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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." france hunts terror cell members after last week's attacks. this morning, "charlie hebdo" are is returning to print. the underground chaos leaves one dead and dozens sick. first on cbs, glen close and her sister reveal secrets about her family's past. >> and first, your world in 90 seconds. >> hollande paid tribute. >> the cell is active.
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>> france tracking the terror tlel threat. >> isis is claiming attack on the u.s. central command. >> a frightening emergency on the washington d.c. metro. one dead and dozens hurt after smoke fills trains. a three--alarm fire broke out near new york's penn station. the fuselage from the airasia flight 8501 has been found. the cockpit voice recorder. elliott, touchdown! >> and the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champions of the playoff era. >> looking at the confetti fall. pope francis kicked off the tour in sri lanka this morning. tulsa, oklahoma. >> the water main break causing damage. >> all that. >> and the new york city man was
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the only passenger on the delta flight, but alas a second passenger got on. and i guess what i'm saying is we agree we should have sent someone with a higher profile. >> eric holder you were in france at the time of the march, in paris, and you are kicking back and snapping selfie was the mona lisa. and the washington post reporting romney is moving quickly for the political network. >> romney is now considering a run for the presidency. >> he got the idea from watching his dog repeatedly run into an electric fence. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." as we come on the air, we can confirm the details in the investigation into the paris terror attacks. sources say said kouachi, one of
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the men who attacked "charlie hebdo" who received $20,000 in 2011 to pay for the attacks. the gunman who stormed the market was on a terror watch list but, not-fly list. a manhunt under way for the terror cell. and four jewish victims of the attack were buried in israel this morning. we are live in paris with elizabeth cohen. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing on the paris suburb. and very shortly, the funeral or for the police officer who was killed cruelly on the sidewalk outside of the offices of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo." we had a sneak preview of the cover of the magazine and
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predictably, it is provocative. some conservative muslims believe any prediction of the prophet muhammad is blasphemous. he is holding the banner that is the symbol of charlie supporters. the headline says, "all is forgiven." the survivors of the staff produced it in borrowed offices. the cartoonist who drew the cartoon missed the meetings last week. he held an emotional press conference with the staff and said overcoming the attacks was a hard road. >> translator: we didn't know where to start. i didn't know if i was going to be able to draw. >> reporter: this morning, france paid tribute to the three police officers who were killed last week. all were awarded the nation's
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highest decoration, the legion of honor. while french president francois hollande offered what comfort he could to family members. said specifically his brother, the slain policeman was a muslim. the men who killed them were not muslim terrorists they were terrorists. gayle. >> thank you. we learned a frenchman held in bulgaria is linked to the kouachi brothers. hayat boumeddiene, a partner of the men who killed five of the 17 victims. she is now in syria. holly williams has the latest from istanbul. >> reporter: good morning.
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officials say hayat boumeddiene stayed in this area when she passed through syria border. one says his government is furious that the french did not flag boumeddiene as an extremist. if so, she would never have been able to get into the country. hayat boumeddiene caught on cameras entering turkey on the second of january. unlike thousands of other europeans with links to jihadists, officials were not warned boumeddiene was attempting to cross the border. she arrived in turkey a week before her partner, amedy coulibaly, killed four people in a kosher grocery store in paris. at that point, the french were not looking for her. boumeddiene's name did not raise alarms in madrid. police believe boumeddiene was
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radicalized during her relationship with coulibaly. she arrived in turkey with a companion who officials here have now named as mehet asim. a 23-year-old french citizen. last thursday amedy coulibaly began his violent rampage. shooting and killing a french police woman. on the very same day, turkish authorities say cell phone records show boumeddiene crossed into syria at this section of the border. it is just 60 miles from raqqah. hayat boumeddiene slipped through the fingers of the authorities despite the fact her links to extremists were known to the french government. u.s. officials told us it is normal to scale back surveillance of suspects if they are not considered important. they say that is always a difficult judgment call. charlie. >> holly thanks. officials say it was a mistake
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not to send a top level official to sunday's unity rally in paris. critics blasted president obama for missing the rally. the french ambassador said monday there is no hard feelings. we have major garrett with more from the white house on the apology. >> reporter: good morning. president obama never considered going to paris and the white house could not say if he watched the rally on television. the secret service says it was never asked to prepare a travel plan to paris for a single white house official. >> i think it is fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile. >> reporter: the white house admitted when the world was watching, it was missing in action. >> we want to send a clear message that the american people stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in france. sending a high level, highly visible senior official with a high profile to that march would have done that. >> reporter: but from the president not a word about his
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conspicuous absence from paris. tough tabloid headlines or scorching criticism on twitter. there were jokes about washington and sports. the first dealing with a bureaucratic decision to halt sales of a new kind of underwear. >> thank you for saving america from caffeine-laced under garments. >> reporter: and later unsolicited advice to the spurs. >> you guys need tips on winning back-to-back, you know where to find me. >> reporter: texas republican senator ted cruz called the missing obama officials. >> where was the attorney general who had been there moments before? >> reporter: outgoing attorney general eric holder flew to paris for meetings, but skipped the march. secretary of state john kerry was in india, but could not
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reach paris earlier than thursday. one reason kerry could not alter his travel plans was unannounced stop in pakistan. the good deal on the war of terrorism here at home and overseas will be discussed at the white house at 8:00 a.m. pacific when for the first time in the congress president obama sits down with the republican congressional leaders. >> major, thanks. the social media accounts of the central command are back up. the youtube and twitter accounts were hacked. we have david at the pentagon with more. >> reporter: good morning. central command youtube and twitter accounts have been restored to normal. on monday they were taken over by isis and turned into propaganda platforms for one of america's deadliest enemies.
