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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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from outside of o usd. this fremont high school senior says change can't come soon enough. they say the latest attempts won't work. >> you guys aren't scientists. therefore, do not experiment with our education. >> reporter: fremont high and the four other schools have gone through a revolving door of educational makeovers. >> we have had a different schedule every year. >> reporter: the district says these schools even get 40% more money than higher performing schools. but nothing work. castlemont high and its east oakland neighborhood are still known as the killing field. and enrollments have gone down from 800 students to 250. the district is open to charters and other organizations to take them over. >> we are not satisfied with where they are now. and this is an affirmative step to say that we as a district will ensure that these schools are successful. >> reporter: critics say it's a simple fix. invest in these failing schools. students say they don't see the
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extra 40% in money. fremont high doesn't even have a library. >> we need a working auditorium for our drama. we need more computers on our campus. if you came to our campus and saw our computers, you would laugh. >> 700 students or so you have one counselor. >> reporter: even the founder of a charter school opposes the latest idea. >> overwhelming majority of people that i hear entering into the conversation for these five spaces are not from this community, have no track record of consistently serving the highest need kids in the community. >> reporter: she wants help for her school but sees it as another failed attempt. >> they are just like giving up on us, like oh, i'm going to put guys on the market. i don't know what's going to happen to your teachers. i don't know what's gonna -- it's really frustrating. >> reporter: the new superintendent says he is not committed solely to charters. he says most likely, some of these schools will end up being district-run. he says whoever has the best idea and can be embraced by the community, that organization
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will take over be that the district or a charter. >> the district wants to implement the changes in fall 2016. our december rains now seem like distant memories. we wanted to take you back a bit. this is one of the last showers we saw around the bay area. that was late last months. this year nothing. so that means the drought picture is taking a turn for the worse again. paul deanno is here with those details. >> we'll take you back a couple of months october 14. the darkest shade of red is the most significant drought covering the central valley most of the bay area. we fast forward to where we were last week where all the rainfall helped us out. we went down a shade if you will and went down to a severe drought for much of the bay area. two things have happened with the drought update. one we have more of the exceptional drought once again in the central valley.
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marin, san francisco down another level but statewide the drought is once again getting worse. here's the problem. look at the numbers for january. average rainfall for january is.5". it is historically our second wettest month. two years ago we got 10% of that. last year, we got just a few drips of rainfall which is right now at least the driest january on record until maybe this year where it has not rained yet and tomorrow we are more than halfway through the month and just looking at how close the rain is getting but close does not end the drought, look at all the rainfall that's going to fall between now and saturday morning, 4 inches of rain in the pacific northwest but none in the bay area. like a wall has been put in the atmosphere stopping at ukiah and mendocino county counties. so close but our drought continues and the update is at least in the central valley it is now once again getting worse. back to you. the december storms have helped a bit. the state is upping its water deliveries by 5% to public
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water agencies, but they will get only about 15% of the expected allocations from the state water project. richmond police are investigating what happened just before an officer opened fire on an armed suspect this afternoon. investigators marked evidence at the scene. police say the officer approached a suspect who pulled out semi-automatic pistol. that's when the officer opened fire, according to police, hitting the suspect. he is now in critical condition. the officer was unharmed. we are learning more about the high school student who jumped into action after a car slammed into a macy's store. mohammed works at the macy's at newpark mall. he says he found a man trapped under the car after the driver smashed through the front doors. the high school senior says that everyone in the store was frozen so he started to help. >> i went inside the car took the kids out, saw the female passenger and driver and took
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them out, turned off the car and brought them aside and said hang on over there. >> six people were hurt. the man trapped under the scar in critical condition. san francisco mayor ed lee talked about the state of the city today. one of the big goals is to build or rehab today 30,000 housing units by 2020. >> friends, that's double the housing we built in 2013. it's triple what we did in 2012. and we'll do even better in the coming year. >> mayor lee is introducing a bond for the november ballot that would provide housing loans to 150 families a year. shifting and shuffling going on at the san jose police department. new at 6:00, kpix 5's len ramirez tells us that officers are being told to get away from the desk and get out on the street. >> reporter: that's right, kent. the police administration building behind me will soon be more empty because a lot of the officers who have worked in detective bureaus and support
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services places like that will now be shifting to the street. now one former police chief here in san jose is speaking out against the city policy that enabled this to happen. the san jose police department department's new staffing plan takes every available officer out from behind a desk and puts him on the street. this memo from chief shows how officers from all different departments will join robbery, homicide, and missing persons detectives and sergeants on basic patrol duties starting next month. >> to see it gutted is heart- wrenching. >> reporter: that's former police chief rob davis who was san jose's top cop for 7 years and spent 30 years with the department. he said there was much more backing of the police department from elected leaders during his time when san jose was also known as the safest big city in america. he said dismantling units to meet patrol units is only a
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short-term gain. >> chief esquivel and the staff will put people on the street to answer 911 calls but there's a huge long-term loss in the fact that the very thing that made san jose police department so effective is the pro-active activity to prevent crime from happening is going to be lost. >> reporter: davis said things will only get worse under measure b because officers can move to other departments and start making more money immediately. he doesn't blame chief esquivel for making the hard and unpopular choices. >> chief esquivel is between a rock and a hard spot. he hasn't created this situation. it's a political issue. he has a situation where he has had, what, you know, we have had 400 officers resign in the last four years. they have not been replaced. >> reporter: many more officers are scheduled to retire this year. in fact, it's getting to the point where the chp may be coming in to help patrol the streets of san jose. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> and they tell us those cuts will take effect starting next month. san jose lost a legal round in its bid for the oakland a's.
