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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 12, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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much. >> thanks for watching news this morning and the next local
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ultimate it's a tricky -- >> you haved globes too. >> the annual golden globe awards, and the big winner "boyhood." >> lots of glitz, lots of glamour. >> this is the eighth time i'm nominated i could [ muted ]. reopened after an history closure. they installed a pleadian to help drivers. >> a 9-year-old slipped out of the lift chair before falling, suffering an injured leg. the receiver did not maintain possession. >> the catch that wasn't. packers in the nfc championship.
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>> the colts have advanced. andrew luck against tom brady. >> nod immediately. >> i can't say that. i can't not say that. >> and all of that matters. >> it's the story kim geologist u.n. to open a diner in scotland. >> as they boldly describe him. >> they're brave. >> yeah, they are. on "cbs this morning." >> amall was an adviser to kofi annan and selected for a three-person u.n. commission investigating war violations, so tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award. >> this morning's eye opener is present i had by toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off. so jeff is with us. isis is threatening more terror in the west after the attacks in
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france. a video shows a top official of l of the terror group calling on roup followers to target the united follow states canada australia, as canada well as france. isis wants to kill police wants t officers, members of the rs, member military, and civilians. this morning french authorities are deploying 10,000 security officers to watch for any follow-up to last week's last attacks that killed 17 people.that an estimated 3.7 million people joined rallies around france to denounce terror and to stand up for free speech. elizabeth palmer is in paris. good morning. >> good morning. i'm standing in the great square in the center of paris called the plaza de la republic lick. you couldn't moved here yesterday. it was not only the largest one in the country, but the largest one in french history. in paris more than a million people marched. this may have been a reaction to shocking terrorist violence but it wasn't an angry crowd.
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people came together as a community, to show their support for tolerance, for unity and the rule of law. >> can i ask you about your -- >> yeah it's to show the liberty, the freedom of writing. >> reporter: the pencil the new symbol of freedom of expression was everywhere. so were salutes to charlie hebdo, the is a tissual magazine whose editor and staff were the terrorists' first victims. the survivors of that attack were there too along with the families of those who died. at the ed of the raleigh, a line of political leaders from around the world marching arm in arm. but to keep this historic event safe thousands of police were on high alert, and they'll stay that way. >> france's prime minister spoke with local media this morning, and said that at least one of
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the terrorists had an accomplice who is still at large. for a start, they're looking for whoever shot and edited this video of coulibaly yesterday. it shows him declaring allegiance to isis and posing with automatic weapons. authorities have confirmed that his girlfriend hayat boumeddiene, also a suspect, left francis before the attacks, and is believed to be in syria. as for the a is a tissual mag psi, the survivors on the staff have been working all weekend, believe it or not, in an act of defiance, they say they will publish as normal this week. it's not going to be mournful it's by is a tissual and funny as usual. the print run will be huge a million copies due to hit the stance on wednesday. jeff? >> liz thank you. this morning benjamin
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netanyahu visited the kosher market. secretary of state john kerry said he will go to paris later this week. this morning he arrived in pakistan for an un -- no senior u.s. officials were there. bill plant is at the white house, where officials say there were good reasons for that. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to our viewers in the west. planning for this rally began on friday. there were parent were no formal invitations. the white house reaction was that the president's security would have significantly interfered with the crowd of more than a million who were expected to attend, but the th absence of any u.s. leader now has the white house on the offensive. >> leaders from some of the america's strongest allies were among the more than 40 heads of state marching in solidarity solidar with francois hollande on saturday, including angela i merkel and prime minister david cameron. even palestinian president r
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mahmoud abbas, and benjamin n netanyahu were there. but not president obama, vice president biden or knit other presi high officials representing the united states.icia including eric holder who was c in paris for meetings. and no one from the terterrori administration showed up at a rally attended by thousands in ded washington, d.c. just over a mile from the white house. president obama called. hollande but has had little public reeek to the attacks. >> i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today, stands litt with you tomorrow. >> he mentioned them briefly on friday while announcing his free community college plan in h you tennessee, but not in his weekly video address. on thursday he visited the french embassy to sign a book of but condolences. the president has criticized before for appearing insensitive to global crises. while on vacation in august he ation in played golf shortly after
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condemning the beheading of journalist james foley. one u.s. officials was present at the rally, ambassador to france jane hartley. the white house announced on sunday that the president will hold a summit next month on ways to counter violent extremism o fran like the attacks in france. >> bill thanks. new york city's police department has been alerted to the any isis threat.police dep he made -- police commissioner william bratton is ordering he officers to stay vigilant. the commissioner joins us this morning as well.sion >> good morning. >> other than that how are you responding to this threat? will you change the way that you employ your officers? way >> well, as you may recall thereay was a similar twitter threat back in september, and shortly thereafter, there were a number of attacks canada australia, ks. and also an attack here and ax-wielding individual attacked four of our officers so we take these threats very seriously. by offi
