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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i never thought rock climbing could garner so much attention from the world. it's kind of crazy and a little uncomfortable. >> with their feet on solid ground and their names in the record books, kevin jorgeson and tommy caldwell are celebrating. the free climbers made it to the top of el capitan's dawn wall in yosemite and now they are telling their story. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. anne makovec is live in the newsroom now with the very latest on the santa rosa man and his teammate who are being called rock stars today. they are getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: they just finished speaking to reporters on the yosemite valley floor but they spoke first to cbs news about how intense it's all been. >> dreaming big, working hard towards something, not giving up, um, risking it all for what you want. >> reporter: that's kevin jorgeson from santa rosa. he and his buddy, tommy
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caldwell from colorado, are still basking in their dream come true. [ whispering ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: caldwell lost his voice yelling to his partner during the climb as friends, family and fans watched from the valley floor below. >> it was really thrilling, very different than anything i have experienced in climbing, climbing is not a spectator sport generally. >> reporter: until they were breaking a record, conquering what's considered the world's most difficult rock climb using only their hands and feet. they are the first to free climb the 3,000-foot vertical wall on el capitan. they used ropes to catch them when they fell which jorgeson did almost a dozen times. >> it's like a lag to the fact that i'm actually falling and then you're on the end of the rope and you have to try again. >> reporter: the two relied entirely on their own strength grasping thin small cracks and
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ripping the skin on their hands in the process. the trek began december 27 and ended yesterday afternoon. they ate and slept in tents fastened to the rocks. >> you spend all evening thinking about what the next is going to be like and the moves that you're going to encounter and visualizing yourself doing it. >> reporter: the two are now just beginning to visualize what might be next. [ whispering ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: he is already planning a trip to go climbing in argentina in a few weeks. jorgeson wants to go on a bolder climbing trip but not sure where. anne makevoc, kpix 5. an out-of-control car crashed through a store in an east bay mall. it happened yesterday afternoon at the newpark mall in newark. kiet do spoke with a macy's employee whose heroic actions helped many people.
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>> reporter: he can't get the scene out of his mind of a car plowing through his workplace at macy's and dragging a man for 80 feet into the store. >> all you would hear for five six seconds straight was glass breaking and things breaking, wood breaking, carpet ripping. it was bad. >> reporter: just before 5:00 yesterday evening, a 63-year- old woman had some kind of medical emergency while behind the wheel, lost control of her honda and rammed it all the way into the men's cologne area. the man who was dragged into the store was actually hit on the sidewalk. the man went to the hospital in critical condition with a head injury and mohammed showed us how he found the man. >> there was like a dent right here. and then there was like a dent on the wood field so he was just basically leaning against it -- when the car stopped he was leaning against it and his head was bleeding. >> reporter: mohammed a senior at james logan high school in union city has only been working at macy's for five months. he says everyone was frozen, stunned at first, and so he leapt to action. >> i just went inside the car
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and took the kids out, saw the female passenger and driver, took them out, took them out of the car and said hang on. >> reporter: out of respect for the victims he asked everyone at the scene to put away cell phone cameras but later posted this on instagram. i wasn't going to be a bystander. do you feel like a hero? >> um, i mean, i did what everybody else should have done. so i mean, maybe to some i'm a hero but to me i just did what i had to do. >> reporter: in newark, kiet do, kpix 5. 49ers officially introducing their new head coach this afternoon. jim tomsula got promoted to head coach after working with their defensive line the last few years. he has a long resume' but never the coach of an nfl team. very popular in the locker room with the players. he will meet with the immediate. >> shortly. san francisco mayor ed lee talked about big changes for the city today. in his state of the city speech, he spoke about income inequality, transportation, education and affordable housing. by 2018 the city will have a
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$15 minimum wage and by 2020, there will be more than 30,000 homes renovated. 10,000 of which will be below market rates. >> friends, that's double the house that we built in 2013. it's triple what we did in 2012. and we'll do even better in the coming year. >> mayor lee is introducing a bond for the november ballot that would provide housing loans to 150 families per year. there are new details now about that 20-year-old ohio man accused of plotting an attack on the u.s. capitol. christopher lee cornell will be in court tomorrow. court papers showed he planned to use guns and pipe bombs to carry out the attack. investigators say cornell purchased two semiautomatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition at a store before his arrest yesterday. >> there wasn't really anything about him that would have suggested he was involved in something like this. >> investigators say cornell's partner was actually an fbi informant.
