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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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highway 87. it started about 4 a.m. going on two hours now this thing is still smoldering. and they are still spraying water from up above on to the roof. the roof did collapse just a short time ago. the fire department says when they got here, the flames were shooting about 3 to 4 stories into the air. this is an old industrial warehouse building. it was completely fenced up and cordoned off. historically they have known homeless people have stayed here for years. we spoke to people who are sleeping in cars nearby. they said a couple of individuals were seen leaving the scene around 4 a.m. when this fire started. here is captain mike to talk about the conditions inside the building. >> our big concern is that people were inside, we hope they got out. on our arrival this was a fully involved large warehouse, it would have been unsurvivable. >> reporter: so this building was supposed to be sealed up but from this photo provided by the san jose fire department you can see one of the rollup
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doors was cracked open and the flames were coming out that door opening. the second photo shows a small explosion after the fire caught a power pole on fire. the power has been knocked out to the area. but they are concerned that the lines will come down in the immediate area surrounding thing about. so they are going to be out here for a little while longer. there is material inside the building that's smoldering right now. this fire is contained but it is not under control. breaking news, a top leader of the al qaeda group in yemen has claimed responsibility for last week's deadly attack at the office of that satirical paper in france. the claim came in this video today. the publication charlie hebdo has received previous threats for posting caricatures of mohammed. meanwhile the paris prosecutor's office says 54 people have been detained for defending or glorifying terrorism in the past week. charlie hebdo resumed publication today. more now from reporter andrew
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spencer. >> reporter: at several key offices along the champs elysees the magazine was sold out before it was available. the early copies already reserved. charlie hebdo typically prints 60,000 copies. it now expects to print as many as 5 miami of the latest issue. the satirical magazine returns for the first time since the terrorist attack in paris killed 17 people, including 12 in the offices of charlie hebdo. the front cover shows a sign like this one "je suis charlie" ("i am charlie") held by a depiction of the prophet mohammad and the words all is forgiven. "for one week now, charlie the atheist magazine has been performing more miracles than all the saints and prophets combined the one of which we're most proud is that you have in your hands the same magazine we have always published." whatever message yet another controversial cover sends, the reaction to it has been mixed. >> i know they are probably
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publishing this send a message to terrorists to say we are not going to be intimidated. it would be nice if they had shown sensitivity to the feelings of muslims. >> reporter: many of whom have marched in the rallies denouncing the attacks. and at least one of whom a police officer is dead as a result of them. i'm andrew spencer reporting. 60:33. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: there is a hot spot in fremont. already multiple lanes are blocked. a big rig and injuries are involved. northbound 880 at thornton, this is our second accident of the morning in the same area. the other cleared quickly. this one may be out there for a while. we are seeing backups now in both directions of 880 if you are traveling into or out of fremont. also, westbound 580 that earlier crash near the dublin interchange, that's out of there. that's gone. unfortunately, as we say in traffic circles, the damage has been doesn't the drive time is
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over a half-hour out of the altamont pass. the heaviest traffic is through the livermore valley. once you get past hacienda it clears out. that's the scene of the earlier crash. may still be activity on the shoulder. the bay bridge, you are stacked up almost to the maze. the metering lights have been on now for more than 15 minutes. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's roberta. we do have some areas of patchy dense fog in concord, the delta and central valley where we have a dense fog advisory. otherwise,mainly clear skies and as a direct result a little bit cool this morning heading out the door. 39 degrees in mountain view. we are in the 40s in san jose through santa clara. we are at 50 degrees in san francisco. 36 now in pleasanton. good morning. with the starry skies there. 37 degrees also in novato with clear skies back in through plume into san rafael, as well. 38 in sonoma and in napa. you can see the fog developing in throughout the central valley. and then it's taken a westerly turn in towards the delta this
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morning. concord with visibility down to a quarter mile. otherwise, lots of sunshine, blue skies, great air quality, east wind 10 to 20. temperatures slightly above average for this 14th day of the month into the 60s. typically we should be at 57 degrees in san francisco but instead 61. here's the extended forecast. we have a 20% chance of friday evening showers north of the golden gate bridge into your saturday. and that's a look at your "hump day" weather. frank and michelle? >> roberta, thank you. breaking news from the java sea. the fuselage of the crashed airasia plane has been found. remains of many of the passengers are expected to be in that portion of the plane. so far, only 48 bodies have been found but 162 people were on board. the plane's tail and its two black boxes were recovered over the weekend. the airasia flight crashed more than two weeks ago. pg&e will be forced to give the city of san bruno tens of thousands of emails in connection with the pipeline explosion that killed 8 people.