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the advisory we send out to our seri officers that we've been on a pretty high state of alert in any event was another reminder this one is also specifically the directed as law enforcement personnel. so we're encouraging that officers when they're on these guiding council officers tv stations that they be even more vigilant than they might orderly be. >> this video was pretty they specific about what they're asking their supporters to do >> t you know to rise up and commit violent. it's not only officers but se up civilians, too. what's your biggest concern? ag >> well, true that already a number of people who are in the what process of being radicalized, so something like this can be the rocess lad straw to move them forward. we saw that with the individual s can that attacked our officers with a hatchet. att additionally, they're continuing to working to atread new recruits -- atracked new recr recruits. they're extraordinarily skilled skill with their public relations campaign, if you will much more
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so than the traditional al qaeda operatives. it's a real real concern. >> so officers are being told not to sit in a car together at being the same time, have one outside the car if possible to look for e the people's hands when people walk up to them? >> what we are talking about is the idea that when we have officers on these fixed posts, as we call them we want them we tube vigilant. they have a purpose of protecting that location as well if bot as themselves. if they're busy texting away or not paying attention, they are much more vulnerable to it's something that we continually try to drive home for our officers, that this is real. this is real and that we need to be constantly vigilant. >> how many -- one is the question of how serious you take h the threat.rious you the second how many people are you watching? how do you keep up with all the people that might be a threat?ith >> one of the great strengths of the department is we have over 1,000 personnel designed to our ove
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counter intelligence as well as other detectives to be brought in. an to survey an individual requires dozens of officers because you don't want them to know you're of watching them.m to you have to have rotating teams. it's not easy to do very don labor-intensive. r we're probably one of the few them. police departments that can do it because of the sheer size of the department. >> we heard eric holder say yesterday that lone wolf eri terrorism, extremism keeps him up at night. what about targeting these soft targets like the kosher market up in paris? >> let's face it every place is a target, there is no place -- super you cannot protect everything that everybody that attempts to everyth is doomed to protect nothing. so we attempt to identify if there are threats, sometimes publicly made or over times covertly made against specific
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locations and facilities. made right now we're high up on media outlets, as you might expect. out >> mr. brat ton, thank you. >> great to be with you. senator marco rubio is standing by here in the studio. we'll get his response to the nk white house response to the >> sen terror attacks. that's ahead. this morning as indonesian officials sis flight 8501 exploded with impact with the s. water last they retree one of the black ivers is boxes, and they're working to retrieve the second. with wha we have more on what investigators are finding.g. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.his it's producing some of the bigger clues yet in the crash the investigation. indonesian authorities now say early analysis of the wreckage suggests that cabin pressure caused the jet to explode, as they begin the process of tapping into one of the plane's ro black boxes. t indonesian investigators now plan
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have one of the two black boxes from airasia flight 8501 signaling the first major breakthrough in determining what caused the plane to crash into the java sea 15 days ago. caused overnight a team of divers recovered the flight data recorder from 100 feet below the surface, one day after sonar picked up pings from the aircraft in two different a locations. found under the plane's wing about the altitude, speed. t crewing are the coke pick voice reporter. conve indonesian officials have appointed to slow and different. for the progress has been made in recent days.
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the most challenging task is the -- the captain said. crews also discovered additional plane debris. only about a third of the 162 over bodies aboard flightre flightinvestigatoring are hope these new findings will lead the them to a larger section of the plane. there are at least 80 divers the f involved though they have an idea of where it maybe, they've been unable to pinpoint an exact location. to be analyzed by the indonesian version. be sent jeff? >> jeff, thank you very much. analy hollywood com bide the best performances with politics last version. night. "boyhood" took home the prize for best dram. grand butte pest won best comedy
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or musical. we're at the e.t. studio with a recap of last night. frazi good morning. >> the golden globe awards are a big party thrown by the hollywood foreign press ey're association, international journalists choose the winners, and since the world of entertainment and pod tick have cro crossed so often is the past year, it's no surprise they collided again last night. >> george clooney married amall this year. marri she's a human rights lawyer who s the worked on the enron case, was anked rho are to kofi annan regarding syria, so tonight her husband is a getting a lifetime achievement award. george clooney accepted the award, seizing the moment to cloon honor the journalist killed in paris. >> there were millions who marched in support of the idea that we will not walk in fear. we won't do it. so -- the sony hacking controversy was personalized in a
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super-serious star-struck north korean journalist played by margaret cho. her photo with meryl streep was even photo bombed by nominees benedict -- >> of course -- >> domestic politics took center"sel stage. prince gave the award to john or legend, who said working on "selma" allowed him to see everyone's humanity. >> i am the unarmed black kid, who maybe needed a hand but indeed was given a bullet. i am the two fallen police officers murdered in the line ofe duty.wo >> the cosby sexual assault >> t accusations hit the stage as accusati well, while the hosts said bill they tol cosby would not be off-limits. this joke still brought gasps. >> and into the woods cinderella runs from her prince rapunzel is thrown from a tower and sleeping beauty just thought he was getting coffee with bill
7:17 am
cosby. actually -- t was >> it was still a night to have es. great performances. julianne moore in eddie redmain.e the wince we are were amy adams and michael keaton. he emotionally thanked his best friend. >> he also happens to be my son, shawn. >> i want to mention, among the tv awards made history, its show "transparent" won, and the star won best actor. none of the big four networks won a godden globe. i'll have more and we'll tell i' you where gayle king was last night, coming up in the next hour. xt i was wondering about that. >> we did see a couple comedies. she was sitting with kommon and john legend who won for the wonderful sog "glory." >> this sets up a wonderful competition.
