robber sought she. he's -- rob a versailles she test dash -- versace. he said
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it happened so fast, you don't really think about it, you just react. another shoplifter got away. this is not the first time he's been in the spotlight. he accused teammates on the dolphin's of leaving him. one man attempting to rock climb at yosemite national park is a big step closer to the summit. tommy caldwell is just 1000 feet from the top, from finishing the half-mile track. he and kevin your consent -- jorgenson have been working their way up so with only their hands and feet since december 27. jorgenson has cleared pitch 15 but is still struggling. you can see the skin on his fingertips nearly gone. >> it has been such a grueling journey for them. they are incredible. and falling ice was one of the obstacles they had to dodge.
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>> to say it is not easy is an understatement, but when you get weather involved, it makes the impossible more impossible. >> they have been up there two weeks. >> i don't like climbing stairs. right now, we will take you out to the bay bridge, the one that can't get you out of san francisco, in 40 minutes. we are in the mid-50s, 55 in san francisco. 50 wild in oakland. san bernardino, 54, santa rosa, 47. concord, 43. fremont 45, redwood city, 44. let's talk snowpack. how much is up there? the answer is not that much. central sierra, only 38% of average. the entire state, 41%. we are down 6% of the week. what is the forecast if you're
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heading to tahoe? 50 degrees tomorrow, and 48 degrees coming up on sunday. that is not snowmaking whether, because -- weather, because it's too warm. it still keeping the rain away. we have a look rusher area to the west, showers -- low- pressure area to the west. there is rainfall, but none for us. the ritual keep the low pressures away. -- the ridge will keep the low pressures way. next week, very sunny, very hazy, very dry. what does this mean for you? we are cloudy tonight with patchy fog. we will be cloudy all weekend long, but the clouds were yield no rainfall. another spare the air day tomorrow.
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concorde, 61 tomorrow, 6 degrees above average. campbell, 64, redwood city, 63. mostly cloudy in brentwood. 58 in san francisco. santa rosa, 61. uniform temperatures throughout the bay area. we are mostly cloudy on sunday. we are partly sunday -- sunny on monday. it's january, and we will see nothing but sunshine next week. it has not rain yet this month, and it maybe the 17th, 18th, or 19th before we see rain. i will tell you what was dropping jump shots. showing off for the old boss. and we will take you back out live to the gold
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nba up top. warriors mad, there is just no stopping them. curry unveiling his new kick. impressive. did they work in front of the
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old boss? arthur jackson honored at the first time out of the game. a turnover. here goes curry, making them pay. he had 24 points in the game, and clay thompson, leave them open,/. thompson, another --/--/-- splash. he only had four points, but those two were certainly impressive. irvin had 23, kept cleveland close. look at that block party. bogus. they had eight blocks in the game as a team. crowdpleasing. green has got it, bounce pass inside, puts a smile on
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bastille the -- bastina's base, winning this one 112-94. look at the bears go to work. that's boyd. strong pack 12 move right there 12 points. washington state, no answers for her. gray muscles and on the baseline. her number is 23 and 16. there's handle their business 70-62, 3-0 in league play. stanford up against washington. the huskies were not playing around. plum clear layout. second half, thompson gets a bucket, 13 of 15 of the second half. shot clock running down, thompson just throwing up in
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banking. cardinals 3-0 over the huskies, 62-56. here's a note for you football fans pearly is going to interview for buffalo roman for the offense of coordinator openings in jacksonville and tampa bay. a lot of hard wood. >> how did clay buses had up and? >> -- bust his head open? >> he got hit with an elbow. he should be going t bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent
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chp has started blocking lanes on the golden gate bridge. >> it will be empty in about half an hour.>> reporter: it is getting there. not much traffic it all right now. you can see workers standing on the bridge beginning their project, which will go several days starting tonight into monday morning. chp tells me they have begun to block traffic . they have thinned it down to one lane. this is what it's
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going to be like all weekend. reporting live joe vazquez. >> what happened to all the pylons? that and every other possible question --
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david letterman is next with jeff goldblum. >> we will have more on the
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