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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it's a private security company hired by frustrated neighbors. >> came to this because i was sitting one day watching next door and watching 39 burglaries over a three-month period and no one was doing anything. >> reporter: some neighbors have armed themselves. >> if somebody broke in to my home i probably would shoot first and ask questions later. >> a burglar on the neighborhood watch page. >> reporter: and others are sharing photos and texts of suspicious people. but mary ellen just wanted a greater security presence so she organized a group of about 16 neighbors who agreed to hire taps security. each homeowner pays $40 a month. they say the unarmed private patrol provider as deterrence and quick response times, something the dwindling san jose police force can't. >> the first thing people say is why do i have to pay security when we're paying in taxs? the reality is there's not enough police coverage. >> reporter: city councilman says the city is hiring more police and community service officers to be more responsive.
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he says before neighborhoods go hiring their own security, they should organize neighborhood watches and get to know each other first. >> know who is actually living next door and if you don't know your neighbor, how do you know if there's a stranger in the neighborhood? >> reporter: neighbors say their private patrol is already paying off. she had a prowler who was captured on surveillance video one week after the patrols began. she called police and her security company at about the same time. >> it took the police an hour and 15 minutes to respond to a person in my driveway with a hoodie up at my front door running away. >> and the private security? >> 5 minutes. >> although private security may be faster to respond initially, if there's an actual emergency, police officers would still have to come out investigate, and make arrests. the city says it has had some success in that lately, last week making several arrestinizecluding -- arrests
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including the burglary. >> i can see their point of view. >> people want an immediate response when they've had something bad happen at home. if somebody has broken in to your house you want police there immediately to begin investigating or to look around the neighborhood to make sure they don't break in somewhere else. that's what this private security does. they come out immediately. it takes cops sometimes over an hour. >> len ramirez in san jose. new at 6:00, two people fighting for their lives following a shooting in san francisco's tenderloin. shots rang out after 1:00 outside a store at turk and leavenworth. when officers arrived they found two people wounded inside the store. one of the victims is the store's owner. their injuries are potentially life-threatening. investigators don't know why yet they were shot. four men gunned down at close range friday in what looked like an execution have been identified. chopper 5 over san francisco's hayes valley
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neighborhood captured the gruesome image friday night. the men are between 19 and 22 years old. three are from san francisco. one is from antioch. kpix 5's fill phil matier --phil matier is live with what has police on high alert tonight. >> this shooting came out of the blue here in this neighborhood which is undergoing a very big transition. it just goes to show that some things just aren't ready for change. here's the story. >> reporter: the gunning down of four young men in a car in this hayes valley corner has civic leaders at a loss and cops on the alert for a possible revenge attack. >> we have guns in the car. we have two type of casings outside the car. the cars stolen. working very closely with homicide to see what the potential for the other shoe falling is going to be. >> heartbreaking. it's been devastating to our community. >> reporter: a community that's undergone one of the biggest changes seen in san francisco
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going from a high crime center with bars on windows just 20 years ago to baristas, and some of the highest end fashion stores in the city. >> how much would an apartment go from here? >> anywhere from probably about a million to million and a half for a two-bedroom. >> reporter: that's a far cry from the '90s when people didn't even come to full stops at intersections here for fear they might get carjacked. he recalls being on a stakeout blocks from here. >> thankfully neither of us got hit. >> reporter: as if to underscore the changes friday's quadruple homicide was across the street of a high end shop. she grew up in the projects not far from here. sadly, she says, some things have not changed even with all the money. >> you grew up with some of the victims here? >> families. the moms and the dads. they're like my family. >> we lost four young men and it's definitely devastating. >> reporter: just a couple of
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blauxz away the -- blocks away, the good life goes on barely missing a beat. >> we haven't heard much about it as a conversation. >> it's sad. nothing is changing. >> sad ly however, just a few blocks back here at hayes valley we have parents and friends gathering to once again try to figure out what went wrong and try to come up with some answers about what they can do right to prevent it in the future. phil matier kpix 5. >> a vigil is underway at the african american cultural center on fulton street for those victims. later community members will march to the site of that shooting. new information on a sideshow that stopped traffic. it may have been part of a music video. this cell phone video sent to us from a viewer shows cars spinning donuts in the middle of the freeway. traffic was stopped in its tracks. the chp says it was all part of a