7:18 am
best actor. >> for the oscars. >> one would think boyhood has the inseed track. by the way, entertainment tonight will bring you full coverage of all the winners, and we'll have more highlights at ou 8:00. boy, it was also a big weekend for football. the nfl has four teams chasing the super bowl after this weekend's divisional playoffs. green bay will play seattle in the nfc title game. indianapolis will go to new england to decide the afc championship. you can see the game this comingee sunday right here on cbs. the colts upset denver d sunday, and it may have been paiden manning's final nfl game. the broncos quarterback says he ing' is not sure he will return next no season. the packers beat dallas after a very controversial call. the cowboys' dead bryant grabbed this pass in the final minutes, and officials said he made the catch on the packers 1 yard n
7:19 am
line, but green bay challenged he the call. the referee checked the replays.hecked t then he ruled that he lost bry control. so no catch. that surprised new jersey governor dallas fan chris christie. he sat with jerry jones. again they made headlines last weekend. after the game paul ryan ekend. tweeted governor christie do overnor you need a hug now? #gopackgo. >> that's actually pretty funny. all right.t's it is 7:19. western-born women are joining a paris terror suspect heads to ter syria. we'll show you why hundreds of female
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ahead, one of the republican
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parties' rising stars. >> florida senator marco rubio in studio 57. his thoughts on terrorism, cuba and thoughts of a run for the white house. >> the news is back here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by safelite autoglass. call or go online at to schedule now.
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or who here is what is happening around the bay area right now. a police officer recover after crashing his cruiser in oakland near the northbound 880 on-ramp near the airport just after 1:00 this morning. witnesses say the officer was chasing another vehicle, hit a concrete piling. the golden gate golden gate bridge is back open. drivers will see changes to the bridge other than the barrier. the merge from the southbound lanes of 101 on the waldo grade have been reconfigured. the speed limit has been lowered from 55 down to 45. some pictures taken there before it was all done.
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headaches we got
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checking road conditions, it's busy on the roads. a lot of our travel times are way up this week over last week. here is at the san mateo bridge. trying to get out of hayward, the drive time to a half hour to 880 to 101. golden gate bridge, you can see the headlights moving fine despite the foggy weather. somebody mentioned fog. our live camera towards the baby. it's gone. can't he see it due to the fog. currently, we are in the 40s with areas of patchy dense fog throughout the tri valley. dense fog advisory across the north bay and also across the delta. we do have part any to mostly cloudy skies on tap for today. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. enjoy ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder!
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if you are a nervous flyer, this video will not help. over the weekend pilots landing in birmingham england had to battle some very strong crosswinds. everyone got down safely thanks to very good flying. >> wow. that's impressive. yeah, gayle would not like that. [ laughter ] she's a nervous flyer. welcome back. coming up in this half hour florida senator marco rubio will join us at the table, with a new book about saving the american dream. we'll get his thoughts on the terror attacks on paris, the risk to the u.s., and his plans for a possible white house run. plus they're inching closer. to yosemite climbers scaling a wall of granite 3,000 feet high. that's ahead. time to show you some of
7:31 am
this morning's headlines around the globe "new york times" looks at a new tactic used by boca ha ram, child suicide bombers. a bomb strapped to a 10-year-old girl exploded on saturday. she's believed to be the youngest ever suicide bomber. boca ha ram may have killed as many as 2,000 people in an attack on a nigerian town. volumo is first set to build cars in china for the american market. the cars are made in cheng du. it's owned by a chinese company. "usa today" covers the deciding game of the college football game tonight. the oregon ducks and ohio buckeyes meet in arlington tonight. the paper says ohio state has the best coaching staff. >> my kids have already asked if
7:32 am
they can stay up late tonight and i gave in and said yes. >> that's like a midnight game. >> it only happens once a year. >> that's right. "the telegraph" reports that a hacker group plans to -- they wore the symbolic mask. he said it is declaring war against a terrorist and will shut down jihadist web sites. he said freedom of expression has suffered an inhuman assault. we showed you earlier that a missing suspect is believed to be in syria. she flew to istanbul turkey one week before her partner killed four hostages at a kosher market in paris. holly williams is in istanbul a growing stop for western women choosing jihad. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. it's believed that hayat boumeddiene may have crucial information about whether her partner and others were part of
7:33 am
a much bigger terrorist cells. officials say she spent six days in turkey before crossing into syria. if she's joined isis or another extremist group, she will not be the first european woman who do so. is photographs of hayat boumeddiene show the transform answer from the daughter of a french delivery driver to the radicalized extremist. if the 26-year-old is now with a jihadist group in syria, she joins scores of young muslim women from europe who have traveled to the war-attorney country to join isis and al qaeda, many of them are just teenagers. the terrorist groups are recruiting younger and younger women. >> professor bloom is the author of a study on female terrorists and says young women from the west are sometimes easy prey for radical islamic groups. >> they can't read arabic they
7:34 am
can't go to the original sources, they can't put up a fight when someone says oh, yes, this is permitted in the koran. they don't know to say, no it's not. >> as isis tries to set up a functioning islamic state in syria and iraq it's actively recruiting women from europe and the u.s. to marry its fighters. in this recruitment video aimed at women, isis stresses homely pursuits like sewing and cooking. but historically there are many examples of women playing more violent roles. female suicide bombers from chechnya known as black widows have carried out several deadly attacks in russia and women from sri lanka, iraq and nigeria have done the same. >> you get more media coverage when it's a female terrorist than male, and as a result the groups know this. they get more bang for their buck if they use a woman. >> reporter: officials here in