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the federal appeals court ruled against the city today. san jose claims major league baseball is blocking the a's from moving to san jose. the city is trying to challenge the league exemption from antitrust laws. but the appeals court ruled mlb is protected from the suit by three previous supreme court decisions. san jose says it will now appeal to it the u.s. supreme court. a tech giant may be going back to the drawing board before releasing its wearable computer. allen martin here to show us what is happening with google glass at the end of the month. whatever happened to google glass? >> reporter: it's still out there but the sales of glass stopped at the end of the month. today the wall street journal calls the google glass project troubled. the bbc says google glass sales halted but before anybody tries to drive the final nail into the wearable computer's coffin, here's how google sees it. google has always preferred to see its glass half full. >> the fact that you could
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build such a thing was crazy when we thought about it a couple of years ago. >> reporter: google launched glass in mid 2012 but today when tech blogs and websites reported the google explorer testing program was ending, some saw the glass as half empty. the glass was done. not true, according to cnet. >> the project is actually coming out on its own. >> reporter: meaning google glass will move out of the google research lab and will fall under the leadership of hardware guru coney fidel who used to be -- tony fidel who used to be with apple. google bought his company last year for $3.2 billion. >> he oversaw the first versions of apple's ipod and he has had great success with nest. >> reporter: critics of google glass point out, not all has gone smoothly for a product sometimes seen as less tech and more geek. fodder for silicon valley
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backlash. in san francisco last year, glass explorer sarah slocum was attacked in a bar when she began videotaping without permission. >> cameras are everywhere. this is the 21st century. and this is just a part of the future. obviously, people are having a hard time adapting to it and accepting it. >> reporter: and then there's the google barge fiasco. in october of 2013, kpix 5 revealed google's big secret project at treasure island was going to be a floating showroom primarily for marketing google glass. four months later unable to attain the necessary permits for it, google towed the barge to stockton where it's essentially been abandoned. and there it floats. despite the setbacks, analysts still think that glass will be launched as a consumer product sometime this year. but they also feel it needs to come down in price. $1,500? no. $400 to $500 before most people will actually consider buying it. >> i kind of agree with that. i think price was a problem with it initially and also, that sort of social, um,
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backlash. >> are you recording me? >> there was that backlash. when you go into places now, it says no photographs sometimes and meaning phone or that or anything. >> yeah. people didn't dig it. >> no. allen, thank you. the world has been watching as a santa rosa man and his climbing partner make history scaling el capitan. today people in his hometown tell us stories about the man they have been in awe of for decades. >> mom, dad and brand-new baby look relaxed but quite a scramble beforehand. the ♪ at kaiser permanente
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a mother went into labor on a bay area freeway. a don ford explains, they now
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have quite the story to tell. >> reporter: in the middle of yesterday morning's rush hour, one car was struggling through traffic heading to the hospital. the man's wife was in labor about to have a baby. and the baby was coming quick so before you know it, time ran out. he pulled out and called 911. >> indicated his wife delivered a child that he was on the right shoulder of highway 24. >> reporter: right there in the car the baby was born. mom and baby appear to be fine, so dad didn't wait for the chp or the emergency crews to arrive. so -- >> the dad actually decided that at the last minute maybe i just want to drive my wife straight to the hospital. >> reporter: five minutes later the new family pulled up to john muir hospital on their own. the chp caught up to the new dad by phone. >> he seemed ek extremely happy. he said they were doing great and that he was the proud father of a baby boy. >> reporter: parents tom and sabrina will now have a story about the day little gabriel