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hip hop video. >> we did have some comments from the people on the stop that they were trying to film a rap video. we want to remind people if you do want to use our roadways or freeway system to film an event like that, there's a permit process you can go through to do it properly and safely. >> our joe vazquez spoke to the rap artist named young chop. he tells joe he was making a video in oakland but that the sideshow had nothing to do with it. other bay area headlines now. a pittsburg police officer racing to a bank robbery slammed in to another car causing a chain reaction crash. it happened on leverage road about 1:00. the wreck involved three vehicles and a motorcycle. five people including the police officer are hospitalized tonight. the extent of their injuries is not known. another officer this one with the san leandro police department was injured during a car chase in oakland. his cruiser slammed in to a cement piling early this morning on the 880 onramp. police say the officer was trying to stop a
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vehicle for having no license plate. a crash in oakland this afternoon left a car leaning against a building. the driver slammed in to a beauty salon on east 12th. witnesses say the driver ran away. police report the car was stolen. a median barrier installed over the weekend on the golden gate bridge is supposed to make the commute a lot safer. but things got off to a rough start this morning. a five-car pileup had to be cleared from the northbound lanes. it's not clear what caused the crash. no one was seriously hurt other than that, drivers getting used to the new look. kpix 5's mike sugerman is live in mobile 5 checking out the evening commute and he's experiencing it firsthand. >> zip zip zip. we are zipping down the highway golden gate bridge. highway 101 going
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north. the first afternoon commute of the new zipper lane and there's no problems at all. three lanes this way three lanes the other way. the 6 inches don't seem to be causing any problems at all. it was much tougher getting to the bridge on doyle drive than it was on the bridge itself. we are going 45 miles per hour as everybody else is. and if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't know there was a difference but i think drivers are kind of taking a look. it is kind of a new thing. it's a neat thing to see and there's somebody making a bad turn there. we're catching bad drivers here. but everything seems to be going pretty smoothly on the way home. >> sounds good, mike. good luck on that commute. we have the whole two-day construction project documented on a time lapse video. visit us at
6:09 pm the air in the bay area improving a bit. as a result, tomorrow will not be a spare the air day. this is the 11th straight spare the air day. that ties last year's record for consecutive alerts. light winds are helping reduce air pollution levels. those levels are expected to climb again wednesday. let's check in with paul deanno. why are we getting so many alerts then? >> that's a big ridge of high pressure. the same thing giving us sunshine is giving us that stagnant air. in the summertime the wind comes in off the ocean and blows all the pollution away. no big deal. in the winter time you get a ridge sitting over top of us. winds go light. we get a problem with air quality. as to how this mechanism actually happens, we went on the rooftop to try to explain it a little bit better. >> if you're a visitor coming to the bay area from a place like minneapolis or chicago where it's been 10 degrees below zero you love this weather. if you or your kids want to get outside or ride a bike and play soccer you love this weather.
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all this sunshine and mild stuff comes at a price. all due to a ridge of high pressure giving us really bad air quality. for example, the smoke coming off of this candle right here represents an average day's worth of pollution in the bay area. since there's no lid over top of it, the smoke kind of waffs out, not that big of a deal. we wouldn't have an air quality problem on a day like this. same amount of pollution. different day. we do have a ridge of high pressure. now all that smoke is trapped. it has nowhere to go. we're stuck breathing it. that's why we have spare the air days. so it's not actually a physical lid over top like that example but here's the deal, high pressure is literally that. air with a downward motion. so it is putting a lid atmospherically speaking. we live down here. 11 in a row. but tomorrow nobody is unhealthy. we will not have a 12th consecutive spare the air day but 11 is plenty and we don't want anymore
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any time soon. >> thanks for paul deanno explaining that there. forget post ing fliers on telephone poles. one man took the search for his stolen dog straight to social media. and tonight he just got the attention of a rock star. >> and ahead in tonight's consumer watch hundreds of california mental healthcare workers walk off the job in one of the biggest strikes of its kind. why they say there was plenty of time to prevent it. >> later two of the most powerful politicians in the state decide how to divvy up two of the most coveted jobs in the state. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help.
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through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations! thanks for helping me plan for my retirement. you should come celebrate with us. i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier.