7:35 am
turkey say boumeddiene spent two days in istanbul and another four in a city close to the syrian border before crossing into the war zone. charlie? >> holly, thanks. senator marco rubio is a member of the senate foreign relations and intelligence xhiptees a republican also strongly focused on domestic policy. he's skeptical for the jobless rate, and his new book is called "american dreams restoring economic opportunity for everyone." he's here for an extended conversation you will see here first. welcome. >> good morning. let me turn to terrorism first. how concerned are you this kind of attack could take place in america and are we prepared and doing everything we can to make sure we lessen the possibility? >> i'm very concerned and i've had said that for months now, the notion that the new wave we're going to face with terrorism are the sorts of -- not -- there's always the threat of a 9/11 type of spectacular
7:36 am
attack, but also the threat of individuals or two or three individuals operating as a cell carry out these sorts of attacks. we've known that's been a aspirational goal, and now we're actually starting to see it carried out, and from the european context what's really complicated, it is a large number of foreign fighters that have gone into syria, iraq, been trained and fought side by side with, and returned back to europe. and in the case of these individuals, basically have been raised in france. >> we saw an incredible show the unity yesterday in paris, i mean nearly 4 million people what liz palmer said earlier was the largest march in france's history. you saw world leaders from netanyahu to abbas, to cameron, all in the front row, but not a high-ranks officials. is that troubling? >> i think it was a mistake. i understand when the president traps he brings a security package which is intense, and i
7:37 am
understand you dropped something into the middle of this is disrupt up but eric holder was there, or a plethora of other people they could have sent. >> do you think we missed an opportunity to stand with other world leaders? -- >> well it will be reported around the world, and certainly people especially at a time of great pains, people take cues. we know after 9/11 what it felt like to have other nations rally. the french are going through a similar trauma. i thought it would have been important -- i understand why the president himself didn't go but perhaps someone from his administration. >> can we talk about smell intelligence from the attacks we covered on friday for several hours. the two brothers had received training in yemen, in the kosher market had isis flags in his
7:38 am
apartment. it appears his girlfriend has gone back to syria, what are you hearing in these intelligence briefings? why didn't european and u.s. officials know where these guys were and have them in their sights? >> it sounds like they did. the french officials were aware of who they were and monitored them for a while. they would tell you they have a lot of people that -- >> are you assured we're doing a better job in the united states? >> i think we have courageous men and women who work every single day to try to identify the threats. and no country can promise that they won't slips through the cracks. in fact, it is easier to disrupt a plot of 25 people than it is the plot of one or two or three. to do that you've got to have all these tools at your disposal. i think we do as good as we can with the programs we have. to diminish those perhaps, as some are calling for, whether it's gathering intelligence or
7:39 am
monitoring activities on web sites, i think would set back our ability to identify these threats. >> do we need to increase them? >> not only do we need to increase them but change them. every times there's a disclosure. every times "new york times" or you or reports, as journalists, you will as a disclosure from snowden, the terrorists adjust what they do. they learn from it and say we're going to stop doing that we'll use a different carrier or different method of communication, so we have to constantly adjust and it's a real challenge. no one should understate what a big, big challenge this is moving forward. >> so the white house is going to hold this terror summit what do you expect will come of that? >> hopefully an opportunity to educate the american people even fur on the nature of this threat and how difficult it is to stop these threats. we are still seeking in light of 9/11, these big spectacular attacks, and that could very well happen that is a threat too, but these sorts of
7:40 am
independent actions by three or four people in some instanceses inspired by al qaeda or isis not trained by them, but simply spired. there is a magazine called "inspire" a monthly publication in english. the latest edition basically publishes construction of did not, and charlie hebdo was on a hit list. >> we know an individual can be radicalized, read these things and take up action. much more in the next hour. senator rubio, you're going to stick with us here. up next here inching closer to the impossible. climber in yosemite cross a major milestone in scaling a rock twice the height of the empire state building. you're watching cbs this morning.
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closer to achieving an unprecedented feat this morning. for more than two weeks they've been working their way up a 3,000-foot wall of granite in el capitan. ben tracy shows us how close they are to reaching their goal at yosemite national park. >> a flapper, but it's all worth it. >> reporter: after a week-long battle with even captain's thin ledges he conquered pitch 15 over the weekend. it's considered one of the toughest sections of the climb. >> after 11 tries i finally did it. this is a view i'll always remember but i'm not sad to be
7:46 am
moving past. >> his partner made it past pass 15 last weekend and is waiting for him to catch up with him. they're hoping to complete the first ever climb of the free wall of the don wall using their hands and feet to skate a flat surface higher than two empire state buildings stacked on top of each other. the ropes don't help them reach the top. they're simply to provide a safety measure. they've been trying to conquer this climb for much longer. >> it's taking them years to choreograph the moves, get strong enough and getting them down to muscle memory. >> sunday was a day of rest for both men. today kevin will start working his way to tommy at why know tower. if all goes well and the men are reunited, they could reach the summit and the history books by wednesday night.