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at midday on monday, the more than 100,000 followers of the twitter account were presented with this image and warning. american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. isis. a group calling itself a cyber caliphate penetrated military networks and know everything about you, your wives and children. at roughly the same time where central command posts videos on youtube began showing isis propaganda videos. the commercial and video sites and twitter and youtube, were hacked. not pentagon networks. it may have been coincidence, but the hacks happened just as president obama announcing plans for tightening cyber security. >> if we are going to be connected, we need to be protect
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protected protected. >> reporter: the hacks lasted half an hour with a link to an out of date roster with names and e-mails and phone numbers of army generals both active and retired, and including martin democracyt dempsey. central command said it will notify every officer whose information was compromised. central command said it was a case of cyber vandalism with no detail on the military operations. an investigation has been opened to determine who was behind the attack. >> david, thank you. there are significant delays for commuters on washington, d.c.'s metro after smoke poured into subway cars. the smoke from the electrical fire killed one person yesterday. at least 80 others hospitalized. riders were forced to escape through smoke-filled tunnels.
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chip reid is with us with more from the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning to the viewers in west. this is one of the busiest metro stations in the washington, d.c. area. it was during rush hour when the smoke started pouring in. we are hearing stories from passengers who say they were trapped in almost unbearable conditions. the smoke came barrelling into the d.c. yellow line car monday afternoon choking passengers. power was cut and commuters were left in the dark. >> who has water? >> the thought that i cannot get my family out of the subway. >> just got really bad. people were throwing up. i know one lady passed out. >> make a hole! >> reporter: they were eventually escorted by firefighters. hundreds of feet through a smoke-filled dark tunnel.
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more than 200 people were evaluated by emergency personnel. dozens were taken to hospitals. one woman died. >> the issues with smoke inhalation are what is in the smoke itself as well as how hot the gas is that they breathe in. >> reporter: many were in distress, gasping and vomiting. those who needed help were loaded on buses and given oxygen masks. within hours, an ntsb rail team investigated. >> about 1,000 feet beyond that train, there was an electrical arcing event involving the third rail. >> reporter: federal investigators will now try to determine exactly what caused that electrical fire and they will look into why the evacuation was slow. >> chip thanks. an overnight fire at new york's penn station disrupting travel for commuters this morning. a fire on the concourse of the
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long island railroad is suspicious. water and fire damage disrupted the station. this morning, divers recovered the second black box from airasia flight 8501. the cockpit voice recorder is in good condition. it was 100 feet below the java sea. it has the pilots' conversations during the time of the crash. the divers found the fuselage 200 miles near where they found more wreckage last week. the winning colors are scarlet and gray for ohio state. it was painful for some buckeyes fans as they celebrated. police in riot gear used pepper spray and tear gas to control some of the crowd in columbus after the game. ohio state dominated oregon to capture the first college
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football playoff championship. and miguel bojorquez is live at at&t stadium. >> reporter: good morning to our viewers in the west. it is a game that would not happen if it were not for the college football playoff. for many the championship was prove the playoff system works. the oregon ducks and record setting offense got off to the perfect start as marcus mariota took the team to a 7-0 lead 2:30 into the game. >> flings for a touchdown! >> reporter: but the buckeyes quickly responded with a score of their own. and then another. >> touchdown, ohio state. >> reporter: then another. >> into the end zone. >> reporter: oregon was not able to capitalize on four ohio state turnovers. the offense was neutralized by the buckeye defense.
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final score, ohio state, 42 oregon, 20. >> the ohio state buckeyes are the first national champion of the playoff era. >> reporter: urban meyer captured his third championship. transforming a program three years ago banned from competition. >> i show the guys i love it. >> reporter: ohio state was pour powered to victory by sophomores. cardale jones. runner ezekiel elliott. >> unreal feeling. you know looking at the confetti fall. >> come here. >> my teammates. >> i love you, baby. >> i guess this is an unreal feeling. >> reporter: the ducks now limp
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back to eugene without a title and likely without the services of mariota much longer. his name will likely be called this spring at the nfl draft. >> right now, cardale jones is the man. i love the players going i love you, baby. thank you, manuel. the buckeyes did not start out perfect. the flag wavers spelled out o-h-i on the field. where is the final "o?" the flag got caught on something at the entrance to the field. tripped up a cheerleader and several players. they described it as a minor trampling accident. everybody's okay. >> everyone in the crowd was saying, oh my goodness. >> especially since oregon was favored. that made it so great. i got the oh, my goodness. i like that. i'm here to deliver for you. it's just -- charlie is cracking up. >> you two. >> good to have you back by the
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way. >> good to be back from the golden globes. >> hollywood king. >> hollywood. we have to wait for the oscar nominations on thursday. let's go norah. >> 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," the republican race for the white house. look who it is. frank luntz in the green room. >> what are you reading in.