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ ♪watching everybody eating♪ ♪what they want all day♪ ♪oh this tasteless cardboard♪ ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away♪ a san francisco man is hoping a social media blitz will help him find his dog. david baker is on the hunt for his 15-pound pit bull, mochi.
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she was stolen in the middle of the day from his apartment. he printed up the usual missing dog fliers then he jumped on twitter, instagram and other social media sites and billy joe armstrong from the band green day retweeted the instagram photographs to have a million people, sending that search in to high gear. >> i'm cruising around with a couple people. >> to me it's a kidnapping. that was my child and it's taken away from my house. >> the thief also stole a couple of bikes and a laptop computer. baker says he doesn't care about that stuff he just wants his dog back. it's been called the largest ever strike by u.s. mental healthcare workers. thousands of kaiser employees walked off the job this morning kicking off a statewide strike. on the consumer watch julie watts explains it's been years in the making. >> the week long strike is underway and healthcare workers traded in scrubs for picket
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signs today. about 2500 psychiatrists, social workers walked off the job at kaisers across california over a labor dispute that's been going on for year. they say the strike is a ploy for higher wages. >> trying to get more and more out of the workers that they have while not hiring more staff to meet the growing membership that makes up kaiser permanente members. >> we made good progress four years ago and dealt with almost all of the economic issues. so staffing working conditions, all of those. what's left really are wages benefits, retirement benefits. that's where the union really stopped bargaining product ivly. >> we had heard complaints from viewers. kaiser patients who complained to us they can't get weekend or evening appointments and that they're automatically
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sent to group therapy instead of one-on-one appointments. >> what do you say to people like that who contact us and say i need more options at this facility? >> those are actually the kind of issues that we want to try to improve so that's why we're adding more staff. that's why we're looking to expand hours in the evening and weekends. >> but they're not there yet. kaiser blames a nationwide shortage of psychologies. the union blames kaiser which recently paid a $4 million fine for violating state mental healthcare requirements. the strike is expected to continue through the week. meanwhile mental healthcare appointments will be rescheduled this week with the exception of emergency situations. and remember, if you have a consumer problem give us a call. 888-5-helps-you. in the meantime 18,000 kaiser nurses and nurse practitioners plan to walk off the job next week. they're in the middle of contract talks right now. they claim kaiser has cut services and patient care standards. the two-day
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strike is planned for the 21st and 22nd and will affect more than 80 kaiser hospitals and clinics across north ern and central california. students at city college in san francisco eager to start the first day of class today were told they were canceled for the next month. civic center campus on eddie street is undergoing seismic retrofitting, but instructors say school administrators waited until last friday to inform them of the closure. today they showed up to pass on the news to students. classes will resume in february at a temporary location on goff street. 111 south bay workers are about to lose their jobs when the macy's in cupertino closes. it will be among 14 nationwide macy's shutting down. more customers do their shopping online. the closeout sales have already begun. employees losing their jobs will have the opportunity to transfer to the new bloomingdale's coming to the
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westfield valley mall. climate change could spell trouble for a popular northern california wine. pinot noir is becoming increasingly popular as you know. the high quality grapes needed for it need cool, coastal climates. due to high demand they're now being grown as far inland as the central valley. soon that might no long er be possible. researchers from several universities estimate that global warming could cut even the bay area's viable pinot growing regions in half by 2040. >> oh, no, say it isn't so. >> you don't want to hear people whine about wine. cut off their pinot. [ laughter ] yes, i said that. paul, what you god? -- what you got? >> following that i'll just talk about the weather. here's a look at what's going on. climate change, what's going on in january. we've had three straight years with little or no rainfall in january and high temperatures that are more akin
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to late march or early april. eastser not -- easter is not next week. we're talking about 60s in january. livermore, 65. san jose, 61 and hayward 59 degrees. sfo mainly clear tonight. fog returning tomorrow . tomorrow rain not returning. we've had zero rainfall. zero so far and likely zero over the next five days. the first half of the month of january will be completely dry. even drier than the record setting january we had last year. why? it's back. one moves out for a day or two. the h is the center of a strong ridge of high pressure. the sinking air we just talked about giving us bad air quality. it's off to the west. we get the lightest on shore flow improving the air quality a bit. moderate at best. ridge stays stoorm, wednesday, thursday, friday, not moving. it will slide a bit to the south by the weekend. we will not tap in to that so a few