7:47 am
for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> extraordinary. >> explain to me how they do it. >> i don't know. >> do they -- >> part of it's the planning. these guys have tried multiple times before. this is what they have been focused on for years and years. but when you see the graphic of two empire state buildings stack on top of each other, incredible feat. >> impressive. all right. kevin frazier is back from ""entertainment tonight."" plus stunning new images
7:48 am
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7:52 am
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good morning to you. the golden gate bridge is back open with new safety features. a new removable median barrier was installed over the weekend. the bridge reopened after crews finished the job early. kaiser mental health workers across california launched a week-long strike this morning. they claim understaffing is causing patients to wait too long for payments. kaiser calls the strike a negotiating strategy. the search continues for the person who shot five people during a chris brown concert in san jose. they were shot at the fiesta nightclub early yesterday morning. all five are expected to recover. >>
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. well, looks like the commute around the bay area is finally up to full force after the holidays. you can really see it if you are heading to the richmond bridge toll plaza. we also have a dense fog advisory issued for this bridge as well as the carquinez bridge. at the baby barely budging. it's stacked up east of the maze. it's been clearing out early, and that is definitely not the case this morning with a big backup on eastshore freeway all the way down into emeryville. checking your other rides. there was an earlier crash in mountainview. still slow on 101 and 237. that's kpix traffic. 1:27. that's the delay now. some says sfo due to that, see that? the baby has disappeared due to the dense fog. we have a dense fog advisory for the north bay and the delta. patchy fog in many of our east bay communities as well. we are in the 40s, going up to 50s and 60s. we do have another spare the air day with hazy sunshine in
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, january 12th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the pope's response to the french terror attacks. he says forms of religion use god as an excuse to kill. first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8. >> there are a number of people who are in the process of being radicalized. something like this can be the last straw to move them forward. >> you couldn't move in here yesterday there was so many people. it was the largest in french history. >> there were no formal invitation. the absence of any leader has the white house on the defensive. >> thought it would have been
8:01 am
important to have someone there. >> authorities say early analysis suggests that cabin pressure caused the jet to explode when it hit the water. >> i had a pretty good year myself and i'm not just referring to the fabulous reviews of the medicines men. >> she was sitting with common and jon legend. >> the 11 tries and finally did it. >> explain how they do it. >> i don't really know. do you need a hug now? #gopack #gopackgo. >> that's pretty funny. >> who is new york bozo? >> what about it? >> did you guys hear that? >> i'm charlie rose. the united states and three allies face a new challenge this morning from isis.
8:02 am
the terror group wants followers to attack police officers, the military and civilians in america, canada, australia and france. it's spelled out in a video sent out after last week's attacks in france. >> nearly 4 million people marched against terrorism and for free speech. the interior ministry says the rally was the largest gathering in history, even bigger than world war ii's liberation day. >> pope francis denounced the attacks and the ideology behind them. deviant forms of religion try to use god to justify mass killings. he called on religious leaders especially muslims to condemn violent forms of faith. the pope told diplomats at the vatican that the only goal is to have power over others. in germany a group opposing what it calls islamization is proposing a huge rally today. suspects face charges for the bombing of a newspaper that
8:03 am
reprinted charlie hebdo cartoons. police are not sure if the attack is connected to those cartoons cartoons. a change in cabin pressure may have caused flight 8501 to explode as it hit the water. that new government theory came this morning as divers recovered the black box, a second flight record recorder is lodged under wreckage in the java sea. the data on the devices may shed light on what brought the plane down. the coming of age movie "boyhood" took 12 years to make and the hollywood foreign press gave them three awards including best drama. kevin frasier joins us from the e.t. set in los angeles. >> good morning, it was an emotional, fun and unpredictable night. the winners were films like "
8:04 am
"boyhood." backstage and on the red carpet we spoke with many of the first time winners. >> the golden globe goes to "boyhood." >> what is this night been like for you and what has it meant to you? >> it's unbelievable. we didn't think anybody was going to care. >> they did care. the unprecedented coming of age story took home the globe's biggest honor. >> i called her 13 years ago and said what are you doing the next 12 years. >> they are such beautiful little babies. look at them now. >> reporter: and kids were a recurring theme of the night. michael keaton honored his son when he won for "birdman." >> the most beautiful thing about your son being your best friend. >> my best friend is kind intelligent, funny, talented. e he also happens to be my son. >> i think the possible
8:05 am
exception of our dog bubba, i might be his best friend. >> with one shoutout from his famous father shawn douglas sent social immediatemedia into a fan frenzy. tweets like this one, oh hello michael keaton's son. >> i love you with all my heart, buddy. >> stars rose to their feet for the journalists in paris who were killed by extremists. george clooney showed his support on the red carpet as millions marched on sunday for unity in france. >> this was a moment in time where millions of people from every different religion locked arms and said we're not going to accept this -- we're not going to be ruled by fear. that was something to see. i wanted -- we both wanted to be in solidarity with them. >> reporter: it wasn't all serious business. after all, the globes is still considered hollywood's biggest party. >> it's like a blurry kind of euphoric cloud. i don't think i'm even present.
8:06 am
>> how do you celebrate? >> to potato chips. that's what you do. a nice glass of wine. >> on the red carpet, you told me the one i gave you was the third bottle. >> this is about seven. in between i have had a lot of whiskey and cokes. >> how are you feeling right now? >> i'm feeling awesome. i'm about to get into a plane and fall into a small coma. >> another small film took home the globe for best comedy and a.m. amy adams took home best actress. >> speaking of new media, one of the best speeches of the night was jena rodriguez who won for "jane the virgin."
8:07 am
she said dad, i did. >> what was interesting is we named jena our it girl. we have loved this little show since the beginning. it's the first nomination ever for the cw network. their first win ever. when she came backstage, we really just had to have a moment. she was like how is this happening? she was shaking. by the way, i also want to let you know i hung out with gail last night. last time i saw gail she was surrounded by photographers at the weinstein party sandwiched in between jake gyllenhaal and 50 cent. at that point, i lost her. >> where's the instagram, gail? it will probably come later today. >> they are coming. >> thanks for the intel on gail. thanks, kevin. this evening "entertainment tonight" will bring you complete coverage of all the winners. >> i want to hear part two of that. the familiar sounds of
8:08 am
success. se >> see how some of america's biggest companies make their voices heard to
8:09 am
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8:13 am
. if becoming healthier is a new year's resolution, you might be among the 45 million americans expected to get a routine physical this year. in an article in "the new york times," the doctor who helped create president obama's health care law is challenging that wisdom. the doctor's quote, not having my annual physical is one small
8:14 am
way i can help reduce health care costs and save myself time worry and a worthless exam. our medical doctor is here with more on this. a worthless exam? >> worthless is a strong word. it provokes an emotional reaction not just from patients but from doctors. the reality is we like to practice evidence-based medicine. and the evidence does not support the idea of the annual physical exam. the best research we have came from a review that was published in 2012 that looked at 14 trials over 180,000 patients and found that the annual physical does not reduce cost does not reduce hospitalizations. so our major medical organizations, the american medical association do not currently endorse the annual physical exam. >> maybe that's because the annual physical the way it's done is is worthless. >> that's the big thing. really reimagining the way we perform the annual physical. >> tell me more.