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was born that will last for generations. in contra costa county, don ford, kpix 5. >> and just in case you're wondering, the chp says their officers are trained to help deliver a baby if the circumstances are arise. one family from tracy never gave up hope finding their rare japanese breed dog that was stolen three years ago. and it's a good thing they didn't give up because as kpix 5's christian hartnett tells us, they got a phone call this week with an amazing message. >> oh!! >> reporter: it was a moment three years in the making. >> he remembers. >> reporter: ian mcnesby had given up hope seeing the dog after she was stolen from the backyard in tracy three years ago. >> we had no idea what would have happened. >> reporter: oakland animal services found her wandering the street last week. then they found her microchip. it wasn't long after that before mcnesby got the call
6:16 pm
from the shelter. ian says it was the surprise of a lifetime. >> i didn't know by looking at her if she was injured, you know, what she has been through over the last three years so it's pretty hard to leave her there and -- >> reporter: ian bought her in japan when he was stationed with the u.s. army over there. he says he is going to give his old friend the five-star treatment when they get home. >> oh, i mean, we already said we are going to stay here, spoil her as much as we can. >> reporter: have you had -- >> amazing. >> that was christian hartnett reporting. anna you notice there has a little skin infection on her back that caused her to lose fur but vet says it's treatable and she should be fine. it's nice when we have good news to come home. dog comes home, always a good story. baby delivered. >> next thing you're going to tell us rain is on the way. >> there is for redding and
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fort bragg, medford, portland. we'll get a little bit. it's a change. cloud cover today slight chance of a shower in the north bay, i'm grasping at straws trying to be positive here. oakland 64. even when it's cloudy in january, we are hitting the 60s. san rafael 55. live look at cloudy conditions at sfo. look at our live neighbor network. wide range of temperatures. deer valley high school 44. 53 pleasanton. henry ford elementary in redwood city 55. saint mary's school in gilroy 59. but look at the rainfall. this is not for today. its for the entire month. goose eggs across the board. we are still waiting for our first rainfall. oh, is it close. look at all of that green. and yellow and orange up to the north. the ridge of high pressure that's been keeping us dry is now flat. in the that we are not seeing a pronounce -- in that we're not seeing a pronounced rise in the
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overall jet stream. we are seeing things slide west to east so it's a flat ridge. even when it's not as strong and close, it still takes away the rain chance because the ridge is staying close enough that all of this moisture in the atmosphere pretty potent pacific storm will stay just to our north. redding and chico and mount shasta and yreka, they are all going to get a ton of rainfall. for us, the clouds will make it here. the rain will not make it here. couple of sprinkles in the north bay tomorrow, way in the north bay i'm talking north of santa rosa and that's about it. 60s again tomorrow, san jose you will hit 65 despite the cloud cover. cloudy in livermore 64. san francisco 62. and napa 61 degrees. and tomorrow's close pass to that rain is the only rain chance for the next week. be cloudy through the weekend through sunday. mid-60s with mostly cloudy skies. then next week what's going to change? sunshine is going to come back. mid- to upper 60s. now, yes, we are in a drought. yes, we need the rainfall. here's what i want you to do. to feel better about the
6:19 pm
weather, call a friend in nashville, call a friend in minnesota, call a friend in fargo and just say, hey, you know, it cooled down today. it was 61. probably hang up on you. >> just reverse that. it's 16 here. >> for a high. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> thank you, paul. still ahead, a huge honor from the pope. >> the next saint with a california connection.
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two big wall climbers are resting today after making their marks in the history books conquering el capitan's dawn wall. >> it's an emotional roller coaster and pulling on to the top was a relief to have that roller coaster come to a stop. >> santa rosa's own kevin jorgeson basking in a dream come true with his climbing partner, tommy caldwell. the two completed the 19-day climb yesterday. it's significant because they are the first to free climb
6:22 pm
that route called the dawn wall. [ laryngitis ] [ inaudible ] >> tommy caldwell lost his voice yelling to his partner during the journey and celebrating, too. the climbers had to grasp on to just razor sharp hand holds ripping the skin off their fingertips in the process. jorgeson says his hands are so sore he has to take ibuprofen just to brush his teeth. jorgeson and caldwell used only their hands and feet as we say to climb the 3,000-foot wall. they used ropes only to catch them if they fell which jorgeson did almost a dozen times. they have been working toward this goal for almost 7 years. caldwell and jorgeson are being praised for completing the hardest climb in the world. and for jorgeson, his love of climbing started right here in the bay area. john ramos visited the gym where the climber got his start.