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yesterday a judge ordered the utility now to turn over the emails by january 30th. according to "the examiner," that includes almost all correspondence between pg&e and the state public utilities commission from 2010 to 2014. they are trying to determine if pg&e was trying to get preferential treatment from the puc. a san francisco man who conducted his own investigation has his dog back this morning. mochi the pit bull was stolen during an apartment burglary on saturday. her owner rounded up surveillance video and that was one thing that helped friends find the dog. another was all the online help. even green bay front man and bay area native billie joe armstrong helped spread the word to his nearly half million followers. melissa perna faces felony burglary and other charges after a friend of the victim saw her with the dog monday. she looks like the woman in surveillance video gathered by mochi's owner. public safety workers in san jose are now urged to be
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very cautious. this comes after a firefighter stepped nearly into booby-trap on communications hill. more now from kpix 5's betty yu. >> reporter: firefighters don't typically walk into this sort of danger. a two-foot-deep pit with wooden stakes covered up with twigs and burlap. >> this is the classic definition of a booby-trap. the only thing this would do is hurt someone walking in the area whether it was a police officer, a firefighter, an emergency medical technician or even people walking in to bring food to the people in the encampment. >> reporter: a firefighter was hiking to a fire at a homeless encampment on communications hill on sunday when he stepped into this booby-trap. he wasn't injured. but the department sent out this safety alert warning firefighters to watch out. >> the spikes are especially concerning though because they can basically be poison. there's different matter that can be put on them widely available that could cause infection to a person stepping on it. >> reporter: san jose fire doesn't know who set the trap
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or why. homeless advocate robert aguirre used to live in the jungle which was closed down last month. he never saw this before. >> i don't condone t i understand it, i see that people are trying to protect what they have, no different than anyone else. homeless people are -- are -- they're imaginative, creative and they're forced to do things to protect themselves. >> reporter: joggers nearby are on alert too especially those with pets. >> i'm kind of considering maybe not coming back here now that i know that. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. new this morning, the family of a bakersville teenager charged with shooting a classmate is seeking $5 million from are the school district. investigators say bryan oliver targeted two students two years ago. his family says oliver was bullied and harassed and the district allowed it to happen. as for oliver's trial, the jury was deadlocked. a retrial starts on the 26th. time now 6:08 on your wednesday. an ohio man accused of threatening to kill speaker of the house john boehner, why investigators say he might have
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been able to pull it off. >> a bay area climber could be hours away from becoming a legend clipping to the wall of yosemite's el capitan with only his fingers and toes. we have the latest on this recordbreaking feat. >> our temperatures today slightly above average. plus rain in the forecast. i'll pinpoint which day to expect it. >> and we have a new fender- bender at the bay bridge toll plaza plus this crash continues to cause major delays around fremont on 880. all the details
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fog in our inland areas. we'll talk about and the dense fog advisory as the news continues. breaking news this morning out of nasa concerns about a potential ammonia leak prompting an emergency aboard the international space station. two american astronauts and an italian colleague evacuated their quarters this morning. nasa says all on board are safe though. the concern stems from a possible ammonia leak from a cooling system. specialists are analyzing it. new this morning a fire burned through the night at a citrus packing plant in the san joaquin valley. damage is estimated at $1 million from the fire outside the town of woodlake in tulare county. the fire destroyed two storage buildings, thousands of pallets and a large number of orange bins. a bartender is accused of trying to poison speaker of the house john boehner. michael hoyt was indicted by a federal grand jury. he has a history of mental illness. he regularly served drinks to
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boehner at an ohio country club. police found out about the scheme last october and claim he threatened to put something in boehner's drink to kill him. a traffic accident is the beginning of a nightmare for two men in west oakland. it all happened around noon yesterday. a pickup truck hit a bicyclist was riding on the wrong side of the road. that's when robbers stole the wallet from the elderly truck driver and while the bike rider lay unconscious on the ground, his wallet was stolen, as well. people in the area are not surprised. >> people wait for accidents to happen and then pounce. >> all the time, all the time. it doesn't matter what happens on this street. it's going to happen. it's west oakland. it's the world we live in. >> the bike rider from berkeley is reported in critical condition. two climbers expected to finish a historic ascent of yosemite's el capitan tonight. >> more now from kpix 5's anne makovec who joins us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: they are just hours away from entering the climbing record books.