8:15 am
>> i just think this is an interesting debate. here you have the president and his advisers push obamacare and make preventive care easier. and then they are saying you don't need the preventive care. when we should be doing more of it in this country and the whole point behind obamacare is to make this preventive care less costly to the individual. >> and i don't think anybody is saying to take away preventive care. that's one of the benefits. it's just a question of reimagining how we perform the annual physical. could it it be bi-annual. >> every visit to the doctor you get your flu shot, cholesterol checked, ask about other problems. >> so the harms is overdiagnosis and overtreatment. when you go and have a full battery of tests, you find something. the question is that leads to more tests, which could potentially be harmful to the patient and costly. >> where is the balance between minimum and overbalancing?
8:16 am
how do we know that? >> that's the big question. we know there's certain screening tests that work. mammograms, pap smears, these are the things we need to be getting. so the question is how do we create something that works for people in terms of prevention and screening but that's more customized to the individual as opposed to the same tests for everybody. >> that's where we're headed. i think the future of medicine is going to be exactly that. it's going to be me sitting down with you and saying what are your particular risk factors? what screening tests are appropriate for you at your age and counselling you on the lifestyle things that work for you. >> i'll tell you how i feel about this. every time you go to the doctor they say did you get your mammogram, no, i haven't. >> it takes away from the doctor/patient relationship. that's one of the big reasons. >> thank you.
8:17 am
comeing up, the advertising spots that shape our lives. >> hello, i'm a mac. >> and i'm a pc. we have a lot to do. what's your big plan? >> the top 15 campaigns of the 21st century so o far. see which ones made the list only on "cbs this morning." campaigns so far. 2015 so far. see which one bs made the list on "cbs this morning." you need a team. working together. doing all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find any job, in any industry is on the world's #1 job site. indeed. how the world works. introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". six of our best six-inch subs- like the italian bmt and tender turkey breast! with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips for just $6 every day. it's value made simple. subway! ♪ for very dry skin, you need healing.
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(vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place
8:20 am
in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. only on "cbs this morning" advertising agencies are revaling their top 15 campaigns
8:21 am
for the century. the list features the best moments going back 15 years. they set new standards and influence pop culture. topping the list the dove campaign for real beauty. ♪ natalie joins us. good morning. >> hi. >> why is this dove ad the number one. >> it did a lot of things. this came out of a time when there was a lot of discussion in culture about what it meant to be beautiful, what beauty was, and dove came out with this campaign that really caught people's attention and it had a big impact on sales. >> number one overall.
8:22 am
number four, beauty for men in a different way. >> yeah. >> old spice's 2010 ad for body wash. i think we have a clip of this first. >> look down back up where are you? you're on a boat with a man your man could smell. what's in your hand. back at me. i have it. it's an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. look again. the tickets are now diamond. anything is possible when your man smells like old spice and not a lady. i'm not a horse. >> why did this resonate? >> because we're all laughing. >> it was perfect because there was this insight that said a lot of men are just using their wives and girlfriend's body wash and old spice was this dusty old brand and we were trying to figure out how to get women to think about our body wash in a positive way without alienating men. it was right on. it impacted sales and impacted how people thought about it.
8:23 am
>> do you use your wife's body wash? >> sometimes. >> admit it. >> there's a problem with one of our showers right now. i use -- i don't know what it is though. >> it's just like who cares. >> and a lieu fa. >> it cleans you, rife? >> also on the list is budweiser's what's up advertisement. take a listen. >> what's up? yeah. >> yo. where's dukey. >> the duke? >> hey. >> yo. >> what's up. >> what's up. >> sup? sup. >> you say this chains multicultural marketing. how so? >> when this was shown to distributors, they were really nervous. they felt it was too multi-cultural and too urban and when this came out, people didn't see it as mull try
8:24 am
cultural advertising. they saw it as a group of friends so that's how marketer thought about multicultural going forward. number seven on the list features charlie the most interesting man in the world. it's actually dull seekys but that's what i think of. here's a clip >> mosquitos refuse to bite. >> mosquitos refuse to bite him. >> i mean they have to keep feeding this, too, to come up with new tag lines. >> this is a perfect tag line of a brand zigging when everyone else was zagging because in the beer industry you're targeting young men by and large and they're doing it with humor like we saw in the what's up ad and they say, hey, we're going to cast a gentleman that's a little older and he doesn't necessarily drink beer all the tiemme. >> but when he does. >> when he does he drinks dull
8:25 am
zeky. >> to see the full good monday morning. it's 8:25. how about some headlines around the bay area? san leandro police officer recovering after crashing his cruiser in oakland. it happened near the northbound 880 on-ramp neither airport just after one this morning. witnesses say the officer was chasing another vehicle when he hit a concrete piling. the golden gate bridge back open. the bridge shut down so the workers could install a new safety barrier median. drivers will see some changes to the bridge because of that barrier. the merge from the southbound lane of 101 on the waldo grade has been reconfigured. the speed limit lowered from 55 to 45. so take is slow. kaiser mental health workers across california begin a week long strike today. they claim their department is understaffed and patients are
8:26 am
having to wait too long for appointments. kaiser says it's working to improve special forces and it's calling the -- services and it's calling it a negotiating strat. >> j.p.: they will be
8:27 am
good morning. of course, all eyes on the golden gate bridge and now we have our first problems. a crash near vista point on the marin county side has traffic slow on northbound 101 from end to end across the span. there is actually two crashes in marin county we are watching.