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>> this national weather report sponsored by walgreens. he spent 16 hours in the chilly waters of the atlantic ocean. >> after some time i said i'm not dying tonight. and i'm going to make it to shore. >> ahead, what gave a former nfl player the motivation to survive. the news is back right here
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for the most important parts of you. morning," glenn close and the sister
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good tuesday morning, everyone, 7:26 your time. here's what's happening around the bay. just moments ago, california attorney general announced a run for the u.s. senate. harris will try to win outgoing senator barbara bach's seat 26 people have now been diagnosed with measles in connection with an outbreak and it's all linked to disneyland. three of the cases are in alameda county. most of the patients visited disney between december 15th and the 20th. got your traffic and
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good morning, we got some big problems right now in the northbound lanes of 2890 coming
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into los altos hills. you can see the delays there at least highway 85 but those delays are growing with traffic getting by in just a few lanes. here's a very foggy golden gate bridge, traffic has been flowing nicely. san mateo bridge backed out of heyward. also a dense fog advisory in effect for that bridge and the dunbarton. that is kcbs traffic. you can see the sea of fog has has just engulfed the city of san francisco. we currently have temperatures in the 40s and have delays at sfo over one hour and 14 minutes on arriving flights because of the fog. it is not a spare the air day but still a bit of haze. as we realize high temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the steppeded forecast calls for stagnant sunshine and wednesday and
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i hate to say this put people are starting to talk about the 2016 presidential race already. according to a new survey the potential presidential candidate that most voters said they would like to live next door to is elizabeth warren. that is who they want to live next door to. i would love to live next door to mitt romney because that would mean i have billions of dollars. >> it would be a good neighborhood. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we will talk to frank about the presidential prospects in a moment. a former nfl athlete says he should not be alive. how did he survive in the waters of the atlantic after falling off his boat.
7:31 am
a pricey rivalry of the children of martin luther king. that story is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. usa today says the fbi is investigating how cyber thieves stole frequent flyer miles. hackers broke into accounts and used miles to book free trips or upgrades. airlines say the pass word was stolen through a third party. parents and moms, the los angeles times raising concerns about bpa alternatives leading. it is used in many products labelled bpa-free.
7:32 am
important warning there. the "new york times" says the manhattan clinic where joan rivers suffered deadly complication is losing federal funding. rivers died after what was supposed to be a routine procedure. the decision means medicare and medicaid will not pay for services there. washington post has newly released video of a montana police officer breaking down after shooting and killing an unarmed man. police dash cam video captures the distraught officer. >> i thought he was going to pull a gun on me. >> maybe he was. >> jesus christ. >> last week cleared the officer in the incident. the officer said he thought the shooting victim was reaching for a gun. the victim was high on meth.
7:33 am
cbs miami tells the story of a former nfl player. robert conrad fell off his fishing boat and spent 16 hours in the atlantic but found the strength to swim back to shore. vinita nair has his incredible story of survival. >> he wobbled into the room and needed help getting to the podium. he suffered hypothermia, dehydration, muscle break down but is alive to tell the story. >> after some time i said look i'm not dying tonight. and i'm going to make it to shore. >> sitting next to his wife tammy, an emotional rob konrad described for the first time the ordeal in the ocean. konrad says he fell off his fishing boat off the coast of florida. >> i shouldn't be here.
7:34 am
>> reporter: konrad was taking his boat to a service station for routine maintenance. he started to fish along the way and was knocked over by a wave. the boat on auto pilot headed east towards the bahamas. after panicking i realized i was in real trouble. >> reporter: the next 16 hours tested his physical and mental toughness. konrad learned a thing or two about toughness during his six seasons as a fullback in the nfl. it hadn't prepared him for a marathon in the atlantic and sea life below. >> a lot of jellyfish. i was circled by a shark. >> reporter: konrad said there were two times he thought he might be rescued when a fishing boat came within 50 yards of him and when a helicopter passed over him. >> they had their lights on me and kept going.
7:35 am
they didn't see me. and it was a difficult time. i think i realized at that point i was on my own. >> reporter: it almost broke him, the thoughts of his wife and two children kept him going. >> i have two beautiful daughters. i was hitting that shore. >> konrad said when he hit the shore he couldn't walk so crawled on to the beach and luckily approached a home where an offduty police officer lived. the officer called the cops and the paramedics. >> incredible story. >> my gosh. he is very lucky to be alive. >> it shows you what will does when you are thinking about people that you love that powers you through. so glad he is all right. this morning a potential player in next year's presidential race. he said he will concentrate on being house weighs and means
7:36 am
chairman. if romney runs he is likely to go head to head with jeb bush. with an early look at the gop field, good morning. what will we have from the romney campaign? all out and fundraisers get behind me and i challenge jeb bush? >> the people i talk to say this is for real. republicans have rewarded people for doing this in the past. richard nixon was unable to win in 1960. ronald reagan in 1976 almost won the nomination and comes back. george h.w. bush and mitt romney 2008, 2012. democrats don't do this. >> and now 2016. >> which will be a first, but he has to answer three questions. first is on election night they thought theehe was going to win.
