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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  January 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a million dollars in tax revenue since measure c started in a city that filed bankruptcy almost 7 years ago. but davis is drawing the line. >> this is not about money, it's about quality of life for our city. it's about what we want in our city. >> reporter: the dispensaries are digging in saying they are not going. >> if they want to issue a "cease and desist" order to shut us down i can guarantee we'll do whatever we can to stop it. >> reporter: including legal action. this is far from the final showdown. why this decision now? well, mayor davis leads a new majority just elected in november. live in vallejo, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> we asked how enforcements would work or when that might start. the mayor says that is still up in the air. new at 5:00 richmond police are investigating an officer- involved shooting that happened earlier this afternoon. caution tape blocking off the corners of nevin avenue and 20th street. an officer approached a suspect who pulled out a semi-automatic
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pistol. police say the officer feared for his life opened fire and hit the suspect. he is now in critical condition. the officer is unhurt. it's possible he had a body camera which could help in the investigation. the party is over for a san jose nightclub where a chris brown concert ended in gunfire. ♪[ music ]♪ >> you can see the r&b singer ducking for cover after shots were fired in the crowd. it happened as brown was performing at the fiesta nightclub last weekend. today authorities suspended the club's liquor and entertainment licenses for 60 days. police complained about inadequate security. five people were wounded. but they are recovering. the two rock climbers who made history in yosemite are back on solid ground and telling their story. ken bastida reports they may be in the record books but, well, right now they just want some rest. >> reporter: can you blame these guys, allen? these guys just conquered what many thought was impossible.
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they free-climbed el capitan's dawn wall. that's the hardest way you can do it using only your hands and feet. that's an experience that was exhilarating they say and exhausting. and today, it's still just beginning to sink in. >> honestly, the thing that hurts the most right now are our legs from hiking down because we haven't used them in 19 days. >> reporter: walking may be a challenge. but santa rosa's kevin jorgeson is basking in a dream come true. >> it's an emotional roller coaster. and pulling on to the top was a relief to have that roller coaster come to a stop. >> reporter: he and climbing partner tommy caldwell from colorado are the first to free- climb the dawn wall route on el capitan. [ laryngitis ] [ inaudible ] >> reporter: caldwell lost his voice yelling to his partner during the climb. the journey took a physical
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toll on both men. the two were grasping thin small cracks and ripping the skin on their hands in the process. >> my hands are beat. i wake up every morning and i have to take 800 milligrams of ibuprofen just to brush my teeth. >> reporter: the climbers used ropes only to catch them when they fell which jorgeson did almost a dozen times. still, he says, the struggle was worth it. >> at least for me, when you would grab that last hold, you could literally feel all the hope and desire and stress just like drip off of you and you're just hanging there in silence and relief and joy and it's like the coolest feeling. >> reporter: despite their history making feat they are staying humble. >> i hope that everyone that's been following along can take the dawn wall as an example of what is possible and find their own dawn wall. >> reporter: they plan to return to el capitan tomorrow to remove their safety ropes that they installed along the
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way. that's standard operating procedure. you go back up, clean the wall back off for the next person. this time they will use ropes and climbing gear should be done in a couple of hours. >> pack it in, pack it out. now the question is, what's next? caldwell is planning a climbing trip to argentina. jorgeson wants to go boulder climbing but hasn't decided where. we are hearing today about how a macy's employee jumped into action when a car plowed through his store. the driver smashed right through the front doors of the store at the newpark mall. six people were hurt last night. everyone was in shock just after it happened. kpix 5's kiet do talked to the high school student who started to help right away. >> reporter: mohammed canada get the scene out of his mind of a car plowing through his workplace at macy's and dragging a man for 80 feet into the store. >> all you heard was glass breaking, things cracking, it was bad. >> reporter: just before 5:00