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now, they say it is not about conquering the peak it's about realizing a dream. they have been at it since december 27 and they are on track to scale it by this evening. kevin jorgeson from santa rosa and his friend tommy caldwell from california are in the final portion of tackling dawn wall 3,000 feet high. this is the most difficult part of the climb. they are using their own bodies. the ropes are only for protection in case they fall and their fingers are already torn up from more than 2 weeks of clinging on to the granite. this is the first free climb on that peak ever recorded. >> this is really going to happen but it won't all -- we won't feel the whole immensity of it until they are standing on top. >> his wife is part of the crowd watching the record- breaking feat from the yosemite valley floor. if they make it to the top, they plan to spend the rest of the day with family and they will speak to the media tomorrow. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> yesterday they got supplies
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and a little bit of whiskey i guess they needed to celebrate or medicate whatever the case may be. >> both of [ laughter ] >> did you see their raw hands? >> the skin is off. >> if you are clinging to the side of a cliff, you want to drink whiskey? >> i cringe just looking at the pictures. >> maybe not. >> water and whiskey is what they said. weather has been great for them. >> that's great. that's great. weather is good for the commute, as well. unfortunately, we are still seeing accidents but no major weather issues to slow you down. no fog since yesterday. here's a live look in fremont. we have been talking about this problem northbound 880 at thornton an accident with a big rig and car. it is slow from stevenson and southbound traffic is heavy in the area. i think it's mostly just looky- loos checking things out on the other side of the freeway but multiple lanes are still blocked and injuries were reported in that accident. i mentioned a fender-bender at the bay bridge. it is blocking one fastrak lane. i noticed some emergency crews heading to the scene a little while ago so they are working
6:17 am
to get the lane open. traffic is already backed up through the overcrossing. 880 in oakland, no delays near the coliseum. everything is fine there. southbound traffic is fine. northbound traffic also looks good. westbound 580 through the altamont pass, 30 minutes. the damage has been done because of that earlier crash near the dublin interchange. it was near santa rita. still really slow between airway and santa rita even though it is still sluggish as well through the altamont pass where we often see it but that commute specifically is pretty bad. all lanes are now clear in brentwood. we have better news of head-on collision eastbound at balfour, all lanes are back open. it's cleared. so our delays should dissipate shortly. mass transit is on time. with the forecast, here's roberta. just 24 hours ago we could not even see the bay bridge. we were socked in with very dense fog but at this hour we have clear skies from san francisco looking due east towards oakland there.
6:18 am
air temperatures responding to those clear conditions. 35 degrees with the stars out this morning in santa rosa. 36 in throughout the tri-valley where we have clear skies but concord in the 40s. we have patchy dense fog and visibility down to a quarter mile. it is now 49 degrees in san francisco. the winds are very beneficial to us. they will blow today out of the east up to 10 to 20 miles per hour. right now very slight but that's good because therefore we don't have any fog development. the fog we are seeing in the concord area is slipping in from the central valley. it's moving due west and the delta has a dense fog advisory in effect. great air quality today throughout most of the bay area with lots of blue skies right there you see the development of the patchy dense fog in throughout the valley. right here these are all clouds associated with an area of low pressure upstream. it's beginning to sag south. it will begin to put a dent in this high pressure ridge by friday. but it is shearing apart at the seams only a 20% chance of rain
6:19 am
north of the golden gate bridge. and that will be friday evening into our saturday. so all i can really do is bask in the sunshine. nearly 70 today in monterey, caramel valley. 64 sacramento, stockton, merced, modesto. 58 in mendocino and dry skies spring-like skiing in the high sierra. sun-up 7:25. by the time the sun sets temperatures will be 5 or 6 degrees above average for january 14. typically we should be 59 in san jose but instead 63. we should be 57 in san francisco. but instead, 61 degrees. again, a little bit of a breeze late day. here's your extended forecast. we call for a carbon copy in the weather on thursday. we begin to cloud up on friday. and then saturday that 20% chance of rain remaining partly sunny for monday. that's your wednesday weather
6:20 am
forecast. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, wake up the dogs, get the kids out of bed early. a lightning sports cans this morning. shockers in high school basketball! and we are going to take you inside the warriors charter flight and show you why they were so happy coming home.