7:37 am
what was wrong with the staff with the input that they thought he would be successful. he never talked about the jobs that he created. he is notgoing to have to do a better job. barack obama at the time had 45% job approval rating. wrong track for america. 60%. it's never been that high. romney never had a better chance to win than 2012 and he didn't. he will have to prove why this will be different. >> he had some resurgeance in terms of his own popularity. >> we is a legitimate candidate and becomes a front runner with jeb bush and chris christie. all three of them have access to tens of millions of dollars in campaign cash. >> scott walker is not on that list and probably should be. a lot of conservatives i talk to love scott walker out of wisconsin. one of the reasons paul ryan may
7:38 am
have decided not to run. >> walker and what he did in wisconsin fires up the conservative base. and then ted cruz in washington. there are a couple that i'm watching. one is rand paul because he will do much better among 18 to 29 year olds than most republicans do because of the libitarian streak. i am watching what will happen with michigan governor rick snyder. rick perry wants to give it another shot. perry has a great record in texas. can he overcome his performance in debates. >> marco rubeio was here yesterday. >> elizabeth warren is best communicator on the democrat side and rubio the best on the republican side. how do you run when jeb bush was
7:39 am
essentially your godfather in politics? >> it is either three strikes the charm or three strikes you are out for romney. when you look at chris christie with what he has had recently do you think that will stick with him? >> he will light up that conservative base in the debates. i think chris christie will have the key lines. can you get yelled at for a year and a half and still like that guy at the end as much as you like him at the beginning? >> he says he doesn't yell though. >> according to our focus groups it's yelling. when you are yelling it is always in the eye of the beholder rather than the yeller. >> thank you. we'll see you again, i know that. the custody battle over invaluables of the civil right movement. the kids are squabbling next on "cbs this morning."
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♪ this morning the children of martin luther king jr. face off in an atlanta courtroom at odds over who owns two of the most prized ago when king's sons' trustees decided to sell the medal. two years ago president obama
7:45 am
took his second oath of office with the same bible dr. martin luther king jr. used to preach about peace and unity but the book hasn't been seen in public since as king's children remain bitterly divided over their father's estate. >> this is one more chapter in an ongoing saga. >> reporter: at issue, who owns the bible and king's 1964 nobel peace prize, a lawyer for king's sons says the brothers need to sell the items to raise money for the king estate. king's daughter insists the bible and medal are priceless. >> these are sacred items. >> reporter: she told us her father wouldn't want them to profit from either pieces. >> these items are of the heart and soul of who my father was and what he represented. there are some things you don't
7:46 am
sell or sell out for. >> reporter: this is the latest in a number of lawsuits involving the siblings in the last ten years and comes at a time when king's legacy is being remembered in the film "selma." >> demonstration of our moral services. >> reporter: it remains to be seen how the drama between his children will play out in front of the judge. for now the bible and medal remain locked away in a safety deposit box. >> dr. king himself was an utterly, completely selfless individual. unfortunately, none of the children have been good inherteres of what his today or send it to trial, a
7:47 am
trial that could start as early as next month. >> terrible to see the children fighting this way. i don't think the dad would approve of this at all. >> selfless man. i wish that it would be like at the new african-american museum in washington so that everyone could take a look. >> thank you. coming up u.s. news and world report out with one of the best and most profitable jobs of 2015. no tv jobs on the list.
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good morning, tuesday, january 13th 2015. welcome back to cbs this morning. more real news ahead including tough mudder getting tougher. the founder reveals the new obstacles in what is called the world's biggest endurance test. first, this is a look at today's eye opener at 8. an urgent manhunt is under way for members of a terror cell. france says the threat is still present. >> we've had a sneak preview of the cover of this week's "charlie hebdo," predictably it is provocative. one told us his government is furious that the french didn't flag boumeddiene. >> the white house couldn't even say if they watched the historic
8:01 am
anti-terrorism rally on television. >> central command called it a case of cyber vandalism. the fbi has opened an investigation. >> one of the busiest metro stations in the washington, d.c. area was during rush hour yesterday when the smoke started pouring in. >> romney never had a better chance to win than he did in 2012 and he didn't. so he's going to have to prove why this is going to be different. >> it's my honor to present the trophy to coach urban meyer and the ohio state buckeyes. >> the flag wavers spelled out o-h-i. where was the final "o"? >> look at charlie. >> he's cracking up. >> you two. >> i >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. one of the men behind the french terror attacks received s s $20,000 from al qaeda in yemen.