8:28 am
the thirst is near vista point just north of the tower -- or north of the span, rather. then there is another one as you continue towards mill valley. northbound 101 at tiberon boulevard. three lanes are blocked. slowdowns in both directions of 101. it's also foggy. take a look at this. this is our live kpix weather camera aboard the tower. if you look in the distance you see the tip top of the towers of the golden globe -- golden gate bridge. temperatures are in the 40s. and with the spare the air in effect for the 11th consecutive day temperatures 50s and 60s. slightly above average for this 12 day of the month of january. the extended forecast. hazy, stagnant, sunshine tuesday through thursday. we cloud up on friday. that will lead to the potential of rain of rain over the
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead in this half hour we continue our conversation with senator mark rue bow right here in studio 57. his idea to fix what he calls opportunity and equality in america. plus what it could take for conservative republicans to win back the white house. and a composers who sounds create an effect. he shows the hidden power of audio for companies to put a little voice inside your head. that's coming up. cbs san francisco says the golden gate bridge is back open this morning. this span was closed from midnight friday to sunday night to install a moveable median berra. it was the longest ever closure
8:31 am
for the span. it opened last night, six hours ahead of schedule. aaron rodgers changed a play during the first touchdown drive. he called an audio name play that got some people's attention. >> new york bozo new york bozo. >> rodgers was asked in a postgame interview what new york bozo meant. >> what's new york bozo mean? >> what? >> new york bozo. >> what about it. did you guys hear that? ah, our guys don't know what that means either. >> some speculated it was a jab at new jersey governor chris christie, a local cowboys supporter. the packers went on to beat them 26-21 after a late controversial call reversal. >> that was quite a game. "shanghai daily" says nearly 1 million couples have applied to have a second child.
8:32 am
they eased the rule last year to account for an winner kevin spacey returns to the hit series which premieres on february & 27th. florida's senator marco rubio is back with us. he's deciding whether to run for senate next year or try for a higher office. senator, good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> it seems to me in public -- in the public discussion today everyone is looking for a way to look at income inequality, look at what's happened to middle class. that's the subject of the
8:33 am
moment. >> it is. that's why i wanted to write the book. >> everyone has a different answer. >> that's why i wanted to write the book. it's my experience it wasn't that long ago if you were willing to work hard and persevere you would eventually find a job that would pay enough to buy a home buy a car and put your kids through college. my parents never had much education but working as a bar tenter and a made we made it. it's difficult today. there's three reasons why it's happening. one, we have more global competition than ever. there are other countries that now want what we've had historically over the last 20 30 years and we're losing that competition increasingly. second, many of the better paying jobs in the 21st century require skills and education that people don't have. and, third, everything covets more and you have new costs. my parents did isn'tn't have a cell
8:34 am
phone. there are millions who feel like the american dream is slipping out of reach and as a nation that's problematic because it undermines our ability as nation. we don't address we'll lose what makes us special. >> you are prohibited by law from running for both the senate and the presidency at the same time. when will you make a decision about which race to make a run in? >> first of all the book is relevant to that. i'll tell you why. this book outlines an agenda for restoring middle class. >> do you need to be president do that? >> that's a good question. that's the decision i have to make. where's the best place to achieve the outline. is it in the senate t majority or as president of the united states. >> isn't that an obvious answer? >> isn't it interesting? someone else said the same thing to me. i think ta's the problem we have. i thing we've come to believe
8:35 am
want to change america the best place to be is in the white house. >> the question is where at this point in your life are you best able to serve in the country, in the u.s. senate or as president. >> let's talk about the politics of running for president. jeb bush who you were very close to politically in florida when you were in the legislature, and then you have mitt romney announcing recently that wait a minute, i may get in myself. what does all this do to the outlook for 2016? >> first of all, mitt has run for president twice so he knows how to put a campaign toke and will obviously raise a lot of money. jeb bush, you saw a lot of reports, he's going to raise over $100 million, and i think he can certainly do that and will in the next few months. they'll be very formidable candidates. i honestly if you're committed to a policy agenda and no one else is speaking to the policies
8:36 am
you believe in irrespeckive offer who else is in the race you do it. if i decide the best place for me to serve america at this time in my life aisle run for president and i'm confident we can put together a campaign that makes us competitive and allows us to win. >> have you spoken with jeb recently? >> i have. a lot by e-mail. he's great e-mailer. >> and he released all that. >> and he'll lease more, i imagine. look. this is not -- i wouldn't -- if i run for president, it won't be against anyone. it's because i believe i have an agenda that no one else is offering on our side of the aisle and i believe it use because i'll do a better job. >> how much did that surprise you about governor romney? i think that surprised a lot of people. >> i think you've seen it over the past few months. i think to me the more quality people run, the better. that's why putting it in writing was so important to me.