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stray showers coming up on sunday and that's it. sunday our only rain chance in the 7-day forecast and it's going to be a few light showers at best. enjoy the drive. get out and enjoy it. 64 in oakland. concord, 62. napa 62. mountainview 62 degrees tomorrow. thursday more sunshine. friday, a little bit less sunshine but we're still dry. mostly cloudy by saturday afternoon. those highs again in the 60s and that's exactly where we are going to stay for the next several days. dry, dry followed by more. it doesn't matter what happens in december, doesn't matter what happens in february. january we just get a dome over top of us. >> apparently we have a weather dome. we'll look in to it. >> never know what to expect week to week. flip a coin. keeps the weather man employed. they've been living on the edge for more than two weeks. and tonight a pair of climbers tack ling one of yosemite's toughest ever climbs are inching
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♪and it...takes my breath away♪ a san francisco woman has scored a chance to indulge in the meal of a lifetime at a restaurant across the globe. >> mike sugerman tells us the only thing she's missing is a date. >> reporter: this ukulele-playing, cat-loving, self-proclaimed nerd girl is hungry for a good meal and quite possibly love. >> they gave me a reservation for two at the end of january. >> reporter: they being the people of noma, four-time winner of the best restaurant in the world award by restaurant magazine. it's in denmark but for six weeks it will be open in tokyo and that's where stephanie robesky has her reservation.
6:24 pm
60,000 people applied but she has other reservations. >> as it was coming up, i was sitting around saying i don't actually have anyone to go with. >> reporter: bachelorette meets top chef. >> i was sitting around with frebds and thought it would be fun to put it on my website and open it up and see if anybody would maybe want to come with me. >> stephanie? i'm here for the date audition. >> reporter: this was a somewhat unprecedented way all other one 60 applicants for the date since she put it on her nerd girl website friday have e-mailed her. many who fit her profile. >> somebody that's fun intelligent, good looking. tall. >> reporter: besides that i'm out of her age range. 28 to 46. and married. even though it's her birthday, she'll pay for dinner. that's more than $500 for a meal that could include reindeer moss, grasshopper slush, and live ants on yogurt.
6:25 pm
you pay for airfare and your own room. >> there have been people from singapore, taiwan, luxemburg people in tokyo that are originally from the bay area. >> reporter: she's ruled them out. she wants someone from here. she ruled me out too. i'm taking my flowers back. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> [ laughter ] >> poor mikey. i like the cat with no hair. that was a little different. let's get to the real news tonight. those climbers on yosemite's el cap are closer to making history. they can make the summit by wednesday after seven days and 11 tries kevin jorgeson from santa rosa finally conquered what's called pitch 15. that thing is nearly impossible. it's considered one of the toughest sections of the climb. he and his partner tommy caldwell are striving to become the first to climb the dawn wall route using only their hands and feet. >> it's taken them years of
6:26 pm
choreographing the moves getting strong enough to do each of these moves and getting them down to muscle memory. >> ropes and gear do not help the climbers reach the top. they are there simply as a safety precaution to prevent them from falling to the ground. i think jorgeson fell 11 times or something while he was trying to negotiate that 15th pitch. >> did you see that? i would not be able to sleep. coming up in our next half hour more and more bay area law enforcement departments are choosing to arm themselves with technology. but tonight it's causing concern about a potential clash between politics and police. >> and a presidential push to protect your identity. when hackers try to turn your credit card swipe in to
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i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. >> we're talking about elections that are still years away but a couple high profile democrats not wasting any time making their intentions clear. kamala harris will run for the u.s. senate. harris will try to fill the seat being vacated by barbara boxer who announced she will not run again in 2016. harris expected to make her full announcement tomorrow. she'd become the first prominent democrat to enter the race that could get very crowded fast. other names out there former mayor antonio villaraigosa. earlier today potential rival gavin newsom passed on a run for the senate. he offered a clue as to his future ambitions. he said i know my head and heart are unfinished work. i'll remain firmly in the state of california not washington, d.c. speculation is he'll run for governor in 2018 when jerry brown terms out. he said he would run for governor in 2010
6:31 pm
but jerry brown was trouncing him in the polls so he ran for lieutenant governor. by announcing she'll run for senate, kamala harris can get the donors lined up and possibly eliminate competition by getting a campaign started early. >> allen martin in the news room. france is deploying an extra 10,000 troops to protect sensitive sites around the country. about half of them will be assigned to france's 717 jewish schools. police are continuing to hunt for anyone who may have been involved in last week's terrorist attacks. they think as many as six terror cell members may still be at large. one of them has been spotted driving a car registered to hayat bomadine, widow of one of the terrorists. this is video of her going through security five days before the
6:32 pm