6:23 pm
>> reporter: at this jim in santa rosa excitement over the historic el capitan climb has a lot of people struggling to get a grip. that's because this is home to kevin jorgeson, one of the two new gods of big wall rock climbing. >> get on all the hardest routes that we have in the gym that no one ever climbs in here because they can't do it and he will do them all first try and make them look easy. >> very hardest points on the like. >> reporter: duke says jorgeson taught him to climb using the tiniest finger holds. >> seeing what he does is amazing and then seeing what he does outside it's mind-blowing. >> reporter: even though jorgeson's conquest has inspired a lot of local climbers, the gym's general manager isn't expecting many newbies to be drawn to the sport. >> they think wow that's cool but i don't think i want to do that. i think most of them think that's crazy and they are stupid. that's not how we see it. but yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he says jorgeson's
6:24 pm
feat was once considered impossible. and it's hard to imagine how it can be topped but he says whoever does it will undoubtedly come from the next generation of climbers. perhaps someone like elijah baxter. >> when i hear about what they done, it makes me want to climb more and do it myself. >> reporter: if he should become the next climber to accomplish the impossible, it will only be because he had someone from his hometown to look up to. in santa rosa, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the general manager says jorgeson was just a skinny kid when the gym first opened 20 years ago. but they have watched him grow into one of the top three big wall rock climbers in the world. the pope says he plans to give sainthood to the founder of the california missions. father junipero serra. pope francis visiting the united states next fall and says he will canonize serra during the trip. junipero serra was an 18th century spanish missionary who
6:25 pm
brought christianity to the native populations of early california. he founded the first nine of 21 missions in the state. tributes to him include a statue along interstate 280. >> all of us especially who are catholics here in california, father serra being the great apostle here in california, i must say i also feel very personal connection and personal joy at this news. >> san francisco's archbishop says he grew up close to the first mission that junipero serra founded here in california. coming up in our next half- hour, no more pot clubs, period. why a bay area mayor is giving them a deadline to get out of his city. >> and pope francis speaks out on the terror attack in paris. he is defending free speech, but with limits. >> and new rules going into effect tomorrow that will change how americans travel and spend in cuba.
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getting pot clubs out of his city. why a bay area mayor is working to remove all marijuana dispensaries. welcome back, i'm veronica de
6:29 pm
la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. almost overnight medical marijuana dispensaries operating in the city of vallejo were told that they are no longer welcome. ryan takeo on why the city is turning against them. >> reporter: veil vallejothe vallejo marine fish said all the marijuana dispensaries in the city should be closed and the city council agrees. the move includes closing 11 dispensaries like better health group that already have a business license with the city and already pay an extra 10% tax. voters approved measure c in 2011. >> what i did think the city of vallejo thought this would be the first step to regulating and kind of figuring out our permanent place in the city. >> measure c didn't authorize anybody to open up. it said if you are in fact in business, you have to pay a tax. >> reporter: so what's next? the diplomas are digging in their heels saying they are not
6:30 pm
going anywhere. it could include a legal battle battle. when it will start? the mayor said it's up? the air. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the city checked more than a million dollars in tax revenues since it started. the mayor says it's about quality of life, not money. no more parties or concerts for a san jose nightclub that hosted a chris brown concert last week. san jose police have suspended the fiesta nightclub's liquor and entertainment licenses for 60 days after gunfire erupted during brown's performance. police complained about inadequate security. five people were wounded but are recovering. heads up for bart commuters tomorrow morning. a protest could cause a major service disruption. protestors are planning to gather on the platform of the
6:31 pm
montgomery street station a 7 a.m. travel could be delayed especially for those going through san francisco. meanwhile, in boston, protestors staged a dramatic "black lives matter" protest today. those demonstrators chained themselves to concrete-filled barrels and blocked a busy highway during this morning's commute. police tried to move the protestors off the freeway. nearly 30 people were arrested. the protest caused miles of backups on interstate 93. two suspected terrorists are dead after an anti-terror raid by police in belgium. this comes just one week after attacks in neighboring france. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: gunfire in eastern belgium thursday night after police conducted an anti-terror raid. two suspected terrorists died a third taken into custody. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: a federal prosecutor says the raid was launched against suspected terrorists who had just