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good morning, everybody. high school hoops is the headliner this morning with the pair of shockers in the city. st. ignatius and sacred heart battling for the bruce mahoney trophy one of the great rivalries in northern california. a little prime time on comcast hometown network. si blew a 15-point lead and it all came down to sacred heart's final possession. >> came off again! last shot, five seconds left, brown for the win! >> that's a great dave lewis on the play-by-play. amar'e brown wins it for the fighting irish, 50-49 and that bruce mahoney trophy going back to sacred heart.
6:24 am
the girls game si came in ranked second in the state tops in the bay area but too much fight in the irish. taylor for the three in the corner. sacred heart pulled off that upset 60-52. it is a sweep for the inner city over the sunset. wow. warriors in utah playing their first road game since christmas. 2nd quarter justin holiday fresh off his appearance on game day and he has the kpix 5 karma. steal, dunk, nine off th bench 3rd quarter and they caught fire. up 5, steph curry hit the three, draws the foul. he led golden state with 27. later in the quarter draymond green top of the key 84-71. they scored 44 points in the 3rd quarter and won, 116-105. steve kerr becoming the first coach in nba history to start 30-5 in his first season. give me the airplane! [ rap ]
6:25 am
>> it is good to be the golden state warriors right now. that was the plane flight home last night. the latest, maybe we'll have a head coach tonight for either the raiders or the 49ers. we'll tell you about it at 6:00. have a great day. >> always good to win. okay, dennis. play of the day, hoops, as well. college hoops, kansas, iowa state. take a look. pretty impressive jam by cliff alexander. he is from kansas and coming in saying get out of my way. nice dunk right there. the jayhawks went on to beat iowa state, one more time -- 67-57. with your play of the day. and then a little superman move. yeah. 6:25 right now. the first issue of charlie hebdo since the attacks in paris hit newsstands today. and just hours later, a terror group claims responsibility for the violence. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do
6:26 am
live in san jose. a three-alarm fire here might be the work of squatters.
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protests could cause a headache for commuters this week. we'll let you know where and when to make plans. >> and a dangerous booby-trap set in a popular south bay recreation area. who may have been the end intended target? >> a good chance of rain is back in the forecast. i'll pinpoint where and when. >> and we'll show you a live look now at the golden gate bridge. traffic flowing nicely out of sausalito. a few problems in fremont. we'll show you more on that coming up. >> thank you, liz. it is wednesday, and january 14th, i think.
6:30 am
i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you with us. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we have an update on breaking news from san jose. kpix 5's kiet do is at the scene of a major industrial fire. that's still burning. >> reporter: firefighters have been working on it for 2.5 hours. they have a good handle on it. they have stopped spraying watered on it for the time being but they are concerned of smoldering material and reignition. they will stay on the scene a little long. the call came in at 4 a.m. at the corner of bassett and north san pedro near the coleman avenue flyover on highway 87. when the firefighters got to the old abandoned warehouse, the entire structure was completely engulfed in flames. the roof had collapsed. they sprayed water to get an angle on it. homeless people in cars nearby told he is us -- told us they saw two people leaving the area
6:31 am
when the fire broke out. investigators believe it might be the work of squatters. >> this warehouse is fenced in and completely locked down. to prevent squatters and homeless from coming in. it appears some of the area was forced and it started on the interior causing the roof to collapse. that's suspicious that there were potentially people inside. >> reporter: this building has been sealed up. but when this arrived on scene this photo shows that one of the rollup doors was cracked open. also, the second photo shows that the heat from the building caused one of the power lines to catch on fire. that caused a small explosion from one of the transformers. and that knocked out power to the area. traffic was blocked around here for a little bit now but westbound julian and all the streets around here are pretty much open and ready for commuters to head into work or to school today. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. with more on what's happening in san jose traffic-
6:32 am