attacks began. french police want to talk to her about her part in the violence but they may never get a chance to do it. turkish officials say she's crossed into an isis controlled part of syria. the pentagon is fighting a hacker attack. hackers claiming to support isis breached the twitter feed and youtube channel. their first tweet was a threatening message. quote, american soldiers, we are coming. watch your back, isis. the white house says it is investigating but is playing down the cyber attack. >> there's a pretty significant difference between what is a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. >> the pentagon's twitter account has been taken down. they say central command is taking appropriate measures to address the hacking. it's intensified the debate on how to best protect personal information. president obama has weighed in with a trio of proposals designed to do just
6:33 pm
that. >> reporter: a simple swipe of the credit card can lead to a complicated and costly match. credit and debit card accounts of up to 70 million people were exposed to hackers after a cyber attack on target in 2013. similar attacks in home depot and neiman marcus exposed millions more. >> this is a direct threat to the economic security of american families and we've got to stop it. >> reporter: the president wants congress to approve a new national standard to replace a patchwork on state laws of stolen information. under the president's new proposal, companies would be required to notify consumers within 30 days if their personal information has been hacked. >> sometimes folks don't even find out their credit card information has been stolen until they see charges on their bill and then it's too late. >> reporter: critics say a federal law could weaken laws already in place in most states. we found mixed reaction from consumers. >> to get it at a state level
6:34 pm
i mean, i guess it doesn't really matter as long as it's being monitored and controlled. >> a lot of the companies being hacked are national companies and so there needs to be some kind of national standard. >> reporter: the national retail federation issued a statement saying it supports a national standard for all businesses as opposed to the state by state approach. the camera never blinks. that's why president obama wants officers across the country to use body cams. kpix 5's john ramos on the debates over when the high tech tool is used or not. >> reporter: at today's police technology conference at usf the hot topic was officer body cameras. departments that are already using them see it as a matter of routine. >> it's always convenient for us to have a recording of our contact with a citizen. we want to remember what we said. >> reporter: with all the protests over police use of force, the call for all cops to carry the cameras have made the debate anything but routine.
6:35 pm
today's panel discussion addressed the controversies including the discretion given some officers to decide when to activate the camera. >> it has to be on. the trouble that you can get in to is not just the videos that you take but the videos you don't take. >> reporter: an officer who does not turn on the camera could come under suspicion. but labor toirn -- attorney rocky luccia said police work often looks bad on camera. >> when the camera records an incident which allows someone to come to a conclusion that a cop acted inappropriately is a bad tool unless it's put in context. >> reporter: attorney john burress disagrees. he's frequently sued police over civil rights violations including the fatal shooting of oscar grant at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. that video was captured by citizens with cell phones. >> if there had been no camera, the story that was given at the time would totally contradict. in fact it was to what had taken place on that video.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the question seems to be, should the cameras be used to support police or hold them accountable or both? john ramos, kpix 5. >> both police and privacy advocates say there are many policy issues that still need to be worked out. that includes how much video should be saved and what should be released to the public. it is one of the most common crimes here in the bay area. bike theft. and standard locks just don't cut it anymore. now one local startup is going high tech to outsmart the thieves of the future. plus if you feel anxious when your iphone is out of reach, you're not alone. how your smart phone could be bad for your brain.
6:37 pm
for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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a popular ridesharing service is under fire in new york city. the city council is grilling uber executives over
6:39 pm
the practice of surge pricing. uber and rival lyft are both known to raise rates during bad weather, heavy traffic or holidays. new york leaders say surge pricing takes advantage of the consumer, but a spokesperson for uber said the so-called dynamic pricing is designed to keep the service reliable during peak demand periods. bay area startup has come up with a high tech solution to scare off bike thieves. santa clara-based ymm has built a bike alarm hidden inside a water bottle holder. if a locked bike is move or tampered with, it triggers a blaring siren and sends a text alert to the owner reading: your bike is being stolen. another company is offering special pedals that can track a bike's location if it goes missing. do you ever get anxious when your iphone isn't close by? a new study suggests the separation anxiety might be draining your brain. university
6:40 pm
of missouri researchers asked iphone users to solve a series of puzzles and found they did better when they had their phones with them. when they were separated from their iphones, participants experienced an elevated heart rate blood pressure, and anxiety. which is why i keep mine right here, as close as possible. >> as the heart rate begins to slow down. still to come, a dragon flies in to the international space station. >> a southern calcar maker bringing little kids' dreams to life with some very grown up hot wheels. >> tomorrow is not going to be a spare the air day. can we get some rainfall in january, please?