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yesterday evening, a 63-year- old woman had some kind of medical emergency while behind the wheel lost control of her honda fit and rammed it all the way into the men's cologne area. the man who was dragged into the store was actually hit on the sidewalk. the man went to the hospital in critical condition with a head injure and mohammed shows us how he found the man. >> there was like a dent right here. and then there was like a dent on the wood field. so he was just basically leaning against -- right when the car stopped he was basically leaning against it and his head was bleeding. >> reporter: he has only been working at macy's for five months, a high school student. everyone was frozen and stunned and so he went into action. >> i took the kids out, the female passenger and driver out as well and turned off the car and told them to hang on. >> reporter: out of respect for the victims he asked everyone at the scene to put away their cell phone cameras but later posted this on instagram. i wasn't going to be a bystander. do you feel like a hero? >> um, i mean, i did what
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everybody else should have done so i mean, maybe to someone i'm a hero but to me i just did what i had to do. >> reporter: in newark, kiet do, kpix 5. >> they are all glad he did. the reviews are already coming in for the new head coach of the san francisco 49ers. he was formally introduced this afternoon and our sports director dennis o'donnell on jim tomsula's debut. >> reporter: thank you, allen. jim tomsula's path to head coach of the 49ers was rather unorthodox. he has never been an offensive or defensive coordinator but he started under mike nolan. >> [ indiscernible with three continents and nothing has been the norm. i'm used to not normal. and i'm very comfortable in not normal. >> reporter: normal was not a word that described the 49ers
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last season. from the win/loss record to the drama off the field but tomsula is comfortable with jed york's lofty super bowl-or-bust expectations. >> this franchise has quite a few and yeah, i got it. tough act to follow. i understand that. but fully understand that, i fully understand that, um, you know, that's what's wanted and anything short of that we did not achieve what we were expected to achieve. >> reporter: this press conference didn't have the fire and brimstone of a jim harbaugh. there was no, quote, low hanging fruit. but i guarantee you, jim tomsula has a personality. coming up at 6:00, he will be sitting right here. right now back to you guys. >> the raiders introduce their new head coach tomorrow. jack del rio was the defensive coordinator for the broncos and then the head coach of the jacksonville jaguars. he is a bay area native born in
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cast catches he played basketball, baseball and football at hayward high school. >> watching jack del rio win the ncs championship from the stands in the oakland coliseum and what went on at the end of that game, that there was -- he was a special athlete and a guy that can make a difference at any point. >> raider blood runs in del rio's family. we are told his family are long- time season ticketholders. san jose struck out in its bid for the oakland a's. at least the city lost a round today in federal appeals court. san jose claims that major league baseball is blocking the a's from moving to san jose. the city is trying to challenge the league's exemption from antitrust laws. but the appeals court ruled mlb is protected from the suit by three previous supreme court decisions. san jose says it will now appeal to the u.s. supreme court. rush hour delivery. a dad calls for help when his wife goes into labor on a bay area highway. but it's his second call to 911
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that surprised everyone. >> a major terror attack stopped in a wild shootout. the deadly plot in europe foiled with only hours to spare. >> significant weather change today. we have gone from sunny to mostly cloudy. so obviously, rain is next. right? mother nature says she has a plan b. find out what plan b is coming up. >> a dog brought all the way from japan? only to be snatched from his family's backyard. three years later, the reuno one expe female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor
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is going to sleep better tonight. but sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. through sunday choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models including the new tempur-choice, with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows and free same-day delivery. are you next? but hurry! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ as if the morning commute isn't stressful enough, try adding a mother going into labor. that's what happened to new parents on highway 24 near lafayette wednesday morning. the father called 911 at about 7:30 a.m. to say his wife was going into labor. before police could respond, the man called back saying, nevermind. >> in this case she had already delivered the child. and as far as i know, dad did
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not break any rules to get to the hospital. so that is always good. >> the baby is a boy and both newborn and parents are doing fine. san francisco mayor ed lee unveiled his plans for the year. in his state of the city speech, he spoke about income inquality, transportation and education. but he put special emphasis on affordable housing. >> we have a special opportunity to change a city for the better and to see that san francisco is affordable for families and assure that every san franciscan shares in our city's rising prosperity. >> mayor lee's introducing a bond measure on the november ballot to provide housing loans to 150 families per year. belgian authorities say they foiled a major terrorist attack during a deadly raid today. gunfire erupted in the streets of eastern belgium. two suspected terrorists were killed and one was arrested in