8:02 am
kouachi and his brother killed received 12 people at "charlie hebdo" magazine.earnin we're learning the co-conspirator was on an co-consp american terror watch list but not a no-fly list. >> anti-terror forces are searching for up to six people with ties to the terrorists behind last week's attacks. they plan to send another french to s citizen home saying he may be connected to one of the kouachi brothers. the cover of "charlie hebdo" p features a picture of the prophet muhammad on the cover. two people survived the peopl kouachi brothers final fan. they're telling their story.ers a print shop owner says he told an employee to hide as the suspects came in with their d he weapons. he made them coffee and bandaged h their wounds before they let him go an hour later. h >> it's a situation of course that i've never been faced with before in my life. before in
8:03 am
i still stay calm i i communicated. because i felt right from the ima start, i managed anyway i lon wouldn't be alive any longer at want night. >> i want to tell him thank you, gave me because he gave me the seconds i needed needed to be able to hide. to if they had discovered me if then we had been two hostages instead of one, things might have been different. maybe they would have kept us until the end. maybe >> the employee hid in a cup board under a sink for more than eight hours. he sent text messages to polices. helping them coordinate their attacks. >> so frightening when you hear more of the details, more frigh frightening i should say. he this morning a university of virginia fraternity at the versity center of gang rape allegations is reinstated but the police investigation continues. julianna goldman is in charlottesville where hundreds of young men will start fraternity recruitment this week. julianna, good morning. >> reporter: greek life has been in limbo since the uva story was published. fraternities and sororities were
8:04 am
reinstated last week but phi from capa si was in limbo. in a statement, the university state said the ongoing police polic investigation has not revealed any substantive basis to confirmy that the allegations raised in the "rolling stone" article occurred at phi cappa si. a student described a brutal gang rape when she was a first-year student. critical details were disputed. the magazine apologized and admitted mistakes in reporting.refuse in a statement monday it was said, we are pleased that the erni university have cleared our fraternity of any involvement in this case.i they have not been officially cleared. student body president jalen
8:05 am
ross.y >> it doesn't change what we as students and government and leadership in talking about changing our culture are doing. we we know other people in our w pe community that are suffering that a harm and violence they shouldn'tuldn't be. >> reporter: this month, university announced security enhancements around campus including this new police aroun substation being built in an area called the corner where students go out to bars. studen the university is also the increasing patrols and on-campus lighting. for fraternities they had to agree to a long list of new rules which include at least t three sober members at every party. ag security at events and at least one person with key access to lea all rooms in each fraternity h house. first year paul sanders remained skeptical. >> i'm curious to see how they get implemented. a lot of them seem straight up unrealistic. >> reporter: a source tells cbs news that police are looking into another fraternity in connection with the alleged incident. police don't expect to complete their investigation for at least a couple of weeks. >> thank you.
8:06 am
>> my guess is they'll be watching the return very hing tho closely. >> very carefully. coming up on "cbs this morning," tough mudder is about to make its obstacle courses even more difficult. that that's right. founder and ceo will dean is chal here to challenge charlie rose live on set. just kidding he's in our toyota way
8:07 am
first on "cbs this morning," glenn close shares how she saved her sister's life. >> you never left. why not? >> she's my big sis. >> i had a special -- i had a special connection with jessie from when she was really little. >> how their experience could help tens of millions of americans. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:08 am
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in our morning round, tough mudder 2015. it's a 10 to 12-mile challenge considered to be the world's largest event of its kind. it includes more than 20 different obstacles like ice pools and electric shocks. today the company is announcing all new obstacles for 2015. will dean is the founder and ceo of tough mudder. he joins us at the table. >> thank you for having me. >> where did the name of tough mudder come from. >> it goes back to my harvard business school dorm room. i was struggling to come up with a name. i was throwing out a bunch of names and they were telling me how terrible they were. then i had a eureka moment. i said tough mudder. they said, that's it. we had a beer over that. >> it's not a race. it's a challenge. >> it's not a race. it's about getting through it together. 95% of our people who do it do
8:13 am
it as a team. you don't need to be a super athlete to do it just the help of your team to get through it. 12 miles. we've had obstacles in the past that involve ice, electric shocks. we have a completely new catalog of obstacles, including running through circles of fire. >> you can get insurance for this race? >> one of the most amazing thing s is that driving to the tough mudder is the most dangerous part. >> the important thing here is teaching you team work. >> that's right. i did a triathlon two years ago. i wasn't at the front of the field but the zipper jammed in my wet suit. i turned to the guy next to me and i said will you pull on this? he said, no. there was something
8:14 am
fundamentally wrong about that. >> he said so long, sucker i'm trying to win. you're on your own. >> a little like harvard business school. >> it's a bit of a reaction. >> i want to talk about the ring of fire. maybe i'm missing something. >> i'm curious about where your ideas come from your thinking. you said ring of fire. remember your childhood dream of sliding down a fire pole. >> uh-huh. >> i never had that dream. >> maybe that's something we don't have the in common. a lot of people enjoy the part -- >> look at the fire pole. >> i want to get your thinking seriously about the ideas and what you're trying to create for the people seriously. >> tough mudder is supposed to be fun. the fun part is to build up the excitement, there's definitely intimidation before you do the obstacle. once you've done it there's an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself. when i go running in the park can i see someone else in the
8:15 am
tough mudder shirt or head band, they high five me. whether i'm here in new york, berlin or wherever i am. that's a great feeling. this obstacle is scary, it's 35 feet up you drop into a pool of water beneath you. it creates an awesome experience. >> this is the thing men and women who have been in combat tell me the most important thing is caring for those you're fighting with. that is a central quality. it's more that than it is the flag, it's the people you're engaged with. >> exactly right. my background is the uk counterterrorism office. a huge part of the inspiration was try and take some of what you see in the military and pack some of into a half day experience for people. the reason people keep coming back is because everyone is in it together. you're helping your fellow mudder. you're part of something bigger than yourself. >> i was fascinated you said you're not super athletes. that's what threw me.
