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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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the new golden gate bridge barrier got its first test this morning and it was a messy commute. not every driver had a smooth drive of the pileup on the golden gate bridge. good afternoon, i'm frank mall ka.
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>> michelle griego is off today. you talked to a couple of drivers who crashed on day 1. >> reporter: that's right. five drivers swapped paint. it happened right here near the vista point exit. it happened in the thinner lane, now thinner lane, closest to the median. >> i'm no. 1 in the front. >> reporter: chris humphrey was at the head of the crash. >> i'm trying to avoid cars stopping in front of me. >> reporter: chpd said there were five cars involved in this. dara lynn was fourth in line. she said she even studied up on the bridge's changes. >> so i did research and i read a month ahead of time and saw the videos before the opening. >> reporter: she prepped for the smaller inside lanes, the slower speed limit and tweaked approaches. >> inc. home work! and i still failed. >> reporter: the chp doesn't think the median impacted the crash. the driver in front of chris
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apparently stopped to watch a tow work working on the other side, but dara lynn thinks the new median did complicate things. >> i think it's a distraction. >> reporter: drivers will have to get used to it. besides being shifted between rush hours, these barriers aren't going anywhere. as for being a part of the first crash since the bridge's reopening, these two tried to take it in stride. >> it's not fun, but interesting at the same time. >> it's funny and historical. >> it's awesome. not really. >> reporter: it happened in the counter commute direction, so it did not snarl traffic. those zipper trucks, they have moved the median so now three lanes are on each side. by the time the evening commute rolls around, before the evening commute rolls around, the zipper trucks will be at it again, so four lanes will be opening for the evening commute, in the northbound direct. live at vista point, kpix 5.
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a young man is under arrest after allegedly taking part in a side show on the freeway 880 northbound. mull pell cars spinning around and blocking traffic. one officer that responded was pelted with rocks and bottles, a 19-year-old man was eventually arrested out of heyward. u.s. central command's twitter and youtube sites have both been hacked. the hackers claim to be working on behalf of the islamic state militants. the sites has been filled with threats like quote, american soldiers, we are coming, watch your back. the sites have since been suspended. a week-long vike is under way by mental health workers at kaiser permanente. about 26 00 psychologists, therapists and social workers walked off the job today across california. the national union of health care workers says kaiser has been understaffing the ranks for the past four years and the
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union says kaiser did not change its position after four bargaining sessions last week. >> the employer is really stuck awning productive -- stuck on productivity, trying to get more and more out of the workers they have while not hiring more staffstaff. >> kaiser said the union has been using, quote, intimidation and obstructionism. city college students expecting to start their first day of classes today all thrown for a loop. they were told this morning the semester would not start until february. city college administrators are closing the campus on eddy street for seismic upgrades. instructors say they were not informed of the closure until last friday. >> the administration knew as early as october, november, they were looking for locations that would be an easy way to
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facilitate this move, but we feel we're being surprised so we won't organize anything about it. >> around 2,000 students, many of them english language learners, attend the civic center campus. classes will now start next month at a temporary location. the white house said it made a mistake for not -- made a mistake nor not sending a high-ranking member to the rally in paris. >> reporter: french security teams are on high alert at jewish schools and other sites after an islamist militant killed four jewish hostages as a paris market friday. the prime minister visited the site and consoled parris' grieving community. i am very sad, this woman says.
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netanyahu joined other leaders in paris sunday for a rally against terrorism that drew more than a million people. demonstrators held pencils in tribute to the journalists killed when terrorists stormed charlie hedbo. the french are vowing to stand up to the terrorists. >> the best way to fight against these people is to show absolutely no fear. >> reporter: i am charlie remains the rallying call in support of charlie hedbo. editors of the paper plan to print about 20 times their usual runs this week, publishing about a million copies. >> pope francis condemned the attacks. he said muslim leaders around the world should reject terrorists. you can see chris bound on stage, duck and then he's escorted off that stage.
