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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> axelrod: tonight, is there more to come? fears of more terror attacks grip as the search for the fourth suspect continues. is she already out of the country? the french president calls an emergency security meeting while the 17 killed are remembered in paris and around the world. elizabeth palmer and clarissa ward are there. former c.i.a. director david petraeus may face felony charges for spilling information to his mistress. julianna goldman on the justice department investigation. did new jersey's governor run into political trouble in texas, vinita nair on whether chris christie has fumbled his shot at the white house. and high risk climbing, we'll have a look at those trying to do something long thought impossible, conquering california's el capitan with just their bare hands. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news." good evening, i'm jim axelrod. this is the western edition of our broadcast. tonight, france is on high alert and in deep mourning after the terror attacks in paris that killed 17 people. french police are searching for a 26-year-old frenchwoman, common-law wife of one of the suspects shot dead yesterday investigators say hayat boumediene may be in syria having left france days before the attacks. meanwhile the phrase #jesuischarlie, "i am charlie," a reference to the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" targeted wednesday, continues to spread around the globe. this is outside the french embassy today in bucharest romania, look at the banner over a bridge in venice, in this a memorial gathering in prague. we have two reports tonight the beginning with elizabeth palmer in paris. >> reporter: if the terrorists thought their attacks would
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spread fear and intimidation they were wrong. in fact, the killings have brought the french people together in a rare display of solidarity and defiance. today they took to the streets and cities across the country to defend freedom of speech and the rule of law. france remains on high security alert with extra troops drafted into paris, including paratroopers mingling with tourists at the eiffel tower. all day flowers were laid near the kosher supermarket, the scene of the deadly siege. it has been confirmed that as the commandos moved in yesterday, they knew something the hostage taker didn't. an employee had hidden 15 customers, including a two-year- old in a fridge. i switched off the light in the freezer, he said, and i told them to keep calm.
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in the end, they all escaped with their lives. all over france on this, the jewish sabbath, the prayers of the community were for the four innocents shot by the terrorists amady coulibaly early in the siege, as night fell a crowd formed outside of the supermarket, people wanted to pay their respects and show they are not afraid. he was a friend, one of the dead, a 21-year-old student from tunisia. he is deeply upset by what the french president called an appalling anti-semitic act. it is visceral he told me, i just had to show up to say it is intolerable, this kind of hatred. but tonight, thousands of parisians not only jews, but people of all faiths, joined the vigil, convinced that only tolerance and unity would pull the country through this dark hour. and tomorrow, jim, that conviction will be on display
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again in an absolutely massive march that is probably going to draw in excess of a million people as well as leaders from around the world. >> axelrod: elizabeth palmer reporting for us tonight from paris. liz, thank you. clarissa ward with more information about the missing suspect hayat boumediene and her ties to terror. >> reporter: for french authorities, hayat boumediene may hold the key to figuring out if her late partner supermarket shooter amady coulibaly and the kouachi brothers responsible for wednesday's massacre at a satirical magazine were part of a bigger terrorist cell in france. it is not yet known whether the men coordinated their attacks with each other, but hayat boumediene exchanged 500 phone calls with kouachi in 2014. she has no criminal record, but she has previously been
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questioned over her association with known islamic radicals, among them convicted terrorist jim al beghal. photos show them together posing with weapons in a forested area of central france. but neighbors at their paris apartment building said they seemed normal. >> they weren't mean people, they said hello, good-bye and hold the door, i bumped into them many >> reporter: said and cherif kouachi were also described as unremarkable by people in their communities. we met a 24-year-old who told us he knew said from his mosque in rimes. he was pretty quiet, didn't talk very much, i saw him from time to time with his family, he said. on the outside he seemed like a good guy, someone who stayed out of trouble. but his brother cherif kouachi was well-known to french authorities, imprisoned in 2005 for trying to join jihadis
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fighting against american troops in iraq, raising questions about why authorities were not following him more closely. investigators are now racing to get a clearer picture of how these attacks were executed. but for the moment there arefo more questions than answers. clarissa ward, cbs news, paris. >> axelrod: juan zarate is the cbs news senior national security analyst. juan, french, american, other counter-terrorism officials, what are they worried about most right now? >> jim, in the first instance french officials are worried about containing and preventing any further attacks, understanding any networks or cells, individuals who are tied to those who perpetrated the attacks in paris and understanding who else may beo motivated by these attacks to begin plotting against the west. >> axelrod: do the events of this week require any change in thinking or strategy on the part of the united states in facing the terror threat?