6:32 pm
returned from syria. he says the group was about to carry out major terrorist attacks in belgium when police confronted the suspects, the prosecutor says the suspects opened fire. the raid comes during a busy week. belgium police detained a known arms dealer who said he was in touch with amedy coulibaly who killed four people inside a kosher grocery store in paris last friday before police killed him. it's not known whether the arms dealer supplied the weapons used in that attack. coulibaly was also connected with the kouachi brothers who attacked the charlie hebdo magazine killing 12. the belgian prosecutor declined to give details saying other operations are continuing. belgium raised its national security level in response to the latest violence. kris van cleave, cbs news, new york. >> belgian authorities say the suspects were extremely well armed with automatic weapons. pope francis is speaking out about the recent terror attacks in france saying free
6:33 pm
speech is a fundamental human right. when asked by a journalist about whether there were limits when the freedom of expression meets freedom of religion, the pope says yes, there is. the pope says there are provocateurs and there are so many people who make a game out of religion. >> one cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faiths. one cannot make fun of faith. >> many people have defended the right of satirical newspaper charlie hebdo to publish inflammatory cartoons so the prophet mohammad in the wake of the terror attacks in which three gunmen killed 17 people. starting tomorrow, new rules will go into effect to loosen the u.s. trade embargo against cuba. this includes permission for americans to use credit cards in cuba and u.s. companies to export certain types of technologies. also, americans authorized to visit cuba don't need a special license anymore. still ahead, supply chain
6:34 pm
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one of the nation's most popular restaurants is trying to regroup after pulling pork off the menu. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says it's because of concerns over how some livestock were treated. >> reporter: carnitas lovers here in california won't notice a difference but chipotle customers in other parts of the country will. yesterday the chain stopped selling items made with pork in about 1/3rd of restaurants. so a bay area company phone for its humane treatment of animals is riding to the rescue. the ranch is increasing its supply of fresh pork by 10 to 20%. chipotle is experimenting with other kinds of pork to see if more parts of the pig can be
6:37 pm
used for its carnitas southwest airlines has the largest civil penalty for lengthy tarmac delays fined $1.6 million at issue, last january 16 different southwest flights experienced tarmac delays of more than three hours due to weather at chicago o'hare. department of transportation rules prohibit delays of more than three hours without allowing passengers to deplane. and we have a look into the future of shopping for you tonight. it's a smart mirror made by a bay area startup. you try on an outfit look in the mirror and it will show you the ensemble in different colors with different accessories. >> nice. >> even stores the image so you can compare outfits or send them to your friends so they can weigh in on the look. it will be at nieman marcus in walnut creek but retail analysts predict that the mirror will catch on and they say this could be the way that we're all shopping within 10 years. >> does it pay for what's in
6:38 pm
the image? >> not yet. >> doesn't cover the merchandise. >> but at least you can try on everything all at once. >> right. good idea. all right, julie, thank you. well, san francisco-based anchor brewing company has won a trademark lawsuit against a connecticut brewery. the connecticut company must now combine the word city and steams on the labels. anchor which makes anchor steam argued it trademarked the term in the '80s. still ahead, getting ready for a space first. >> what this astronaut is about to do and how his twin brother will play a role back here on earth. >> it would be a january first if we get some rainfall around here halfway through the month, still waiting. one change did happen today. lots of clouds. this view from berkeley throughout the day we are now mostly cloudy rain is just to our north. find out what's next coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. live outside levi's stadium, you're not going to hear a lot of low hanging fruit comments
6:39 pm
from the 49er new head
6:40 pm
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6:42 pm
silicon valley tech workers they get paid pretty well, right? get this. 60,000 could cash in getting a piece of a $415 million pie. yeah. i'll have that story and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. a new report about this year's flu vaccine is only 20% effective. this doesn't contain the virus making people sick. held officials say it's better than nothing. -- health officials say it's better than nothing. an astronaut is training for the first american space station mission of its kind. cbs reporter omar villafranca says time is what makes it
6:43 pm