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the shooting happened early sunday morning at the fiesta nightclub. san jose police say five people were shot. one witness told us she saw a woman get hit in the hand. >> we heard two shots like pow pow, and everybody got down and they heard a third shot, that was when like everything -- it was just like hell. people going through the emergency doors, trying to find an exit. >> once the sun finally came up, the signs of the chaos were clear. shoes strewn about, tickets tossed. five people shot are expected to recover. six hours of prayer vigil will be held for six men killed. the victims were all sitting in a stolen car. the killer still on the loose. tonight's vigil starts at 6:00 at the african american art and culture complex on fulton street. two sacramento firefighters are recovering from burns after
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getting trapped in a house today. the fire started around 6 a.m. at a home in the colonial heights neighborhood in south sacramento. crews arrived to find smoke pouring from the basement. they started to attack the fire but then a may day call went out, meaning at least one firefighter was in distress. >> the may day went out fairly quickly after we initiated the fire attack and thereafter, we were successful in getting the firefighters out. >> the two firefighters are now at uc davis medical center. a third firefighter is hospitalized with heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation. the people that live in the home were away when the fire broke out. highway 1 in marin county known for its scenery but it won't be too pretty as caltrans begins work. washed out during the heavy rains last night. cal tran engineers believe the soil underneath the pavement is just unstable.
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crews will install a retaining wall. they're going to work from dusk to dawn seven days a week until the work is compete completed. -- is completed. tech workers in mountain view got a free shuttle to work today. starting this morning, the mv go shuttle service will take tech workers to and from the caltrain station. five companies are splitting the cost of the shuttle. >> the last mile is really the most difficult part of the commute challenge, being able to get somebody from caltrain to their place of work and these commute shuttles solve that. this new offering actually doubles the amount of service that we have. >> the city also launched a free shuttle service for residents earlier this month. well, there were some big winners and big losers on the football field this weekend. the sleepless night for fans eager for championship tickets.
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standard key locks just aren't gut cutting it. how -- aren't cutting it. how high tech locks will outsmart thieves in the future. we'll tell you when you'll have better air to breathe as
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a not so hot day on wall street this monday. take a look there, down over 100 points on the first day of trading in the workweek. this just in, lake tahoe governor says he will not run for the senate. senator barbara back announced her retirement last week creating an open seat. some good muss for cyclists
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and impa area tech companies, developing new technology to deter thieves. a bike alarm can be hidden inside the water bottle holder, so if the bike is moved or tampered, it triggers a silent alarm and sends a text to the owner. others offer special pedals to track a bike's location if it goes missing. cdc has declared a flu epidemic in much of the country. 20 states and puerto rico are announcing higher than normal flu activity. pharmacies are reporting difficulty keeping flu medicines in stock. niners fans are going to cringe at this next story. >> yeah. >> raider fans, too, a little. seattle seahawks fans are lining up in droves to get tickets to the nfc championship against the green bay packers
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next weekend. the winner of sunday's game will get to play in the super bowl against either the colts or the patriots. they play on sunday as well. tonight, it's the bucks and ducks, for the first ever college football playoff championship. oregon and ohio state fans had some fun posing with the new trophies. the game will be played at dallas cowboys stadium in north texas. this is the first time a four- team playoff will decide the national champion. oregon favored to win by a touchdown. i'll be rooting for the ducks. >> you'll be on the couch. some giant hardware is on display in concord this afternoon. >> the team 3 world series trophies from the past five season will be shown at willow pass road and mound street. fans can have pictures taken with the trophy, take selfies, whatever you want.
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this is the second bay area stop on a two-month tour. >> a hat trick of trophies. one of the biggest giant fans in the world, i'm just going to scoop her up and take her over there. >> absolutely, do that, mom. you're a giants fan, too. [ laughter ] >> want to scoop me up, too? >> i'll just car pool over there. >> i know what you're going to say, 11, it's been 11 straight days that we've had bad bad air here. i believe they'll call a 12th day tomorrow. i'll explain why. first things first, the fog, it has been lifting minute by minute assistance we struck high noon. you can see it ungulfing the bottom section there of the golden gate bridge. as soon as san francisco cleared the fog, we came up three degrees in just one hour.