wise, here's liz. >> okay, thanks, guys. as kiet just mentioned streets are beginning to re-open now. but the fire was happening pretty close to the guadalupe parkway. so for a while i wouldn't be surprised if smoke or flames wasn't visible from 87. fortunately traffic wasn't affected there. but the westbound lanes of julian were closed at coleman. everything is now reopened. so if you are about to head off to work or school, you can use that is road now. in the meantime your other south bay travel times are beginning to get a little more crowded. the commute has begun on 101 heading into san jose. 13 minutes between 280 and 237. 280 is still clear through downtown and the guadalupe parkway a little sluggish, as well. better news now for fremont. we have been watching this accident all lanes finally back open now at thornton, the scene of a mult thank you car crash also involving -- a multi-car crash involving a big rig. commute just beginning southbound 238 slow into fremont. westbound 580 this is one of the biggest drive times ever since that crash near the
6:33 am
dublin interchange. it's still in the heavy category. that crash at santa rita is now clear by the way. all lanes are open. but pretty big delays from at least airway in livermore. highway 4 is jammed up past antioch now and straight on through pittsburg-bay point and concord. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." you may hit a little fog out there, as well. here's roberta. >> a little fog towards concord associated with dense fog seeping into the area from the central valley but right now, we currently have mainly clear skies from san francisco through sfo with temperatures into the 40s. it's clear in mountain view at 39 degrees. 40 in san jose through santa clara. look at that, pleasanton, livermore, the tri-valley all stacked up into the mid-30s as is vallejo, benicia, martinez, all the way into napa and sonoma. 30s common from novato through petaluma and to san rafael. kentfield, as well. the winds will be out of the east 10 to 20 today so some really great air quality. we do have that fog right there visible on our satellite and
6:34 am
radar and these are clouds that will stream in beginning on friday. until then, it is a dry benign and quiet weather pattern. bright sunshine, numbers averaging above normal for this time of the year. 65 oakland. 66 degrees in gilroy. 20% chance of showers friday into saturday. breaking news out of france. the prosecutor's office says 54 people are detained for defending terrorism. it all happened in the past week since the rampage that killed 17 people. as don champion reports, today's announcements comes after a claim of responsibility and a release of the new edition of the publication charlie hebdo.
6:35 am
>> reporter: "al qaeda in yemen" has claimed responsibility for last week's massacre at charlie hebdo. in a video message released today the leader said the attack was ordered, planned and funded by its leadership saying radical cleric anwar al-awlaki who was killed in a u.s. drone attack in 2011 was directly in charge of coordinating contacts with the attackers cherif and said kouachi. the admission comes as the latest addition of charlie hebdo hit newsstands in paris overnight and sold out in minutes. surviving staff members of the satirical paper published three million copies. on cover a cartoon of mohammad crying and holding a sign reading, i am charlie, with the headline, all is forgiven. the cartoonist behind the image was late to work on the day of the attack. yesterday, he talked about how hard it was to return to the offices and then described drawing this week's front page. this is not the front page that the terrorists want to us draw, he said. there are no terrorists in it just a man crying, that's mohammad.
6:36 am
the cover is already drawing criticism from muslims. >> clearly, groups that have praised these attacks will see this as another insult in an effort to inspire muslims to contact attacks in future. >> reporter: cbs news confirmed the gunmen who died in a standoff with police recently received $20,000 in funding from the terror group. don champion for cbs news, new york. happening today, a 4-year- old boy will finally be reunited with a bodega day firefighter who rescued him after he fell 230 feet down a cliff. sebastien johnson still recovering from major injuries from the fall in november. the reunion is set to take place this morning at children's hospital oakland. two climbers expected to finish a historic ascent of yosemite's el capitan perhaps tonight. they are trying to complete the first free climb of dawn's wall a free climb involving no help
6:37 am
just hands and feet and ropes for protection. >> they are basically on the side of three empire state buildings holding on to things that are big as a fingernail. >> two men began the climb on december 27th. heads up bart riders. protestors are planning a demonstration this friday at the montgomery station in san francisco. they are trying to get alameda county prosecutors to drop charges against 14 activists. they were arrested in november for interrupting service at the west oakland station. this is video from that protest which was in response to the ferguson shooting. friday's protest starts at 7 a.m. and new this morning, demonstrators arrested during an "occupy oakland" protest two years ago are getting more than a million dollars from the city. as the "oakland tribune" reports, those protestors were arrested outside the ymca on broadway. they claim they were held in inadequate sanitary facilities in a dublin jail for hours. no one was ever charged.