unique. >> reporter: scott kelly is getting ready to spend a year in space. he can't wait to get there. >> for me, the best thing is working at something that's very, very challenging, you know, ahead of time for a couple of years training for this. >> reporter: kelly has already logged 180 days in space during three missions. he suspects he will miss the weather on earth. >> it's like living in southern california. people get sick of it. >> reporter: nasa is sending him up in march to study the effects of long-term space travel on humans to better prepare for a future mission to mars. he and a cosmonaut will follow a strict exercise regimen and carry out experiments on themselves on the station. the russians have practice having conducted year-long missions in the '80s and '90s. scott kelly is the twin brother of retired astronaut mark
6:44 pm
kelly, married to former congresswoman giffords. they plan to compare the results from the twins. omar villafranca, cbs news dallas. >> they will blast off to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket in march. a volcano erupted in the northern part of iceland is now the largest volcanic eruption in 200 years. the lava field has been erupting since august and it's causing several new land formations. according to nasa, the field is now larger than the island of manhattan. some experts predict lava could continue to flow for years. >> got to make that little kileaua thing look like a hibatchi out there. >> like nothing. >> nothing. >> all right. you know, even when it's cloudy, even in january, we
6:45 pm
still hit 60. not a bad place to live. 61 on average throughout the bay area. that's chilly for us. san francisco is popular because everybody and their mother is in a car trying to get in the city right now. this is the bay bridge and even the fast-pass lanes are very backed up and if you are paying the toll cash, hope you didn't have a 7:00 dinner reservationful you will be late. santa rosa 51 degrees. overnight tonight, that blanket of cloud cover will prevent us from dropping down to the 30s. friday morning in vallejo 44. redwood city 45. pacifica 49. it is yet another "spare the air" day. this is the consequence of the ridge. when we are dry in the winter we have a ridge and get bad air quality. so unhealthy air quality in the north bay, moderate air quality elsewhere. the rain is so close even a little bit is being picked up on the radar and that rain isn't making it down to the
6:46 pm
ground evaporating first, we call that virga. but we had the cloud cover today, the ridge of high pressure is now moving hike a chess game, the pieces moved one down and the high pressure dome is now centered over southern california. what does this mean for rain? absolutely nothing. all the rainfall is going to stay to the north. it's going to pour as close as redding and chico and the far northern sierra will get snow. that's good news there. but widespread rainfall will not make it down here because the ridge albeit more to the south farther away not as strong is still strong enough to kind of muscle this rainfall and keep it up to the north. so a lot of cloud cover tomorrow saturday, sunday each day will be cloudy but rainfall really is not going to happen. this is a great image of futurecast here. look at everywhere to our north getting rainfall. the blue is an inch of rain. purple is 2." all that red 3" of rainfall in the cascades of oregon and along the coastline, perhaps five inches down toward crescent city. for us, nothing. it does not make it here because of that ridge of high
6:47 pm
pressure. so we'll get the clouds but we won't get the rain. cloudy tonight overcast day tomorrow. a few drips of rain in the far north bay that's it. and weekend will be cloudy too. it will look like rain but it's not going to yield anything to help out your lawn in the backyard. concord 62 average high 55 so we are include and mild. milpitas 63. girl game and san mateo 60s. cloudy in san ramon, blackhawk low 60s. bay point 61. south city and right around 60 degrees alameda emeryville low 60s for you. sonoma, petaluma, hugging 60 with mainly cloudy skies. saturday and sunday, cloudy mild no rain. monday we have another change coming. does that mean rain is coming? no, the clouds are going away. we'll be sunny most of next week with highs in the mid-60s. now mother nature is teasing us. rather than it being like 500 miles away, you can smell the rain it's so close. none for us. >> not going to happen. >> hey, it is what it is.
6:48 pm
it will eventually rain. not exactly sure when that's going to be. >> 70s some days? >> it is abnormally warm and dry. >> thank you. one california toddler's first birthday party is sure to be a musical showcase. with the birthday boy at center stage. take a look. ♪[ music ]♪ >> this is 1-year-old evan's birthday party. his own music video with him as the deejay. evan's dad owns a company in san francisco. he was the mastermind behind this very cute invitation. it looks like the birthday party will be a hit. we'll be right back.
6:49 pm
life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ dennis o'donnell live from levi's stadium with tonight's sports report. dennis. >> reporter: you got it, ken if i. jim tomsula was introduced as the 49ers new head coach today. he didn't wow the media with one-liners or clever anecdotes. he is in his words a normal jim. >> i am not normal and i'm very comfortable in not normal. okay? i didn't say i was not normal.