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all right, temperatures today in and around the bay area, 50s and 60s. we're calling for 64 degrees this san jose, 63 degrees in santa rosa, don't ask me why all these maps are coming up out of in order. but nevertheless, we have hazy sunshine in your forecast for tuesday and what is most notable about that right there is that the winds will be blowing out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour and as they do so, we may see some of the pollutants wiped out of the bay area. we will not see the unhealthy level we see today. 64 degrees your forecast high in oakland today, 6 # degrees in concord. -- 62 degrees in concord. looks like we have a little bit of a gremlin messing with the computer at this hour. we'll have to bring it on down and check it out and put it up for paul do not. partly to mostly cloudy skies today. hazy sunshine tomorrow. jury still out, whether or not
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we're going to have an air day tomorrow. we do have a chance of rain by the weekend. long range computer models, they're backing off of it. we'll just say a chance of rain on saturday and sunday at this time. >> all right, thank you. well, a major break through in the investigation into what brought down air asia flight 8501. reporter don champion tells us divers found one of the plane's critical black boxes. >> reporter: piece by piece crews recovered more parts from the air asia asia plane that went down. the instruments will detail how fast the plane was going before it crashed and also reveal the final conversations between the plane's captain and co-pilot. this weekend, crews also recovered the plane's tail, divers faced blinding conditions underwater as they searched for parts of the plane. the most challenging part of
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dealing with the heavy underwater current and waves said this search leader, flight 8501 crashed on december 8th, killing all 162 people on peered. the plane dropped off the radar after the pilots were refused to change altitude. crews have yet to find the main section of the plane. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> so far, crews have only recovered 48 bodies from the crash area. meanwhile, new help is on the way in the search for another missing malaysian plane, flight 370 went missing 10 months ago in the deep indian soegs. australian officials say an underwater vehicle is on its way to search the area. crews have not found any trace of the missing jet that carried 239 people. sheer granite and a deadly fall can't stop two free
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climbers working their way up el capitan in yosemite. and we want to invite all you pet lovers, send us your questions about their health and well-being. e-mail pets@web web or go to our
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it is lunch time. >> yes, it is. tony and steph join us now for
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today's fresh grocer. >> sausage, chicken meatballs, what else is in here? >> onions and chick peas. we decided to change it up a little bit. we started off, we just spread some onions in oil. >> and no chicken stock? you made the stock itself by the vegetables? >> exactly. when you let it slowly simmer together, it creates a beautiful sauce together. i let it simmer for about a half an hour, even longer. >> move it over here now? >> beautiful. >> we have so many things going on here. and that beautiful vegetables to go with it. >> yeah. >> look at this. a little bit more and i think we got that covered. >> really not much better than soup. >> especially looking like that. thank you, bella. i'm going to put some cheese maybe. >> yeah. >> why not. it's good. .
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yosemite climbers are pushing to complete their climb up el capitan's wall. >> they started a little more than two weeks ago using only their hands and feet. it's something that's never been done before. today jorgensen will try to catch up with caldwell. if the men are reunited, they could reach the summit and history books by wednesday night. a space x supply ship delivered groceries and some christmas gifts to the space station. the space station commander used a robotic arm to grab the capsule and 5,000 pounds of cargo. it was a welcome delivery for six astronauts who have again running low on -- who have been running low on supplies. cars don't stand a chance against an angry animal in thailand. why the animal lost its temper and ended up smashing through the hoods of cars. if you have a consumer
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problem or question, call ou
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coming up tonight at five adog snatched from its home but the homeowner have critical photo evidence that could help bring moneyy back. a national park in thailand
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is warning people to watch out for rampaging elephants. these pictures show an 8-year- old male stomping on a car saturday. it's serious. like at that. it caused a dent in the hood and cracks in the windshield. were there people in there, too? today an elephant walked through a grocery shop. fortunately, no one was hurt. park officials say male elephants show aggressive behavior during mating season.
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>> caroline: maya avant. the next forrester matriarch? >> maya: i realize it sounds absurd to you. but it doesn't to rick. he believes in me. >> caroline: and i believe in rick and our marriage, and if i didn't, then i'd -- >> maya: graciously step aside? because it would make things a lot easier. >> caroline: for you. >> maya: for rick. he's not looking back, caroline. he knows who he wants. i realize that's tough for you to hear. >> caroline: y


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