6:38 am
400 protestors will share the $1.36 million settlement. time now is 6:38. public safety workers in san jose are urged to be extra cautious. this comes after a firefighter stepped right into a booby trip on communications hill. it happened sunday when crews responded to a fire at an abandoned homeless encampment. nobody was injured. the booby-trap was here, a two- foot-deep pit with sharp stakes. camouflaged with twigs and a burlap cover. >> this is a classic definition of a boone booby-trap. the only thing think would do is hurt someone walking in the area. whether it was a police officer, a firefighter, emergency medical technician or even people walking in to bring food to the people in the encampment. >> communications hill is a scenic area popular with joggers and people walking their dogs. unclear right now who is responsible for the booby-trap and whether there may be others on the hill. there is a battle between two beer companies. sierra nevada and lagunitas are
6:39 am
feuding over a label. lagunitas is suing their rivals. the suit claims sierra nevada's ipa label is so similar, it may confuse beer drinkers. lagunitas also adds they have used the label on their flagship ipa for more than 20 years. they are also seeking a temporary restraining order against sierra nevada's new beer. chico-based sierra nevada says it intends to vigorously dispute the claim. 6:39. three bay area middle schoolers are hospitalized after abusing medication. what parents should know about the dangers. >> and it's the unmistakable vehicle seen cruising around oakland. how the new mayor's nail scar came to be. coming up. >> and the market just opened up 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board right now. not starting off too well. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason b
6:40 am
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good morning, welcome to your wednesday, january 14th. average high temperature in burlingame is 57 today. three degrees above average. these numbers should be in the upper 50s but instead today in san jose, a high of 63 degrees. we do have a dense fog advisory issued for the interior valleys of the east bay this morning. concord waking up in the fog but later today bright sunshine and 60 degrees. good morning, vallejo. in the low 60s. santa rosa clear skies currently with sunshine at 63. san francisco average high 57. but instead, today, 61 degrees. time for business now. america's retailers saw actually a slowdown during the holiday shopping season. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason
6:44 am
brooks. >> reporter: a surprising drop in retail sales in december at the height of the holiday shopping season. retail sales were down almost 1% and they were still down when you factor out things like gas sales, which gas prices were down considerably during the month also, auto sales. overall for 2014, still a pretty strong year with sales up by 4%. also important to note that gift card sales don't actually get counted by retailers until those gift cards are redeemed. so we could see a spike of sales in january or february. that's weighing on the stock market this morning along with poor earnings from jpmorgan chase they missed expectations hitting the stock market, too. elon musk said the company won't be profitable until 2020. and then it's "next gen" model three aimed for the mass market
6:45 am
while it still launch in 2017 highway volume production will be down much later. it's a rough start for wall street looking at its fourth straight losing session. dow lower by 226 points. nasdaq down 28. s&p down 19. tesla down over 7%. jpmorgan chase down 4% on its earnings miss. back to you. >> when the market is up. when it's down, boy, is it down. >> makes a statement, doesn't it? >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king fresh from the golden globes over the weekend joins us live from new york with a preview. how are you? >> reporter: fresh from the golden globes. you're absolutely right about that, frank and michelle. so oscar nominations are out tomorrow. can't wait for that. hello. elizabeth palmer has a new video from al qaeda claiming credit for the attacks and bob
6:46 am
orr is talking about the search for the other members of the terror cell. >> two climbers are ours from making history. >> and could you be -- i love this story, could you be 36 questions away from falling in love? a top sex therapist is in studio 57 with a new equation for intimacy. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys at 7:00 straight up. frank and michelle, wait, here's one of the questions. >> oh-oh. >> i was going to say, that's a tease. >> when did you last -- this is a tease. i'm going toive go you one. when did you last cry in front of another person? and when did you last cry by yourself? you don't have to answer out loud if you don't want to. >> probably a good thing. >> say yesterday both? [ laughter ] >> very revealing. >> okay. well, that's a great tease and a good show. okay, we'll look forward to that. have a great one. thanks. >> bye. members of the contra costa county board of supervisors won't be getting pay raises at least for now. they voted to give up the 33% increase after angry outcry