8:16 am
i think everybody has to be in good shape and have athletic ability. >> you definitely have had to done a little bit of training. 5% to 10% people are in exceptional shape. most of the people who do our events is because they work out once or two a week. they have mental grit. that's how they can get through it. it. if you have a team, it will get you through. >> one two, we need something somebody else. >> first event is in march, we have 60 this year. >> you've done 14? >> i have yes. >> where is it. >> the first event is in florida. we have 60 across the states. there's one pretty much near every major city in the united states. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> you are a tough mudder. they're called the best jobs of 2015. brian kelly of "world news & report" is he a tough
8:17 am
mudder? i don't know. he'll show you the top careers and which ones can give you more balance. that's next on "cbs this morning." sponsored by therma care heat wraps, the proof that it heels is you. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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8:19 am
♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live
8:20 am
your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. i got extra money from thee head of the department and raj can work forme. >> you want me to work with you?
8:21 am
>> for me. you are going to have to listen more carefully when you are on the job. >> please don't take this the wrong way but i would rather swim the wrong way across the ganjis with a paper cut on my nipple than work with you. >> for me. >> don't take that the wrong way. that was great writing. and good delivery. raj on the "big bang theory" is not the only one looking for a job. here we go at number five dental hygienist. physician at number four number above that is nurse practitioner. and the number one best job of 2015 is a dentist. brian kelly is editor and chief content author at u.s. news and world report. i am so grateful for the
8:22 am
dentists of the world. i'm surprised it is number one. >> not for everyone. it pays very well extremely secure, a lot of demand going forward because we are not just looking at a job tomorrow but in ten years. >> you are in people's mouths and quite often it's not good. it's not good in there. >> it is ranked as a most stress job. it's not for the person in the chair clearly. work life balance is a big factor. you make your own hours in many cases. >> how are you defining best? >> can you get really the best? we look at -- >> you mean financially? >> it is salary. it's employment levels. you can have a great job but it is not stable you will lose it the next year. this work life balance i think is important. no tv anchors are in there. the stress level is too much and
8:23 am
probably the security level is not good. >> security is not so good. >> the flavor of the month. >> we always need dentists. >> you are good. >> i don't see any media editors in there. >> you had nail technicians. marriage counselors. you will always have business. >> that's part of it. you are not going to offshore that job. you are not going to go to the korean phone bank to get the marriage counseling. >> would you rather marriage counselor or dentist? >> i love giving advice. >> you see a lot of these jobs are hands on jobs. the health care jobs are for the moment rising ahead of the tech jobs. sheldon is not an endangered species but moved down the list because of the health care jobs. we need more physicians and
8:24 am
massage therapists. and then obamacare and everybody else needing a dentist in the next 20 years. >> best paying job? >> paying health care jobs are at the top, physicians at the top. lawyer does really well. >> i thought private equity and hedgefund. >> they would be but they don't fit the category. there are so few of them so rare and not like you say to a kid grow up and be a private equity guy. >> it's not so much salary. >> only one top is tech. why? >> if you looked at the second five they would be all tech. there is a huge number of tech jobs. the stem jobs, we have a listing. there is tremendous growth there, no question about it. some of the jobs may take less education. the dentists you are talking four years of college plus grad school. it's a big list. >> thank you so much.
8:25 am
always good to good tuesday morning, everyone. 8:25 is your time. here's what's happening right now. the headlines around the bay, california attorney general harris announcing a run for the senate this morning. she will try to win the outgoing senator barbara bach's seat. 26 people have now been diagnosed with measles in connection with an outbreak, all linked to disneyland. three of the cases are in alameda county. most of the patients visited disneyland or disney california adventure between december 15th and 20th. a woman accused of hitting a toddler with a tire iron is set to enter a plea today. she was arrested in may of last year shortly after the attack at a san jose wal-mart store. she faces charges of attempted
8:26 am
murder and assault with a deadly weapon. she could also face a hate crime
8:27 am
good morning, the silicon valley commute parts of the south bay blanked in fog and bad traffic. i know it's hoard to see this -- it's hard to see this camera, but trust me, it is very slow. the drive time is about 19
8:28 am
minutes from mel pedes and sunnyvale. keeps look at highway 85, 101, what a mess, trying to get out of san jose. here's some drive times for you, 44 minutes between 280 and 237. that's your latest. sfo and oakland reporting visibility down to about an eighth of a mile due to areas of patchy dense fog. it is slowly dissipating. it looks like today we currently are kick starting our morning with temperatures in the 40s. we are now up to 54 in livermore, santa rosa is at 38 degrees and clear skies. no spare the air date today, but still moderate levels of par particulate matter in the air. the extended forecast does call
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, glenn close and her sister reveal painful secrets from their childhood and the mental illness that almost cost jesse her life. the modern day black list. meet the man who changed how some of the biggest movies see the light of day. time to show you this morning'son argbengk wahlberg's plea. the prosecutor says the crime should not be erased from history.