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>> unfortunately, the attacks reinforce the reality that we face a more diverse and dangerous terrorist landscape. there are more geographies terrorists are coming and thousands of foreign fighters flowing to the middle east and individuals saturated by the narrative and ideology of terrorist groups and so the reality is it is a more dangerous environment, and so the idea that we can contain the threat in a more passive way after the wars in iraq and afghanistan may have to be questioned. and also may accelerate the things that we do to diminish the safe haven that groups like the islamic state or even al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen may have so it may force us to be more aggressive what we do against the ideology of the terrorist groups. >> axelrod: juan zarate in our washington bureau, juan, thank you. >> thank you, jim. >> axelrod: now to the terror in africa which is reaching a new level of chilling if that is possible. the group boko haram is
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suspected of a bombing in nigeria today that killed nearly 20 people, it was a suicide attack carried out by a girl about ten years old. this comes days after another attack that left hundreds, possibly thousands dead, here is debora patta. >> reporter: this past week saw what could be boko haram's deadliest massacre to date marking another hideous milestone in the group's the increasingly violent campaign. the latest massacre is in the baga in the far northeastern region of nigeria. they estimate hundreds of people, possibly as many as 2,000 could have been killed. we are hearing reports people >> we are hearing reports people going to the village are walking over dead bodies, men, women children. basically signs of an indiscriminate attack and certain major war crime by boko haram. >> reporter: the nigerian
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military has been unable to contain boko haram as it has rampaged through the north over the past year alone more than 11,000 people have been killed by the group and in the paste five years one and a half million have been displaced. there is a lack of leadership the nigerian military. >> the evidence does indicate a strange lack of awareness or ability to the protect nigerian civilians and it is very disturbing and it will have implication for the whole country. >> reporter: last year more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped on the date of their final school exam. it inspired a worldwide campaign under the banner of bring back our girls, but it came to nothing, nearly nine months later the girls are still missing and since then the extremist islamic group has grown more brazen and more you brutal. debora patta, johannesburg south africa. >> axelrod: it already had been a stunning fall for david petraeus, but the future once talked about as a presidential
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candidate could that include jail time, he could face felony charges for spilling classified secrets to his mistress while he was director of the cia. here is julia goldman. here is julinna goldman. >> reporter: the federal investigation stems from an affair petraeus had with his biographer paula broadwell and whether he gave her access to an cia e-mail and other classified documents. shortly after their relationship came to light in november 2012 petraeus resigned his post as c.i.a. director, they learned of to the career as a socialite andri friend of petraeus asked the bureau to look into a series of threatening e-mails, agents traced those e-mails to broadwell and opened a separate investigation where they foundn classified information on her computer. both petraeus and broadwell have previously denied that he provided her with classified materials. days after his resignation president obama said he had no evidence petraeus disclosed classified information that would harm national security. >> my main hope right now is
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that he and his family are able to move on and that this ends up being a single sidenote on what has otherwise been ant extraordinary career. >> reporter: now attorney general eric holder must decide whether to pursue criminal charges which could send one of the nation's most decorated military leaders to prison. petraeus, a retired four-star general, commanded u.s. forces in iraq and in afghanistan where he and broadwell spent time together while she researched her book, "all in: the education of david petraeus" during her publicity tour she did a number of interviews including this appearance on "the daily show". >> the concern is someone in his position would be about legacy and he also came it from a military point of view and wanted to help me with the project. >> reporter: republican leaders are calling for the justice department to resolve this soon and in a statement senators john s mccain and lindsey graham said
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"no american deserves such callous treatment much less our finest military leaders. jim, he rejected any potential plea deal and his attorney had no comment. >> axelrod: tomorrow bob schieffer will ask the attorney general eric holder about the petraeus case on "face the nation". there are new questions about new jersey governor chris christie's dallas cowboys connection, and, could the third time be the charm for mitt romney, when the "cbs evening news" continues. for mitt romney when cbs news continues. >> ny better than this. advil.