6:47 am
from the public and employee unions. nearly 40,000 people signed petitions demanding a ballot initiative to overturn the bay hike. next week the supervisors will discuss other options for pay raises. new warning about cold medication after students in morgan hill tried to get high then all ended up in the hospital. kpix 5's ann notarangelo has more on the big scare at the britton middle school. >> reporter: you can find triple c abuse all over youtube. it's known by skittles and dx m and it's been going on for years. any teen can buy coricidin cold and cough with no questions or restrictions. three eighth grade girls too many pills before -- took too many pills before lunch, acted drunk. they were treated at the hospital and released. videos that glamorize the recreational use of dextromethorphan as a drug do not point out the potential dangers when used
6:48 am
recreationally. the girls thought it was safe. >> often times what they choose to believe is what they may read on the internet or what they may kind of tell each other as urban myths. and that's where they kind of get their confidence that these things are safe when they aren't. >> middle school is where they start to experiment. >> reporter: parents are not surprised to hear about the overdose in an area where they feel their children are well monitored but it was a reminder to talk to their children about not taking any medications or drugs even those they think they are safe. this school did notify parents and right now they are making these video presentations they hope to show all the students next week. in morgan hill, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. let's get a check on the roads now with elizabeth. >> i want to take you out to the santa cruz mountains. so there's been an accident on northbound 17 right there by redwood estates already backed up to glenwood because apparently one before the cars involved in that accident is not driveable. it's stuck. so it's going to take a while for tow crews to clear it so
6:49 am
traffic can get by. it's early enough that we are not seeing major delays on our sensors. "kcbs phone force" says it is sluggish from glenwood. highway 4 a mess out of antioch all the way into concord. some members of the kcbs mobile unit have been telling us fog is thick in the area and that might be slowing down the commute especially towards 242. you see the red sensors, speeds down to 14 miles per hour or below in some spots. here's a live look at the bay bridge. we had a couple of earlier fender-bender at the bay bridge toll plaza. everything is cleared now. but it kind of slowed down the ride through berkeley on the eastshore freeway. that is why that drive time is up to about 28 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. currently no accidents along that area. here's a live look at 880 and 237 in milpitas. you can see it's starting to come down to a crawl now. it's usually the time it starts to back up. it's 10 minutes between 880 and 101. [ inaudible ] >> is that what that is? he's back! he made an appearance.
6:50 am
it must be mild weather out the door. it is mild out the door this morning. okay. we just saw that spider on your lens, elizabeth, frank and michelle, i want you to take a look at our weather camera and give it up. oooo! >> no spiders. >> aaaa. >> pretty. >> it is really pretty. fog-free. just 24 hours ago we couldn't see the bay bridge. this morning, clear skies official sun-up at 7:25. by the time it sets at 5:13, we'll have realized temperatures slightly above normal for this time of the year. right now 36 degrees clear skies in livermore. we have the fog limiting visibility in concord at 42 degrees. that fog down to about quarter mile visibility. santa rosa is clear in the 30s. it is now 49 degrees in san francisco. no reports of any airport delays this morning. we do have a dense fog advisory issued for the interior valleys of our east bay back in through the central valley. that's where the fog originated and it's backing up west. blue skies today.
6:51 am
20% chance of rain friday evening on saturday. looks dismal. this is the fog bank in the central valley. this is an area of low pressure that's banking up against the ridge of high pressure. we have quiet weather from today all the way through friday. then that low is going to try to, um, pretty much deflate the area of high pressure. it's going to give us only a slight chance of rain. 64 sacramento today. northstar known for its awesome terrain parks and pipes take the straits to head there sunshine today at alpine meadows we have 12 lifts operable. squaw valley red dog the run of the day! there you have your sun-up and sundown today and your temperatures are above average into the 50s and 60s. 61 san francisco. 62 in livermore. the extended forecast, that chance of rain returns friday. oakland's new mayor has been seen cruising around town in a car created by an artist.