8:31 am
he spent 45 days in jail for assaulting two men. prior to that he ran into trouble with the law when he and his friends threw rocks and yelled racial epithets. he says i recall only one incident of a defendant -- donald trump is suing palm beach county for $100 million claiming almost all air traffic redirected over his estate. he says noise, vibrations and emissions from the planes are causing cracks to his property. looking ahead to a new milestone in late night television. the late show will debut on esem d tulettdamay,lecemt his final show may 20th.
8:32 am
the telegraph says ronaldo was voted the best soccer player of all time. keep that picture up as long as possible. he won the golden ball award by a wide margin over world cup star. yes. five four three, two, one. >> can we take it down now norah? >> the "washington post" looks as an embarrassing episode. reggie love writes that then senator obama accidently walked in on reggie love and a woman in bed. love later joked about it with a candidate. he writes and the senator said to me it is not a consolation to me that my campaign for president can help subsidize your love life. the book is published by simon and shuster, a division of cbs.
8:33 am
i assume reggie love got clearance before he included that in his book. >> he is a young single man and campaigns are known for a lot of passion. >> lock the door, norah. that's all i'm sayic. it's not hard. door locked. >> gayle, i love you. you're so funny. for the first time actress glenn close is revealing details about her past. a conversation you will see first on "cbs this morning." >> from a young age they led almost completely different lives. glenn was pursuing an acting career in new york while jesse was on this path of self destruction in rural montana and wyoming. now these sisters say that they are closer than ever brought together by jesse's illness.
8:34 am
>> reporter: it was the role that made glenn close a star. >> tried to say good bye to me last night. >> reporter: betrayal of a lover in "fatal attraction." glenn had no idea of the psychosis in her own family and the mania that had overcome her younger sister. >> our family never talked about the possibility of a mental illness. >> even 20 years ago you just weren't connecting the dots? >> no. how we grew up people didn't go see psychiatrists. there are other people who have. but not us. >> they came from a prominent old money connecticut family but their upbringing was anything but idealic.
8:35 am
their parents joined a religious cult. the family moved to the group's compound in switzerland after breaking free from the controlling sect their parents lived between africa and wyoming. the family splintered apart. as a teenager she began hearing the demons. >> mania can be fun for a short while and then it is exhausting and destructive. >> reporter: she recounts it all in painful detail in her book "resilience." her life became a blur of drugs, alcohol, sex, abusive relationships and bad decisions. >> how are you alive? >> i don't know. by the grace of god. >> reporter: there were five husbands and eventually three children. >> you were abandoned by your parents. do you ever feel that you abandoned the kids? >> yeah. my daughter i would tell her that i had the flu and i had the
8:36 am
flu a lot. i was drinking so heavily. she would try and find something to eat and there wouldn't be anything to eat so she would try to get mommy up and into the car and go to the market. i was so psychotic i didn't believe the market was there so i would have to just believe in my daughter that when she said the market is down the road it is down the road. >> how old was she at this time? >> a little girl. >> reporter: at 47 years old and living on a farm in montana she decided to end her life. she walked outside to find a gun in her truck. >> you go out and you see the gun on the seat. and what stopped you from opening that door? >> my children. they were all asleep. and it was quiet. and they would have heard that
8:37 am
gunshot. they would have heard it. and they would have come out and seen me. you can destroy your children with one bullet. and that would have been their legacy. >> so your children saved your life? >> yeah. without a doubt. >> reporter: her mania had spiralled out of control. >> when you're skimming along above everybody in a manic state or buried under the dirt with a depressive state it's very difficult to love somebody who is in one or the other of those states. >> sometimes they have
8:38 am
i was her caretaker in a way because life intervened. >> it wasn't until her son started to hear the demons that she decided to confront her illness. >> when did you realize she was ill? >> when she came up to me and said i can't stop thinking of killing myself. >> reporter: she checked into a hospital and at 51 was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. >> did you feel regret that she had gone through that and you weren't there? >> i mean you can spend a lot of time regretting or you can do something about it. i think what we decided is to do something. >> she has been sober for nearly 14 years. the only drug she takes today are to treat her illness.