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play-off win in dallas, the he invented much more than the ridicule of fans of the two nfl teams who actually play their games in new jersey as vinita nair reports the possible presidential candidate invite add number of questions about ethics influence and judgment. >> when most people saw this hug, they wondered what the governor of new jersey was doing in dallas. now the trip got him beside cowboy owners jerry jones also put him under the microscope the governor who often has spoken out against special favors accepted a free trip for his family from jones. this after he helped award a contract to legends hospitality a company jones coowns to operate the observation deck at one world trade center. >> all this about a year after bridge gate where the governor's team was accused of creating a massive traffic jam as retribution against a political enemy. john theory is a republican strategist. >> bridge gate is obviously something he is still trying to overcome and largely he has been
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able to put it in the past. i think the problem with hanging out with jerry jones in the owners box and giving him a hug when not in your state or not anywhere near your state it brings all of the kind of concerns back up front. >> christie says jones and christie became friends after the world trade center deal. they also have pointed to an executive order that allows the governor to accept gifts paid for with personal funds. jones reportedly spent an estimated $100,000 of his own money on owner club suite tickets and a private flight for the christie family. in a radio interview jones was asked why he did it. >> he is part of our mojo, and i want him there all the way. i will tell you, if he has got enough mojo to pull this thing out he ought to be looked at as president of the united states. >> is there a difference between christie running for governor and christie if he chooses to run for president? >> the steaks are much higher if you run for president everything will be scrutinized more. >> judging by the new jersey
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newspaper knows free tickets could end up costing him. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: let's begin our political director john dickerson, let's talk costs. how much damage, if any, has chris christie done to any presidential aspirations? >> probably not much. we are a year away from the first caucus, and between now and then republicans are going to have all kinds of things to make their decisions about but these kinds of things do become symbolic of whatever it is they ultimately think about chris christie, so we are still like throw hear about the sky box snuggle again. >> axelrod: so let's move to another big republican name, mitt romney now seems to be considering another run. he did not get the nomination in 2008, didn't win the election in 2012. is he, does he still yet he still seems a credible candidate in some circles. >> in some circles particularly those who are part of the big fund-raising network he worked
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>> axelrod: after two and a half years, foie gras is back on california men use in california, one person's delicacy's was another by-product of animal cruelty this is after a court battle that banned it in the first place. here is carter evans. >> give me two foie gras, medium. >> it is another hot item in hermosa beach and yes restaurant owner sean chaney couldn't be happier, he sued the state of california back in 2012 when a law banning the sale of foie gras went into effect. >> this ingredient is legal in 49 other states, why not here? if it is usda certified why can't we serve it here? >> this week a federal judge agreed, overturning the law saying california could not regulate foie gras products ingredient by creatively phrasing the law, it is still
6:23 pm
illegal to produce foie gras in california, much of it comes from farms in new york and canada, the french dell a city is made from ducks and geese, which are usually force fed corn to engorge their livers animal right activist like shani campbell call it crew. >> they should know where it comes from and see these anti-s. >> foie gras, say they gorge in the wild before they migrate. >> do you have a problem with it? >> i don't have a problem with it. >> i think the farmers are doing, you know, the best job they can with today's standards. >> protesters were back outside chaney's restaurant the day after he won his lawsuit against california, and he says the fbi is now investigating multiple death threats made against him. >> was it worth it? >> i think so, yes. >> i would do it again. >> why? >> because i believe in the freedom of it. >> to those who still think that foie gras shouldn't be served what do you say? >> don't buy it. >> that's a extent meant that
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runs afoul with animal right act activists who have the california's attorney general will appeal the ruling. >> hermosa beach california. >> axelrod: still ahead, it is not just an incredible adventure, it is a bona fide cliffhanger. >>
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possible. >> kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell have been planning the 3,000-foot climb up el capitan for six years. they are free climbing using nothing but their hands feet and ropes to catch them if they fall. >> on december 27 duo began their climb up the smooth as glass wall. >> the goal today is to do the first five pitches. >> between legs jorgeson and caldwell rest in tents that dangle over the side of a cliff. jorgeson calls it ledge life. >> four days in, the climbers had to pause their trip to take shelter from the punishing wind and rain. >> it is getting pretty rowdy. >> everything was going smoothly until pitch 15, while caldwell succeeded jorgeson couldn't grasp the dime sized holds with his bandaged fingers. >> i gave it four all-out efforts. >> when jorgeson finally did make it on friday, he took to
6:28 pm
social media to celebrate writing, pure joy. thank you so much to everyone who has followed along believed and supported us, it is not over yet, if they actually pull this thing off this will be the longest hardest rock climb that has ever been done. >> grayson shaffer of outside magazine said the two men's journey is a throwback to the old school days of climbing in the 1950's. they are starting at the bottom of the climb and not coming down until they finish it. >> the most difficult part behind them jorgeson and caldwell could finish their climb to history before the end of the weekend. >> and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, 40 tour eight hours, for now i am jim axelrod in new york. from all of us on cbs news good night and thanks for joining us. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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we've learned: it may be back on duty sooner than anyone expected. for the first time ever the golden gate bridge is taking the weekend off but tonight we have learned it may be back on duty sooner than anybody expected. >> plus a san francisco neighborhood on alert tonight after four people were shot and killed in the street. >> and a mystery on lake merced as firefighters are called out to deal with a grim discovery in the water. >> kpix 5 news is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i'm very happy with the progress we're making. >> and how. within the past hour, crews installed the final piece of


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