6:52 am
[ puffing ] >> there it is! it's a fire-breathing snail car of course. and artistic couple created from a vw bug at their west oakland studio and took it to burning man for fun and when the new mayor libby schaaf decided to run for mayor they put campaign signs on it. to buy it, it would be $150,000 but it's not for sale. time now 6:52. an ohio man is accused of threatening to kill the speaker of the house. how he could have gotten access to john boehner. >> reporter: and firefighters battle a three-alarm fire in downtown san jose is. i'm kiet do and we are live right here to tell you about how it might
6:53 am
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:56 am
"al qaeda in yemen" claims responsibility for the attacks that hit paris last week. the videos release came hours before french prosecutors announced 54 people had been arrested for defending terrorism. the satirical newspaper at the center of it all released a new issue in paris today. and the fuselage of that crashed airasia plane has been found in the java sea. remains of many of the passengers are expected to be in that portion of the plane. so far, 48 bodies have been recovered. 162 people were on board that flight. an ohio bartender is carjacked with threatening to kill house speaker john boehner by possibly poisoning his drinks. michael hoyt served speaker boehner at a country club he belongs to in ohio. court papers allege the 44-year- old threatened to shoot boehner for being mean to him. the fbi says he has a history of mental illness. a potential ammonia leak forced two american astronauts
6:57 am
and an italian colleague to evacuate their quarters on the international space station. nasa says they are all safe on board right now. the concern stemmed from a problem with its cooling system. reports from media outlets this morning that the oakland raiders have hired jack del rio as head coach. del rio is a former defensive coordinator for the denver broncos. he is a native of hayward and his parents are long-time raiders season ticket holders. the raiders have no comment yet. i'm kiet do live at the scene of a wet soggy mess in downtown san jose where the fire department spent the better part of three hours pouring water on a three-alarm fire out here that broke out around 4:00 this morning at an old abandoned warehouse at the corner of bassett and north san pedro near the coleman avenue flyover above highway 87. when the firefighters got here the entire building was engulfed in flames. the flames were shooting up as high as 3 to 4 stories in the sky. they surrounded the building and sprayed water on it from
6:58 am
above. and some homeless people in nearby cars told us they saw two people leaving the scene of the fire when it broke out this morning. once the sun comes up firefighters will search the building to see what they can find out but for now check out this photo that the san jose fire department took this morning when they arrived on scene. even though the building was fenced off and sealed up, someone had broken in. so they believe that the fire started inside and that's what makes it suspicious. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. yeah. streets are re-opening now in that area where kiet is. julian street are clear at coleman. unfortunately, the rest of the commutes are beginning to back up especially 101, very slow from capitol expressway all the way past julian/mckee. and in the santa cruz mountains, this really continues to be a problem. the northbound lane of 17 one lane remains blocked at redwood estates where a multi-vehicle crash was reported still one car is there blocking the lane. it's not driveable. and i'm seeing the latest backups begin right around
6:59 am
sugarloaf. so yeah, give yourself some extra time if you are trying to get to los gatos. 880 in oakland, we can see this traffic camera today so a lot clearer but i know it is slow in parts of contra costa county where there's some fog, right? >> that's because the fog from the delta and also from the central valley have seeped into the pittsburg and antioch area where we have a dense fog advisory. good morning, everyone. otherwise we are mainly clear and in the 30s and 40s. it is much cooler at this hour than it was at 24 hours ago. later today, very similar afternoon high temperatures which are averaging 5 to 6 degrees above average for this time of the year into the 60s for the most part. a few 50s line the seashore near moss and montera beaches. east winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. your extended forecast calls for carbon copy thursday, 20% chance of friday and saturday. our percentage of normal stats are going quickly. we could go the whole month of january with no rain. it's crazy. >> well, let it rain in february and march, then, huh? >> there you go. well, thanks for watching, everyone. we are going to have more on
7:00 am
del rio coming up at noon. >> captions by: caption colorado comments@captionco good morning to viewers in the west. it is wednesday, january 14 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." nasa face as problem in space. here are the astronauts asked to evacuate part of the international space station. a new al qaeda video claiming responsibility for the paris massacre and a defiant charlie hebdo returns to newsstands. and nascar's kurt busch says the ex-girlfriend accusing him of assault is a train eded


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