8:37 am
that's not the first time i've done that. when i was speaker of the house i said 100 innovative ideas and passed all 100 and put 56 or 57 in florida. to me it's an agenda that i outline. i hope we can have a debate in the republican party about the best way to restore middle-class opportunity. >> i want to get your take on cuba because you oppose the president's recent resent actions. >> they released the 53 prisoners. >> that's great news but unfortunately we don't know who they are. it's been kept secret. my understanding is many of them were at the end of their terms and all of them have been warned if they take up the cause of democracy they'll be back in jail. what's forgotten is the cuban government has arrested thousands. 53 versus the thousands -- over the weekend they rounded up some other 100 people because they
8:38 am
planned to go tothe public square and speak of freedom and democracy. in return, of those 53 and i don't mean to diminish it, the cubans are getting what they want from the obama administration. i don't have a problem changing the policies in cuba but i think it has to be a reciprocal change. >> some argue that if in fact cuba is opened up it will change. did vietnam changed? >> it did not challenge, nor did china. >> it changed -- >> sure, but my interest is -- i think people living in the free democratic order can choose whatever they want. i wouldn't recommend socialism, but they can choose it. my interest in cuba is freedom and democracy and there's no contemporary example of a country with a resistant tierney that an economic challenge is
8:39 am
open. china is as tyrannical and oppressive as it has ever been, even more so. even vietnam and burma has suddenly backtracked on some of the changes and openings they promised to make. my belief is that the cuban government will pocket all of these changes to benefit the regime which completely controls the economy, but it has made it clear there will be no political changes on the island of cuba and there's no example of how a tyranny is open to change. >> do you believe the embargo
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ >> big finish. ♪ >> i got chills. hollywood made it look easy to come up with music for the news in the 1987 movie "broadcast news," but in the real world it sometimes take
8:44 am
months for the world to create a tune that impacts. don dahler knows the impact of sound. good morning. >> good morning. big finish. while much of that goes to create memorable video and images, there is a growing recognition that to sell a product, your ears are just as important as your eyes. at chili's, the signature sound of their sizzling fajitas is guaranteed to turn heads at every table. ♪ >> reporter: mr. softy's iconic jingle served up child memories with a side of ice cream. and while movies say we're headed to galaxy far, far away, it's not until we hear that legendary music that the music truly begins. they're called sonic booms. ♪
8:45 am
>> reporter: a beat. a pop. >> hands up don't shoot. >> reporter: even rallying cry. they're sounds that break through everyday noise and grab our attention. author and composer joel beckerman has written a book about them. >> boom moments are moments where sound or music triggers some powerful emotional reaction that transforms your experience in an instant. it could be voices your voice, your kid's voice, and they also actually trigger these powerful memories. you remember how it felt to be there that night. >> duracell battery. >> very well done. very well done. >> reporter: for decades corporate america has turned to him to brand its products with sound and music. ♪
8:46 am
>> reporter: all in an effort to make us loyal customers. from at&t wireless to hbo to right here at cbs news. he's the man behind the music at "cbs this morning." >> really this was about pulling people in. hey, there's important things you need to know. we're going to pull you into this story. >> 10 of the 15 most popular brands have branded into sonic marketing to provide market strategy. ooet i'd like to buy the world a coke and keep it company ♪ >> reporter: he recognizes jingles alone don't sell products. >> we're not in that era anymore. jijles are very catchy they might be memorable but ultimately they're not very meaningful. what is new is how sound and music is used in association
8:47 am
with these brands. ♪ >> reporter: clients want their sonic identity to tell a story. the day we visited his studio beckerman was recording a drumline for the dallas cowboys. they want a musical score for their home games at at&t stadium to resemble a sound track in a movie. >> your home team is you know fourth and goal and it's a very, very tense moment. and what do you want to do if you're the home team? you want to pump up your fans. >> reporter: but just as a sonic boom can be a powerful ally, it can be equally obstructive. just ask frito-lay, maker of sun chips. with much fanfare, they introduced a biodegradable bag in 2010 but consumers were almost instantly turned off. >> also the loudest bag in the
8:48 am
world. listen. that's ridiculous. >> so noisy in fact that somebody put up a facebook page that was called sorry but i can't here you over the sound of the sun chips bag and they got something like over 40,000 likes. >> reporter: the company pulled it from store shelves. >> we have to get smarter about how we hear music and sound, not only as companies and brands but also as individuals. it's an amazingly powerful force in our lives and if we use it well, everybody's life gets better. >> in less than an hour beckerman had transformed a single drummer into an entire marching band and created a sonic boom with a message. cowboy fans time to rally behind your team. ♪
8:49 am
>> didn't quite work yesterday, but that's the sort of music in our main theme and the "eye opener" at "cbs this morning." it took beckerman two months and eight different versions to nail it down. i think he did well. >> oh the nationwide commercial with peyton manning. ♪ losing does not feel so great ♪ how he did it. you'll see the story on "cbs this morning." you're watching "cbs this morning."
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good morning, checking conditions at the golden gate bridge. first it's foggy. that's the biggest thing right now, and then there was a crash northbound 101 near vista point so just north of the span. they just worked to clear it but it was a multicar crash. not sure at this point if it was related to the new median barrier. in the meantime traffic is improving now. still sluggish near the north tower. we're still watching this accident. it's a bigger deal, a traffic alert three lanes blocked northbound 101 coming into mill valley. traffic is really backed up from at least highway 1, and it's also affecting traffic southbound as well. just mostly people looking at the crash over the center divide. bay bridge is a busy back to
8:59 am
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