6:52 pm
[ laughter ] >> tomsula spoke for nearly an hour this afternoon alongside general manager trent baalke and 49ers ceo jed york. the former defensive line coach knows he has big shoes to fill replacing the popular jim harbaugh. >> what are fans going to see in jim tomsula that they did not see in jim harbaugh? >> jim harbaugh going to do a great job in michigan and did a great jo here. i wouldn't have anything bad to say about him. so there's been success. and -- but i'm not trying to be jim harbaugh. i'm not jim harbaugh. i'm jim tomsula. >> it's here. my feet get me there. my hand strikes, you understand? >> the story at one point that you were living or sleeping in a cadillac, -- at least it was a cadillac. [overlapping speakers
6:53 pm
[ laughter ] >> im,how long did that -- >> months. you know, it was -- i was volunteering. the girls and julie and the girls had gone and they visit family, and then, um, you know, i was coaching down there. and, um, trying to save -- selling entrance maps during the day and trying to save a buck. so, you know, the hotels dog and cat and the cat wasn't real big fan of mine so -- >> two cats you and -- >> one cat a labrador retriever in a cadillac. >> this thing moves. >> reporter: at one point you said you're jim nobody from nobody. you're somewhere now. >> yeah. >> reporter: feel good? >> yeah, i still got to go home and take out the garbage. >> fantastic. [ laughter ] >> i think he can afford for somebody to take out the garbage now. it's a new era for the san
6:54 pm
francisco 49ers. but their rivals seattle seahawks are one win away from going back to another super bowl. only aaron rodgers and the packers stand in their way of being nfc champs again competing against marshawn lynch will be nothing new for rodgers who remembers being repeated challenged by a young freshman teammate in cal in 2004. >> he used to challenge me in throwing competitions and i won't say i beat him every time because he has a heck of an arm. distance wise. not accuracy. but, um, but, yeah, he is a great teammate. we had a lot of fun, oakland guy so we loved being in the bay area and representing for his city as he used to say. >> kevin hogan will be staying in the bay area next season. the stanford quarterback is expected to graduate this spring but has decided against entering the nfl draft and will use his final year of eligibility.
6:55 pm
ohio state quarterback cardale jones will return for another season despite uncertainty over whether he will be on the depth charts. jones began the year as the buckeyes' third string quarterback but started the team's final three games which included winning the national title. >> it is everybody's dream to go when they play football or any collegiate for the make it to the next level but in my point in my career i feel like it's best to go back to school and one of the most important things for me to do is to graduate. >> yeah. it's nice to see jones change his stance because back in october he tweeted this. why should we go to class if we came here to play football? we ain't come to play -- last last -- school. classes are pointless. >> okay, folks. that's an example, 109, why athletes are not role models. listen to your parents. ken and veronica this press conference today, i thought jim tomsula was a little bit out of his element. he clearly was not comfortable. but i think what 49er fans are
6:56 pm
going to see is a different tomsula as he gets more comfortable with the media. he is a different guy on the sidelines. he is a different guy at practice. and listen, winning never wins -- a good speaker never wins football games anyway. >> out with the old jim in with the new jim. what do the players think? are they going to play for him? that's what it comes down to. >> you know, ken, i talked to several players in the locker room today. i talked to a couple of players about this yesterday. unanimously, they think tomsula is the right man for the job. as for the defensive coordinator, vic fangio is out in santa clara as are several assistants. so a new era has begun. you will see a lot of new faces. >> thank i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, now. i do. thank you very much, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. hey, we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of $20,000. from the bronx, new york, it's the rosado family. [cheering and applause] steve: and from san diego, california, it's the dent family. [cheering and applause] steve: everybody here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid, everybody. let's play feud. give me mario. give
7:00 pm
me sedra. ["family feud" theme plays] steve: guys, here we go. top 6 answers on the board. name something you'd see outside that would make you want to stay inside. [ringing] steve: mario. >> snake. steve: snake. steve: sedra. >> ok, oh-- [buzzer] audience: aw. steve: pass or play? >> play, play, play... >> play, play, play... steve: they gonna play. >> play, play... steve: all right, let's go. mama d, let's go. name something you'd see outside that would make you want to stay inside. >> thunder. steve: you can--you can-- you can see thunder? [laughter] >> whoo! steve: ooh, i saw that thunder. i said, uh-uh. i'm not going out there. hey, rick. name something you see outside that woul


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