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cornell allegedly told the informant he didn't need authorization to conduct the terrorist attack. the fbi says cornell used twitter to show support for the islamic militant group isis. tough new pesticide rules are going into effect for the state's farmers. regulators are calling for major cutbacks in the use of a pesticide called chloropicrin. farmers inject it into the soil of crops. the state says the pesticide sickened more than 300 people in 2005. it causes respiratory problems, skin irritation and headaches. homeowners in san leandro are enrolling for an earthquake retrofit incentive program. the city will give residents $3,000 to get their homes ready for the next big one. the city also offers a class on how do it. the application period runs until february 15. for more information, you can contact the san leandro building division. california is reporting moderate flu levels so far but the worst of the season is still to come. mallika marshall reports there
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is a bit of a reprieve for women. reporter: a study from the stanford school of medicine found the flu vaccine is more effective for women than men. >> are men less equipped to deal with infection? technically, yes. >> reporter: turns out women create more disease-fighting antibodies than men when given the shot. while testosterone may suppress a man's reaction, estrogen may be the key to fighting off some infections for women a benefit that may go beyond a virus like the flu. >> men are babies. they need to be pampered. >> reporter: a harvard study found estrogen helped treat bacterial pneumonia in mice. so yes, in some cases, men just might get sicker than women. >> maybe women are probably better at taking care of themselves? >> reporter: something some women and men already suspected. >> but i think men always think they get more sick than the women do. >> it hits men harder just from what i have seen. they are a little softer quicker to pain. >> there's an idea that that
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estrogen, which is native to women's endocrine system, is there because part of their role is to be nurturers. they have to take care of not only themselves but their families. >> reporter: down the road these studies could lead to immune boosting drugs specifically for men. >> i think there's the possibility of somehow delivering the key elements the estrogen to men in a safeway. >> doctors are not recommending estrogen supplements for men. coming up next, fighting obesity with technology. how a new device tricks your brain into thinking you're full with the click of a remote. >> the three new flavors of ben and jerris ice cream that problem won't help with that waistline. >> yum. good afternoon, we do have an increasing cloud cover across the bay area right now. these clouds and the effect on your weekend as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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another downer day for the dow as you can see down nearly 70 points on this thursday. starting tomorrow measures will have an easier -- americans will have an easier time traveling to cuba. changes include sending money to family on the island using credit cards in cuba and what many people are excited about, bringing home $100 worth of alcohol and tobacco. the cigars are very popular. there is a new surgery to help people lose weight. doctors attach a pacemaker-like device to your stomach to control the eating habits. the fda-approved the device. it sends electrical pulses to tell your brain it's full. some patients who tested the device reported side effects including pain at the implant site, vomiting, heartburn, and trouble swallowing. >> the rate of severe side effects, that would mean something that would put you in
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the hospital or keep you in the hospital longer than expected after the procedure. now, that risk was very low. >> the device uses a battery that needs to be recharged every week and doctors and patients can adjust the device setting using a hand-held control. your late-night snack options just grew by 3 in a big way. ben & jerry's launched 3 new delicious flavors. [ indiscernible ] >> it features cinnamon spice cookies. so you know, if you have a late- night indulgence jump on it. >> i look boom chocolatea. >> i don't go there. i don't eat ice cream. when i stand in front of the maps you really want to see most of the bay area. i just don't go there. [ laughter ] >> good afternoon, everybody. take a look at the sky across the bay area at this
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hour. we have increasing cloud cover. where's my -- oh!! isn't that pretty? that's mount vaca where currently we have the fog dissipating, mid- and high level cloudiness and in mount vaca temperatures in the low 50s. it's currently 56 in san francisco. 57 in san jose. and we still have that "spare the air" day in effect that's why you saw that haze out there unhealthy levels of particulate matter in the atmosphere around the north bay, the coast and the central bay. we need a breeze. we just don't have it. another view, let me get out of the way here. so you can take a look at the transamerica building under mostly cloudy skies. chance of rain will come on friday through sunday. no measurable precipitation for the first 15 days of january. last january only .06" for the month. that was dismal. there is some rain out there north of us but at the tail end of the system banks up against the ridge of high pressure it's
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falling apart at the seams. so that's why we only put a chance of rain in the friday and weekend forecast. meanwhile, we are scrubbing out of the fog in the central valley. 49 degrees in the south shore where it is springtime skiing northstar good conditions. kirkwood 10 lifts available. and alpine meadows you buy one ticket, you ski two mountains. alpine and also squaw valley. sunset tonight 5:14. by then, we'll have seen temperatures upper 50s to the 60s slightly above normal for this time of the year. here's your extended forecast. a stray shower is possible but the bulk of the activity wants to ride into the pacific northwest with five inches of rain there. we are dry. monday cloudy, temperatures near 70. just wrong. [ laughter ] >> we better deal with it. family tensions play out on this week's episode of the mccarthys. we got to talk to two actors