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a shootout with police. the anti-terrorism sweep was launched against suspects who had just returned from syria. they were allegedly planning to target police buildings. surveillance video from a daycare in south korea is hard to watch. it has a community actually calling for action tonight. it shows a teacher slapping a toddler. apparently the girl had refused to eat kim chee, the traditional dish of fermented cabbage. the nursery is now closed. the headmaster has apologized. but mothers are furious. they are taking turns picketing outside the building. other horrified citizens have outed the teacher online publishing her name, photo and cell phone number. the pope plans to do something very special when he comes to the united states. name a new saint. how the surprise candidate is connected to california. >> it's a phone call they never thought they would get. a family's happy reunion with the dog stolen from them th
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gone but certainly not forgotten. this rare japanese breed of dog was snatched from a family in tracy three years ago. but then a phone call came with an amazing message. the dog had been found. kpix 5's christian hartnett live in oakland with the happy reunion. christian. >> reporter: that's right. the family said they had long
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begin up hope that their dog was gone forever after they say it was stolen from their backyard three years ago. just an hour ago, they got her back. >> he likes the tv. he remembers. >> reporter: it wasn't long before the family got the call from the shelter after they used the microchip. she is going to get the five- star treatment. >> we already said we are going to stay here, yeah. spoil her as much as we can. >> reporter: ian mcnesby bought hannah in japan when he was stationed with the army over there. shelter believes hannah was probably kept in a backyard for the past few years. she has a skin infection on her back. she has lost some fur there. but the shelter says she -- they expect her to grow back that fur and to make a full recovery. back to you.
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>> thank you, christian hartnett. happy dog, happy family. thanks. the surprise announcement the pope says he plans to give sainthood to the founder of the california missions. father junipero serra was an 18th century spanish missionary who brought christianity to native populations of california. pope francis is visiting the united states next fall and says he will canonize serra during the trip. father serra founded the first nine of 21 missions in the state. he is also known as the father of california wine because he founded the first winery. you may recognize this statue of junipero serra at a rest stop on i-280 in hillsborough. this year's flu vaccine is worse than we first thought. a new report says it's only 23% effective. the cdc says the best vaccines work 50 to 60% of the time. this year's shot doesn't include the specific virus that's making most people sick. still, health officials say the
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vaccine is better than nothing. all that glitters is not gold. a man's plan to capitalize on a prank backfired on him. the australian man created a website ship your enemy's for ten bucks you can send an envelope of glitter with a note saying why you think the person deserves it. the idea was so popular the website crashed in 24 hours. now the creator is saying look, let's just forget it. he is telling people to stop ordering glitter because he is sick of dealing with it which is exactly the point of why you send someone glitter because you open it and it goes everywhere. >> his own medicine. >> he is trying to send it to other people. boom. [ laughter ] >> what you get. >> glitter. >> big change today. cooler, cloudier, foggy in the morning. >> feels more like winter
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outside. but here's the deal. no rain. great sunset shot from our mount vaca cam. notice the cloud cover and hawes. "spare the air" today and tomorrow. not the 60s. it is the 50s. milder overnight. redwood city 45. tomorrow another "spare the air" day. received a few emails asking what do i do during a "spare the air" day to make the air better? combine all of your errands throughout the day, maybe you're driving four or five times a short distance? do it all in one trip to save some pollution in the atmosphere. north bay you will have unhealthy air quality tomorrow. so we have this ridge but this ridge has moved. it is now far enough to the south that we have cloud cover
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over top of us. it's a flat ridge, no rise in the arrows. it's moving west to east. but look what we don't have. all that rainfall beautiful delicious rainfall up to the north not making it here. the ridge will still stay close enough even though the clouds make it here, the rainfall will not. from redding all the way up to vancouver, british columbia, it is going to be a mess over the next couple of days but one that we want. we'll get the cloud cover but the ridge is strong enough to keep the rain out. cloud cover tomorrow morning but no rain. a little green in mendocino, lake county, way north sonoma county toward cloverdale. you may see a couple of showers but not much. that's as far south as the rainfall goes. cloudy tonight, cloudy tomorrow, rain in the north bay. and the weekend will be so cloudy it will look and feel like rain. but it's just a tease. we are not going to get rainfall.