6:41 pm
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it might be the most high tech supermarket trip ever. a space x dragon supply ship arrived at the international space station today carrying groceries and belated christmas presents for the crew. the space station commander used a robot arm to grab the unmanned capsule and its 5,000 pounds of cargo. six astronauts have been running a little low on essentials after the previous supply ship blew up on the launch pad back in october. it's reigniting the debate over free speech versus healthy speech. tonight the act you'll -- the ad you'll see on some bay area buses. tonight at 10:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12. millions of kids grew up playing with those mattel hot wheel cars. remember those? >> i do. until now though all you could really do with them was kind of roll them around on the floor.
6:45 pm
brittany hopper shows us thanks to an l.a. stunt carmaker now you can drive a real one for yourself. >> reporter: since 1968 mattel has brought us hot wheels. those rad tine -- tiny cars we've all played with. now billy hammond with action vehicle engineering is taking those toy cars and building real life hot wheels. >> who doesn't love hot wheels? life size hot wheels. who wouldn't love that? >> here we have a '68 el camino. >> reporter: the company is contracted by mattel and many of the real life hot wheels have broken world records. this was the world's longest cork crew jump. 100 feet long with a life size track and hot wheel. >> it's an honor. playing with hot wheels all of our lives, now it's a dream to be able to build them for real life size. >> reporter: many of the cars are used in movies and commercials. you can also
6:46 pm
custom order your own hot wheel to rev up your inner kid. >> oh, no. my son is not even two and i already know what he's going to want some day. >> hammond has built 15 of these full sized hot wheels with more in the works. >> but how much would those run? i can't imagine. >> they'd be a little bit of money. >> more than $1.99 for the hot wheels at the store. >> you get a little hot wheels sticker on the side and it's real. top down kind of weather today. you got a convertible january 12th, put the top down. this is good stuff to get outside. yes, we're in a drought. yes, we don't like the bad air quality but kids were screaming as they're outside again enjoying the great weather. temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 60s. nice live shot from oakland through the bay bridge over toward san francisco. 50s for you in livermore. san francisco, san jose, santa rosa at 60.
6:47 pm
oakland, 61 degrees. where do we start tomorrow? 43 in napa. 48 in vul -- vallejo. half moon bay all the way down to santa cruz, 51 degrees. what's up with january? historically we get 4 and a half inches of rainfall. but the past three have been anything but average. two years ago we had left than half an inch. last year we set the record for driest january. 12 days in to this january we're beating that pace. we've not seen a drop of rainfall so far this january. it's all about a ridge of high pressure. if you have a ridge over top of you the storms stay away. sometimes they hang out for a day. sometimes they hang out for a week or entire month. in this case we're coming up on two to three weeks. hasn't rained since christmas eve. here comes another ridge building in. this will likely stick around till friday or saturday. better air quality, a little bit of an onshore flow but not much. that ridge moves but not much. it
6:48 pm
will be pouring in medford , oregon eugene, oregon, seattle washington. that will be a few scattered showers coming up late saturday in to sunday. that's the only rain chance for the entire next week. we could use more than that but mother nature simply not dishing it out right now. better air quality tomorrow. not another spare the air day. will not be 12 in a row. we'll stop the streak at 11. pattern holds the entire week. mainly sunny and mild with showers holding. we'll be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than that. concord at 63. san jose 63. redwood city, 61. union city, 63 and a little bit of fog to start. pleasanton 63. pittsburg, 63. vallejo low 60s also for berkeley, san rafael and low to mid 60s for cloverdale and lake port. wednesday and thursday more sunshine. friday a little bit cloudier. mostly cloudy by
6:49 pm
saturday. that one chance of rain only one chance of rain is coming up on sunday.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
one day after losing to the colts in the afc championship,
6:52 pm
the denver broncos fired head coach john fox. denver general manager john elway reportedly had not been getting along with fox and it was super bowl or bust for the head coach. it was bust. of course the broncos are calling it a quote mutual agreement, which seems to be the popular phrase these days. but denver's loss could speed up the search for the 49ers and the raiders. san francisco will reportedly meet with denver's offensive coordinator adam gase and again tomorrow and across the bay the raiders will meet with broncos defensive coordinator jack del rio for a second interview. the packers are headed back to the nfc championship. fortunately for aaron rodgers they don't have to go to new york. >> new york bozo! >> rodgers ' audible was heard loud and clear on the fox broadcast which came as a surprise to the former cal star.