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today about the show and how relateddable it is. >> i think families really care about each other and sometimes that comes out, you know, sideways . you know what i mean? you care about someone, you want to get involved, you want to control, you want to make it okay and then that kind of makes it worse sometimes. and i think a lot of families can identify with that. and then we like to razz each other. so safe environment. >> the mccarthys airs at 9:30 on kpix 5. he has come a long way and helped hundreds of students. we catch up to our very first bay area jefferson award winner next. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or just a question, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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time for lunch and we are all about pasta today. stephanie and tony tantillo have today's tasty recipe. >> reporter: you know, stephanie, you make some of the best stuff with just three, four ingredients and that's it. >> really good ingredients and sometimes that's all you need. i really hate masking flavors. i just like to accent them. >> you have one of my favorite pastas of all. i love the cut and the ridges that it has. and olives and olive oil and sage. >> but we fried the sage in olive oil in the pan. sage is very powerful so now that oil is flavored with sage. we added in the chopped olives. kalimata and black. and then we put in the pasta when it was just about done and
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then we added pasta water and it dyed the pasta a little bit purple and everything takes like this. we put it on top with a little bit of shaved pecorino cheese. >> thank you, bella. >> four, five ingredients, that's it. a beautiful thing it's been 10 years since kpix 5 first began profiling bay area jefferson award winners. stories about quiet heroes who show that one person really can make a big difference in our community. tonight kate kelly and sharon chin have an update on our very first recipients. reporter: we are at eastside college preparatory school in east palo alto home of principal chris bischof. and a lot has changed in the 10 years since he won the very first jefferson award we profiled in the bay area. but one thing has stayed the same, and that's that every easide graduate makes it to a four-year college. in 1996, east palo alto didn't even have a high school. so chris cofounded eastside as a private college prep school
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for sixth through 12th grade. his first class convened at a park bench. >> defense, one, two, three! >> reporter: when i met him in 2004, there were 100 students. today that number has tripled. each gets a scholarship. there are nearly 500 alumni most of them their family's first college graduate. >> it's been exciting to see but it's still, you know, once you see it you still kind of have to pinch yourself a little bit. >> reporter: when we first profiled chris a decade ago the school was using portable classrooms. since then, they have raised $18 million to build this new campus. one of the highlights is this theater. it's the only one in east palo alto and it's open to other community youth groups outside of the school. another big difference, about 100 students now live at the school along with 10 faculty members. dormitories offer a supportive place to live and study. chris himself still lives on
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campus. >> many of our students refer to the school not as eastside school but the eastside family. >> reporter: and the family focus has expanded. the goal? not only to get kids to college but make sure they succeed in college and beyond. cofounder and vice principal helen kim says chris leads the way. >> with all of the progress that we've made, the successes of all the graduating classes that we've had, he always has a sense of, we can do better. >> reporter: one new thing they're doing is having alumni serve as mentors. >> franklin matthews is an eastside graduate who has come full circle. >> i grew up around drugs, gangs, a lot of violence. >> reporter: but chris helped him fulfill his goal to become the first in his family to graduate from college. >> i can call him at any moment, 3:00 in the morning, email exchange, and he has always been there for me since day one. >> reporter: when i met
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franklin, he was attending sonoma state. he is now head coach of girl's basketball at woodside priory. his wife is eastside weekend dorm supervisor so they live on campus. franklin himself now a role model. >> i think the biggest thing that i've learned from chris is giving back. >> this campus that you see today is really a dream come true. >> reporter: he learned what can happen when you start small and dream big. i'm kate kelly. >> i'm sharon chin. kpix 5. thank you, ladies. you can nominate your local hero for a jeff
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coming up tonight at 5:00 a family heartbroken after the dog they adopted in japan is snatched from their backyard. the amazing phone call three years later that's leading to a happy reunion today. that story and more at 5:00. and hollywood awards season is heating up. oscar nominations are out. >> we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees -- >> eight movies up for best picture. among them american sniper and the star of the film bradley cooper up for best actor and
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michael keaton for birdman. keaton's movie and another best picture nominee, the grand budapest hotel lead the pack with nine nominations each. check the entire list of nominations at by the way, neil patrick harris will host the 87th oscars on february 26. >> what can't he do? >> he can sing, dance, act. he's great. >> triple threat. >> doogie houser. not anymore! he is a star. those it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a great
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