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58 in daly city. 60 for kentfield. sonoma 60 degrees. and lakeport you will see a few showers. 55 degrees for a high. extended forecast, rather cloudy through sunday but clouds don't end the drought. rain does. we'll have plenty of clouds but can't take it to the bank for rainfall. monday sunny. next week here we go again. sunshine. >> when we get the rain, it will come all at once again. >> i hope not. when you get flooding rainfall, the majority of it is runoff and doesn't go into the soil. if beggars could be choosers, quarter inch a day for 20 days. signed, sealed and not delivered. a bay area neighborhood missing out on mail for days.
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and wait until you hear the postal service's excuse.
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give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people we may very well be sending and receiving more email than ever but that good old snail mail is still crucial for some people. some businesses in san francisco are trying to figure out why they haven't been getting their daily deliveries. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains. >> reporter: it's one job the receptionist at this financial district office hasn't been doing much of lately. no need to sort mail when the mail hasn't been delivered. >> we missed mail friday, saturday, monday, and then tuesday in the late afternoon, um, all that accumulated mail came in. >> reporter: and it's more than just an inconvenience for lawyer steven who is expected a
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time sensitive package last thursday. >> a piece of evidence. >> reporter: the post office said? >> the mail is sitting right there at least two boxes at the positives office. >> reporter: shocked, he contacted us and his mail arrived later that day. but that was not consolation. >> anyway, it's not acceptable especially in the financial district here to have businesses' mail just sit there for days and days. >> reporter: the excuse he got from the post office? >> they said, well, a coupl of our carriers retired at the beginning of the year. 941 has it even worse than us. i'm not sure what that means. >> reporter: these employees says their mail has been returned to sender and the postal service received 15 complaints in just 15 days from the two affected zip codes, contrary to what lao was told, usps tells us, quote, no one has retired, however, we have new carriers filling in. and while it says the postmaster is now investigating, usps can't
5:25 pm
explain the missing mail. >> i just wanted to get our mail sorted and delivered on a timely manner. >> reporter: as for stephen, he is homing his experience will send a message to his mailman assuming his mailman gets it. now, usps assures us that this will not happen again. and it says its investigation is ongoing. contacts the post office complaint department if you have a problem with missing mail. if you have a consumer problem, call us at 888-5-helps-u. >> thank you. making money is a plus. but you also want to love what you do. we're lucky. >> ideally, yes. jill schlesinger reports. reporter: high school students completing college applications may have their minds set on selecting a major that will pay off in the future. while there's a lot to be said for a decent salary, a new survey by pay scale measures the success of college
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graduates beyond dollars and cents. it examines how satisfied graduates from various disciplines were in their careers. 74% of those who majored in child and family studies find their jobs meaningful. these include social workers and nurse practitioners, who have a starting salary of $44,000. 75% of early childhood, elementary education and human services majors also find value in their careers. these include elementary schoolteachers, career counselors, and healthcare assistants. there are more than 304,000 teachers in california. they are average starting salary is $41,000. these professions also come with good benefits and ample vacations. the idea of a career where you find value in what you do may also make financial sense. i'
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, bay area school performing so badly for years that now their school district is looking to give those schools away. they say they need someone to step up and take them over. >> and the world's been watching as a santa rosa man and his climbing partner make history scaling el capitan. today people in his hometown tell us stories about the man they have been in awe of for decades. we'll have those stories tonight at 6:00. back to you guys. >> all right, ken. see you in 30 minutes. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news" with bob schieffer is coming up next. >> remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, we have more local news straight ahead at 6:00.
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see you then. captions by: caption colorado >> schieffer: tonight, belgium says it has stopped another it has stopped an "charlie hebdo." the police stage a series of raids against an islamic terror group they say was planning a major attack. charlie d'agata is in belgium with the latest. even if you got a flu shot there is still a good chance you'll get the flu. dr. jon lapook has the new numbers from the c.d.c. while the west coast waits for the big one, the small ones hit new england. jericka duncan on a series of earthquakes centered in connecticut. and john blackstone with the men who conquered el capitan. >> reporter: you seem to be defying gravity. i >> that's what we do up there, i guess. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening


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