6:53 pm
>> what does new york bozo mean? >> what? >> new york bozo. >> what about it? did you guys hear that? [ laughter ] our guys don't know what that means either. >> let the mystery begin. steph curry was in seattle night to cheer on the panthers against the seahawks. his family members were caught on video in a shouting match with an unruly fan. green in the beanie tried to take matters in to his own hands by throwing grapes at the fans. >> there's this one fan that lost his mind for a second. we defended ourselves and the only ammo he had i think it was grapes. >> there was a big controversy as to whether he threw four or five grapes. on the court nobody had a better week than klay thompson, the other half of
6:54 pm
the flash brothers averaged 28 points in three games and named player of the week for the second time this season. president obama took heat for not showing up in paris but he did make time for the san antonio spurs at the white house today. obama becomes the third commander in chief to honor the spurs during their five championship run and he offered some advice to this year's team. >> they're working through some injuries on their quest to another title but i'll tell you what if guys need any tips on winning back-to-back you know where to find me. [ laughter ] >> obama loves golf in hawaii. final round and a tournament of champions. patrick reed on 16. he'd go to a playoff with jimmy walker and 18th hole again. he had birdied it in the first four rounds and he birdied it again . patrick reed defeats jimmy
6:55 pm
walker for his fourth career tour win. if you were busy trying to figure out just who the new york bozo really is, here's what you missed. watch the tip drill. trevor book r -- trevor booker to beat the buzzer and he did it. even booker couldn't believe he beat the clock by one-tenth of a second. this is one way to pad your stats. demarcus holland for two points and an assist. traveling or not? >> oh, that's super. >> the u.s. olympic team might want to enlist kam chancellor in the high hurdles. he leaps over the defensive and offensive lines to try to block the field goal. he did it twice. edwin moses, watch out. sergio brown wasn't as successful. fortunately the colts' safety would pick himself and have plenty of energy left for his now signature victory celebration.
6:56 pm
>> wheelin', dealin' limousine riding. i'm having a hard time holding these down. give it to me now. woo! >> sergio has now done that twice after the colts have won back-to-back playoff games. now this last time rick flare the wrestler who he's impersonating actually saw it and there's speculation that rick is going to fire up the colts for the afc championship game. >> i guess they have it better than us. >> a lot of people have it better than them right now. [ laughter ] >> if you mean the 49ers. late you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely.
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i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. come on, baby. come on. you all right. let's go, let's go. yeah. how ya'll? thank you very much. how's everybody? well, thank you much, y'all. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for your today. returning for their fourth day, from st. paul, minnesota, it's the champs. it's the felton family! [cheering and applause] and from tifton, georgia it's the hughes family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid. right there, folks. let's play "feud," everybody. give me bill, give me keith. ["family feud" theme plays]
7:00 pm
steve: top 5 answers on the board. we asked 100 women-- name something the pillsbury doughboy and your man have in common. [ring] >> stomach. steve: stomach. [bell dings] >> we'll play. steve: they're gonna play. steve: hey, bill. nice to meet you, man. >> good to meet you. steve: bill, what do you do, man? >> well, for the past 44 years i've been a youth pastor. i work with teenagers in a church. first of all, there were several guys that wanted to marry my daughter, and this is the one that i picked out for her. steve: come on, bill. that's the way you do it. >> that's the way i--absolutely the way you do it. exactly the way to do it. steve: all right, you ready to play? >> yes, sir. steve: we asked 100 women--name something the pillsbury doughboy and your man have in common. >> the laugh. steve: the laugh. >> good answer, good answer. >> good answer. good answer.


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