8:39 am
>> even young men as good looking as my son can have mental illness. they have launched an awareness campaign with hopes of removing stigma around mental disorders. >> i think it might help people save those they love. it has potential to give people courage. >> courage to do what? >> courage to talk about their pain and their fear and what they might be secretly thinking of. >> why is that important do you think? >> to talk about it? because i think that's the first step towards getting help. >> now, they point out that one in four people is diagnosed with a mental illness at some point. this is a huge issue they feel has to be addressed. >> it is a huge issue. she was sick for so long what do they say in terms of the awareness of recognizing these
8:40 am
signs and being able to treat them? >> that is the thing. her whole life she was ill basically and the family had a history of mental illness. they never thought to get help. now there are genetic tests for these diseases. she learned she carries a gene that makes her susceptible to bipolar and schizophrenia. >> so brave and powerful. somebody is thinking i'm going to get help. especially somebody of glenn close's stature. nicely done. thank you. the hit movies that came out of the shadows. see how oscar winning pictures
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
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olivia. super hungry? get my chipotle chicken club combo with fries and a drink. that's a ton of food for $4.99. let's do this. the 87th annual oscar nominations will be announced thursday morning. major nominees were once on a so-called black list of scripts. current favorites include movies like "american sniper" and "foxcatcher." >> reporter: "the hunger games" "the hangover", "the wolf of
8:45 am
wall street." very different films with one thing in common. all of them were once on the black list. the annual account of most popular unproduced scripts. >> the notion of that word was a positive thing. >> reporter: he founded the black list as a way to empower screen writers. he was working for leonardo dicaprio's production company. he asked peers to send up to ten of the favorite scripts and 250 executives at major studios and production companies vote on the annual black list. it has included everything from "the social network" to "inglorious basterds." most of the work on the list is by unknown screen write rsz
8:46 am
looking for their big break. that is what happened when " "juno" was second on the list. >> this is one doodle that can't be undid, home skillet. >> what does this list do for screen writers? >> i think the list and the website draws attention to great work. i think because we have become a reliable of taste if we say this is something you should pay attention to a lot will pay attention to it. >> 1,040 scripps have made the list. 270 have been produced and received 197 oscar nominations and three of the last six were on the list. >> you want to act like a big shot without doing anything? >> no. >> you'll fit right in. >> reporter: ben affleck who directed "fargo" discovered the
8:47 am
script on the list. >> there is this list that travels around through all the offices in hollywood and everybody knows about it. the black list. >> everybody thinks enigma is unbreakable. >> good. let me try and we will know for sure. >> reporter: the imitation game is considered contender for best picture. it was number one script on the black list in 2011. graham moore wrote it. >> we would try to pitch it to people. we would say we have this film about a gay english mathematician. you can imagine a lot of the to make movies about subject matters that are that difficult. when you have that conversation again and you say it was number one on the black list it is i will read it. >> actor benedict cumberbatch
8:48 am
had read the script because it was on the black list before he was approached to play the role. >> the introduction to this character is unapologetic. there is no vanity about him. the humor is there, the thing that makes you lean in a little bit. >> i'm afraid this would only slow me down. >> everybody wants to turn it into a great movie. we try to make it a much easier process in finding that great material. >> great material that often finds its way to the big screen thanks to a big boost. for "cbs this morning" ben tracy, los angeles. >> looks like you want to be on the black list. >> what an impressive record he has so far. >> interesting way they do it with all of the smart executives. up next how a meeting of 3
8:49 am
year olds at a wedding two decades ago led to another wedding this week. we'll explain. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
20 years ago they first appeared together at a wedding. the 3 year olds were the flower girl and ring bearer. this week the minnesota couple walked down the aisle again this time as bride and groom. a chance meeting in high school led to a first date. as they say the rest is history. i think this is the sweetest story. shows you how some things are meant to be. >> absolutely. >> we must say good bye. for news anytime anywhere log on
8:53 am
to cbs. you can watch our 24 hou
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
. good morning. taking a check of the san mateo bridge, we have a number of rough commutes out there. this is one of them. the fog, obviously not helping the drive. the drive time is up to about 40 minutes between 880 and 101. i don't know if you can make that out, but traffic is barely moving right now just past the toll plaza. slow ride on 880 in oakland in the northbound lanes. if you're heading southbound, once you reach heyward, heyward down into fremont, all red sensors. couple of earlier crashes in contra costa has the ride slow on northbound and southbound 680 coming into and out of walnut creek, as you can see there. a new crash just coming into our newsroom, westbound 580 at north greenville, two lanes blocked. traffic is suddenly slow just behind a remarkable thing has happened. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long.
8:59 am
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wayne: yes, whoo! jonathan: it's a motorcycle! (cheers and applause) wayne: is it real? tiffany is a matadora. jonathan: it's a trip to switzerland! wayne: emmy winner cat gray. jonathan: it's diamond earrings. wayne: she did it. - i'm going to take curtain number three! jonathan: it's time for “let's make a deal.” now, here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to “let's make a deal.” i'm wayne brady, thanks for tuning in. here we go-- one person, let's make a deal. let's see, let's see, let's see. the little convict right here. the little criminal. hey, catherine. everybody else have a seat for me. hey, catherine. - what was that, sorry? wayne: that was hello. - hello. wayne: oh, an accent. where are you from? - i'm from australia. wayne: which part? - the gold coast. we only just got here this morning. we haven't even checked into the hotel!


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